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Breo Box Subscription Review Summer 2019 + Coupon

Breo Box review

Breo Box is a men and women’s lifestyle subscription box that costs $159 ($144 with our coupon) for your first box and gradually gets cheaper the longer you subscribe! With a focus on the latest tech, home goods, and health & fitness items, you’ll get 5-8 products each quarter that they deem daily essentials in a sturdy reusable wooden box. There is always something new to discover in this box that I’ve never seen before, so it’s always a treat! 

Breo Box in side cardboard shipping box

The wooden box ships in an outer cardboard box to keep it neat so you’ll want to reuse it!

Breo Box with lid open

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

contents of Summer 2019 Breo Box

About this Quarterly Lifestyle Box

The Subscription Box: Breo Box

The Cost:

  • 1st box | $159
  • 2nd box | $139 brēō bronze
  • 3rd box  | $134 brēō silver
  • 4th box  | $129 brēō gold
  • 5th+ box | $129 + perks brēō platinum

COUPON: Use code MSA to save $15 off your first box!

The Products: 5-8 essential home, tech, and fitness products a handcrafted customized wood box.

Ships to: the US for free to the Continental US ($20 to HI, AK, and US territories), Canada for $35, and worldwide for an additional cost

Summer 2019 Breo Box Review


Each quarter you’ll get an envelope containing a classy info card that lists out the included items and their retail values.


Ekho DV8000 1080P Action Camera – Retail Value $115.00 USD ($155.00 CAD), Listed Retail Value $99.00

Breo Box always sends some awesome big-ticket items, but I was still surprised to see something like this action camera in this quarter’s delivery. While I’m not an avid sports-doer, I can appreciate that this little video camera comes with a TON of mounting accessories to allow you to attach the device to practically anything. Whether it’s handlebars, a helmet, or even on your person, you can get this strapped on and not worry about juggling your $900 smartphone to try and capture a fun adventure. The camera also comes equipped with WiFi connectivity and has an app you can download to make filming and downloading videos (or photos) to your phone a cinch. In addition to all of the mounting accessories, it has a clear case that protects it from splashes and short falls. While I can’t find definitive information on actually taking this underwater, the case will definitely protect the camera from some rain or mud puddles while you’re out and about.


Like most electronics, there is a short learning curve with this while reading through the manual and setting everything up, but with the help of my brother and his wife, we successfully got it out of the plastic case (harder than you’d think), set the time/date, and even connected to it via my phone so I could see what was being filmed in real time. Very cool! My only qualm is that my brother figured out early on that you’ll need to already have (or purchase) a microSD card to be able to shoot anything with the camera. Even if you’re connected to your phone via WiFi, the camera doesn’t have storage on its own. Luckily, my brother had an extra 8GB microSD card laying around so that we were able to use it. It looks like the cards are as cheap as $3.00, so depending on the size you want, they aren’t incredibly expensive if you know you’ll be using it. With the video setting at the highest setting of 1080P (which should look great on your HD 1080P tv) it looks like there is over an hour of video worth of space on the 8GB card we put in.

battery pack for Ekho DV8000 1080P Action Camera

The battery pack included is indeed rechargeable via its USB cable and you can also download videos via a computer if you aren’t able to use the app to download it to your phone (or prefer not to). Such a neat little device like this should delight tech nerds and outdoorsy people alike!


Dodow Sleep Aid Device – Retail Value $59.80

I’m very lucky to generally be a pretty good sleeper at night. I don’t have too much trouble falling asleep unless I drank caffeine too late or have a unique set of problematic thoughts running through my mind. However, it does happen from time to time, and this device aims to help quiet those thoughts and get you to sleep faster by helping you control your breathing. This is achieved through concentrating on a round ball of light projected onto your ceiling via 3 tiny LED bulbs that slowly grow and contract. It reminds me of when computers do that “breathing” thing, which I admit, can feel a little creepy. The set up for the device is easy and only requires installing 3 AAA batteries (included).

close up of Dodow Sleep Aid Device LED

A single tap of the finger on top of the round plastic disc turns the LEDs on for an 8-minute cycle and two taps will switch it to a longer 20-minute cycle. It will automatically turn off after the cycle of your choosing, but you can also hold your finger on the device for 3 seconds to shut it down manually. You can also adjust the brightness of the LED to your liking with three settings available. I gave this a whirl the other night and set it on my nightstand before getting into bed. Once I settled on my brightness level and cycle duration, I laid on my back gazing at my bedroom ceiling while consciously synchronizing my breathing with the blue glow. When it expanded I inhaled, and when it retracted, I exhaled. It took me a little bit to get the hang of it, as I was doing it the opposite way at first but after a few minutes, it clicked. It felt a little weird trying to fall asleep with my eyes open, but the booklet reminds you to stay passive and not “try” to fall asleep, that it will come naturally. It also recommends doing abdominal breathing to increase the overall outcome.


The booklet includes more tips as well as their website which you can log into using a code given to you in the paperwork. I did happen to fall asleep just minutes after using Dodow, but I’m not 100% sure it wasn’t because I was just super tired already. I will have to break this out on the nights I’m still awake at 2 am on a weeknight and see how well it lulls me to sleep. The overall idea makes complete sense to me and getting help from this device to embark on more meditative states for a newbie like me is very alluring.

OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Retail Value $49.99

This cold brew coffee maker is probably the item I am most excited about from the box since I turn into a cold brew fiend in the summertime. I have a method (however, janky) in which I double brew coffee in my pour over, then transfer it to a shallow baking dish which I pop into the freezer for 5-10 minutes while I brush my teeth in the morning. It’s not the best, but it does the trick if I don’t want to shell out the cash each morning at my local cafe. OXO’s coffee maker makes the process quite a bit more polished and coincidentally delivers a darn good cup of cold brew. It comes packed in such a way that the main pieces fit inside each other which makes for more compact storage when not in use. I don’t have a ton of cabinets in my kitchen, so this pleases me.


There is a stand (with brew-release switch), pitcher (with built-in mesh filter), “rainmaker” lid, and glass carafe with stopper (which doubles as a measuring device). The brewing process is rather simple, though you do need a minimum of 12 hours to yield a good product (and about 24 hours is ideal). Once set up as pictured above, all you have to do is add (and this is important) coarse-ground coffee into the pitcher, then pour cold or room-temperature water through the rainmaker lid. There are ratio guides included, but as is with all coffee brewing, the user can tweak to their preference. Once it’s all in there, you’ll give it a stir, and then leave it alone for at least 12 hours, although I noticed I enjoyed it more after a longer period that was closer to 24 hours. This is pretty standard when making cold brew and once you get into the habit of making it ahead of time, it will feel like less of a wait. After the “steeping” period, you’ll make sure the glass carafe is under the stand and then flip the brew-release switch which allows the concentrated coffee to trickle in. My first experience was made difficult because I did not pay close enough attention to the grind of the beans and used one a bit too fine which sort of clogged the mesh filter. It’s also good to mention that some people prefer more of the oils to be strained out, so they have included some paper filters in addition to the mesh to take care of that. I personally just went with the mesh. After allowing all of the coffee to drain into the carafe, I had a very concentrated blend which they suggest to mix with a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio of water over ice to achieve the best cold brew. While this coffee brew maker is not a necessity, I found that it made a much richer, smoother, and better-rounded cup of cold brew than my old method. A great item to kick off summer, indeed!

BlenderBottle Radian Insulated Stainless Steel Shaker in White – Retail Value $24.99

I don’t drink many protein shakes or smoothies, but this seemed to be a trusted companion in that community. The stainless steel bottle is insulated so that it can keep cold drinks frosty for up to 24 hours! That will really come in handy on a road trip or at the steamy gym. The patented blender ball should be tossed into the bottle after your liquid and powder to help shake up whatever your ingredients are. I decided to test this out with some matcha tea powder, milk, and simple syrup to make myself a nice cold *iced* matcha latte. I almost always have little matcha chunks left at the bottom of a glass if I simply stir it all together, but this container really got it mixed up well. It holds up to 26 ounces and has a lid that completely twists off to easily add ice with an additional smaller cap (with removable loop) that allows you to also drink from it after you mix it. If you’re someone that makes a lot of protein shakes (or matcha lattes) this is a great item.

THAT! Lil Dipper Thermal Ice Cream Scoop in Red – Retail Value $14.95

When I showed this scoop to my roommate he thought it had a battery in it or something to warm it up but I told him “no, I guess it’s just magic”. This solid aluminum alloy scoop is really sturdy so it won’t bend like a typical serving spoon would when you’re digging into a cold quart of ice cream. It has a little silicon rest on the bottom as well so you can set it down for a second helping without it touching the countertop. I bought a pint of Chubby Hubby to test this out because I HAD to and it did cut into it with ease. My only complaint is that it’s not really ergonomically designed to be very comfortable in hand.

Verdict: My first Breo Box experience was quite a positive one! The cold brew coffee maker was a clear favorite for me, but the camera has an amazing value since it’s retail is $115 and the sleep aid device is a cool new product (to me) that could be potentially helpful on sleepless nights. The shaker and ice cream scoop are also helpful daily use items that will have a home in my kitchen with no problem. The five items have a total retail value of about $264.73. If this were your first box, the cost would only be $144 when using our $15 coupon, so I think that sounds like a pretty good value overall!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes, subscribe now to get this as your first box!

COUPON: Use code MSA to save $15 off your first box!

Value Breakdown: At $144 for this box ($159 for the first box minus the $15 coupon), here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Action Camera: $62.55
  • Sleep Aid Device: $32.53
  • Cold Brew Coffee Maker: $27.19
  • BlenderBottle: $13.59
  • Ice Cream Scoop: $8.13

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What do you think of the selection this quarter from Breo Box?

Breo Box

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Written by Marne Orenich

Marne Orenich

Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.

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Comments (29)

  1. For the cold brew after you put it in in your waiting the 12 hours put it in the refrigerator, that will help.

    Regarding the ice cream scoop that used to always be made out of stainless steel in the past. I have the one from my mother’s house and it’s perfect for ice cream

  2. Did anyone get a platinum perk? This is my second time being platinum and I’m NOT impressed. Last time we got a spoiler 24 hours before everyone else. And a survey of items we might be interested in in the future. This time not even that. Or did I just miss out?

  3. Has the cost of the boxes changed? I found on their site

    1st box | $159
    2nd consecutive brēō box | $154 brēō bronze
    3rd consecutive brēō box | $149 brēō silver
    4th consecutive brēō box | $144 brēō gold
    5th+ consecutive brēō box | $139 brēō platinum

    • Yes, it went up this month for new customers.

  4. Ordered and can’t wait for my first breo box! How is shipping- quick, slow, fast with them?

  5. I’m not too sure about the Dodow. I tried it a couple nights, but I shut of off after maybe a minute. I makes me feel like I’m breathing too fast. I couldn’t do it, I felt
    like I was hyperventilating, which I suppose would also result in sleep. Maybe it slows down it goes or I just need to try to get in the right rhythm???

    I do use a deep breathing exercises when I can’t sleep that works like a charm (and costs nothing). You take a deep breath for 4 seconds (breathe in until your lungs are full), hold it for 7 seconds (until you feel you’re ready to exhale), slowly release for 8 seconds (until your lungs are empty) breathe in and out naturally, repeat.

    My husband has a go-pro, and I’d never use it, so I have the camera to my son, he also got the mug, which is actually really nice. I received the scoop in red. I don’t really get the point of it. It’s a bit small to be a regular scoop, and my spoons almost as heavy as the little red scoop.

    I haven’t even opened the box for the coffee maker, but it took me months to try the ember mug and now four co-workers have bought one for themselves or family members because I of how much I raved about it. Maybe I’ll like the cold brew when I try it.

    I’d love to see a video door bell, or a wake-up light alarm clock.

  6. I don’t know – I’m the first to defend the value of this box but if the camera turns out to be low in value and/or not waterproof (which I think a sports camera should be) and the sleep device doesn’t work, I’ll be struggling to justify it going forward. And I’ve subscribed since the 2nd box.

  7. I can see how everything ties together for Summer usage: ice cream @
    & cold coffee for hot days; action camera for outdoor activities; blender bottle for “beach body” workouts; and sleep aid for late Summer nights!

    I love Breo because there’s always at least something in it that my spouse and/or I am really into. I don’t find that any box is ever a total hit, mostly because it seems that oftentimes products that are included are things we already have, and aren’t necessarily an upgrade or more unique version. For this box, that’s the Ice Cream Scoop, and Cold Brew Maker. I’d like to see future boxes include more things that are super uncommon and unexpected. I think that’s the excitement of this box for me – true discovery.

    I am really excited to try the sleep thing, and I know we’ll have fun with the camera!

  8. I have terrible trouble falling asleep so I am looking forward to trying the dodow and I hope it works. I’m not a huge fan of coffee but I do keep cold brew on hand for when I need it and based on what I’ve heard I’m excited for the improvements this will be over the pre-bottled stuff I usually buy. I am actually super happy to know that the ice cream scoop can come in other colors as I am not a fan of red. I just got a really pretty one from GlobeIn but maybe that one will just be for display or nicer occasions. The bottle will get used and the camera will 100% be up for swap as I don’t go anywhere or do anything worth photographing. I hope before I list it the price issue is settled so I don’t get people messaging me insisting I need to swap it to them for $8.

    • Hey Mim- Let me know how the sleep device works for you!

    • I love the Dodow! I was a terrible sleeper until I got mine. It puts me straight to sleep. Better than the best prescription pills.

  9. I kinda wish my scoop was red or another fun color! I got a silver scoop and a white BlenderBottle, but both are at least nice, clean colors for the kitchen. Love Breo Box! Sometimes there are items I’ll never use (I’m looking at you, travel grill and mini beanbag game) but those are at least usually coveted on the swap site.

    • Coming back to say that we ADORE the cold brew maker. We were just talking about an alternative to our Keurig, so the timing was perfect. It makes such a smooth cup, which is great because I have really bad acid reflux and regular brewed coffee is sometimes too acidic.

  10. Anybody else missing the Scoop?

    • My box came today and I was missing the scoop. I’ll be emailing them – I’m pretty sure their customer service is great and will take care of it. 🙂

  11. My blender bottle is black and the ice cream scoop is silver.

    • I received the same colors as you. The silver spoon is a little plain but it’s still pretty. I do like the white bottle better but, to be honest, my teen son will take it anyway and he thinks the black is the better color so I guess he wins.

    • Good to know they come in other colors as well!

  12. I am super excited to try the camera and the cold brew machine, but I have to admit this “sleep aid device” made me laugh out loud. A light metronome for meditative breathing? What? This is a thing! What am I going to do with this! I can’t even think of anyone to give it to.

    If anyone’s excited for the light metronome, please report back on your results 🙂

    • I would love to swap for it!

      • I don’t swap, but I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding one!

  13. Nice review thank you. I never thought to use my shaker bottles for matcha lumps (or hot water) so thanks for the tips. Im excited about everything in this box. Breo is my favorite box. No, I dont use everything in every box but every single box gets me something cool

    • I believe I read that the shaker bottle is for cold liquids only

    • Oops- sorry I didn’t specify that I made an *iced* latte. The BlenderBottle is indeed not for hot beverages. I’ll update the review just to be clear. 🙂

  14. My husband read over manual for camera, it, according to him, clearly states it is NOT waterproof. ???

    • Yeah- I think waterPROOF is too strong of a word. I don’t see it listed as a feature on the Ekho website. Water RESISTANT seems more appropriate.

  15. Thanks for letting us know about the microSD card (not included? jeez) for the camera. We’ll see if it does what it says. I’m skeptical.

    My son has trouble sleeping so hope the Dodow actually works and helps. Great concept but execution gets Iffy reviews.

    I use a 12 cup coffee filter in my Stumptown Filtron Cold Brewer (easy-cleanup). So I will try it in this one. I really like that the carafe is glass and has a lid. Don’t think it’s necessary to stir the coffee grounds as per OXO directions.

    Everything else will be put to good use.

    Great review Marne! (Get rid of matcha lumps by mixing with hot water first)

    • Correction:
      12 cup PAPER coffee filter
      Get rid of matcha lumps by WHISKING with hot (not boiling) water

    • Thanks for the matcha tip, and for letting us know the sleep device works for your son. Good to hear!

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