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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus Review – June 2019

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 -beauty subscription box review

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is a $25 a month subscription box from Ipsy. Every month you’ll receive 5 full-sized beauty products. The box will have a retail value of at least $120. (This box was voted as a best makeup subscription box and a best beauty subscription box by MSA readers!)

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 -beauty subscription box review open

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 -beauty subscription box review all contents

About the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

The Box: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

The Cost: $25 a month (free shipping)

The Products: Full-size makeup and beauty products every month.

Ships to: US

Delivered via: USPS

Our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 Review


Now, on to the items!


JOLII COSMETICS Luxe Crème Matte Trio in Scuro, Lilla & Amore, 2.5 ml each – Retail Value $54.00

When I read the spoilers for this month, I thought these might be minis because it seems crazy to get a set of three full-sized lippies. They are indeed full size and the colors are gorgeous! My favorite would 100% be Lilla, the PERFECT smoked lavender for my skin tone. I also loved Scuro, a deep purple wine, though it might be a bit too dark for summer. The final shade is Amore, a bright, classic red. Unlike many matte liquid lipsticks out there, these somehow maintain a velvet finish that never completely dries down, meaning my lips don’t get uncomfortable and flaky. I also tried a gloss on top which worked really well, especially if you don’t love a matte finish.

Top to bottom: Lilla, Scuro, and Amore


SUNDAY RILEY C.E.O. Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream, 1.7 oz – Retail Value $65.00

Good to Know: ipsters who get this bag are guaranteed the item above OR the 111SKIN Vitamin C Brightening Booster ($180.00 value). 

Yaaaaaas. It is always a good day when I get a Sunday Riley product. My skin loves this brand! I already own both the C.E.O. Oil and the C.E.O. Serum, and use them regularly. I have noticed much brighter looking skin from these products, even when my face is dry and cranky. Vitamin C is a wonderful ingredient to add to any anti-aging routine because it helps your overall skin texture and boosts collagen production, which then minimizes those pesky fine lines. This formula is on the heavier side, but it does absorb quickly, leaving behind a velvety finish with no film or greasiness.


Tetris x ipsy ‘Game On’ 6 Eyeshadow Palette, 13.5 g – Listed Value $24.00

Good to Know: This is one of two possible palette variations you might see in your bag! Want more Tetris x ipsy deets? Check out my review of the full collection (and my eye palette makeup looks!) here.

This was my favorite palette from the entire collection, so I am happy to see it again! There is something so appealing about the mix of totally wearable neutral shes with the bolder mustard yellow and saturated navy. This palette can deliver natural workday appropriate lids or something bolder and more artistic with ease. The shadows have a ton of pigment and blend easily.

Ipsy x Tetris May 2019 makeup subscription box review eye shadow palette game on swatches

From top to bottom: Game Changer (matte), Game Day, Game Night, Stack It Up (matte), Block Party, Game Over (matte).


Generation Clay Purifying Pink Clay Mask, 2.1 fl oz – Retail Value $29.00

If you read my reviews, you likely already know this is not my type of product. I have super dry skin and anything with clay is a big no-no for me. My husband, on the other hand, has oily skin so he was our test subject for this mask. It does go on a true pale pink (much to my delight and Will’s disdain) but as it dries it turns more of a cream/white color, so you know when it is ready to be washed off. In a show of solidarity, I tried a patch on the back of my hand so we would have two opinions on this. Will thought it was extremely drying, which he loved. I thought the same, but for me, this was not a selling point. Both of us thought that it made our skin feel really tight. I think if you have oily skin and are concerned about cleansing and minimizing your pores, you will probably love this. If you are like me and you are already dry as a desert, this will make your skin feel even more parched and tight and send you running for your most powerful moisturizer.


Pixi by Petra Lash Lift Mascara, 0.28 oz – Retail Value $18.00

This mascara is interesting. It features a big hollow brush with a second tony brush nestled inside like some sort of eyelash wand Russian nesting doll. You can access them each separately with different twistable handle pats. At first, I thought this felt a little gimmicky, but I have loved nearly everything I have tried from this brand so I decided to give it a go. I like the formula of the mascara more than the brush itself, it is really glossy and a true black. The larger brush did a fine job coating most of my lashes and I used the smaller for the shorter hairs and corners of my eye. I am not super conscious about coating every lash, so I feel that this fancy brush might be wasted on me, but if you are more of a lash perfectionist, this might be a really fun option for you.

Verdict: This box has a value of $190.00 which is incredible for a $25 box. I would have been happy paying $25 for just the Sunday Riley cream! I loved the liquid lipsticks and the Tetris palette is still one of my favorite color combos in any palette I have gotten this year so far. The clay mask was not my thing at all, though Will might use it ever so often. The mascara was a solid addition, though not super exciting. Even though I wasn’t in love with everything this month, I can’t deny the massive value in this box and I am more than happy with it.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today?  If you want an Ipsy Glam Bag Plus subscription, get on the waitlist here.

Value Breakdown: This box cost $25. Here is approximately what you are paying per product:

  • Jolii Liquid Lipstick Trio $7.11
  • Sunday Riley C.E.O. Cream $8.55
  • Tetris x ipsy Palette $3.15
  • Generation Clay Mask $3.82
  • pixi by Petra Mascara $2.37

Alternatively, each item has an average cost of $5.00.

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What do you think of the June Ipsy Glam Bag Plus? Which items did you get?

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

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Written by Megan


I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (326)

  1. My “accommodation box” finally arrived. The rep told me it had 5 items in it. It had 3 items and my add on – which was the wrong item. I recieved the Tetris palette (broken), Trestique lip color and the Girlactik balm duo. I ordered Benefit Gimme Brow in Medium and they sent me Touch In Sol in Dark. I emailed them and the rep that finally responded was very rude. They told me that I was refunded and they can explain how the box works. They then told me that they can walk me through the cancellation process. I didn’t even mention canceling.

    I just expected what I was told I would receive.
    My box value was supposed to be around $175. I received a box worth around $85 (if you count the broken palette). They also had access to July’s items, so why couldn’t they send substitutes from July? I saw someone else’s “accommodation box” and they received the Trestique lip color and 6 items from the $10 bag. There’s no excuse for it.

    • I do not mean to sound insensitive to anyone who has had a missing sub box and ended up with a “highly less than desirable” replacement box that they are hugely disappointed with. I would be upset and frustrated also. However, there is only so much Ipsy or any sub box company can do based on the inventory and boxes they sub/sell.
      They’re not a store that can ship a missing item in every circumstance. Have mistakes been made? Absolutely, but I kinda think some of this goes with the territory of sub box life. We have all had to experience missing packages. A store can normally replace a package for us no problem. Most sub boxes can only handle so many of these situations each box cycle. It appears there are an overwhelming number of people that are mad and maybe in these circumstances it is best to say nope don’t send me a replacement box unless you have ALL the exact items promised that I am looking forward to getting. It seems a comparable box doesn’t exist at a certain point. One thing this has taught me is to take a refund and move on to next month! Hopefully all of our boxes make our way to us for July and forever.

    • My “accommodation box” arrived as well. I only got one of the lip balms from the Girlactik duo, the Tetris palette and the Trestique lip balm. I also received one add on. I didn’t bother contacting them again. It’s just not worth it and they act like it’s our fault somehow. Hopefully July will run smoother!

  2. This was my first Glam Bag Plus box as my first one was stolen or I dont know what. It took me writing IPSY twice before they sent out a replacement box in which I was truly grateful…..until the box arrived.

    I dont like to see reviews before receiving my boxes because I like the surprise and unboxing however I was let down when I saw what was in my replacement box, only 4 items? I felt like something was missing lo and behold I get on MSA and see I was truly shafted, the only thing I got that was in the original GBP was the tetris palette, they really should have given me more and nearer the value, that isnt right.

  3. I am still waiting for my “accommodation box”…it just says “EN ROUTE” on DHL lol….I wonder why some were refunded and some sent “accommodation boxes” ?

  4. Mine was stalled at the center since 6/9 but it arrived yesterday. The tracking did not update until it was delivered

  5. There is definitely a problem with Ipsy and DHL. I ordered several glossybox on June 21st I got my shipping confirmation through DHL on June 22nd, and my boxes arrived today June 27th. No delays and no problems with the shipping.

  6. My update: GBP shipped June 5. My tracking info did report that my box made it from Ipsy to DHL, & DHL said they gave it to USPS. Nothing after that. I waited 10 business days from ship date to contact ipsy. Ipsycare agent says, ‘contact me again in after 10 business days!’ I respond it has now been 11 business days. My regular glam bag arrives in the mail, & it has the add-on that I purchased, but it’s missing the points reward that I redeemed in May. Ipsycare agent says, ‘we’re out of stock on 2 items, you’re getting a partial refund & a replacement bag!’ I repond, ‘what’s in the replacement bag? Also, I double-checked my mailer, and I have a missing points reward.’ IpsyCare agent says, ‘check your pink mailer!’ I respond, ‘I checked the mailer! It’s not in there! Also, any news on what’s in my replacement GBP?’ IpsyCare agent says, ‘sorry, we’re out of stock on your reward. We’ve refunded the points & given you 150 extra points!’

    I also got a shipping email yesterday for my “accommodation” package (I really, really hate this term. You’re not providing me special “accommodations” by sending me stuff that I paid for, ipsy!), but it still hasn’t moved in over 24 hours.

    I see other people have gotten descriptions of what’s in their packages, so I’m sort of amused, sort of annoyed at the CS agent dodging my question so hard (she knows I don’t even want the terrible leftover junk they’re sending me, I assume).

  7. I had shipping delays and received a complete and unopened box. But, I think my Sunday Riley had been opened previously. Like others have mentioned, it did not come with any safety seal, and there is a smudge of product on that inside plastic cover. Did anyone else experience this or a sealed IPSY box with a questionable product? I just emailed IPSY Care, and I’ll keep you updated on their response.

    • I’ve had many sealed products that have had product on the inside plastic cover. I think it happens either when the cover is applied in the factory or in transit. Unless it looks like a finger did it, I wouldn’t worry about that.

      • Thank you!

    • I also received an opened one. I emailed ipsy and they sent me a replacement 😃

  8. OK, I have some NEW INFO. My second, brand new account which was created in June ( more about that later) was charged and then I received a Glam Bag Plus with extra tape on the taped edge.

    I have NOT taken my products out of the box except to examine them for breakage and return to the pink boxes. THE UNEXPECTED BOX HAS A LABEL UNDER MY LABEL!

    Same type of shipping label and I cannot remove it without destroying whatever might be printed on it… but I’ve always suspected it was a leftover or something similar, as my earlier email stated. ( I was worried about the Sunday Riley cream not having a safety seal or outer lid tape).

    What it seems to me from reading this thread:

    1) DHL has had some soft of glitch in picking up Ipsy packages from the warehouse for a good portion of the country’s subscribers, or there was another type of batch glitch in picking up Ipsy boxes to ship out. It’s my guess that this IS regional, because I received two full boxes and my add ons for the established subscription.

    Ipsy did NOT indicate that I would get a June box until around June 12th, when I received an email about the shipment.

    2) It appears, from the near quotations related to emails, that Ipsy has also had massive staffing changes or maybe policy changes.
    Why? How did any of the disruption and upset help either Ipsy or the customers?

    3) There is another factor I haven’t seen mentioned which has been occurring with June’s ” sign up for your Ipsy Glam Bag subscription here”.
    I decided to get a second account because surely they won’t get two basic bags and 2 Plus boxes wrong, hopefully.

    When I created a new account, and selected ” GLAM BAG” from the top of the home page, it redirected me to the Glam Bag Plus Box subscription sign up page 4 times consecutively.

    IF I hadn’t known how to navigate the site well, I don’t think I ever would have successfully signed up for a $10 regular Glam Bag as well as a Glam Bag Plus box.

    Ipsy was PUSHING the sales of the GB Plus very hard. There was no need, as I planned to buy one anyway, but for other people this month who were not already subscribers, they MAY have gotten caught up in this same riptide of product push and signed up for a Glam Bag Plus.

    You may be thinking ” OK, so you and those other new people who got a hard sell on the GBP will start with a July set of Glam Bag and a Glam Bag Plus,”

    That’s reasonable, right? Well, it’s NOT what happened. They charged me immediately and in less than 2 weeks, I had a Glam Bag PLUS. I did not receive a regular Glam Bag!

    My Glam Bag Plus had 6, not 5, of the items shown here and on Ipsy as being June’s GBP stocked items. and as I said, has 2 white bar code shipping labels and extra tape on the side that has a sticky round taped area on my other Glam Bag Plus. Was it opened? IDK, but there is an extra product that I didn’t pay anything for, and there was no special offer with a new subscription.

    I am not at all sure HOW or WHY I got stock when people who likely have had their Ipsy membership for a long time and DO NOT have 2 accounts with them for both boxes were not sent anything at all.

    I read what I’ve written and it doesn’t even make sense to me. My Ipsy Page shows that NO box or bag was shipped in June, but the Glam Bag Plus definitely was. I have 2 June boxes. The one associated with the new account looks like it might have been someone else’s intended shipment.

    It makes me wonder if maybe DHL and the Ipsy warehouse messed up and there was stock stuck in limbo, then Ipsy got it back to the warehouse, and freaked.

    Can you imagine having a thousand or so boxes of perishable merchandise ( I’m guessing low number, I think, because of the high numbers of missing boxes reported in just this one thread) sitting in a huge shipping warehouse in the heat? So, they pushed new memberships very heavily and redirected web traffic to sell the boxes DHL never picked up.

    In so doing, they overlooked the fact that those boxes had original labels which were destined for existing customers. It’s really the only explanation for my late- shipped box to have 2 shipping labels, an extra item I did not order as an add on due to the date they decided to ship the box, and extra taping of the box closure.

    • That is so messed up! I think you’re on to something though, because my last 5 bags (regular glam bags) had a problem and one of the times I’m pretty sure it never left from their warehouse! This time I too was missing my SR add on and it arrived in a plastic bag (around the pink bag) from Canada post (I live in Canada!) saying that my package had arrived damaged… I’m guessing mine was open as well as many others according to this thread.

    • Girlfriend, I think you’ve solved the mystery. That also explains why the tracking numbers don’t exist. They never made it to DHL. A label was only printed, which is what I’m positive happened to mine. Some people keep saying “It will EVENTUALLY get there”. It would have to actually ship in order for it to arrive.

      Was there a name on the label? If so, I’d try to locate that person and ask if they ever received their box. I’d also ask if the extra item was something that they purchased. That would solve the mystery 100%.

      You’d think they’d want these boxes to get to the rightful owners, instead of going to random people, especially since people purchased items that are in these boxes. This definitely explains how they ran out of items. They continued to sell boxes, knowing that they hadn’t fulfilled the original orders. Ipsy is 100% in the wrong and they aren’t doing anything to rectify the situation.

      I was sent a “replacement box”. The CS rep attempted to tell me that I’m getting 5 items, when I’m getting 3, plus my add on. I’m getting Trestique, the tetris palette, the girlactik balm duo and my add on (benefit brows). They said that the girlactik item now counts as two items, when it comes as a set and my add on counts as an item. Absolutely not.

      You will receive 5-items on your replacement box. These are the items you will receive:

      1. TETRIS™ x ipsy GAME ON Eyeshadow Palette
      2. TRÈSTIQUE Lip Crayon
      3. BENEFIT COSMETICS Gimme Brow+
      4. GIRLACTIK 3N1 Lip Sparkle Balm Duo
      5. GIRLACTIK 3N1 Lip Sparkle Balm Duo

    • Yes! I think this is what happened and it makes so much sense..That would explain why many of us are not even able to get our add-ons, because they were sent to new subscribers instead! What a mess..I hope they fix it

  9. I’m literally dumbfounded… my box never arrived and they’re sending a replacement. I asked what I’m getting. Here’s the response:

    You will receive 5-items on your replacement box. These are the items you will receive:

    1. TETRIS™ x ipsy GAME ON Eyeshadow Palette
    2. TRÈSTIQUE Lip Crayon
    3. BENEFIT COSMETICS Gimme Brow+
    4. GIRLACTIK 3N1 Lip Sparkle Balm Duo
    5. GIRLACTIK 3N1 Lip Sparkle Balm Duo

    It says 5 items, but it’s actually 3 items. Number 3 is an add on that I purchased. Number 4 & 5 are part of a “set” and count as one item.

    I literally don’t know what to say. The box is supposed to have 5 items in it and they’re sending me a box with 3 items. How is that acceptable?! What happened to them sending comparable substitutes? I’m not getting any substitutes. I’m getting what’s left of my box.

  10. So this time I won’t be getting my box apparently. It sat there saying en route since 6/9. I waited 10 days to reach out knowing that i usually get min pretty quick. I live in a major hub city. Got the give it a bit longer it will update soon.

    Gave it five more business days, still no movement. Emailed only to get a we’re out of you’re items now.
    I’m getting a refund but clearly following up is a must.

  11. I’m a little ticked off and feel truly let down. My IPSY glam bag plus arrived today, with 50% of the contents missing.

    My box had the Sunday Riley, Trestique and Tetris Palette in. Plus my add on of the Joli lip trio.
    I thought something looked off, and finally I realized that products were missing.

    Suva gel liner and brush
    Girlaktik Lip duo
    Huda Beauty lipstick

    I emailed Ipsy immediately – and their reply was awful! I’m still shocked! They basically said “we are so sorry you are disappointed but we have no stock of your add ons and box product, enjoy a refund”

    This doesn’t sit well with me at all. Surely they can get extra product from their vendors to make sure their paying customers get what they paid for?! Or am I totally missing the point here?!

    • That is exactly what they told me. I did not get my GBP so they refunded me. And the person in CS was not helpful. The person went on about a “small group can pick their products” — how is that even related to the loss of my bag?

      I detest DHL and Fedex Smartpost. And Ipsy’s CS could care less.

      • Yeah their CS don’t care and their language in their emails about “ we are so sorry that you are disappointed”, like how else would they like me to feel? Happy? It makes it feel like it’s your fault. Not we are so sorry we made such a mistake. Sorry YOU are disappointed. And no rectifying the situation. Why would I want a refund when my box reveal stated the products I paid for in my subscription. But come July 1st they’ll gladly take my money as fast as possible.

    • Oh, no. Is the Girlactik now gone, too? That will make 3 “promised” items from my box that I won’t get. It was “en route” to DHL on the 9th, but DHL never received it (a label was printed). Ipsy still hasn’t sent me a replacement box (5-7 BUSINESS days). There won’t be ANYTHING left by then, especially in the categories of my interest. I’m allergic to perfume and I have severe tremors, so I can’t use nail polish. Everyone was GUARANTEED SR or 111, but they “ran out”. Seriously, w…t…f?

      • Yeah Girlaktic is gone too. How do they mess up like this?!

      • I have no idea. I’m positive that my box wasn’t shipped, so how did they run out of products? My tracking number doesn’t even exist through DHL. It’s no different than someone using their computer to print a shipping label. It doesn’t mean it was actually shipped. As it stands, I’m getting a Tetris palette and Trestique, but give it 12 hours to run out.

      • I was refunded, because apparently it’s all sold out. I am not happy at all! I’ve been subscribed since month 2 of the GB+, I actually got a great box with spoilers, was so excited. Like a refund is going to make up for all the products I won’t be getting to try! I didn’t even get an option to chose for next month, just sorry, we’re sold out and have issued a refund. They don’t care at all!

      • Yeah, and I was so excited when I saw my glam bag plus reveal, was so excited to get it, as was everyone else. And then it comes with three products inside. They don’t care at all. If they really cared they wouldn’t be dishing out refunds and sending ridiculous generic email, they’d be sending replacements of the products or offering to compensate everyone’s boxes for this month

      • At least you are getting a refund. I ordered a Tony Moly monthly box. It shipped very fast which is nice, but unlike the first time I ordered, I did not get a ‘shipping email’ the 2nd time I ordered. So i was waiting two weeks and decided to look at my order confirmation email. The tracking was in there. It said it was delivered around 12:30ishpm two days after I ordered. I don’t get home from work until 5:30pm, so my best guess is that someone stole it off my porch. I am in Chicago, we have different mail people every other day. I don’t know my neighbors. People from my building normally put it in our side hall doorway if they see it on the porch. Tony Moly said, “Sorry, they can’t help once it says delivered.” So I lost about $46.00 on that. The USPS has no proof where anyone left it either, and even if they ‘delivered’ there is no proof of who stole it off the porch. They often scan the boxes in their trucks in the area most of the time, so it says ‘delivered’ …then it doesn’t show up for an hour on our porch… if we are lucky.

      • Sorry LR, in Chicago USPS I believe steals a lot of my stuff. They claim to deliver it BUT don’t bother ringing my bell nor putting it in my mail slot (if its an envelope) so I get a delivery alert and rush down immediately to find it. Guess what nothing is there. How can it get stolen within a minute or two after delivery? Too suspicious.
        There is NO EXCUSE for a good postal carrier not to ring the bell or put an envelope in the mail slot. Chicago USPS is filled with shady lazy carriers. NOT all but definitely many! It happened today with $300 in amazon gift cards so I AM heated!!
        My door has a sign that reads RING BELL don’t leave packages unattended on porch as they WILL get stolen. My neighbors and I will all take packages in for one another but USPS and some carriers don’t care nor bother to make sure the item actually makes it into the hands of the purchaser. I find FEDEX carriers call me to say hey your note left a phone number and said to call can you please grab your item I just delivered it. An actual Amazon carrier will also give more effort to making sure the package is delivered. UPS is 50/50. I also many times LEAVE my downstairs door open and unlocked for them and there are some who wont put the item on the hallway stairs. Bad bad customer service. I tell them on the note the way to insure safe package delivery and some just don’t care. I am however very grateful to my regular USPS postal carrier, he always makes sure my stuff gets to me. It’s when its someone else that things go bonkers.
        My rant is over. Sorry its so long.

    • I just got an update that I am getting not ONE but TWO eyeshadow palettes in my replacement bag, some black bs eyeliner UGH What a scam.

      I am getting:
      Tetris Game On
      Trestique Lip Crayon
      I Dew Care Sugar Kitten
      RealHer II Do Your Squats palette
      Eyeko London black eyeliner

      The only thing I want to keep is the I Dew Care as that is my flippin’ add on & I sample size. So I’m getting 4 items. I might cancel. I’m furious. Went from a quality box to complete BS

      • Wth? I thought the replacements were supposedly comparable? I got a tracking number today (it isn’t in the system yet). Real Her should be reserved for the $10 bag, not the $25 box. Their products are very cheaply made. They don’t have anything leftover from other “big brands”? I was getting items from well known brands, so I’m going to be very upset if they unload leftover “no name” junk on me. I was getting SR ($65), Girlactik ($34), Trestique ($25), the Tetris palette and Suva eyeliner with brush ($26). That’s $150, not including the Tetris palette, since it was made for Ipsy. I expect similar items, with a similar value.

    • My last email to Ipsy was so aggressive that she responded with , “I’m sorry you haven’t been well” LOL ..I think she meant mentally well LOL

  12. Hmmm.. seems to me Ipsy needs to hire a new shipping department! I only get the regular Glam bag as I live in Canada and don’t have the option to receive the Glam bag plus but I too have been having a horrific time with my bags for the last 5 months!!
    I’ve emailed Ipsy care every time (literally once a month now for the last five months!) and I will say they have been fantastic but last month was the worst – My May bag arrived at the end of the month and absolutely everything in it was wrong! The replacement they sent me was clearly all the junk they couldn’t get rid of.
    Then again this month I too was missing my Sunday Riley (add on) but (and here’s the weird thing) it’s almost like they knew they didn’t have enough so they sent me 3 other add ons (that I did not order) that would have cost $3 each to replace the one item (Sunday Riley) that cost 12$
    I still wrote to them that I did not get up super early on the 2nd to order the stuff they sent me as a (I’m assuming) replacement for the Sunday Riley.
    I still got the other add ons I had ordered -so again I’m assuming this is what they did but it definitely seemed off.
    Ipsy should stop promising products that they don’t have enough of and if it was promised in the Glam bag plus they shouldn’t have even offered it as an add on to ensure that they could replace all of the mess ups with the Glam bag plus boxes.

  13. So just thought I’d share this. I contacted Ipsy because I received a tracking email for my glam plus on 6/9 and as of today still hasn’t moved. All I can say is Buyer beware. Just because you order and already payed you may not receive promised items or any items at all! FYI I had 3add ons, so no idea if I’m getting a refund for the other 2. This was cs’s response.

    Hi Ashley,
    Thanks for writing, and I’m so sorry for the trouble!
    I’ve double checked your account and three of the items in your Glam Bag Plus are out of stock. So sorry about that! I’ve gone ahead and issued you a refund for $21.65. You should see your funds returned to your account in 5-7 business days.
    Also, the HUDA BEAUTY Matte Liquid Lipstick is out of stock also so I’ve issued you a refund for $12.99.
    I hope this was helpful. Let me know if I can answer any other questions, and thanks for your support of ipsy!

    • When you add on the ‘add ons’ …when do you do it? I do it the second the email hits my inbox on the 2nd of each month.

  14. What is happening to ipsy for the month of June?! I too never received my Glam bag plus. After waiting forever I finally emailed ipsy and was told that my products are now all out stock and they’ll issue a refund for the GBP and add on I had ordered. Makes me wonder if they ever actually sent anything in the first place.

  15. Mine was idle en route to DHL from the 6th to the 19th. On the 19th, it became idle en route from DHL to USPS with no updates other than a message that my delivery will be delayed. Surprisingly, I received it today with no change in the delivery status on DHL or USPS tracking.

  16. So tons of people just aren’t getting a box this month, me included. Its been sitting at DHL before the processing part since the 8th. I contacted ipsy on the 8th day since I stalk my tracking and this part usually takes 3 days, then another 3 travelling with DHL then another 3 between DHL and USPS where basically neither company claims to have it and I get it either the day USPS does or the day after that. they made me wait the whole 14 days, at that point they were out of everything in my box and just refunded me. My question is how many of you have a similar story and what was done about it, full replacement of the whole box, partial replacement partial refund, substitute products and a partial refund, substitute products, full refund, no products, “bonus” products, a choice for next month. Personally they are sending my add ons plus 2 “bonus” products and they fully refunded my box but I’m not getting the items I was meant to get at all or a choice in my next box. I was supposed to get sunday riley, the girlatic balm duo, the trestique crayon and balm, the suva liner and brush and the tetris palette in game on. My add ons were naisture mask, Dr botanicals face oil and neuma instant fix. My regular bag didn’t come either, instead in the mailer which did arrive I had my add ons of 2 brow gal plus a huda 3d highlighter palette, the in the balm of your hands vol. 2 palette from the balm, a morphe blush single and a space case cosmetics blush. they are resending my full bag as far as I know right now. I get that in some ways I’m very lucky especially compared to some of y’all (I mean hello $80 in free makeup instead of my $10 bag,) but I was looking forward to all of this and this is the worst experience I’ve personally ever had with ipsy in the 6 years I’ve been subscribed.

  17. Since everyone else (not me) is getting either $$ or some type of compensation for lost bags/ missing products..I wrote this email to Ipsy this morning:
    Dear Kristen @ Ipsycare,

    Thanks for letting me know . I must say though, that I am quite disappointed. I hate liquid eyeliner and was so excited for the Suva brush and powder eyeliner, that I was initially promised. But the worst part is that I was promised the SUNDAYRILEY and it was replaced with some eye brightening stuff.. I have had many skin cancer surgeries on my face and was so thankful that I was supposed to get the SR cream, as Vit. C is excellent for scar tissue on my face from the skin cancer surgeries, and now so sad and disappointed.. I will be cancelling all Ipsy GB and GBP by tomorrow 6/26/19, if I am not compensated in some way for Ipsy’s mistake.. I don’t want to feel like I’ve been scammed by Ipsy..So, either I need $$ or something special or I will have to cancel and go to a different beauty box , where I feel appreciated..

    • IMO this approach isn’t very effective in getting what you want. You are entitled to get what you paid for or a refund. You are entitled to 5 products, not necessarily the ones previewed. You paid for the box before knowing what you were getting. If they have shipped out another box, you haven’t been scammed. It’s nice when companies give extras when there are shipping delays or lost packages but you aren’t entitled to anything extra. In my experience, you are more likely to be dealt with generously when you are polite. Flat out demanding extra stuff isn’t going to incline any customer service agent to deal generously with you.

      • Kim, I am not usually this demanding, but I have let so many mistakes by Ipsy slide over the years and I am so fed up after this fiasco.. 2 months ago I canceled, after over 4 years with Ipsy..then they emailed me an offer that I couldn’t refuse.. They offered me a free GB if I re-subscribed.. So, I re-subscribed..Guess what? No free GB or anything..I let it go..Another time I bought a bag of 5 perfumes from them..They arrived broken and 2 were empty, the other 3 smelled really old.. I never complained..I just let it go..but this time I feel scammed, even if I’m not scammed, I feel that way..It may have sounded like I was threatening them to cancel if I am not compensated in some way, but I was just giving them one more chance.. I just feel that if they value having me as a customer, and I buy extras, then I will get something, even if it’s just an extra item for once, or something.. If not, then I’ll spend my money on a different beauty box..I’m sure that the other ones have better customer service..

      • I don’t 100% agree with you on this, Kim. Ipsy did guarantee either the 111Skin or Sunday Riley being in the June GBP.

        Ipsy also promises a “personalized” box. If they say, “here’s what products match your profile best, & so this is what we’re sending you,” I personally believe they have the obligation to send what they told me they would send. If I wanted 5 random products, I’d sub to BoxyCharm, not Ipsy.

      • Actually Kim is correct. Directly from Ipsy Terms of Service:

        Glam Bag / Glam Bag Plus Contents: Glam Bags typically contain 5 beauty items. The contents of each Glam Bag/Glam Bag Plus will vary from month to month. We attempt to customize your Glam Bags based on your ipsy beauty profile, your product reviews and other feedback you choose to provide to us from time to time, but we make no guarantees that you will receive a particular product.

      • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        IpsyCare has literally told people via emails that everyone is “guaranteed” to receive a Huda palette in July’s GBP. (Haven’t seen actual screenshots from June, but I assume similar language was used, since MSA did report an either-or situation with Sunday Riley.)

      • I agree with Marion. No matter what the terms of service said several emails and spoilers released Guaranteed either Sunday riley or 111skin. Just like this month they are guaranteeing either 1 of 2 Huda palettes.

      • well, my B****y email worked..They are sending me a free bag and I got to choose a product for next month..I am usually very polite, etc..but the one time that I was extra aggressive I got compensated and I feel good about Ipsy once again..

    • I’m getting no ipsy plus this month because of DHL. Imagine how mush ipsy lost due to this considering how widespread this went, it wasn’t their fault other then shipping with DHL.

      • People are acting like ipsy purposefully did this. It’s a problem with dhl. I skipped gbp for June but I haven’t gotten my regular Ipsy and add on Sunday Riley. I really don’t care at this point, I’m fine with just getting a refund. I’ll probably skip July for both gbp and the regular Ipsy and wait and see if dhl gets their crap together.

      • Well, we know that ipsy did oversell the Sunday Riley cream, due to reports of people immediately receiving refund emails on June 2.

        We also know that, for about a week, Ipsy has been telling people who have been trying to get replacement GBP (with SR) & replacement SR add-ons that ipsy was out of stock of the SR cream, & that people would receive a refund. Now, within the past couple of days, GBP people are getting full refunds of their boxes, without Ipsy even offering to send a replacement batch, & people who are now reporting the SR cream was missing from their add-ons have been told that they ARE being sent their missing SR cream.

        Meanwhile, DHL is telling people that they never received shipments for them from ipsy.

        I mean. I’m not gonna say that ipsy is robbing Peter to pay Paul, but that’s one of the possible explanations I see for all the information we have. (TBH, the only other possibility I can think of is that DHL is hoarding Ipsy packages because… reasons ?)

        I definitely feel like Ipsy is not making a good faith effort to provide customers with the goods & services they promise.

      • Marion, I agree.. I think it’s a DHL issue though, and Ipsy needs to make gigantic shipping changes next month, like ditching DHL and going with USPS, UPS, or FEDEX…even if it means we pay an extra dollar or two..this DHL crap is NOT working

      • I spoke to DHL & they advised that the package was never received by them. The shipper only created the shipping label & my package was never handled by DHL, only the supplier. Who flipping knows anymore, what a joke.

  18. My GBP sitting since 6/, today a new email stating that a new box is being shipped to me.. Instead of the SUNDAY RILEY and Suva liner , I’m now getting:

    GIRLACTIK 3N1 Lip Sparkle Balm Duo
    TETRIS x ipsy GAME ON Eyeshadow Palette
    EYEKO Black Magic Liquid Liner
    TRÈSTIQUE Lip Crayon
    GOLDENFADEN Bright Eyes

    I HATE liquid eyeliner and never use eye things like the goldenfaden, but it does sell for $88, so I may try it.. I am mostly upset about not getting the S.R. Vit C cream 🙁

    • They actually told you what you’re getting? That’s the first that I’ve heard of them doing that. I’m pretty upset about the loss of SR and Suva. I had excitedly told my husband all about this box. I’ve been with other boxes for years, but it’s my first Ipsy GBP. This will sound super lame, but I have serious health issues, so these boxes are my “pick-me-ups” for the month. When I saw what I was getting, I was thrilled. Not so much anymore.

      • Rach, same here!! I was SO excited about the Suva and SR.. They only told me the items in my replacement bag because I demanded to know…

    • They are giving you 3 of the items that were supposed to be in my box and me none of it.

    • I asked what I was getting, but I haven’t heard back yet. Now I’m extra nervous! I skipped the entire month of January GBP to avoid getting yet another Eyeko!

      (If you’re reading this, & you’re telling yourself ‘OMG what a drama queen, I’d love to get another Eyeko liner,’ then please, PLEASE click on my name & come swap with me! I have 3 available now, & apparently may have a 4th soon!)

  19. Does anyone want to trade the purple palette for the green one? I have many purples I’m not using.

  20. I just read some of these comments because I couldn’t figure out why on Earth one review would have so many comments on it.
    This is crazy! However, I think DHL deserves a ton of blame. I got 1 GBP and 2 Glam Bags this time around. The GBP and one bag were delivered timely and with no issues. My other bag sat about 45 minutes away with a delay for over a week. DHL has always been slow with terrible shipping updates. I noticed the second bag seemed like it had been opened and resealed at some point. I almost wonder if DHL lost a shipment somewhere and if some people’s bags will still end up showing up. I would love for Ipsy to switch to a better shipping provider.

    • Something happened. There are hundreds (or thousands) of us that have only received the “en route to DHL” message. My tracking number doesn’t exist through DHL, USPS doesn’t have it and now the stuff I was excited about is out of stock. This was my first box. I do know that DHL terminated the contract with all of the employees and gave them a lengthy notice. That would explain why things are showing up damaged and open.

  21. My gbp shipped? the 9th and hasn’t arrived yet. I got the same throwing the shipping company under the bus response, even though it never left Ipsy. I added items on and ordered a points reward. I plan to skip July

  22. I got the glam bag and glam bag plus this month. I didn’t like anything they put into glam bag plus and promptly cancelled. I loved everything in the glam bag. I can use all of it plus I got the purple bag. My favorite color

  23. Mine is MIA. It went off the radar on the 10th.

    So far Ipsy Customer Service is not responding.

    I can’t believe the delays on boxes this time around!

  24. So IPSY didn’t realize that SR would be so popular? Did they just order 50 of them?

  25. I got 2 old samples in my GBP in addition to the items I was supposed to get. One is a 111Skin eye serum, the other is a Huda matte lip product which is not listed for either Reg. Ipsy bag or GBP this month.

    Also, one of my GBP had been uptaped and retaped. I am NOT happy with the Sunday Riley CEO cream, as mine didn’t have seals anywhere on the jar.
    Why did they provide it to Ipsy without a safety seal?

    Did anyone get a jar with a seal? It was the retaped box that I noticed this with. I haven’t looked closely at the other jar yet. I’m not wanting to see two unsealed jars of an expensive cream.

    • My SR wasn’t sealed in plastic or anything, but it did the the little plastic piece under the lid and over the product.

    • Not sure about the 111Skin product being old but it was a Points products last month. I added them on two both of my bags. The Huda lippie I think may have been an add on. Maybe they threw them in on accident with your bag instead of someone else’s?

      • Thanks so much for the info, Cheyenne. I was afraid the 111Skin eye serum was from last fall. It was in the reg. Glam Bags then.

        You know, I think they really need to rename the Glam Bag Plus to avoid confusion, mostly within their own staff, LOL.

    • My SR didn’t have a seal, either. It had the plastic cover over the lotion itself but no outer seal. I was a little surprised by that myself. It’s supposed to be a high end product and there is no real seal for it. I have to admit, this was my first GBP and so far I’m not impressed at all.
      Yes, the SR is a amazing product to receive. But, I want to receive a product that I KNOW hasn’t been tapered with.

  26. So–after 5 emails to Ipsy regarding my GBP and them reassuring me that it was shipped
    and “you will be receiving soon”–they sent an email stating that my order with add ons was CANCELLED and they will refund my money!!!”
    Oh–and as a consolation–I get to choose one of three products that I don’t want for next month.
    Assuming I stay with them.
    Poor customer service.

    • What?! That’s terrible customer service. I also thought you could choose what you WANTED, not the other way around.

      • I think you misunderstood.. she meant that she gets to choose from three products.. she just doesn’t want any of the ones they are offering

      • Omg. You’re right. I read that differently. I have to reply to the email that I’ve received. She hasn’t mentioned my add on (which I’m sure is now sold out) or the fact that the Suva Beauty is gone.

    • Wow, that’s unfortunate! At least they did refund your money and offer you a choice for next month.. I know it’s not a great consolation but if they no longer have the original products in stock I’m not sure there’s much else they could do or that you could expect much more than that 🤔

  27. Last night I emailed back Ipsycare and asked , specifically, what products I am getting in my replacement box and what about Sunday Riley, as I was most excited about it..and if it was out of stock would I get the $5…as I have seen many in here are getting $5 ..and I am not getting $5 ..she said,

    “We’re currently out of stock for your SUNDAY RILEY – C.E.O. Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream, but I’ve processed you a comparable substitute.

    Our records show that your replacement order is being prepped for shipment.

    We’ll send your tracking information in the next few business days. Please hold tight! ”

    this is horrible!!

  28. I wish I could have gotten this box. Mine was terrible so I cancelled

    • Not many people did get this box, even if we were supposed to!

  29. Is anyone else here in Arizona? I’m just wondering if it’s all of us in AZ that are not getting our glam bags or is it nationwide?

    • It’s Nationwide. I’m in Ohio. I honestly think Ipsy didn’t mail the packages. I did read that DHL terminated contracts with their employees though. That would explain why everyone is getting damaged and opened packages. They were given notice of the impending termination, so they are doing whatever they want.

      • I don’t think ipsy has anything to gain by not shipping them. I’ve been subscribed for 6 years and their CS has always bent over backwards for me.

    • I’m in Illinois and I’m having the same issue.

    • I’m in Alabama. Seems like boxes shipped the 8th and 9th were the most affected

  30. IpsyCare is so frustrating right now. I waited 10 days to email them from my shipping date, & I got a canned response that my post office was probably to blame, then a note to contact them again after it had been 10 days from the ship date. I immediately responded that it HAD been 10 days from the ship date. It took them 3 more days after my response to finally get back to me & tell me that they are out of stock on 2 items (Sunday Riley & Suva liner) & will ship me a replacement package & give me a $10 refund.

    Very frustrating, since I received the 111Skin in a previous box, so I *knew* I was getting the Sunday Riley this time around. Might have skipped June altogether if that wasn’t a factor.

    I asked what will be in my replacement shipment. I hope I will hear back sooner than 3 days.

    • This is my first month as a GBP customer and this fiasco is a nightmare. I’ve been with other boxes for 4+ years and I’ve NEVER encountered anything like this. I loved everything that was scheduled to come in my box, only they never shipped it. After 13 days of waiting, they said they’ll ship me another box in ANOTHER FIVE TO SEVEN BUSINESS DAYS. Wtf?! I’ve already been waiting. They can’t speed up the process?! So, another week or so, before they even attempt to mail it. What kind of joke is this?! The month will definitely be over before I receive anything. They told me the SR from my box is sold out and I’ll get $5 back. Woohoo. They didn’t mention the Suva eyeliner, so I’d better get that.

      I’m livid. They’ve been in business for years. This is unacceptable.

      This is what my email stated. Someone can’t even copy and paste. *facepalm*

      I would also like to inform you that we’ve run out awesome substitutes for SUNDAY RILEYC.E.O. Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream so I’ve issued you a $5 refund, and you should see the funds back in your account within 5-7 business days

      • Ipsy had told me the same thing, about shipping me a new GBP in 5-7 days.. They said my add ons are out of stock now, but didn’t say anything about my Sunday Riley being out of stock.. I just emailed them again and asked what will be in my replacement box..

      • I’ve been with ipsy for 4 years now, and I’ve not experienced anything like this, either, but I have noticed a steady decline in customer service for over a year now. I used to praise ipsy’s customer service in every message board thread on the subject, but as it stands, I wouldn’t recommend the Glam Bag Plus to anyone right now (and I’d definitely mention plenty of caveats even for the $10 bag).

      • I’m new to this box, but have they always outsourced their customer service? The person emailing me isn’t very proficient in English. The emails don’t make much sense. That could be the change in customer service. They might have outsourced it. She told me that they’re out of awesome substitutes. Before that, I couldn’t decipher what she was trying to say. She also isn’t answering my questions, so I don’t think she fully understands (which is probably due to the language barrier).

  31. I got a second account because they messed up my primary account’s reg. Glam Bag this month. I didn’t get it until Friday.

    Also, my second account, which was just charged about a week ago, sent out a Glam Bag Plus. I believe they’ve sent me the 5 regular products as shown in the brochure PLUS 2 which are nowhere to be found.

    One is a 111Skin EYE serum/ gel which, from what I can tell, was a reg. Glam Bag item last fall. I do NOT want old stock from leftover Glam Bags in my GBP.

    The other item was a HUDA Lip Strobe in a reddish shade which is NOT one of the shades shown for the reg. Glam Bag this month.

    They charged me for both a Glam Bag and a GBP, but only sent the GBP, but added two ” old stock” items from previous Glam Bags ( reg. $10 glam bags).

    This seems really shady to me. And both my GBP had the Sunday Riley cream and the green palette, the Trestique crayon, the eyeliner.
    This second one has the TULA facial masks, which I’m glad to have.

    The first one has the Green palette, the Sunday Riley cream, the pot of eyeliner, the Trestique boxed lip crayon box of 3 mini lipsticks and 2 Girlactik lip pencils. So the first box had 3 lip products ( the minis are actually 3 for one because different shades),
    and the just received unexpected box has a Huda beauty product not shown and a 111Skin eye serum not in either reg. Glam Bag or GBP.

    Very confusing shipments from Ipsy this month! This jumble of haphazard products sent out late or without any warning that charges were being placed to cards happened YEARS ago… and they weren’t called ” Ipsy” just ” Glam Bag” and went out of business. I remember that in the last mylar shipping bag ( no makeup bag then), I got 3 sets of false eyelashes.

  32. Guess I should consider myself very lucky. I received my 1st GBP without any issues received BOTh 111Skin which I am enjoying plus the SR. Question, I’m trying to avoid denatured alcohol due to my dry skin. Do either of these products have de-natured alcohol in them? If so I dont want them.

    • I wish I could help. That is a topic that I’m clueless on. Good luck!

      • No denatured alcohol in wither 111 or SR. Thank goodness, they are brightening my skin and lightening my freckles.

  33. hey, i’m having trouble with my computer on reg. want let me pick out what I would like to get in 1/10 products….anymore. is anyone else having this trouble…

    • Yes! I’m having that same issue!

    • I read that they discontinued that feature. 🙁

      • so we are not going to be picking out our products no more….I miss that part..

      • Same here. I always looked forward to being able to say which products I’d love and which ones I’d prefer not to receive.

    • actually they are starting a new feature where you actually get to straight up pick one item.

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