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Boxycharm BoxyPopUp Sale Starts Now!

The Boxycharm BoxyPopUp Sale has started! (Thanks for the heads up, Liz!)

Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Active subscribers can shop the sale for items up to 80% off.
  • Items from the following categories: Makeup, Skincare, Hair, Body, & Tools, Lifestyle.
  • Items will ship separately from the July box.
  • Free shipping on orders of $25 or more available to the Contiguous United States and only and after any promo-codes have been applied. Quantities available and for a limited time only.
  • Limited to 2 pieces per item. Items ship separately.
  • No returns, refunds, or exchanges.

Here a look at a few of the items available:

CATHERINE MALANDRINO Pink/White Striped Therapeutic Pillows

CATHERINE MALANDRINO Blush/White Silicone Luggage Tags

BKR Ellie Smooth 500ml BKR Bottle

BKR – Pepper Smooth 500ml BKR Bottle

RAEN Raleigh Rose Gold Sunglasses 

PLAYA Hair Ritual Oil

SOL DE JANEIRO – Brazilian Bod Buff Smoothing Scrub ‘n’ Mask 160ml

FOXY BAE Rose Gold Straightening Brush

FARMACY Better Daze Ahead Moisturizer

BENEFIT the POREfessional Face Primer

ICONIC LONDON – Sunset to Sunrise Eyeshadow Palette

DERMALBLEND Illuminating Banana Powder

BECCA – Under Eye Brightening Corrector (Light to Medium)

What are you getting from the sale?

If you haven’t signed up for Boxycharm yet, it is $21 a month. Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

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Written by MSA


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Comments (166)

  1. I just got my shipping/tracking email! Shocked! I thought I was going to be waiting until August to hear anything! LOL

  2. Can you use charms for the pop up shop?

    • No, I wish though.

  3. I am absolutely astonished at the shipping speed for this sale!!!! I already have a label from FedEx for the products I purchased in the Popup sale yesterday!! That is amazing and a lesson for FFF to be learned! I am so happy I emptied my edit sale cart and got the Tula in the Popup sale actually cheaper and I will get it wayyyyy faster too! Props for Boxycharm!!

    • Oh wow, really?? I havent received anything yet and was pretty wary when they said they’d try to get the products out by August! 🙈

  4. I am so irritated, I didn’t receive any notice from BoxyCharm that the sale was open. Skipped the Elemis sale on QVC to buy from Boxy and by the time I found out (10:32) all of the Elemis was gone… so so so sad

  5. I love this sale! I did miss out on key items as I was busy, BUT it’s nice one cannot hoard items in a cart for “research” (and release them back five minutes before close of sale) e.g. FFF sales! The only way to secure items in this boxy sale is to purchase them – the way it should be. It’s not as if we can sleep with our shopping basket in a store overnight to research goods.

  6. Hey there ! Could anyone tell me
    If the Tula items are still available ? I was thinking of subscribing to buy them thanks so much !

    • No, the Tula is sold out

      • THANK YOU !!

  7. Reading some of these comments, really makes me wonder about people. If I ever get to a point where I’m livid because I didn’t get an email announcing a sale…or the right person didnt email first….itll be a serious low point in my life. People will always find ways around rules that’s life but it’s certainly not worth some of these comments. Please find your local TJ Maxx and pick up any product that mimics what half the crap in these sale do, you can even get non skin care items there, or hit up your local small business, or big box retailer, whatever you may have. But please for the love of all that is holy do not get offended because someone broke the rules or didnt email you. Skin care is skin care unless you have a medical condition, which hopefully you seek medical treatment and not a boxy pop up sale for your skin care needs. Let’s get it together people. This isnt life altering…😒

    • This is a rather rude and insensitive comment. It would be nice if you took other people’s feelings into consideration before you write something like that. You have NO idea what may be going on in people’s lives. They could have just lost their mother last week, could be going through a nasty divorce, etc. Not to mention people who are on fixed incomes and would never be able to afford these products without something like this.
      Boxy had a lot of people excited
      about this sale, a lot of hype, and a lot of customers who have been with Boxy for many years were left in the dust with absolutely nothing. And yes, I think it’s very justifiable to get upset when you look on a forum like this and see people openly bragging about buying MANY of the same product or people who signed up for only this month just to get the sale items.
      I’m glad you have such a wonderful life and are so fulfilled that something like this would not upset you in the least. But put yourself in other people’s shoes before you make a post belittling people over being upset over the way things were handled. You don’t know them and showing empathy is not hard to do. Have a nice day. 🙂

  8. Does anyone know if you can use the boxycharm points you receive from referral and reviews on these boxypop items? That’d be awesome bc I’ve accumulated a ton since their shop rarely has items I want and when they do they seem to sell out immediately lol.

    • Charms are excluded unfortunately.

  9. Everything I want is already out of stock by now… Can’t even add to $25 for free shipping and I’m usually pretty weak on buying sale items (means I usually over spent lol). Guess I’ll just spend my money elsewhere then, pity, I was really looking forward to this sale when I first heard it’s coming up.
    The work around so ppl can buy more than 2 per item once again prove boxycharm sxcks at managing these kind of sales…… Do they ever learn from their past fiasco??

  10. I hope boxy cancels orders for those who checked out multiple times to buy more than the limit of 2 of each item. It caused many loyal customers to find the shop cleaned out by the time boxy emailed.
    It would really be nice if they would think about the implementation And learn something from past fiascos.

    • I’d be curious to know how many people actually did buy in multiples of more than two… I suspect even if they had a strict rule where you COULDNT buy more than two they still would have been sold out in an instant

  11. I’m so glad that Natasha Denona maybe a brand that will be coming up in our future boxycharm/boxyluxe subscription… I cant wait yosef posted it on his account.. I cant wait..

  12. I almost bought some things but I just spent so much on my FFF Add Ons

    I did look at the sale and it puts FFF to shame!

    FFF is gradually increasing add on price, they oversell things and arbitrarily remove them from people’s carts, and take forever to ship.

    If Boxycharm sells again I will bite. Maybe this was a beta test and they will make it an occasional feature with the subscription.

    • Prices were low in this first sale to get people hooked. I can promise you that in each additional sale, the discounts will gradually decrease. It’s actually a play right out of the FFF playbook. There first edit sales had much steeper discounts than they have now and they slowly rose on most products.

  13. Great items and prices but terrible execution on Boxy’s part. My wallet is thrilled that I never got an email from Boxy or MSA and that anything I would have been interested in was already sold out.

  14. Can anyone tell me if they have items like the farmacy better da e, bkr bottle, sunset eyeshadow a available? I would not be happy if I resubcribed and anything good sold out

    • Only the farmacy better for $40 is left. BKR bottles and eyeshadow are sold old.

      • Okay. Thanks soooo much 🙂

  15. Have to say that I’m a bit salty with MSA. I’m signed up for your emails but didn’t get the one about the sale being open (was there an email?) And because of MSA, a lot of people got access to the sale a full 2 hours before Boxy sent out emails that their sale was open. Hence,, everything that was worth anything was gone. Thanks MSA.

    • Alot of people were stalking the Boxy site and said they found it early themselves. You dont think word would have also been spread via social media and through other groups too? It wasnt just this site. You should be more mad at Boxy for having their site open but not emailing about it until hours later. Or for not giving prior notice on when it would go live. Boxy is notorious for faulty/unfair “launches” by this point….exactly why I unsubbed a long time ago.

      • Very true LB I didn’t get an email from them until hours later and they said since their eastern time and I’m in the west I didn’t get on in time 🙁

      • Trust me, I’ve let Boxy know in no uncertain terms that this was the worst handled sale I’ve seen…by word and by unsubscribing to both Boxy and Boxyluxe. And I was a long time member, not someone who only signed up for the month of July. However, I do think it’s a bit slimy for MSA to announce it prior to Boxy sending out an opening announcement. And that was a full 2 hours prior! Not 5 minutes. If Boxy had posted on any of their social media sites, which I follow, to watch MSA for an announcement, I would have done that as well. In my opinion, it was unethical of MSA to do it. Only my humble opinion and i know it doesn’t mean much and that everyone has one. 🙂

      • Slimy??? That’s a bit harsh don’t you think? It was going to go around on all the other social media sites that it was early! So they wanted their viewers to KNOW!!

      • Sorry. Some of us have lives that don’t entail us being stuck to social media awaiting a sale. As I said, my opinions are my opinions. Yes, Boxy handled this sale as poorly as possible but I think MSA handled it poorly as well. Once again, let me say, just my opinion. So ironic that you’re so upset on msa’s behalf. Have a great day.

      • As Nina said and I already said, people discovered “on their own” that the sale went live and were already spreading the word on many sites/forums. It’s inevitable in a situation where a sale goes live but the company itself does not bother to notify themselves. MSA provided the service which they advertise and many of us appreciate — they informed us that a sale and/or offer was available. If Boxy wanted it kept a secret or not announced until a specific time, the sale should not have gone live beforehand…or checkout should have at least been blocked. Period. MSA just provided information, it’s not slimy or “unethical” at all. It was public knowledge not something from a confidentiality agreement. Is it unethical for the people themselves to shop a live sale before they got the email notification from Boxy? Come on…. Also, as many other people have pointed out the other, bigger problem, is that despite Boxy advertising that items were limited to 2 per person that was just 2 per checkout. And people were allowed to do many checkouts. So yet again within minutes customers were able to bypass Boxy’s “checks” (that they bothered to even try to create for once) and things sold out. Classic Boxy sale drama….over and over….

      • Like I said, my opinion, and just like you, I’m allowed to have one. Am I not? Because if that has changed, I obviously didn’t get that email either. It’s amusing that people think we shouldn’t have this opinion or that opinion and yet here you are upset and responding because I’m unhappy with what MSA did. Pot, meet kettle.

      • Somebody is upset because they didn’t get what they want and it didn’t go there way. I happened to see the post after all of the Elemis was sold out and I’m not mad at anyone for it. This is the way the world is with social media and everything else in the information age. Others were on top of it better than I was this time (not a usual thing btw lol) but I do agree that the ones that bypassed the two per item rule and checked out more than once so that most can sell these items for a profit is rediculous!!! I am also a seller on multiple platforms for handmade items, and I notice the products and boxes being sold all the time even though they specifically state they are not to be sold. With that being said, boxy mishandled that rule and made some loyal customers miss out. I am not saying everyone will be selling these items, but I already saw them posted on these selling sites with a “photo coming soon” picture. Hmmmmm

      • I can’t help but wonder if it would have been slimy, unethical or the worst handled sale if you wouldn’t have been one who missed out?

        Something everyone should keep in mind is that random sales such as this, mystery boxes, huge discounts and the like are not meant to be fair for everyone as that would be impossible. In addition, every time a person interacts with customer service will affect future promotions, pricing, quality of product and more. Hurt feelings, hoards of requests to personalize beyond the stated offering, hand holding and the like create a backlog for everyone else (broken/missing products, shipping issues, billing issues, account help etc.).

      • Absolutely, as I stated earlier, I’m upset because after all the hype, signing up for every notification possible, and following all of Boxy’s media accounts, by the time I got an email from Boxy, everything of any importance (to me) was gone. However, even if I did happen to be someone who doesn’t have a job, or has a job where they can constantly monitor social media and was able to get the products I wanted, I would still feel like this was one of the biggest fiascos I’ve ever seen and that Boxy should not honor multiple orders of the same product for the same person. I would still have thought some things that were done were unethical and still have lost respect for some people because of their lack of what, in my opinion (remember we are all allowed to have one), was unethical business practices.
        On the flip side, don’t you think the people who shopped 2-3 hours prior to Boxy’s email and got everything they wanted would be angry/upset/disappointed if they had been in other people’s shoes and got nothing?
        How many people work jobs and missed a great opportunity bc of it? Would it have hurt Boxy to have given a one day advance warning? Absolutely not. It just would have given everyone a more level playing field.
        Have a great day 🙂

    • Yeah I didn’t get email either and I’m signed up for all emails , so I am confused with that one – why I got no emails from MSA :/

      • I didn’t get an email from MSA, I don’t think there was one. Usually MSA only sends emails for subscription deals. I’ve never seen an email about popup/add-on/edit,etc. sales which this one was. And Boxy didn’t send me an email either (only sent the spoilers in June saying that we had to be subscribers to participate in the sale in July). I agree with LB, need to be salty with Boxy…it’s their sale, they are ultimately responsible for letting everyone know in an orderly manner.

  16. How often will they be doing a pop up sale? I hope they do it at like fff. If Boxy will be doing it often I will def sign up and will not resub to fff.

    • I wrote Boxy but they said they have no idea when the next pop up sale will be ;/ I also said why would the sale be for 8 days if everything is sold out 🙄

  17. i paid $175 for $500 worth of products. that’s 65% off. i am already on major product overload so i wasnt going to do this but…

    Farmacy Daze
    Coola spf 30 Sun Silk Crème
    Coola spf 30 Lip Balm-Bonfire
    Coola Guava spf 50
    Saturday Skin spf 50 compacts x4 (2 of both shades)
    Starskin Mask Pads
    PC Nightly Reconditioning Moisturizer x2
    Sol de Janeiro Foot Fetish x2
    R+Co Park Ave Blow Out Balm
    Playa Ritual Hair Oil
    Playa New Day Hair Mist

    bummed i missed out on the 5oz SDJ for $11

  18. I wasn’t watching MSA this morning since FFF just closed the Edit Sale. Boxy sent me an email 3 hours later. I missed FAB, Caudalie, and DNA. I did grab some other great items for nice prices. I’m pleased 😁

  19. Geeeez spent almost $400 ….. that I don’t have……but wow those prices! I also probably bought several things I didn’t need…..oh well. It was fun! I did get a lot of stuff I really wanted and use. I’ll just be in debt til I die.

    • Lol…
      Dies with you…

  20. There is a sort of work around to the ” It’s selling out and I want MORE” thing.
    I do this with another product type that sells out in a matter of minutes sometimes..

    I pick out the things I want most and remember where they are located on the page, then I go in and blitz the sale after signing in to the site.
    Check out is very fast, as this one was.

    I also feel that if I get 80% of what I want, it is a successful blitz buy. 😉

  21. Is boxy pop up something that happens every month? Stupid they didn’t anticipate the number of products needed for everyone to buy everything good sold out immediately very disappointed

    • Agreed and they said they don’t know when next pop up will be

  22. Of course it said two per person…but people found away around that. Which resulted in many items sold out for others.

    • Yeah it was two per order, all people had to do was go in and place another order to get two more. I saw a lady in a group say she got 4 of each of the Caudalie, Elemis night cream, and Elemis balm! Such bs…why would they have it set up to where that could happen? Pretty salty everything I wanted was sold out and I tried before they even officially announced it!

      • Greedy people are super gross.

      • 👍 agreed

  23. All I wanted was the copacobana cream but that was sold out . It’s just as well as with this storm coming our way, have other priorities. I heard that a lot of people are buying to resell online so they were able to get multiples by ordering twice

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