Ipsy Glam Bag Plus Review – June 2019

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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 -beauty subscription box review

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is a $25 a month subscription box from Ipsy. Every month you’ll receive 5 full-sized beauty products. The box will have a retail value of at least $120. (This box was voted as a best makeup subscription box and a best beauty subscription box by MSA readers!)

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 -beauty subscription box review open

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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 -beauty subscription box review all contents

About the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

The Box: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

The Cost: $25 a month (free shipping)

The Products: Full-size makeup and beauty products every month.

Ships to: US

Delivered via: USPS

Our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 Review

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    Now, on to the items!

    • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 -beauty subscription box review trio of lippies

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    • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 -beauty subscription box review scuro lipstick

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    • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 -beauty subscription box review lilla lipstck

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    • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 -beauty subscription box review lip stick amore

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      JOLII COSMETICS Luxe Crème Matte Trio in Scuro, Lilla & Amore, 2.5 ml each – Retail Value $54.00

      When I read the spoilers for this month, I thought these might be minis because it seems crazy to get a set of three full-sized lippies. They are indeed full size and the colors are gorgeous! My favorite would 100% be Lilla, the PERFECT smoked lavender for my skin tone. I also loved Scuro, a deep purple wine, though it might be a bit too dark for summer. The final shade is Amore, a bright, classic red. Unlike many matte liquid lipsticks out there, these somehow maintain a velvet finish that never completely dries down, meaning my lips don’t get uncomfortable and flaky. I also tried a gloss on top which worked really well, especially if you don’t love a matte finish.

      Top to bottom: Lilla, Scuro, and Amore

      • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 -beauty subscription box review sunday rley ceo

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      • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 -beauty subscription box review sunday riley ceo

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      • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 -beauty subscription box review ceo cream

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        SUNDAY RILEY C.E.O. Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream, 1.7 oz – Retail Value $65.00

        Good to Know: ipsters who get this bag are guaranteed the item above OR the 111SKIN Vitamin C Brightening Booster ($180.00 value). 

        Yaaaaaas. It is always a good day when I get a Sunday Riley product. My skin loves this brand! I already own both the C.E.O. Oil and the C.E.O. Serum, and use them regularly. I have noticed much brighter looking skin from these products, even when my face is dry and cranky. Vitamin C is a wonderful ingredient to add to any anti-aging routine because it helps your overall skin texture and boosts collagen production, which then minimizes those pesky fine lines. This formula is on the heavier side, but it does absorb quickly, leaving behind a velvety finish with no film or greasiness.

        • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 -beauty subscription box review tetris palette open

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        • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 -beauty subscription box review tetris palette

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        • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 -beauty subscription box review tetris palette lid

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        • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 -beauty subscription box review bottom of tetrs palette

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        • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 -beauty subscription box review

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          Tetris x ipsy ‘Game On’ 6 Eyeshadow Palette, 13.5 g – Listed Value $24.00

          Good to Know: This is one of two possible palette variations you might see in your bag! Want more Tetris x ipsy deets? Check out my review of the full collection (and my eye palette makeup looks!) here.

          This was my favorite palette from the entire collection, so I am happy to see it again! There is something so appealing about the mix of totally wearable neutral shes with the bolder mustard yellow and saturated navy. This palette can deliver natural workday appropriate lids or something bolder and more artistic with ease. The shadows have a ton of pigment and blend easily.

          Ipsy x Tetris May 2019 makeup subscription box review eye shadow palette game on swatches

          From top to bottom: Game Changer (matte), Game Day, Game Night, Stack It Up (matte), Block Party, Game Over (matte).

          • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 -beauty subscription box review clay mask

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          • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 -beauty subscription box review pink clay mask open

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            Generation Clay Purifying Pink Clay Mask, 2.1 fl oz – Retail Value $29.00

            If you read my reviews, you likely already know this is not my type of product. I have super dry skin and anything with clay is a big no-no for me. My husband, on the other hand, has oily skin so he was our test subject for this mask. It does go on a true pale pink (much to my delight and Will’s disdain) but as it dries it turns more of a cream/white color, so you know when it is ready to be washed off. In a show of solidarity, I tried a patch on the back of my hand so we would have two opinions on this. Will thought it was extremely drying, which he loved. I thought the same, but for me, this was not a selling point. Both of us thought that it made our skin feel really tight. I think if you have oily skin and are concerned about cleansing and minimizing your pores, you will probably love this. If you are like me and you are already dry as a desert, this will make your skin feel even more parched and tight and send you running for your most powerful moisturizer.

            • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 -beauty subscription box review mascara

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            • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 -beauty subscription box review mascara open

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              Pixi by Petra Lash Lift Mascara, 0.28 oz – Retail Value $18.00

              This mascara is interesting. It features a big hollow brush with a second tony brush nestled inside like some sort of eyelash wand Russian nesting doll. You can access them each separately with different twistable handle pats. At first, I thought this felt a little gimmicky, but I have loved nearly everything I have tried from this brand so I decided to give it a go. I like the formula of the mascara more than the brush itself, it is really glossy and a true black. The larger brush did a fine job coating most of my lashes and I used the smaller for the shorter hairs and corners of my eye. I am not super conscious about coating every lash, so I feel that this fancy brush might be wasted on me, but if you are more of a lash perfectionist, this might be a really fun option for you.

              Verdict: This box has a value of $190.00 which is incredible for a $25 box. I would have been happy paying $25 for just the Sunday Riley cream! I loved the liquid lipsticks and the Tetris palette is still one of my favorite color combos in any palette I have gotten this year so far. The clay mask was not my thing at all, though Will might use it ever so often. The mascara was a solid addition, though not super exciting. Even though I wasn’t in love with everything this month, I can’t deny the massive value in this box and I am more than happy with it.

              To Wrap Up:

              Can you still get this box if you sign up today?  If you want an Ipsy Glam Bag Plus subscription, get on the waitlist here.

              Value Breakdown: This box cost $25. Here is approximately what you are paying per product:

              • Jolii Liquid Lipstick Trio $7.11
              • Sunday Riley C.E.O. Cream $8.55
              • Tetris x ipsy Palette $3.15
              • Generation Clay Mask $3.82
              • pixi by Petra Mascara $2.37

              Alternatively, each item has an average cost of $5.00.

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              What do you think of the June Ipsy Glam Bag Plus? Which items did you get?

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              Written by Megan Kirkland

              Megan Kirkland

              I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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              1. Mine is still “EN ROUTE TO DHL ECOMMERCE DISTRIBUTION CENTER” since 06/09 🙄 and customer service said it’s normal (apparently the generic response based on these comments) about a week and a half ago. I don’t want to ask for a replacement if that means I don’t get Sunday Riley! That’s the only good thing in my box!!

                • DHL is the worst company. I try to not order from companies who use DHL because so many of my items gave gone missing from them and their customer service is horrible. They take forever to respond and when they did all they could tell me was to contact the company who sent it to send me a replacement BUT it’s literally gone lost every time I’ve used them. Good luck I hope you get your items.

                • I thought it was just me until I read all these comments about “in route” (since the 9th as well) packages today. I emailed about not receiving my box and invalid tracking numbers so they said they would send out a replacement box within five to seven days, that was five days ago so we’ll see but I’m thinking I’m going to need a refund for June glam bag plus because the reason I subscribe is to get great products at low cost – not left over products that they couldn’t get rid of.

                  • I just got my replacement box and I definitely would have skipped June if they offered the replacement items as original offers. Instead of Sunday Riley CEO I got goldfaden md Bright eyes dark circle radiance concentrate- I don’t ever use stuff for dark circles because I’ve never had them. Also instead of the eyeliner pot and brush set I received a eyeko black magic felt tip eyeliner pen. I don’t use felt tip liners-ever. So these are definitely a huge disappointing flop for me. I feel decieved and tricked into paying for this box I would have most definitely have skipped. Did anyone get the originally promised items?

                    • I hate to say, but I got my original box. I received the SR, Jolii lip trio, Game on Tetris Game on Palette, Generation Clay mask, Pixi by Petra Lash Lift. Took 16 days and three emails but I did finally get it. I have been getting Ipsy for 3 months now, and it has been late all three months. Ipsy’s shipping sucks so bad!

                      • ANyone else notice how terrible those beautiful lip glasses are at TRANSFERRING everywhere. They wont dry and stay on your lips. The colors are gorgeous. They apply and feel amazing, not dry. I LOVED them BUT they wouldn’t dry so they would bleed and transfer onto ANYTHING that your lips touched!! How come no one else is complaining about this except me??

                      • A lip primer or liner helps with the feathering. The transfer was a mild issue, but this formula is so *creamy* and non-drying that I’ll take a little bit of transfer over liquid lipstick that dries me out and cracks over time. But really, there ARE liquid lipsticks in this price range that perform FAR FAR better. M.A.C. Retro Mattes and Stila Stay All Day come to mind.

                      • I’ve actually had more bleeding/transfer with a primer. Going over a natural lip has worked best for me with these. Maybe I need to try a different primer.

                      • If you are talking about the Jolii ones, yes! The red bleeds and transfers everwhere and the dark purple transfers, too. I have not had a problem with the lighter one, though.

                    • I’m sorry Angela and would be disappointed too. I did receive my first GBP box for June and shockingly received both Skin111 and SR in mine so everyone has mentioned I was beyond lucky and hit the sub jackpot. I’ve been using both products and enjoying them but think the SR may be giving me a little acne which I dont really ever get. I using MB as soon as I see the beginning of a pimple and it is gone by the next day. So I;m going to adjust and cut back on the SR to every other day once per day and see if that helps. Again I understand your disappointment but I did want to reply that I received my box and correct items. My SR wasn’t sealed at the top with plastic. Hope it is new, it seemed new when I opened it.

                      • I hit the jackpot with this one. I received my box on time and with all the great products in it including Sunday Riley. But then I also received a SECOND box, of exactly the same stuff again! It just showed up at my house; no idea why they sent me a second box!

                • Hi Jen

                  My GBP was the same–stalled at DHL since 6/9.
                  Despite numerous emails to Ipsy care, I was ASSURED that it was shipped and that I would receive it.
                  NOT!! They notified me yesterday that they were refunding the bag and my add ons!!
                  And as a consolation–I could choose one of next month’s products(yuk).

                  Poor customer service and totally unacceptable.

                  • Be patient, you never know, it may still show up, and if it does, don’t say anything! This happened to me with an Allure bag. I reported it to the post office and they researched it and a month later reported to me that it was completely lost and they had no idea what happened to it. (It finally showed up two weeks late.) Allure knew it showed up, but the post office couldn’t figure it out.

                    • I’ve had 5 ipsy shopper items disappear from DHL and at least two bags. DHL is definitely s**t

                      • I believe it. I never got my first, they sent out a SECOND and that on is still “En Route.”

                  • They are refunding your money, doesn’t sound like you are actually out anything. While it may be disappointing that there was a shipping issue, it is only makeup. What exactly is it that you expect when you have now paid nothing?

                    • I want to step in here.

                      We all live different lives and have different issues going on. While this box might just be “make up” to most of you, it’s much more to some of us.

                      I have several serious health issues. These boxes are special to me. They help me feel and “look” better, even for one day. Sure, it’s just “make up”. But that make up is something that I didn’t have to use all of my energy searching for. It arrives at my door and it’s something that I wanted. It’s a special treat for me.

                      Try not to assume that all of us are the same.

                    • Sounds like YOU got your bag Just Fine. So did I. But empathy is an important factor in human relations, and it’s ok to not speak up if you don’t have anything nice or helpful to say. This issue affected THOUSANDS of women all over the continent and they have every right to be upset. And Ipsy should be catching ALL of the heat for this situation, not the women affected. Imo, they are owed not only a refund but also a *comparable* replacement box. My box was worth over $300 RV and a $50 box plus a $25 refund would absolutely NOT make me feel any better if this happened to me.

                      • Same here I got a partial refund for my bag since I accepted a special package the items are and will be worthless to me 😩😩😩 also the same problem seems to be occurring again no tracking information on July’s glam bag

                • This issue is why I unsubscribed. I got a great box in January but they make you wait so long before they admit that it’s lost I got a “replacement” box that had no matching or high RV items, just left over add ons (multiples no less). I was excited about GBP until then, and after I got only the cheap/less desirable stuff. Much happier with standard and doing add ons (when the site works).

              2. June 21 still no GBP or GB..Some weird stuff happened though with my other 2 extra bags that I paid 13 something each for…After they were sent out on June 4 and 5, they sat…then I emailed Ipsy over and over..they kept assuring me that they will arrive (how did they know that since the tracking was not updating??!) They finally arrived yesterday and had great items! Much better than the usual GB..They also said they will be re-sending my GBP.. But that my add-ons are now out of stock and will issue a refund for the add-ons.. I have no idea what or when my GBP will arive now..Hoping it’s the items that I was so excited about though!

                • Same thing happened to me. They were out of the Sunday Riley and will refund me $5. I think something is wrong with their supply chain or DLH this month. I thought it was just me but guess so many others are experiencing issues as well. This is a total disappointment.

              3. I’m not sure if my earlier comment posted but… IPSY is sending me a replacement box, since I haven’t received it and it’s been virtually stalled in Hebron, Ky since the 12th. Unfortunately they are out of stock of the Sunday Riley that I selected as an addon and will refund me for that and I could potentially receive substitutes for the other items.

                • This is why I’m scared about my shipment! The Sunday Riley is supposed to be part of my box, & I’m worried that if they have to send me a replacement (due to a missing box or due to a smashed jar from having spent so long in transit), I won’t get it. Since I really didn’t care for most of my box this month, the Sunday Riley was the saving grace of the box. :/

                  • I too only really wanted the Sunday Riley, I reached back out to customer service to express my disappointment and to see if they would be willing to send 111skin instead. This is the response…..

                    I wish I could, but we currently don’t have a way to process your request since the refund has been made.

                    I’d be happy to help you handpick at least one of your products for next month to help make up for the trouble. Please know this is a one-time exception and I won’t be able to offer product selection as an option in the future (but I hope it helps this time!).

                    I’ve picked out some of our favorite products from July’s Glam Bag selection:

                    FIRMA BEAUTY 204 Wide Blender Brush
                    MELLOW Precision Liquid Pen Eyeliner in Black
                    EYEKO Beach Waterproof Mascara
                    RED EARTH Brighten Concentrate Oil with Kakadu Plum
                    THE COFFEE SCRUB The Coffee Scrub in French Vanilla

                    • I have the same issue going on. Send us something comparable to the Sunday Riley, not $5 measly bucks. I’m considering canceling after this experience combined with last months experience. What a shame.

                      • I’m in the same situation. I had SR in my box. I’m positive that my box was never shipped. If they didn’t have enough SR to accommodate boxes, why did they allow people to purchase it?! I’m getting a $5 refund for a $65 cream and I’ll get an “equivalent alternative”. Well, there wasn’t anything equivalent offered, so I highly doubt it. I don’t want the face cream that is coming from China, when it’s normally manufactured in Europe. That’s bizarre. This is my first GBP and I’m beyond frustrated. It seems that they “forgot” to ship out a lot of boxes.

                        I also read that DHL terminated contracts with their employees, so their employees are doing a horrible job. People are receiving empty boxes/bags, heavily damaged packages and several people have caught the delivery person throwing their packages.

                    • Those are the “great” brands? Is that for the GBP? Someone mentioned brands such as smashbox, glow, huda and I believe another large brand. I wasn’t even offered the option of selecting anything for next month. I have to wait ANOTHER 5-7 BUSINESS days before they send a replacement. You’d think they’d hurry up and send a replacement, but no.

                      • Those great products are for the regular Ipsy bag. I hope the same thing with the Glam Plus Bag doesn’t happen next month.

                • I reached out to customer service 2 days ago and pretty much demanded my original glam bag since they lost the previous months and sent me stuff I was bummed about. Well, guess what showed up today. I’m not sure if this is my real bag or the replacement?!? B/c tracking still says en route to DHL?!?! Not sure what’s going on, happy to have this settled for this month. To everyone waiting on your bag- contact customer service- demand your original bag! *worked for me- this time at least.

              4. After contacting IPSY regarding missing glam
                Bag this was the response today.

                Thanks for letting me know your tracking number hasn’t updated recently, and I’m sorry to hear about this.

                To save you the trouble of checking your tracking info all the time, you can sign up to get status updates on your shipment this month. From your DHL tracking link page, click the orange “Receive Status Updates” button, and you can enter your email address for any updates.

                I understand your frustration, and it is always our intention to get your Glam Bag out to you as quickly as possible. When packages get handed over from our shipping partners to your local post office, it can take some time for them to get sorted for final delivery, and during that time you may not see tracking updates.

                Don’t worry, your bag should arrive no later than 10 business days after it shipped (not including weekends or holidays). If you don’t have it by June 21st, just let me know.

                Thanks for your patience!

                • Omg! How many bags did they “forget” to send. Mine has said “en route to DHL” since the 9th. Our mail already ran today… no bag. No update. USPS doesn’t have it. Now, I heard that they’re out of Sunday Riley (which came in my box). I don’t want random crap, because they dropped the ball. I’ve been getting boxes for 4+ years and I’ve never had a company that “forgot” to send my box. Then to top it off, they want to blame my local post office for the hold up. No, no, no. My local post office is on it. I live in a community of 2,500 people. When they have my package, it’s scanned in and I get a notification, since I’m signed up for informed delivery.

                • I got the same response. Now they are sending me a replacement box, sans two of my items, now out of stock. You guessed it, the Sunday Riley and the eyeliner and brush set. They are refunding me a whopping $10 plus tax. I don’t know if this means I am only getting 3 items now. It is really hard to believe that so many boxes got lost, unless somebody made off with the whole truck on the way to DHL.

              5. I got almost the exact stuff. The only difference is I got the Tula sheet masks over the Clay mask which i am totally happy about since i just got 3 in my FABFITFUN boxes.

              6. I have two accounts with a glam bag and glam bag plus on each. My four bags shipped before June 8. I’ve only gotten one of the four. One hasn’t been scanned since June 12th at all amd says its delayed allow 24-48 hours that was 8 days ago. I had a problem with an Ipsy shopper order that shipped beginning of month and never arrived. I emailed them a good week ago with zero response. I emailed them again today hopefully they respond.

                • Sometimes I have better luck contacting ipsy’s customer care on Twitter, if that’s an option for you.

                  Emailing Ipsy again moves your request to the back of the queue.

                • I’m having difficulty receiving my plus boxes & bags too. I’ve contacted them several times only to receive a general generic response. Tracking states DHL was to receive it on 6/9, but DHL says they’re still waiting to get it. Someone(s) messed up big time in the shipping department!!!

              7. I emailed Ipsy again..and I copied and pasted how it is only supposed to be 10 business days, not 15, to get a new bag sent if lost in the mail… My 4 bags , plus add ons shipped on June 4th..here it is June 20..NO bags still..The last person that was emailing me from Ipsy said to wait until the 25th to email them again, but after I found the statement on their site that said 10 days I emailed Ipsycare again..so we shall see.. Is anyone else still waiting for losy bags?

                • *lost bags not losy lol

                • I was told to wait until tomorrow and if I haven’t received my FIRST box, they’ll resend it. They said that the local post office usually holds it and that’s the issue. The only thing that I’ve received states “en route to DHL”. I’m offended that they’d attempt to blame my tiny post office. I get 3 other subscriptions and have no issues getting my boxes. I also subscribed to another box at one time
                  … no issues. They need to own up to their error. USPS has no record of the package and DHL doesn’t either. It’s been 11 days and 9 business days. (No movement at all)

                  • Yeah, I emailed yesterday, & the response I got today juuuust under the promised 24-hr response window was: email us again after 10 days! (umm… it HAS been 10 days, that’s why I’m emailing you now?) and “Sometimes tracking information can be stalled at your local post office” and “When packages get handed over from our shipping partners to your local post office, it can take some time for them to get sorted for final delivery” (!!!)

                    They really did that, trying to shove off responsibility for the delays on USPS twice in one email! I have gotten 4 packages from USPS this week, all of them shipped AFTER my glambag was shipped. There’s nothing wrong with my USPS shipments.

                • yep. It says on the Ipsy site that it ‘should arrive!’ on the 12th, but tracking shows it as ‘on its way to USPS’ – from Union City, which is practically around the corner from me.

                  Ipsycare basically told me to go pound sand: “when the status changes from ‘in transit’ to ‘delivered,’ it’ll probably be delivered!” Um, thank you for that super helpful response?

              8. I got an extra suva cake liner lol,just one brush but two eyeliners

                • I am looking forward to using that brush! I have another one, but this one has such a fine point to it!

              9. Also – the R and Co I got was FULL SIZE

              10. I got my Ipsy glam bag and I didn’t receive the lipstick or the clay mask. Bummer!

                • no lips or mascara for me…

                  • Were these the replacement bags?

              11. I just picked up my GBP from the post office and my add ons are missing. Is their customer service typically helpful with sending replacements? I’ve never had any issues with my bags prior to this so I’m unsure of what to expect.

                • I received a bag that had partially opened during shipping and the add-ons were missing. I reached out to CS and they replaced the missing items very quickly. I want to say it took 3 days give or take for them to ship them out to me. There was no hassle from them at all, they were very easy to work with on it.

                  Good luck, I hope they take care of your missing items!

                  • Thank you! I received an email in an hour or so saying they’d send them out in 3-5 days. That’s probably the quickest response I’ve ever received from any company’s customer service.

                    • You’re welcome! 🙂 Hope they get to you quickly!!

                • I’ve had the same experience as Twyla (missing add-ons replaced very quickly), but I also experienced another scenario where they also recently refunded me for my May add-ons because I guess my May bag got lost in transit (or was never sent out for shipping is what it looks like more to me), and when they stated a replacement bag would be sent to me, they stated they couldn’t fulfill my add-on order because they were sold out, so they ended up refunding me. Just thought I’d mention this because if the missing add-ons are in stock, they’ll replace them but if not, then they’ll refund you.

                  • Thank you! I’m a little worried about that happening since one of the add ons is the Sunday Riley cream. I’ve seen numerous posts with broken jars, so if those are all getting replaced they may not have enough stock once they get around to my order.

                • Happen to me last month with a rose gold colored blush brush! 1st it was the same thing. Bag never showed up, reached out, said they’d send me a replacement and credit the money back. So I got a white firma brush-that I’m not crazy about and the money back. This month I didn’t purchase add one and my bag still isn’t moving!

              12. You mentioned that shipping is free for the Glam Bag Plus and I pay $26.75 a month so apparently I’m getting charged for shipping..

                • I believe that would be tax you are paying. Certain states charge sales tax on Ipsy (not quite sure what the rules are about who does and who doesn’t).

                • Could it be a 7% sales tax? I get charged $27.53 due to 10+% tax where I live 🙁

                • That’s your state’s sales tax. The laws changed very recently and now (*some*) online retailers are required to charge appropriate sales taxes (in *some* states)

                • It’s tax. Boxycharm started charging state tax in certain states this year, too. I get charged 7.5% in tax.

              13. Are the delivery problems on IPSY’s end or DHL? I dropped Allure to consider getting this box

                I already have enough problems with my local post office.

                • It’s Ipsy. This is my first box and I’m horrified. My box is great, but it has said “en route to DHL for 10 days/8 business days. They never dropped the box off. It seems to be the case for most of us. Some people have had the boxes shipped and they’ve been sitting in a random city for a week. DHL is notoriously horrible, but telling your customers that you shipped their box 10 days ago, when you only created a label is also a horrible practice.

                • Definitely both. Ipsy is having trouble getting the packages to DHL once they’re packed (according to them, anyway… I suppose it’s possible that they’re making shipping labels for bags that aren’t even put together yet), but DHL comes up with these nonsensical delays where they’re just like, “yeah, sure, you’ll receive your package in” ::throws dart at board:: “yeah, 48 hours!”

                  There’s other hinky stuff going on, too, like the past two packages I’ve gotten from them have been delivered to a DHL location in a city 35 min from me before being “tendered to service provider” (aka USPS). Now, I’m not saying the USPS is flawless, but, like… it does NOT take them a week to get a package over a 35-min stretch of road.
                  I’m still waiting for one package, but the one that finally arrived a week late went straight from “tendered to service provider” to “your package has been delicvered!” with no scanned steps in between. I don’t think it used to be that way. I’m pretty sure that I used to see the USPS scans as part of the tracking, too (“arrived at sorting facility”, “out for delivery” etc), but it’s possible I’m thinking of a different shipping service.

              14. Consider your self lucky. I have been with them for years and use to think the same. This year 2 bags lost, this month my bag has been sitting since the 11th and I’m so disappointed. I know I’m not the only one that has been going through this 🙁 I’m getting tired of checking DHL web site b/c I know it hasn’t moved. I’ve reached out to DHL- they say the label is print and they haven’t got it. Ipsy customers arrive says oh we are still getting them out… it’s the 19th?!?! It’s crazy late, considering I had the DHL shipping notification on the 11th!

              15. I get 2 Ipsy bags, both were shipped on the 12th but only one of them has been delivered. I checked the tracking and it’s currently in Herbron, KY since the 14th. Has anyone else had this issue? The bag that’s delayed has the awesome add ons with it.

                • I read somewhere that when you add add-ons that they’ll ship later. Which is true bc I get 2 bags and i’ve already gotten the first one with no add-ons and am still waiting for the bag with the add ons, as is my bestie who also added on items. I added on something 2 months ago, and got that bag towards the end of the month. But i’m not mad bc I know I’ll get it and Ipsy is my favorite sub box. It’s worth the wait. Hope you get yours soon. <3

                • There has been a problem with Hebron, KY for months! I really don’t know what they’re doing over there. No reason anything should be stalled out for so long. They need better employees or more of them.

                  • Cincinnati is a disaster. I live in Ohio and Cincinnati is the main hub. Cincinnati knows that items shouldn’t be shipped to the Dayton hub, yet they shipped my BoxyLuxe there this month. Dayton shipped it back to Cincinnati. They sent it back and forth a total of FOUR times, before it was forwarded to my local post office. It’s like they were sending it back and forth to have a “fight”. When it arrived, it had a hole knocked in the box. 😐

              16. For those that are having shipping issues and still do not have the box….I have been emailing an Ipsycare person back and forth, as my 4 boxes are all stuck in limbo and I have not gotten them..Mine went out on June 4 and 5 and she said that I have to wait 15 days, not including holidays or weekends, to have new ones sent out..So, on June 25th, I am supposed to email her back to be sent new ones…My hubby even went into the local Post Office and asked where his wife’s Ipsys are LOL…they are all lost 🙁 🙁 there’s no way they take 2 weeks to travel from Phoenix to my small town, 1 hour from Phoenix..I probably will need the new ones shipped on the 25th and then get them in July, when I am not home (going camping with my daughter ) ..I was so excited this month for my Ipsys and now I’m so sad about it

                • Interesting. I wonder why the new 15 days? They’ve always said 10! (Tomorrow will be my 10th business day since I received shipping email, so I’ve been holding off emailing until then.)

                  Mine got to a city 35 min from me before it stopped, lol.

                  • In you’re case, I’d call the facility that’s 35 minutes away and make them investigate it. I’ve done this for other packages. Or you can call your local post office and they’ll do it (assuming you don’t live in a huge city). Sometimes this happens with damaged packages. I had purchased something off of Ebay and it got lost in KY for WEEKS. My local post master investigated it, got scanned in photos from every location, etc. The lady sent an empty mailer on purpose. When it arrived in KY, they put it in the damaged area and didn’t know what to do with it, since it was technically empty without any damage. Calling also reminds them to move your package and you might be able to pick it up, since it’s nearby.

              17. I am loving this box. I just received it & it’s my all time favorite monthly beauty box ever! I didn’t expect that huge palette. I had it in my mind that it was much smaller. And my Sunday Riley was much larger than I expected too. Awesome!

              18. I received my Plus box pretty fast, everything was correct, even my add-ons. Loved it. The full sized Sunday Riley is awesome! It even smells like fresh oranges to me! Another winner. Received it around the 10-12th I think. Regular bag seemed to take forever to get to Alabama from Kentucky but it finally arrived today so i have no complaints. Received everything+ my add-ons by the 18th.

              19. I got my first Glam Bag Plus today. I have to save, it’s the best subscription box I’ve ever gotten. I am going to also sign up for the Glam Bag. Ipsy is amazing! I love every product and it made opening up a new subscription box exciting again. After years of Birchbox being pretty boring, I wish I had switched to Ipsy sooner

              20. Not crazy about the colors in my palette, but overall this box is amazing for both its quality and value. Great job, Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!!! 😁👍😁

              21. My box has been EN ROUTE TO DHL for 8 days now. Of course Ipsy says nothing is wrong. Hopefully that means they know they didn’t ship it yet and it’s not lost. At 10 days, DHL says to have the sender reship. I ordered 2 $12 extras and purchased another item with points. They can all be heat damaged. I don’t care about the palette, mascara, lip set… just the CEO and extras.

                • Marion, I am having the same issue… I ordered 2 extra glam bags at 12$ each and they were shipped via DHL on June 4 and 5..they supposedly have been sitting in Phoenix, an hour away for the last 2 weeks..Still no GB or GBP either..they were also supposedly shipped out on the 9th, 9 days ago..I doubt that I will get any of my bags and it’s been 112 degrees here last week, so I hope they are atleast in an air conditioned facility..

                • Back in 2015, when I first started with Ipsy, there was never any delay in the shipping..no problems until this last year…Not sure what is going on with their shipping!! I may cancel GB and GBP if this happens again next month

                • Same here! It’s been 10 days for me and it’s still “en route”. I got my glam plus box over a week ago! Crazy! I’m really nervous about my Add Ons! Losing a $10 bag (even though it’s probably my favorite bag ever spoilers wise) isn’t too devastating, but $36 of Add Ons means there’s $46 of purchases just floating around somewhere. I finally emailed them today to make sure everything is okay. Waiting for the reply.

              22. I’m really excited about my first box, but unfortunately, it has been sitting in NC for 8 days. I’m getting the Sunday Riley cream (I have at least 4 other SR products and I like them), the Trestique lip color, two Girlactik balm sticks (I love this brand), Suva Beauty Eyeliner and Brush (this brand is really cool and pigmented) and the yellow Tetris palette. I wanted the purple palette, but I’m still happy with my box. These products are colors and items that I would truly pick. I can’t wait to try the Suva beauty eyeliner. Their colored eyeliners work under black light and glow.

                • I got the purple palette and wanted the green. Would happily swap!

                  • Mine is up for swaps!

              23. I am so frustrated with Ipsy! I’m super happy for you guys that have actually gotten your bags! I have been working with customer service b/c my bags just basically “sit”. I have a tracking number that states a label was made and no movement for weeks after.

                I am told by customer service to wait the 10 days… then sent less than stellar junk, which is a complete disappointment!

                I reached out to DHL and the customer service agent confirmed what I already knew. The label is created and the package is never given to DHL! ( this has been going on for months).

                I created a ticket with DHL and I am working with IPSY. I just want my glam bag- it shouldn’t be this much work to get what I purchased!!!

                • This is my first Ipsy GBP and it appears to be the same issue. There hasn’t been an movement since the 9th. I’m super excited to get my first box, but where is it? USPS hasn’t received it and I’m 6 hours away from the shipment place. It doesn’t even take 8 days for anything to get from NC to Ohio, but I fear it will take much longer. Everyone is posting photos of their products and I just want mine to arrive.

                • I am in the same boat. Box made it Hebron, KY and froze on June 8th. This will be the second time in recent history that my box has been lost in Hebron. IpsyCare gave me the same reply, telling me to wait until the 19th before reaching out about a lost box. So frustrating!

                • Any movement on yours yet? Mine still says “en route to DHL”. It has said that since the 9th, so 10 days and 8 business days. It’s crazy that they created a label and never dropped the box off. Then I’ll have to wait who knows how long for the insanely slow DHL to actually deliver it. It might not even be this month. *facepalm*

              24. PSA that for those that got the 111Skin serum, it is not the same as the genuine serum sold for $180 at retailers. I reached out to Ipsy after my bottle read it was made in China and filled in the us. They all but admitted that it wasn’t the same but said they do make sure ingredients from distributors comply with their guidelines. The real 111skin is made in Europe and has different ingredients including diamond powder. I was floored by this and have decided to cancel Ipsy but of course to each their own.

                • Oh wow, thanks so much for the info. I will not use. Shady lost very shady

                • I wonder what diamond powder does for the skin.
                  I am not surprise for this info, because 111Skin giving away their product pretty much in every box, I was wondering where this generosity came from.

                • 111Skin is really the one to blame, not Ipsy. Ipsy just gives out the samples the manufacturers provide them. If 111Skin was smart, they would give out samples of their real product to show us what their serum can do for our skin. I know I will purchase a product I love, pricey or not. I just finished up a PCA Skin sample from H2BAR that I fell in love with, and ended up purchasing full price (115.00).

                  Sending lower quality samples hurts the manufacturer the most really, the efficacy isn’t there, and I won’t pull out my CC for something that doesn’t truly wow me.

                  • I’ve been researching it a bit and they often can source them from distributors that may not be authorized resellers. Look fantastic was called out for including fakes in one article I read. Unless the seller you buy from is an authorized reseller you can’t know what you’re getting. I can’t find any info that ipsy is authorized to resell 111skin. So who knows?

                • Some posters here have been warning about ” Made In China” items for months… I guess they were right? IDK but it seems so with fake serum.

                  I’m so sorry this happened to you, but glad you checked the origin. The main thing is not to burn or otherwise hurt your skin. I truly hope no one uses the 111 serum now.
                  My dermatologist, who just retired and lives 2 doors down, has told me many times that cosmetics/ skin care made in China for faces or eyes is never truly safe.

                  • I totally agree with you and your dermatologist. Between the scandals of baby formulas, dog food, formeldhyde dipped buidling materials, tons of cheap makeup, I really dont know what Standards/oversight they have. So I really stay away from China made consumables/cosmetics. I go with European made products because they have a stricter guidelines than USA products, let alone China, when it comes to cosmetics. You don’t hear about European made cosmetics being recalled in the news compared to Chinese products. (Food wise, maybe Ikea meatballs with horsemeat) Soooooooo, yeah. A little research never hurts especially when it comes to consuming and applying products. It’s something to think about. To each their own.

                • Thank you for looking into this. It’s pretty sad that we have to compare ingredients for authenticity. Maybe I should look at the SR’s as well to see how we got such good deal on it

                  • I know! The Sunday Riley says it’s made in the USA but I’ve lost trust with ipsy so I’m unsure if that’s the truth.

                  • The full ingredients are not listed on the jar of Sunday Riley so who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️ I doubt there are any laws against creating a duplicate product without the expensive ingredients and selling it as the original for subscription boxes. Seems companies have plenty of loopholes to scam customers but very little protections for the consumer these days

                • Is there a different website for the products make in Europe? The 111skin website has the same ingredients list for this vitamin C booster. Thanks.

                  • Go to website. Pull up the brightening booster, scroll to page with actual photo of the back of the box, zoom in, says Made in Bulgaria and includes diamond powder. Verfified this Info against all actual authorized retailers for this product. Multiple say diamond powder. More importantly I reachrd out to 111skin and they failed to respond to me.

                • The ingredients list for the Vitamin C Brightening Booster on 111Skin’s own website does NOT include diamond powder. (By contrast, diamond powder IS on the ingredients list for their Celestial Black Diamond Cream and the Diamond Serum, so if it’s in something, they clearly list it.)

                  • Go to website. Pull up the brightening booster, scroll to page with actual photo of the back of the box, zoom in, says Made in Bulgaria and includes diamond powder. Verfified this Info against all actual authorized retailers for this product. Multiple say diamond powder. More importantly I reachrd out to 111skin and they failed to respond to me.

                  • Well the ingredients list for the brightening booster on Ipsy’s website are this… Aqua / Water / Eau, Cellulose Gum, Polysorbate 20, Glycerin, Citric Acid, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Liquorice / Reglisse) Root Extract, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot / Abricot) Kernel Oil, Benzyl Alcohol, Glutathione, Acetyl Cysteine, Diamond Powder, Fragrance / Parfum…And the last box of brightening booster I received from ipsy in December has diamond powder on the ingredients list on the box.. And it is the brightening booster…not diamond cream or serum…SO YES Diamond powder should be on the list of ingredients for the brightening booster.

                • Wowwwwwwwwwwwwew! Mind blown. They have some nerve

                • The ingredients list on the Ipsy site includes diamond powder. Is it different than what is printed on the bottle?

                  • Go to website. Pull up the brightening booster, scroll to page with actual photo of the back of the box, zoom in, says Made in Bulgaria and includes diamond powder. Verified this Info against all actual authorized retailers for this product. Multiple say diamond powder. More importantly I reachrd out to 111skin and they failed to respond to m

                    • Ugh my phone’s autocorrect is awful: *failed to respond to me

                  • Yes it is. The bottle omits it and looks like a cheaper reformulation and says made in China.

                    • I think Ipsy put diamond powder as sort of Typo because when i looked at the 111 website the ingredients are the same as what’s on my bottle. The bottle is made in China and then they fills the bottle in the US.

                      • No the product is also made in China. It is filled and distributed in the us.

                • My box say “Made in Bulgaria and filled in the USA for…..” Diamond powder is listed as the second to last ingredient. Same as the website.
                  I did receive the 111SKIN the first time Ipsy Plus included it in the box. So maybe this time it was the “made in China” product.
                  IDK just a thought.

                  • That’s sooooo strange. I looked up my ingredients and it seems straight forward and matched the company’s website. For a supposed $170 the packaging should come from Milan, Italy smh

                    • Agreed. 111skin doesn’t manufacture their actual products sold for full price anywhere but Europe or Us. I think we got a made for ipsy special.

                  • Wow so good to know and thanks for sharing! It sounds like you got the real stuff. Probably this second time around we got an inferior version. I won’t put anything on my face that was made in China so I’m bumming hard about getting this in my box.

                • Not gonna say the product is legit but just to add a different point if view. Someone who does the 111 skin website/marketing is obviously a bit sloppy. That photo you are seeing with diamond powder is the back of the black diamond box NOT the Vitamin C product, both of which are black. I do also think a significant percentage of stock product photos come from the manufacturer not the individual retailer that get used on retailer websites so it’s possible it has been perpetually carried forward in error.

                  • No it’s not. The black diamond product has a different formulation with retinol. This photo is of the original brightening booster(see vitamin c as the main active ingredient). It appears to me they have reformulated and sent an inferior version but what really concerns me is that 111skin does not manufacture any part of their product in China. This isn’t the$180 serum they say it is.

                  • No it’s not. It’s the original/real formulation. See vitamin c as the main ingredient. The diamond serum had retinol etc.

                    • You’re totally right, Becca! The ingredients for the Celestial Black Diamond Retinol Oil are very different than for the Vitamin C Brightening Booster. On 111Skin’s website, the ingredients list drop down doesn’t include the diamond powder, but the photo of the back of the box does. The box photo ingredients list matches IPSY’s dropdown ingredients list. My vote is for 111Skin changing the formulation and place of manufacture without updating that photo. I guess it’s up to the individual as to whether they think IPSY is or should have been aware of it and is deliberately misleading.

                      Thank you for bringing this to light.

                      • When I reached out to Ipsy the rep forwarded my concerns to the brand team who is in charge of the choices of products Ipsy distributes so I guess that’s something.

                • Thanks for this! I am curious why the 111skin ingredient list (not the photo ingredient list) also omits the diamond powder. Did you get an answer about it?

                  • I reached out to 111skin to ask about a reformulation and where the product is currently made and they have not responded. I’ll try again.

              25. Did anyone else get a bonus Smashbox Cover shot Palette. They sent me one in Prism. I like it more than the Tetris eyeshadow palette.

                I know it’s an extra as it’s not posted as one of my items and I got the variant with the Trestique lipstick, eyeliner, Tula sheet masks, Sunday Reilly moisturizer and the Tetris palette.

                It’s a nice surprise and makes up for the cake eye liner which I really didn’t want. 1955 is calling and they want their cake eyeliner back

                • I think that was an add on. Maybe they sent it by mistake?

              26. Sad that my Ipsys are not here yet… This is the largest Ipsy month that I have ever had in 4 years.. I ordered some extra surprise bags from past months, my Ipsy gb and gbp, and a bunch of add ons..Have gotten nothing so far!! I hope that Ipsy stops using DHL, it is the worst shipping service

                • Same. My GBP was scheduled to arrive Wed, the 12th. I got the little “your bag was delayed, please wait an extra 24-48 hours” notice. It still hadn’t arrived by Saturday the 15th. That is 72 extra hours, DHL! And it’s still not here… the tracking ends with “tendered to service provider” on the 13th, so I doubt I’ll be getting it tomorrow, either.

                  • Marion, sorry that it happened to you too! DHL is the worst! My extra Ipsy glam bags were supposedly shipped out on June 4th and 5th, yet the tracking never updated yet..and the GBP out on the 9th, no tracking updates yet..and the June GB out on the 12th and it’s the only one that says June 20th estimated arrival..My life is fairly stressful (I take care of my elderly parents), and my disabled husband, and Ipsy is my only splurge for myself, so I really hope that they arrive safely and soon

                  • Mine has been pending since June 12th. It left or my home town at 2:00 in the afternoon and it and my FFF boxes are both on pending.

                    I am beginning to think that they are lost for good.

                  • ahhhhh – DHL lie twins!
                    My ipsy gbp says it was supposed to arrive on the 12th – DHL gives me the exact same ‘whoops/24-48 hours’ message and then gives the ultimate carrier as usps, which, when I click on it, says it’s waiting to receive the package. Comforting… (since it’s been WAY more than 48 hours now 🙁 . )

                    Hilariously, I just got an ipsy email this morning urging me to review my glambag plus. Um, I’d be delighted to… can I have it, please?

                    • You guys- as far as the shipping goes….they print out ALL the shipment tickets at once but the boxes/bags go out in batches. That is why sometimes if can be up to a week that your package is just “sitting somewhere” before any additional tracking movement. Understand that 99% of our packages will arrive by the 21st of the month. I know, I know, I don’t like waiting either but that is the process. Some months I get my bag and/or box real quick and then there are some months I wait. This month, I got my box right away but I didn’t get my bag until the 18th. Be patient!

                      • I don’t know how true this is. My box has said “en route to DHL” for TEN days. USPS doesn’t have a record of it. It’s the 19th and it appears that DHL still hasn’t received my package.

                      • I get the processing time & lag between tracking # and actual transit (looking at you, Allure), but in my case, the shipping history goes all the way from Raleigh, NC to Union City, CA, where it arrived on June 12th. So it’s been sitting in a warehouse somewhere, literally 15 minutes from me, for the past 8 days – and isn’t even in the system. That can’t possibly be their normal M.O. (or my past Ipsy/IpsyGBP experience 🙁 ).

                • I’m really frustrated with BoxyCharm, but they outsource their shipping and it truly works. Maybe they need to look into it. Mine shows up as Elanders for shipping. My boxy goes from Ga to Ohio in about 7 days (including USPS time). So far, my first Ipsy GBP has sat unmoved for 8 days in NC. I could have driven the 6 hours and picked it up or had it shipped to my aunt, then had her forward it faster, since she lives in NC.

                • Agreed!!!

              27. I got my box today and the super pricey luxe 111skin says Made in China. Has anyone else noticed this or have this? Worried it’s a fake.

                • Do you think that just the bottle was made in China? Mine also says filled in the USA

                  • Mine does too. I checked several retailers and was able to find photos of the real thing. It is made in Bulgaria and actually has a different ingredients listing including diamond powder. Looks like we were given an inferior product. Wondering if I should reach out to msa or ipsy?

                    • Ipsy. MSA just does reviews. Ipsy is responsible for the product quality (or lack thereof). I think we got some counterfeit product inferior to the real thing. I am ready to cancel all my Ipsy accounts. They are acting really shady.

                    • That is a mix up- you are seeing ingredient listing for their diamond product line…..

              28. We are box twins!!!

              29. I got the trio and an add on focoso for 3 bucks and didn’t like them I found them to apply thin and be oily and sticky in like a never dry sticky. I prefer colorpop because it doesn’t come off unless you eat something greasy.

                • Cary, is it hot where you live? I’m wondering if your lipsticks might have been heat damaged. The ipsy page also does say to shake well before use (not something I had to do with the product I received). The lipstick I received in March doesn’t dry down to a transfer-proof finish, but it does have more of a creamy, whipped texture. It contains silicones, so it should have that almost velvety silicone feel, not a thin, oily one.

                • I sure wish my Lila shade looked like your swatch–mine is almost as dark as the Scuro–what’s up?

                  • Not sure Becky! Mine was def lighter. I did shake mine a little (which felt like it did nothing, but the box said to).

                • Mine were a little on the thicker side, so that is weird! Sorry you didn’t love them. 🙁

              30. I used to dislike reading the comments on here about comments not posting and not believing it but this has happened more than 10 times for me already and it doesn’t make sense. What words are flagged??! Like seriously I don’t cuss in posts so what is it?!

              31. Hey Megan! I think there might be a typo in the size of your clay mask. It should be 2.1 oz instead of 1 oz.

                I was hoping to get the lip trio, the 111 skin, purple palette and the turmeric mask but pretty much got the opposite. It was so wildly different from what I had selected on my profile that I went to redo it and found that it was almost like they reset my profile. It was completely different from my normal selections. I redid my profile so hopefully next month is a better match. The value is obvious still there but the past two months of GBP have been meh for me. For anyone who’s items don’t seem like they match your profile very well, I would recommend checking on it to see if they reset yours too.

                • YASS girl! Thank you!! I feel like I had a few of these oopsies on my last couple of reviews. Friday brain?

              32. I have oily skin and did feel that this was too heavy for me and made my face greasy. However by the morning, it did soak in and want as bad. If ur skins really oily, I would only use this as a night cream before you go to bed. That’s how I have been using it

                • I have dry skin and also found it *greeeeasY* Maybe it’s because I was using as much as I would if it were a lower-end product. Tomorrow I will try again with far less… I don’t see how anyone with oily skin could wear this comfortably.

                  • I have combination skin & I find what works well for me is starting with a good toner, then spraying a facial mist all over immediately before applying a very small amount of this Sunday Riley moisturizer. The facial mist thins out the consistency to where it glides on smoothly without feeling too heavy…no greasy feeling at all. I hope that helps a bit!

                    • Thank you, I will try that!

              33. Oooooooo i wish i would have got the trios!!! They look nice and a good colors to play with. I got the tressmae or whatever its called. Lol. At least its red, amd not a pink, pink/grey , light mauve color.

                I am really loving the plus. I sub to both regular glam bag and the plus. Its turned into a reall great sub. I think its my favorite out of all of them.

                I added on the brush set and the other eye pallette, as well as a tony moley cleaner and they had a smash box pallette i added on. So exciyed for those. I got one pallette in my plus already and was SHOCKED at how great the quality is on them. I have lots of pallettes and collect them, and the quality or the tetris one i got is great.

                I wish the add ons were started a little later in the day. Not everyone wakes up at 9am and its annoying to set alarms to wake up just for that and then try to go back to sleep. But oh well.

                Shocked how great Ipsy has turned around.

                • I thought this month was fun too! It sounds like the add ons you were able to snag are amazing. Agree about the 9am thing. NOT a morning person!

              34. I feel like Ipsy completely missed the mark with a Tetris collaboration. How are the eye shadow pans not shapes like Tetris pieces, how could you even do a Tetris eyeshadow palette and that not be the case!!! And the colors should be more fun shades like Tetris colors but I do love neutrals don’t get me wrong, but this is Tetris.

                • Ooooh, those shapes would have been fun. I imagine so many people would have complained though. Most people seem to hate any shape that isn’t “basic”.

                • (Hard agree! I don’t like the Tetris color wheel/products for myself, but I was astonished to see that the palettes weren’t in little Tetris puzzle pieces! Just plain squares? Are we sure it’s not a Minesweeper collaboration? 😀 )

              35. My box has shipped, but tracking hasn’t updated yet. This seems pretty late. I’m getting a very similar box. I’ll receive the other color palette and Tula masks. Sounds like these masks would be a better fit for you too, Megan

                • Hi Jackie, I am in the same boat as you. My box shipped last Thursday at 1:36 a.m. and my tracking hasn’t updated either. I had another GBP box ship at the exact time and it got here Monday. Go figure? Hope we get our boxes soon 🤷

                • I forgot to ask, did you redeem points? I redeemed for a 111 skin product and I was thinking that may be delaying my box but it does seem very late!

                • Mine finally updated!!! Only took 9 days to arrive at DHL lol hope yours arrives soon

                • I really like Tula and def would have preferred them to clay anything! Oh well, maybe if WIll can get over the pink color he will enjoy it more.

                • Mine wouldn’t update at all. It went from DHL to delivered. There was no in between updates like usual. Keep an eye out for yours just in case! Mine was sitting in the mailbox for quite a while since I wasn’t expecting it.

                  • Ipsy’s shipping is just atrocious. I get both the GB and GBP. My GBP shipped on the 7th thru DHL. My GB shipped on the 10th thru FedEx. Guess which one came first? I emailed Ipsy because I’ve gotten GBP for 3 months and each month the bag is “experienced unexpected delays.” I finally told them to just stop sending me shipping updates because they are only ever suggestions.

              36. I LOOOOOVE IPSY GLAM PLUS!

              37. Almost box twins! I got the Tula sheet masks instead of the Generation Clay (I love sheet masks, but not other masks, so that is a total win for me!)

              38. Have to say the packaging of my Ipsy Glam Bag impressed me! There was a dime sized hole punched in the lid, obviously something that happened during shipping. But everything inside was perfect and undamaged .

                I liked the look of the lip trio but got the Trèstique lip crayon, which I actually love. It’s a different type of product, I have lots of liquid lippies so the clever magnetic lid over the crayon and the little lip balm built into the other side was fun. The shade ended up being great too.

                Fun box!

                • Oooh I might have to take a peek at that lippy. I LOVE lip colors (when I feel like going barefaced they still make me feel somehow put together!) and that sounds really fun!

              39. I’m sort of surprised that the difference in RVs isn’t mentioned more. You’re guaranteed either the 111Skin or the SR cream. The 111Skin is almost 3 times the RV of the SR.

                • RV is a number assigned by the manufacturer/brand. What really matters is if the product works for you. I’d much rather have a cheaper item that I can use, rather than a high “RV” product that will just sit in my closet. I really wish folks would keep this in mind more often, rather than looking at the dollar signs.

                  • People will look at the difference in price and get mad though lol. I personally have way too many full size creams so I was glad to get the serum. I’m surprised the other item wasn’t the Sunday riley vitamin c serum.

                  • RV stands for retail value. It indicates the usual selling price of an item-what it would cost to replace it.

                  • Amber, if you’re swapping it, it matters a whole lot.

                • I received the 111Skin in December’s GBP. This month, I received SR. I’m thinking if you didn’t receive 111Skin in December, there’s a chance you’ll get it this month. Which is good because it’s a great product. I also received the 111Skin Rose Gold Face Masks in my summer FFF box. The RV is $160.00. 111Skin is an expensive skincare brand and I think it’s great to get a full-sized product in a $25 subscription box.

                • I was really, really hoping for the Sunday Riley cream so I was less bothered by the difference in RV. It was quite a difference though. Maybe they chalked it up to brand recognition?

                • Probably because of brand recognition. Pretty much all the online comments I’ve seen from subscribers of this box wanted the SR cream. Personally I never heard of 111Skin before seeing the spoilers here, and I had no interest in receiving their serum, especially after looking up the ingredients of that product (it’s trash).

              40. For those of you that have tried the SR, is it ok to use with oily (very oily in the summer) skin? From what I have read, it is more for people with dry or combo skin, and mine is very far from dry. This is my first GBP and pretty much everything I’m being sent was marked rarely in my profile. T.I.A!

                • I have very oily skin and I love SR products. I’ve been using this the last week or so (it’s been in the 90s here) and while it’s a heavier/creamier moisturizer than anything else I use, it has not made me break out or produce more oil than usual. I *do* require more setting powder for a matte finish over my foundation, but that makes sense, right? By the end of the day, my skin is as oily as usual. For summer, I’d strongly recommend the CEO Serum over this for a Vitamin C boost if you have oily skin.

                • I have oily skin and was reluctant to try it because I did not like the CEO serum at all. I’ve been using a small amount at night only and it’s been ok. It’s heavy but does not make me feel greasy and seems to be a great night cream…so far.

                • I range from very dry in winter to combo in the most humid days of summer, but never particularly oily, just T-zone and when more sweaty.

                  The cream is a thicker consistency, and I had some trouble feeling my skin could absorb it all when I first tried it. I really like the consistency after a couple uses, but I think if you lean any further oily than combo it will probably be way too thick for your liking.

                  Hope that helps! It should be a good item for the swap site or a gift though, it’s definitely good quality.

              41. @Megan, I mix my clay mask with extra face oil or serum when my skin is on the dryer side. Might help.

                • What a great idea! I have serious combination skin. The dry parts get super red, flaky and irritated. And the oily parts are ridiculous, especially in warmer weather. I go through so many blotting tissue packs it’s crazy. I will say now that I’m getting older (44 next month), larger areas of my skin are becoming drier than ever before. Plus it used to be that my dry skin became normal at least during the summer, but that’s no longer the case. My point is I used to LOVE clay masks but now they do more harm than good. My nose is really the only “safe” place to use them. It’s a shame because I’m a mask addict and have SO MANY. I buy quite a few by themselves, but I get most of them in sub boxes and most of those are mud/clay masks. I’ve been thinking I need to sell, swap or give them all away.
                  Now I may have a way to make them work for me! Thanks so much for the tip, Jessica!

                  • For blotting oil I read many years ago that unbleached paper napkins (like the kind you can nab at Starbucks) work great for blotting. It’s true! They’re great.

                • I am intrigued. Does it still “dry” or do you just wash it off after a certain amount of time? I think the dry down part is actually my issue!

              42. I’m disappointed that GBP is sending out a bunch of leftover products. The Pixi mascara in your box is a leftover from March. I’m getting the Girlactik sparkle balms from April in my box — if these really fit my profile, Ipsy would have sent them to me in April. This is clearly just a way for ipsy to offload old stock.

                I definitely have FOMO of canceling my GBP (I’ve been subbed since the beginning), but now that they have so many add-ons, this month I know I would have been happier not paying the $25 for mostly stuff I don’t want, & spending $36 to add on 3 things I actually did want to my regular bag.

                In case anyone does want them, as soon as my bag arrives, I’ll be listing the Game On palette, the berry Trèstique, and maybe the beige Sparkle balm for swap.

                • I hardly think of it as leftover products. Personally, I’m glad they offer certain items, more than once. If I missed it the first time around, there’s a second opportunity to receive it! For example, I hope there’s another month where the lip trio is sent! I didn’t get it this month but maybe next time. Happy Friday!

                  • I hope so as well! 😁 i love the Trestique crayon, it is a great shade on me, but i would live to snag the trio at some point, even as an add on 🤞🏻

                  • That doesn’t really make sense to me. If I wasn’t receiving the leftover item now, I could be getting one of the things I wanted, like the lip trio, without hoping it will be sent again in a future box. And what if someone is skipping a box because they don’t like the spoilers, & end up getting that same stuff in a later box?

                    I *know* these are leftovers, because they did not do this the first few months of GBP, when they were putting out a smaller volume of boxes.

                    • Makes sense to other people apparently, and ipsy can’t please every single subscriber. If you don’t like it, give it away as a gift, or donate, or swap. Calling the products “leftover” is just silly

                      • They’re literally left over from other months… why is acknowledging them as leftovers silly?

                        I’ve been pretty consistently pleased by my regular glam bags for a couple years now. I don’t buy a “personalized” product to give away as gifts, sell, or donate. As you can see from my original comment, I DO swap unwanted items.

                • I’d love a game on palette. Where is the swap page? Sorry newbie over here

                  • At the top of the site, next to the search field, there’s a Swaps link. 🙂 However, I think you’ll have to sign up to be on the waitlist for swaps before you can participate.

                  • Facebook has a ton

                • I got the Girlactik crayons again..the ones I got in April now have friends. 😢

                  • Yikes! Did you contact ipsycare?

                  • 7004 Adele Dr

                • I’m new this month, but I get it. I’ve been with Boxy Charm 4+ years and they always promised that they’d never send out repeat items. Over the last year, they’ve started sending out repeat items on a regular basis, but claiming it’s okay, because it’s one shade lighter. I’ve missed out on new products at least 4 times in 6 months, because they sent me old filler items from the previous year. When I asked about it, the CS rep stated that “new customers wanted to try the new products, too. (I guess I wanted old repeats. Eek)

                  In a sense, keeping repeat items around is a good thing, only they should be reserved for people that haven’t received them before (like me, since I’m new to Ipsy).

                  • I feel you on that. It seems like a lot of people are happy to be receiving the 111Skin serum this month, even though it was originally sent in December. (I personally am glad I did not receive it twice!!!)

                    Ipsy regular glam bags have done that “well, it’s a different shade!” a couple of times. I specifically remember a couple years ago, they sent Nyx lip products a couple months in a row. I think that situation is pretty rare though. The few times I’ve received a repeat product, it’s been one I’ve reviewed well, & it’s in a different shade (or scent…. never tire of getting those Cake Delectable hand creams!).

              43. I got some different variants- the purple clay mask, Trestique lippie, Pur mascara, the other eyeshadow palette, and then the Sunday Riley (got the 111Skin in a previous box and really enjoyed it,) Not my favorite box but I have tried the CEO cream before and it works for me so that makes the box worth it. Will swap a few other items.

              44. The lipstick Trio colors look amazing. I so wish that I had gotten that in my box. The Sunday Riley was one thing I was really excited about until I used it and it turned my cheeks bright red and I broke out a little immediately after trying it the first time. I don’t know if maybe I can use it on my neck and have good results but I am willing to give it another try just not on my face. Thanks for doing such a thorough review I just wish I had received the lip trio too.

                • The Jolii Luxe Matte Creme formula is fantastic. The best of both worlds… long lasting, but still creamy all day without reapplication. However, there IS some transfer and feathering. I now have 4 colors and I love them all (even the purple Lavanda!) Snag one of these if they show up as an add on!!

                  • I got Lavanda in March, & I love it. I wish I had gotten this trio in my box, but couldn’t justify spending an extra $12 on top of the $25 I’d already spent on GBP to buy the trio.

                    This formula really reminds me of the BareMinerals Gen nude matte liquid lipstick.

                    • I got the lavenda too! I really like the texture & your right Marion, it’s like gen nude!

                • I have the berry and the red up for swap. Just click on my name and it should take you there.

                  • I got the lip trio and added on an extra single in focoso for $3.
                    Honestly I prefer color pop because there is no transfer as long as you don’t eat greasy food.
                    I found the ones they sent to feel oily and not fully dry and sticky but apply thin. It was a miss for me.

                  • I got the trio and an add on focoso for 3 bucks and didn’t like them I found them to apply thin and be oily and sticky in like a never dry sticky. I prefer colorpop because it doesn’t come off unless you eat something greasy.

                • Eep! Sorry about the reaction V. That s no good. My skin loves SR but I hate when I have random reactions to things. It is no fun. I hope that next time you try has a better result. <3

              45. Glam bag plus just keeps getting better and better for me. A full size Sunday Riley product was worth my $25 alone. Even if I had received the 111skin brightening boister again I would of been happy (that stuff really works man)
                I’m not always the most excited about mascaras , but I appreciate that boxes have allowed me to try different ones to see what I enjoy.

              46. I was billed in June 4 for the ipsy glam bag but no tracking number yet

                • I just got my notice today and I had to look on ipsy for it

              47. Also, I paid for my Sunday Riley as an add on. Did the Sunday Riley come with every box?

                • No, it was with some boxes who either received the Sunday Riley OR the 111SKIN serum.

                  • I received both the Sunday Riley cream and the 111 skin serum.

                    • ME TOO! I feel like I won some sort of lottery receiving both! I also received the jolii lip trio, pixie by petra mascara and the block part pallete! Ipsy is seriously killing it for me right now!

                • No it didn’t. It’s a variant. I think everyone got either the Sunday Riley or the 111Skin product. This box would’ve been my ideal box though! Those lippies are stunning! 😍

                  • I must have the worst luck with these subscription boxes. I always seem to get the worst variant.

                    • I wouldn’t say the 111skin is the worst considering its double the price of the CEO but I guess it depends on what you like.

                      • True. Obviously I’m a Sunday Riley fan. 🙂

                    • I’d send the Sunday Riley for the 111Skin, if you’re interested. And add a SR Glow.

                • You either got Sunday Riley or 111skin serum.

                • No, it was the SR or 111Skin C serum.

                  I almost want to try the palettes myself, instead of saving them to gift to my daughters! 🤓 I added on the other palette so i would have both.

                  I received the brightening clay mask, same type as i just got in my FFF 🤣 i am not complaining if it works on dark spots though, i swear one appeared overnight on my forehead. 🤔

                  I might not always love every item, but month after month IGBP has been a solid win overall. ❤

              48. Hmmm. I didn’t get the lippies. Was that a variation?

                • Of course! You can check your online glambag to see what they picked for you and see all of the items that were available this month.

                • There are several different products you could have received. It is entirely possible to receive none of the products featured in this review!

                • Yep, everything had a variation. I so wanted the lippie trio!

                • I didn’t get them either but I got a great Trestique, R& Co Hi Dive and an eyeliner so I’m super happy

              49. I’m sad I’m not getting the trio but a Trestique Lipstick. I am excited about sunday riley and Generation Clay as well as the Tetris inspired palette. It arrives today so looking forward to it. Thank you for your awesome review. Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is the best. They do need to get rid of the Bag since there is none lol!

                • I giggled at your bag comment, Lia. You are so right. Ipsy Glam Box Plus? Haha!

                • the Trestique is actually gorgeous. Don’t knock it till you get it!

              50. my glam bag plus came yesterday 6/13….it had never been taped down and it was open…well needless to say. oh yea. items were missing even my add on…well I e-mailed ispy about this asap..they got back to me within 30 min..and said they were sending out a new box with my add on….I almost cried…I mean that is a great company…so thank you ipsy for all you do..you are amazing in my eyes. and I will let people know how great your company is….

                • I am glad ipsy took good care of you Tammy! Hope you enjoy your bag. 🙂

                • Oh man there was a post on r/BeautyBoxes where someone’s SR cream container was *shattered* in tiny shards all over the box. Horror Story!
                  Ipsy customer service is greatly improving lately… I wish they could get the shipping issueS sorted soon.

                • I’ve always felt Ipsy has the best customer service in the biz. Lol. I’m glad your experience was as good as mine have been.

                • I have been a loyal member to ipsy for nearly 3 or 4 years now. And receive both plus and reg they have exceptional customer service and I have never been disappointed by them. Im glad it worked out for you it can be so sad when you look forward to something and then it lets you down, luckily that doesnt happen with Ipsy.

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