Happy Rebel Box Summer 2019 Spoiler #1

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Happy Rebel Box is an edgy lifestyle box for women. The theme for the Summer 2019 Box is Jet Set:

Our next collection is ready to take you from wheels up to wheels down and beyond, wherever the summer may take you.

And here is the first spoiler:

Our first spoiler item is a tote of your choice from Kiko Leather. Each style is made of genuine pebbled leather with gold hardware and comes with a dust bag for storage.

The Snazzy | Black – Roomy main compartment with internal zipper pocket. Zip top closure. 16” L x 10” W x 4 ½” D. 5” handle drop.

The Zip Tote | Black or Brown – Wear over the shoulder or as a crossbody. Large main compartment with an internal zipper pocket and two sleeve pockets. Two additional external zipper pockets. Adjustable shoulder strap. 13 ½” L x 14” W x 4” D.

The Double Zip Tote | Black – Generous main compartment with magnetic closure and zipper pocket on each side. 13” L x 11” W x 4” D. 9 ½” drop.

There is a limited number of each style and color variation. Members can make their selection using the button below. If one of the variations sells out, it will be removed as a selectable option on the form. Selections close June 12th.

Submit your choice here.

What do you think of the first spoiler?

More info on this box:

The Subscription Box: Happy Rebel Box

The Cost: $100 a quarter

The Products: Each box will contain 4-6 items that will vary box to box, so you will never receive the same types of items repeatedly. Each box could contain jewelry, fashion accessories, home decor, beauty products, as well as other various lifestyle items that fit the collection of the box as well as the Happy Rebel modern and edgy style.

Ships to: US

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Check out my Happy Rebel Box reviews to learn more about this subscription box.

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  1. Looks great to me. Quality choices here. Would love it if they could offer the Grey color of the Zip Tote — that’s much more my color story. Love this sub.

  2. I finally decided to go ahead and get this box being that the tote is worth more than the box itself. I logged in and I am already going to receive this box. Yaay! However I did not see anywhere to choose which bag I wanted. I want to make sure to get the bag I select. I did try contacting HR, however, after I hit submit, it just replied with a garbled bunch of letters and numbers.

  3. If I subscribe now (as a new subscriber) will I be billed now or in June?

    • Hi Joy! You are charged when you sign up, and then fall into the regular renewal schedule moving forward. Thanks!

      • Thanks- just subscribed!

      • @HappyRebelBox, will there be anymore spoilers?? There has not been one for a month.. when will these boxes ship?

        • Hi harleydior! There were two spoilers for the summer box. It ships this week. Thanks!

  4. I can’t wait to see what else will be in the box. I travel a lot, so I’m hoping this theme gives me some things I can use.

  5. Is the zip tote bag large enough to fit a 13″ laptop?

  6. @HappyRebelBox are all three selections still available? I’d like to subscribe today but when I click on the handbag…it says sold out 🙁 is that just if I want to buy it separately?

    • Hi Starcatchersw! Yes, all of the purse options are currently available. The bags are unavailable for individual sale on our website until after the box ships. To confirm which bag options are still available, you can go to the choice submission form. Only available options will be visible on the form. Thanks!

      • @HappyRebelBox thank you!! I can’t wait to subscribe and see the rest of the spoilers!! I wish I had subscribed sooner…you guys have had some really cool past boxes! <3 xo

      • @HappyRebelBox thank you! I can’t wait to subscribe and see the rest of the spoilers!! I wish I had subscribed sooner, it looks like you guys had some really cool past boxes <3 xo

  7. @HappyRebelBox, can you please tell me if the strap on the zip tote is leather as well? Thanks.

  8. I want the zip tote in brown. However, I am waiting for another spoiler before I pounce. I was blessed enough to get the Winter box. I love, love, love Happy Rebel. I still have the blanket and mug from my first HR box. The candle I used up long ago, however I still use the container for odds and ends.

  9. Do they allow two subscriptions per person?

    • I did that for the winter box but had to email all of my customizations for the second box because Google forms only let me submit once. Joanna (I think that’s her name!) let me know if i wanted a second box in the future to just email and ask instead of having to create a new account. Just an FYI and long winded way to say yes. Lol.

      • Excellent. I will give it a shot. Thank you.

  10. Do they offer any coupon codes for first time subscribers?

  11. @HappyRebelBox Understanding that there will be one more spoiler before billing on 6/1, how many items will be in the Summer 2019 box?

  12. This looks great! I chose the Snazzy in black. I’ve been using the Kiko handbag from the winter box the past few months and it’s really held up well. Looking forward to this box, for sure!

  13. Zip tote in black! So excited because I almost bought it straight from Kiko during a sale but didn’t…now I have a second chance at a “discount” with other hopefully great items in the box too. Love my bags from the winter box!

  14. @happyrebelbox

    I changed my mind about which purse I want – how can I change my selection? Is there a way for me to do that through my account page, or do I need to contact HR and have them make the change?

    • Just send them an email. From my experience she is super responsive, kind and helpful.

      • Thanks!

  15. LOVE THIS!! Happy Rebel does it again!!

  16. I’m out, since none have silver trim. I’m using my little black bag (with silver) from winter but I rarely wear gold.

    • I absolutely hate gold, so I feel you 100%. I really like the bag though, so I’m going to push through and hope I don’t go crazy. It would have been awesome to have had a silver option, but I’m not sure if any of these even come in silver.

      • The hooks and closure buttons for the straps on Snazzy look silver in the picture, but the zipper is definitely gold. Maybe it’s just the lighting?

  17. What fun summer colors! Not.

    • This is supposed to be more of a subculture box. If I wanted ~~fun summer colors~~, I’d choose a box that doesn’t have ‘rebel’ in the name and a skull in the logo.

    • Happy Rebel isn’t exactly known for bright colors. Black is my summer, fall, winter and spring color. 🤷‍♀️ I love this spoiler….

      • 😀 Black is my happy color LOL

    • Thank you for sharing.

    • It is if you’re emo enough. “I wear black on the outside, because black is how I feel on the inside…”

      Lol. Goddamn, I love The Smiths.

    • I agree this looks more like a fall box so far, but I’m actually more interested in it at this point than yet another beach towel, sunscreen, beach tote or pair of sunglasses that keep showing up in spoilers now.

    • Happy Rebel is an edgy lifestyle box as their skull and website indicate. I love that this an alternative lifestyle box. That is what I like about it.

  18. Oh man. I wish I hadn’t splurged on the TA tote from FFF. This is way cool. I’ll hang out and see what the next spoiler is…you can’t have too many leather totes, right?

    • It would be nice to see a picture with all 3 bags in it! It would be a lot easier for size reference.

  19. I chose the zip tote in black. It will be great for air travel with room for iPad, a magazine, etc. and looks like a smaller purse with my wallet will fit in as well. Love having two outside zip pockets for my phone, boarding passes and a little cash. I am also very happy with my brown, Kiko foldover crossbody purse from the winter box. Good quality and leather not pleather!

  20. Well, that got me to resub! I’m going with the brown Zip Tote. I love my brown purse from the winter box, but it’s not as big as I’d like for some things. This looks like the perfect addition.

    If you’re thinking about it, but not sure, I gotta say the Kiko bags are amazing. I have the Foldover Crossbody in brown and it’s a great every day bag. I’ve used it constantly since I got it and it holds up to use.

    • My choice as well and for the same exact reasons. I loved the winter bag, but a bit too small for everyday use. This will be perfect and I chose brown!

      • I love that HR is back with a subscriber favorite (Kiko) but different enough that both bags will still get use. If they do another box with a Kiko wallet, they’ll get me again.

  21. Sweet! Nice Job, Happy Rebel. Now, which one do I want…….

  22. These are great bags, but just too big for me. They look like luggage, and I have plenty of that. I love the kiko bag I got from HR in December. It’s very nicely made.

  23. Ohhhhh, man, such a bummer. This will be 3/3 boxes I’ve skipped. I’ve never actually received a box from them yet despite buying one in Winter 2018. Was really hoping to like this box, but I don’t buy leather.

  24. Are you able to skip boxes? I love some and have no use for others I’ve seen in the past. That’s the only reason I haven’t subscribed to this yet. Also can you choose your style if you are not an anuual subscriber? The double zip style is perfect for an upcoming trip. 🙂

    • Hi Julia! You can skip and un-skip boxes from you online account any time before renewal. Both quarterly and annual subscribers can customize their box. Feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any other questions!

      • Thank you! I just signed up!

      • Is there a way to change the choice of which bag I selected?

    • I am quarterly and yes you can make your selection. Also you can skip a season if you want to.

    • Yes, you can skip as a regular or annual subscriber. I skipped a box while I was annual, and have skipped a box since I became seasonal.

      • Thank you! I finally subscribed after waiting for a year. 🙂

  25. I skipped the last box because there was nothing I wanted, but I’m totally bad for this one. The Snazzy is my pick!

  26. For some reason this had not been on my radar but I am totally signing up after seeing this spoiler and looking at past boxes. What a cool sub box.

  27. Does anyone know if there is a way to purchase the Summer box as gift for someone? I have a year subscription and am already getting the Summer box but this would be a great gift for my sisters birthday.

    • Hi Anna! We can take care of this for you. Just reach out to us via email. Thanks!

  28. I am torn, I love the way the snazzy looks but I usually prefer cross body bags.

  29. Yay for the first spoiler! I chose the double zip bag. Love, love, love!!!!

  30. Happy Rebel is kicking @$# once again!!! Love them all it’s so hard to choose just 1 lol.

    @HappyRebel how many more spoilers will we see prior to billing? Would love to know if I should just order extra boxes or not. 🙂

    • Thanks, Jen! We are planning one more spoiler for next week (before renewal).

      • I sure hope the 2 other bags that I probably want don’t sell out by then. 🙁

  31. I JUST cancelled yesterday! Now I have to resub because this spoiler is so good!

  32. I like this for a fall/winter box. Not summertime.

  33. I literally said “are you kidding me?” When I first opened up the spoiler note. Wow! I am SOOOO impressed.

    It is so refreshing to receive a leather bag instead of some “vegan” plastic thing.

    I also opted for the Snazzy. I am over the moon about this. Yay Happy Rebel!

    • Quick question – I can’t remember. Do we typically receive an email confirmation after selecting a customization option?

      I think I’m still scarred from the good ole’ Oui Please days when we used to send them customization selections that never ever corresponded with what we would finally receive.

      • Hi Karen! No, there is no email confirmation of your choice, but you can always contact us to confirm. Thanks!

  34. I picked the double zip tote. I always use a tote to carry my IPad or laptop and put a smaller purse inside it. I love this sub box!

  35. Wow – these are all fantastic! THIS is how you start a summer box!

  36. Snazzy in brown! I have enjoyed the kiko bag I got in the winter box! I broke my wrist and could only carry crossbody bags!

    I am so glad I held out and did not get the Rachel Zoe box!

    When is billing?

    • Oops! I meant the zip tote in brown! I love brown bags!

    • Where is your kiko bag from a previous box made? I love these spoilers but try to avoid made in China

      • I have a Kiko bag from the winter box and just checked the tag. It says it’s made in India! I love it and use it all the time.

        • Real leather, not made in China?? Oh boy, hide my credit cards! 😉

          I can’t stand pleather, this is seriously tempting!!

      • Unfortunately you can’t escape bags made in China unless you buy luxury brands. I have a Kate Spade made in China. I think I have a couple of Dooney & Bourke and Brahims that were made in China. However there is quality control. Even appliances are made in China.

        I wish the USA would block trade with China. I will not wear any cosmetics or use skincare made in China. But for other things it is very hard to avoid unless you buy luxury brands like Hermes.

        • For purse look at rough and tumble designs. USA made. Also look at joyn brand fair trade India. Also I have two bags from Sundance catalog and garner hill both made in italy. If you look you can find quality leather non China bags for th same price as crap Kate spade or db or coach

      • Hi Lynn m.! Kiko Leather makes all of their good in India. Thanks!

  37. While I love kiko bags I think I’m gonna save my $100 since I don’t need another bag. I’m curious to see if other spoilers change my mind though!

  38. I also picked Snazzy – SO very impressed with this choice! Thank you, Happy Rebel!

  39. Yay! I picked Snazzy – super cute for weekend trips.

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