Bombay & Cedar Mystery Boxes Available Now!

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Bombay & Cedar has Mystery Boxes available for pre-order now! This is a one-time box and will not start a subscription.

Our Mystery Box is back! And this time around, you’ll get to choose from two different sizes. Each box is packed full with items from our previous monthly and limited edition boxes plus other goodies. Free U.S. Shipping! Sale ends July 24th! Quantities are very limited and boxes ship between July 22nd – July 29th.

The Box: Bombay & Cedar Mystery Boxes

The Cost & Products:

Petite Mystery Box
5+ Items
Retail Value of over $90 for only $29.95

Deluxe Mystery Box
9+ Items
Retail Value of over $165 for only $44.95

Shipping: Free US shipping, Canada $19 Flat Rate Shipping, Rest of the World $29 Flat Rate Shipping

Coupon: “Want to order more than one mystery box but don’t want repeats? We got you! Use coupon code STUFFMYBOX when ordering two or more boxes and we’ll be sure to fill your box of goodies without duplicates!”

Good to Know: Boxes ship between July 22nd – July 29th

Check out our reviews Bombay & Cedar to see what kind of items you may receive!

Are you getting a mystery box?

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  1. Liz, I posted earlier today a comment that isn’t showing up.

  2. I will start off by saying that I received a total value of $347.94 and ordered 2 deluxe boxes. I did receive 18 items (1 item was the chalk that goes with the tags). I loved B&C and started getting the box in June and thought this would be a great way to get some of the products I didn’t get before. Not so in fact I got a lot of the box items from the last couple of months. Sadly mostly not coveted items or items I would want to have more of (in some case ones I didn’t even want the one I got). By in large (at least the group of items I got) felt like unwanted crap from old boxes. Each months box seems to have a few stand out items and I kind of expected to see a couple in my surprise box but what I received in this group seems like mainly tired crap. There was no shining stars in my box. I’m happy to get another scent of that nice air freshener and another oil bag. I would have loved to get a massage candle, the hair drying wrap, more oils (not a one in this box, very sad), more of that wonderful shower gel in the last box. But no I got chalk…

    Paint by number postcards
    Oils bag
    Appeal highlighter drops
    Chalkboard tags
    Chalk 5 pk
    Glow cold roller
    air freshener
    Calm moon relaxation drops
    Deodorant kit
    Mad Dana hair band
    Sun visor
    Grow kit
    set of 4 plastic glasses
    sea salt
    Last but not least a damaged copy of Eat, Drink and Be Gorgeous

    If anyone missed get the box and really wanted some of this stuff don’t bother buying it just head over to the swap site as I predict it will be showing up there very soon.

    It maybe that I just still not over the FabFitFun fiasco and am being hard on this but I have to say I did read the reviews from last time and didn’t listen. You know what they say a fool and their $89.90. Live and learn.

    • Sorry your boxes were also disappointing. I share your sentiments exactly as I too feel as if I received the most unpopular items. There were no standout items at all in my box at all. However, I took a gamble, so that’s it. Others are happy, so it’s the luck of the drawer. I chalk this one up to experience.

      I was going to subscribe to their monthly box before this adventure, but now I’ve decided to wait.

  3. I bought 2 deluxe boxes and overall I am pretty happy – the value was there (~$410) for the 18 items I received. I was hoping for an essential oil or two which didn’t happen but this is what I received:
    Paint by number postcards
    Terre Mere eye serum
    Oils bag
    Appeal highlighter drops
    Chalkboard tags
    Chalk 5 pk
    Glow cold roller
    Massage candle
    Glister travel straightener
    Black current air freshener
    Calm moon relaxation drops
    Zea facial wipes
    Deodorant kit
    Mad Dana hair band
    Exfoliating pouch
    Appetizer picks
    Marble & wood cheese board
    Praline almonds

  4. Oh my. The umbrella is a literal flipping joke. The outer third opens flipped upwards so it looks like a hat or kids swimming pool. Great if I were wanting to collect rain water but not so much if I need an umbrella for a sudden downpour. Or if I was making a oversized Jughead costume. And it is impossible to fold it back up small enough to fit the cover back over it. Darn..I was needing an umbrella.

  5. I received my box today and overall am fine with it. I received nothing that I was hoping for from the past boxes but the value was there. Some I’ll use, some I’ll gift and some I will swap. 9 items RV about $200.
    TE Exfoliating Pouch
    Maple Praline Almonds
    Calm Moon relaxation drops
    Hemp Seed Massage Candle
    Glow roller
    Plant hanger kit
    Love of Fashion travel hat
    Oil bag.

    • Me too. I got:
      Calm Moon drops
      Oil bag
      Mini hair straighter
      Konjac sponge
      Highlighter stick
      Teeny tiny 1 inch
      Metal straw
      Natural deodorant

    • I got the exact same box as LisaMarie and I also got nothing that I was hoping for. An invoice was included and think that’s a great upgrade in itself. Not a bad box at all. Most items giftable.

  6. The mini actually sounds pretty good. I received those items plus a roller ( something I do not want) a pretty but cheap looking umbrella a sun hat and a macrame plant hanger kit. Meh. When will I learn?

  7. I ordered 2 of the deluxe boxes (which theoretically will be 18+ items and over $330.00 in RV). I just saw that it’s due to be delivered today between 12:30 & 2:30. I am super excited but also slightly concerned. I have wanted to subscribe to their monthly box and have been following reviews/spoilers/etc on MSA for sometime. I was thrilled to purchase a couple of these mystery boxes and just like others, I ordered them before I read many comments from others who have purchased mystery boxes from Bombay & Cedar in the past. My main concern was whether I would end up with a bunch of disappointing duplicates, until I started reading these comments here, that is.
    Well, *fingers crossed* hoping for some great stuff to be on my doorstep this afternoon. And if not… Live and learn.

    p.s. I’ll come back with all the details later.

    • I am in the exact same boat…except my two mystery boxes aren’t due to arrive until next week. Looking forward to hearing what you receive and fingers crossed you love it all. 😊

  8. I loved my box! I got the small 5 item one.

    Essential oil case
    Calm moon relax drops
    Elizabeth w rose exfoliating pouch
    Hemp seeds massage candle
    Paint by number post cards
    Jackpot popcorn

    • Well I’m happy for you :)!

      It’s just the luck of the drawer.

      I hope I’m in the minority and everyone else loves their boxes.

      • I’ve liked most of the mystery boxes. I think there was one that wasn’t great. But it just depends. I was lucky this time that I got 5 items that I wanted and was trying to swap for.

    • I got a similar assortment in my small box: essential oil case (love), calm drops (intrigued), exfoliating pouch (useful), grow air freshener (smells amazing), mad-dana headband (cute print), and popcorn.

      I’ve never subbed and am happy with my assortment. Looks like almost all my items were from the last two months, though. I wonder if all the boxes feature such recent items….

  9. I received my box and while I received the 10 items as promised, the value of my box is nowhere near what I expected or stated.

    The assortment of items is a huge miss for me. No standout items at all and not really giftable. Really disappointed – but it’s my own fault for gambling on a mystery box.

  10. this is the only mystery boxes i buy right now. and i get each one that comes out and love it. i wish i could afford monthly bombay and cedar boxes but the mystery boxes will have to do till i can…

  11. Well I ordered the box before I checked the comments about the last box being really disappointment.

    Oh well. A mystery box is always a gamble, so whether I can’t use will be gifted or donated.

    Maybe we will be pleasantly surprised 🙂

    • The biggest complaints last time were mostly about people receiving broken items,missing items and half the contents being mens products. Also some didn’t even come close to the promised value. Most of the time I agree that it’s silly to cry about not liking a mystery box but in this case people had a right to be upset.

      • Hmmmm. Thank you for going into a bit more detail about why people were unhappy.
        Now I see, rightfully so.

        Yes – it’s now the luck of the draw. But I’m going to be quite upset too if history repeats itself with broken, missing and cheap quality items.

        A mystery is one thing – getting hoodwinked is another scenario altogether. Ever the optimist, I hope they do the right thing with this box.

    • It wasn’t the contents that were the problem last time. It was the boxes being short 10+ items and boxes that weren’t even close to the promised value.

  12. I got one big mystery box once and that was awful. Never again.

  13. Funny I was looking at the comments for the one last year this time and it looks like it was great. I guess there was another mystery box in between that was a disaster. I bit and forgot to use my points. Seems like there hasn’t been much lately that was tempting, so I couldn’t resist. Hoping it ends up like last years

  14. Meh, I went for it. I was unsubscribed and didn’t even know I had points! So I got the big box for $30. Fingers crossed for the diffuser!

  15. Came on here to see what the opinions were about these and looks like no one was happy. That’s good because I don’t feel like I will be missing out.

    • I was actually really happy with the one I got last time. I’d order again but am afraid I’d get repeats as I already got at least 3 things pictured

  16. Lol after the last mystery box disaster with them I’m shocked that anyone is giving them another chance.

  17. Ugh the amount of money i spend from checking MSA. I’ve never received Bombay and Cedar before but I generally like the items they send. Most seem practical at the very least. I got the deluxe box figuring that whatever I don’t like I can trade or gift. And I really appreciate the free shipping. No way would I have gotten a box if it didn’t ship free.

  18. Got $10 off on the petite box using my rewards. Score!

  19. What was in the last mystery boxes?

    • It was items from previous boxes, so you can check to see if you like things from the latest reviews. I was very happy with my box, but some others weren’t. The few things I wouldn’t use went quickly on swap.

  20. Be careful with this deal. Took advantage a few months ago. I ordered two different boxes. They shorted me an entire box. They are all shipped in one box and they tried not giving me my items until I threw a fit. The items I received were nothing like the items in the advertisement, a couple were. I paid $100 and don’t think my items were worth it.

  21. I have bad aftertaste from their last petite mystery box. Not a single good item for me. No to this one.

    • Same here. Got the big mystery box last time and it wasn’t worth it.

      • I went back and read all the comments on the last mystery boxes and that was enough to make me say no to this.

        • Yeah, that was sad to say the least.

        • Where did you find the comments?

        • Can I ask where you saw the comments? I didn’t see any reviews on the last mystery box on MSA

          • It’s under the announcement that the mystery box is available.

        • Well, they did increase the value of the Deluxe box from $125 to $165 while decreasing the # of items from 10+ to 9+ for the same price as last time so maybe that means they heard the feedback from the previous box and improved it? Fingers crossed…

        • Spend your money on another box. I bought 2 Mystery Boxes and only received 1. I also sent one to a friend of mine. I was embarrassed by the contents my friend received. All the Mystery boxes are garbage. Once I priced up the contents of “The One” I was sent came to less then $30 dollars.

  22. Had bonus points, so got a deluxe box for free!

  23. I really like the fact they have a code so you can avoid duplicates on multiple boxes! Great idea!

  24. Nice! And tempting!

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