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BoxyCharm July 2019 Full Product List!

Boxycharm July 2019 Spoiler

We have the full spoilers for the July 2019 BoxyCharm!

(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

The theme for July is:

Au Naturale

Here are all the products available for the July 2019 BoxyCharm:

Each box will include:

Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask – $35

Butter London Natural Goddess Eyeshadow Palette – $32

Luxie Brush Trio – $30

Each box will include one of the following items:

Luna by Luna Lip Gloss – Pink/Silver or Nude/Gold


Alamar Las Des-Nude-As Lip Gloss in Dulce or Coqueta


Alamar Mother of Pearl Gloss – Sirenita, Corazon, Luna or Tesoro

UPDATE: Some readers have received spoiler reveals that include other lip product variations not included in here.

Each box will include one of the following items:

APPEAL Cosmetics Gel Liner – Forest Green, Desert Taupe or Rose Taupe


Koh Gen Do Spa Cleansing Water Cloths


PUR Eyelash Curler

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Click here to sign up. Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Hey I have the lipgloss if you’re still interested

  2. I am so frustrated right now!! I didn’t have an active subscription, and didn’t really like any of the items in this month’s box. However I have been dying to try some of the items in the pop up shop, and there was no indication any were sold out. But when I resubscribed then all of the items I wanted said sold out! So now I’m out $21 on items I don’t even want and don’t get to try any of the items in the pop up shop I wanted. Seems like they’re trying to trick people into subscribing by not saying what items are already gone.

    • You saved me from the exact same fate! I was wondering if stuff would be sold out once I was fully granted access by re-subscribing. THANK YOU for passing along this info. : )

    • I get the premium box so I get early access. I was really frustrated with pop up myself because everything I wanted was sold out before I got on and I got on pretty early in the day. Some of them were items they had on last month that were sold out then too so I gotta wonder if they even had them to begin with. Anyhow unless you get early access your chances of getting any of the hot items aren’t very high and even then you probably wouldn’t have gotten them.

  3. I got the elemis mask, butter London palette, Luxie brushes, ofra in santorini, and something that wasn’t on the spoiler list. I got a set of lashaholic vegan eyelashes. I don’t see anyone else who says they got the lashes and they weren’t on the list. I love everything in the box though. Worth $21!

    • I got lashes!!!! Love them!!

      • I never use false lashes cause I’m horrible at it. I will definitely try to use these though, I love how they look on people, I’m just bad at applying them. I do love these lashes too though! Good to know someone else got them too, no one was mentioning them

      • Show the application of them is horrible and a hard time and putting them on myself essentially because I’m not a top eyeliner fan but I’m learning. I’ve been watching tutorials on how to put them on the last couple days so I’m going to give him a shot today. A few of the reviews on them states that you don’t have to use glue and they stick on pretty good so I think I’m going to try that first before ruining them with glue.

      • That sounds like a good idea, I’m gonna do the same. Thanks for the application ideas!

    • I also got lashaholic lashes! no eyeliner or cleansing wipes.

      • I’ve never used false lashes before and head these don’t need any glue. Does anyone have any tips for applying these? I have no idea what I’m doing with applying false lashes with my makeup. Do I do them last after I do my face and eye makeup? Do I use mascara with these, and if so do I use mascara on my real lashes first? Any tips would be really helpful and appreciated, thank you!

  4. Hi Liz and everyone boxycharm pop up sale just started on their website you only have 8hrs before its over. I got the sand & sky pink clay mask…

    • Hey Toni! 🙋🏻‍♀️lol 😝 has
      Just wanted to tell you (& others) that You have 8 DAYS, *NOT 8 HOURS (well like 7 & 1/2 days left now if you wanna get technical lol) for the Boxy Pop-Up! I originally read it as 8 hours too!…

      Maybe bc ipsy only gives us a 24hrs for theirs, I mean, IF/when their freakin’ add ons actually work on the 2nd. Which for me, at least half of the months they’ve offered them so far, do t show/work & it’s always bc some bs “tech issue” excuse (or so they say🙄) …& they don’t do ANYTHING if you contact them about it, EXCEPT to basically say “better luck next time, sucker!” (I think Maybe their wording was a lil diff tho lol) bc I have tried MANY times to no avail!🤔😤🤬 & I wait all ml th long for the 2nd to come, only for it to not work when I literally set alarms to make sure I’m up & “ready” for when they’re SUPPOSED to go live.

      Okay… just went a lil teeeeeny tiny bit off topic w/my super cray-cray rant there😬🤦🏻‍♀️😆.

      So yeah, boxy “pop up” is def still open for another 7 DAYS.
      It’s just that of course, almost immediately (within about an hr or so) all the “GOOOD STUFF”, sold right out. I knew I should’ve checked out w/what I wanted/had jn my cart IMMEDIATELY…story of my stupid freakin’ life, I swear!🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

      Btw, My lil sisters name is also Toni! And I’m a girl & my name is Ryan🙋🏻‍♀️

      • I had ZERO idea it was starting today. I wish they would’ve given 24 hours notice so we knew to be online seeking the start date and time. I’m frustrated I didn’t order anything cause most the items I wanted were sold out. Oh well..

  5. I got the eyelash curler again and I have extensions, the Alamar Dolce was a pass without pausing, the wipes- sigh, the Appeal gel eyeliner in Green (HARD PASS), and the Elemis, which I LOVE! No eye palette— which was odd, but I’m totally okay with it, as I wouldn’t have used it much.

    I decided to make July ‘In or Out’ month for all my box subscriptions, as I’m getting overloaded on products and I want to truly keep the subs I consistently like/use/enjoy every month. Boxycharm used to be at the top of my list as being one I loved every month, but this month is a great example: I’m keeping 1 item, donating the other 4. I’d prefer to LOVE 4 items, donate 1. Boxy is on the chopping block of being dropped I’m afraid…

  6. This is my first box, and I got 2 of the exact same lip gloss in my box (Alamar Nude). Is that normal, or will BoxyCharm fix it if I let them know? Thanks!

  7. I got the Luna lip in Mars and it looks amazing!!! I’ll use everything in the box for once!! So I’m thrilled!

  8. I had a super bad experience with Boxycharm customer service (absolute nightmare) and I decided to unsubscribe, cause I was so pissed off. When I was unsubscribing, I saw that these were gonna be on the next box, but it did not lure me in whatsoever. For me that Butter London palette is one of those palettes that you use for 1 week and then forget about it. To me the swatches did not look that good either. I have already received so many lipglosses from Boxy, that I do not need that either. I am kind of curious what is up for next month, if that is good, I might sign up again after by bloodpressure has gone down a little bit and see what the boxyluxe for september is all about. Over all, I am not sad at all that I did not receive this box. To me, it would have been a disappointment.

    • I agree. They have the worst customer service and do not care about the customer. Boxy charm only care about bulk. I will never ever give them another dime.

  9. There is always value in the box, especially if I bother to sell products I won’t use (I know it’s a trend but I am sooooo tired of lipglosses, they feel next to pointless especially after you have gotten like 10) I am happy to see more skincare and tools though. I don’t get the people who get boxes they don’t like and unsub just sell the stuff you’ll probably make more than you paid for the box…

    • Where do you sell your unwanted items? Facebook, Craigslist? Just wondering because I have drawers full of products that I’ll never get around to using. I’ve got my own serious case of Subscription Addiction 🙄

  10. I’m getting the Ofra liquid lipstick in Santorini and I would love to swap for one of the Alamar nude glosses or even the Joh Gen Do wipes. Someone please email me!

    • What is your email? I have an Alamar Nude gloss in Coqueta that I don’t need.

  11. A couple of questions if I join this week sometime would I get this July box? Also are you able to opt out of a particular item like you can on Ipsy? I don’t use Mascara and you seem to get a lot of it in these subscription boxes. I have no-one to give it to and end up throwing it away

    • Generally if you sign up in July, you’ll receive the July box. Recently, Boxycharm has been releasing “FOMO” boxes when the month’s featured box sells out. The FOMO box tends to feature some past products. MSA will usually have an update when it switches over to the FOMO box.

      Unfortunately there is no opt-out for Boxycharm. From my experience, though, Ipsy honors opt-outs for the regular glam bag, but not glam bag plus. So Boxy and GBP seem similar in that way.

      Finally, please consider donating your unused mascara or other items to a women’s shelter. They are very grateful for donations, especially basics like mascara. I save up all my unused products and donate 2-3 times a year.

      • That is a good idea. I had been throwing things away. Thank you for making me aware of this opportunity. I never would have thought of it.

      • I tried to donate all sorts of new and unused products to the local shelter in Bozeman, and I was told that they only accept cash donations. I hope you have better luck than me.

      • Great suggestion about donating items to a women’s shelter. I just looked the ones in my area because of you! I will gather my Ipsy bags and fill them up and donate them 😉

  12. I’m getting a tarte good lip gloss which I already have … blah 🙄

    • Hi Dot! I’d be happy to try the Tarte gloss. Would you like to swap for the Alamar Mother of Pearl in Corazon? If so, you can reach me at areidwins at gmail dot com

  13. Ugh, I wish I i wouldn’t get my box at the end of the month. 🙁 would you be willing to sell your serenita gloss??? 🙏🏽

  14. This is not the full list. There is the Ofra and false eyelashes as variations in addition to this.

    I am getting:
    Butter London Palette
    Ofra in Santorini
    and something else. I am hoping for an eyeliner. I will be happy with any of those variations. I don’t like black eyeliner that much.

  15. I Love! love! Love! The Ofra metallic liquid lipstick. The color is amazing, and is not sticky or dry. The shimmer is very subtle. I typically stay away from bright lip color but I am glad I received this product and not the ones listed in this article.

    • I’m hoping for the sparkly one myself! Ive received 4 of that exact eyelash curler from BC Already this year, I’m over it and so are my daughter’s who I give them to lol would much rather get ANYTHING ELSE AT THIS POINT. Oddly enough , my February thru may boxes were all the exact same month after month I got that eyelash curler, tarte rainforest eyeshadow pallet ( the round one with neutrals), ugly 💩brown gloss and sheet masks. I emailed begging for a change but didn’t succeed until June FINALLY!! Tried canceling due to lack of deterrent box but they charged me anyway! I’m so disappointed with this sub anymore I just can’t but evidently canceling is useless and with my bank anytime I dispute a charge they freeze my account which I can’t afford to do since that means automatic bill pmts are frozen as well. It’s a mess all because BC is deeply flawed 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ cancelling is more difficult than getting a divorce😂😂

  16. I just cancelled my subscription and popped in to see what I’d be missing. Still masks, brushes and brown lippies… Glad I cancelled!!

  17. For anyone not wanting the Ofra Santorini color, I would love to buy or swap for it! My email is brittanyjohnson81487 at gmail dot com

    I haven’t been approved for this swap site yet?

    • Emailed you

    • I’ll email you!

  18. Oh, surprise checked my spoiler and I am getting a Ofra lippie that was not even a choice! Yet I am pleased!

  19. I received mine yesterday and I love everything. The eyeshadow pallet is so pretty and I got the forest eyeliner that matches it. I also got the Alamar lip gloss. I was happy!

  20. Omg I just received my July boxycharm and I got the Mother of Pearl lipgloss. I put it on and was instantly reminded of the Maybelline Kissing Potion from the 70s. Yes the 70s!! It smells exactly the same as one of those potions that I bought in my early teens lol. It smells amazing. Lol rewind!

  21. I am getting Luna in my box but pretty sure someone else will end up with it 😉🤭

    My box is .90 lbs and I am guessing based on unboxing videos that I am probably getting wipes. <- I’ll take them on my cruise this summer to make sure I don’t stain towels! I just can’t use them everyday without irritating my skin.

    Overall a meh Boxycharm and meh Ipsy. I think they are about equal this month. I ordered a lippie I liked from colourpop so I feel a little better… ha ha. I’ll wear the $4.50 one instead of that Luna. The honey palette was back in stock too! 😍 🐝🍯

    • Vicky H I believe you made a comment about getting wipes that cause you irritation. I have some issues also at times and use target baby wipes for sensitive skin. They may be a solution for you to try. Just a suggestion.

      • Thanks! I will have to check them out.

    • I am getting the Luna Lipgloss as well… Hope we get the wipes because I will use mine for vacation im Sept as well!!!

    • Got the Luna and wipes with box weight of .90 lbs. so your guess is likely correct.

  22. Seems to me many of you ladies wanting the opposite of what you got should just swap amongst yourselves here. Maybe ONE lady can take emails of what people have to swap and match up a swap of what they have to give. It’s only a lip gloss so should easily ship.

  23. I swear if I get that Pur eyelash curler again…. 🙄

  24. I got my box yesterday and got the Ofra (LOVE!) Santorini. I’m usually more of a neutrals girl but I adore the color. It’s a berry pink shade and I don’t really notice any metallic finish on my lips. I apply it with a light hand though and it gives me just enough of the pretty pink color 👍🏻 My husband also likes it on me. Win!

  25. I am getting Alamar in nude/gold lip gloss. I would love to trade for the pink/silver one or any light colored gloss if anyone is interested.

  26. Or Ofra in a terrible shade of Santorini, which it seems like a whole lot of people are getting based upon the spoilers and reddit boards. Feels like a huge bait and switch to me. I had considered getting a second box of boxy this month to send one to my niece, but I’m not taking any chances with the garbage variations, and terrible lip colors replacing the great box they advertised.

  27. I’m glad I cancelled this month (although I was very sad to do so). There isn’t anything I like in this month’s box. I joined boxy to build my makeup collection so if they go more to skincare I’ll be very sad. I’m hoping to rejoin next month, but not if its anything like this month….

  28. I got a spoiler email and I’m getting the Ofra lippie…🙄

    • Oh my. How many have you gotten from them? I know I have several. I’m getting a very brown looking nude from Alamar. I wish I could just opt to not have it sent. I’d rather just get one less item and not have to throw something away. No one I know wants to wear that color on their lips. I don’t even think it would be used if I donated it.

      • I received the lippy and it’s actually very sheer. it feels more like a moisturizer treatment than a gloss it’s really nice, I really like it like many have mentioned over a lip liner.

      • I wouldn’t assume that if you donated it, it wouldn’t be used. Women who are used to no frills are super grateful forbptetty things. Also, not everyone has the same beauty preferences, so why I may not like something, it might be someone else’s favorite. Please donate it instead of tossing it.

      • For pretty*

      • I agree many womans shelters will happily accept it especially if new in box or has plastic wrapper on it. I also humbly recommend having a box for donations and saving things over a few months then dropping it all off.

      • That’s what I do. Several times a year I take my box of stuff I won’t use to a local ministry that helps underprivileged in my neighborhood. I’ve been told by a friend who works there that women have been really excited to get to ‘shop’ from my boxes! They also make up packets with the cleaning wipes and dry shampoo to give to homeless in the area. Anything I don’t want seems to find a good home somewhere else! That works for me!

  29. I am getting a Liquid Lipstick that is not even in the spoilers list,I am getting the Adesse Liquid Lipstick in Haute Cocoa….Its weird how some of us are getting items that are not in the spoilers list,and I am pretty sure I have received this before from Boxycharm…..It is not a bad shade,it is like a pinky nude.

    • That lipstick is amazing my favorite one that we have received in boxycharm! Hope you love it !

    • Same here. You are the first person I’ve seen besides myself that got the adesse haute coco I guess I’m ok with it but its just weird that I couldn’t even get charms for reviewing the item bc its not on there. I’m ok with the box itself I think the eyeshadow palette is really beautiful although the swatches haven’t been wonderful I hope its as pretty as it looks.

  30. I got OFRA Santorini. I wanted Alamar in Sirenita. Always my luck

    • I am getting the same Ofra Santorini color too. I wanted one of the shimmery Alamar ones as well. 👎

      • 👎👎Boxy is really pissing me off with the bait and switch after the payments are made.

      • It’s not a bait and switch. They have several variations, every single month. That is part of why I cancelled my acct. A few years ago they were better and has less variations. These last couple of years, I was disappointed, too many times, with a variation I wasn’t happy with. This is how they are now, though.

      • That’s why I cancelled. I really want to come back but I always end up with the worst variation and never the one that’s advertised. I was tired of being baited and lured.

      • I’m looking to trade for the Santorini. I’m getting the Alana’s Sirenita. If you’d like to swap my email is NinaKellett @ yahoo . Com

    • If you’d like to trade my email is NinaKellett @ yahoo . Com

  31. Was hoping to try an Alamar lipgloss. Oh well. How have people liked the Luna so far? I’m just happy it’s a gloss. 😀

  32. I’m getting the Ofra in Santorini which I don’t mind but my last item is still a mystery. I don’t use pencil eyeliner and I already got the Pur curler. I hope for the cloths.

    I’m almost more interested in the popup spoilers of a full size Elemis Pro-Colkagen night cream $19 and full size Caudalie vinoperfect serum for $12

  33. Per my sneak peek I’m getting Adesse?liquid lipstick in Haute Cocoa. A brown color I’ll never wear, I’m super fair with cool undertones so it’ll look awful on me. On my beauty profile I have pinks/berries listed but they always send me browns and taupes. I filled out the new beauty quiz with all my preferences so I’m crossing my fingers 🤞that they’ll actually go by what I picked… time will tell I guess.

  34. I’m getting the Alamar Corazon but would like to try the Luna by Luna lipgloss if anyone is up for trading!

  35. WOW!…boxycharm is going to step it up a notch, with this new boxy pop-up store..and I filled out my new beauty profile online with the e-mail they sent me…going to have skincare products now, a lot more..yea.

  36. It did mention that other were receiving a different one like the Ofra. I was looking forward to the Alamar but getting the Ofra in Santorini as well. I’ll be happy with any of the final 3 items

  37. The only thing I like is the Elemis

    • Same here. I only stayed subscribed this month to see if the Pop Up store will be good and I can grab a few things or just another fiasco that frustrates me. If it’s the latter I’m gone. Especially now that I’m back to getting brown lip colors again. Just because you call something “nude” doesn’t mean it’s not really just brown, which doesn’t actually look good on many people no matter how trendy it is. True nudes are sometimes flattering but nude is a term relative to one’s skin tone. And my skin is pasty white, not some lovely bronze or mocha shade. 👻

  38. I’m getting the Alamar lippy in nude/gold. They couldn’t have gone off my beauty profile and chose this for me. Another brown lippy. Just what I don’t want. Pretty happy with the rest of the box.

    • I know, I would have loved the brown puppies because in my profile it says nudes, Taipei’s, Browns, and mauves. Instead I got santorini in bright purple. Let me know if you’d want to swap.

      • I’d rather get brown puppies in my boxycharm too! 😉

  39. Ugh I’m getting a brown Alamar lip gloss – I will never wear a brown lip product – and the worst part is they said it’s based on my beauty profile!!! Couldn’t be! Guess I’ll be getting rid of it. I am noticing I have to give away more and more….particularly with the regular box.

    • Any chance you would like to trade your brown gloss for my Ofra metallic lipstick in Santorini (a bright magenta)? Seems like they aren’t matching our profiles well / at all…

      • I’m getting the Alamar gloss in Serenita. I’d be up for trading for the Ofra lippie in Santorini. I’m still on the waitlist for the swap site but I’d still be willing to trade

      • In getting the Ofra Santorini color (I’d never wear it) and would love to swap ya for the Alamar gloss….are you on swaps?

    • Are you getting it in the shade Dulce?

  40. I’m getting the Tarte glitter lipgloss AGAIN. Got it in my December luxe box. Not at all happy about getting it again! I’ll be emailing them, but knowing their stellar customer service, it probably won’t get resolved. The Elemis mask is the only thing I’m looking forward to. Really disappointed in my box this month!😤 I subscribe annually and am glad August is my last month, I won’t be renewing. Just gonna stick with Ipsy Plus, I’m soo excited for my July IGBP!!

  41. I’m getting another OFRA Lippy In the color Santorini…much prefer this liquid lip color over the other variations. Finally something NOT nude!

    • I’m getting the same and totally agree with you. I love berries, pinks, etc much better than all the browns.

    • Me too and it’s a gorgeous shade! I prefer liquid lipsticks over lip gloss any day.

    • I got my box yesterday and I received the Ofra too in Santorini. The color is gorgeous! I’m so glad I received this instead of another nude color.

  42. My spoiler email says I am getting a Tarte glitter lip paint in strike gold which is not in this list.

    • I’m getting the tarte as well! I’m excited for it!

  43. Per my reveal I’m getting the Luna in Mars and I’m super happy with it! Boxy is typically a huge win for me! Honestly other than that almost entire glitter themed box…way back…Boxy is my absolute favorite!!

    • I’m getting the Luna Mars, also. So glad that it’s not one of those orange-looking Alamar glosses. Do you have any idea what the color is actually like? No idea what the last spoiler is, but looks like some things that I actually like.

      • I did some digging and the Mars is a pink/silver. Venus is nude/gold. I went and changed my profile to wild card. I may regret that, but I’ve got enough nudes to last a life time.

    • Mine said I was getting Luna in Venus. I hope I get the eyeliner and not the wipes. I already received the cash curler.

  44. If only BC would let you skip months like Ipsy or have the Boxyluxe subscription separate from the regular box. I always love my Boxyluxe, but the regular boxes are normally a miss for me.

  45. I am getting another OFRA liquid lippie, so there are still some variations not shown. I don’t mind OFRA, but would have like to try a new brand.

    • I got my box yesterday and I received the Ofra too in Santorini. I love Ofra and I’m happy with it. The color is gorgeous!

    • Same for me, was looking forward to one of the other lippies.

  46. I don’t think these are full spoilers. My preview email shows that I’ll be receiving an Ofra metallic lip in Santorini (a bright magenta). I would have preferred one of the glosses 🙁

    • Me too 😖

    • Would you like to trade for the Alamar Sirenita Gloss?

      • I’m getting the Alamar nude lip in Dolce. I’d love to trade for your sirenita gloss. I’m not on the trade site though.

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