Sisley Paris Beauty Subscription Box Review – May 2019

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Sisley June 2019 Review

The Sisley Paris Beauty Subscription box is a monthly beauty subscription box from Sisley Paris! Each month, subscribers will receive five Sisley Paris samples, including skincare and haircare from the well-known beauty brand.

Sisley June 2019 Review open

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Sisley June 2019 Review all contents

About the Sisley Paris Beauty Subscription

The Subscription Box: Sisley Paris Beauty Subscription

The Cost: $10 per month with a 6-month minimum purchase

The Products: Five Sisley Paris samples every month, including skincare, makeup, haircare, and bath products.

Ships to: US

May 2019 Sisley Paris “Roses & Radiance” Box Review

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    Each box comes with a card indicating the theme of the box. This month is “Roses & Radiance.” I LOVE rose products!

    Now, let’s check out the items!

    Sisley June 2019 Review pouch

    Every month, the products come nestled inside a satin pouch.

    • Sisley June 2019 Review cleanser

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      Phyto-Blanc Buff & Wash Facial Gel, 10 ml – Estimated Value $13.00 (Buy a full-size 100 ml version for $130.00)

      This scrubby cleanser has that amazing Sisley scent that I can’t get enough of. The scrubbing action is from bamboo particles, which did feel efficient, although a little rough on my skin. After washing it off, my skin felt very smooth, though I did reach for my serum and moisturizer right away, as I felt pretty dry and a little scratched.

      • Sisley June 2019 Review rose serum

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        Black Rose Precious Face Oil, 0.10 fl oz – Estimated Value $27.98 (Buy a full-size 0.84 oz version for $235.00)

        The face oils from this brand always feel like total luxury, and this rose formula is specifically meant for dry and mature skin. I am definitely dry and well on my way to “mature” so I was very excited. This stuff feels incredible and for being how heavy it is, it absorbs almost instantly. My face felt like straight up velvet after sleeping with it on. The smell is also a very heady combination of roses and botanicals, which suits me just fine!

        • Sisley June 2019 Review cream

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          Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream, 4 ml – Estimated Value $15.60 (Buy a full-size 50 ml version for $195.00)

          This cream was the perfect compliment to the rose serum above, as I am sure they were designed to be! A less floral scent (more of a nutty, creaminess?) it went on thick, but like the serum, it absorbed easily. I slept in the serum and cream together for a night and wow did my skin look amazing in the morning. Amazing enough for the combined $425.00 price tag? Maybe in another lifetime.

          • Sisley June 2019 Review lip pencil

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            Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist in #15 Nut, 1 oz -Estimated Value $20.00 (Buy a full size 2.5 oz for $50.00)

            I received this back in December, and I still love it very much. I seriously considered buying it and got mostly through the checkout before I came to my senses. $50 for a lip crayon is intense, especially for someone like me. The formula is absolutely fantastic and this shade is perfect for a natural lip with effortless application and long-lasting wear. Since I did eventually balk at that $50 price tag, I am really happy to see a generous sample in the same color making another appearance.

            Sisley June 2019 Review swatch

            Just the perfect amount of pigment and gloss!

            • Sisley June 2019 Review shower gel

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              Izia Perfumed Bath and Shower Gel, 8 ml – Estimated Value $2.88 (Buy a full-size 250 ml for $90.00)

              Finally, another favorite scent makes an appearance! I absolutely love the Izia scent and I have gotten it before as a perfumed lotion. This is the shower gel version and it maintains much of this scent’s charm. The main note here is rose but in the freshest way imaginable. This is not an old lady rose scent! The floral tones are complimented with pink pepper, citrus, and angelica. It is absolutely grown up due to the complexities of this sweet blend, but not overly mature. The wash itself has a texture befitting a $90 bottle of body wash, namely a super smooth and heavy gel that washes away leaving behind moisture and a cloud of scent.

              Verdict: Sisley was fantastic this month. I was so happy to see a favorite lip pencil included as well as two items from the Black Rose collection, another one of my faves! I also was really happy with the included Izza shower gel, since I am a perfume nut and I love this particular scent. The face cleanser is also lovely, but likely not for me as exfoliants make my face angry. Overall, I am estimating a value of around $79.46 for this box. (Keep in mind I come to this estimation based on the full-size values!) While two of the samples were foils this month, I do find they last more than a few uses if I am mindful of how much I apply.

              To Wrap Up:

              Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Check this page to see what your first box will be.

              Value Breakdown: At $10 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

              • Cleanser $1.64
              • Face Oil $3.52
              • Cream $1.96
              • Lip Pencil $2.52
              • Shower Gel $0.36

              Alternatively, each of these five samples has an average cost of $2.00.

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              Written by Megan Kirkland

              Megan Kirkland

              I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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              1. I was so happy to see they included a bottle of the rose oil rather than another blister sample. Now I have something to decant all of the blister samples I’ve accumulated into!

                • Those blister samples are perfect for a weekend away, though.

                  • I can definitely see that 🙂 For me, since I wouldn’t travel with them, and I’m not sure if one of them would be too much for one use for me, I like the idea of being able to decant them all into one little dropper so I can control how much I’m using at a time. 🙂 But I’m always happy to get those blister packs too!

                • Luna, I’m half tempted to mix a little of mine with another favorite oil serum to extend its life. How nuts do you think this idea is??

                  • I’m not Luna, but was glancing over the Sisley reviews to locate the satin pouch with the bottle of Huile Precieuse a la Rose Noire, and saw your question about mixing the oil with another.

                    JMO, of course, but I would NOT dilute the oil in any way. Sisley products are so great on their own, that mixing them would dilute not only the rose scent but the effects of their product(s). I use this oil and the Baume- en Eau- la- Rose Noire ( the black rose cream) every night, and my skin is soft as butter. I also use these products after facial peels, as they are so gentle and mild.

                    However, I don’t think products with rose scent smell like ” old lady”, though I AM a ” mature aged lady”. 🙂 Lavender, absolutely does smell musty and like stored clothing, but not rose scents. It’s likely generational, as Evelyn and Crabtree lavender drawer sachets and closet scent hangers and other lavender-scented products were VERY popular with mature ladies when I was in my 20’s.. and I associate that scent with age. ( I’m also allergic to it).

                    If you’re all about the herbal more masculine scents, as your reviews suggest, then maybe swap this if Sisley is on the swap site.
                    I know if I was on the swap site, I’d swap something primo to get another sample sized bottle of the oil. Likely, others will as well.

              2. Waiting patiently on BeautyFix spoilers 🤷🏻‍♀️

                • Same… But not so patiently. 😟

                • Me also cant wait til see what is in beauty fix it🤗

                • I tweeted at them this morning. No response yet.

              3. I’ve wanted to subscribe to this for so long. Do they ever have discounts?

                • They never give discount. However, it is $100 for 12 boxes if you do annual subscription.
                  I want to subscribe but I want this month.

                • I’ve never seen a discount on their box. 🙁 I guess the only embedded discount could be if you purchased an annual subscription, bring the price of the box down to $8.33/box.

                  • I ended up doing that Luna, it was the easiest way for me to justify adding one more box :S May was my first box, and I was thrilled! The lip crayon is a perfect day lip for me, and I don’t normally wear pale colors as I get washed out, but this one didn’t wash me out at all.

                    Everything smelled so good and left my skin amazingly soft. I am glad I finally caved and went for a full year, my BF on the other hand… 😉 LOL

                    • I’ve been doing a continuous 6-month sub for the past couple of years, so I know I should really just purchase an annual. Actually, every time I’m in the last month of my 6-month sub (which will be in July for this term), I always think, “For reals, THIS time I’ll get an annual when I renew”, but the thing that keeps stopping me when it comes to renewal time is that I also get this sub for my mom, so paying “only” $120 always seems a bit more easy to swallow than $200. But what’s silly is that if I were to see an $80 LE box that I just *had* to have that same day I renewed, I would so get it so I’d still be out $200. smh lol But…. I tell you… for being a reasonably smart person (well, I like to think so 😉 lol), this whole beauty box thing sure does play tricks with my logic at times. 😀

                      • LOL I am the same way Luna!! I tell myself no to some boxes due to price, then turn around and buy 2 or 3 of another box that add up to more than what I would have paid for the first box I said no to! I used to pat myself on the back when I told myself no, now I know better. It is only no until you or MSA shows me something I just HAVE to have! LMBO

                        You are all dangerous to my budget, and I am not complaining, my stash keeps me and my daughters in product, and my gift/donate box always full. LOL Just wish I could say the same for my wallet! 😉

                      • Lol Luna I love reading all your comments and it’s so funny I look at it the same way 🤣
                        Your mom is so lucky to have you; you mention doing nice things for her often and constantly thinking of her or friends etc.
                        Can you guys adopt me? Lol jk but really love all the inside info and reading your comments 🙂

                      • If you upgrade one this time and the other 6 months later, you’ll end up paying $160 once then $100 every six months rather than $120.

                      • Hi Twyla! Lol! I know what you mean! Like right now I’m feeling so good that I’m skipping the New Beauty Awards boxes (to me they’re not bad, but considering what I already own, nothing’s really jumping out at me that makes the $50 price worth it to me right now), but I could totally see myself taking the plunge once I see them reviewed though. It’s happened before! lol

                      • Thanks Xtina! 😀 Well, I never did have a sister, and my mom always did say she wished she had another girl, so… LOL!!! I always tease her that it’s quality, not quantity. 😉 She’s the best though, and I just love seeing how giddy she gets over her Sisley box and all of the other products I give her. Even after her 100th black eyeliner, or 50th eye shadow palette she still responds as if its her first one when I give her another one. 🙂

                      • Hey Heather! Ooooh, look at you miss smarty pants 😉 I actually really like that! I think I may just do that! Although, I then could totally see myself thinking, “well, I’m already paying $160 so what’s another $40” then buying the two annuals anyways. 😀

                      • July 1st is marked on my calendar for getting an annual (even though I just spent $50 yesterday on Glossybox LE boxes on sale)! I need that extra $20 I get back in the long run to use on more boxes.

                  • I sprang for the annual a few months ago, and it’s now one of my favorite subs. I will probably never buy a full size product, but it’s so worth the $100/year to get such nice quality products (small tho they may be) wrapped up in a lovely satin pouch. And the makeup items like this lip pencil or a tiny mascara are always a plus; hoping for an eye pencil soon.

                    • Yes, eye pencil would be great! They did sent one before but I wasn’t getting this box then.

                    • Similar to what you said, I would say that I *probably* don’t see myself ever buying one of their products at full price (however, I would never say “never” cause you never know!), but I’ll happily pay the $10/month to get samples of their products every month! 🙂 (I really should just buy an annual. lol)

                      • I just sign up for annual. I used to have two simultaneous subscription, then took a break for 6 month. I am back again!

                      • Yay!!! I hope you like your boxes! 🙂

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