Ipsy Glam Bag Plus July 2019 SPOILERS Round #4!

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We have new spoilers for the July 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus thanks to V! (These are some of the items that Ipsy is sending in July. There are different box versions every month, so you may not receive it in your Glam Bag Plus.)

The Ipsy Glam Bag Plus may include:

Purlisse Watermelon Aqua Balm

Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara

Naked Cosmetics 4 Piece Loose Pigment Set

In case you missed the previous spoilers, each July 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus will include ONE of the following Huda Beauty palettes:

Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette – multiple shade variations
Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette – multiple shade variations


Touch in Sol Pretty Filter Waterfall Glow Cream

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer


PURLISSE Matcha Green Tea Antioxidant Priming Moisturizer

What do you think of the spoilers?

This subscription is $25 a month. Sign up here! (Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.) The waitlist is back on, so claim your spot on the waitlist now for a chance to get the July Glam Bag Plus as your first box.

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes!

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  1. I will say that compared to last month, this month is underwhelming. Also having rosacea, the last thing that I want is pink highlighter. I know that not everything is going to be spectacular all the time, and that’s okay so long as the bad doesn’t start to outweigh the good. I guess I’m basically saying, I’m here for the skin care, not the makeup.

    • You might want to invest your $25 into the BeautyFix box from Dermstore instead then bc all that is, is skin care. Ipsy is very heavily makeup and usually doesn’t have much high quality skincare in it. Although the brands have gotten better as of lately. Credit where it’s due LOL

    • Sign up for a skincare box

    • If what you want is skincare, then I highly recommend pinkseoul.com subscription. I have been using for two cycles now and the products are very high quality, and very personalized to your skincare needs. I get the plus box as it is recommended for women over 35, and I have loved every product and my skin has never been more clear and beautiful–I don’t even feel the need to use foundation or anything to “cover up” my horrible skin, it really is healing it! They also have their regular box for women who are not worried about age-related skin problems yet 😉 The box itself does cost more, but it is bimonthly, so averaged out monthly its the same as any other box at around 20ish per month. And the products are full sized and last a very long time! I’m not even close to using anything up yet, and I use everything daily.

  2. I decided to get the BGP for July. Despite not receiving a June box and only getting a refund I can hope that my July box will arrive.

    I think I heard (here perhaps) that DHL had a strike which resulted in delays and box losses. Hopefully the issue is resolved.

    I really hate DHL and Fedex Smartpost. They are so low in priority.

    But this looks like an amazing box so I am going to try to get it. Hopefully I won’t have another box loss. I really liked what I was supposed to receive in the June box.

    • I totally agree with you on there delivery companies….if they would just take it to the post office it would be quicker on delivery….all these beauty boxes would be better off…

      • Seriously.

        • Sorry but I disagree USPS in Chicago can be extremely irresponsible and very lax. If it is my regular carrier he is fab but those individual truck deliveries SUCK! I agree with those who have had issues. I hope they go to FedEX as they CALL me every time they deliver something IF my door isn’t unlocked so they can toss it on my inside hallway stairs. I appreciate that call because leaving stuff on my porch outside has a 90% chance of being stolen.

      • I don’t disagree with you at all that dhl/smartpost are terrible. But companies use dhl/smartpost because they’re cheaper. How do you think they manage to offer free shipping?

        More importantly, are you willing to pay more for a better shipping experience?

        • NO I personally do not want to pay MORE for shipping

          • Lol same. While I would love to have a better shipping carrier, I do not want to pay an additional cost for it. That’s a really good point made though and puts a new perspective, bc I have whined about shipping many times.

          • YES I would gladly pay MORE for expedited shipping. It should be an option.

            Just an option along with free shipping for those who want to wait a month or never get their boxes!

          • Giving subscribers the choice to have Expedited shipping vs free shipping is a brilliant idea. I would never pay for that, but I know a ton of ipsters would, just based on the MSA posts I read! Maybe if a lot of us make that suggestion on the surveys they send out or on their insatgram page they will hear us. Worth a try and would make a lot of ladies very happy!

        • Yes.

          • Emma, you made an extremely good point about the price of better shipping services. I am guilty of whining about the shipping. I have several sub boxes and I really appreciate not having to pay an extra 7.99 or so for shipping fees with my ipsy box. Granted I despise DHL and have had a lost box, but it eventually made it’s way to my house (several weeks late, but I did get it) and I cant really afford to pay extra for a better shipping experience. I’d rather keep the $25 price tag and use that extra money from shipping to go toward a FFF box this fall or something like that 🙂

          • Hi Emma, you made an extremely good point about the price of better shipping services. I am guilty of whining about the shipping. I have several sub boxes and I really appreciate not having to pay an extra 7.99 or so for shipping fees with my ipsy box. Granted I despise DHL and have had a lost box, but it eventually made it’s way to my house (several weeks late, but I did get it) and I cant really afford to pay extra for a better shipping experience. I’d rather keep the $25 price tag and use that extra money from shipping to go toward a FFF box this fall or something like that 🙂

        • Wait, where do y’all live that y’all get free shipping?

          • I get free shipping to Indiana.

  3. When I upgraded to the GBP, they deactivated my regular GB sub. I’m trying to add the GB back on but can’t find a way to do it. Does anybody know how? TIA.

    • Sounds like you should contact ipsy’s customer service. They shouldn’t have deactivated your regular glam bag without your request. When I added GBP, I kept my GB because I had paid for the full year. I did recently request a three month break.

    • i think they automatic switch from GB to GBP when you get off the waitlist. that happened to me but I am glad I didn’t have 2 subs going on. I thnk you can just sign up for GB or email them to continue you GB. after getting full sized products now, I have lost interest in the little sized ones.

  4. I absolutely love all these spoilers .
    Those naked loose pigments are amazing…so is everything else lol

    • What naked loose pigments? I didn’t see those anywhere? Was it on a different spoiler page?

  5. Ipsy customer service is so much better than BoxyCharm. My bag got stuck in my delivery city which is more of a post office/DHL issue than an Ipsy issue, but I contacted Ipsy anyways, and they said that I was outside the 10 day delivery policy and they’re sending me a new bag. Mind you, they got back to me only five or so hours after emailing them. On the other hand, I ordered something from the charm room with BoxyCharm, and they are sending it to my billing address. I contacted them, it took them a week to get back to me, and they just said basically too bad. They won’t refund my charms or anything, they just sent me my tracking info again. I canceled with them and let them know that Ipsy blows them out of the water for customer service. I’m sure the one over worked person they have reading emails won’t care, but it felt good.

  6. The Glow Watermelon moisturizer they showed on the Ipsy facebook page was the small size. I was hoping Ipsy would send us the larger size. I’m gonna skip and see if there is something I want to add on.

    • So we can skip a month and still be able to purchase add-ons?

      • You can skip the glam plus and purchase add ons only if you are getting the regular glam bag.

    • How were you able to tell it was the small size ? I would be fine with that if they were going to give us 2 more of the skincare items. They seem to have quite a bit this month. I would be happy with pretty much all of them. I am kind of hoping because I got the Huda eye palette the last time I don’t get the naked pigments this month .

  7. I dozed off while watching their Ipsy video last night but I am pretty sure that Benetint and the other one (light pink container) are going to be in Ipsy Plus.

    • where is the ipsy video? I dont see it on their website.

      • Facebook or Instagram

    • Yes, they spoiled Benetint and Gogotint.

      • I have both. Prefer the Benetint. It’s red vs gogo, a more opaque pink.

  8. I wanted to get some opinions. Is Ipsy and Ipsy Plus the best monthly Make up bag you can subscribe to?

    I like to try different kinds of skin care.

    • In my opinion it totally is, and the only one I subscribe to at the moment. I’ve been subscribed to as many as 13 different boxes at a time. 😬 I had a problem. Ipsy really upped their game even with the regular glam bag but the glam plus box is so good. They have even changed their profile info, so you can personalize it even more specifically now and I never get items I say I don’t want and definitely get mostly skin care now. There is always a palette in there too but If I don’t want it, I just give it to a friend who is always grateful to have it. I think it’s difficult to expect a subscription box to always include only items that you want but if all of the boxes I have been subscribed to, including boxycharm, Ipsy seems to be so much better at including new products that aren’t repeats and I always feel that they actually take my profile into account when putting it together. Hope this helps! I’m super excited about this box! Also, there have been items I wasn’t especially excited about but when I tried them I ended up loving them. I got a pixie mascara recently and was kind of bummed, but I gave it a try anyway and it is literally my new favorite mascara and it has two wands. Also, there have been times I have ended up hating products I was really pumped to try. It’s all part of the fun. Last thing- I really use their customer service if I feel like I have a complaint or wasn’t happy about something or if a product I added onto my box wasn’t included and they respond so fast and always make things right.

    • Boxycharm has been doing more skincare lately too. If you do Boxycharm, you have options. Keep the normal $21 a month or upgrade and pay $21 a month with every 3 months being boxyluxe and costing $50 instead. You get way more products that way. They also do limited edition skincare boxes for purchase by subscribers.

      I’m actually doing both right now. July will be my third month of Ipsy glam plus. I’ve been an off and on again Boxycharm sub for a few years.

      • Lol. They have done ONE limited edition skincare box. ONE – EVER. A couple of years ago they had a regular limited edition box. That is a total of 2 – TWO – in the history of their business. I wouldn’t be recommending anyone sub to Boxy, just to hope for another limited edition box of any kind.

        Ipsy Plus is substantially better than Boxy. (And yes, I’ve had both)

        • No need to be snarky and make the forum a hostile place. You can disagree with or correct me when I’m wrong like mixing up limited edition boxes but you can do so nicely! That being said, I like hearing different opinions about why one box is better than another. Some may love FFF and some may love makeup subs like Boxycharm or Ipsy Plus.

          I’d recommend reading past reviews too to see what you variants there were for the last 6 months.

          • I was not snarky. I am, however, tired of seeing people commenting false information to those asking questions, or who are new to any sub. If you don’t know, please don’t say things that are inaccurate. Different sub box opinions are a great thing for anyone to read, who is trying to decide which one might be best for them. That’s not the same thing as inaccurate info. Have a good day.

      • Well look into Glossybox cause I had a coupon code Glossy25 that took 25% OFF a yearly subscrition. YOu can try it to see if it works for some of the monthly or other options. I like all my sub boxes. But I am newer to them all.

        • Omg the limited edition Amorepacific glossy box is AMAZING!!! Thinking about ordering a second one since there is a $10 off coupon from MSA!! 🙂

          • I ordered one of those two, suppose to arrive tomorrow.

          • They are sold out when I tried to get one. So bummed.

    • BeautyFix is a really good skincare box. It really depends on what your goal is. Like with me, I want whatever I subscribe to, to be able to cover most of my skincare needs. I don’t want to have to buy things like cleanser, moisturizer, sheet masks and oils. For those reasons Ipsy Plus is my best value. I don’t normally get more than 2 skincare items per box, but they are full size and stuff I’m happy to use and I can always add on more skincare. The skincare more than pays for the box, so I consider the make-up as really nice extras. IMO, Plus is the best value both in retail and personal value, you really can’t beat it for $25. But, if my goal was to discover the best skincare products no matter the cost, I would probably go with BeautyFix,Test Tube or Minted. The reason I don’t is that I’m afraid I’ll fall in love with a product that I can’t afford to purchase.😂 I already have a couple expensive HG skincare products I can’t live without, but I have to prioritize and I’m never going to be that girl who spends $60 on a moisturizer.💁 A good chemical exfoliant or serum, yes! But not a moisturizer, cleanser or oil. I like that Plus keeps me stocked up on the essentials and that’s saying something, because it’s the only subscription I have at this time.

    • Ipsy GBP is great about mixing skin care and makeup. New Beauty Test Tube is my favorite sub for mostly skin care (usually full size too!). Their website is a little lame but the products sent every 2 months are out of this world! By far the best sub for mainly skincare. I have seen a few negative comments about their customer service, but if you call their 800 number they are very nice and will help accommodate your needs. I cannot sing Test Tube’s praises high enough! This month is some really amazing full size skin care and some awesome precision tweezers!

    • For skincare I would go with test tube if you want full size and Beautyfix if you want deluxe size samples. Ipsy does have some skincare but they have traditionally been a make up focused subscription. I have been sooooo happy with test tube.

      • My test tube was delivered this morning and it is INCREDIBLE!!!!! It is rapidly becoming my favorite sub box, despite the not so great website. IPSY GBP is a very close second.

        Anyone looking for skincare, you really should check out test tube from new beauty. I want to sing its praises from the top of a mountain haha

        • ANY coupon codes for TESTTUBE??

          • none that I’ve been able to find (not since like 2016, anyway).

            This month of Test Tube looked kinda sucky, compared to the last one. Now I’m on the fence between that and Look Fantastic…. :/

          • I haven’t found any coupons for TT, but I think this month’s was GREAT. precision tweezers, collagen serum, AMAZING skin brightening peel wipes that are super expensive, great facial sunscreen, eye cream, lash serum, etc. Stellar box for me, but of course not a perfect match for everyone.

  9. I got one of those naked loose pigments in my last ipsy bag and omg I’m obsessed. At this rate I want almost everything 😂 and now I fear the add ons cost

    • When I saw the loose pigments in the spoilers, I was like please nooooooooo. Naturally I’m getting them. I was so mad. Then I thought about it. Ipsy Plus has spoiled me. Really, I was upset about getting a super expensive eyeshadow when I paid only $25 and got so many other things I’ll love. Now that I think about it, the whole point is to try new things. I’m super excited that I’ll get to have this in my collection. Also I was able to add on the eyeshadow palette I wanted for more than half off. Ipsy is amazing!!!!!! I’m sorry I’ve been acting like such a spoiled brat.

  10. I’m excited for July 😁 I made an order on ipsy shopper and it got cancelled due to the product being out of stock with the brand (Mac). It was processing for a while so I emailed ipsycare to ask what was going on. They told me it was out of stock and let me pick an item for my IGBP so I picked the Huda 3d highlighting palette in pink sands. Super happy about that. They got back to me within 24 hours of emailing too.

    Also FYI there was a pic posted yesterday or the day before on purlisse’s Instagram of the new priming moisturizer. It’s a new release.

  11. So the theme is glow?

    So long as i don’t get the highlighter palette, I’m good.

  12. Instagram live (& FB live I guess) has updates: Huda palette will be in Golden Sands, Pink Sands, or Bronze Sands. Also in GBP: Benefit Benetint or Gogotint.

  13. I received a travel Thrive mascara in a glam bag last year and I LOVED it! I hope to get a full size this time!

    • Me too. I have always wanted to try this mascara. Fingers crossed

  14. i am keeping July for the glow receipt. fingers crossed i get it or at least I can get it as add on. the highlighter looks really pretty too but I have enough highlighters to write an giant SOS on a stranded island. 😀 other than that the pixi mist looks interesting. they keep bringing purlisse products, what’s the deal with that?

  15. Honestly, the only thing I wouldn’t want is the naked cosmetics but with my luck, watch me ending up with it.

    If I don’t win the jackpot for the CAlottery, I win in getting matched with at least one least favorite product. lol

    I wouldn’t mind getting both of the Huda (highlighter palette and eyeshadow palette) just to not end up with the naked cosmetics. If an Ipsy worker reads this, please turn the odds in my favor <3

  16. Today is my birthday…my husband was going to take me out to dinner tonight…just found out he has to work late… So come on igbp give me some good stuff…

    • Happy Birthday!!

      • Thank you so much…

    • Happy Birthday !! 😀

      • Thank you very much….

    • Happy Birthday 🎉🎁🎂🎊🎈

    • Happy Birthday!!!

    • Happy birthday!

      • Thank y’all so much ..this means a lot to me..

    • Happy be-lated Birthday Tammy!!! 😀

  17. I’ve been skipping my glam bag plus every other month. But July looks so exciting!! I’d die to get the Glow Recipe! That’s what I’m praying for. But I also love the new Purlisse spoiler, Pixi, The Huda highlighting palette, July looks good!

    • If you skip GBP can you opt to get the regular glam bag that month instead?

  18. I was interested in the Touch In Sol Waterful Glow Cream until I checked the ingredients list. Alcohol is the 5th ingredient, yuck!!

    • Thanks! Good to know! I have to get better about checking these things. While I’ll accept a little alcohol in make-up products that I don’t wear every day, I feel it has no place in my skincare regimen.

      • If you check the ingredients you’ll see those aren’t denatured alcohols they’re both fatty alcohols.

    • Even according to Paula’s choice the two alcohols listed there are good fatty alcohols.

      • There are 2 good fatty alcohols lower on the list, but ingredient #5 is just plain “alcohol”

  19. July ipsy is hitting it outta the park, I’m really hoping for the glow recipe, the Thrive mascara and I have all 3 of those Huda eye shadow pallets so I’m hoping for the highlighter 😁 those are the top items I want 😁


  20. I think some of you guys are better off taking your 25 bucks and shopping for what you want. The whining gets pretty intense on here and the reviews. The whole point is to be a surprise, stuff you wouldn’t normally buy. Why not keep an open mind and try the products and review them accordingly instead of ‘i better not get..’ Or ‘i don’t want..’ Or ‘i hate…’? Do you care what I would rather not get? Does Ipsy read this? Exactly.

    • Lol! You are really so right.😂 I’m not gonna lie, I get pissed at Ipsy sometimes, mainly for not following my profile. Like this month, I got the black eyeliner, black is the only color I have listed as not wanting. Anyways, I sent them an email…I wasn’t really nasty, I’m not like that, but I definitely “whined” about it. It took less than an hour for me to realize I was getting a $65 moisturizer and $36 in sheet masks (I’m in it for the skincare) for $25 and all the make-up is just a bonus. I was like “why the hell am I complaining?” I mean, what could I have possibly bought with $25 that could compare to those skincare items that I will use and enjoy? I felt ridiculous once I really stopped to think about it. I’m tempted to stop looking at spoilers and just be totally surprised on reveal day. Either way, I will not be complaining about this box anymore, there is always something I enjoy that makes it worth it!

      • Eaxctly my thought. I really don’t know how they make money. If you get one item in the box that you like you are covered! It is so worth it. I would personally never spend $65 on a moisturizer but I love and love SR. I have tried a few different boxes and I think ipsy glam box really is the best. Boxycharm is good on paper but you get less skincare and a lot of items with inflated SRPs.

  21. I can’t stand those little Naked eyeshadows…LOL. I always get rid of them when I’ve received them in regular ipsy. Let’s hope I don’t get those…..keep hope alive. Otherwise I’m still stoked for July’s box. I can’t wait!!

    • Is it cause they are loose pigment? I like them actually

  22. I would LA LA LOVE both watermelon products. I already own the Purlisse one, but I really want to try the Glow one! I’m pretty sure Ipsy won’t send both though 😭

  23. I have been dying to try Thrive mascara for a long time. Please send me one!

    I am on moisturizer overload at the moment but I don’t mind getting more because unlike makeup, I can always use it up.

    Definitely don’t need more eyeshadow but I don’t mind trying some huda. I would like the highlighter more but would be happy with either.

    The only item that I don’t want would be the pixi. I would not be happy with the primer but then I don’t mind trying.

    So I wish list in order from I want to no thank you

    Mascara> Glow > Touch in Sol > highlighter> eyeshadow > Purlisse watermelon > purlisse primer > naked > pixi

    • Just saw some before and afters on the Thrive. Wow! I want to try that.

      • Ditto!! And those pics didn’t look embellished! First time I want mascara.

  24. Id love:

    Naked eyeshadow, Huda highlight, Touch In sol, Glow Recipe & Mascara.

    No Purlisse pls.

  25. Nice! I am a bit excited about July and ipsy+!!
    I have about used up my deluxe sample of the Thrive tubing mascara and didn’t really want to go out and spend the cash for it. So, fingers crossed I will be lucky!
    And the Glow Recipe moisturizer, yep I like July.

  26. Purlisse has the Matcha one on their site now, if you’d like to update the picture.

  27. I have been wishing for some loose pigments! I’m dying to see what colors come in the 4 piece set, but I really realllllly want to get those in my bag. And the touch in sol or glow recipe. Trying to figure out how to tweak my profile to get those items, but it looks like all I can do is put “often” on shadows and moisturizes and cross my fingers.

    If anyone else has any tips on how to modify my profile, please let me know! I know several people got both the 111skin serum AND the Sunday Riley last month, so I am really curious how you super lucky folks have your profile settings.

    • I have absolutely no desire for loose pigments, so if I get them I would be willing to trade!

      • Awesome! I have swapped with a few gals on the MSA site and would LOVE to swap for the loose pigments if I get them!

        Im super happy bc I am guaranteed the glow recipe this month after emailing ipsy care with a simple question. I am extremely impressed with their customer service! 🙂 if I can definitely get the loose pigments I will be so so soo hapoy!

    • I got them both and it was my first time with GBP so I was just super honest. I said I was 40, had issues with fine lines, hyperpigmentation, aging, firming, dehydration, etc. I also asked for creams, serums and eye Care often. I chose high end luxury brands as my favorite and said I shopped for beauty at Ulta, Sephora, nordstrom and the high end dept stores- all of which is true. I heard that other new subscribers got both. One said she had two GBP one was a brand new account and she got both on that one but not her other. Honestly the 111 skin was a cheaper reformulation of the earlier one they sent and I won’t even use it. I have it for swap and was generally unhappy I got a knockoff.

  28. I love anything that smells like watermelon, and have enjoyed the Naked Cosmetics singles I have received in previous Glam Bags, so those would be cool, too.

  29. I only see 6-piece sets offered by Naked Cosmetics currently, so I’m dead curious what they’re gonna do for the colors!

  30. I would be happy with everything but the eyeshadows..please here my plea oh great Ipsy Gods..skincare and lots..send it all to me 🙂

  31. I am on waitlist for Glambag Plus. How long is the waitlist typically ?

    • Email Ipsycare and say you really would love to receive the July box.
      They might bump you up and take you off the waitlist.
      It has worked in the past.

    • my wait list for GBP was fairly short. I had gotten one regular then think the next month mid month they said i would also get June gbp. SO there is a chance to get the july one even on into july cause thats what happen to me in june if memory serves me correct.

    • My best friend signed up less than 2 weeks ago for the regular bag. She was immediately able to upgrade and is still getting the June box. Send ipsy care an email and they will bump you up the list.

  32. Fingers crossed that the items I want, but won’t get because, well, duh, are available as add ons!! I want it all!!

  33. what does this mean? Naked Cosmetics 4 Piece Loose Pigment Set

  34. Dang it I promised my fiancé i would cut back this month but it looks like I need to stay subscribed to all four IGBP boxes because I want it all!

    • You get four GBP?! Girl lol that’s awesome! I just get one of every subscription but I did cut out a few. But this one and boxy will prolly always stay, what I don’t use I can sell. But I’m loving all the skincare I’m getting lately.

    • Jeez, 4 boxes? 😅 I’d probably do the same if I could afford it. I’ve been on a low buy for the past couple weeks to save some extra for my IGBP and the regular bag + add-ons. I’m excited 😁 hope you get some good boxes!

  35. Thrive is my all-time favorite mascara. It’s a tubing mascara. I hope I get it in my box and can pick up a few in swaps!

    • I’ve never tried it and can’t wait! I commented on one of their FB posts several months back about sending it in GBP and they had a very positive response so I’d like to think I helped in this lol.

    • I’m really hoping I get the mascara too! Ever since I subbed to Ipsy Plus earlier this year, there’s only been one month they didn’t send me a mascara, so I hope the trend of sending me mascaras continues. 🙂

      • Same here. It seems like I’ve gotten a mascara every box so this last time I rated it really low (just because I wanted a break and have a huge stockpile to go through!) but now, of course, I’d like to get this one…so I probably won’t. Just my luck. LOL.

        • Honestly, I feel like now that I just said how I’ve been getting mascara in every box (since February) except one, I have this gut feeling I now won’t get this one. lol! Hopefully, it’ll be an add-on!!!

          • Same here lol, fingers a crossed!

    • I love this mascara! Mine just began going dry and I was cringing at having to replace it again. Please let me get this mascara!

  36. Dang I’m super excited about this one!!

  37. Ooh glad I switched to Ipsy Plus. My package is arriving today. Can’t wait!

  38. My perfect bag would be the pixi mist, glow recipe, touch in sol, huda highlight palette and the thrive mascara. Please give me all those Ipsy gods!!!!

    • Yes!! That’s exactly what I want, too. Fingers crossed.

    • I am super excited for July!! I really want the Huda highlight palette, Touch in Sol, Glow, possibly the Naked pigments…I played around with my profile so fingers crossed! 😂

    • This would be the ideal box for me too 😍 I know I’m already getting the Huda in pink sands so I’m excited to see what the rest is. Hoping for the glow recipe. That’s #1 on my list. I almost bought it recently.

  39. Finally! I’ve been dying to try that mascara but watch me not get it doh!

    • I bought it a couple of months ago from their site. Love it!!!! Also their eye brightener. I’m becoming addicted to their products. Coworkers asked if I had on false lashes. Tip- when washing off, it will look like your lashes are coming off, but it’s not. It will look just like pieces of long lashes. But I guess that’s with any lash extender mascara. Ha. Hope you get to try.

  40. I think Ipsy is going to give Boxycharm a run for their money this month!! So far Im super excited!!

    • I canceled Boxycharm after two years. It just same brands over and over. With Ipsy, it is always exciting to see something new.

  41. It all looks wonderful except the Purlisse bc I’ve already had that in several subs. I would really LOVE to get both Huda palettes and the watermelon in the glass bottle. Hopefully Ipsy will redeem themselves with me in July. I still haven’t received my plus box or glam bag for June. Tracking information showed it never left their warehouse…😞
    They sent out an “accommodation” replacement. REALLY!?! When I heard that I was upset to think they couldn’t live up to their own mistakes…..

  42. OMG So glad I jumped back in! I want ANY and ALL of these spoilers! <3

  43. I love you Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!

  44. I am totally down for another moisturizer, but I really hope I don’t get the Purlisse. It’s one of the few products they make that I don’t like. I like the Thrive mascara! I don’t want loose pigments, I wonder if there is any chance of avoiding eyeshadow this month. Sigh…probably not. I’d just love a skincare dominant box for once. Anyone have any luck getting boxes with at least 3 skincare items?

    • I am like you & would love a skincare dominant GBP. Initially I was only receiving one skincare product a month but the past 2 months I’ve averaged at least 2 skincare items each month. I have seen people who received 3 skincare/focused items last month, so I’m crossing my fingers I luck out & receive that too.
      I rate all skincare highly & most makeup low, aside from what I really like.
      Thank goodness for add-on’s, as it allows me to customize my bag to my liking.

    • I don’t like the Purlisse either. I purchased it as an add-on to the regular bag a couple of months ago (because it sounded amazing), and was underwhelmed. It is sticky and not very hydrating or refreshing.

    • Try test tube or dermstore! Test tube is sent every 2 months for $29.95 and is mostly skincare, dermstore is $24.95 a month and is almost all skincare, some hair stuff.

      • I totally agree. TEST TUBE IS AMAZING!!! their website is awful but the items in the box have blown me away over the last year. I mean I cannot sing its praises highly enough.

        People say it’s hard to cancel with them, but I had a question and called the 800 number and actually spoke with someone in about 10 seconds who resolved all my issues quickly and kindly. Give them a shot if you want skincare. This months tube is FULL of awesome skin stuff and some really great precision tweezers:)

  45. I hope I get the Naked Cosmetics eyeshadows! I have had a few sent in my regular ipsy and I am obsessed, lol. I am not a fan of fake watermelon smell… hope I get the green tea primer instead.

  46. I opted out of mascaras, so I better not get that mascara. I wouldn’t mind the Purlisse watermelon gel for the upcoming warm summer months, but I don’t want the Purlisse priming moisturizer – I prefer a moisturizer with SPF for daytime.

    • I need moisturizers with SPF too, would love a waterproof mascara too since it’s hot in South Texas.

    • I’d love to see an SPF product in GBP, too! (I really hoped that’s where we were going when the Coola was offered as a $12 add-on.)

  47. Kinda excited for this one! Thankful 🙂

  48. Ipsy is killin it!

  49. IMOO Naked is overrated and mascara. I recieved too many naked in any sub boxes as well as mascara. Both are not exciting anymore😭

    • Truth

  50. Yay! Chances are pretty good I’ll be Getting a moisturizer this time- love these options

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