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We have spoilers for the June Play! By Sephora box!

We’re on our way to the June box, but first stop is your teaser!

This month, everyone will receive a LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask in Original Berry or Vanilla, plus one more of these go-to products:

What do you think of the spoilers? Which item do you want?

Play! by Sephora is $10 a month. Check out our Play! by Sephora reviews, and all of our reviews of Cheap Subscription Boxes to find more similarly priced subscription boxes!

Play! by Sephora

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Comments (148)

  1. I’ve got box 145, and it shows:

    Tarte Babassu Foundcealer in shade 36H

    Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in Vanilla

    Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Jet Black

    First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair BarriAIR Cream

    Biossance Squalane + Tea Tree Detox Mask

    Bonus: Hum Nutrition Hair Sweet Hair

    In the past, what i actually get has sometimes been different though.

  2. Just called customer service and found out what is in #038

    Stila eyeliner

    Kaja Highlighter

    Laneige Lip Mask

    Belif Aqua Bomb

    Sephora All Day Hydrator

    Devacurl Leave in Conditioner

    I would rather be getting the Farmacy cleansing bomb than the Sephora hydrator but all in all I’m fairly happy with this particular box, even if there are some repeats. I’m look at you Aqua Bomb!😂

    • Thank you for posting this:)

  3. I emailed them and this what they told me.
    Box #949

    Milk KUSH High Volume Mascara

    – Tarte Quench Hydrating Primer – Rainforest Of The Sea™ Collection

    – Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

    – Sephora Collection All Day Hydrator

    – First Aid BeautyUltra Repair BarriAIR Cream

    – BriogeoSuperfoods S/C

    • How do you know what box you have?

    • I’m getting 949 and I’m kinda disappointed. I’ve been getting mascaras for the past 3 boxes!

      • The same. We are getting our fourth mascara now.

    • Sad face. This is my box, but I don’t really want anything in it, except the lip mask. I was hoping to try the foundation and/or the highlighter. Everything else is nothing I’d want or need.

    • Do you know about the sephora box 145??

  4. I’m Box #061 Anyone know what is in this box yet?

    • I tried but I got the canned response of “We want you to be surprised!” I wish their customer service was more standardized.. it really depends on which rep answers for whether they’ll tell you your box contents.

      • I had to call Customer Service for something else the other night and the lady was going to tell me what was in my box but she said it wasn’t showing up yet. It really does depend on who you get it, I was calling about a replacement item and we started talking about Sephora play and she said I can look and see what you’re getting if you would like.

    • #061 details from Reddit.. I’m paraphrasing since I can’t copy and paste from my phone.

      * Tarte Foundcealer Foundation

      * Laneige Lip Mask

      * Farmacy Green Clean Balm

      * Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Mist

      * Sephora Collection All Day Hydrator

      * Klorane Aquatic Mint Shampoo/Conditioner

      • That’s weird, that’s exactly what’s supposed to be in box 046. Shoot, I hope this is still my box lol.

      • #046 has the Biossance tea tree mask instead of the Farmacy cleansing balm.

      • Oh ok thanks! 🙂

  5. 949 here, Dry, Medium, Aging skin, Brunette. Anyone else?

    • Me too! Anxiously awaiting.

    • Me too, I wish there was more spoilers.

  6. I have the box #129, any spoiler for these?

    • I’m 129 as well and I have no spoilers.

    • I just emailed customer service and 129 is box f

      Box F Contains:

      Jouer Long-Wear Lip Topper™ ( SKU 2241297 )
      tarte foundcealer™ multi-tasking foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen ( SKU 2241347 )
      Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask ( SKU 2241404 )
      belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb ( SKU 2241453 )
      FarmacyGreen Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm ( SKU 2241487 )
      KloraneYlang Ylang S/C ( SKU 2241529 )

      • i like jouer lip item. Not sure if the same thing but mine is in a tube and is amazing!

      • Ugh!!!I am 129 this is my second month getting Sephora bag and I don’t like any of the items yet. I have had to trade the girls at work. Any suggestions how to change the bags I am getting?

      • How many times am I going to get the Aqua Bomb?! It is so repetitive.

      • That’s the 1 item I don’t mind being repeated lol! I love it so the more they send me the less I have to buy, But I understand what you mean I haven’t had to buy any for six months.

      • Thanks, Alyssa!
        Sound like an OK box. I’ll use everything at least. I’ve gotten a million aqua bombs, but I love it.

    • where do you find your box#?

  7. I subscribed on June 3 and wasn’t charged for this month, looks like my next billing date is on July. Looks like I am missing this month box (

    • I may be remembering incorrectly, but I believe if you sign up after the 1st, they don’t bill you until your order is processed or shipped. I’d go into your account and check your orders. They advertised everywhere to sign up before the 11th for this box.

      • Thanks a lot for your reply) it gives me hope.

  8. Any clues as to what is in box #129?

    • Both my boxes are 129 this month. I hope it’s good ’cause I’ll be stuck with doubles :/

      • I’m 129 as well

  9. Serioisly $10 for TWO products????

    • These aren’t full spoilers. Play comes with five sample sized products and a bonus smaller sample (usually a tiny perfume vial, foil packets of shampoo/conditioner, etc.).

  10. I’m box 178 can’t wait to find out what I have hope it a great box.

      • No, you get five, plus a smaller bonus sample. The spoiler is that everyone is guaranteed on flavor of the lip mask and at least one of the other listed products; the rest is a mystery.

    • same, Im 178 as well. Still don’t know the spoilers for that box yet.

  11. If I subscribed today I’ll be getting June box right? Not July?

    • Yes, just subscribe before the 11th!

  12. Anyone else have Box #038? How do you find out what is in each box? Do they call in customer service or email them? Thanks for your help! Hate to keep asking month after month for details.

    • Best way to find out is call or chat but sometimes it depends on the person responding. Every time I have emailed they replied to my message generally but didnt give box details.

    • I also have #038. If I find out I’ll post 😊👍

      • Thank you!!

  13. Or is it the last three of the ITEM number?
    ITEM last three 061

    • I also have box 061 but still no idea what will be inside.

      • I’m also 061! Haven’t called though.

      • Julia any idea what comes in our 061 box? I haven’t received mine yet. I only received my Birchbox so far this month.

      • I have no idea yet. Usually, I receive Sephora play box at the end of each month, maybe 22-25th… Just hope that I’ll not get Tarte foundation.

  14. For those of you trying to figure their SEPHORA BOX NUMBER-

    Log into your account and find the Play box under your recent orders. The last three numbers of the ITEM NUMBER correspond to the number of the Play box that Sephora is sending you.

    You need to look at the item number (which is under Play! by Sephora on the order detail) and not the order number.

    • So is #229 a box option that’s what the last three numbers are on my order number which is yet to ship. Thanks for your help Annie.

      • It’s not the last of your order number, it’s the item number when looking at the order details on desktop, mobile won’t tell you. Hope that helps!

  15. Spoilers for box #103?

    • BOX # 103 Spoliers!!!

      It will contain the tarte foundcealer™ multi-tasking foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen
      The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
      The Biossance Tea Tree Mask
      The Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb
      The First Aid BeautyUltra Repair BarriAIR Cream
      And the HUM NutritionHair Sweet Hair

      • So you get ALL of that for $10??

      • Yes, but they’re not full size. Deluxe/sample size usually.

      • How did you find what will be inside?

    • Box 103
      tarte foundcealer™ multi-tasking foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen ( SKU 2241339 )
      Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask ( SKU 2241404 )
      Biossance Tea Tree Mask ( SKU 2241420 )
      belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb ( SKU 2241453 )
      First Aid BeautyUltra Repair BarriAIR Cream ( SKU 2241461 )
      HUM NutritionHair Sweet Hair ( SKU 2241560 )

      • So we’re getting 3 facial products? And two of them are moisturizers? 🤔

      • My bio says dry everything so I am down with all of the moisturizers haha

  16. Im box 061 , anyone got spoilers for that one yet?


    • How do I figure out which box I’m getting?

      • It’s the last 3 digits of the item number when looking at the order details on desktop, mobile won’t tell you. Hope that helps!

    • Found this one reddit posted on June 11:

      June Sephora Play Box #061
      Got through to customer service the first time.. Here’s what they said.

      Your box is suggested to have the:

      Tarte foundcealer™ multi-tasking foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen

      Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

      Sephora Collection All Day Hydrator

      Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist

      FarmacyGreen Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm

      KloraneAquatic Mint S/C

  17. I got some spoilers for box 046:

    Tarte foundcealer multi-tasking foundation spf 20 (unsure of color but I’m guessing on the fair side since I’m basically as white paper)

    Laneige lip sleeping mask (wasn’t told which one)

    Biossance tea tree mask

    Sephora collection all day hydrator

    Herbivore hibiscus coconut water hydrating face mist

    Klorane aquatic mint shampoo & conditioner

    • And what happened that will have the box 145 someone knows?

    • Damn. I was really hoping we wouldn’t get the foundation!

    • How do I find out what box # I am getting?

      • It’s the last 3 digits of the item number when looking at the order details on desktop, mobile won’t tell you. Hope that helps!

    • Thanks for sharing! This has been the best box I’ve seen in a long time!

    • Great. I’m getting that one and I really wanted the Kaja one and not anything from Tarte. I think I’m gonna cancel after this box.

      • I am fair and keep getting items that are way to dark for my skin tone from boxes. Kinda ridiculous as it is a waste of money. The least they could do is give a fair skinned person a shade that’s in the fair range.

    • Thanks for the list! I’m kinda bummed though, I really wanted to try that highlighter! I don’t wear foundation… but even if I did I doubt I’d be getting the right color :/ Am I the only one who thinks that sending foundation in a subscription box is a total waste?!

  18. I just resubbed, yay! I love the Laneige sleep lip mask.

  19. Thanks for the replies 😁

  20. I hope I get the Kaja Beauty highlter. I already have it in another shade and love it and I’d love to try this bronzer shade for the summer. Not interested in the other items

  21. Does anyone know when is the deadline to sign up for me to get this months Play? Thanks

    • Oh gosh I think if you sign up now you should be good! I think the last day is the 10th?? Hopefully someone else can rely and confirm. But from my first month with Sephora play, I signed up at the end of one month and got the next month’s box all well 🙂 The box typically ships out on the third week of every month, which is later than Ipsy and a lot of other boxes ;D

    • I signed up yesterday and it said if you sign up by June 11th, your first month will be June.

  22. I just bought that Tarte foundation and am disappointed and will be returning it to Ulta for the Amazonian clay one I adore. The new one isn’t very buildable and feels oily in my face , coming off spotty throughout the day :/ I wanted to love it TG Ulta takes returns .

    • The Tarte Amazonian clay foundation is this month’s Ipsy June bags!

  23. I would be over the moon with this box but money is tight for now unfortunately, oh well

  24. This is the first round of spoilers that’s tempted me in a long time! Probably because I love that mask and haven’t already tried any of the other items. I may have to subscribe again, if only for this month. Does anyone know if I can still get the June box if I sign up now?

    • Ditto! I love the mask, but I would want the vanilla and my luck I’d get the berry. I have the full size in berry and love it. I’ll keep watching spoilers!

  25. Now this is looking like a promising month.

  26. A mask for lips? come on, really? And who wants that all over the bed pillows?

    • It’s actually great. I use it nightly and don’t have to wear lip balm during the day because of it. It’s basically a thicker lip balm.

    • It’s a lot like chapstick. Not messy at all!

      • I love the lip mask too, its really nice.

    • I use it nightly, and it does not end up all over my pillow. It’s actually a pretty nice product.

    • It’s my favorite lip treatment ever. I put it on at night before bed and wake up to fluffy lips every morning! Worth every penny.

      • I heard you can use it during the day too! I really want to try the Vanilla one!

    • It’s more of a thick balm, not like a face mask to be washed off. I think it’s called a mask because it has some gentle aha’s in it to help exfoliate over night.

      • Lip mask is great. It isn’t messy and does NOT get all over. Pass it along to someone who will appreciate it if you don’t want it!

    • It’s like a buttery lip balm. I promise you’ll love it! It’s one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you tried it!

    • It’s the best! Use this balm for a couple nights and your lips will be perfect 🥰

  27. Would like to try the tarte foundation

  28. Looks good but I thought it comes with 5 products. There’s only 4 shown so maybe a surprise. I dont love getting perfume samples but if they other items are good then I’m happy. I do love the lip treatment. Have the pink sampler and it is great!

    • They’ll be several more spoilers rolling out over the next couple of weeks or so.

    • You’re unlikely to get all four of the products shown. You’ll get one of the lip masks and at least one of the other items shown. I doubt anyone will get all four – they tend to use the more noteworthy products as spoilers and you don’t find out about the more underwhelming ones until closer to box time.

  29. I am reading all of the comments on here on how everyone has less them 10 subs and they think they have a problem…..I clearly must have a problem if everyone only get 10 boxes or less,because I am subscribed to 72 boxes,and that does not count my quarterly boxes….I guess I do have an addiction lol

    • Wow…how do you use or gift all those items?

      • I have 4 sisters and 4 daughters so I give to them, and I also make baskets with makeup skincare and lifestyle items, for charity and other organizations to help all of them out.

      • Bless you. I’m sure the people that receive items or money brought in are very thankful. I’m kicking myself for not making a basket for a cancer auction a few months ago. I know it would have brought in a ton of money. I know for the future though. Take care.

      • That’s wonderful! I’ve donated some of the more basic, “in-demand” items (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc.) from my various subs and one-time boxes over the years, but I never thought of making up a basket for a charity auction. What a fabulous idea! I definitely consider myself an addict although I get far fewer boxes than you. Still, I have a TON of nice beauty products and lifestyle items I don’t want, need, or will have time to use. If I had your kind of disposable income I’d subscribe to at least as many as you! I’ve been in very poor health for a few years now and can’t get out much. Maybe it sounds shallow but subscription boxes have given me a lot of joy. I’ve also been able to send my younger sister boxes chock full of great stuff she otherwise couldn’t afford. Even just reading about the subscriptions I don’t receive is a lot of fun for me. I especially love reading the reviews and comments on this site, as I’m not much of a FB/Insta person. If I could afford it, I’s make some kind of job out of it. Even if it was just ordering boxes and making up baskets (mostly for animal organizations) and hygiene kits for charities (battered women’s shelters, Salvation Army) with the majority of items since I would only be able to use a small portion.
        Thanks for the basket idea and enjoy all your goodies and the joy from sharing with others!

      • So sweet of you to share. You sound like a really sweet person. I hope your health gets better.

    • Well, the average person can’t afford to have your addiction…

      • LOL I thought it was a joke. I guess not.

      • Nope no joke lol,I do have a lot of boxes,but half of the items go to people in need,so I guess that does not make it seem too bad.

      • Well I guess I am in need, if you care to send a couple subs my way.

      • I wouldn’t mind some either if you sent some my way lol moneys a bit tight, so i had to cancel all but one

      • Right? That’s $720 a month, minimum. Not my money….. *shrug*

    • Care to throw some subscriptions my way? lol I had to cancel two subs due to money getting tight

    • My mind is blown that you have 72 monthly boxes coming in! The only other person or group that I think has that many would be MSA itself! Awesome that you gift a lot of the items, especially to those in need. I honestly have trouble affording just one monthly box. I stalk the site for full spoilers and steep discounts and make up new emails to get a box usually. As long as you’re able to financially swing it, more power to you.
      But I honestly don’t know how you keep products from getting out of control though, I have product overload still from having Sephora play for 2 years waiting for it to get good and scared of the waitlist that took months to get off of lol. Do you have a room or two dedicated to the items coming in?

      • Yes I do have a room just for all the products I get in my boxes along with other items that i put in baskets to give away….My husband and I own our own business so I can afford to get all the boxes and give away the majority to charity’s the homeless shelters and etc…..Getting these boxes and donating the products is my way of giving back,I love to give,it is the best feeling….The products do not go back because I do these baskets all month long,there is always someone to donate to,where I live…..I live in the big city of Niagara Falls NY,so as you can imagine there is always someone in need of help.

      • I think it’s a great idea you have- get fabulous items deeply discounted and give them away to those who cannot afford them. I have a growing handful of boxes, slowly building more each month. I would totally do what you do if I had the chance. Possibly in the future.

      • Is it ok to make up new emails for boxes? I sometimes see where some sale their products, and on mine they say not for resale? Just wondering?

      • Hi Charlotte,yes it is okay to make new email addresses to get subscription boxes…..I get two Allure,two Ipsy and two Ipsy Glam,you can have as many accounts as you want.

    • I wonder what your delivery guy thinks 🤣🤣🤣

      • I work 13 hours a day and also know several people in the tech world who work even more so the majority of daily items get ordered and delivered. A friend’s neighbor gets multiple deliveries every single day because they literally order everything in their life and have it auto delivered. They are physicians and the time it gives back is priceless 😊 I’m sure the mailman has seen it all 😂

      • Hi Melissa,my mailman likes delivering packages he said the more boxes I order that he delivers, he gets some type of commission from it….I never knew that until he told me that one day,when I told him I felt bad that he delivers so many boxes every day.

  30. Oooh love it! I was almost going to cancel …. last month was a dud and I’ve been a subscriber for a long time now, was considering taking a break. But nice, well played Sephora, well played !!

  31. Liz, do you know what size the lip sleeping mask will be?
    I know the full size is shown here, but Sephora sometimes advertises a full size or deluxe size sample for rewards or promo codes but then sends a much smaller sample size instead.

    • I’m sure it will be the tiny 0.08 oz / 2.5g size. It’s a lip balm so even at a tiny size, it will last a while.

      • Especially the lip mask – I got the berry one with a Play! Smart (K-Beauty: Skin Innovation) bag last December, and I’ve still got plenty of it, despite using it near daily. A little goes a long way. I’d buy a full-size, but I’m still well-stocked with the tiny sample.

  32. I gave in finally! I have to try the lip mask and it’s a guarantee so I’m excited 🙂

  33. Arr I was waiting for the spoiler because I wanted to cancel Sephora they send me staff I didn’t care for . But this month looks good just lanage itself . I really wanted to try lip sleeping mask for a while and here it comes

  34. I am very excited to get the lip sleeping mask. I’ve tried both Berry & Vanilla and I Really Love the Vanilla.
    I can’t wait to see what else we get.
    Sephora is really stepping up lately and I’m loving it.
    So happy I kept my subscription going.

  35. I just resubscribed as well. The original berry lip mask is lovely, and I’m hoping to get the Kaja highlighter. It’s nice to see TWO Korean brands in a Play box!

  36. As I have been cutting down on the number of beauty boxes that I receive, Sephora typically impresses me. Sure, there may be a rather “off” month here and there BUT I can definitely use nearly every item that they include! Been enjoying this sub for over a year now.

  37. Didnt think I’d be subscribing to play again, but I love that lip mask and since it’s guaranteed I’m back in. Hoping for vanilla since I have the berry but I’ll be happy with either one.

  38. The box already paid for itself! Definitely looking forward to trying the lip mask, and I’d be happy with any of the three spoiler products!

  39. This will be my first Sephora play.
    June is my birth month, so I decided I’d give it at least one try.
    Already subscribed to Ipsy and Ipsy plus so this is just for added birthday fun!

  40. Oooo, I like all the spoilers! I was contemplating canceling Sephora but now will give them more time 🙂

  41. You had me at Laneige. <3

    • Done. Sure hope I get the vanilla. I’d love to try it. The original is amazing, and I use it daily. Just canceled New Beauty Test Tube, so I’m still at 3 subscriptions. Was a little out of control for a while. :oD

      • I hear you. Very easy to let it get out of control, and I say that as I get 5 subs a month. Love the products that I get to try, but think it is more of getting boxes in the mail that keeps me. Love playing with the products, though, that’s for sure.

      • I had to cut down myself. I’m still out of control with Ipsy GBP, Boxycharm and Luxe, FFF, Play, and Beautyfix. Seriously though, it’s impossible for anyone to use all.of these products lol. I’ve given so much away too. I literally just gave my mail carrier a brand new eyeshadow palette this morning😂 I think that says it all. She’s a lovely young woman though and she was so grateful and happy. It’s nice to make others day or just a smile.

      • I agree I think it’s the excitement of the boxes 📦 to open with my 11 yr old daughter!! I get boxy, boxy luxe, Ipsy and Ipsy plus, allure, Sephora and birtchbox. I think I should cancel birtchbox and maybe allure.

      • I’m not renewing my FFF sub. The quality has become terrible and their shipping is impossible. They ship a box with missing items that turn out to be out of stock and they don’t have the courtesy to notify you, the subscriber has to chase FFF.

        They don’t like to do refunds and instead try to offer credits when items are missing, broken, or defective.

        They are non-inclusive when it comes to sizing and are tone deaf in their response.

        They are a classic example of a company that got very large and didn’t grow their capacity to manage their customer base along with the growth.

        Some months are better than others, but overall I’ve been pleased with the Play sub. Usually I like or love at least half of the products, and have found a few new things that I love that I never would have purchased otherwise, so it’s a win.

        I had the one Play box come a few months ago–arrived very late and was filled with junk–foil samples and that dreaded mushroom tea. I had received an email telling me I’d be getting a completely different box. They tried to say I wasn’t signed in when I saw the box I was getting, I did a screen shot to prove them wrong. They relented and sent me the box I should have gotten, and I was satisfied with the resolution.

      • Yes, my Play box sucked that month too
        They refunded me for the box. Some months are a miss, and I get that for 10 bucks, but I have had two boxes that were not worth that in my opinion because they totally went against the profile or were items that competed against each other, like a product for curly hair and then one for fine straight hair… in the same box. DUH, I obviously won’t use one, so why send it. But, overall I like Play. Most if the time there is at least one fantastic product that I would not have spent the money on. I think you just have to understand the samples are going to be tiny, but even at their size, they have a good value because they are very pricey in full size.

    • I resubscribed just for that, glad it’s a guaranteed item. I’d like to try the vanilla too, but i’d be happy with the original as well. I love this stuff, it’s my favorite!

  42. I’m coming back for Sephora play. I cancelled another box and this one is looking good. I haven’t tried any of those so far listed

  43. Would love to try the vanilla lip mask 🙂

  44. I’m actually somewhat excited and wouldn’t mind getting any of those products except for the tarte as I don’t normally wear foundation and/or concealer on a regular basis.

    • I feel the same. Always feel cheated getting foundation. Too personalized to just get any old color. Feel like they’re cheating me out of something I’ll actually use.

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