BoxyLuxe June 2019 FULL Spoilers Box Version #2!

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We have a FULL spoilers for another version of the June 2019 BoxyLuxe box and it looks like we have all of our possible variation items now! 

Each box will include:

  • pyt hair Mini Turbo on-the-go Dryer in either pink, purple, blue or coral –  $85

  • Tartiest PRO Glow & Blush Or Tartiest PRO Glow V3 Or Tarte Be You Naturally Eyeshadow Palette

  • Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast OR Full Thickening Cream

  • Touch in Sol No Poreblem Prime Essence

  • Dominique Cosmetics Lemonade Lipgloss in Peach Tea or Strawberry Lemonade

  • treStiQue Curler + Lash-Enhancing Good Vibes Mascara

  • Dr. Brandt Clean Biotic   (This was not featured in the video but is listed in the description box for this variation)

Each box will include one of the following:

  • M. Greengrass Hand & Body Butter Summer in Nice

  • Skin & Co. Truffle Therapy Refresh Mist


Box version #1:

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What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $21 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

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  1. I’ve had Boxy for years but this will only be my second Boxyluxe. I received an email three days ago saying my box is in transit, which implies that it has shipped. The email also said I would receive tracking within five business days and the box within 15 business days. So has it shipped or not? Why so darn long to get tracking? And 15 BUSINESS days for it to arrive? I’ve never had Boxy take that long. Usually I get a spoiler email but I did not get that this time.

    • I received the same email, and my box arrived today!

    • I got the email at the same time you got yours and my box arrived in the mail today!

  2. Hopefully this gets posted, MSS is notorious for not posting my comments, idk why….

    I am sure plenty have gotten this question asked but this is my first month I subbed to boxyluxe yet I was still charged the $21 for the monthly box.

    So essentially I am paying $50 for Boxyluxe!?!? Is that correct?

    • I’m confused by your comment. Did you pay $21 or $50? The boxycharm base box is $21 and the larger boxyluxe box is $50. However, they charge your card in 2 separate transactions. One for $21 and another for $28.99.

    • Yes. The month you receive Boxyluxe (quarterly) you are charged a total of $49.99. All other months it’s $21.

    • Yes. The initial charge is for the regular Boxy subscription and the additional $28.99 will be billed as a separate upgrade charge. If there aren’t funds available for the $28.99 charge, you’ll still get the regular Boxycharm box. Hope this helps clarify things a bit 😊

      • But, they only make two separate charges for your first Boxyluxe. From the second Boxyluxe forward, you will only see one charge for the total price of Boxyluxe. I hope this makes sense…

  3. Some of you know what you will be getting. How can you tell?

  4. I’m getting the V3 pallette. Anyone want this one instead of the other one and want to trade?

  5. My email says I’m getting boxycharm , but I’m subbed boxyluxe for a year , as far as my understanding we don’t get boxyluxe and BOXYCHARM in the same month correct ? So am I getting both? (Confused) was charged 54.00 dollars thanks

    • Me too Dot! No idea what to think 🤔

    • No need for alarm – I hope. Deep breathes!

      I emailed CS an hour ago and I just received this fast response:

      “Hello Charmer,
      You may have received a spoiler email related to a June BoxyCharm box, when you have been charged and will be receiving a June BoxyLuxe box.

      We apologize for the confusion. Rest assured, your June BoxyLuxe box is on its way. You will be receiving the 3 items in the spoiler email plus 6 other items for a total of 9 items.

      We hope you love your box as much as we do.

      Your BoxyCharm team”

      • Same here!

      • Just curious, which items were in your spoiler?

        • Hi,
          I didn’t get the email about customization, but my says I’m getting the Tarte Blush V3, Lipstick in Peach, and the Primer.

          • Same, except I’m getting the pink lemonade lip. I wonder if all these spoilers are the same and only the rest of them will vary.

  6. I received the Tarte v3 cheek palette and would love to swap for the Cheek & Glow palette 🙂

    Let me know if you’d like to trade! <3

  7. I’m just tired of boxycharm BoxyLuxe Yes it’s a good deal for most but when majority of the box doesn’t work for your skin tone or hair type it’s a waste of money this is my last box

  8. I’m totally confused by Boxy customer service. I enquired about the big charge on my account and told I am getting Luxe box though I didn’t request it. Okay. But when I got a sneak peek email today it was only for the regular box not the Luxe. And I never received any customization email either. So I have no clue what box I will actually receive. Very frustrating.

  9. Were getting a lot for $49.99 I couldn’t afford them separately for $49.99 and I probably wouldn’t buy them separately , I love trying new things for a fraction of the price 🙂 maybe I’m easy to please , but I can deff find more then one thing to use in this box , the hairdryer is deff I rly great especially for vacations and the serum and the cleanser lol everything else is a bonus the box is payed for with just the blow dryer by $30 bucks so whatever I don’t use I will gift away – still love boxyluxe and Ipsy won’t give them up .. don’t want tiny samples I get one to two uses out of like GB, LF, or BB – so I’ll stay here for awhile lol have a great week everyone !

    • Well I’m annoyed that Boxy charged me 93 dollars for a Luxe box I didn’t even apply for. I’ve been in contact with their customer service that told me they redeemed the taxes overcharged (five dollars). Really? 1. I didn’t request Luxe. 2. 93 dollars? Why? No help on their end.

  10. How do I know what I’m getting in my boxyluxe for June ? Do they let us get a sneak peek somewhere before the box is sent out ?

  11. I’m very disappointed in this box actually. That body butter? Couldn’t find any info on it other than a web page, where I can purchase it for like $25. It doesnt do anything special & I feel like after getting the IT Confidence In A Cream last March, Boxycharm could do better than some no name brand of body butter. I want actual face creams. I’m paying $50 for these boxes & yeah the monetary value may be there but I’d rather get products I know I like & will use than “try the newest things first!”

    I almost cancelled this month but I’m afraid I’ll be put back on the waitlist when I resub & the next month’s box will be great. So far, I’ve only enjoyed a few products each month, while Im giving my kid the rest. Beauty profiles mean nothing to them. At least Ipsy puts effort into giving me products that match my profile. Boxy doesnt give a crap, “just slap an address sticker on any ol box & ship it.”

    It’s annoying. I can’t seem to let it go though so I guess I shouldn’t complain but it’s just so disappointing when I’ve seen them do so much better. Not since I joined, but before. Typical. Not interested in hair products, glosses or body butter yet here I am, getting all the products I dont use, every dang time.

    • Agree. I wish this had more makeup products in it. That’s what I’m subscribed for. I have no desire for hair, gloss, body butter or face oils. This is my first
      Lux box and I’m so sad. My best friend got the first two and I loved the very first one but this one is the worst yet.

    • I agree .. mostly about hair care products that I do not try and mess with I’m particular about my hair regimen mostly bc it’s curly and I straighten it plus pay for highlights which aren’t cheap . I’m particular about my skin regimen to don’t want to make something mess up my skin unless I’m familiar with brand or if not that at least able to find the ingredients . So they do not care about customization or let you opt out of things like Ipsy who at least try a bit .. but me too here I stay a loyal boxycharmer , somethings I won’t like , but found some great things for the price , I enjoy subs and BC is one of them I can’t manage to quit just which they did look at our profiles more .. addiction is real 😡

    • “I’d rather get products I know I like and will use”….doesn’t sound like a *surprise* subscription box is for you!

      • Not to mention that there are places you can go and pick out your own things before you pay for them *gasp*. But idk, could just be a myth.

      • That’s what I thought too, Kylee. Sub boxes are supposed to be for trying things new things. Sounds like sub boxes are not a good fit for the OP

      • lol, right!!! I dont know why people bother signing up for subscription boxes then cry they aren’t getting what they want.

        • I get y’all’s point. I got this variation (with the face mister and I adore the scent- was surprised to receive it and pleasantly so!)

          I started on boxes in May and I’m that short time my skin has improved tremendously from nightly peels and moisturizer (little did I know oily skin now has options) and my sun spots from tanning bed days are disappearing fast….all because I took the risk.

          Sometimes one has to try something new…

          • Was happily surprised to receive the Truffle & Co Mist (or whatever it’s called) instead of the hand/body cream. I came on here to find out if it is too dewy for summer months, or just what people have experienced from the mist.

      • Thank you! What is wrong with people? Do they sign up for these boxes thinking the curators are going to do a personal interview with them at home and ask them about their personal goals and dreams? C;mon now, it’s $50 and you expect them to tailor to your every personal need and desire? Take that money and buy what you like, it’s that simple.

  12. I got off the waitlist and just received an email that I got in for June ! I subscribed about 2 weeks ago to Boxycharm to try and get the BoxyLuxe. Well I did manage to get the IT moisturizer & after I tried a few times this last time I got off the waitlist. I received my May Boxycharm and I really liked it so looking forward to the quarterly Luxe boxes. I guess I am hooked on these beauty boxes 🙂

  13. I got off the waitlist and am getting this box. I did not have any customization choices but I would love to get the coral hair dryer.

    This looks like an awesome box!

    • If you don’t get the coral one and I do, I’d be more than happy to swap with you 😁 I am not fond of that particular color and would really prefer the purple or blue one instead. I still haven’t used the PYT straightener I recieved in the last Luxe box because I absolutely cannot STAND lime green…

      • You won’t use the straightener because you don’t like the color of it? I’ve never hated a color that much.

    • I got a blue one. Do you want to trade?

  14. This may be my favorite box so far! Can’t wait until it comes ♡

  15. I would love to trade my margot elena pillow and ocean cleanser for the hair dryer. Or any other items. I don’t know how to link my profile but if you search those items you will find me. Going backpacking soon! Thanks ladies!!

  16. Important question! Did Boxy send customization emails to BOTH Luxe and regular Boxycharm subscribers this time? I’m concerned they’ve cheated me out of Luxe AGAIN. I got the email although it was too late for me to choose. But I just looked at my account and it’s showing I’m still on the waitlist and they only charged me $22.26 which I assume is for the regular box, although it’s usually an even $21. If I don’t get Luxe again I will fight to get my money back for the regular box since Luxe is the only reason I stayed and I’ve been on the waitlist for over 4 months!

    So please let me know if regular customers got to customize this month too. If not, the customization email can serve as proof I was supposed to get off the waitlist and actually receive Luxe this time. Thanks!

    • Customization was only offered to BoxyLuxe subscribers.

      • Great! Thanks so much! At least now I have some proof if I have to fight them. Although they’ve got just about the most uncaring customer service I’ve ever dealt with. Oh well my credit card company is pretty great anout these kinds of things. Thanks again!

        • For what it’s worth, they sent me the survey too but my charge this morning is just for the regular Boxy, so I’m apparently still on the waiting list too. I just signed up for BoxyLuxe earlier in May though, so it hasn’t even been a month for me yet.

          • I am on waitlist since April. This morning got charged only for base box, emailed customer service. This is their response. Hope it helps!!

            Matt replied:

            Hey Cynthia,

            Thank you for writing in! Glad to help you with your concern today regarding your BoxyLuxe upgrade. For those on the BoxyLuxe waitlist, please note that we have only processed the base box portion of $21 and have not run the BoxyLuxe upgrade portion of $28.99 yet. We will be running this today in the afternoon. For those whose payments are successfully processed, you will see two charges: $21 (plus applicable shipping and taxes) and $28.99 (plus applicable shipping and taxes), and you will be shipped one BoxyLuxe box. Rest assured this will not impact the shipment of the June BoxyLuxe box as we are excited for you to receive it!

            Thank you for your patience and understanding!

            Have a Charming day! ❤

            Stay Charming,

            Matt and Boxycharm Team

          • Yeah it’s pretty aggravating because after the last Luxe box when I’d been on the list for nearly a month, I didn’t get it. That was okay until I kept hearing how people that had just signed up for the regular box for the first time were able to upgrade immediately. I’ve been subscribed for nearly five years so that made me mad. I let it go but now that I’ve been waiting 4 MONTHS for Luxe I am determined to get Luxe or get a refund and never deal with them again.

        • I just saw a message from the founder and he said they haven’t run the waitlist yet and they’re going to later today so hopefully we still get it! He said the $28.99 will be billed to the account after they’ve run the waitlist.

          • Thanks Jenna and CynthiaZ! Fingers crossed for us all!

          • Just got charged the 28.99🥰BOXYLUXE coming my way❤️

    • I had the same thing happen to me! I got the email and chose that I would rather have one of the face pallets and figured I was getting the Luxe but only saw the charge for the regular Boxy. I was super excited thinking I was going to get the Luxe but apparently I’m still on the waitlist. So frustrating!

    • I checked their FAQ and everyone subscribed to Luxe and on the wait list for Luxe was sent the customization email. I was super disappointed too!

    • I got the customization offer for luxe and they haven’t charged me for boxyluxe yet either.

      • Hmm…perhaps there’s still hope? Thanks for sharing and good luck to us both! I’ll post an update on here if another charge goes through .

        • Yes!!! Just checked my credit card and Boxy sent the second charge through! Hopefully all of us will get Luxe this time!

    • I received an email that I was off the waitlist and would be receiving this months boxyluxe. I got a charge for the regular box but not the Luxe. My account still says waiting. Im so upset. I think I’m going to cancel after this month. Ipsy GB and GBP have been killing it for me the last few months especially with the option of add ons.
      Ok Boxycharm what say you? Are you going to make this right?

      • When did you receive your email if you don’t mind me asking?

        I was with you as far as Ipsy Plus until yesterday. I found out they created the Tetris collection, of which some of the products will be in our Ipsy and Ipsy Plus bags. I thought the items were nice and loved the Tetris theme until I found out that Ipsy manufactured the products in CHINA. Where by law, every cosmetic product MUST be tested on animals! I’m so disappointed. It’s one thing to sell products from companies that do this on their site considering nowadays so many companies only sell in China but they have to comply with that same law. But for Ipsy to CHOOSE to torture animals for profit? I’m super sad because I’ve been not just a subscriber, but also a very frequent shopper on their site for years. And Ipsy Plus has been AMAZING ! But I don’t think I can continue to shop with them now.

        It’s gonna be a real bummer if I have to quit both Ipsy and Boxy. But if I don’t get Luxe this time I will. The good thing is that I have TONS of makeup and skincare stocked up already so I will be fine. And I’ll have some extra money. Maybe. 😄
        There are lots of other sub boxes to choose from though. They may not have the same value as Ipsy and Boxy as far as number of products and how little you pay, but several of them definitely never sell animal tested products and have cleaner, more natural formulas, which I am totally on board with anyway.

        As far as whether Boxy will make it right if they cheat us again, I’m willing to bet pretty much anything that they definitely will not. They certainly have not in the past, despite public promises from Josef himself to do so. Hopefully they’ll get it right and they’re just running late this time. Good luck!

        • Products that are manufactured in China, but not sold in China, are not subject to China’s animal testing laws. Only products that are SOLD in China are tested on animals. Even cruelty free products can be manufactured in China and remain cruelty free. I hope this helps!

          • FWIW, even companies that have cosmetics SOLD in China, but are not manufactured in China, have to abide by China’s animal testing laws for their products to be sold there.

          • Ahhh…thanks so much for the clarification! I really appreciate that!
            Now I just wish I knew whether they’re going to be sending/selling this in China. Their response to my concerns did not clarify my thinking as you have. Surely if they didn’t test this line on animals they’d have said so, right?

          • My understanding is that even if it is made in china and not sold there, it doesn’t get tested on animals. However, they cannot legally say it is “cruelty free” because when they choose to manufacture in China, they have to sign paperwork that says China has the right to test products/ingredients if other products sold there (from other companies) come to be known to cause problems such as allergies or rashes, they can test anything with similar ingredients. So, although they are currently not tested on animals, they have already given permission for them to be tested on animals IF China deems it necessary. Because of that, they cannot legally say they are cruelty free.

          • Yeah but manufactured there and “cruelty free” isn’t exactly insurance. Frankly it’s like saying you’re a vegan and then gambling on whether there are zero egg by products in that allegedly tofu based scramble at an ihop….in China….on an egg farm.

    • This happened to me! I got an email today, finally, that I was off the wait list. I was there for 5 months..

    • You were just charged for the regular box bc the $22 is after taxes the box is $21.00 w/o and I was charged like $50+ for Luxybox , I believe the regular boxy got to choose bw the Tarte Eyeshadow or blush collaboration and luxe got to choose bw tarte blush, highlighter, or eyeshadow . So no I don’t believe you got the Luxe , but I would hurry up and email them ! I keep emailing all companies until they respond , seems to work for me with certain companies and when it doesn’t like with LF and TT , I cancel 🙂 customer service is super important to me and it’s my money and it spends anywhere 🙂 wish you luck !!

  17. Why don’t we have full spoilers for the base box? My theory is that the base box is so similar (as usual) that they’re afraid too many people will downgrade from Boxyluxe. I’m one of them. I may downgrade anyway. They gave me an option to choose the eyeshadow palette (yawn) or one of the cheek palettes (but not which one). At this point, I may be willing to take a chance on getting the shadow palette, rather than paying an extra $28.99. I just got a new hair dryer for my bday last month! Now I have two. The only reason for me to upgrade is for the serum. Groan. I feel a bit manipulated this month.

    • I think that as well. Really thinking if I should just opt out. My guess is that basebox will contain

      – Tarte eyeshadow/v3 palette (confirmed)
      – DC lipgloss (confirmed)
      – Touch sol water (confirmed)
      – Mascara
      – Dr Brandt cleanser

      If I am right, it would be a great box, except for the never-heard mascara

  18. I don’t like the fact that BoxyLuxe is going so skincare heavy this time. (I know, I know unpopular opinion 🤷‍♀️🏻) I subscribe to BoxyCharm for the makeup! If I wanted a skincare heavy box I’d still be subscribed to GlossyBox. So frustrated!!! Not happy with this box AT ALL and seriously considering canceling my subscription if they keep this up. If they want to delve heavily into skincare and haircare as well at least give us the option on whether we want it or more makeup. I’m picky about my skincare routine and prefer to use what I know and love but I love to experiment with new makeup. Extremely disappointed.

    • Completely agree. I have super sensitive skin and hair and have products that I work and don’t need to change. I don’t want to risk using a new product and breaking out or having dandruff. Not about that..

      I’m paying for make up not expensive skin care that i’m never going to use.

      Really excited about the DC lip gloss though!

    • I do understand how you (and a lot of other subscribers from what I’ve read in several places) feel, but the whole point of BoxyLuxe was to provide more than just makeup. Kind of like a beauty “lifestyle” box. It wasn’t just to sell a box that had more items for a higher price. With Luxe you still get at least as many makeup products as with the regular box, sometimes more. You get the other items on top of those and it costs more than twice the regular box. So you’re probably right. If you don’t want any skin or hair care, all you’re doing is losing money. You could take that money and subscribe to one or more of several boxes that are all makeup. So Susan Color Curate, Medusa’s Makeup (although they have 1 skincare item once in a while), Lip Monthly, Deck of Scarlet, and Sweet Sparkle to name a few. There’s also Ipsy Plus. I’ve been subscribed since the 2nd month and I get 4/5 makeup items 90% of the time.
      Hope this helps!

      • This month we get 3 makeup products and possibly a primer…the rest is skin/hair care. I don’t mind them adding a few ”lifestyle” items but to make the majority of the box that instead of makeup (which makeup is why most of us subscribed to BoxyCharm in the first place) is, in my opinion, ridiculous, unnecessary, and extremely disappointing.

        I already subscribe to a few other boxes but BoxyCharm and BoxyLuxe were always my ”gold standards” until this month. As I said in my original reply there are plenty of boxes that mainly focus on skin/hair care and if that’s what I wanted I’d still be subscribed to those boxes. I chose BoxyCharm because I wanted makeup. 🤷‍♀️🏻

        • I understand. O wasn’t trying to be offensive or condescending. Honestly I was just trying to be helpful. I know many people on here are sub box world experts but I see a few people once in a while that are less aware of all the options. Boxycharm was one of my very first sub boxes, many years ago, and was my absolute favorite precisely because it was all or mostly all makeup. In fact, if I remember correctly it seems like in the early days they very rarely sent skincare or haircare. Maybe I just don’t remember because makeup was all I cared about back then. The truth is i’m almost 44 and have fallen way behind on the standards of makeup application expected these days. I don’t know how to contour, highlight, achieve perfect cut creases, winged eyeliner, etc. No one but professionals did that stuff when I was younger. Although it was much less fancy and complicated I was always makeup obsessed. Up until a couple of years ago when I realized I didn’t have the currently necessary skills, and because of my age and personal style/look (or lack thereof 😁) can’t pull off many of the more modern looks anyway. Plus I find myself dedicated most of my beauty time and interest to skincare and the constant battle to fight off the aging process.
          But I do completely understand your frustration and preference for makeup focused boxes and agree that for a long time Boxy was the first and best place to look for that. And many people feel the same as you. I read complaints about the reduction of makeup from Boxy all over social media. Maybe they’ll reconsider the way they’re doing things or at least do a limited edition all makeup box like the one they did with skincare. Hope the future boxes work out better for you!

    • Irene glossybox has tiny samples for the price if you want skin care head over to beauty fix or test tube you’ll get your skin fix lol they have some great brands not the last two months imo , but before that and this month has been greatly, they also sell solo boxes in beautyfix dermastore which skin care products way exceed the price . Hope that helps 🙂

  19. Can’t wait to get this box ! Super excited 🙂

  20. I really want the tarte pro glow and blush palette orherwise I’m going to hold my months prescription.

  21. So glad I cancelled. I wouldve had to put up the entire box for swap.

  22. Yeah I agree with almost everything said . If I get another brown eyeshadow palette I’m done . Actually I’m pretty sure I’m on product overload. I’m really loving my ipsy plus though

    • The Ipsy plus is kind of blowing me away,
      I seriously love it! I really appreciate how much Ipsy has made a change and listened to people’s likes and dislikes and made an effort to be better. Before I was off the waitlist for the plus box, I was much happier with the regular glam bag I was getting as well.

      • I second all your comments! I’m so impressed with Ipsy lately. I’m usually very happy with both my Plus and regular Ipsy subs these days. I did have one issue regarding the kinds of products I was getting in Plus (4/5 items were usually makeup and I’m much more interested in skincare.) Their customer service rep went out of her way not just to resolve it in future, but to make sure I was happy now by sending me an extra product. Honestly I’m so overloaded on beauty products in general, but Ipsy is such a great value and it’s at least somewhat customized so I just can’t give it up. I’m also impressed with all the surveys they send us in order to constantly check on our satisfaction and improve future boxes. I’ve been with Boxycharm for over 4 years but after June’s luxe box I’m saying goodbye. I don’t need more product than what I get from Ipsy and they’re so much better than Boxy in every possible way.

  23. Okay ladies this is going to be brutal however I used to my charms 50 some odd dollars worth and thought the doctor Brandt vacuum cleaner using my traps what they did was charged me for one and then used my charms for another of course I was Furious and they give me back my money they sent me two products how sweet of them check this out when I got the products there supposed to be 1 oz they looked very empty so I took the one opened it up tried to squeeze it out and what happened they blew out the back end literally everywhere so I opened a second one and guess what that you blew out the back end script it all up weighted .05 Oz just letting you know Dr Brant I called them they are going to make good

  24. Probably. They’ve been sending those of us who are fair all the med/deep things and every one who has med/deep in their profiles all the fair/light things. This will be the first box in SIX MONTHS time where I don’t have to trade or throw out everything. I’ve only ever gotten four usable products from boxy/luxe. Ever.

  25. Does anyone know when Tarte will release that new blush palette for purchase?

  26. People in the comments are so picky! You are getting some great products for a fraction of the cost. Some items you never would purchase and it is already included, practically free. Leave, so the people that are more appreciative and currently on the wait list could enjoy what you don’t want.

    • No.matter what any sub box does they’ll never make everyone happy . Me personally I’m pretty impressed with June’s lux box , with travel season upon us the mini hair dryer will come in handy and I think it’s cool we get a hair dryer that’s valued at 85.00 since I’d never pay that much for one in a store
      That’s 35.00 over what we pay for the box .so while everyone else is complaining I’ll be like yay !! Nice box .

      • I honestly can’t complain with any box at all. Its free samples for us to try what we wouldn’t buy off display until we actually like it. I just give my extras or things to my mom or as gifts. A mini dryer comes in handy. They gave away a mini straightener last December. Hopefully they do it again because I didn’t get the Luxe on time.

    • THANK YOU!!!!

    • I couldn’t agree more. I rally don’t understand why people sign up for sub boxes if they hate not being able to hand pick each item. To me, sub boxes are kind of like buying lottery tickets but better – with sub boxes you know you’re going to get SOMETHING at least! Maybe you hate it, maybe you like it, maybe you LOVE it. That’s the fun of it, in my opinion.

  27. I want the hand and body butter not that truffle spray :/ and I don’t want the eyeshadow palette either :/ wish there weren’t all these variations – I probably won’t get what I want anyway T_T

  28. This latest spoiler was the final straw that pushed me to unsubscribe from the BoxyLuxe for June. If I was guaranteed to get the M. Greengrass Hand & Body Butter, I would probably stick with it. But, since there’s a chance I’ll end up with the Skin & Co. Truffle Therapy (which I already have and don’t like at all), I’m out…LOL! Really, the only other item I was excited about was the Honeymoon Glow Super Serum. If I decide I want it bad enough, I’ll just hop on some Facebook groups and find one for sale there and stick with the regular box for June. After the first of the month, I’ll probably hop back on the waitlist for the next BoxyLuxe though in case it looks a little better than this one.

  29. I’m kinda sad I picked the eyeshadow palette now. I was hoping for the V3 blush palette but since that wasn’t an option when they sent out the customization I went with the eyeshadow. I didn’t want to chance it and get the contour palette. Wish they wouldn’t have switched like that…

  30. YES YES YES! This box is amazing and I can’t wait!!!!

  31. I’m kinda over the variations since it doesn’t coincide with our profiles. I usually get the options least wanted. But that’s the gamble. The value is here. I’d like Dr Brandt to go away. Since we get it all the time, but this is a new product so it’s worth trying out.

    • The actual Dr. Brandt committed suicide in 2012, as he was taunted tirelessly. I do understand the frustration of how often products from his company are constantly in boxes–constantly–but out of respect for the late man, just wanted to fill people in that he is no longer with us. The company is obviously run by another corporation or board left behind after his passing.

    • They sent me the light/fair blush palette for May and I’m medium-medium dark. So, since I heard I wasn’t the only one they messed up on, I contacted them and they had the nerve to say they went by my beauty profile. What a lie!! They messed up my CoverFX palette too!
      They said they are working on being able to utilize the beauty profile better. So every other company can figure it out except them??

      • I still have the Med/Deep cover fx palette and needed the light one. Couldn’t find anyone to trade with.

  32. I am still on the fence about keeping the luxe.
    I know the value is there but if I’m giving away
    more then keeping then in my head that’s a
    problem. I just really wanted the honeymoon
    serum which the cost of that is more then
    the box itself. Its just the other items I’m just
    not excited about it the least.

    • I used to think like even if I really like one or two items, the value is there for what I paid. Then I realized, how many items I wasn’t using out of that same box. I’ve changed my thinking now, after seeing my “back-up” stock drawers. Now I need to make sure I actually want more items, then I don’t. Or its just not worth it to me, anymore.

  33. I would be so happy if I get the Skin & Co face mist! I absolutely fell in love with the brand and I always have some sort of their product in my skincare routine. Whether it’s cleanser, serum, oil, moisturizer, or anything they make I always love it! Their toner is to die for in my opinion

    • I so agree! My skincare routine is almost strictly this line, with a few add ons depending on what else I need at the moment. And the company is amazing to order from, fast shipping and very generous free samples!

    • If I receive it and you get the body butter I would love to trade you the mist for the body butter!!

  34. Are these spoilers the BoxyLuxe box alone or the combination of the regular BoxyCharm + the Luxe items?

  35. I would love to have the Minetan!! I have always wanted to try it out.

    • Is Minetan going to be in this box?? I don’t see it above so maybe I missed that somewhere, which is entirely possible seeing I’m all over the place most of the time 😂

  36. In all seriousness though, DC lipgloss is BOMB! I have the strawberry lemonade and it’s so nice. I don’t even wear lipgloss like that but I have to brag because it’s the first ever lipgloss that I’ve liked and I got it for free back when her Berries & Cream palette launched.

    I agree with you all above about Boxycharm doing the Luxe box as a quarterly option and not having to be currently subscribed to get the regular box… I’d love that too! Lately, BC regular boxes have been eh, okay. Ipsy Plus has been killing it for me. I’m hoping that they step it up too because I’d hate to part ways.

    • I’m super excited for that gloss – Boxy hasn’t sent me a gloss in a LOOOONG time and I do not like liquid mattes, which they do keep sending… ugh! I’m gonna be mad though if that turns into a variation with some other product!

  37. That truffle spray is crap. It smells good but the spray doesn’t work. There is something in the product that clogs it. I tried other sprayers with this and they all clogged up. I wouldn’t recommend it. How do I know because boxycharm sent it to me several months ago as a replacement product.

    • I had that problem too, if you shake it before you use it then it doesn’t clog up. If it isn’t spraying give it a shake 🙂

  38. In the first thumbnail nail they had minetan gradual tan and they changed the thumbnail to include the setting spray. I wonder if that will be a variation too between the body butter and the spray

    • I would love to have the Minetan!! I have always wanted to try it out.

      • I really want it too! The gradual tanner will be perfect in between tans. And I already use the minetan regular tanner its amazing.

        • I have the regular Minetan too and love it so if I’d be more than happy to get this one!

  39. I just reactivated my subscription. Will I receive the June box?

    • If you reactivated your Subscription in May, you will receive the May Box. If you wanted the June Box or June BoxyLuxe, you would need to reactivate on June 1st. You will still get June, but will be billed on June 1st for it.

  40. I’m just sticking around for the Farmacy serum and the mini hair dryer, then I’m taking a Boxy break for a little while.

    • Same here. I have too many unused products and I don’t want to cut Ipsy Glam Bag Plus out so one of them had to go.

      • I went on a bit of a cancellation binge the other day, and I (slightly) regrettably cancelled Ipsy Plus. Ugh… that box is such a great deal, and even though the few months I was subbed to it I tended to keep only 2 or 3 items, but they were still really great products. But I guess this is my small attempt at limiting what I bring in… for now. 😉

    • Same

  41. Still to many variations for me to comfortably sign back up for boxycharm regular or boxyluxe. I had been with them for a couple years and loved every single box…..until the introduction of Boxyluxe. As soon as boxyluxe began boxycharm went downhill, the quality of the items and the mass amounts of variations. I realize that one item usually covers the cost of the box, I was good with that. Until they started all the variations and a lot of those variations had cheap cosmetics in them that were inexpensive enough that it no longer covered the cost of a single box. Most of the variations end up being matte liquid lippies or cheap eyeliners that I wouldn’t wear anyways. The liquid lippies are always ugly as sin on me. I am about as pale as a person can get with green eyes and auburn hair. I can’t wear just anything they decide to use to fill a box. On my 3rd boxyluxe I decided to cancel and go to ipsy Glam Bag plus. Sure they have variations, but overall they meet my wants more than boxycharm was. I would come back if boxycharm did away with the dozen of variations per box and stepped up the quality of the brands a little more, oh and also stopped with the liquid lippies in matte. Not everybody loves those, and not everybody can pull off a dirt brown color.

    • Ugh, can’t stand brown matte liquid lipsticks! I have soooo many, and no one will take them from me. LOL! I’m sure most people would be fine with all the variations if they were still quality items and matched to our profiles. Otherwise it’s just random junk – I’ve never seen so many Boxycharm items for sale/swap in different groups I’m in. I was sticking it out for June Luxe since it looked really good, but they’ll have to step it up with spoilers everyone will actually get in July for me to stick around.

  42. If this were a quarterly I would sub in a heartbeat.

    • This is a quarterly?…

      • I think Molly means just a quarterly without having to get the regular boxes during the other months.

        • Oh that’s right, we pay monthly for this too ha derp over here 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Totally agree! Cancelling after this box, but I wish I could JUST keep the luxe.

      • I agree with you ladies. I’m canceling after this one too (product overload and only liking May’s box out of the last 6 boxes I’ve received including last luxe) but I do wish there was a way to sub just for luxe, and only for the luxe boxes I want. I understand this is their way of keeping subscribers/profits up but still, it would be nice to not have to go through 2-3 bad boxes just to get luxe.

  43. I think many former subscribers got an IT Cosmetics product offer for re-subscribing to BC. Mine was for a full size Confidence in a Cream, $48 RV.

    As I know IT has had this item on promo along with the lotion and cleanser, it wasn’t a huge draw, but I like it and my jar is smaller than full size, so I figured a May and June box won’t hurt me.

    May get BoxyLuxe as well, as they asked me if I wanted to join and I reactivated that part too.
    It’s no big deal. Sub boxes have promos all the time.

    I just hope I get light shades of things. That’s mostly why I left in the first place and never really thought about going back.
    And, yet, I did. Kind of ambivalent about this sub, still, after so many years.

  44. Boxycharm seems to really be struggling to keep their clientele since Ipsy released their Glam Bag Plus.
    I didn’t get boxycharm this last month b/c I got the Ipsy GBP for the first time, but right now, June’s Boxy is looking more appealing to me than Ipsy.
    Anyone who actually uses lip liner unlike me, i got a couple high end lip liners in my May Ipsy GBP but will never use them so I’m giving them away in my unboxing vid, if anyone is interested in hopefully giving them more love than I ever will.

    My YouTube channel is Sally Choi, come say hi 🙂

    • You are SO CUTE on your channel! Just wanted to say that! And June’s boxyluxe looks super good as long as they don’t have 17 variations or whatever the number was for May.

  45. I’ve been with Boxycharm for over 5 years, I’m honestly loving Boxyluxe but I feel like the regular boxes have been slacking after introducing Luxe. I wish they would provide an option for us to ONLY receive the Boxyluxe quarterly, or seriously step up the quality in the items in the regular box. Everything just seems like an after thought 🙁

    • OMG Fabulous idea! I would LOVE to just go quarterly with BoxyLuxe, only. The monthly boxes have become almost like cheap kids “costume” makeup and then Boxyluxe is like the adult box LOL.. IDK what’s going on with them..

      *This is just my opinion, I know “age” isn’t a factor for everyone, and everyone feels differently. So don’t come for me LOL it’s just MY opinion on the direction the box has taken after being a subscriber for like 5-6 years..

      • I totally agree. I’ve been with them about 5 years as well. I’m probably going to unsubscribe after June because I’m on product overload and I’m not willing to give up Ipsy Plus as it fits my needs (more skincare) better on a monthly basis. I feel like Boxy has shown themselves to be kind of greedy and shady with some of their marketing and membership practices so I can’t imagine them ever letting people go quarterly unless they raise the price on Luxe pretty significantly. Yes, I know I know, the RV is always there, so please don’t come for me either. 😄. I’m just saying most other sub boxes are more willing to work with you as far as allowing you to skip a month and such without actually losing your membership.

  46. Boxycharm is begging for my love. I’ve gotten emails asking for me to resubscribe and with spoilers probably 3 times in the last week.

    They offered me the full-sized IT cosmetics face lotion if I signed up for 2 months.

    Wondering if they are suffering for subscribers.

    • Good question. I forgot to update my billing info and barely updated today and it shows I’m good to go for June’s BoxyLuxe

  47. I want that truffle therapy mist SO badly!

    • If I get the mist and you get the body butter I would gladly trade you 😂

  48. If I joined right now would I get the hairdryer?

    • Unfortunately this is for current subscribers who have the luxe subscription, if you sign up now you’ll be placed on the waitlist!

    • Fwif, I’ve been on the waitlist for 4 months. I keep contacting CS to take me off waitlist.. no luck. If by June my profile doesn’t show I’ve been taken off waitlist I’m done. I sub to 7 other boxes so I’ll prob drop reg box as well.

    • Everyone who joins is placed on the waitlist until billing on June 1 (or sometimes the 2nd). Only after they successfully bill you for Luxe that your status changes to active. They haven’t said anything about it selling out, so I’d think you’d have a good chance of getting in. They talk like if you upgrade to Luxe, you’re in. I’d say it’s worth a shot.

  49. Here’s hoping there aren’t any more variations than what they’ve already said! I’ll be sad if I don’t get the body butter!

    • Yes! I’m totally bummed that I may not get the body butter ☹️ Crossing my fingers!

  50. I’ll be sad if I don’t get the body butter. I wish they’d either do spoilers for variation items at the same time so you know what the options are, or that they’d just stop with all the variations if they aren’t going to use our profiles or preferences. I was super excited for this box in part because I love body butters, but I can’t use anything “dewy” since I’m oily (it just doesn’t work out well for me). Ugh. Here’s hoping nothing else is a variation that they haven’t already said!

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