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We have more spoilers for the September Allure Beauty Box!

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least one or two full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The September Allure Beauty Box will include:

Allyre beauty box september 2019 spoilers

We put the best to the test! Get ready for seven products our editors love, from La Roche-Posay, Ciaté, NARS and Laura Mercier.

What do you think of the September spoilers?

In case you missed it, here are the spoilers for August and July as well:




If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the July Box.

The July box includes:

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Allure Beauty Box

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Comments (63)

  1. Allure is getting better August and September – I skipped the last few months , glad to see the old allure I signed up for coming back 🥰

    • I cancelled my Allure this past month & these products just validate my decision. 90% of the time I receive things I just throw into a box with tons of other items I end up gifting away. Im up to my neck with friggin red red red lipsticks, mascaras & brow products. Ugh. Sooo glad I cancelled. Now I can put this $15 a month towards another sub Ill appreciate Much much more like Journee or Barkbox for my pup lol. My reg ipsy & ipsy Glam bag plus keep me stocked in any makeup needs I may have & they’re full sized products. Tired of all these “teenies”. My FFF & Pop Sugar subs pick up all the slack otherwise. Lol

  2. I love using the wide pencils, but every time Allure has sent me one I love, it doesn’t fit in my large sharpener. Does each company have their own size so that you have to buy a sharpener from them?

    • I always use my Cargo sharpener with no issues for big pencils. I have noticed that even the smaller ones don’t always work in all sharpeners. I got the Cargo one at Kohl’s for 5.00.

    • I buy sharpeners in back to school supplies. I like the ones with 2 sizes and a cover to catch shavings. They’re usually $1

    • Urban Decay’s sharpener works well on all brands for me.

    • I have one by Benefit that has 2 different size holes on it and it has worked great for everything I’ve had to use it for. I think it was only $5 too, which seems like a lot for a sharpener but it’s not in comparison to some of the others.

    • I’ve had a dual sharpener from Nyx for about 10 years, highly recommend it!

  3. Ciate charges made in Italy prices for made in China stuff. The formulas seem fine from the samples but I’d never spend money on it.

    I don’t even bother sampling it sometimes since I know I’ll never buy it. I expect to see Chinese made makeup at the dollar store.

  4. Did anyone get a loyalty gift last month? I got a little baggy of products that felt like a slap in the face. It included from previous boxes: Pink Nail Polish, 1 Neutrogena wipe, eyebrow Pencil, and a nude lippie. Thanks for making me feel valued by giving me things I’ve already received!

    • I did too, however you received more than I did. I got the wipe a sample of a moisturizer and a sample of a mud mask. I cancelled . I felt a bit jilted after all of the things they are giving out to new members. I did take there 4 months for $10.00 a month . Allure is one of my favorites , but it seems like you have to play the game with them.

    • As a subscriber for YEARS, I’ve never received anything from them as a loyalty gift, so at least they sent you that. 🙂 I get nothing but charges on my credit card.

      • I have been with them 5 plus years and have NEVER, I repeat NEVER recieved a gift or anything extra from them. I have never skipped a box or anything.

      • I’ve never gotten anything either. After April’s box, where I got the bottom of the barrel box with a tiny little card explaining that as a valued loyal subscriber, I’m getting the crap leftovers??? Huh? Really?! Then to come on here and read new subscribers posting about free jewelry and other gifts with their 1st box??? Yep, that did it for me. I called and skipped. When I did call, I mentioned the above and was told that ALL subscribers get a gift each year on their yearly anniversary month (usually jewelry) and sometimes, just random stuff. Well, not this subscriber, so??? Nope. Nothing. Except they did charge me for 3 July boxes even though I skipped… finally got that $ back but in the middle of dealing with that, I got a package in the mail from allure. However, it’s not even mine. Someone else’s name with my address. It was 3 Sunday Riley products that I already have and they were obviously used. I called after resealing the package, writing ‘Refused package, wrong customer, not at this address, return to sender’ on it and handed it to the mail carrier. They were not happy about that at Allure. Told me it costs them money… 🤷‍♀️ Don’t send me used products with other people’s names then.

  5. Not happy that it’s an either/or with the powder and lip pencil.

    • And, geez, another highlighter??

      What is it with beauty boxes and highlighters??

      • Highlighters are the “loud eyeshadow” of this era. 😂 I teased my teenager about being sure she’s going to live if she leaves the house without highlighter! 🙄 I have no idea if she will use this one or not…

    • Yeah, I’d much rather receive the powder. I don’t need lippies three months in a row.

      • Sephora was doing a gift with purchase (travel size) on this color a few months ago.
        It’s a nice pink, about all I can say.

  6. First bag that has excited me for months – oh thank goodness allure are you finally back ??????

  7. I loved Allure for mo’s. I think I have come to realize that their fall/winter boxes are much better than the summer boxes for me. I skipped July, when I checked my acct. info it appears it’s closed, but I’m not sure. Guess I’ll find out next mo. I really as a “mature” type skin person do not enjoy boxes done by influencers.

  8. Can someone please tell me how I can cancel this subscription online please? Havent had a good box since my 1st month with Allure late last year. I appreciate the assistance. Thank you

    • Kathy,

      I just cancelled by sending an email to AllureBeautyBox at cdsfulfillment dot com. Allure emailed me back offering me 4 boxes at $10 each box, I had to email them back “NO! Please cancel my subscription.” I finally got an email confirming my cancellation, but I saved it because I don’t trust them. OR, you can call them at 1.800.274.1603

      Hope this helps you! <3

      • Thanks so much for the phone number! I called and cancelled. They didn’t even try to tempt me with a better offer. I wasn’t a fan of the July box and August doesn’t appeal to me. September looks pretty good, but nothing I really can say I need. For sure, I’m on sub overload!

        I recently subbed to Pop Sugar Must Have so I decided to cancel Allure and Boxy Charm to try to balance out the cost a bit. I might cancel Ipsy as well. Breaking up is hard to do!

        Thanks again for the cancel info.

  9. I cancelled this morning. Not an exciting sub anymore at all. Every once in a while they surprise but it is too expensive to hope for 1 cool thing that gets added to all my other cool things I hardly use.

    • How can I cancel online please? I need to cancel as well

      • If you subscribed through Allure, you can no longer cancel online through your account. You either have to email or call them to cancel.

  10. Allure used to be my fave and now I don’t even recognize it😔🤦🏼‍♀️

  11. There’s just too much makeup lately. I prefer skin care, tools, nail polish and hair stuff . If I wanted so much makeup I would subscribe to boxycharm or that so susan something something ?

  12. Allure has went downhill the last 2 years. I guess I need to break down and cancel. Nothing to look forward too any more….I’ve been with them 5 years and never got a bonus item, and the things they have sent have been given or thrown away. Just bad since the new “beauty curator ” took over and they dont seem to care at all

  13. I agree that Allure should include both, the powder is mini and the lippie is full size.

    Since the powder was revealed first, perhaps it should have been announced as a guaranteedietary item. Obviously they reveal highly anticipated and/or brand name items first to attract more subscribers.

  14. I think that ALLURE has been killing it lately, but September? Umm, not so much. These spoilers look like something I would expect in a TARGET box, not one that is all about innovative beauty.

    I don’t get it, why doesn’t someone at ALLURE actually question these curations?

    • If it was a Target box, it would have dry shampoo. Possibly two of them : )

      • The only one of these that Target would send is the Acure and Acure is FANTASTIC. Such a good treat for your skin without some of the worst chemicals that end up in other face washes. NARS, Laura Mercier, Ciate and La Roche Posay are all prestige beauty brands!

  15. I am thinking about dropping Birchbox and signing up. Is it possible to skip boxes if you don’t like what’s in them?

    • You have to call or email them to skip a month. That is what I do.🙂

    • If you don’t care about not getting sign on gift you can get box through Amazon and it is,super easy to cancel and resubscribe . No calls or emails just go to account and choose subscribe or cancel. You get first box for $10 and you don’t have to have Prime. And it only takes week to get box.

      • Do i get the bonus ítem by amazon?

      • No, you don’t get the new member sign up bonus gift through amazon. You only get it if you sign up through allure.

      • No

      • When I signed up through Amazon I got the bonus item (full size Sunday Riley CEO) and it was so easy to cancel once i found the page on Amazon (not easy to find).

      • Me too

    • As someone who has been trying beauty subscriptions and a a few others for 3 1/2 years now, my personal advice would be to keep Birchbox, give Allure a try and then decide. I don’t know your budget, but that’s my advice. I know longer subscribe to Birchbox, but I wouldn’t want you to miss out on a great month with them and/or lose any perks you may have built up with them. I’ve canceled a sub before and ended up missing a great month and regretting it. At this point, my beauty subs are down to Ipsy & Allure. But, I have called to skip May & July. Allure seems to treat new subscribers great. You should be able to get your 1st box for $10 + tax.

    • If you go through amazon it’s much easier. Directly with them you have to call

  16. The boxes used to be better. We’d have gotten BOTH the Nars lip crayon and the Laura Mercier powder!
    I absolutely do not like this ” either/ or” business model they and Boxycharm are so steeped in now.

    • It always causes “box envy”… I NEVER get the one of the three possibilities that I actually want. I am done with this for awhile. I regret the July box that I caved and bought. I am not an orange/red lip person. Pale white and large lips. Pretty sure I looked like a crazy clown. And it acts as a matte lip stain. Forgot to use balm first. At least I amused my family. I subscribe through Amazon, so I can flip the switch if a box inspires me. Not this one or August, so far.

      • I’m not that pale and that orange red was a nightmare on me. I thought it was hilarious that the package leaflet said it was flattering on all skin tones. No, it really it’s the opposite. It’s so neon that it’s the only thing you’ll notice on anyone wearing it. Even on really deep skin tones it’s so jarring that it appears to float in front of the face. If the hope for Huda was that I’d fall in love with the formula then they should have sent out a color I could have left on for more than a minute. I have no idea how long wearing or drying it is.

  17. I was debating canceling after August as my $10 promo is over and I haven’t been impressed enough lately to pay $15. These spoilers make it super easy for me.

  18. I was a subscriber in the past, and I just got the offer to resubscribe now and receive the FAB moisturizer. Nice that they are offering to past subscribers too 🙂

    • Is it really full size? I mean the moisturizer

      • The email says full size – 1.7oz/50ml

  19. I used to love Allure and have been with them for years. In 2018 I got a couple bonuses for being a loyal subscriber. I don’t know what they have changed in 2019, but I don’t enjoy it nearly as much anymore. I’ve skipped 2 months so far. I did enjoy July, but August doesn’t look too special (we just got a full size eye cream a couple months ago). I just got a sample of the Primera Alpine Berry Water Cream from Sephora. That Acure scrub is nothing to write home about and has been around for a long time, as have brands LaRitzy and Cargo. Where is the new, innovative stuff?

  20. Again with the variations. Why can’t all subscribers get both the Laura Mercier setting powder AND the Nars lip pencil??? This is why I cancelled Allure. So over all the variations.

    • I quit Allure over the variations when they first started introducing them. SO I hear ya. BUT I recently resubbed for the giant bottle of Badgley Mishka (sp?) perfume. They pulled me back in!

    • They probably have too baby subscribers to get enough product for everyone. Not to mention they’re competing for product with other boxes. These companies don’t produce that much.

  21. I like the NARS pencil but that and riukkigen (sp) are the two colors that are always sampled… I don’t need to try dolce vita for a fourth time.

  22. I guess I’ve reached saturation point. These are all great products, but nothing that I need or am dying to try. At least my wallet will be happy…

    • I am with you. I could open a beauty store.

      • Ditto.. Apparently I’m going to open two.

  23. Great spoilers besides the dewy stix!!! Hope I get the powder but I will def take either since their both GREAT products!!!

  24. I will be so mad if I get a lip pencil over the powder! Thankfully I get 2 boxes so I’m hoping for it!

  25. I think it looks like I’m going to be an every other month subscriber to Allure. May was the 1st time, July 2nd, and it looks like I will be skipping September too. Unless they add something super amazing. Not that this isn’t a decent box, but there’s absolutely nothing I will use in it.

  26. Looks good. I would really like the lip pencil.

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