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Birchbox The Inside & Out Body Kit Review + Coupon

Birchbox Inside & Out box 1

Birchbox recently added a new beauty discovery kit to their lineup — The Inside & Out Body Kit!

FYI – this kit is still available for purchase!

Birchbox Inside & Out box 2

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Birchbox Inside & Out group shot

About Birchbox

The Box: The Inside & Out Body Kit

The Cost: $22 + $5 shipping ($57 value)

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The Products: De-stressing, revitalizing beauty favorites to help you feel calm and back in balance, inside and out.

The Birchbox Inside & Out Body Kit Review

Birchbox Inside & Out info

Here is the info sheet for the products included. 

Birchbox Inside & Out juara

JUARA Candlenut Body Creme, 0.34 oz. – Estimated Value $1.59 (Buy the full-size 7.5 oz. for $35)

I may be crazy, but did FabFitFun include this exact body creme way back when? I may be imagining things, but I do know I like the scent of this Illipe seed-based lotion, which was inspired after traditional medicine in Indonesia. This is a tad thick, so I would use it as a nighttime lotion rather than one before you go out in this summer heat, but I am a fan.

Birchbox Inside & Out thisworks

thisworks® stress check™ breathe in, 0.17 oz. – Estimated Value $18.75 (Buy the full-size 0.27 oz. for $30)

I had no idea that thisworks made a roll-on, but now I need to find out if it will be allowed into the testing room when I take the bar exam- it is the perfect scent for helping your mind to stay clear while stressed with notes of eucalyptus, frankincense, and lavender.

Birchbox Inside & Out deodorant

Love Beauty and Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose Deodorant Stick, 2.95 oz. – Full-Size! Retail Value $8.99

I honestly have no problem with my deodorant having aluminum in it, but I misplaced my almost full stick of Secret and I do have a problem buying a replacement when I have this brand spanking new stick of aluminum-free stuff. This has actually impressed me- I have never been a big sweat-er so I am doing okay without the antiperspirant aspect, and when I asked a friend to smell me after a workout she assured me I didn’t smell offensive. I do find the formula to tug a little when I apply it, but other than that this is really solid.

Birchbox Inside & Out body polish 1 Birchbox Inside & Out body polish 2

milk + honey Body Polish – No. 05 Lemon + Vanilla, 1 oz. – Estimated Value $4.87 (Buy the full-size 7 oz. for $34)

I have enough scrubs to exfoliate an elephant, but I am still always happy to try out new-to-me brands like this one. The scrub is a mix of both sugar and sea salt, and the scent was a light (and lovely) blend of vanilla and lemon. This wasn’t too harsh to use all over, and the scent left me feeling refreshed.

Birchbox Inside & Out sumbody 1 Birchbox Inside & Out sumbody 2

Sumbody Sole Revival Pampering Foot Soak, 1 oz. – Estimated Value $2.11 (Buy the full-size 10.4 oz. for $22)

I am always down to pamper my feet, but I never fully understood foot soaks- isn’t every bath I take a foot soak? This is made with salt, deep sea mud, and colloidal oats, and I appreciate that those three things are literally the only three ingredients. I do think that the Birchbox ingredients list might be missing something, though, because this has a refreshing peppermint scent.

Birchbox Inside & Out natura

Natura Castanha Hand Cream, 0.4 oz. – Estimated Value $3.43 (Buy the full-size 1.4 oz. for $12)

This hand cream is made with brazil nut oil and murumuru butter, and it is very nourishing to dry hands. I have been keeping this by my kitchen sink to use once I am done washing dishes, and it is the perfect treat that my hands soak right up.

Birchbox Inside & Out basd

bāsd body wash – Invigorating Mint, 1 oz. – Estimated Value $1.05 (Buy the full-size 15.2 oz. bottle for $15.99)

I will love almost any body product that is mint scented, and this was no exception. I love that the first ingredient on this body wash is aloe, because it really makes for a moisturizing body wash rather than a stripping one.

Birchbox Inside & Out glow 1 Birchbox Inside & Out glow 2

HUM Nutrition Glow Sweet Glow Gummies, 2 ct – Estimated Value $0.83 (Buy a 30-day supply for $25)

I am currently working my way through a full-size jar of these gummies that I received in a different box, and while I can’t say it has given me a noticeable glow that I didn’t already have, I can say that these are tasty and I will take almost any vitamin that is in gummy form. Ingredients include vitamins C and E, hyaluronic acid, and amla fruit to provide antioxidants and hydration to your skin.

Birchbox Inside & Out hair 1 Birchbox Inside & Out hair 2

HUM Nutrition Hair Sweet Hair Gummies, 2 ct – Estimated Value $0.83 (Buy a 30-day supply for $25)

These contain folic acid, biotin, and zinc to help your body produce more keratin, which in turn should lead to healthier, stronger hair. These tasted pretty good, but wow is $25 for a one-month supply pretty steep.

Birchbox Inside & Out milky

too cool for school Coconut Milky Oil Shower Moisturizing Body Wash, 1.69 oz. – Estimated Value $3.35 (Buy the full-size 10.14 oz. bottle for $20)

I am a fan of too cool for school, and this milky shower oil is a new product for me. The coconut scent is strong (which I love!), and it really was nourishing to my skin.

Birchbox Inside & Out protein

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, 0.35 oz. – Buy the 10 oz. version for $25

Collagen is good for all sorts of things, and I actually make my own bone broth (which has a lot more collagen than regular broth) when I am feeling under the weather or when my immune system needs a boost. I take a lot of protein supplements, but I never got in the habit of making smoothies as a way to disguise the taste. These are unflavored but still have a slight discernable taste, and I mixed this in with my morning yogurt and was happy with how it dissolved in.

Birchbox Inside & Out sponge 1 Birchbox Inside & Out sponge 2

Daily Concepts Multi-Functional Charcoal Soap Sponge, Full-Size! Retail Value $10

This soap sponge is awesome – I think I like it better than Spongelles! Where Spongelles are infused with body wash and are a big sponge, this is like a bar of soap embedded in the sponge. It is much firmer to hold, and this will last for 60 uses. I like that I can control the level of exfoliation by how hard I scrub, and it leaves me feeling super fresh and clean. Also, does anyone else think the brand new sponge looks like a brownie?

The Verdict: This was a fun kit to try- I like that it included both supplements and body products. The thisworks roll-on is the star of the show in my opinion, so if that doesn’t attract you, this box probably won’t be for you. The value for everything except the Vital Proteins powder adds up to $55.80, so with the protein, I think this does meet the promised value of $57. I think this kit is a good way to stock up on travel-friendly supplements if you already take them, but keep in mind you won’t see results from one single use.

To Wrap Up: 

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes, as of publication, this Birchbox kit is still available.

Check our Birchbox Coupon List to get the most up-to-date coupon!

And don’t forget to add your free sample pack with any $35 purchase.

Value Breakdown:  This box cost $27 ($22 + $5 shipping) and I calculated a total value of $55.80. That means you are paying approximately the following per item:

  • Juara: $0.77
  • thisworks: $9.07
  • Love Beauty & Planet: $4.35
  • milk + honey: $2.35
  • Sumbody: $1.02
  • Natura: $1.66
  • basd: $0.51
  • Hum Glow: $0.40
  • Hum Hair: $0.40
  • too cool for school: $1.62
  • Vital Proteins: N/A
  • Daily Concepts: $4.84

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What do you think of the Birchbox Inside & Out Body Kit? Are you going to grab one? 


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Written by Jessica Hapak

Jessica Hapak

I am a staunch believer that pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza and when I’m not working as a family law attorney I enjoy hiking the Louisiana trails (alligator sightings are a favorite!) or relaxing with Duchess, my cat. I’m a sucker for anything labeled a mystery box and I’ve never met a bath bomb I didn’t like.

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Comments (7)

  1. Yes! Winter 2015 FabFitFun! That was my first FFF box and I loved that Juara lotion. I actually ordered a second box just for the lotion. It’s great! Yay!

  2. There was a jar of the Juara in one of the past winter Fabfitfun boxes. I like the scent. I have also received a sample from Birchbox.

  3. I really liked the variety of items in this one! Thought it had a good value too. Thank you for the great review!

  4. These boxes need to stop with the vitamin samples, they are completely useless and are a filler item. No vitamin is going to give results in one dose/day, so why bother? They need to do away with that trend, because nobody is going to see results from a vitamin in less than three month’s and most of us don’t appreciate useless crap in our boxes.💁

    • The goal isn’t necessarily to see resilts, but to see if you like thevtaste, texture, etc. I appreciate these samples.

    • Although that may be a little harsh, the vitamins are also useless to me as I am a vegetarian and am unlikely to purchase a box deliberately where at least three of the items are non-vegetarian consumables. (I understand the risk of that happening with food subscriptions and usually just go with it, because it’s not usually more than one item in, say, Love with Food.) Anyway, gummies have a lot of sugar and they are not calorie-free so I tend to stay away from even the vegan ones.

  5. Jessica, I don’t know about FFF, but I think that Juara body lotion was even in Birchboxes way back when too! I remember getting it back in 2016 when I first subbed to BB! It’s still just as good too 🙂

    Good luck with being able to take the roller ball into the testing room 🙂 I remember when I took my CPA exams that I literally couldn’t take anything in the testing room with me other than my ID. They even had a camera on each individual tester too! I remember when I got up to take a break, I reached in my pocket for my ID, and I remember something fell out of my pocket (I think it was a receipt), and I just about freaked! Lol At least no one said anything, but I threw that thing away in the bathroom so fast! Lol

    Foot soaks definitely make a ton of sense for those of us that take baths. 😉 I even know someone who takes daily baths, and she still does foot soaks when she does her pedicures. I guess it’s personal preference. I have to admit though that I don’t do foot soaks as often as I should or would like. I think I get antsy knowing I’m stuck in one place for a little while. Lol!

    I’m also using those same gummies from, I’m sure, that same box you mentioned. 🙂 I can’t recall which box they came in, but I was sure happy a couple of weeks ago when I finally finished using up a different supplement I got in a box so I could start enjoying these gummies! What’s funny is that I have what feels like an endless supply of supplements from boxes, and even though most say to take 2 or 3 daily, I just take one since I don’t like to take too many vitamins in a day (I take a couple of other vitamins as well), but with these gummies I ALWAYS make sure to take the recommended daily dose 😉 Yummm…

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