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We have the latest spoiler for the August 2019 BoxyCharm thanks to boxypreview!

(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

The August 2019 BoxyCharm will include:

Wander Beauty Glow Ahead Illuminating Face Oil ($42)


Tarte Big Ego Mascara OR  Peach and Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum


Becca Cosmetics Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder

What do you think of the latest August spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for Boxycharm yet:

Now through August 31st (or while supplies last), use this link when you sign up for a Boxycharm subscription to get a free Butter London Palette ($32 Value) AND a free Luxie Brush Set ($30 Value) with your first box!

*Valid for new subscribers or those who canceled before July 1, 2019. Expires August 31, 2019, at 11:59 pm ET or while supplies last.

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Click here to sign up. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Hey Chicas! I’m new to Boxycharm and my first box was last month. Can someone tell me when they reveal our spoilers on our account on the website? Do we even get to view what we get before they send it like ipsy and Boxycharm?? I didn’t see anything for the last box Do they have it like up the others??? Also, when do they start sending the boxes out each month?thank you!

    • No only way ppl have an idea what variation they got is when other ppl get theres and post there boxes weight like mine was 2.3 lb 8×5×2 and i got the becca reg the mascara the lip liner the browish n purple ish eyeshadow shades and the face oil

  2. I loove mascara…but i have enough now. I would love the serum but my luck would be to get the mascara and a darker shade of the Becca

  3. When do we subscribe to get the August box? Scared to sign back up today and get July leftovers. Cancelled last month bc I wasn’t interested in the July box.

  4. This is going to be my second Boxycharm box. I liked the July box, but this one looks like a dud for me. I’m so tired of face oils. It seems like every subscription I have sends these out here lately. And they aren’t universal, the way a serum or cream usually is. Oils break me out. I’m hoping the September box will be a good recovery from this August box that is coming. Guess we will see!

  5. I’ve never subbed to boxycharm before but these products look great! I really hope I get that peach and lily serum I’ve been dying to try it. I’m assuming if I subscribe on August 1st, I’ll get the August box?

  6. This is only three spoilers? What about the fourth? There’s usually always 4-5 items four at the minimum. Sorry just confused cause boxes will be shipping soon and usually have all the spoilers beforehand! Anyone know the other product did I miss something maybe?

    • We`ll probably receive a random eye liner or lip liner and a random lip product or stuff that has been sent earlier.

    • No,They Show There ( Best) Spoilers First And then Put in Stuff That most revered to as Filler items ,Alot of Items they Had Already given out usually,Used to get BC But I was Lucky if I received 1 item I Could Use

  7. I resub an old account for the Avant primer, I figured it would come in the Aug box but you received it within a week separately?

  8. I think the best thing I could do for my enjoyment of all my subscription boxes is to stop looking at spoilers. I didn’t think I could, but it’s really taking the fun out of these. I also don’t need to see what variants I didn’t get. What good is that?

    • Excellent points. I first started subscription boxes because I LOVE surprises. But once my addiction grew to an almost dangerous level I got caught up in the financial aspect, checking spoilers in order to skip or cancel to save money. I have to do it though because sometimes it saves me a little money. However, I need to be more disciplined about not checking on the subs I know I will stay subscribed to for a while or ones that I’ve prepaid. I will say I am usually able not to look at spoilers for the Margot Elena box. Of course I have an annual and I don’t have to worry about seeing variations I might not get.

  9. I received my product selection email: Tarte Mascara or Peach & Lilly Glass Skin Serum…I PICKED THE SERUM!!!!! I’ve heard SO many good reviews on this serum! I’m excited! & THEN IPSY sent me an email saying I can now chose one product in my Glam Bag from now on, each month! Anyone else getting this email!??? I’m shook…IN A GOOD WAY✌💘💄🌹

    • What I didnt get that email and have been sun to glam bag plus since the beginning…

      • It’s still in a test stage. They only sent it to some not all. I didn’t get one for my plus.

    • I wish I got that email from Ipsy! I’ve never had the opportunity to pick a product. Then again, my account is flagged as no eyeliner so I guess I can deal. It’s a decent tradeoff to not get a black eyeliner every month.

    • I didn’t get it either! You’re so lucky!

  10. I contact ELEMIS about that veggies mask in our july box and here this what they have to say????👇👇👇👇👇👇

    Boxycharm not on their list!!

    Thank you for your email.

    As Birdbox is not a registered e- tailer of ELEMIS, we can not guarantee that the products are authentic.

    For a list of registered e-tailers, please see below:

    Kindest Regards
    Laura Mclauchlan

    United Kingdom T: +44 (0) 117 316 1888
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    United States T: 1-855-235-3647
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    • Oh no, what?!?!?!? GIVE ME THE 🍵 LADIES, PLEASE!!!!! Ppl are having problems with it?? Expired? Smell bad? Gone bad? Mine was fine, just used it today! Thanks for the links!

    • That says birdbox… not boxycharm…??

    • That says Birdbox…

    • Well, you have to let them know the correct company sending it out first…

    • I ordered directly from Elemis and within the package I received an invite to join Boxycharm to receive the Veggie Mask!

      • Thanks. That’s good to know!

    • BIRDBOX? Does the box come with a blindfold? 😉

  11. The promo expires on July 31 at 11:59 PM. It says so just above the AVANTI post. Hopefully that helps.

  12. On Ulta that Becca powder comes with a tube of primer for $20. Are we getting the primer too or just the powder. It’s kind of a rip off if they say it’s a $20 value without it.

    • I own that set with the blur setting powder and the powder in that set is a TRAVEL size. Honestly little goes a long way for me unless you bake. Based on boxycharms pricing that should be the full size.

      • I would’ve liked to try the primer but I guess the full size powder is definitely the better deal. I don’t bake but I do use a lot more setting powder in the summer so it’ll be nice to have a good one from a great brand.

      • I actually got the primer today from BC because I resubbed… I wasn’t feeling July’s Box. I’m totally cool with trading something with you if you really want it. I’m probably never going to use it.

      • April~ I would love to trade you for the Primer! What are you interested in? you can send me an email ksifford at gmail. 🙂

  13. This is not my month. That’s not a big deal at all, though. Boxy is always worth it…. no matter what I receive. I always know I will get quality products and if they are not something I can use, they certainly are something my friends or family can use. There is absolutely no losing with this subscription. Thank you, Boxycharm, for consistently bringing us quality products from various manufacturers.

  14. Hey all. Is everyone supposed to be getting an email to customize their boxes? I have never received one.

    • I don’t think it’s been rolled out to everyone yet. 🙁 I read quite a few comments from people who never received the customization email.

    • Neither have I
      & was told we were too.

    • The only time I ever receive an email about customizing my box is for the boxy luxe. And I’ve already got mine for September.

    • I have already, last week

  15. If I resubscribed today would I be receiving the July or August box? Thanks.

    • You’d most likely still get the July box and then you’d be billed in a couple more days for August. I subscribed on June 24, got the June box and then a week later I was billed for the July one.

      • Thanks Jessica. I resubbed for the Avant product and although I am not too excited for the July box I want to get the Serum in the Aug. box which I bought from the Peach and Lily website previously.

    • You will receive the July box.💕

  16. I had taken a few months off from Boxy and ended up re-subbing last weekend using the code for the Primer. Y’all, I got my July box and the Primer yesterday! I thought that was an awesome turnaround time! Plus, I got an email letting me customize my August box! I got to choose between the mascara and serum, and I have been wanting to try the Serum! I am excited because I love getting skincare and makeup! I also have wanted to try the Becca and the face oil being another skincare option has me super happy about the August box already!

  17. I’d ❤️ to receive the serum!

  18. I love this box!! I’ll be happy with anything❤️❤️❤️

  19. Can someone please tell me how to get the free primer for the existing boxycharm customers. It says i must have a valid subscription from July 2019 into August 2019 which I do can anyone help me with that please

    • HI,
      What it is asking you to do is to sign up to renew an expired/ cancelled subscription and while you’re doing that, you use the code BOXYPRIME

      If you are not able to check out with your renewed subscription, I suggest changing to a new browser or clearing your cache’. Also, if you have a laptop or home PC instead of a mobile connection, it will likely work easier.

      Mine worked extremely easily, and I was using my laptop and their link from an email I received before I saw MSA had put the deal online.

      • I see nowhere to put the coupon code. I’m afraid when I hit reactivate that it’ll skip the BOXYPRIME offer.

        Maybe they’re all out?

      • Try emailing customer service. I had a similar issue and they went ahead and fixed it so that I would get the primer-
        Good luck!

    • Only those who have had Boxycharm subscriptions in the past and they’ve expired or the user cancelled the subscription can use the code to get the primer.
      It’s not a code for existing customers… if that’s what you are asking.

  20. Not feeling this box but it isn’t once you can pause so I’ll be getting it… 🙁

    • Ditto </3

  21. I am super excited, I love skincare products!!

  22. BC’s current offer of the AvantPro-Perfecting Collagen Primer Touche Éclat is great. I resubbed an old account and they sent the bonus product within a week.

    I really like this primer and although I wouldn’t buy it, I do think it’s a great ” come back” gift.

    If you’re on the fence, I recommend it for someone who wants a light primer that’s not pigmented.

    • I’m sorry but I have only been a customer for three months I’m trying to find out how I get the primer for free what do I have to do plz help lol

      • Its only for returning customers not current customers. Like I cancelled my box in May. If I signed back up I could get it. See what I am saying?

    • I resub an old account for the Avant primer, I figured it would come in the Aug box but you received it within a week separately?

    • Hey, I reactivated my account too after getting the ‘come back and get the primer free e-mail” but I didn’t see a place to enter the code. Where did you enter it?

  23. I thought I heard something about eyeshadow coming in the August box, but have never seen anything confirmed. Anyone else hear anything?

    • Seems unlikely since the last two boxes had eyeshadow palettes

  24. I don’t even want any more mascara!! The other 3 items are great. But I have so much mascara, drawers full of it and the only kind I use is MARC JACOBS.

  25. Does anyone else think that Wander Beauty is becoming the next Manna Kadar? I feel like EVERY box has to have something Wander related, it’s too over saturated to appreciate.

    • The difference to me is that Wander is a more desirable/better-known brand (and sold at Sephora!). Manna Kadar I really ONLY see in sub boxes. Products from “sub box” makeup brands don’t offer as much value to me, and usually the products aren’t as good.

  26. Looking good but is everybody getting the face oil?? I am really psyched about that and the serum

  27. I absolutely love boxycharm! Subscribing was the best choice ive made in a long time. It blows my mind how i only spend $21/ month and recieve at least $100 in products. Can’t go wrong!

  28. Not very exciting, I wish you could only subscribe to luxe.

  29. I might resubscribe for the serum. I received one in my Look Fantastic box, I think.

  30. I’m not really into it except for the powder which I really want, and is more the $20 retail so regardless of the other stuff it’s worth it for me. I’ll sell or donate what I don’t want.

  31. Not super excited about this one so far, but I will keep it because the Boxyluxe is always so great!

  32. Looks like a good box. I want the serum. Which means I’ll def get yet another mascara. Lol

  33. Not loving this one. Face oil not for me. Barley touched the one in June. I’ll pick back up at a later time. 😕

  34. Yes, I have and live the Becca setting powder I use alot of becca products and like them all alot. Hadnt thought of the 2nd box idea but may do that myself also.

  35. Not really interesting to me. I do want to try the powder, but I’m thinking what if I get the wrong shade! It’d be completely unusable. For me, its too early to get excited.

  36. I’ve been dying to try the Peach & Lily glass skin serum and absolutely hated the mascara so naturally I will receive the mascara 🙂

    • I was just thinking that same think…ugh..

    • I loove mascara…but i have enough now. I would love the serum but my luck would be to get the mascara and a darker shade of the Becca

  37. Looking forward to the Becca set& fresh powder!! Has anyone ever tried it?

    • I’ve used it and bought it a few times, it does work well but u get so little for the price and if u happen to leave the top off it loses its cooling effect. It’s definitely a cool product, Not good for undereye as it changes the color of ur concealer as it oxidizes. But as an all over powder it does work well. as the product ages ( within a month or two) it also loses its cooling effect . Im not sure it’s worth the 38$ price point but in a box that is 20$ it def worth trying it out. I do like the product, it just has a lot of cons for the price it is

      • Thanks for your thorough review! Loved it and will definitely remember your tips 😉

      • Kim, you are correct, mine has lost its cooling power. That’s why I loved it so much but it is a great powder. I use it all over including my under eyes for my concealer and haven’t notice it changing colors but I will be more observant now.

      • Do you happen to know if they will ask what color each subscriber needs for the powder since some people need the light one and some need the darker one

    • Yes I have used the Becca setting Powder . I have 4 Different Ones , But only Use Becca since I got it. In South Southern Hot Temps setting Powder makes Make up look better and Last all Day without Sweating off. I look forward to having aBack up one

  38. This looks like a great box! If the glamglow promo is still available August 1st, I am purchasing a second box. I love a good setting powder and they don’t include them very often. It will be nice to get a backup.

    • This looks like a great box! I think I may be purchasing a second box. I love a good setting powder and they don’t include them very often. It will be nice to get a backup.

  39. I am loving this so far! 😍

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