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Allure Beauty Box August 2019 FULL SPOILERS + Coupon

We have full spoilers for the August Allure Beauty Box!

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least one or two full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The August Allure Beauty Box will include:

What do you think of August spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the July Box.

The July box includes:

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Allure Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (85)

  1. Good box – the last few I skipped they were awful – there starting to get better thank goodness !!!

  2. Looks like a pretty good box to me. Hope I get the lipstick color suitable for me. I haven’t used Makeup Eraser, so I am excited to try. I am thinking it will be also good to remove clay or charcoal masks in the hard to remove area. I love receiving full size eye cream in beauty boxes!

    • The last time Allure advertised the mini makeup eraser, it wasn’t even the mini at all. It was a “sample” which was a 3”x3” fabric swatch. It was an absolute joke! That being said, it’s just simply a micro fiber rag. Those do indeed work great for removing clay and other masks. My best friend has very sensitive skin. She used to buy these but now she just buys packages of micro fiber towels. Saves a lot of money. I personally do hope that this time, they are actually sending the mini. It will be great for travel.

  3. I’m really enjoying the Allure Beauty Box. I’ve been subscribed for a couple years now. It’s a great way to try new products out. I always find something I can use and even new favorites. Whatever doesn’t work for me I give to my daughter or a friend. I just received my July box and am excited to try the Tony Moly 24k sheet mask! The Huda Beauty vanilla perfume sample smells heavenly! Looking forward to trying the skin care items in the August box.

  4. I subscribed to Allure and after the first box, I have cancelled each one after that. For some reason, it is not my cup of tea…can’t get excited when I see the full spoilers. Products are good, but out of the 5 maybe I like 1, so not worth spending the money. I subscribe to Ipsy and FFF and love those, specially Ipsy, can’t beat the value and the add on sales are great and so affordable.

  5. I keep thinking I am going to cancel and then they have a run of amazing boxes. DAMN YOU, ALLURE! My will is weak and the sickness is strong!

  6. This box looks great. Another one I can fully use, yay! Hopefully the Cargo lip color is as amazing as the Huda Beauty Orange red lippie. I’m Black and usually can’t wear the deathly pale lip colors they send.

    I’m glad this subscription box sends a variation of things instead of sending items only one skin tone can use.

    • I loved the Huda Beauty Orange Red color as well and I’m white 🙂

    • The huda looked terrible on me, I’m pale white and look better in neutrals. Very glad I saw your comments because I gave it to my daughters friend who is black and it looks beautiful on her! I’m glad it didn’t go to waste, ty!

  7. Isn’t the Laritzy High Beam similar to the Model Co Eyelight in the May box? Both are metallic eyeshadows. And guaranteed I would get the worst shade (for me) of the Cargo lipstick.

    I cancelled after the May box when I got the $2 hair sheets instead of the $32 AmorePacific sample, and have no regrets.

    • The Laritzy is a liquid highlighter, I’m pretty sure. I actually don’t have one of those, so it’s nice we’re getting one.

  8. I tried to cancel this subscription several months back and ended up doing the 4 months for $10 deal. Honestly have not been impressed with the last several months… The only boxes I think that I’ve really liked in the last year or so were the Kat Von D and the Sunday Riley box. Not sure I’ll stay with Allure… Definitely not worth the $16.

  9. I used to like Benefit, but then realized that they use ingredients that are pretty bad.. Not excited about the mascara. It will probably end up in the trash..

  10. I guess I’m in the minority — LOVE this Huda Beauty lip color. It’s rare for a beauty box to send out an orange red. It’s always blue or true red. Sooooo sick of the pale corpse lippies they were sending out that were lighter than my natural lip color. This is going to be used regularly. I can see how paler ladies might be scared off by this intense hue. It’s fabulous on my medium skin tone.

    The lashes look more extreme than I’d usually wear, but I’m going to try them out at a wedding I’m going to next month.

    As for the Benefit brow gel, I would’ve LOVED to try this but they sent me the lighter color (#3) and I’d need at least the 3.5 if not the 4. Guess I’ll give it away to a lighter skinned friend. I wonder if there’s some beauty profile in my account that made them send me a color completely not suited to me.

    The Ouai spray will make a perfect travel size. This whole box was a win for me products-wise, just sent the wrong brow color.

    • I’m ghost-white and I LOVE the Huda lip color. I think pale nudes looks terrible on everyone

    • I got a shade #3 brow product as well. It might be okay; frankly I wasn’t thrilled with any of the variable items, so it was the lesser evil.

      I’m pale and I LOVE red lip colors. Granted, you have to be willing to go with the drama, but if you are, they’re fine.

    • I’m a ginger and it was legit the worst color ever on me. 😬

    • I gave the lashes and lippie to my daughter. I tried the lip color and both my son and husband asked what happened to my lips….lol. It was very difficult to remove. I should have used a balm before the attempt. My lips are way too big for this shade. But it was a comical sight. Sad I did not receive the Kabriw in shade 3. That’s my color. Received the Hangover primer. Really never use those. Anxious to try the mask and the Ouai. Wish I would have passed on this one. I did not receive the fragrance sample. Skipping August for sure. My company eliminated my job description, and subsequently my job, last Friday, so now there is definitely no money for sub boxes. Trying to sell some of the many unwanted, unused, full-size stuff on ebay, but no luck so far.

  11. I do look forward to my box every month but the July lip color is just not good. You have to be the perfect skin/hair color to pull off orange/red. I was pulling out my items and showing my husband my goodies. He looked at the lip color and asked if that was a color that didn’t sell so they sent it to Allure. Can we please have something wearable? No more bronze shadows or weird lip colors please.

    • Really? As a Black woman, I’m ecstatic about my orange red lippie. I couldn’t wear those dead lip nudes if you paid me and ended up giving them away to a really fair friend. This box was a win for me, because I can actually use everything in it.

      • @Erika, I’m a black woman too, but my undertones are cool or as I like to call them COLD. I need gray, purple, blue undertones. So the red orange is a non starter for me. I wish we were friends I would give it to you. I’ll end up giving it to a warm toned friend. I wish we could have pics on this page, I’m always interested in how other BW are finding these types of sub boxes. It gets tough if things are specifically geared toward us, but I’m usually pleasantly surprised.

      • I feel like people never get the colors they like! I have literally gotten 7 red or dark berry lipsticks in the past 8 months! I always end up with the dark dark lip colors that look just awful on me and have gotten 1 wearable light pink in that time. I would probably be the only person on the planet the light Anastasia lip that some people got a few months ago would work for and didn’t get it. I do love giving my 3 nieces who have darker skin all my unused makeup (thank god it works for them) but it would be nice to get a usable color once in a while. If anyone wants a my lip let me know,I would swap for the kabrow or another primer.

      • I understand. I can’t wear those pale nude lip colors either. I looked like I needed a blood transfusion. I’m glad that the color works well for you. I knew that for some people it will be the perfect shade.

      • I’m a white girl with blonde hair and green eyes. I hate nudes too! Whenever I get them I just change up the colors with a lip liner and it becomes almost whatever colors I want. I just color in my whole lip and sometimes I’ll use a different actual liner shade. Especially if they are good stay on lip brands! Maybe try it that way if you like the brand and not the colors. Use a lip brush and that way you can still give it away if it absolutely doesn’t work. But just an idea!

  12. I skipped the July box because it was way too “glam” for me. This one looks much better to me. 🙂

  13. I like the looks of this box more than July…I will use almost nothing from July…that lipstick is a HORRIBLE color on me.

    • It is horrible. I was excited to FINALLY get a perfume sample. Vanilla. Yuck.

      • Same! The perfume gave my boyfriend a bad headache.

  14. I’m excited about this box

  15. I’m interested, but I’d like to know the variation colors for the Cargo lippie. When I first signed up for Allure, they sent me a Cargo lip gloss as my subscriber bonus, and it was the most awful shade of pasty white. It was literally unwearable.

  16. The Nuria eye crean is a SMALL full size $15 not $40

    • How do you know? The packaging is the same for both sizes.

    • The small bottle looks totally different and is much shorter, the words are also all squished together. The picture is definitely showing the full-sized. It’s definitely possible we will get the small, but based on the picture it’s the larger one.

  17. I actually think the August box isn’t too bad although I’m tired of getting that mascara and the laritzy is not something that I’m going to use. Everything else looks good as long as the makeup eraser isn’t the teeny tiny sample size.

  18. I rather like the August box lol.

  19. The boxes keep getting worse.

    You know, it really begs the question:

    Are we getting pickier about our sub box contents and value, or are the boxes getting cheaper and cheaper as companies realize they aren’t profiting from the high value boxes?

    • Sigh… Good question. I think it’s both. I don’t think the contents of what I get from Ipsy has gone downhill but I do feel like Allure has.

  20. i cancelled july…for all the reasons in it…august, I don’t know yet..seems like there going down hill a little bit…

    • I WISH I’d cancelled July. It was a complete dud. One usable item for me n it wassa face mask. (Which I have no less than 100 of already). Blah. Not much COULD be worse than July. At least August hassa few items I’ll use. Nothing exciting but it’s “ok”. Meh…

      • Is this FFF Alabama Kat?

      • I just got my August box and really disappointed. The cargo lipstick was this ugly dark,dark, Brown color that I would never use. The rest was really small items. I’m cancelling if next month box is this bad. Kitty

      • The face mask was awesome. The rest of the box was a dud for me as well. Gave my daughter the eyelashes and that horrible red lippie. I am so happy I passed on August after hearing of the sad Cargo color. Not sure what has happened to Allure. I miss the BBI (boxes before Influencers)

  21. Can the Laritzy be used as a lip gloss?

    • I doubt it, I’m betting it would be gritty with all that glitter.

    • Looks like a reasonable highlighter so perhaps you could mix it in and create a highlighted lip look? Just thoughts…

  22. Skipping again. *sigh*. I really want to like this box

  23. I might be the only person excited about this box. I don’t wear much make-up and I’m thrilled to try new products. Things I try that won’t work with my Greek olive coloring get sent to my mom and sister.
    I hope the lip color won’t be a light color as my lips looked dead in the last pale pink they sent.

    • Mellisa: I think the August box looks great as well. I don’t understand all of the negative comments about its value and curated items…but c’est la vie.
      BTW, a tip about that last pale lippie: use a lipliner and then put the lippie on your bottom lip, smack your lips together and rub them a bit. This way it puts on a more sheer color and with the liner (and depending on your coloring) you can get the right hue for you.

    • You’re not the only one, I cancelled in June but I just resubbed through amazon because I want the August box so bad. It looks amazing to me especially the under eye cream and mask. I will use everything in this box so I’m super excited about it! I even really want to try that Cargo lipstick and love getting mascara

  24. So glad I cut the cord with Allure

  25. Mini makeup remover mini in black?! Lol! Are they serious with this again? Does anybody else remember the so called pink one they sent out? It wasn’t even a mini, it was a 3×3 fabric swatch! I will be shocked if this is anything more. The lip colors are hideous. May was the 1st time I ever skipped a month. Then I skipped July. The only reasons I can justify this box is the 3 skincare products. I don’t know what to do with the rest… can’t even give away cargo or laritzy products. 😂

    • The mini isn’t the “sample” they sent out, and the makeup erasers come in all sorts of colors and prints.

      • They advertised a mini before in pink, but what they sent out was a sample. Which is nothing more than a tiny fabric swatch.

    • This month was my first box, can I ask you how do you skip a month?

      • I call because emailing them is almost pointless. FYI, If you need to update any information, do so before you skip or call to clarify. I waited until after the cut off date to update credit card information. Nowhere did it say that it would automatically bill me for July and send me a box. I did get an email about a change in my payment info, but, still, nothing in that email that said anything about that. Boom! The next morning at 6am, email from allure: Your Box has shipped! 🙄 So, I called early until I got an answer. CS was really rude about it! So, I’m certainly not inclined to pay for any allure box that I don’t want. I was pretty specific about being refunded the cost of the July box. Took 15 minutes of my time just to get them to refund the money. 1-800-274-1603

    • You can actually get that three by three swatch as a free sample which includes a 50% off coupon through some sights. I got a pink
      sample one in the mail for free months ago. It does seem to clean make up great but not for those who wear a full face of makeup. It also seems like the material they use to make pj pants. I’m pretty sure I could get a full YARD of that same material in any color I want and make like more than 50 of them for less than the price of one.

      • Yep! My best friend used to buy these. But, when she realized that the package of microfiber shop rags she bought were the same thing?! Lol! Yep! 20 at a time for the same price! Lol! I actually would not mind having this, if they actually send the mini one. I always forget to pack a washcloth and then I feel bad for staining a hotel one with a mask or makeup…

  26. Will the makeup eraser mini really be a mini or will it be another Barbie towel sample.

    • It will probably be as shown.

      • The month they sent the tiny sample it also said a mini then I felt bad for all the Barbie dolls who lost their towels for me to have an unusable sample.

      • 😂

      • I actually gave it to my girls to use in their doll house bathroom as a Barbie towel 🙂

      • I wanted to wrap a Barbie in it and post on Instagram and ask them why they stole all of Barbie’s towels, I just couldn’t justify buying a Barbie for one picture.

    • 😂

      • 😂

  27. I wished I could cancel by email. I keep forgetting to call.

    • I cancelled by email without any problems.

      • How did you manage it. I don’t see an option on their website.

      • Contact them via email AllureBeautyBox at cdsfulfillment dot com, they usually give you a 4 boxes for $10 incentive to stay.

      • Thank you. I’ve emailed.

  28. I’m so sick of laritzy products! Odd too that they just sent a full size eye cream and now another one. At least there are no variations this month..

    • I second this! I skipped the month of May and then July.

      • How do you skip a month??

      • I call. By the time you get an email response, they will claim it’s not an option. Make sure all of your info is up to date first. I logged in after the cut off date to update credit card info. Nowhere did it say that I just reactivated July and the email stating my info had been updated did not either. But, the very next morning at 6am, I got a shipping email for the June box. I called until someone answered trying to get them to stop shipment and refund my money. CS was rude, took 15 minutes and me getting nasty about the legalities of it to get them to process a refund. 1-800-274-1603

  29. So much better for me than July (which I skipped).

  30. Ironic…I cancelled after months of disappointment and the very next month there’s a box that I want.🙆😂 This looks more like the Allure I used to know and love. Guess I’ll have to resign, how are things going with the Amazon boxes lately? Thinking it might be easier to go that route.

    • I love my sub through Amazon! It comes way earlier than the regular Allure and it’s easy to cancel.

      • Thanks! I will probably go that route unless they offer something really good as a new sub gift. I like having the option to cancel at my finger tips.

      • That’s good to know. I had to gr through Amazon to make sure I get the August box since I didn’t get my replacement credit card in time to meet their deadline.

  31. I ❤️ receiving full sized eye cream!

  32. Meh…I just canceled my subscription

    • Yea, this box is terrible!!

      • Ya, this looks awful. Cancelling my second account for this one.

    • I just cancelled too, I don’t need any of this unfortunate. May sign back up depending what I see for later in the year.

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