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BoxyCharm July 2019 Spoiler #2!

Boxycharm July 2019 Spoiler

We have a new spoiler for the July 2019 BoxyCharm! (Thanks for the heads up, Bev!)

(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

The July 2019 BoxyCharm will include:

Boxycharm July 2019 Spoilers

Here’s a closer look at the palette:


Butter London Natural Goddess Palette – exclusive to Boxycharm

What do you think of the July spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Click here to sign up. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Comments (72)

  1. Not so excited for the palette, that’s a more fall color scheme. Would have been better to get something in the summer spectrum. Elemis I’m excited for though.. we will see with the next spoilers if I skip or not. I’m new to boxy and I’ve been told I came in at the wrong time because boxy has gone down hill in the last year. My friends have said before last year boxy is where it was at. Not to mention the horrendous customer service quality.

  2. I ABSOLUTELY love the tarte palettes that’s why i joined boxycharm!

  3. I will re sub when I know what’s a variation and what’s not. I’m not getting my hopes up about the Elemis. I would be satisfied with that palette. If that palette is for sure. I’m signing up

  4. Oh my goodness… that green eyeshadow is exactly what I have been looking for. I really hope I get it! ♡♡♡

  5. No NOMO here.

  6. The palette seems okay.. but I do love Elemis products.. the 2 Elemis products we received in December Luxe and May Skin care box were amazing.

    • I’m still using the Elemis night cream that came in the Skincare box, and I’m in love! lol

  7. Has anyone gotten the extra 125 charms Boxycharm promised for doing that survey?

    • No! I’ve been checking my account lately. Wonder how long it takes to add them?

    • Got my points today!

  8. I feel like we could be getting the face halo makeup remover in a box soon. They’ve been on the boxycharm Instagram page recently and that would be a fun addition to the box in my opinion.

  9. Is this either or both in next months box I’d love both

  10. I’m not feeling this box so far. Unless the next spoiler is super awesome (which these are obviously the highlight items so I doubt it) I think I’ll be canceling for July and getting Ipsy GBP instead-I really want that Huda pallete they have for July. This eye pallete looks ok and decent quality and thank god it isn’t abother PUR palette but it isn’t cohesive, you would need transition and deep shades from another pallete for a lot of looks I think (depending on skin tone and desired look of course) and the mask is nice and a good brand but just isn’t enough to sway me.

    • I feel the same way Mary…I have only had boxycharm for two months now but I’m not getting what I want…I’m so tired of eyeshadows..ugh..

  11. I’m gonna wait to get excited to see if those are variant items.

  12. This is my birth month so I am excited for this box. (:

    • Mine too!!!

  13. The hairdryer in FabFitFun was the same size and less powerful. Boxy Luxe – 1200 watts, FabFitFun only 1000 watts.

  14. how about the glow mask?

  15. I am sooooooo excited for July box. This is giving me happy joy because the colors gives me a scream and I’m sure the palette is what I am looking forward too. The second spoiler is another great item to try. I think this box is gonna be a plus for me. 🙂

    • The palette looks pretty and I’m excited to try more butter london stuff because their power up mascara was good. Are these variation items? Or do we get both?

  16. Love Elemis I have a couple of products by them but their veggie line smells terrible lol I’ll still use it though!

  17. Im obsessed with the palette. The blue and shimmery green are colors that i dont already have and I think its so pretty! I have ton of masks already definitly not a veggie mask! How fun!!! Cant wait to get the box!

  18. I wish we could get eye shadow palettes that weren’t predominantly shimmer shades. Mature eyes need mattes. There is only 2 matte shades in this palette.

    • I hear you. I do use shimmer a little but it has to be subtle. I have had success using some shimmery shadows as liner, using a wet angle brush. But it will probably take me a thousand years to use a palette using it that way!

    • Says who?

    • Says who? 53 and I always wear hell with the “beauty rules.”

    • I agree with Jerri and Jean. We’ve had far too much glitter and shimmer recently. I can’t carry either of them off.

    • Who says mature eyes need mattes? I have mature eyes and prefer pretty shimmers 🙂 Then again I never was good at following rules that didn’t make sense to me, especially apparently random beauty and clothing rules (white before Labor day, or after or whatever anyone??)

      😉 I think it is more a matter of personal preference than an age preference.

      • Shimmer shadows accentuate wrinkles more. While I still wear them sometimes I try to stay with the more matte shades. I guess if you’re older and are lucky enough to not have wrinkles, go for it! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  19. Love the Elemis but not a fan of the eyeshadow palettes lately. I am ready for some cool-toned palettes for a change! You can only have so much rust, peachy, and warm brown and gold shades. They don’t look great on everyone…especially me!! Let’s see some cool plums, grays, taupes, etc!

    • Agree completely. If I get another warm nude palette, I might go ahead and cancel.

    • Amen! Bring on the cool toned palettes!

  20. What happened to the glow recipe everyone was spoiling? Im assuming this and glow recipe will be a variation?

    • yey~ same questions here! Glow is the only reason for continuing the subscription!

  21. Elemis is always a win… if it’s not variation Nr239🥴

  22. Elemis <3
    Even though boxy drowns me in eyeshadow palettes I’ll never use and end up giving away bc no one will buy them even for cheap :/

    I won’t leave boxy … 💕

  23. Was going to cancel boxycharm this month since Ipsyplus has been stepping up its game but now that I see elemis I might just stay let’s see what else comes in the Box also not too thrilled about the palette shades but since is Butter London I’m willing to try if the rest of the box is a good one. 🙏

  24. Don’t get too excited I’m sure it’s a variation item. I’m so upset with them right now especially with the changes, 3 month wait on charm room orders. Making mistakes and blaming you for it. They used to be amazing

    • What’s the 3 month wait on charm room orders? I didn’t know about that.

    • Agreed! I have ordered from the charm room five times in the past two years and FOUR of the orders were either not sent, over a month late, the wrong item, or my debit card was charged instead of using charm points. Customer service is always very nice but the repeated issues really say a lot about the company.

    • I have been so disappointed with them and it seems like they only care about getting new subscribers and not keeping their loyal customers

    • I agree with not getting too excited. I was super stoked about getting to try the m.greengrass lotion and out of nowhere there’s all of a sudden a variation 😢

    • Right and what’s up with the charm room items. There’s hardly anything ever anymore. When I joined boxy they had pages of good items. I have over $100 worth of charms sitting there because nothing I want is ever in there or the room is closed foe a month at a time with no items. They announced that it’d open on the 6th with new exciting items yet there wasn’t much in there at all and I checked as soon as it opened. My charms just keep building up. When I first joined I couldn’t get enough charms because there were a bunch of items I wanted. And they shipped them right away when I did get something. It’s ridiculous now. Really disappointed in them lately. Nothing like when I first joined.

      • I remember a while back they announced they’d add new items to the Charm Room every Friday afternoon. But then again, they say a lot of things….🤥🙄

  25. I might need to get this box 😍

  26. I was getting excited over the Elemis and was considering resubscribing for July, but it turned out to be a mask. I like masks, but I’ve been getting so many lately and was really hoping for an everyday skincare product like a toner, serum or cream, etc.

    I swore off of Boxy a few months ago until they get their act together. They do seem to be improving lately in several areas.

  27. Looking pretty good! Unfortunately under the current rule of Boxy logic the Elemis product will be a variant in which only a small handful of people will receive… and they’ll likely drop the bomb spoiler of some other awful alternate product AFTER they already charge everyone. Boxy has been playing the bait and switch pretty hard lately 🙄

    • This. This is what really bothers me! Don’t release it as a spoiler and then much later say it’s a variation! Variations should be spoiled together, IMO. If that makes sense!😂

  28. That is awesome! I hope we all get both and they are not variant items.

    • That would be incredibly shady if everyone didn’t get both. They’re advertising both products as reasons not to cancel. If I was someone who decided not to cancel because of one or both of those items and didn’t get them I would for sure demand a refund for deceptive marketing. I’m sure they’d fight it but your bank or credit card company would probably intervene and/or issue the refund themselves.

      I would think everyone will get the palette for sure since it’s exclusive to Boxycharm. But then again you never know. I got a product in my June Boxyluxe I didn’t even know was a possibility.
      And another thing, I can’t blame them because I could’ve done better research, but that hairdryer? It’s not like any travel dryer I’ve ever seen. It’s so tiny! Like it’s made specifically for children to use on their own. I passed on the travel dryer from FabFitFun because I was getting one in this box. Big mistake. The one from Boxy iS adorable (I got pale pink) I admit, but I can’t imagine how long it would take to dry even my baby fine thinning hair. $85????? Pshhh 😄

      • I did continue to cancel my subscription, even after the above picture popping up. I’ve not been truly happy with Boxy for a long time. I only reactivated my account for the IT cosmetics cream, in May. Once I got my June box, yesterday, I logged on and cancelled it, again. I don’t recall them asking so many questions about why I cancelled it, when I did it before. Hopefully they are working on making things better. Once they FINALLY implement following our profiles, I might be back.

      • I’m with you. I was only staying because of the June BoxyLuxe. But honestly it was a huge letdown. The dryer was my main reason and it is absurdly small. Plus as usual, I didn’t get the variations I wanted. A dull, warm peach lip color that looks like it might be dried out (lots of cracks), a Tarte palette I already own, and that mist I didn’t even know was a possibility. The last thing my oily, large pore, sweat prone face needs is a face spray to make me “glow.”

        It’s funny because I missed out on the 1st and luxe boxes which I loved, and got the 2nd and 4th that were both letdowns. I know it has more products and a higher retail value (sorta—-$85 hairdryer? Nah), but I swear I like my Ipsy Plus boxes so much better than Boxycharm or BoxyLuxe. I actually get excited about Ipsy spoilers because I know if I adjust my profile/preferences there’s a good chance I’ll get the product I want and if not I might be able to pick them up as add-ons. They may not send only perfect-for-me products, but I can’t recall ever feeling like I got a
        “dud”. The kind of product or color Boxy regularly sends that I can’t even give it away (except to a charity).
        I’m not saying Boxy doesn’t still send some good stuff but with no personalization and SO. MANY. VARIANTS. I’m just over it. This month I got variation #36 or 38!!! I knew there were lots of variations but whoah! I’ve been trying to “break up” with Boxy ever since the first Luxe disaster, but I’ve been subscribed for over 4 years. My longest sub box relationship ever! 😄
        But after yet another disappointing box, many shady business practices, and bad customer service experiences, I think I’m ready to exclusively commit to the more exciting, treats-me-better (products, personalization, AND great customer service) Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. Who knows, I might still come back for a box once in a while. 🤷‍♀️

      • How do u adjust it to get the products u want? I mean the Ipsy glam? I wanted the 111skin serum and didn’t get it. Was the only reason I stuck around for the box. I was sooooo disappointed ☹️

      • Did you try the dryer though? I thought the same thing but it’s super powerful!

      • Hello My name is Shari I was wondering if it’s July 1 today will I still get the Boxyluxe or is that over I can’t seem to find an answer…??? They said I was on a waiting list 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • Yah, I got the mini hair straightener in a past box, and tho it is adorable to look at it does absolutely nothing for my hair (or my daughters)
        I was running low on funds and I had to choose between Boxy and Ipsy and did something I thought I would never do…I canceled boxy! Ipsy has a skip a month option where as Boxy doesn’t. But boxy also has been sending a lot of things I can’t use. And to have so many different variations. It just seemed right. Idk…maybe I will get rid of them all.

      • Me too! I passed on the Sutra travel dryer from my FFF because there was no changing the fact that I was getting one in Luxe. I ended up picking the towel though and I do like it. I ended up getting a new swim suit via UPS the same day it arrived so it worked out… used almost everything from my FFF right away! Towel, Coola spf spray, silicone wine glasses, and then the Skin&Co truffle cleansing oil (I landed that as my mystery item)… and then ended up getting the matching Skin&Co truffle spray from BoxyLuxe… I REALLY can’t complain, both boxes ended up being perfect for me beside the fact that the PYT dryer is a joke. Oh well.

      • So the dryer is actually really good. I have moderately thick hair, and also have over 60 pieces of tape in extensions installed that make my hair hella thick. I tried the dryer out the last time I washed my hair and it worked just as well as my full size blow dryer. Plus it’s super cute.

      • So you rec I received your Boxee lux? My first subscription I was missing the cleanser. Of course that is what I wanted the most.!!! I do have to say, June was my first subscription the box was on the table upside down I had no idea it was the Boxee charm realizing how small it was. I didn’t upgrade for Boxee lux does anybody know when I’ll be getting it ? I’m on the waiting list.

      • Sorry I was using Siri and did not go back and correct my spelling. I did order Boxylux….it is now July does that mean I do not get it ? does anybody know how this works since we are in July Boxyluxe was coming out in June I’m a little confused being new to boxycharm.

  29. I’ve been “quitting” Boxy since November but have never actually been able to hit that cancel button. Loving July so far.

    • Saaaaaaaaame.

  30. Boxyluxe for the win! I already skipped Ipsy plus this month. So excited about both of these spoilers since I’m in love with both brands 😍

    • Oops I meant Boxycharm lol.

      • Yes they have finally been upping they’re game

  31. Oooo first box in months since I canceled that gives me a bit of fomo (for the mask) glad to see boxycharm upping their game

  32. Love Elemis brand! 🙂 <3

  33. Haven’t tried the mask so excited for the box! Can’t wait to see what the other items are.

  34. Now This looks better.!!!! tired of those round Tarte palettes . Hope they stop those .
    But I’ll never give up Boxycharm My favorite subscription.
    Love Elemis

    • Tarte has become their new PUR lol

    • I love the tarte palettes and products. Could never get enough

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