TONYMOLY Monthly Bundle Review – April 2019

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Tony Moly April 2019 - Box 1

TONYMOLY is a popular K-Beauty brand known for their fun packaging and affordable products.

Along with being found in stores like Ulta and Macys and K-beauty subscription boxes, they recently started offering a monthly bundle of products at a discount!

This is a review of the April Monthly Bundle. FYI –this is sold out now, but you can buy their May bundle here.

Reviewed by popular demand!

Tony Moly April 2019 - Open Box

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Tony Moly April 2019 - Group Shot


The Box: Monthly Bundle April Edition

The Cost: $39 + $7.50 shipping

The Products: Every month Tony Moly curates a special set of handpicked favorites so you can try the very best of Tony Moly without breaking the bank.

Good to Know: Purchasing this box does not start a subscription.

TONYMOLY April 2019 Monthly Bundle Review

Tony Moly April 2019 - Sample Tony Moly April 2019 - Sample 2

This box came with some cute little sample packets that I honestly don’t want to ruin by ripping it open (those pandas!).

Tony Moly April 2019 - Lotus

I’m Real Sheet Mask in Lotus – Retail Value $3.75

I will never turn down a good sheet mask, and this line from TONYMOLY were some of the first masks I ever tried! This is a little basic, but it gets the job done in terms of a little self-care. The Lotus version of this mask helps with brightening skin, and I had no issues with sensitivity while wearing.

Tony Moly April 2019 - Cherry Blossom

I’m Real Sheet Mask in Cherry Blossom – Retail Value $3.75

This is the same mask as above but in cherry blossom, which is supposed to help with hydration rather than luminosity. Honestly, there wasn’t really a discernable difference between the two, but they were still nice.

Tony Moly April 2019 - Layering

I’m Layering Sheet Mask in Peach – Retail Value $5

This mask is neat! It is a two-step with peach slices that add extra love and attention to the place on your face that needs it, and then you put a sheet mask on top that covers your entire face. Peach water, in theory, helps with firming the skin and combatting aging, but that’s not going to happen from one sheet mask. I enjoyed using this, though!

Tony Moly April 2019 - Master Lab

Master Lab Sheet Mask in Collagen – Estimated Value $4.50 (buy a set of 2 for $9)

I really like the Master Lab masks from TONYMOLY – the mask is thin and fits the contours of my face well, and my skin always looks happier after using it. I didn’t notice an increase in the firmness of my skin, but you’re not really going to see results like that from single-use sheet masks anyway.

Tony Moly April 2019 - Peach

Peach Punch Sweet Foam Cleanser,10 ml – Estimated Value $0.87 (buy a 150ml tube for $13)

This foaming cleanser smells just like peach candy, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea (but I am into it). I used this as my cleanser after working out and getting sweaty, and it didn’t irritate my sensitized skin and was gentle. It has ingredients like peach extract and olive oil, and I think this would be a fun and affordable cleanser for people with dry skin.

Tony Moly April 2019 - Floria

Floria Nutra Energy Cream Mist, 20 ml

This is interesting – this mist isn’t for sale on the TONYMOLY website, so I am not exactly sure how a mini ended up in this kit. This is made with argan oil and safflower extract to provide intense moisture, and even though this is a sample I was really happy with how fine the mist was on this spray. This would make a great hydrating toner, which is exactly how I used it in my post-gym routine.

Tony Moly April 2019 - Brightening 1 Tony Moly April 2019 - Brightening 2

Vital Vita 12 Brightening Ampoule, Full-Size! Retail Value $20 

These ampoules are a new release from TONYMOLY, and this brightening ampoule is made with niacinamide (one of my favorite ingredients!), lemon peel oil, and bergamot oil. Citrus can occasionally irritate my skin but I had no issues with this, and I am excited to see if this can give me results with continued use because the price is right.

Tony Moly April 2019 - Mini 1 Tony Moly April 2019 - Mini 2 Tony Moly April 2019 - Mini 3 Tony Moly April 2019 - Mini 4

Mini Vital Vita 12 Ampoules – set of 4 samples – Buy a set of 6, full-size bottles for $20

These cute little baby ampoules are adorable, but it isn’t quite enough product to truly see results. I think these are a good tester to make sure you’re not going to have any negative skin problems before committing to the full size. I specifically used the calming ampoule on my skin after working out at the gym (red cheeks galore!), and there was no visible decrease in the redness if that is what you are hoping for. These baby ampoules had no size listed for me to do value estimates, but they are SMOL.

Tony Moly April 2019 - Vital Vita 1 Tony Moly April 2019 - Vital Vita 2

Vital Vita 12 Special Kit

This Vita Vita kit contains samples of their synergy serum, their all-in-one radiance cream, their synergy skin toner, and their synergy cream. The Vita Vita line contains a signature blend of 12 different vitamins, and all of the products excerpt the radiance cream also have one of my favorite ingredients in squalene (the radiance cream is made with pearl extract!). I didn’t notice any real results while using these, but they were safe on my sensitive skin and made for the perfect post-gym skincare routine thanks to the small size.

Tony Moly April 2019 - Hand Cream

I’m Cherry Blossom Hand Cream, Full-Size! Retail Value $6

This hand cream was rich and nourishing, and I only needed a little bit to cover both hands. I do think if you use too much at once you’ll be left with greasy palms, so start small and reapply as needed.

Tony Moly April 2019 - Lip Balm 1 Tony Moly April 2019 - Lip Balm 2

Cherry Lip Balm, Full-Size! Retail Value $10

Fun story: This adorable, cherry lip balm actually came with a rubber stem attached but in my excitement, I pulled on it too hard and the stem came off. Oops. This lip balm was nourishing, lightweight, and it smelled just like cherries while providing a subtle wash of pink color to my lips. Another thing that makes me happy is this lip balm has SPF 15 protection- sunburned lips are the absolute worst.

The Verdict: I thought this curated assortment from TONYMOLY was awesome! I liked that there were some timely cherry blossom-themed products, and it was a treat to get to try some of their new releases. Some of the samples were pretty small, but as a whole, there were a lot of good-sized products included (and a lot were perfect for tossing in my gym makeup bag!). I couldn’t find a value for everything, but I am not quite sure Tony Moly met the promised $90 value. That being said, I still think the value is great, especially if you appreciate fun beauty products and want to try more K-beauty products.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, but you can buy the May bundle!

Value Breakdown: This box cost $46.50 ($39 + $7.50 shipping) which means you are paying $4.23 per item (counting the mini ampoule set as one and the synergy skin set as one).

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What do you think of the TONYMOLY Monthly Bundle? What products would you like to see them include next month?

Written by Jessica Hapak

Jessica Hapak

I am a staunch believer that pineapple doesn’t go on pizza and when I’m not studying for law school I’m relaxing at home with my cat. I’m a sucker for anything labeled a mystery box and I’ve never met a bath bomb I didn’t like!

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  1. This Company lies to everyone claiming on their website they are cruelty free, yet they sell all over China where animal testing is mandatory.

  2. Hi Jessica!
    Usually redness on the face after a workout is a result of your blood vessels dilating (your body’s way of trying to bring more blood to the skins surface, sweat, and cool you down). A topical treatment wouldnt really affect that. Just a fun fact 🙂

    • I was thinking the same thing, but couldn’t come up with the reason why your face is red, and sometimes can stay red for a while, after a workout. Thanks for the explanation 🙂

  3. Awesome review! What a great variety of products!

  4. I bought the March bundle late in March and ordered the April Bundle the first few days of April. A week and a half went by, and I wasn’t getting a shipping email like I did w the March Bundle. So…i went back and checked my ‘order confirmation’ and the tracking was actually in that. It said it was delivered 2 or 3 days after I ordered. I never received it, or saw it on my porch. I lived (i just moved) in a building with 6 units, and the porch is right off the sidewalk of course, so I am guessing somebody stole it off the porch. I even have a side door where sometimes UPS and Fedex know to leave the packages. I contacted Tony Moly and they said, too bad so sad. They were not responsible. Lost out on $46.00. I was very surprised they wouldn’t help. The USPS does nothing either besides sends an ‘apology’ email. – Hope they enjoyed the $$ … yes, I am still pretty bent about it.

    • That’s terrible! You can dispute with your cc company, no? As never received items you paid for?

      • Right? geez. I never thought about disputing with my CC. Good idea, but I wonder if it is too late at this point, and since the USPS tracking said ‘delivered’.. they use that as… ‘they did their jobs and thieves are not their issue.’ Oh well. Hoping karma pays me back somehow. I am so perplexed as to what happened to it. I get my boxes 99% (allure, margot elena, ipsy, lip monthly, etc) of the time. This only happened once to me a few years ago with a FabFitFun. The minute it said ‘delivered’ i checked and checked for it. I think the mail person delivered to the wrong address. I never saw it, but FabFitFun was so nice about it and helped me out. Tony Moly…not so much.

        • Why do you think the company should suffer because your package was stolen? Why would you expect the credit card company to refund you? The company did its end by shipping it. The post office is not responsible for your package being stolen either unless it’s insured. It’s mind blowing how some people think it’s the company’s responsibility to replace a stolen package.

        • Usps can lookup the location the item is scanned as delivered at. It’s usually easier to go to the post office with the tracking number unless you have the local post office phone number.

    • I think you need to investigate this further. I had a package scan that it was here, and I know that it wasn’t. I was home. The tracking stated that it was “enroute,” and the postmaster stated that it was at my garage door. Somewhere, where my mail-lady NEVER leaves packages. I informed him I was home, took pictures, and met the mail-lady; she had no package to give me- it was important. I called again, and again. Funny thing, the tracking number all of sudden showed movement, and it was on my porch the next day. Call out the mail people. They are “scanning” packaged, that they are not delivering. Turns out, I was not the first one to report this about the postmaster. Thief! (PS I am very good friends with the mail-lady.)

      Dear postmaster- people have video cameras on their homes- pointing at their entrances, we know if you DO or DO NOT deliver.

      Yes, you can always take it up with cc, you did not get what you paid for. They can go after other players in the game. Stop payment to TonyMolly.

      Next report it on the BBB, that is TERRIBLE customer service.

    • Amazon fed ex and some ups now take a picture of the package delivery location. Ask for it and make sure it was truly delivered to the right place. If it was it’s not the companies responsibility to replace it. They did their job. If it wasn’t delivered correctly that on the delivery agents responsibility. If it was, that’s personal responsibility for securing the delivery area. I have all my packages delivered to the office or held for personal pick up precisely to avoid this happening to me after a horrible string of porch thefts in my city at Christmas a few years back.

  5. I really liked this bundle. I ended up getting $14 in extra products instead of paying for shipping, which made the box a bit more enjoyable.

    * quick side note, it’s not a set of 6 of those ampoules, they are sold individually for $20

  6. LOL Luna, you sound like me! I went into Sephora for the first time in years and left with nothing too. I was overwhelmed with all the choices and names I already knew. But I did get to sniff some of the ones on my list and at least decide if I could stomach the scent.

    Although, with all the cute packaging from Tony Moly, I would have probably purchased a panda lip balm for my daughter.

    • Oh I know! I found plenty that I wanted to try, but I didn’t want to spend too much so I figured I’d just get one or two things, but every time I felt like I found the right items, then I’d see something else, then I’d feel like if I chose those items I was missing out on the other items I liked, and vice versa. I was making it way too hard on myself. lol!!

  7. This box is a bit more than I’d like to spend to try Tony Moly products, but it definitely looks like a fun box & a great way to get exposure to their vast variety of products. I went to a Tony Moly store for the first time about two months ago, and it was quite overwhelming with all of the different products and product lines they had! I actually left empty handed because I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to try. lol

    And I totally feel you on the not wanting to cut those cute samples. I’m the exact way when it comes to certain sheet masks. lol Some of their packaging are so gosh darn cute or pretty that it just feels wrong to ruin it by cutting it open. 😀

    • Do you have a Riley Rose near you? That place is bonkers! A more fun version of Sephora with trendier, emerging brands and a handfull of fun makeup long time faves like Stila, etc.

      • Oh my gosh…. I have been wanting to check out a Riley Rose for forever, but for some reason I always thought one wasn’t near me. Well thanks to your comment, I decided to look into it, and wouldn’t you know there’s one about 15 minutes from me! I haven’t a clue why I never considered just doing a basic search before! lol!!! It’s at a mall I don’t frequent (other than Black Friday), but next time I’m the area, I’ll definitely check it out. 🙂

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