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We have full product spoilers for the June Play! By Sephora box!

Here are all the products they are sampling this month:


What do you think of the spoilers?

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Comments (82)

  1. Well that’s it for me! I just canceled. I got a box with all repeats again!! Some i just got a couple months ago. I would rather get another ipsy bag.

    Tarte foundation
    Belif Aqua Bomb
    Biossance mask
    Laneige lip mask in original again!
    Fab barrair cream
    Hum hair

    Can’t see my orders in my account so can’t say what number this is

    • This is the box that I got also.

    • I received the exact same box today. But I haven’t received any of the items before. I actually was really happy with this box. The only thing I wasn’t interested in was the Tarte Foundation. Idk what the box # is either though

    • I’m getting that as well…it’s #103. Not terrible but not great.

  2. My order number ends in 060. Anyone have any idea which box that is?

    • It’s the end of the item number, not order number. Hope that helps!

      • I don’t have an item #. Just an order #. Wonder why?

      • I FOUND IT! I saw it on my delivery email-not my account page though. The last 3 #’s: 103

      • It’s only on desktop mode, mobile doesn’t show you, it’s so weird!

  3. Anyone know what box #973 includes? Where can I find spoilers for specific box numbers? Anyone my box twin?

    • Anyone have box 479?

    • I just found the right number. My item number ends in #103?? What will those be??

  4. My perfect box would have the kaja highlighter, laneige berry lip mask, herbivore face mist, fab air cream, and the farmacy green clean. I am getting #103 so I know I’m getting the fab and hopefully the berry flavor laneige but I’m disappointed especially getting the belif aqua bomb when I have dry not oily skin and I’m not a fan anyways. Come on Sephora, let me pick my own box. 😝

  5. any idea what shade of Foundcealer we get? Do they send everyone the same one or does it depend on your profile? Just wanted to know for this box and for future Play boxes. BTW I have box 129

    • I got #129 and the email says:

      Lip sleeping mask vanilla
      Milk mascara
      Tarte quench primer
      First aid barrier cream
      Sephora all day hydrator
      And samples of shampoo and conditioner

    • I received my box yesterday, it was item # 129, I received the Tarte Foundcealar in shade 345 medium sand. It’s a bit light, I have medium olive toned skin. I used it yesterday, and it covers well, I just added bronzer to add color back to my complexion. It looked great. Box 129 is a great box, in my opinion. I did get a few repeats, but I actually like the repeats, so I was pleased. It’s nice to have a travel size green clean, and lip mask, and aqua bomb. I use all of these and have purchased them full sized already. I was hoping for Herbivore, but I already have this also, purchased several times, and I was hoping to try the Biossance and Kaja, but I’m sure there will be plenty opportunities to try them elsewhere.

  6. I love subscription boxes because it’s like Chistmas every month. Right now I’m doing 5. Do I like everything? No. Do I need everything? No. Some items I resell. But the majority of what I receive goes into what I refer to as the Pakistan Box. For a year I save everything I do not want or cannot possibly use. Then I send my husband to his remote Pakistani village with a 50lb suitcase full of beauty products.

    Many women there have no opportunity or place to buy products. Big hits there are the Ipsy bags, eyeliners (I keep being sent while stating that I don’t wear eyeliner), lipsticks and perfume samples. So I will continue to receive and only be slightly annoyed by lack of attention to my profiles.

    • That’s wonderful! If you could use anything more, I have tons of stuff, any of which I’d happily send to you at my expense (if not, that’s fine, too).

    • I do the same too, but for the imprisoned women in the Philippines and shelters. my friend is a human rights lawyer and I send it through her.

    • How lovely! If we all or even some of us started keeping a box of unopened items we do not want in a few months we would have hundreds to donate!

  7. I guess I’m box 573? Anyone know what’s in this box?

  8. I’m guessing I’m box #129? That is the last 3 digits of the “item” number

    • Yes that is correct.

  9. 949! Got full spoiler from customer service aswell!!

  10. I’m box 129 (I haven’t seen anyone mention that one yet). I know this will sound weird, but I’m actually hoping to receive the Sephora moisturizer. I’ve heard pretty good things about their new skincare line. I’m not sure if they re-formulated their skincare line or just changed the packaging, but regardless, I really want to try it now. lol

    • On a previous post, someone said it is the following:

      Jouer Long-Wear Lip Topper™ ( SKU 2241297 )
      tarte foundcealer™ multi-tasking foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen ( SKU 2241347 )
      Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask ( SKU 2241404 )
      belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb ( SKU 2241453 )
      FarmacyGreen Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm ( SKU 2241487 )
      KloraneYlang Ylang S/C ( SKU 2241529 )

      • Thanks for sharing Meredith 🙂 Other than gifting the foundation (and maybe the lip topper), it looks like a nice box.

      • Yes, I also saw these spoilers in the Beauty Insider Community; BUT for the past 4 months I have not received what Sephora says I am supposed to receive; very disappointing after you get yourself pumped up for it😐

      • When I asked Sephora they said they do not disclose what is in the box. They said they want it to be a surprise. Are you asking a service rep directly what you will be receiving?

    • Box #129 Spoilers are on the Beauty Insider Community. Go to the group “play by Sephora”, scroll down to the title Box 129 Spoilers. I normally get the spoilers on this website, but I was told it’s the people that comment on here That share the spoilers, and Instagram and Facebook. I don’t normally go on Facebook for Sephora, I usually just go to their app

      • Thanks Lisa 🙂 I remember a while back I tried looking at the Beauty Insider Community, but got super overwhelmed with everything that was on there, so I never looked again. lol However, I’ll definitely keep that in mind for when I want to see future months’ spoilers if they haven’t been posted on MSA yet. 🙂

  11. I’m box 815. I didn’t realize they had so many different ones.

  12. Box 145 here!

    • Spoilers of the box 145 please

      • The problem is the app shows me one thing and the website shows me another. Only thing they have in common is the vanilla lip mask

  13. Curious if anyone ever waits until they get the box in the mail to see what’s inside?

    • Maybe people who aren’t on the site looking for spoilers? I’m sure there are lots of subscribers who get a surprise in the mail, but that’s not what this site is about. We wanna know! lol

    • I actually stopped reading spoilers for everything I subbed to, so I could start to be surprised and get out of the “is someone getting something better than me?” mentality. I find that I have been enjoying my subs more and really focusing on getting rid of the ones that don’t truly bring me joy. I do, however, read spoilers for things I’m interested in but not getting, or subs I quit (like this one). I also love to read reviews after I get mine to see if others react the way I do.

      The only spoiler I need to see is Ipsy, because they sell the other items as add-ons and I need to see what I should definitely not buy because it’s already in the bag.

    • 😉 This is my first box and I’m holding out and waiting till it’s in my hands to see what I got.

    • I do!

  14. I got box 746 and I’m DYING to know what’s in it. It could be so good or so disappointing this month!!!

  15. Just an FYI Macys has 10 days of GLAM going on. Started two days ago so there is some time left. Use code for free shipping with Macys. PLUS Sephora has weekly WOW 50% off select products. Sephora started today. Happy shopping friends.

  16. Do anyone know about box #178 can’t wait to to find out what I have hope it be a good box.

    • I have this box as well. but, I haven’t seen any spoilers for it yet.

  17. According to the Play Community on the Sephora website, my box is #046 and has the Tarte foundcealer (assuming it is the lightest shade I’m so pale OTL), Laneige lip mask, Bioessence skincare, Sephora moisturizer (bleh), face mist (yassss), and Klorane shampoo (wish it was fragrance *sighs*). Overall, I’m still excited for the box this month! I’ll definitely use 4/6 of the items so that’s a win for me 🙂

    • May I ask what your skin type and concerns you have listed in your play profile? I am also getting box #046. I consistently get items for acne, large pores, and oily skin. I do not have those problems and I have very dry skin. I don’t know why they keep giving me such drying products. I have given away all of my clay and detox masks, which sucks because I’m essentially getting one less product that I can use.

      • I have combination skin. I can get really dry but I’m also acne prone. I just unsubbed because they usually sell the play boxes around black friday and then you can pick the version. That’d honestly better than the versions they usually send me while I’m subbed *sighs* I definitely feel ya on the skincare concerns and the products sent

  18. I am so curious on what i am getting in my box since i haven’t seen any spoilers for it. Im box 880.

  19. According to customer care I’m receiving Box A:

    KUSH High Volume Mascara,
    Tarte Quench Hydrating Primer,
    Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, ( hoping i get the vanilla one as i already have am original berry sample)
    Sephora Collection All Day Hydrator, ( I wish i’d gotten the Herbivore rose mist)
    First Aid BeautyUltra Repair BarriAIR Cream
    BriogeoSuperfoods S/C. ( Disappointed, I’d prefer to receive the perfume sample than one time use hair packets. )

    Anyone else receiving this box?

    • This is 949 which is Box I’m also getting. Not very excited by it as I have about 20 mascaras. Even though I give them away they seem to breed in my drawer. The Tarte primer is okay but i tried it and I have others I like better. The rest is meh and I also hate hair products in packets because I am unable to open a small sample in the shower with wet hands so they are a complete waste.

    • Who/where did you ask Customer care that gave you the info for your box?

      • Mindy, There’s a little floating icon to the bottom right of the screen to chat to customer service.

  20. I have like the driest skin possible and they keep sending me the Belif Aqua Bomb, which is not nearly emollient enough for me.

    I am SO disappointed, and another eyeliner? I am sure there’s a mascara also hidden in #038 as I get mascara every single month of the world from that little bag.

    I’m sorry, it’s just that they have access to the BEST product samples in the world, and we get plain eyeliner and basic mascara and always, always a Sephora brand tacky thing or the other.
    I may have box burn out with this one.

    • I have very oily skin and hair and they keep sending me clinique lotion for dry skin and moisturizing shampoo. I dont think the quiz counts really.

  21. I contacted customer service and I am getting box G, not sure what is in it but that is what she told me! Anybody else getting this box?

    • I’m getting box H! No idea what’s in it though

    • Box G= Box # 293

  22. These are some great products this month.

  23. I found out spoilers for box 061 on Reddit and I’m pretty happy if it’s true

    Tarte foundcealer
    Laneige lip mask
    Herbivore face mist
    Farmacy cleansing balm
    Sephora all day hydrator
    Klorane mint s/c

    • I’m also getting 061, and am pretty happy with this, too. Was just happy to be guaranteed the Laneige. I love the lip mask. The Farmacy is a daily staple, but it will be good to have a travel size. Hope the Tarte is in the right shade. I’m very pale.

    • I called customer service and they verified this is what us box # 061’s are getting 😊

    • I have box 061 and I hope that is true. Sounds like a great box!

    • I’m 061 as well and I’m not too excited by this selection. I really wanted the Milk mascara and the Tarte primer. 😕

    • I resubbed because of the items being offered! I got 061 and I love it all!! Usually Sephora Play disappoints me….not this month!! Not sure if I will stick with it…..but good stuff today!

      Tarte Foundcealer in fair-light sand
      Laneige in original berry
      Herbivore Rose Hibiscus face mist
      Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm
      Sephora All Day Hydrator
      Klorane Anti Pollution shampoo and conditioner

  24. How do you find out what number you’re getting?

    • If you go to track your box on the Sephora website (not the Sephora app), click “view details” and below your tracking number will be your order number. The last three digits will be the box that you’re receiving 🙂

      • Thank you so much for the info! 🙂

  25. I’m 038. Contacted them for spoilers but haven’t heard back yet 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • 038 spoilers

      Stila eyeliner
      Kaja Highlighter
      Laneige Lip Mask
      Belif Aqua Bomb
      Sephora All Day Hydrator
      Devacurl Leave in Conditioner

      • Thanks for posting! I have this box and am happy with it. I havent gotten an eyeliner since last September but it was a smudgy crayon one, not precise like the Stila so that will be great. I dont have curl hair so I would have preferred either Klorane packet but at least I didnt get supplements again. 🙂

  26. I have box number 103. This is my first play box!

    • I’m 103 also!

    • I’m also 103. Anyone know what we are getting?

      • 103 is posted in reddit already. Tarte foundation, sleep mask, belief, tea tree mask, first aid beauty, hum

      • someone posted on re.ddit that we are getting:

        Tarte Foundcealer
        Laneige lip mask (everyone is getting one, not sure which flavor)
        Biossance Tea Tree Mask
        Belif Aqua Bomb
        FAB BarriAIR
        HUM gummies

      • Well if that is truly what we are getting I’m pretty happy and excited for it! Really wanted the foundcealar. Perfect box for me!

      • Thanks for posting this info. Most of these are items I’ve already received before but they seem like a solid set of products.

    • Box 103 spoilers are these apparently:

      Tarte foundcealer™ multi-tasking foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen
      The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
      The Biossance Tea Tree Mask
      The Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb
      The First Aid BeautyUltra Repair BarriAIR Cream
      And the HUM NutritionHair Sweet Hair

    • My first box too and it’s 103. Found on spoilers for #103 on previous post:

      The Tarte Babassu Foundcealer
      The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
      The Biossance Tea Tree Mask
      The Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb
      The First Aid BeautyUltra Repair BarriAIR Cream
      And the HUM NutritionHair Sweet Hair

    • Well,
      My order number went from 103 to changing to 901 with shipping notification.
      Very strange and kind of disappointing!

      • Mine still says 103 and I just got the shipping notification. You just mentioned order number. You should be looking at the item number 🙂 maybe you still are 103?

      • Oh you are right!
        Item number is still showing 103! Thank you for your help!

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