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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

Margot Elena Discovery Box Summer 2021 Spoiler #1

Margot Elena Discovery Box Summer 2019 FULL Spoilers!

We have the full spoilers for the Summer 2019 Margot Elena box!

Each box will include:

  • Field & Flowers Handcreme – $20
  • Imagine Travel Eau de Parfum – $30
  • Chinoiserie Glass Water bottle – $21
  • Water Lily Pencil/Makeup Brush Case – $20
  • Water Lily Graphite Pencil Set – $5
  • The Cottage Greenhouse Japanese Plum & White Tea Dry Body Oil – $26
  • Lollia Summer Of 1982 Poetic License Travel Candle – $12
  • TokyoMilk No. 82 Bees Fine Hand Soap – $12
  • Lollia Breathe Perfumed Shower Gel – $22
  • The Cottage Greenhouse Grapefruit & Blood Orange Travel Hand & Body Lotion – $12
  • Love & Toast Cherry Lemonade Lip Balm – $9
  • Summer Inspiration Postcard Set – $12

What do you think of the spoilers? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: Margot Elena Discovery Box

The Cost: $49.99 a quarter

The Products: Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the Margot Elena Discovery Box filled with over $200 worth of full-sized products curated by our team

Ships to: US

Check out our Margot Elena Discover Box reviews to learn more about the subscription!

Margot Elena Discovery Box

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Comments (88)

  1. Absolutely LOVE this amazing Margot Elena Discovery Box! The Dry Oil is really nice! I really enjoyed getting the perfume, also! It is always so nice to open up my box, and take all of the beauty in!

  2. I looooove the dry oil! I hope they put one in every box!I love all of the other products too. This is my first box, and its okay compared to what looks like the other boxes.its v cool they include something unusual like water bottles and pencils too, but these don’t seem as cool as some of the other seasons. I hope the summer one is super awesome!

    • The best smelling box I’ve ever gotten! Received in this morning post and I love everything! The body oil smells heavenly! This box is more floral except for grapefruit lotion! I’m in love with it!

  3. I can’t believe that people are disappointed with this box! I LOVE IT! There are always such a good mix of products and scents. Anything item like the pencil/ case that I may not use as much I just pass on to my daughters and they are thrilled. The body oil is great and I love the perfume that I can just throw in my purse. Love that its all made in the US!

  4. My box is in its way and I am excited. But I have to just say I feel like something is missing 🤔 does any else feel that way?? It’s a nice box as always but just a little underwhelming to me. I can’t wait to try the perfume I love perfume. The pencils and pencil case is a little boring. And everything else seems the same stuff we always get. Except for the water bottle which is really pretty but glass is not good for me so I will use it for something else like a vase.

    • I’m disappointed the pencils and pencil case too!
      Also I don’t need the postcards. 3 postcards for $12 !?
      The perfume bottle is sad too.

      • Yeah definitely not the best box. Hopefully next one will be a great one fingers crossed 🤞 or I may cancel.

      • Yes!! 🤞

      • I don’t get it. You didn’t pay $12 for the postcards, why do you care what they’re valued at? The perfume is lovely and quite substantial compared to pic of it! And the pencils ✏️ and pencil case are very unique in a beautiful way! I can’t complain!

  5. Can’t wait for my box! How does dry body oil work?

  6. I received my tracking information.

    • Yay! Can’t wait to get my tracking number. I was wondering when this subscription would start to ship.

  7. I’ve been watching this box for a year and always meant to subscribe, but it constantly sold out. I finally subscribed to the Summer box, and it’s my least favorite ever. Maybe I’ll like it better when I get it, but…pencils? Kind of disappointed. 🙁

  8. I guess I’m in the minority by being disappointed with this box. Pencils? Really? Ugh. This box just looks bland compared to prior boxes.

    • I thought the same thing. And this is my first box, so I’m *really* disappointed.

      • Me too

    • Well, I have a little story about a pencil case…
      About 20-24 years ago, I purchased a gorgeous Kate Spade fabric tote and yearly agenda. The colors were gorgeous and I wish I could replace it. I also decided, on a whim, to buy the matching pencil case for things like eyeliner pencils and a lip pencil or oversized gloss..

      For many years that pencil case and all its pencils, sharpeners, and erasers has been a collector’s item. So has another one which matches a baby I kept.

      One day, Margot Elena items such as this may have the same 10X or more retail price as my pencil cases and older Spade agendas with her original artwork are worth.
      If KS had kept all her company and lived to be 99, I couldn’t have enjoyed the products more.

      My suggestion is to use the cases for longer makeup items as I did, or a special leather encased Montblanc or Duofold pen set…If they are lined with a waterproof lining, it could save the lining of a handbag you really love.

      Plus, people have always loved my pretty ” pen” or lip and eyeliner long skinny KS pouches.
      Lots of uses other than pencils, just make sure you keep the pencils and so forth together in a separate plastic bag in case you want to put the set back to original.

      Have fun, play. I think that’s what Margot Elena is all about. 🙂

  9. This is my first box. I’m so excited.. When do they typically ship?

  10. Lovely box, as always. My only gripe is I would like to receive more Tokyo Milk and Less Lollia.

  11. I tried to get the spring box but just missed it. I’m thrilled with the preview of summer!! Excellent first box to get!

  12. What a nice mix of products! I’m excited to finally get a Love & Toast item as I don’t think we’ve received one before in the box. I’m really hoping the parfum will arrive intact – for some reason, every fragrance I’ve received has spilled and I’ve needed to get a replacement. Good thing their CS is good!

  13. If I were to subscribe today Liz would I receive this June box? Thank you

  14. If I were to subscribe today Liz would I receive this June box? Thank you

    • Go to the Margot Elena website and see what it says. As of right now, they are still selling this box but it could sell out and then would say the fall box is for sale.

  15. This is my favorite one yet. I will use it all, except the postcards. I use a lot of these products for gifts, and they are so pretty if you put two or three things from the same product line or scent together. I’m very happy with this one.

  16. Uggg i may be in the minority, but i’m not happy with this at all. The water bottle is nice and other than that I was excited about the body oil, until i read the ingredients. There isn’t even jasmine in it and it is scented with artificial fragrance as the second ingredient, instead of jasmine oils actually scenting it, it’s just fake chemical fragrance….This whole box is disappointing.

    • THANK YOU!! I feel as if I’ve been the only one consistently posting about this.

      I find ME is deceptive: high end packaging, and a play on words to appear all natural or close to nature.

      In fact the ingredients are harsh and artificial. Ingredients are not readily visible on most of their packaging.

      • Even the cottage greenhouse products?

    • The description of the oil says Japanese plum and white tea… why would you have the expectation that jasmin should be in it?… there isn’t a description anywhere that I have found that advertises jasmine…. why would that even be a concern. I don’t expect jasmin to be in anything that doesn’t advertise jasmin to be in it…..

      • I misread the japanese plum as jasmine …either way there is none of that in there either…And yes I expect especially the cottage greenhouse line to be scented naturally, not with synthetic fragrance as literally the second or third ingredient. Lollia and tokyomilk are obviously going to be highly perfumed, and that’s fine, but i would expect something that is marketed as more natural to be just that… Just like the Cottage greenhouse face mask from the last box…Between all the added synthetic fragrance and the Phenoxyethanol, (Google it) did anyone even get brave enough to smear it on their face? I definitely wouldn’t…It’s all Beautiful packaging, but seriously bad ingredients in most if not all of her products (when you can actually even find the ingredients) Honestly for the price point of her products, her customers deserve better.

  17. Does anyone know what the exclusive items for the box are this season? I’m sure of the water bottle, and I think the perfume is?
    I always like knowing what they created just for the boxes. Silly, but I’m just a kid at heart.

    • If I had to guess I would say the water bottle and pencil /make up bag

  18. I’m soooo happy to see the full box before mine arrives. Something to really look forward to getting here!!

    This is a gorgeous summer box, just as all their boxes are so luxurious and special for the particular season.
    I’ve never met a Margot Elena company fragrance I didn’t like either, which is so rare.

    The largest joy is sometimes opening the box for the first time.. second time.. and so forth..
    The curators and packers of the boxes do a beautiful job- it’s almost too fragrant and beautifully wrapped to open up, isn’t it?

  19. This is it.

  20. I got the bath oil in the last box and a dry oil in this one. I don’t know what to do with either of them!! Help!

    I do love this box though…

    • The bath oil you pour in your bath, the dry oil you put directly on your skin. There’s also instructions on how to use on the website for the items if you click on them.

      • I loved that bath oil so much.

  21. Very pleased and so excited.

  22. Soooo excited about this box. I wasn’t happy with the winter box-the bell and most were all of one scent (but still absolutely lovely gifts for family and friends). So I skipped last month and regretted it. I’m planning on using a few of the items from this box and the next for Christmas gifts again. They are just so beautiful.

    • The Winter box wasn’t my favorite, either! But I did get the Spring box, and I was really pleased by the products and diversity of scents they included in it. This, however, just might be my favorite box yet! I think I’ll honestly use every last item in this one. For me, $50 us kind of expensive for a sub box, but it’s really worth it if you’re open to a variety of scents and love bath and body stuff.

  23. This box is fabulous , can’t WAIT to find it on my door step

  24. Subscribed in May. C
    an’t wait for my first box!
    Anybody knows when this box will start shipping?

    • I want to know, too! They’re very vague on their shipping schedule, from what I could find.

    • Mine usually ship on the 13th/14th-ish.

      • Thank you Pink!
        In June I hope?

      • Yes, it’ll be in June. 🙂

      • Yay~~
        Thank you Luna!

  25. Wow. This box is incredible!!

  26. Love this box, but like most everyone else seriously overloaded with product even sharing this in gifts. I have 2 more boxes in this annual and then I’m probably going to need to skip a couple boxes which will kill me. I will come back though – still think it is the best deal around – when you calculate the per item price – less than $5.

  27. I’m trying to go through my stash as quick as I can so I can get back to this sub. The fomo is real but so is the backlog of body wash, lotions and perfumes

  28. The water bottle isn’t my thing even though gorgeous, but I don’t think it would be worth swapping. The dry oil is one of my favs and happy for some new products!

  29. I would LOVE to swap for that body oil! Click my name to check out my swap profile. 🙂

  30. This will be my first box and I’m so excited! I was trying to decide if I should look at the spoilers or wait to be surprised! I just don’t have the will power to not look!

    • Enjoy your first box! The heavenly smell when you open the box is the best part—and there’s no spoiler for that 😉

    • I usually look at the picture for a few seconds and don’t read about the products. That way I don’t feel deprived but I forget everything by the time the box arrives.

    • Honestly it doesn’t matter if you know what is in it or not. This box is so exquisitely packaged, it’s like getting a personalized gift. Unwrapping everything makes me feel like a kid at Christmas. I also usually end up forgetting what all the spoilers were by the time it gets here anyway 😉
      And the bell in the winter box was a huge hit here. I wasn’t really sure about it, but I have a toddler and she just loves ringing the bell for kisses and hugs. So it just stays up. Even my teenage boys think it’s funny. They’ll ring it and run away before they get a kiss.
      But enjoy your first box! It just makes me feel so good to get this one. I feel like a princess with all the beautiful things inside. 😊

  31. I am pleased with the products. Glad I got it this quarter after skipping last qtr.

  32. Everything is beautiful, as always! Can’t wait for my box!

  33. Love this! Plum and white tea, grapefruit and blood orange, cherry lemonade! Bring it on!

    • Love those summer scents

  34. If I could only keep one sub box, this would be it! It’s truly filled with everyday luxuries. Most excited for the dry body oil and water bottle this time.

  35. Is there a discount code anywhere for this box? I would love to subscribe, but hoping for that first since it will be my first box.

    • There’s generally never a promo for this box they did a Black Friday bundle but that’s all.

    • About a year ago, there was a promo code that wasn’t supposed to work on the box, but did. I think they’ve ensured that never happened again, unfortunately. I really feel it’s worth the full price, though.

    • The value is over $200 for a $50 box shipping included, if that helps put things in perspective. I sub to dozens of boxes and this one is my favorite. They don’t really ever do discounts, I would imagine they would lose so much money since the boxes are very heavy with all of the glass items. I’m sure shipping costs a fortune. However occasionally if you pre-pay for an annual sub they will offer a little freebie bonus like a tote bag or something. Nothing recently.

  36. Ohhhhhhhh! I’m sorry I’m not getting this.

  37. If they do a discount/deal on their subscription like they did last year (my yearly just ended) then I’ll be down. Otherwise I’ll just admire from afar lol
    I end up gifting more than I keep :/

    • Same boat! I just realized of the items I didn’t gift I still have 3 full size shower gels in my closet waiting to be used.

      • I have tons of stuff left from my annual despite gifting quite a bit. I have enough hand lotion for a lifetime!

      • Lol girl me too! I also act ridiculous with my shower gel; I don’t know why I feel the need to use double the amount needed (extra bubbles?) but it still doesn’t make a dent fast enough in my supply 😂 it’s like never ending!
        I keep forgetting to put on lotion too- I usually just wear leggings and “forget” until I need to wear shorts/dress; which isn’t my best look; but Then I’m like…oh yeah I can fix this.
        That bum bum cream is nice (love the smell) but doesn’t do much unfortunately FYI for anyone wanting to try it.
        M.e. Products for the most part and well made/good quality but the majority of that is the packaging- which makes her stuff so gift able/pretty in a basket/bag etc.
        Ok this is a novel…let me get to my main point:
        Also they have a warehouse sale later in the year (fall) and you can reserve a time slot where they call you and if you *need* anything, then would be the time. #nofomo

  38. OMG! I can hardly wait for my box to arrive! This is mu all-time favorite sub box EVER!

    • Agreed💕💕💕💕💕

  39. What a gorgeous box! I wish I were not on product overload or I would definitely buy it.

  40. I really love the water bottle but there isn’t anything else in the box I really need (if the shower gel was something I didn’t already have I might cave in and buy). Beautiful collection though! I’m still working my way through a pretty serious product backlog though so I need to resist.

    • The water bottle is probably the only thing I’m swapping. The hubby has been hinting that I really need to clean out the entire cabinet of water bottles I have LOL.

  41. This box sounds amazing. Will probably swap or gift the candle. I have a toddler in the house and she can’t be trusted ssshhhh….

    • I need candles!!

  42. subbed the first yr, then did 1 more box and cancelled, no FOMO since its all the same. Cute to test, very pretty but as far as tye consumables, these dry me out and scent doesnt last lile id like. They are good but theres much better products on the market.

  43. This box is a thing of beauty, just wonderful.

  44. I am tickled pink with these spoilers! Breathe isn’t my favorite scent, but it will pair nicely with the soap for a gift. Everything else I’m excited to keep and use. That lip balm sounds like heaven! And ME hand creams are my very favorite. They are what started my addiction with her brands! Excited to to try the grapefruit blood orange scent.

  45. LOVE this box….. I have to agree with the other comment….. that oil is my all time favorite too!!!!! Simply amazing… 🙂

  46. I love this box SO much!! The Cottage Greenhouse Japanese Plum & White Tea Dry Body Oil is my favorite body oil product I’ve ever tried (well, tied with One Love Organics body spray). It’s amazing!!

    • I loved the agave ginger oil from a prior box, but the gardenia tea oil from One Love Organics is my absolute favorite.

      • Yes, Joy- that one! I believe the One Love Organics gardenia & tea body serum was sent it a sub box years ago & that, along with the ME dry body oil, are my two favorites!

  47. Excited to try the Dry body oil!!!!

  48. I’ll use the water bottle, soap, and oil. Probably swapping the rest.

  49. Woohoo! I am so excited! This box is my favorite and it never lets me down! And my box has shipped already!

    • Oops! Fff has shipped, not ME! Oh well, I’ll wait a lil longer for this beautifully! packaged box

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