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Ipsy Glam Bag + Glam Bag Plus June 2021: See the Bag Designs

Ipsy July 2019 Glam Bag SPOILERS!

We have spoilers for the July 2019 ipsy glam bag! (Thanks for the heads up, Erin!)

If you haven’t signed up for Ipsy yet, click here to skip the waitlist!

Here are 5 products Ipsy will be sampling this month:

Firma Beauty 204 Wide Blender Brush

Mellow Precision Liquid Pen Eyeliner in Black

Eyeko Beach Waterproof Mascara

Red Earth Brighten Concentrate Oil with Kakadu Plum

The Coffee Scrub in French Vanilla

What do you think of the spoilers? If you haven’t signed up for Ipsy yet, click here to skip the waitlist!

Ipsy is $10 a month. Check out my Ipsy reviews to see what you can expect with this subscription!


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Comments (82)

  1. Looks like there is going to be a Huda Palette for July!
    I just got an email invite to upgade to glam bag plus that stated of i upgraded I was guaranteed a Huda Beauty Palette for July.

  2. Are these spoilers for the glam bag ot glam bag plus? Sorry if it was answered or asked before

    • These are the spoilers for the regular glam bag. 🙂

  3. Fingers crossed for the Red Earth oil.

  4. I want the oil but not any of the other stuff.

  5. Okay, time to opt out of eyeliners for a while.

  6. It’s funny, I was ready to opt out of mascaras (I get so many)…but I wouldn’t be mad if that Eyeko showed up in my bag. Been wanting to try a mascara from them for a while. And it’s waterproof, to boot.

    • Eyeko is something I’ve gotten samples of and is so good I’d buy it. I’ve had a mascara and an eyeliner in deluxe trial size and they’re so good. I can’t bring myself to use my old eyeliner anymore.

  7. I skipped May & June. Other than the brush (previous Firma brushes I’ve received I’ve liked) there’s nothing here I’m excited about. Will wait on more spoilers before I decide to skip or cancel

  8. Geez I’m not excited for July so far at all, either GB *or* GBPlus. That’s ok… I’ll still have June’s 111Skin and SundayRiley to crow about.

  9. Ooh, I’d love to receive a RedEarth product.

    • Ummm…This article recommends turning used coffee grounds in to an exfoliant as a safe way to dispose of them.

      • Yes, but they will clog drains so I’m not really sure how they expect anyone to rinse it off. Outside with a water hose I guess?

      • Try rinsing you face in a large glass bowl vs a sink then you can just dump the bowl somewhere outside if you’re concerned.

  10. I’m taking a sub break, but I’m going to have to hit a swap board next month because WATERPROOF. MASCARA. from a sub box!!! (I’m a teary eyed person ya’ll…)

    • I want the mascara too!

    • As a fellow teary eyed person, I cannot recommend tubing mascara enough. It’s the best.

      • Tubing mascara is the only kind I can use! It really is fantastic! It doesn’t budge all day, but slides right off with soap and water. Sorcery I tell you!

      • Not sorcery – Elmer’s school glue. Smell the tubing mascara and you’ll get it. That is also why they tell you not to leave mascara on the neck of the tube. Just school glue with black pigment.

  11. Am I the only one hoping the Tetris things show up again for July?

    • No. I’m with ya! I’m getting a lip balm but it’s the only one I didn’t want (peachy red). I really want the purple one or the neutral. There’s a color or two from the yellow palette I’d like to try. I saw that they sent out single shadows from the Plus palettes. I don’t use highlighter but it’s so pretty I’d love to use it as an eyeshadow. I don’t want the silver or gold lip gloss though. I really wish I could get a different bag. I got the ugly brownish orange bag.

      • It seems like everybody got the ugly orange brown bag. I wish I would have gotten a different color as well.

      • Everyones profile is showing brown bag you won’t know what color bag you get until you get it.

    • I hope so too since my card wasn’t going through and now I can’t get June’s box 🙁 lol

    • Yep

      • 🤣

    • Pending seeing how they perform when I receive my ipsy, Id be ok with it. I wish they’d offered more of the collection as add ons. I have a feeling different items will be available over the next few mos.

    • All I’m getting is a brush I was hoping for more.

    • The three Tetris lip balms are so good. I wish Ipsy has them as addons again in the July ipsy bag..
      In June I got the neutral lip balm in my regular bag and coral and pink as addons in my Ipsy plus. I love each shade on my lip!!! The neural one goes perfect with my redish brown lipstick (Bobbi Brown Lip Crushed in Ruby).

  12. Meh… and I only want the purlisse in GBP so far.

  13. oooh, I received that mellow eyeliner before and it works great! doesn’t smear and stays on all day. I wouldn’t mind getting that again and the waterproof mascara.

  14. So sad…not excited about any of this 🙁

  15. Not excited about any of these

  16. I’m super bummed out! I sub to 2 ipsy bags and both including the bags this month are identical.

    • Me too Sasha maybe their onto us 😂 it is frustrating though 🙁

    • Betcha the bags aren’t – the orange bags they showed everyone are a placeholder image. You won’t know what color(s) you really got until your glam bag(s) arrives.

    • I got 3 b bags the past 2 months and they were all 3 the same both times.

  17. Hoping for some more makeup items in July. For June’s bag, I literally got one brush and four skin care products LOL

    • Same here !

    • Me too!

    • Yeah, I got four skincare products as well. Not exactly complaining (I’m a skincare junkie), but I subscribe to Ipsy for the makeup, you know?

    • Me too! The first time I’ve had this. I contacted Ipsy care and they let me refine my customization and offered me a choice of one of five products to add to my bag – four of which were skincare lol. For those that are getting too many palettes/shadows/liners – that’s what I would like to get. I’ve tried changing my profile to get more of these but I seem to get a ton of blush no matter what.

    • I’m the opposite. I’m getting four makeup products and only one skincare item for my June bag. And my profile’s set up to reflect my preference for receiving more skincare… I don’t really understand Ipsy’s algorithm. 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • I don’t quite understand their algorithm either. However, after being with Ipsy for over 3 years, I have noticed I will get a couple of great bags then I will get a bag that really doesn’t make much sense for me. At all! At one point, I had a very nice email conversation with an ipsycare person. They encouraged me to look at ALL the items available for that month… Sometimes it really is the best match their system could come up with. Also, one of the points of Ipsy is trying new things. So, their algorithm actually takes that into the whole thing as well. Once in awhile, we are going to go Glambags that don’t exactly match our profiles/preferences. I know it’s frustrating! I know!!! I’m not at all thrilled with my June Glambag contents! I do prefer skincare and I’m getting skincare but I absolutely can not stand the watermelon stuff. I will not even try it ever again. I can’t even handle the scent of watermelon candy or gum. Real watermelon? Yes, but the fake watermelon makes me nauseous. The Tetris item I’m receiving is an eyeshadow brush! 🙄 This is the 6th month in a row that I have gotten an eyeshadow brush from Ipsy! I rate them low every time and state that they are completely useless to me as I don’t wear eyeshadow anymore. I do have some eyeshadow but any eyeshadow I use is a cream eyeshadow. I would love to have gotten the neutral Tetris lip balm! That would have been a better match! Now that they have printed cards, I’m thinking they bags are already decided at least a month prior.

      • Sometimes the thing I don’t want ends up being my favorite. If you only got the same things every month you would end up with all duplicates of the things/brands you like. So I get sending out new things and brands that’s kind of the point to get you hip to new brands & trying new things that you would of never bought on your own. Sometimes it’s a hit sometimes a fail. I’m just glad I got 4 daughters they are always happy to take the things I don’t want off my hands. Christmas and birthdays my teenagers love getting a bag full of make up. I keep what I want pass on what I don’t

      • Yep. Now is when I start putting stuff aside for my teenage daughter’ stocking/makeup bag. I have 2 grown nieces & a teenage grandniece. If Ipsy hadn’t sent me the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye concealer, I don’t think I ever would have known that’s my holy grail concealer!

      • Dawna, I hear you! I thought I was the only one with such an aversion to the scent of manufactured watermelon!
        I’ve never tried the Purlisse watermelon peel off mask and I’m really hoping it’s not strongly scented because I’ve loved all their products so far.

        And have you tried emailing IpsyCare to “opt out” of brushes?

      • Nope! My mom is the same way. I used to love it when I was a kid but smells started bothering me with my 1st pregnancy. The last one really changed everything! My mom says the same thing. Each pregnancy changed things including sense of smell and increased my allergies with each full term pregnancy. Amazing but worth it! I have considered it but then that would opt me out of all beauty tools. I think I’m opted out of eyeliner & nail polish. I thought about writing in and requesting that PLEASE!, after over 3 years, can I please get some tweezers or a eyelash curler, blush or powder brushes?! When y’all have them??? I know you have but still, I keep getting eyeshadow brushes and the occasional contour brush and I don’t contour. Come on Ipsy! Work with me here! 🤣

  18. Just an FYI on the coffee scrub, it is MESSY. Much more so than the many other scrubs I’ve used.
    I bought this one in full size from Ipsy Offers a while back. It does work pretty well, though not the best I’ve tried, it’s just gets EVERYWHERE. It’s literally a bag of almost dry coffee grounds with just a touch of oil. And it smells like nothing but coffee in my opinion. Mine is supposed to be the Rose kind but I don’t smell it at all. However, because it’s not at all a feminine scent my boyfriend likes to use it. Now if he’d just clean all the grounds up after…

    • I agree it’s very messy. I bought 2 big bags as an Ipsy offer and have only used it once. Like you said Dani it gets EVERYWHERE. It was awful!

    • Agreed! I got the coconut and vanilla one ipsy offer from a while back. I just smell coffee. It does make your skin soft and if you shower un the morning, it will wake you up! But it is definitely messy. It would be good if you have a detachable shower head so you can rinse ot the tub. It also says to leave in for 5 to 10 min so I do a hair mask at the same time and then idk you can stand there, sing a song, wash your face…..

    • Coffee grounds are not good for your drains. Can’t believe the make and sell stuff like this that is bad for your plumbing.

    • I have been lucky and NOT got this yet. (and its been available a few different months) Nothing about having coffee grounds, in your tub/shower, sounds like a good idea. I don’t care if its a good scrub, smells great or anything. I’d never use it.

    • What surprises me is that this same exact coffee scrub was offered as an add-on in this months sub! (June 😳😳😳)

      • Different scents.

  19. Sooooo happy I chose to skip July. Looks like a total meh box.

  20. Does anyone know from experience how often does Ipsy and Ipsy Glam Bag Plus send out nail polishes ?? In your experiences .

    Also if I opt out of eyeshadow palettes do they really keep sending them ?

    I’m stuck bw opting out of nail polishes or eyeshadow palettes

    Any help?


    • My recommendation is for you to opt out of eyeshadows, as those are sent out frequently. I love nail polish and don’t receive it that often from ipsy. The off nail polish in your bag would be very easy to pass along to someone else.

      • I agree. I’ve never opted out of polishes but only received maybe 3 in about 2 years. I get eyeshadow in at least 75% of my bags.

      • Ok thanks for your help 🙂

      • Thanks Dea but so many people on here are complaining they just opted out of eyeshadows and are still getting eyeshadow palettes :/ so this is where I’m kinda lost and Confused . They say Ipsy doesn’t group eyeshadows into palettes so I deff I y don’t want any palettes . Thanks for your help.

    • I get maybe two polishes a year with my regular GB. Haven’t gotten any from Plus yet. In my experience, editing your profile or “opting out” of certain categories doesn’t mean anything. I always rate eyeliner 1 star and have it set in my profile that I do not want it, yet I seem to get one every other month. I don’t think they pay much attention to your ratings or preferences.

    • I love the nail polishes because usually the retail prices cover the $10 sub. I have gotten 5 in the last 6 bags. (I had to check). I have also skipped 2 months recently. I hope that helps.

      • Thanks Enid ( love that character on walking dead btw 🙂

      • That may be because now we get to choose “Often, Sometimes, or Rarely” in our profiles for each product type now. Before we got to choose like that, did you get them that often? I know they made that improvement to our profiles a while back, I just can’t remember how long ago. I’m just curious to see if or how often the new profiles should give us what we want most. Thanks!

      • Thanks Maria and yes I always update my profile ! BC I want to make it easier on them , but also would like to make sure I’m getting things I will truly use I marked rarely on a lot of stuff yet still get it :/ then I’m like what the heck?! Is the point of personalization lol I just emailed them about opting out of eyeliners and eyeshadows let’s see if that works 🤞

      • I opted out eyeliners & mascara, and that works! Never got any. But it also made my other personalization rather off the mark
        From what I’ve experienced through personalization, here’s what I summarize:
        1. Ipsy already had several product variants set for the month (let’s say 20 variants)
        2. When I opted out eyeliners & mascara, their algorithm first eliminate eyeliners & mascara from the available sets (lets say 12 variants left)
        3. When I did Improve my Glam Bag survey, their algorithm will try to pick the variant which has at least one of the “Yes” product & try to avoid the “No” product (sometimes the leftover variants couldn’t accomodate both & I got “Yes” product together with “No” product)
        4. Then their algorithm will follow the Profile & Often/Sometimes/Rarely personalization.

        It’s all programmed & while some personalization seems advantageous, it may also limit the other personalizations.
        So now I only opted out of 2 products only if I really don’t want any of them & I only choose “Yes” in Improve my Glam Bag survey only when I really want that item, to make sure the products included got personalized as close as it could be.

  21. No more eyeliners I opted out of this category !! I hope they do not send me eyeliners for the love of god – improve personalization and no more eyeshadow palettes that I don’t use and am drowning in , just as a filler .

    • I know what you mean. I’ve lucked out with no eyeliners lately (knock on wood) but not eyeshadow. I was assured by an Ipsy Care rep last month I was opted out of eyeshadow for both my regular and Plus subscription until I request to change it but I still got a Tetris palette. It’s pretty but I have so many palettes I’ve yet to even try. I really need to swap or sell most but I never seem to get around to it.

      • Yeah Dani I’ve been trying to sell mine on eBay , even in a 3 bulk pack brand new and no one wants them , lol. Tells me a lot . Have a great week 😉

      • You might try selling them through another site like Poshmark or even Amazon. I bought a Too Faced eyeshadow palette I really wanted (but didn’t want to pay $42 for and kept missing it when it finally git marked down a bit in Too Faced and other sites) on Ebay a while back and it was a nightmare. I’d heard a lot about fake cosmetics being sold on Ebay so I tried to be really careful and find a highly rated seller with a reasonable price (there were some Chinese sellers offering it for $7). I paid around $25. When I got it I immediately suspected it was a fake because it felt and looked VERY cheap. I tried watching YouTube reviews of it but just couldn’t tell for sure. Finally I just broke down and ordered one from HSN for $42. Well of course after comparing that one with the Ebay one it was much easier to tell. The differences weren’t huge but there were just enough of them with packaging details and even more so with the shades and quality of the eyeshadows that definitely didn’t match up. I contacted the seller with pictures of both her palette and the HSN one providing irrefutable proof but still she denied it. I was very nice about it and suggested perhaps her supplier had fooled her as well but she wouldn’t refund me. I reported her to Ebay not just for myself but to get her investigated and banned. They didn’t do a thing other than send automated prompts to work on resolving the dispute. It was clear Ebay doesn’t care how many people are getting ripped off through their site as long as they get their cut. So 2 weeks and 8 emails later (she finally relented and kept saying she was processing my refund but never did) I finally told her I was done and would just get a refund through my credit card company and left her negative feedback. She refunded me immediately and practically told me I had to now change my feedback. Uh…she did in fact sell me a fake product and planned to keep selling it and made it a huge hassle to get my $25 back for both of us. Needless to say I didn’t change my feedback. Long story I know, but I wanted to warn others for one thing because I often see people on here commenting to just get such and such on Ebay. I also wanted to suggest to you that perhaps you’re not able to sell your palettes because by now so many people have been duped or fear it so they don’t want to risk it. Personally I haven’t gone back on Ebay for any reason since then and probably never will.
        So in addition to the type if sites I suggested above, a lot of people are able to sell their sub box beauty products on Facebook. There are even groups specifically for the buying and selling of Boxycharm items, groups for Ipsy, for sub boxes, etc. i’ve also been told Reddit is a good place to swap items. Hope this helps and please forgive the long story. I’m cursed with always being too wordy. 😊

    • Thanks Call , that’s so informative !! I will deff try that , sounds like you figured out the Ipsy game – good looking out !

  22. ZzZzzZzzZz for the liquid eyeliner and mascara but that Red Earth Oil has me intrigued 🤔

  23. I’m really hoping I can get my hands on that Red Earth oil!

    • I was able to choose one of these and chose the oil! I can’t wait.

      • Oooh, how did that work? Is it a pilot customization program or something?

      • No Lori I wish lol , it’s bc they messed up their June boxes so they complained to customer service and that’s what they do , offer you to pick something you want out of next months box , pretty fair 🙂

      • Cool! I hope you enjoy it!
        I’m having issues with my regular Ipsy bags (both May & June), so hopefully when the rep gets back to me with my inquiries they make the same offer to me as a sort of apology. 😉

  24. I thought I saw the coffee scrub available as an add on for June. I am surprised it’s now being sampled — I would have assumed it would have been the other way around.

    • You’re right, it iwas available in Coconut scent. I added it on because I loooove coffee scrubs.

      • Have you tried making them? I have only used pre-made ones. However, my friend told me that it was very easy to make your own. As much as I love them, I do not love the cleanup 😀 Or maybe I just make it messier than it needs to be.

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