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Sugarfina Mystery Bags Available Now + 3 Bonus Candy Cubes!

Sugarfina has launched two new Fukubukuro mystery bags here! (Thanks, Dana and Lainey, for the heads up!)

The Box: Sugarfina Mystery Bags

The Cost: $60 (for a $120 value) and $80 (for a $175 value)

COUPON: Use coupon code CANDYCUBES to get 3 surprise candy cubes with a purchase of $40 or more!

The Products: Available while supplies last, all goods are final sale with no returns, exchanges or refunds. The total value of the goodie box listed will be considered minimum value, with products inside valued at full-price retail equivalent.

Are you going to grab a mystery box? Check out Jessica’s review of the last Sugarfina Mystery Box to get an idea of what you can expect!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. My box came yesterday… there was barely any chocolate. Anyone want to swap some bark for gummies?

    • I have a milk chocolate bunny bark I can swap

      • My swap profile is:

        I have blue whales, peach bellini’s, some tequila thing, hello kitty faces, hello kitty bows, and more. Would be happy to swap! Just let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll list it. 🙂

  2. My small box reached me in Virginia yesterday. I received duplicates only in the three bonus cubes: chocolate bacon pretzels, pink pineapples, and champagne bears. Shipping was very slow, but I am still really happy with my purchase. 16 cubes and 2 chocolate bars for $61 shipped is a steal. I’ll be looking out for the next deal for sure.

  3. Finally got my box today. I was annoyed because it made good time across America and I could have received on Monday but they held it at the fedex location for 2 days because they didn’t want to delivery it earlier than the scheduled date…

    I think my box is good, there were a couple I would have preferred but I liked it much more than the lucky bag I got in January.

    2x Hello Kitty Chocolate Bar
    3x Pink Pineapples (luckily I like these)
    2x Hello Kitty Bow Gummies
    2x Hello Kitty Face Gummies
    2x Marzipan Eggs
    2x Chocolate Mini Marshmallows
    1x Champagne Bears
    1x Baby Butterflies
    1x Ice Cream Cones
    1x Pink Bunny Tails
    1x Cherry Sweethearts
    1x Peach Bellini

    My major complaint is how heavy they went on the HK stuff…I don’t like their gummies and my last mystery bag they put them in too. The others I felt were average – marzipan eggs I still liked enough to eat. The cherry sweethearts were surprisingly one of my favorites.

    • I have 2 pink pineapples if you’re interested in swapping!

    • I got this same box and so far I like everything I have tried, even the HK apple pie, which I thought at first sounded like a really odd gummy flavor, but it has turned out to be really delicious. Does anyone know if this box will be put on the swap site so we can swap duplicate cubes? So far, the only Sugarfina I see on there are cubes from older Popsugar and Birchboxes. I don’t see any expiration dates on my cubes from this current mystery box but I feel like that Popsugar box was quite a while ago. Do these go bad after a while? Not that I have to worry about that – I think mine may be gone pretty quickly!

  4. Box finally arrived today. I ordered the large box. I received:

    2 milk chocolate bunnies

    4 Hello Kitty Chocolate Bars (3 milk chocolate, 1 pink chocolate)

    2 Bunny Barks (1 milk chocolate, 1 pink chocolate)

    4 champagne bears

    1 pink bunny tails

    2 pink pineapples

    1 marzipan eggs

    1 tequila grapefruit sour gummies

    1 Hello Kitty bow gummies

    1 chocolate bacon pretzel

    1 Hello Kitty mama’s apple pie gummies

    1 peach Bellini gummies

    Overall… kinda hit and miss. I don’t think I’d order again. There were SO many duplicates and I was definitely expecting some more variety. The shipping was also super slow. Chocolate is in great shape at least (not melted or broken).

  5. My box arrived yesterday. I got:

    2 Chocolate Bacon Pretzels
    1PB&J Caramels
    2 Champagne Bears
    1 Gold Pearls
    1 Peach Bellini
    1 Tequila Grapefruit Sours
    1 Sugar Lips
    1 Baby Whales
    1 Pink Chocolate Bunny Bark
    1 Pink Bunny Tails
    1 Marzipan Eggs
    1 Pink Pineapple
    1 Milk Chocolate Bunny Bark
    1 Hello Kitty Bow Gummies
    1 Hello Kitty Face Gummes

    The monthly taster was Green Juice Bears.

    I was very happy with the selection and variety. Will definitely buy again.

    • I received the same exact box. Not all are hits (bacon pretzels taste stale to me) but I am loving some of the flavors new to me. Wow, grapefruit tastes like fresh squeezed grapefruit. That one is my favorite. The gold pearls taste like fancy sixlets which I happen to love. I wish they would send some dark chocolate. No one in my house eats white or milk chocolate.

      The pink bunny tails were a surprise. I thought they would be squishy marshmallows but they are a bit more solid and very sour. I love ’em.

      The last mystery box was great because my son was in college and was the king for a bit handing out sugarfina but what am I going to do with all this candy? First world problems.

  6. Did anyone else get like tons of duplicates in the large box? I got 4 Barbie pearls, 3 grapefruit gummys, 2 champagne bears…. I had never tried Sugarfina before so I was bummed there was not more variety.

    • I got 4 kiss me lips, 2 pink pineapples, 2 milk chocolate bunnies and 2 of each of the Hello Kitty gummies 🙁 Really wish they had only done one of each

      • I’m actually a little jealous. The kiss me lips are my absolute favorite, and I’m a huge Hello Kitty fan. Mine arrives today. I’m waiting impatiently for FedEx.

      • Agreed. Unfortunately at the same time I had ordered the small box as well that arrived yesterday….2 more champagne bears, 2 more grapefruit gummies, 2 pink pineapple gummies and yes more duplicates 2 heart shaped gummies. So many duplicates over 2 different purchases. Rather heartbroken but my lesson is learned I will not purchase this again. Perhaps it is because I purchased 12 hours after it went on sale so they ran out of variety?

    • I got a few duplicates, but the only duplicates in my actual mystery box were 2 cubes of champagne bears. I ended up with a third cube of them because they were one of my 3 free bonus cubes. My invoice showed I was supposed to get cinnamon crunchies as a bonus cube instead, but they must have run out.

      My other 2 bonus cubes were pink pineapples and chocolate bacon pretzels, which were also in my mystery box so I ended up with 2 of each.

      Overall, I’m pretty happy with everything I received, and glad nothing arrived melted!

      • I got 3 cubes of the champagne bears, which are my least favorite, and 2 pink pineapples, which I also don’t like. The rest of the box was pretty good, so I’m not complaining. If anyone wants to swap the bears or pineapples, let me know!

    • Never again..
      I got 4 champagne bears
      2 pink pineapple
      6 chocolate bars with hard sugar sprinkles embedded in them.
      Two bunnies that entirely melted.
      12 Total cubes and 3 of those were bonus.. and such little variety. I really expected like 20 cubes and maybe 1 or 2 repeats.
      Also my samples were seriously 1 piece individually wrapped, 1 bear and 1 ice cream gummy…
      For 80 dollars i had higher expectations

      • Ugh… that’s so disappointing 🙁 Mine got delayed shipping AGAIN and is supposed to be here tomorrow. I’m expecting the same order as you (2 chocolate bunnies and six chocolate bars). Looks like certain boxes were good but quite a few were a ton of duplicates. I definitely would not have spent $80 for a large box had I known. I was expecting a variety of things.

  7. Tracking on Saturday showed my order out for delivery on the fedex truck. We had to leave town so my neighbor was on the lookout to get it inside as we are around 95 degrees here. She texted me at 845pm stating it never showed, so I figured it would just be a blob of sugar and goo when it did show. It was just delivered today and I was delighted that everything, including the chocolate bars, were perfect. It was packaged so well with the cooling packs and insulated wrapping. They were no longer frozen but the box was cool and dry inside. I gave some gummies to my neighbor’s littles for being on alert for me. 🙂 also my contents were the same as the last one listed.

  8. Guys, there’s a ugarfina wholesale catalog online by and it lists the item numbers!

  9. My small box was supposed to be here Wednesday, then yesterday, now it can’t even calculate when it’s supposed to be here and says it’s still in California. How annoying.

    • Ugh. Mine says delivery is supposed to be 6/4 but fedex tracking last update still shows it as in CA at 9:28am last Friday. No update since then.

      • Mine finally updated to getting here Wednesday (a week after it was originally scheduled 😏). And I ordered before there were any comments posted on MSA too! Lame, hope they are good.

  10. Did anyone get a Bento Box? It was advertised that some mystery boxes would contain them but it seems like everyone is getting leftover Valentine and Easter candy.

    • I got some of the Chinese new year items – gold pearls, champagne bears. Same mini cubes, but with the New Year’s stickers on them

  11. I think the K1921 is Hello Kitty Pink Chocolate Bar…

  12. I got 4 chocolate bars in my small bag. I gave them away! My husband is now happy!

  13. Second large box I ordered. So if you sign up today, you will most likely get this box. I get my first large box tmrw and I get one of each skus not sure of my variety but seems like it’s similar to Karen’s. I am much more happier with my first order than this one. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    1 K1920 Hello Kitty Milk Chocolate Bar (Sanrio)

    1 R3006 “Pucker Up” Peach Bellini – Small (XOXO)

    2 R3027 “Pink Bunny” Bunny Tails – Small (Easter 2019)

    4 R3003 “Kiss Me” Sugar Lips – Small (XOXO)

    1 R2515 Pink Pineapples – Small

    2 R2384 “Hello Kitty” Hello Kitty Bow Gummies – Small

    2 R2386 “Hello Kitty” Hello Kitty Face Gummies – Small

    2 K2000 Chocolate Bunny

    1 R3169 Champagne Bubbles – Small (Barbie)

    1 R3002 “Whale You Be Mine” Baby Whales – Small (XOXO)

    1 R2963 Champagne Bears – Small (Lunar New Year)

    1 R1664 Mama & Baby Bears (DEU) – Small

    1 BUN-140 Welcome Taster $2.50 $2.50
    1 R0125 Fruity Loops (GRC) – Taster

    1 R1666 Marzipan Eggs – Small

    1 R2515 Pink Pineapples – Small

    1 R3029 “Chick” Milk Choc Marshmallow Eggs – Small (Easter 2019)

    • I got the exact same one, could live without all the duplicates 🙁

  14. My small box just arrived. I got-
    2 x Champagne Bears
    2 x Pink Pineapples
    2 x Chocolate Bacon Pretzels
    Cheers To Us
    You’re My Main Squeeze
    Hello Kitty Bows
    Pucker Up
    Hello Kitty Red dummies
    Marzipan Eggs
    Gummie Pigs
    and 4 chocolate bars

  15. Website “Usually arrives 5-7 business days (Monday-Friday) from the date of purchase”

    I placed 2 separate orders on the 22nd. They JUST shipped and my expected delivery isn’t until June 6th. That is a solid two weeks. This was my first ever order from Sugarfina and I’m not impressed at all.

    • I’m in the same boat. I ordered on the 21st and it didn’t start moving until the 29th. It’s supposed to arrive on Tuesday, the 4th, but there hasn’t been an update since it left Bloomington, CA on the 30th. I’m just concerned about the chocolate melting at this point and don’t know how long the icepacks and insulation will protect it.

      Every order I’ve placed with Sugarfina has shipped slowly and/or had a missing item, but I and everyone I share it with love the candy so it’s worth it. Customer service is always helpful when you do live chat too.

  16. Would someone please post which shipper is used and if the tracking states it is from Sugarfina? I just had a mystery ‘something’ show up in my USPS account so wondering if it is this. Thanks.

    • mine was Fed-Ex

    • Mine is coming fedex

    • My shipment is coming from FedEx.

      You should be able to see the tracking number on your order page 🙂

    • Mine came Fedex. I got it really fast too!

    • Mine was fedex too. It came from C/O Total Logistics in City of Industry, CA. It only took a day.

      I hope you love it!

    • Thanks everyone! I finally see this in my FedEx account (though no tracking email from Sugarfina as promised). I had reached out to them to ask when the order would ship and I was told it would be first thing Monday (yesterday) morning. That didn’t happen. A label was made today. But it is coming from NJ rather than CA so I am pleased about that.

      Got the small box and it is 7 lbs.

  17. I received the larger box today. Mine is very similar to Melissa’s small box described below with a few additions…so I’ll recap hers and highlight the differences:

    Baby wales
    Bunny tails
    2 Champagne bears
    Chocolate pearls
    Chocolate bacon pretzel (Melissa received 2)
    Marzipan eggs
    PBJ caramels
    Peach bellini
    2 pink pineapples
    Sugar lips
    Tequila grapefruit sours
    Hello kitty bow gummies
    2 Hello kitty mamma apple pie (Melissa received 1)
    Bunny bark pink chocolate
    Bunny bark milk chocolate

    Additional items with the larger box:

    Barbie birthday cake caramels
    Barbie gummy kicks
    Barbie strawberry sparkle pops
    Barbie candy pearls (gold and silver)
    Solid chocolate bunny (9.5 ounce)

    It’s a pretty great value for Sugarfina. I’m happy! 🙂

  18. Got mine today, I did the large + 3 mystery cubes.

    BTW- Can we get this on the swaps page? I’d love to swap out a few.

    Heres what I got:

    2- Chocolate Bunnies (chocolate in the shape of a bunny, 9.5oz)
    2- Pink Pineapples
    1- Hello Kitty Bows
    1- Hello Kitty Mama’s Apple Pie
    1- Bunny Tails
    3- Baby Carrots
    1- Chocolate Bacon Pretzels
    1- You’re My Main Squeeze
    1- Pucker Up
    1- Cinnamon Crunchies
    3- Hello Kitty Milk Chocolate Bar
    1- Hello Kitty Pink Chocolate Bar
    1- Bunny Bark Milk Chocolate Bar
    1- Bunny Bark Pink Chocolate Bar

    I’m a bit bummed its so heavy on the chocolate, 2 bunnies and 6 bars is a lot for a gummy fan! Probably shouldn’t have given in to the temptation, but it was such a good deal. Fingers crossed for Swaps.

    ps here are the SKUs from my invoice, but I don’t know which is which
    BUN-287-SUR-R2963-SUR-R3006-SUR-R3001-SUR-K1984- SUR-R3027-SUR-R1666-SUR-R2515-SUR-K1982-SUR-R2384- SUR-R2386-SUR-K2000-SUR-7171-SUR-K1921-SUR-K1920

    • EDIT: You’re My Main Squeeze is Tequila Grapefruit Sours and Pucker Up is Peach Bellini. I was only reading the top of the boxes!

    • Wow! Your large order was so different than mine. I kind of assumed they would all be the same, or they would at least spread out the gummies and chocolates a bit. I didn’t get a single hello kitty chocolate bar and you received 4 but yet you didn’t get any of the Barbie candies, and I received 4 different ones.

      I’m happy regardless, I’m just surprised. It seems a bit random.

    • Thanks. I got the exact same skus as you! I love gummies more than chocolate and this one is chocolate heavy. Isn’t that the way it usually works out. I’m not complaining though- lots of chocolate lovers in my family and they’ll be super happy to get them.

    • 2 x Marzipan Eggs
      3 x Pink Pineapples
      2x “Hello Kitty” Hello Kitty Bow Gummies
      2x “Hello Kitty” Hello Kitty Face Gummies
      2x Hello Kitty Milk Chocolate Bar
      1 “Cheers To Us” Champagne Bears
      1″Pucker Up” Peach Bellini
      2 x “Chick” Milk Choc Marshmallow Eggs
      1 x “Pink Bunny” Bunny Tails
      1 x “You Make Me Melt” Ice Cream Cones
      1x “You Give Me Butterflies” Baby Butterflies
      1x Cherry Sweethearts – Small

      I was hoping for more solid chocolate and variety (I even write the company for 1x’s of each and asked but they couldn’t guarantee)…oh well. BUT, now that I look at the list.. I see some items that I wanted to try and want to give away so I am happy I got two of each. And these pink pineapples better be good! Can’t wait to wrap all these up in little cute gifts for my people. 🙂

    • I’m pretty sure my order is similar to yours, I received BUN 287 as well and from what I could see am received multiple Hello Kitty chocolate bars, white and milk chocolate Easter bars, as well as two milk chocolate bunnies lol. My sis loves Hello Kitty and I think those particular items (Hello Kitty theme) are especially giftable so I’m okay with that. I’ve never tried their chocolate but hoping it’s good.

      But I have no idea what my 3 surprise cubes are. Also, I ordered on the 22nd and my first shipping tracker said expected arrival was today (May 31st) but it actually just shipped today and now arrival date says June 4th

    • I got the same. Was hopping for more gummies or even the fancy bars. The chocolate bunnies rv 25 each, 50 dollars took a lot of the value.

    • I got too much chocolate too. But I gave the chocolate to my husband and the pink to my friend.

      I am not complaining! It isn’t something I plan on doing again but it was fun!

    • If you are interested in swapping chocolate for gummys.

      My swap profile is number 20706. They arn’t listed but I would be happy to list them for you.

  19. I just got my order today and I got. (My box is a small)
    Baby wales
    Bunny tails
    2 Champagne bears
    Chocolate pearls
    2 Chocolate bacon pretzel
    Marzipan eggs
    PBJ caramels
    Peach bellini
    2 pink pineapples
    Sugar lips
    Tequila grapefruit sours
    Hello kitty bow gummies
    Hello kitty mamma apple pie
    Bunny bark pink chocolate
    Bunny bark milk chocolate.
    I’m for the most part happy with what I got. I’m most excited to try the chocolate bars as I’ve never had a Sugarfina chocolate bar. What I’m disappointed in is it looks like all my mystery cubes where duplicates.Also some of there items I allready got from the Halloween mystery bag like champagne bears and PB&J Carmel’s. All in all I think I got a pretty good haul a lot of thes items I’ve never had and im exicited to try them.

    • Thanks for sharing Melissa! Did you have # 7171 on your invoice? I am sooo curious to see what it is.

      • @lisa. Yes my order did have 7171 but Idk what it is.

      • I also had 7171 on my online invoice but there is nothing in my shipment that matches that number nor is there anything on the invoice enclosed in the shipment. Essentially I received one item less than what was stated on the online invoice and 7171 is the missing item. So weird. So the mystery continues!

      • Thanks!

      • They did include a personalized note telling me to “enjoy the sweets” plus a printed card noting a few of their new concoctions. Maybe one of those is 7171? It’s extra weird since it doesn’t have an R or a K in front of the number.

      • Mine has shipped and it supposed to be here Wednesday. When I first received my tracking it said by today (Friday 5/31) then it switched to Monday (June 3) now it says Wednesday. But my invoice/shipment says this, I wonder if it will remain the same when I receive it or if things will be different.

        Bento Box
        1 x Surprise Candy $0.00 SUR-K1141 1
        Bento Box
        1 x Surprise Candy $0.00 SUR-K1368 1
        Bento Box
        2 x Surprise Candy $0.00 SUR-R2963 2
        Bento Box
        1 x Surprise Candy $0.00 SUR-R2959 1
        Bento Box
        1 x Surprise Candy $0.00 SUR-R3006 1
        Bento Box
        1 x Surprise Candy $0.00 SUR-R3001 1
        Bento Box
        1 x Surprise Candy $0.00 SUR-R3003 1
        Bento Box
        1 x Surprise Candy $0.00 SUR-R3002 1
        Bento Box
        1 x Surprise Candy $0.00 SUR-K1984 1
        Bento Box
        1 x Surprise Candy $0.00 SUR-R3027 1
        Bento Box
        1 x Surprise Candy $0.00 SUR-R1666 1
        Bento Box
        1 x Surprise Candy $0.00 SUR-R2515 1
        Bento Box
        1 x Surprise Candy $0.00 SUR-K1982 1
        Bento Box
        1 x Surprise Candy $0.00 SUR-R2384 1
        Bento Box
        1 x Surprise Candy $0.00 SUR-R2386 1
        Bento Box
        1 x Surprise Candy $0.00 SUR-7171 1

  20. I resisted this before today because I am not really fond of gummies. But I will be traveling with my family in July and they all love gummies. So I caved in today and got the small size. I used the promo code for the three extra cubes (which I hope are all chocolate).

    I got these:


    I read below that the K item will be chocolate. Wish I was getting more chocolate! Hopefully it will ship quickly.

  21. Mine just shipped it weighs 14 I got the small

    • My large weighs 11 lbs

    • Hey what day did you guys order if shipped?

      • Yeah, it’s taking a looong time to ship…

      • Mine just shipped (or label was created) – I ordered on Saturday. I’m bummed because I live in CA and thought I would receive it fast but they shipped mine from NJ instead of CA. ETA is next Wednesday.

      • Mine keeps changing it said it would be here tomorrow, now it says until next Wednesday!
        I ordered on the 21st
        This is my first time ordering from Sugarfina

  22. Any ship yet? Mine from 5/22 is still processing

    • Same. I ordered on 5/22 and mine is still processing as well.

      • Mine just shipped. Expected arrival Friday. I ordered the large. But am tempted to order the small if they are different items

    • Same!

      • Mine just shipped. Expected arrival Friday. I ordered the large.

    • No movement on mine. I am going away next week, so I really need these to ship.

    • Mine showed it shipped Friday, and should be arriving Thur 5/30, but the tracking number shows it hasn’t left CA yet. I’m hoping I find it waiting on my doorstep tomorrow along with my Fabfitfun!

    • My box just got here today. I ordered on 21.

  23. I bought one of these the last time they offered them, though I think it was $50. I was terribly disappointed. Almost no chocolate and my only two large cubes were champagne flavored. I know those are popular but I can’t stand them. My medium cubes had gummy frogs which were apple, the only flavor of gummy I dislike, and those gummy ice cream cones. The cones were ok but they had a weird, almost cheesecake-like taste to them. I read the comments when this was first posted and it looked like they’re sending better stuff this time, including more chocolate which is what I like most. I was still debating on taking another chance until I came back here today and read more recent comments. Now I don’t think I’m prepared to gamble again, especially at $60. I’m sure I’ll find something else to buy with all the Memorial Day sales. I hope everyone comments once they post a review so I can get a better picture of what people got.

    • I didn’t do the mystery bag, just ordered $40 worth of stuff and applied the cube code. My free cubes were pink pineapples (my favorite), chocolate bacon pretzels (wanted to try) and cinnamon crunchy (also wanted).

    • This is my first. I am hoping i like it. I do love both the gummy and chocolates

    • Personally I hate chocolate. Except for white chocolate, Weird I know. I will be disappointed if mine has a bunch of chocolate.

      I love gummies!

      • I also prefer gummies over chocolate. I am excited to try pink chocolate though!

      • I wish I hated chocolate. I am addicted to it and can’t help myself. I think it is very odd when I hear someone say they hate chocolate. I am confused and also envious of it.

        BTW, this is not meant as a criticism….. wish I could go without chocolate. My health would thank me.

  24. I ordered tonight and am getting a few Hello Kitty items that my nieces will LOVE!!!! Otherwise, I looked up codes and got many different ones than listed here. Anyone know what the following are? I looked on the site but nothing found.

    • I saw somewhere R2515 is the pink pineapples. I’m missing the info on the rest, same as yours. It appears that all the K-sku numbers are chocolate which I really wanted more of but only have the chocolate bars. Still a great deal and thinking of sending a surprise box out to my sister and niece.

    • @RL and Audra…it looks like
      R3005 are “Cheers to us” champagne bears, R3029 are Milk Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs, R3000 are “You give me butterflies” baby butterflies. Not sure about the (infamous) R7171 or on R1753. My box is set to arrive on Thursday!

  25. I just ordered and not only do you get 3 free cubes, but also 2 free samples that you can pick out of 4! 17 candies, 3 cubes, 2 free samples, tax and shipping included. I need cute gifts!

    • I received this in the box – well, it’s coming… 🙂
      R2384 – Hello Kitty Strawberry Gummies
      R2386 – Hello Kitty Apple Pie Gummies
      R3006 – Peach Bellini
      R3027 – Pink Bunny Tails
      R1666 Marzipan Eggs
      K1920 Helly Kitty Chocolate Bar
      R3007 Ice Cream Cones
      I dont know what the following are that are on my list besides the additional 3 mystery cubes. Anyone know?

      • I think we have identical boxes! Here’s my invoice:

        R2515 x2 Pink Pineapple
        R2384 x2 Hello Kitty Strawberry Gummies
        R2386 x2 Hello Kitty Apple Pie
        R3005 “Cheers to Us” Champagne Bears
        R3029 Milk Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs
        R3006 “Pucker Up” Peach Bellini
        R3027 Pink Bunny Tails
        7171 ???
        R3000 “You Give Me Butterflies” Baby Butterflies
        R1753 ???
        R1666 Marzipan eggs
        K1920 x2 Hello Kitty Chocolate Bar
        R3007 Ice Cream Cones

  26. OMG! How do you guys know what you got??!?!?!?
    I have always wanted to buy Sugarfina but its always been too expensive for just a few candies. But when I saw this deal I was like I have to do it lol.
    I am super excited to try different candies from them 🙂

    • Coco, sign into your account, go to “my orders” then “view order” and all the SKUs are listed. You can cross check yours with mine and others in the comment below. My friend ordered one this afternoon and he had the same as me except for 3. He also got one less SKU showing up on his order… I speculate it’s because he will get a large cube which is worth double a small.

  27. Is there a way to sign up for notifications for these sugarfina mystery deals like you can sign up for notifications about boxes ? Example: FFF news

    • I don’t know if MSA has one but you can join Sugarfina’s rewards program and email list. I got an email yesterday about free shipping and the cube code. Now I’m trying not to order anything else.

  28. Caved. Not sure if I’m a loon to spend $60 on candy.

    I travel a lot for work and like to leave a little sweet treat behind for my hubs. Should be set for awhile! 🙂

    • I am just going to workout more and stay on a strict diet so I can indulge without guilt.

      Some things in life are too good to pass up!

  29. I caved! Bought the$60. My friend’s birthday is coming up and I can gift the majority. I did select a peach bellini and watermelon as samples.

  30. This looks delicious, but I have no control when it comes to sugar and I know this would only last a few mere days and I would make myself sick 🙁 More for everyone else to enjoy!! 🙂

  31. I got the smaller size and it looks like there are similar items. I don’t have a packing list but I have the SKU numbers…I did some internet sleuthing (aka googling and looking at online wholesale catalog) and this is what I can figure out for my order thus far:

    K1141 – Chocolate Bacon Pretzels??
    K1368- PB&J Caramels
    R2963- ?????
    R2959- ?????
    R3006- “Pucker Up” Peach Bellini
    R3001- “You’re My Main Squeeze” Grapefruit Sours
    R3003- “Kiss Me” Sugar Lips
    R3002- “Whale You Be Mine” Baby Whales
    K1984- Pink Chocolate Bunny Bark
    R3027- Pink Bunny Tails
    R1666- Marzipan Eggs
    R2515- ?????
    K1982- Milk Chocolate Bunny Bark
    R2384- Hello Kitty Bow Gummies
    R2386- Hello Kitty Mama’s Apple Pie Gummies
    7171- ?????

    Allison, maybe you can help me fill in some of the blanks! LOL

    I think it’s a great deal and I can’t wait to see what I get and what the 3 Free Cubes end up being. I am traveling starting on 5/31 and CS told me today that my order is expected to arrive on 5/30…Fingers crossed!

    • I am hoping for a Barbie cube.

    • That’s a great assortment! I hope your order arrives in time to become traveling snacks!

      R2963- Champagne Bears Small
      R2959- Sugarfina Pearls (Gold) Small
      R2515- Pink Pineapples Small

      7171- ????? ????

    • Thanks for info Sku numbers. My numbers match yours. I’m curious to see what the unknown items will be as well as my mystery cubes.

    • I have the exact same order with the exception of:
      BUN-288 (at the beginning of my order this if followed by the Chocolate Bacon pretzels)
      Then at end of my order I have SUR7171, just like you.

      Other than that I am very excited for sure we are a family of 6 so this will not go to waste.

    • I have the exact same items in my order. Thank you for doing all that work. Mine starts with BUN-288. Is that another SKU?

      • @zo, no I think that is the SKU for the actual mystery bags. I believe the $60 one is BUN (for bundle?) 288 and the $80 one is BUN-287.

  32. Enjoy your cavities. As fun as this sounds my swimsuit will thank me.

    • Totally unnecessary.

    • Wait a minute… is your favorite ride at Disney World the Hall of Presidents?

    • I will, thanks. I guess I’m at the age where I’d rather be happy and enjoy life instead of worrying about minor things like how I look in a swimsuit or if I have to brush my teeth (or just rinse with a glass of water…which is good for me anyways) an extra time.

      • Me too! I want to buy this so much but can’t afford it right now because I really have overdone the sub boxes this month.

        But I still want this so much that maybe I will cave if they have any left on June 1st

    • Don’t you brush your teeth?

      I love sugarfina! And my weight is fine!

      Sugarfina is so expensive but is my favorite candy. I wish I had the extra money to buy this!

      • Ha! Your brush your teeth comment cracked me up! Thank you! 🙂

    • Kim
      Of all the flavors why do you choose to be salty?

    • There’s always somebody who has to rain on everyone’s parade!

    • Thanks for the comment Kim. I actually love reading sour comments online. It makes me appreciate how fortunate I am that I am so happy with my life.

      It leaves me wondering though what terrible things must be happening in someone’s life to write unsolicited, nasty comments to a bunch of strangers for no apparent reason. @Kim, I hope you manage find some joy somewhere else as clearly a mystery box from Sugarfina has upset your apple cart for some reason.

  33. I’m excited but also nervous that any chocolate is going to melt. We’ve had a mild May for Arizona but there’s no telling when the temps will jump. Does anyone know if they generally pack chocolate with ice packs and/or insulated packaging in warmer months?

    • I did get a chocolate bar in my New Year’s surprise. It did not come with any particular insulation. However, it looks like they are trying to unload Easter and Valentine’s day stock. I am expecting heart and carrot shaped gummies.

      • Oooh, I got some of those carrot shaped gummies in an Easter basket this year, and they were goooo-ooood!!

    • I ordered earlier this month (and ordered the $60 box too!) I remember also being worried about the temperature as well. I remember reading something about ice packs on their website – FAQ section I think. My order from earlier this month was just delivered this morning so once I get home and assess the situation I can report back about ice packs!

      • Thank you!!

      • I’m back to report that my box that arrived today DID come packaged really well with insulation material and two ice packs. The ice was completely melted and not even cold any more but I think all is ok.

      • Thanks for the update. I received mine yesterday too and it was well-insulated but no ice packs. Fortunately everything (including 4 chocolate bars) was in perfect shape.

  34. Looks like they’re back in stock now… we just bought one of the $80 bags. Can’t wait to get a ton of candy!!!

  35. Restocked. Just bought the 60 one. Very satisfied right now.

  36. I got the large mystery bag. Here is the packing list. Looks like they are clearing out the seasonal items. I’m just happy there is chocolate, because that’s my preference.

    “Hello Kitty” Hello Kitty Face Gummies – Small
    PB&J Caramels – Small
    Champagne Bears – Small (Lunar New Year)
    Sugarfina Pearls (Gold) – Small (Lunar New Year)
    “Pucker Up” Peach Bellini – Small (XOXO)
    “You’re My Main Squeeze” Grapefruit Sours – Small (XOXO)
    “Kiss Me” Sugar Lips – Small (XOXO)
    “Whale You Be Mine” Baby Whales – Small (XOXO)
    Pink Chocolate Bunny Bark 2019 – Chocolate Bar
    “Pink Bunny” Bunny Tails – Small (Easter 2019)
    Marzipan Eggs – Small
    Pink Pineapples – Small
    Milk Chocolate Bunny Bark 2019 – Chocolate Bar
    “Hello Kitty” Hello Kitty Bow Gummies – Small
    “Hello Kitty” Hello Kitty Face Gummies – Small
    Chocolate Bunny
    Birthday Cake Caramels – Small (Barbie)
    Pink Sparkle Pops – Small (Barbie)
    Gummy Kicks – Small (Barbie)
    Sugarfina Pearls (Gold & White) – Small (Barbie)

    • Thanks for posting this. Any idea if when they say small it means the small candy cube or the tasting packet?

      Also if anyone ordered the smaller mystery bag and can post the packing list for that it would be really appreciated! Thanks!

      • I’m thinking they mean small candy cubes, since the cubes are typically $7.50. That falls in line with the $175 they advertised.

    • How did you figure out what’s in your bag? I bought the smaller one and would love to know what I can expect 😊

      • After making my order, I didn’t get an email confirmation, so I called their CS and asked them to resend. What they resent included the items by name, along with SKU’s.
        I didn’t mind at all. I would rather know!

    • I got the smaller size and it looks like there are similar items. I don’t have a packing list but I have the SKU numbers…I did some internet sleuthing (aka googling and looking at online wholesale catalog) and this is what I can figure out for my order thus far:

      K1141 – Chocolate Bacon Pretzels??
      K1368- PB&J Caramels
      R2963- ?????
      R2959- ?????
      R3006- “Pucker Up” Peach Bellini
      R3001- “You’re My Main Squeeze” Grapefruit Sours
      R3003- “Kiss Me” Sugar Lips
      R3002- “Whale You Be Mine” Baby Whales
      K1984- Pink Chocolate Bunny Bark
      R3027- Pink Bunny Tails
      R1666- Marzipan Eggs
      R2515- ?????
      K1982- Milk Chocolate Bunny Bark
      R2384- Hello Kitty Bow Gummies
      R2386- Hello Kitty Mama’s Apple Pie Gummies
      7171- ?????

      Allison, maybe you can help me fill in some of the blanks! LOL

      I think it’s a great deal and I can’t wait to see what I get and what the 3 Free Cubes end up being. I am traveling starting on 5/31 and CS told me today that my order is expected to arrive on 5/30…Fingers crossed!

      • I just got a detailed packing list for the $60 box. I’m a little bummed I didn’t go for the larger one now that I know there was a chance of getting all the Barbie candies, but this is still an awesome deal! All cubes are the small size.

        Chocolate bacon pretzels
        PB&J caramels
        Lunar new year champagne bears
        Lunar new year gold pearls
        Pucker up peach bellini
        You’re my main squueze grapefruit sours
        Kiss me sugar lips
        Whale you be mine baby whales
        Pink chocolate bunny bark bar
        Pink bunny bunny tails
        Marzipan eggs
        Pink pineapples
        Milk chocolate bunny bark bar
        Hello kitty bow gummies
        Hello kitty face gummies

        My 3 free surprise cubes are chocolate bacon pretzels, pink pineapples, and cinnamon crunchies

      • That’s a great assortment! I hope your order arrives in time to become traveling snacks!

        R2963- Champagne Bears Small
        R2959- Sugarfina Pearls (Gold) Small
        R2515- Pink Pineapples Small

        7171- ????? ????

    • My first comment with my packing list didn’t post. There may just be a delay so I’m sorry if this is a duplicate, but my small, $60 box is exactly the same as yours without the last 5 items. I have everything up until the chocolate bunny. I totally should have gotten the larger box! I saw those bunnies in a boutique and they are adorable. Enjoy!

  37. FYI both are now sold out… the larger one was sold out when I went on their website about 30 minutes ago, and the smaller one sold out when I was checking out. Boooooo

    • I just placed an order for the smaller one. Had no problem. Maybe try refresh the page?

    • They’re should still be available – I just ordered one!

    • I just checked out, they are in stock.
      I totally caved as I have been wanting to try their candy but it is so expensive!

  38. Does anyone know how quickly these ship? I’m going out of town and I’d love to grab one but if it takes a long time to get here it’ll just melt on my porch. Haha

  39. I would have jumped on this except I already pounced on the free shipping at $40 and 3 cube box code yesterday. Oh well. Three cubes will be a surprise. The rest will be stuff I’ve been wanting to try.

  40. I didn’t see this on MSA yesterday but am glad it was still available today. With the free bonus cubes and free shipping this is an awesome deal for sugarfina. My free item this month is pressed juice bears shot bottle.

  41. The California Prop 65 wanting is on the mystery box. One sweet death 😂

    • Ha! Yep, we’ll die fat and happy! I’m good with it! 🙂

  42. I was tempted to order this last night so I just went to sleep instead. Woke up and still tempted so I ordered the $80 mystery bag. I think it will make a wonderful Father’s Day gift.

  43. I caved immediately. Never thought to check the product numbers, now I’ll have to. Love their candy and have hooked my entire family on their goodies.

  44. This was way too good of an offer to pass up. I got the large mystery bag, was able to use the coupon and I had a reward to get welcome small sample packet that I must have not used when I set up my rewards account awhile back. 🙂

  45. I caved! Been wanting to try Sugarfina for a while anyway & this seems like the perfect opportunity!!

  46. I ordered a $60 box. I understand that this is just regular insanely overpriced candy, but I like their style and I always wanted to feel indulgent eating this fancy candy. Hope me and my family like the selection. Here’s to feeling rich and fabulous!

    P.S. I saved by not buying Popsugar this season. Again.

  47. I didn’t even make it to the end of the post before I ordered. I may have a problem 😂.

  48. Finally caved on this one, Get a free taster packet if you sign up for their rewards program also 🙂

    • Hmmm….I signed up for their rewards program before placing my order but I don’t see a taster packet listed on my invoice. Hopefully I will be surprised!

  49. Wow…that seems like the best “bang for your buck” mystery box I’ve ever seen from them. Plus 3 bonus cubes? Nice!

    Fingers crossed they’ll leave out the pineapple candies this time! 🙂

    • I agree! Such a good deal! I just ordered and when I added to my cart it had “1 x a Surprise Candy” 16 times…not sure if that means there will be 16 items in the box or what. Either way $120 of Candy plus another 3 cubes is amazing!!! I know some people won’t order because of the Halloween Mystery Box shipping fiasco but I’m willing to take another shot. I was coincidentally looking on their site earlier to order from their new Coffee line but this deal is too good to pass up!

      • I skipped the last mystery bag after having trouble with the Halloween one, but I agree this was too good to miss! I also got the $60 bag and had a reward for a free small bottle of green juice bears on top of the 3 free mystery cubes. Even though they are just single pieces of candy, it’s nice to get two free samples on top of everything too. Can’t wait for a huge box of surprises to get here and to see what everyone gets!

      • I also skipped the last mystery bag not only because of the shipping fiasco but I still had some of the candy left from October. Even with my family’s help that was a lot of candy! I have a few family members w/upcoming birthday and plan on using some of the items as presents.

      • I ordered the $80 box (I have ZERO willpower!) and there were 21 “surprise candy” line items. I’m already salivating!

      • I ordered the $80 surprise goodie box, and I can see the SKUs on my order list, but it seems like there are far fewer on my SKU list than even the $60 box lol (only 14 on mine, and it looks like the other large boxes here have 19 to 21 skus, and the small boxes like 16). These are my SKUs (says I got Bundle 287):

        – SUR-R3027
        – SUR-R2386

      • Hmm… I actually noticed that there is a 3x and 2x next to several of the SKUS, instead of a 1x. I wonder if that means I’m getting multiples of that Candy, I assume??

        These are the ones:

        3 x Surprise Candy SUR-2963

        3 x Surprise Candy SUR-K1920

        2 x Surprise Candy SUR- K2000

      • @Holly, Most of the SKUs have been described already but the SUR-K2000 is the 9oz Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny. SUR-7171, SUR-K1921, SUR-K1920 is still a mystery though! My assumption is at least some of these SKUs are the large cubes which is why you have less overall items.

      • They had another mystery box after the Halloween one and I didn’t hear any complaints. I think it was in January. I ordered one and was really happy with everything I received.

  50. I jumped on this when I got the email earlier today because candy.
    My order shows what appear to be 17 product numbers next to the surprise box. I googled the numbers and the few I found appear to be Easter and Valentine’s candy. I’m not complaining!

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