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POPSUGAR Must Have Summer 2019 Box Spoiler #3 + Coupon!

We have a new spoiler for the Summer POPSUGAR Must Have box!

New subscribers can use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of the Summer POPSUGAR Must Have box, too! (Regularly $75 a box.)

Here’s the latest spoiler:

Hint Sunscreen Spray and Sunstick

Each box will also include:

Tofino Towel – You pick the pattern

Tofino The Mathea Towel – Retail Value $64.99


No matter which limited-edition towel you choose, you’re about to take your beach visit to a whole new level. Both of these designs are made with 100 percent cotton terry velour. The plush top is so soft, you’ll never want to get off of it. The Mathea towel was made in collaboration with teenage surf phenom Mathea Olin. She plans to make a run at earning a spot on the Canadian surf team for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The Maverick towel was designed for the free spirit at heart. It was inspired by the local Tofino landscapes, which include big waves, tall mountains, and adventurous terrains. So, which towel best matches your personality?

Here I am holding it up to give you a better look at the full pattern:

This towel is 100% cotton, 37.4 inches by 66.9 inches, wash separately, cold water, hang dry.

Tofino The Maverick Towel – Retail Value $64.99

These towels are so plush and soft! I also love that the fringe is twisted so that you get the accent without having to worry about it fraying.

And here is the second spoiler:

Seafolly Bronte Sunglasses – You pick the color

Seafolly Bronte Sunglasses in Blush

(You get to pick between this blush color or a slate blue color.)


The name of these sunglasses is derived from one of Australia’s most beautiful beaches, and it’s clear to see why — they’re so stylish. The classic round shape with a keyhole nose bridge is flattering on all face shapes, so they look cute on everyone. They’re incredibly well-made, so you’ll be wearing these shades for years to come.

Seafolly Bronte Sunglasses in Blue Stone

New subscribers can use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of the Summer POPSUGAR Must Have box, too! (Regularly $75 a box.)

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoilers to see what you can expect from this women’s lifestyle subscription box!


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Written by MSA


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Comments (111)

  1. I never had the opportunity to Customize?

    And LOTS of people wear prescription sunglasses and there should be another option for them! (Not that i had the choice!)

    • I asked many times not to receive the summer box. I do not go to beach or need a towel. I wear prescription sunglasses . I wear sun screen from dermatologist. I have been a long time customer and asked to skip this box in several emails. But received email saying it was shipped. If in fact I receive it cancel my subscription. What a disappointment. I was one of your early customers

  2. Mine finally shipped. Time for complete spoilers! 👀

  3. My posts aren’t showing!

    • I’m done with this company as I like to know what’s in a box I’m buying. Not into mystery boxes & don’t pay annually.

  4. I’ve decided that I’m done with this sub. It has turned into a mystery box & that just doesn’t fit with the way I buy subscription boxes. I don’t do annual & I don’t drop money on boxes thay iI not know the
    contents of.
    I’m looking at Bombay & Cedar, Coastal Co. & a few others.

  5. If there is a book in this box I wish it would be “Summer of 69” by Elin Hilderbrand. I think it would be a great beach read.

    I wish Popsugar would stop playing the “Our Lips are Sealed” B.S. and just release the rest of the spoilers.

    That is one major turnoff about PS. Are they that paranoid that they wont disclose the rest of the box?

    • I agree… they are so slow to announce all the spoilers. I keep checking and checking . This is my first box, and so far I am very disappointed. I can’t use the sun glasses , since I need prescription ones. I subscribed after looking at a lot of their previous boxes & thought they looked good… this box is ho hum so far. I was hoping to be excited.

  6. They can keep, and I’ll save money 🙂 looking forward to their fall/winter boxes

  7. Hopefully full spoilers are revealed soon! I keep looking every day excited.

    • Me too! So far I’m excited with the summer theme and I have the hint sunscreen already it’s amazingand smells great!

      • Third! I am dying to know what is in the rest of this box!

      • Well.. getting my box delivered tomorrow it seems… hmmmmm

      • My box didn’t arrive yet and it seems that it was misplaced somewhere in the transition from Fedex to the USPS- it now says “scheduled delivery pending” so maybe I’ll get it today maybe tomorrow?

      • ughhhh don’t you just hate that? lol
        Thank you for replying! Hope you get it soon!

      • Seems odd that they are shipping and still haven’t announced what’s in them. ? Makes me wonder if they aren’t very confident in the quality of the items. Hope I’m wrong but this may be my last box.

      • Same! It’s really bizarre.

      • Did your box arrive yet Lexi? Just curious what’s in it before I order.
        Thank you!!

  8. I believe this summer box will be my only popsugar box. I signed up in the spring and didn’t get the box but they kept my money and told me I would get the summer box. Well my summer box has been processing for 3 weeks now. They seem like they have a lot of issues.

    • No, that’s just how they operate, since they only release quarterly. You probably signed up after the Spring period, or after they sold out of the Spring box. Summer hasn’t shipped for anyone yet.

  9. All of these spoilers are really underwhelming.

    I don’t know why they include glasses that a large portion of the population can’t wear. Also, I feel that we’ve seen these exact towels in a sub box already. Last year, maybe? I know I’ve seen these identical prints. And, sunscreen isn’t exciting.

    • I am among the people who cannot wear these sunglasses. They are cute, but I feel like very few people can pull off round frames, and I am not one of them. I also swapped my towel because I have enough beach towels. The sunscreen will at least be useful to me and I just ran out of some, so it’s the only thing I’m semi-excited about so far. : / I hope the other items are things I can use.

  10. So far, I’m not really impressed by this season’s Popsugar. Thus far, 3 products I can’t or won’t use. I really hope the contents improve.

  11. The fact that spoiler 3 is a sunscreen concerns me. Do you all think the rest of the items will be just as boring??! I hope not. This will be my first box and I hope it doesn’t disappoint. When does it ship????!

  12. This is my first popsugar. My box has been processing forever. Anyone have any idea when it will ship? They seem very slow

  13. It’s a bummer with Popsugar. They used to have great quality stuff (I remember some nice scarves, good brands etc.) but it’s all bargain bin stuff now. This stuff is not good enough quality for the price.

  14. I would have gotten this box if it wasn’t for those sunglasses. The clock last box was questionable. I feel like the big ticket item is always a miss but the other items are usually great. I would prefer a good lesser value item.

  15. So basically a lower quality Box of Style.

    • Not sure what happened to Popsugar, but they went from my fave sub box to the point I cancelled after Spring. I love the towels, but not even close to re subbing …even with a coupon!

      I’m thinking of Box of Style again after a hiatus. I love their “hippie” Summer Box!!! They’re offering a towel too…Missoni, BUT also made in Italy earrings, a super trendy macrame purse and eyebrow gel. Everything I would use.

      This PS box …I only like the towel. Let’s not even talk about “those” sunnies! Lol.

      • I am thinking of getting the summer Box of Style as well but have been reading a lot of comments about bad customer service, double/triple billing and difficulty in cancelling. Anyone have comments on that?

      • I had zero issues cancelling BOS after one box last year. No issues with billing. I simply had live chat and cancelled.

        I just re subbed with my old account and I was able to use the $25 off code.

      • I recently cancelled Box of Style and had no problem. They were very nice and it was easy. I’ve liked their stuff in the past but wasn’t interested in what’s on offer for the summer box. Also, I have found their customer service to be about the same as Pop Sugar: quick to bill, slow to ship, but it arrives eventually and I think both have good quality products – if it suits you. I wouldn’t hesitate to subscribe to either.

      • I have never had any problems with BOS either. I have both subscribed and also bought through Gilt. No problems either way, for about 2 years

      • I once had a broken ring and they sent a replacement with an apology in a timely manner. In 3 years, everything has been great! I have also received really nice unexpected anniversary gifts. I did hear that some people had bad experiences.

  16. I feel like they have the same shape/style of sunglasses every year. Easy pass.

    • I would beg to differ….. I would call PSMH a higher quality box overall….. and their customer service ROCKS…. which is not something BOS aspires to….

  17. Glad I cancelled nothing in this box or FFF excites me :/ so blah ! Glad I saved money this time around hopefully fall/winter boxes for both subs will improve ! Until then I still have my 4 favorite sub boxes still which all equal to the price of this one 🙂

  18. I thought I had cancelled this, but when I got my cc statement, I was charged. Not super excited so far, but I’ll use the items. Even the sunglasses, which don’t seem to be very popular here, will be ok. I have a pair just like them and I think they look ok. I have a kid sized head, though, so that may be why. I wasn’t able to go in and choose (I’m sure I was too late, but like I said, I thought I had cancelled), but I got the towel and color of sunglasses I would have chosen anyway, so I guess that’s a win.

    • Since you were not able to choose how do you know what colors you will receive? I am curious as to what colors you did get?

    • This happened to me as well–I had ordered the previous box to give PSMH one more try and nothing in the “one time order” process indicated that this would auto-resubscribe. Wasn’t blown away by that box so thought that was that. Just got an email that my new box has shipped. Ah well. That’s on me though, I should know by this point that this is exactly how this industry works.

      I had not receive any emails about customizing (which would have clued me in that I had been subscribed) but when I logged in this morning it told me which towel print and sunglasses color I am getting. I guess it’s the color I would have chosen anyway although the odds of that style not making me look like a clown are 99.9% lol.

      • This is my 3rd box and I received nothing about customizing.
        I tried to find spoilers after I received notice of pending shipment.I only know there will be a towel, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
        I have one more box, I was so excited in the beginning I prepaid for the year and now I didn’t get a chance to customize.
        Lesson learned. 🙁

  19. What happened to the picture slides?

  20. Not super exciting but useful. I was in need of sunscreen. I am especially happy to see a sunscreen stick.

    So far the box works for me.

  21. Let’s just say I’m not updating my payment info, no matter how many times they email me.

  22. I just can’t with these beach towels. I subscribe to many boxes so maybe that’s the problem but they need to be more creative with their curation. I’m stuck with this box but every single other subscription I have that’s including a beach towel is getting canceled until next season.

    I received an influx of beach towels last summer too. Over it. Now I can deal with the fall and the influx of scarves because I wear them on my head, neck, waist, and handbag. I can be creative with scarves but short of adding that towel to the mounds of towels I already have in my linen closet there’s really nothing else I do with them.

    So please chill on the towels and come up with something else we “must have” for the summer.

  23. This whole box is an easy pass for me. I already have a favorite mineral sunscreen that I love and those sunglasses look like kid-sized glasses (and will look exactly that way on my face). The towels look like great quality but that spotted towel looks like Cruella de Vil skinned a Dalmatian which isn’t the Summer look I’m going for.

  24. 65 for the towel?😮

  25. When i saw that they released another spoiler. After all that time. After already starting to bill. I was so excited to see what it was. And this is it?

  26. Ok……a wash in cold and hang dry towel?? Does this mean if I use it after a spa and dry off hot water then let it dry in the sun it will shrink? Or is the cold water do avoid the color bleeding? I have never seen a towel you could not wash and dry regularly.

    • I’m wondering about that as well. Seems odd to offer a beach towel that can’t be put in the dryer.

  27. When will this box ship?

    • Mine just shipped!

  28. So far, with my different subs, I have 3 beach towels heading to my house. My husband is going to think I’m going somewhere without him.

    • This. Same!

    • hahaha TOO MANY TOWELS! It’s as if the curators all got together for brunch and collaborated.

  29. No matter how much I like the rest of the box, those sunglasses are SO UGLY that I cancelled just because I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get rid of those things. I’d never give them as a gift and I don’t think they’ll do well swapping.

  30. I’m surprised at the return of the hint sunscreen since they had that in a previous summer box.

    I love the towels, especially that polka dot one, and I can always use more sunscreen. Unfortunately those sunglasses aren’t my style, and I wear prescription glasses anyway. I might splurge once I see more spoilers.

  31. not Surprised, but all useful. I love every items in their spring box, good quality and curation.
    When I get back to my different seasonal lifestyle box I sub, I found I used and loved the pop sugar the most.

  32. Oh hey guys.

    I’m not a scientist, but I’m a fan of science and when I began reading that people were frightened of chemical sunscreens, I decided to up my sunscreen knowledge game. Since I deem Harvard Medical School a reputable source, I started there. Allow me to paraphrase. (

    Apparently, lots of folks are up in arms about chemicals in sunscreens (most vehemently oxybenzone) because it has been said that they disrupt the body’s natural hormone production. But apparently there is no conclusive evidence that this is true. What’s more, this fear is based on studies conducted on rats that were FED oxybenzone (as opposed to just rubbing it on your skin like you would sunscreen). I’ told by Harvard that it would take a person 277 years of using sunscreen to get that kind of oxybenzone dose. Also FYI: oxybenzone is in a bunch of other things you might use, like plastics and nail polish.

    Also, sunscreen doesn’t cause skin cancer.

    • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    • …I … I think I love you Christy!
      Yay for being scientifically literate. As a super pale person who has a strong family history of skin cancer, you will have to pry my dermatologist recommended sunscreen from my cold, dead hands. And don’t even try handing me any weird “chemical free” (as if there even is such a thing, like seriously everything is made of chemicals) concoction.

    • Certain chemicals were killing the coral in the Great Barrier Reef so they banned certain sunscreens that contain it. As long as I don’t burn I don’t mind the switch to chemical free if it preserves our ocean life.

  33. Very disappointing. I got this sunscreen in a New Beauty box last summer and the nozzle didn’t work. It just dripped liquid out of the bottom when I tried to spray it. I contacted the company, and they told me “tough luck” and I needed to contact New Beauty. NB told me it had been longer than 30 days since I ordered the box (I hadn’t needed sunscreen until then), so I was SOL. Really soured me on both brands. Not happy to see this one again, especially when the rest of the box is a dud so far.

  34. I love this sunscreen. It’s dropped down in price quite a bit (it’s now under $8 at Target) since it was introduced 2 years ago. My favorite is the pineapple and then the pear. Grapefruit is my least fave.

    • Thank you for this!! I love this sunscreen so I just checked out the target website. It’s on sale spend $15 and get a $5 gift card so 2 for $10 sounds perfect.

  35. Towels, sunglasses, sunscreen – the hight of originality.

    • A cover up or beach bag may be next. 😂

      • I think the rest is gonna be cheap filler items.

      • I think this IS the cheap filler item.

      • I also foresee a book you have no interest in reading.

      • 😂😂😂

      • Very true! Most likely a beach bag or book. I never got rid of the sunglasses that PS or BOS sent out a few years ago. I gave away the round towels and turkish towels. I love a really nice, soft, plush towel.

    • It seems like every box is offering a towel and it makes it so easy to avoid FOMO. Those sunglasses wouldn’t look good on me and I predict I will get sunscreen in another box eventually.

      But seriously, how many towels does one person need? I have one from FFF from last year and it is cute…for something I have used maybe once. I don’t live near a beach so…

  36. I love sunscreen sticks for my kids, so easy to apply and don’t get in their eyes, and we aren’t anywhere near a beach, so this is a win for me.

  37. Well, the box is certainly cohesive. Zero excitement, but definitely embracing that summer theme

  38. Not really looking to spray grapefruit scented endocrine disrupters and free radicals all over me, thanks. I couldn’t in good conscience even give this away. Wish this had been spoiled before billing

    • 🤦‍♀️ goodness gracious, it’s sunscreen

      • It interrupts my endocrine tho.

      • It makes my pancreas itch and my liver jumps around when I am exposed to grapefruit scented endocrine disrupters and free radicals!

    • Ohhhh free radicals and endocrine disrupters!

      It’s sunscreen for heaven’s sake. Calm down!

    • Then stop eating the sunscreen, thats not how you’re supposed to use it anyways.

      • Rolling 😭

  39. So glad to see this sunscreen not only the spray but also the stick. Perfect for going to the pool everyday and just the right amount of SPF. I was going to try to swap for some more but now don’t have to. I still have some left from when they had it in their limited edition box.

  40. Easy pass for me. Don’t need more sunscreen, don’t care for the sunglasses and have more than enough beach towels. Thanks for making it easy PSMH!

  41. Ohhh I sooo want something to wow me!

    • Same here.

  42. That same sunscreen was in their limited edition summer 2017 box

    • I still have mine! Can’t even get thru things before repeats come out.

  43. Wasn’t this exact sunscreen included in a previous PSMH box? It looks so very familiar…

    • Yes it was in the summer le 2017 box. I guess because they added the stick it makes it new LOL.

      • Thanks! That’s what I thought and it’s pretty disappointing. Now that PSMH is only doing 4 regular boxes a year you’d think they would have more time to find some cool new products. I love the idea of a sunscreen in this box but I would expect Popsugar to find a new mineral based or a least “reef safe” (although research shows that term is basically meaningless) option for their members to try. Isn’t part of what makes this box fun the discovery of new brands/products?

      • I totally agree that they should have time to find new, cool products – but I also like that they’re repeating past favorites. This was a hit when they featured it two years ago, and I think it’s super smart to bring it back.

    • Yup, & they just expired, so this is the perfect time for a replacement!

  44. Staples – YES, but those towels are the best!!! I’m lovin’ this box….. had to get a second – “must have” 2 towels…. 🙂

  45. I know I’m not the first to say it, but every time I see those sun glasses I think I couldn’t hate them more. Hopefully I can swap those. Love the rest!

    • Omg I had to cancel because of those sunglasses I just couldn’t do it

    • They’re definitely made for a certain face type. Would look awful on me

      • Yes, a 10 to 14 year old face… maybe 15. My 18 year old tiny girl would never wear these.

  46. Sunscreen made it an easy no for me. That sunscreen is full of chemical sunscreens. I wish companies would care more about the environment and about our bodies. Chemical sunscreens are terrible for the reefs and for our health.

  47. Of course, a non-reef safe sunscreen. First two spoilers were fantastic, this one will be not used at the beach.

  48. Honestly this is one of my all time favorite sunscreens but I hate the price, stoked to see it in the summer box.

    • Really this sunscreen is down to $8 at Target now for the big spray.

    • Three scents of the sunscreen are at Target for $7.99. Plus they have a giftcard deal. I found some beautiful towels at Target for $25. There are better options for pool/beach gear. This is a definite no for me.

      • I agree im glade i passed i got a great towl in fff have to many sunglassed and have 4 sunscreens i could spend 75 at tjmaxx and get much more ot target

  49. These look like the best towels out of all the sub boxes.

    • Totally agree with you….. these ARE the best towels!!! 🙂

  50. Staple items for the summer; I’m hoping for something new that just launched and is a must have for summer. Lifestyle product or tech product

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