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Adornable Elements Beads of the Month Club Review – June 2019

Adornable Elements June 2019 - Closed box Top

Adornable Elements Beads of the Month Clubs are the original beading subscription boxes (they’ve been around since 2000). 

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Adornable Elements June 2019 - All Contents Review

About Adornable Elements Beads of the Month Club

The Subscription Box: Adornable Elements Beads of the Month Club

The Products: 8 packages of color-coordinated beads; choose from “Hot and Trendy” beads, “2-Hole Beads,” “Superduos,” “11/0 Delicas,” “11/0 Seed Beads,” “Swarovski crystals,” or a rotating club where you get a different selection each month.

The Cost: Varies depending on the club selected and whether you choose the single or double club; this is a review of the Hot and Trendy Beads of the Month option, which is $22.95/month for 8 different types of color-coordinated shaped beads that may have one, three, or four holes; save a bit more with the double clubs.

Note: I actually subscribe to several of these clubs and they all come in the same package (that’s why the box is so big). I’m going to do a rotation with these reviews so you’ll see something a little different each month.

Ships to: US, cost varies depending on the number of clubs subscribed to (shipping is $4.75 for one club; refer to their FAQ for shipping costs for additional clubs)

Adornable Elements Beads of the Month June 2019 “Wisteria” Review

With this subscription, you receive a selection of shaped beads (with 1, 3, or 4 holes; there’s a separate subscription for 2-hole beads) in coordinating colors each month:

Adornable Elements June 2019 - Booklet Top

The package came with a list of the beads included as well as retail values. Note: I am using the retail values from this list. They seem reasonable to me, plus it is pretty much impossible to find each color from the same online shop, let alone the same exact package size, so things like quantity discounts are not going to apply here. This month’s theme is “Wisteria.” The colors are mostly blues and purples.

Adornable Elements June 2019 - Newsletter Front

There was also this notice with news about the Adornable Elements subscription. They are retiring their Superduos subscription (you may still get Superduos if you subscribe to the 2-hole club) and adding a findings package for an additional cost.

Adornable Elements June 2019 - Pastel Light Sapphire Arcos Par Puca Top

Pastel Light Sapphire Arcos Par Puca (6.2g) – Listed Value $4.75

These are C-shaped 3-hole beads that show up in this subscription fairly often. I did not already have this color in my collection. I found a pattern that included these so I used quite a few of them this month (see the picture of the necklace I made at the bottom of the review).

Adornable Elements June 2019 - Backlit Petroleum Etched Dagger Top

Backlit Petroleum Etched Dagger (25) – Listed Value $3

I have SO MANY daggers. For some reason, this is always one of the first bead types to start showing up in shops with neat new finishes. Anyway, I found a pattern that uses them this month.“Backlit” refers to the silver wash over the back of the bead with a color in front of it (it is easier to see in the teardrops later) and “etched” is the treatment responsible for the interesting texture.

Adornable Elements June 2019 - Orchid Gold Shine Forget-Me-Not Top

Orchid Gold Shine Forget-Me-Not (50) – Listed Value $1.75

I don’t think I have any patterns that use these, but they are great as spacers, for example, between round beads to add some texture. It’s also nice to get several different kinds of flower beads in a month with a “wisteria” theme!

Adornable Elements June 2019 - Royal Picasso Hawaiian Flower Top

Royal Picasso Hawaiian Flower (6) – Listed Value $3

I’ve started seeing more Hawaiian flowers in this subscription and they certainly are trendy right now. I find these to work better in strung designs, they’re a little big for bead weaving. I have a lot of these in other colors so I could use them all together.

Adornable Elements June 2019 - Pastel Light Sapphire Minos Par Puca Top

Pastel Light Sapphire Minos Par Puca (6.2g) – Listed Value $4.50

These have the same finish and color as the Arcos Par Puca above, and I substituted them into a necklace pattern that called for 8/0 seed beads. It’s a substitution that doesn’t always work, but I could tell it would this time, and it allowed me to use more beads from the subscription in my necklace (plus the color coordination was a nice touch).

Adornable Elements June 2019 - Opaque Purple Vega Octo Bead Top

Opaque Purple Vega Octo Bead (25) – Listed Value $3.75

I have a lot of octo beads. A lot. There aren’t very many patterns for them out there. (And there are things about the existing patterns I don’t care for.) I am going to challenge myself to come up with a pattern for them that I like. (These are three-hole beads, by the way.) I have a lot of other vega-finished beads that should coordinate well for experimenting with these.

Adornable Elements June 2019 - PinkBlue Matte Table Cut Flower Top

Pink/Blue Matte Table Cut Flower (5) – Listed Value $4.75

This is another type of flower bead that is pretty trendy right now. I also think these are best in strung designs as they are rather large. I sort of want to use these with pearls (either real freshwater pearls, or faux ones, haven’t decided yet).

Adornable Elements June 2019 - Backlit Petroleum Flat Teardrop Top

Backlit Petroleum Flat Teardrop (15) – Listed Value $2.25

Here are the other backlit beads for the month. It is easier to see what “backlit” means when you look at these, without the etched finish. “Petroleum” refers to the particular colors you can see here (there are quite a few backlit beads out there, some with names like “ruby” that are obvious and some with names like “uranium” that you really can’t guess at). These are good as drops in earrings or as flower petals.

Adornable Elements June 2019 - Necklace Front 1 Adornable Elements June 2019 - Necklace Front 2

Here is a necklace I made with the Arcos Par Puca, the Minos Par Puca, and the daggers. I supplied some spiky buttons, RounTrios, 4mm druks, and size 11/0 seed beads. After this month, I can strongly recommend at least somewhat sticking to a color palette including at least one metallic or neutral when buying beads – I was able to choose all the extra beads to match the ones from the subscription, this way. This pattern is from Potomac Beads and you can find it on Etsy. (I used the Minos Par Puca instead of size 8/0 seed beads because they have about the same stringing length and that way I could use more beads from the box. I think it worked.) Also, the pattern called for 2-hole daggers but there was really no reason why, as only one hole was used.

Verdict: I calculated a value for the June 2019 Hot and Trendy Beads of the Month Club of $27.85. This is right at about the cost of the box plus shipping ($27.70), but I subscribe to multiple clubs so I save a bit on shipping (you can also get the double clubs, which cost the same to ship as the single clubs, and save a bit more). Also, I note that I was charged less than the actual cost of shipping for my package this month, so Adornable Elements is eating some of the cost. I always think the color coordination is good with this subscription, and this month I definitely appreciated all the slight variations on the blue/purple of wisteria.

More importantly, I really, really love some of the popular shaped beads, and they can be expensive. There are so many great patterns coming out with these beads lately and it’s nice to receive enough to just work up a bracelet or some earrings in a day or two. The color coordination means all I usually need to add are some seed beads and I’m good to go with lots of different patterns.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes, in my experience you’ll get your first shipment shortly after you sign up, and then this ships early in the month after that.

Value Breakdown: At $27.70 (including shipping) for this box, you are paying about $3.46 per item.

Check out the Craft Subscription Box List for more great beading, craft supply, and DIY project boxes and see my past reviews of Adornable Elements Beads of the Month here.

Keep track of your subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

What did you think of the June 2019 Hot and Trendy Beads of the Month Club? Do you subscribe to any beading or craft boxes?

Adornable Elements Beads of the Month Club

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Written by Ragan Buckley

Ragan Buckley

Ragan stumbled across My Subscription Addiction in late 2013 and immediately subscribed to way too many beauty boxes. She’s now focused on boxes for her cats and dog, vegan/vegetarian food boxes, and craft subscriptions (and she didn’t give up beauty boxes entirely).

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  1. I love these reviews to see what you’ve made and this is possibly the most stunning piece yet. Beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous color comination. I love see what other people make because sometimes they combine colors that I never would have considered. Thank you for sharing where you got the pattern with us as well! Trying to search for beading patterns on my own is quite overwhelming with all that are out there.

  3. Does anyone else skip to the end of the reviews for the bead subscriptions just to see whatever new gorgeous piece of jewelry Ragan’s made?

    • That necklace is gorgeous!

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  5. That’s really stunning.

  6. That necklace design and color combo is gorgeous!

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