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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

Ipsy Glam Bag + Glam Bag Plus June 2021: See the Bag Designs

Ipsy July 2019 SPOILERS Round #2!

We have more spoilers for the July 2019 ipsy glam bag!

If you haven’t signed up for Ipsy yet, click here to skip the waitlist!

First, here’s the design of the July Glam Bag:

And here are the latest spoilers:

  • Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Curling Mascara
  • Pacifica Bronzer Blush Duo
  • Smashbox Cosmetics Always On Liquid Lipstick in Babe Alert

And in case you missed the previous spoilers:

Firma Beauty 204 Wide Blender Brush

Mellow Precision Liquid Pen Eyeliner in Black

Eyeko Beach Waterproof Mascara

Red Earth Brighten Concentrate Oil with Kakadu Plum

The Coffee Scrub in French Vanilla

FYI – spoilers shown are some of the many products ipsy will be sampling in July. All subscribers will receive 5 products plus a bag.

What do you think of the spoilers? If you haven’t signed up for Ipsy yet, click here to skip the waitlist!

Ipsy is $10 a month. Check out my Ipsy reviews to see what you can expect with this subscription!


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (53)

  1. I hope I get the mascaras. I haven’t tried either of them. My lashes are straight. It would be nice to find one that has volume but holds a curl. I am tired of receiving masks and don’t really use them. I put “rarely” for my wants but they send them anyhow.

  2. By the way for anyone concerned about the mess of the coffee scrub, what I usually do with those is mix them with coconut oil or almond oil in a small container and make more of a paste and then it makes the best scrub and doesn’t get everywhere!

  3. I just got an email that I have 3 Ipsy bags to give away. Last time they did it I had 7 to give. Did anyone else get the email? How many to you get to gift??

    • Hook a sister up! Lol

      • Lol, I was thinking along the same lines!😂

    • Hello,
      Do you still have one left?

  4. The bag is really cute! I have had that coffee scrub and it is nasty.

  5. That bag is so stinkin cute and I wouldn’t mind any of the spoilers. I skipped June but I think I’ll come back for July.

  6. I do not like the Smashbox liquid lipstick shade Babe Alert. I got it in a previous bag and while the formula was nice the shade was way too brown for my skin tone. Hopefully I won’t recieve it again. The only thing that is exciting for me so far is the Red Earth Oil.

  7. how do i get this bag. im GBP and i still want the regular bag

    • You can still subscribe to both you just pay for each.ihave both and it’s great it gives me a good variety of products!

    • There should be a tab on your account that you can add the regular glam bag from. If that’s not working, I’d email customer service.

  8. I have 3 red tetris bags….. I was hoping for a mix LOL ( I wanted purple and the green one)

  9. Not a fan of the bag personally, and coffee scrubs are a mess. Everything else looks good! I know my youngest daughter will grab that bag the second she sees it, so it won’t collect dust. 🙂

  10. So far, the only two things I do NOT want are the Pacifica duo and the coffee scrub.

    Hoping for luck to not get those!

  11. Im kind of bummed the bag isnt forth of the july themed tbh. Not loving the bag or anything besides the lip gloss. Hope i get that!

  12. I want that smash box so badly ! Love that color 🙂 no coffee ground scrub here please , I drink so much coffee ( Dutch brothers , Stumptown ) I should be glowing from the inside out lol ! It’s too messy as a scrub

  13. I LOVE Eyeko mascara! It is the best I have found. So impressive for my old lady lashes. It gets every single one and never travels.

  14. It’s the same for me at the moment.

  15. I WANT that Smashbox Always On! I will absolutely pick it as an add-on if they offer it. I would be happy with any of these, really.
    Except maybe that coffee mess. I can rub ground coffee on myself just whenever I want to.
    Which is NEVER.

    • 😄🤣😅 too funny!

      I like the idea of sugar and coffee scrubs but usually they have a very short shelf life and I end up tossing them after like one use. They are also soooo messy.

      I think so far, I plan to leave my Ipsy bag as inactive and hope for the smashbox as an add-on for Ipsy GBP.

  16. My bag is stuck in the very first slot ” We are personalizing your products”. So obviously no bag preview and no tracking info. It doesn’t exist yet.

    My GBP has already shipped.

    I have emailed them about the Glam Bag. I expect this one will not ship ( some just don’t drop) and they’ll give another freebie for the time delay, which is 10 days overdue.
    I definitely paid on time, of course.

    • I will be getting GBP today, but my GB is also still in “order fulfillment” with no shipping or tracking available. It’s only my second month getting both. I hope this isn’t the norm.

      • I’m in the same position. I’ve been subscribed for a long time and in my experience, especially since they started Glam Bag Plus, the regular bag does usually arrive after my Plus box. Most months it’s just a week or so but a couple have been others closer to almost three weeks. I’ve never had one not come in the same month or not come at all. However, I have heard of that happening, usually when it’s a new or fairly new subscription.

      • Count me as another one who’s bag is still in the “Ipsy Match” stage dated for 6/2. 🙁 I contacted Ipsy Care on 6/4, and they confirmed that I will be receiving June’s box, and that the contents of my box should be showing “in a few days”. It’s past a few days now, but I’m going to leave it for now since I’m all for surprises, but if it doesn’t move to “Shipping” status by the 13th, it looks like I’ll be reaching out to them on the 14th again for a status update. Also, my May bag is still on it’s way to me too! They had to put in a replacement order, so not only will what I receive not be what was in my original reveal, but I won’t be receiving my add ons either since they’re all now sold out. 🙁 Actually, I’m just glad the May bag is finally on its way to me! I just hope I don’t have to hunt down my June bag too… and the July one, and…
        But at least my Ipsy Plus has been smooth sailing!

      • Luna,
        I’ve emailed them 4 times just asking what I’m getting in my GB. Every single time, the response I get is for the GB Plus.

        I decided today to open another account and just get the $10 sample bag. I had to try 6 different links on Ipsy’s website to get to the regular Ipsy bag ” reactivation” link over the Glam Bag Plus links which popped up every single time.

        First, they wouldn’t let anyone join the Plus subscription, now they’re pushing it like mad.

        I wonder why?

        I know one thing, getting 2 GB Plus boxes is miserable, because they send the same products and if you don’t like them, well, dupes.
        I had 3 lipsticks in my June GBP reveal, and 2 of those were ” doubles” so 4 lip colors. Good thing I like lip colors a lot and none are odd , from what I can tell.

      • Oh my gosh, Luna! That’s terrible! It’s a good thing you’re such a patient and positive person. I feel like when they mess up like they did with you in May, they should just find a way to replace those exact items. Even if that means they have to do special orders with the companies and just ear the cost. If bot that, they should let you pick all if your replacement items and add-ons (if still available) from a list of what all they have in stock.
        So you gave no idea what’s coming in your May bag? I hope they really hooked you up. And I REALLY hope they don’t do it again to you with the June bag. So far this same situation hasn’t happened to me but I get nervous every month and worry it will because it takes so long. It’s happened to me many times with Ipsy Shopper, where I place an order and days later get an email saying they were actually out of stock. I try to just let it go but if they started doing it with my monthly bag I’d be pretty mad.
        Hopefully your May bag will deliver some great surprises and your June bag will be mailed soon. And mine too! 😀

      • Well at least I know it’s not me. This is my very first ipsy bag, and it’s displaying on their website as “Package in Transit” but the tracking information they gave me four days ago still says the postal service hasn’t received it yet. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • That’s how my shipping looked the whole month of May. 🙁 On June 1st I contacted them, and they ended up sending me a “replacement” bag. I hope you have better luck than me! 🙂

      • That’s what mine still says too! I just checked again and it says that there was some kind of a delay getting it from DHL to USPS… hoping this doesn’t make my June bag super late or mean that its lost in the mail:(

  17. Do any of you have your shipping notification for this month yet? Since when does Ipsy ship from Texas? My tracking says my package is coming from there. I’m not worried, just curious as to what brought about that change.

    • I got a notification today that my bag had shipped at 5:17 pm. I got home at around 5:30 pm,and it was already in my mailbox. The tracking said it was expected the 15th, so it was a nice surprise. (But it’s also the 1st time it’s arrived this quickly, and my bag overall was a bust… at least I got the purple bag, which is what I was hoping for :/

  18. I am soooo happy with Ipsy!!!!! I feel like they go out of their way to follow my profile, and am certain they do with all their subs. Yes, once in a while I will get a product that I think won’t look good, but when I try it , I am really impressed!!!! They do not send out theatrical, glitter, bold eyeshadows like BC. Now if you are into that look, you do have the option to choose that style. Customer service is great, unlike BC whom send out a generic email reply, and I just sit and wait to get a reply. Yes, BC is only $21.00 a month, and many say well the items are worth more. I have not received one item that was a high quality product from a reputable company. BC’s makeup are from companies I have never heard of. I watched a video on market makeup, and how their are rodent feces, unsanitary conditions, ect. 99% of BC’s makeup comes from companies that most have never heard of. Also, Kat V fallout was the final straw. I threw out all of BC’s makeup, and went to ipsy……. which is pure, honest, and their product is of high quality AND their products come from reputable companies. So, now I am not putting rodent ect substances on my face.

    So, for those of you whom love BC, think about one thing, $21.00 for makeup that comes from companies that we have never heard of? Also, yes they have sent some, I mean very little items were name brand i.e It mascara, too faced pallets, ect. BUT, most of the mascara and eyebrow products were dried out, or expired. So, yes it is $21.00 a month but you get what you pay for. Also, I feel like BC is neglecting the charmer box, and putting a lot of energy into the Luxe box. i have seen the charmer boxes over the past few months, and it is nill to nothing, crap…..

    Ipsy is $10.00 but my makeup is fresh, never dried out nor expired.

  19. Everything looks soooo good! I really want the Smashbox Lipstick, tho!

    • That’s absolutely my fave so far. I’m a sucker for liquid lipstick lol. I also really like the Roller Lash but I just bought a full size because I liked it so much… and this would be my third sample from my subs. Guess I’ll learn not to buy full size so quick.

  20. I hope I don’t get the liner or scrub but other than that I’m good. I opted out of nail polish like 6 months ago and now I wanna to switch and opt of liners lol

    • You can do that. All you have to do is email Ipsy Care with your changes. And if you want to opt out of both eyeliners and body scrubs you can. They allow two product opt-outs at a time. I’m opted out of eyeshadow and eyeliner right now. If you already know this, I apologize. Just wanted to share in case you or anyone else wasn’t aware of those options. I myself was subscribed for over a year before I found out about opting out. 🙂

  21. Hmm I don’t see the appeal of scrubbing my face with coffee grounds but otherwise, i love everything else.

    • That stuff is sooo messy too lol I’ve tried it

    • It’s for your body.

      • yes, it is a body scrub lol

    • Definitely don’t try that! 😄
      I’m not sure it’s even recommended for your face. I tried some assuming it was for your body only (it’s way too harsh for me to consider using it on my face even if it’s for that) and it actually worked fairly well but like Nikkim said it’s a mess. It gets EVERYWHERE. And while I usually love the smell of coffee, it turns out it’s not so great in the shower. And the smell is STRONG. Mine was supposed to be rose scented (which is a weird fragrance to pair with coffee anyway now that I think about it 😄) but I detected nothing but coffee. If I get it I’ll be putting it right into my “Donate” pile.

  22. Correct me if I am wrong but I thought this bag was June’s?

    • Oops wrong post

  23. As long as I don’t get the scrub and the liner which I am opted out of

    • My birthday is in July. My wish is to get the RedEarth from ipsy

      • Happy Early Birthday! I hope you get it too : )

      • Mine too! The 20th. I’m also hoping for the Red Earth. I also wouldn’t mind trying the Eyeko waterproof mascara. It has an interesting brush shape. I don’t need any more lip products at all, but that Smashbox is a pretty color and it’s a pretty good formula.

        Hope you get the Red Earth and Happy early Birthday fellow July Girl!

      • Mine is too! I’m the 21st. 😊

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂
      Oh my! I feel the same way sometimes depending on how I use it. I found that if I only use it on my upper eyelid and don’t pair it with a loud lip color it’s ok for special occasions. But if I wore it like I used to…top and bottom including water lines I’d probably feel the same way. Thanks for the much needed laugh!

    • Really? I was concerned to receive an item I was opted out of so I messaged customer service and they said to message back if I get an item I was opted out of.

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