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BoxyCharm Subscription Box Review – May 2019

Boxy Charm May 2019 beauty subscription box review

BoxyCharm is a full-size beauty and makeup subscription box. They always provide a great value compared to the cost of the box. (If you are a makeup addict – we recommend this box!)

Boxy Charm May 2019 beauty subscription box review open

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Boxy Charm May 2019 beauty subscription box review all contents

About BoxyCharm

The Subscription Box: BoxyCharm

The Cost: $21 a month

The Products: 5-6 beauty items that will include nail care, skin care, makeup, haircare, fragrance and more. (At least 4 of those items will be full-sized).

Ships to: US and Canada

BoxyCharm May 2019 Review

Boxy Charm May 2019 beauty subscription box review card front

Each box comes with a card detailing the items included.

Boxy Charm May 2019 beauty subscription box review card back

Now, on to the items!

Boxy Charm May 2019 beauty subscription box review water cream Boxy Charm May 2019 beauty subscription box review coconut water cream open Boxy Charm May 2019 beauty subscription box review water cream back info

First Aid Beauty Hello Fab Coconut Water Cream, 50 ml – Retail Value $34.00

(This is a variant item. Subscribers will either receive this or GLAMGLOW GENTLEBUBBLE Daily Conditioning Cleanser.)

Is there anything more summer than a coconut water cream? In addition to instantly transporting you to a beach, coconut water has loads of things your skin will adore, like amino acids, electrolytes, and antioxidants. This is going to be a summer sun staple for me because it is instantly cooling and absorbs like a dream. This can be used both day and night but I expect to find it way too light to be a nighttime option for my dry skin, even in warmer weather. Because it absorbed so easily, it was a great base under my foundation and when I lean towards lighter formulas as the days get hotter and hotter I expect this will give a great base under most any BB creams. Speaking of BB and CC creams, I need a new favorite. Anyone have anything they love and would recommend?

Boxy Charm May 2019 beauty subscription box review blush palette closed Boxy Charm May 2019 beauty subscription box review brush palette open Boxy Charm May 2019 beauty subscription box review blush palette back info

Alamar Cosmetics Colorette Blush Trio, 8 g – Retail Value $22.00

(This is a variant item. Subscribers will either receive this in 1 of 3 color options or Milk Makeup Luminous Blur Stick.)

I am a blush addict and I tend to buy different variations of the same similar shades over and over. I was really pleased with this palette because I received the medium-tan version, which is full of bolder shades than I would initially reach for. This will be great in the summer since all of my older blushes always end up looking a little too pastel once my freckles come out and I get a little warmth. The texture is so ridiculously smooth and there is minimal fallout. They all have a ton of pigment and you can really go super bold with your application, or more light-handed if you lean a little fairer or just like a natural flush. Each has a very subtle shimmer which gives your cheeks a little radiance.

Boxy Charm May 2019 beauty subscription box review blush swatches

Top to bottom: Seclusion, Isla, and Toasted. These swatches are very heavy!

Boxy Charm May 2019 beauty subscription box review liquid eyeshadow Boxy Charm May 2019 beauty subscription box review liquid eyeshadow open

Ciate London Eye Lustre Creme Eyeshadow in ‘Cupid’, 3 ml – Retail Value $22.00

(I am pretty sure this is a variant item. You can receive a different item or this same item but in the ‘Ice’ shade.)

This liquid shadow is really sparkly! It is in a pinkish lavender base and full of gleaming gold shimmer particles. It is very buildable, though if you blend it out the pink/purple tone disappears and only the gold shimmer is really noticeable. The formula itself feathers out very easily and would be perfect for blending with other shades. For me personally, this is a little too sparkly for everyday wear, though I think with a great lip and a black liner it could be so excellent for a more formal event.

Boxy Charm May 2019 beauty subscription box review lip gloss Boxy Charm May 2019 beauty subscription box review lipgloss open Boxy Charm May 2019 beauty subscription box review lip gloss bottom info

Oryza Beauty Lipgloss, 5 ml – Retail Value $14.99

(This is a variant item.)

I did not like this lipgloss at all. Instead of being a true gloss, it dries down to a slightly tacky matte finish. If I tried more than one coat it got very flaky and really unattractive. If this beautiful blend of champagne and light pink glitter had been a true gloss, I would have been in love! Because I often use products in ways they aren’t designed to be used, I also tried this on my eyelids and liked it so much more there. The dry finish worked much better on my lids than lips and the effect was a very gentle and natural sparkle.

Boxy Charm May 2019 beauty subscription box review swatches

Top: Creme Eyeshadow, lipgloss.

Boxy Charm May 2019 beauty subscription box review eyelash curler Boxy Charm May 2019 beauty subscription box review eyelash curler detail Boxy Charm May 2019 beauty subscription box review eyelash curler left Boxy Charm May 2019 beauty subscription box review eyelash curler right

PUR PRO Eyelash Curler – Retail Value $18.00

This is a variant item.

While I would never pay $18 for an eyelash curler, I actually did need one of these since I lost my old rose gold version. I lose tools like this all the time, which is exactly why I don’t like to pay much for them! This curler is very pretty and shines a ton of different colors from its interesting finish. It works as expected, curling my rather straight eyelashes up into a more flattering curve.

Verdict: I can’t say this was my favorite Boxycharm, but it certainly wasn’t bad. I really loved the blush trio, with the bold shades I was missing from my collection and its wonderful vegan formula. The coconut water cream is going to save my skin this summer and I think I might go through it rather fast, especially if I pamper my neck and shoulder with it after catching some rays. The eyelash curlers are not the most exciting item, but I did need a replacement. The lipgloss and eyeshadow were the misses for me this time. I can’t see myself using the eyeshadow often and it didn’t feel very summery like the rest of the box. The gloss was just really off texture-wise, and although I can use it on my lids instead, I have tons of shadows that I like better in similar colors. The retail value of this box is $110.99, which is a great value for a $21.00 box. Boxycharm generally delivers really well in the value department and even with a few misses, this box was still packed in value for me.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes! These boxes do sell out though, so hurry.

Value Breakdown: At $21.00 for this box, here is approximately what you are paying per product:

  • First Aid Beauty Coconut Water Cream $6.43
  • Alamar Blush Trio $4.16
  • Ciate London Eyeshadow $4.16
  • ORYZA Gloss $2.84
  • PUR Eyelash Curler $3.41

Alternatively, the average cost of each of the 5 items is $4.20.

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What do you think of the May 2019 Boxycharm Box? Which variants are you getting?


How do subscribers rate BOXYCHARM?

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Written by Megan


I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (103)

  1. I received my May box yesterday! I signed up with the IT cream promo and this is my first box. I’m actually pretty happy. I received:

    Glamglow bubble cleanser
    Milk blur stick
    Pur eyelash curler
    Ciate liquid eyeshadow
    Luna by Luna lipgloss.

    I would have been fine with either the cleanser or water cream so no loss there. I’m glad that I didn’t get the blush palette since I didn’t have my beauty profile set and I would have been disappointed in getting colors that wouldn’t suit my skin tone. Also I don’t use blush as much as I do primer/blur products due to the fact I have broken capillaries that make me look like I already have blush most of the time. I use primer like it’s going out of style due to my large pores. Oily skin + genetics = pores you can see a mile away. I don’t mind a backup eyelash curler as I usually misplace mine too. The last two items I won’t use so those are up for swap!

  2. While this box was great value wise & features some brands I’ve been wanting to try, it didn’t include items I’m after right now. I would be willing to trade my entire box for a wanted item or 2, if I can ever get off the swap waitlist! 😊

    All of these bb & cc cream suggestions are wonderful…you guys are awesome!

    • Out of curiosity, which 2 items are you interested in?

      • Oh, I haven’t made a list yet but I’m mainly interested in skincare. I love serums (esp. w/Vit. C…almost out of my Perricone MD) & eye creams (esp. for dark circles). I love Sunday Riley. I would really like to try Caudalie & Drunk Elephant. Briogeo Rosarco Milk is a staple. I have many things accumulating to swap! 🙂

  3. I received the blush in medium-tan and would love to swap for fair-light if anyone is interested.

    • Stefanie,

      I have the fair light and wanted the med/tan. You can get a hold of me in email if you want to swap tammyw at webtwd dot com

  4. I received my box today. I got a blur stick, GlamGlow cleanser, eyelash curler, the Cistercian’s cream shadow in ice, and the lipgloss Luna Venus.

  5. Did anyone actually get a blur stick? I’ve only seen one person get that on Instagram. If you did and want to trade for the blush or sell please let me know! Also happy to throw in my DOSE lippie, I got a very bright raspberry shade which is pretty but doesn’t match my skin tone well.

    • What shade of blush palette did you get? I just got my box today and I got the MILK blur stick and I’m so bummed because I really wanted the blush palette and DOSE lippies Id be happy to trade with you!

      • I have the blush in medium tan

    • I was crossing my fingers for the MILK blur stick. I received it! So stoked to try it. I also received glamglow cleanser (I was hoping for this too), ciate in White, Luna lipgloss in a honey brown and pur eyelash curler. Keeping the glamglow and blur stick…rest is going into gift pile. Happy I received my money’s worth for $21.

  6. June box is getting another touch in sol product. It’s a face water/oil of some sort. July will have an undetermined Elemis product.

    Also did anyone notice the Dominique Cosmetics product that looks like a lippie in the box!!!

  7. Megan Thrive CC cream is awesome as well as their mascara and eyeliner.

  8. Why bother with customization- people are still receiving the wrong shades! This is the first time I’ve really complained about this subscription. I’ve got a fair blush pallete- I was really looking forward to the medium/tan. /i’m dark but not necessarily deep. And these colors will most likely just disappear into my skin. Has anyone had any luck emailing boxycharm about getting a pallete suited to their complexions? I really don’t want to go for boxyluxe after this. If they can’t hammer out the kinks in the regular box how can they do it in the luxe box? Thanks for letting me vent my frustrations.

    • I think they have plenty of these, unlike those CoverFX palettes from March, so you should be able to contact customer service about switching. Give it a shot! Can’t hurt.

    • I contacted customer service and they said thank you but we’re still working on our customization and it’s in our terms and service where we can’t exchange products. So too bad for you but it’s not in our hands. I received medium/tan and needed the fair/light.

      • Stephanie, I have fair/light and want the medium tan. If you want to swap shoot me an email tammyw at webtwd dot com

  9. Hi I was thrilled to finally get some skincare in this box! The FAB coconut cream will be great for the summer. I really wanted the skincare box but didn’t know about it until it was too late. All the other products are triple and quadruple repeats for me. I have so many blush palettes I could start my own store. Liquid eyeshadow sucks in my opinion, it just looks good for ten minutes then fades out. I have had a lot of beauty boxes and they are all hit or miss. Some months good, some bad.

  10. I’ll was so excited for this box, I wanted this palette so badly! I get three subs because a lot of these products are worth buying in bulk (like the cleanser which I actually love and am so glad I got three of) BUUUUT I have a medium skin tone, way more medium than fair/Light and all three of my subs came with the fair/light blush palette… I’m so bummed.. but I guess that’s the exchange for being able to get so many other great products for only $21 a month..

  11. Really wanted FAB. Didn’t get. Glam glow will not be used. DOC lippie is Merlot- I’m pale so it looks bright !! like crazy bright and not able to use everyday. So won’t be using. Eyeliner in navy. Blush palette in light – it’s still really orange. Curate in Cupid. I would have preferred a better DOC shade, FAB and the eyelash curler. Bummed

    • That’s the gamble you take.

  12. I received the Glamglow, Alamar palette in fair/light, Ciate in Cupid, Dose lippie in Berry Me & Mellow Brow Definer. I am pretty happy but I will not use the Dose as the shade is too dark or the brow definer as I don’t do my brows so if anyone wants to trade! Lol

    • I’m interested In trading if you’re still interested! I have the Luna lipgloss and the eyelash curler

      • Definitely! Email me at jenmarc8283 AT gmail . com

  13. Megan, try Marcelle for BB and CC creams. Good quality and beautiful!

    • SO many great suggestions. I will absolutely get a sample of this. Thanks Sofia!

  14. If anyone received the deep and wanted a medium I could live to trade. Very disappointed 😔

  15. Does anyone want to trade? I received the light/fair blush & I was hoping for the blur stick by Milk. I’m getting the blush palette next month in Luxe and tbh, I don’t even wear blush! lol

  16. Did anyone get the Milk blurrer (is that even a word? lol) than wanted a light/fair blush palette and wants to trade?

    I’m getting the blush palette next month with Luxe, but tbt, I don’t wear blush.

    I also received the glamglow, willing to trade for that too.

    Thanks!!! <3 <3 <3

  17. Hey CHarmers,

    I received the medium blush palette and should have received the dark one. Anyone would like to trade? If no one has dark, I will be happy to give mine away. I can’t work with that trio at all.

    HAve a good day y’all.

    • I would be so grateful for the blush palette if it works out you can’t trade with anyone ❤️ sorry you got the wrong one!

    • I would be so grateful for the blush palette if you don’t trade with anyone ❤️ sorry they sent the wrong one!

  18. i got this box showing now box 13…this is my very first box to boxycharm and I think this box was horrible…I don’t know if i’ll stay , if its this kind of stuff..i’m looking for the good makup and skincare, not crap..i guess they did not even look at my beauty profile..

  19. My summer BB cream is the Tarte Amazonian clay. I found it did a nice job of giving me a little tint and evenness without feeling like anything. I keep teo shades in my Stash.

  20. The Bobbi Brown bb and cc creams are wonderful if you want a more finished yet still natural look. They used to have a pink glowy one that made my skin amazing but they discontinued it 🙁

    • Adding to my list to try samples of! I love Bobbo Brown. Thanks Becca!

  21. I am looking to swap with someone for the Alamar Medium blush kit. I received the Light blush kit and I like my blushes darker 🤣 I have been on the swap wait list on MSA for almost a year! 😩

    • Hi Amy lynn – I’ll trade with you. I received the medium/tan and I wanted the light/fair blush trio. Email me please sgbelair at yahoo

  22. Hey Megan! The Oryza is actually a lip gloss topper. From their website: “Champagne Cocktail Topgloss is a vanilla scented, waterproof holographic lip topper with a sheer nude base tone of white gold and emerald pearls; highlighted with silver, ruby, and gold opaline pearls giving a pink champagne iridescent shimmer dimension to your lips!”

    I loved this box. My variation had Glamglow (will be trading), DOC in Truffle (love!), Alamar in Fair light (also love), Ciate in cupid (this is so awesome for a minimal makeup look. One swipe and you are out the door) and bodyography in emerald (beautiful shade). I would have loved the FAB coconut cream instead of the GG, but this month was one of my favorite boxes in a while.

    • I tried it alone first because the card suggested it could also be used alone, but I disliked it so much I just put it away. I will have to try over something, but wow, the texture was not great for me! Thanks for the info!

      • Yea texture on the lips is pretty important. I think it might be nice in the center of the lips for a special effect. I got a different shade from Ipsy add ons a while back but have yet to try it. Of course, now it is buried and I’ll have to find it amongst the stock pile. Ha

    • I will trade you your Glamglow for my coconut water cream! I have so many lotions already!

  23. I wanted the FAB so much. I got box 1. Don’t plan to use anything

    • 2nd month my Boxycharm was a dud for me 😕

  24. TARTE BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is so good. i had a stock pile of high end bb/cc cream samples from sub boxes that i had never tested because i was previously uninterested. out of all of them, this one was the best by FAR. it applies like benefits porefessional but with added coverage. it “hydrates, helps smooth fine lines, and works to correct dullness and enlarged pores. It provides lightweight, sheer-medium coverage, while protecting your complexion with SPF 30. This formula also contains a triple-B complex to help brighten, smooth, and soften your skin.” it also has rave reviews from others.

    • I love tarte and I love sunscreen so this is absolutely going to be sampled by me! Thanks for the excellent suggestion! <3

  25. I Like IPKN BB cream in medium. We have similar skin tones. I usually add a little moisturizer to it to smooth it out, but I think it works better than Dr Jart as far as a natural finish.

    • Adding to my Sephora/Ulta sampling extravaganza! I love Dr Jart but I have only tried skincare, not any makeup products. IPKN will be a new brand for me so I am very excited! Thanks Colleen <3

  26. I love dr jart bb cream. I also like Boscia but last time I went to buy it they had discontinued it.

    • I feel like Boscia has been rebranding and getting rid of so many beloved products. I have so many feelings! I really love Dr Jart but I have only tested out skincare exclusive items, so makeup would be really fun to try. Adding to my sample lists!

  27. I got that same gloss in an ipsy a couple of months back, yikes! I tossed it and I hate doing that to products but it was seriously the worst gloss I’ve ever tried. And that’s a heavy sentence to say

    • Yeaaaah… I had some strong feelings too. I generally can always find atleast something positive about most products but this one is just not for me!

  28. I love Dr.Jart Premium BB Cream. I’ve been using it for years. It has 45 SPF, it provides moderate coverage and lasts forever. I’m 41 and need a little coverage for some redness and it looks very natural. In the summer I add liquid bronzing drops as my skin gets sun. I love using it with FAB coconut smoothing primer. Thanks for your great reviews!

    • Another vote for Dr Jart! Can’t wait to sample it. I love sunscreen and I also adore that brand, so extra excited. I also like a more natural look and only need a wee bit of coverage. LOVE the idea of adding in some shimmering drops. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

    • What a great tip thanks!

  29. May’s box was absolutely horrible and I’m quite tired of receiving items that I know wouldn’t sell in the stores because the colors were putrid

  30. Prob my first blah box in a very long time and Im usually never disappointed. There was nothing in this box that was exciting for me. Win some, lose some Im hoping next month is better

  31. My favorite light coverages are the Kosas tinted face oil and the Boscia bb cream with SPF!

    • Kosas is one of my fave brands so I am happily adding this to my sample list. My poor Sephora lady! A few others have recommended the Dr Jart too, so that is another promising lead! Thanks Jessca!

  32. My favorite CC cream is Super Goop. It has an awesome spf and goes on really well (and stays!). It has a medium coverage. I just ordered one from Sephora’s latest sale. Ulta unfortunately does not carry it….got it in one of my first Birchboxes years ago…now I get a new one every year.

    • I love the supergoop sunscreen products so I am totally adding this rec to my sample list. I am going to have so many samples I might not need to ever actually buy any actual cream! Thanks for the recommendation!

  33. I get two boxes a month, both are variation one but the He was a different color. I actually really loved this box the cleanser has turned into my ultimate favorite cleanser and makes my skin feel very clean and soft afterwards and I’m not upset they didn’t get the moisturizer I love the dose of color it makes me feel so pretty and I love the colors are pretty pink’s and different shades and the blush is beautiful. It was the perfect box.Almost forgot I love the eyeshadow it is so pretty on

  34. I get two boxes a month, both are variation one but the He was a different color. I actually really loved this box the cleanser has turned into my ultimate favorite cleanser and makes my skin feel very clean and soft afterwards and I’m not upset they didn’t get the moisturizer I love the dose of color it makes me feel so pretty and I love the colors are pretty pink’s and different shades and the blush is beautiful. It was the perfect box

    • I actually was hoping for the cleanser over the coconut cream because I am a cleanser addict! I might just have to actually buy this one!

      • Megan Kirkland, I got the cleanser but wanted the cream. So, if you’re interested in swapping let me know!

      • I will swap with you! I have so many creams already!

  35. The shade range is practically non-existent, but I’m a big fan of the Dr. Jart+ BB cream. I wear it pretty much daily, and you can build it up if you need a bit more coverage.

    • SO many lovers of this Dr Jart formula! I can’t wait to try it. I am super fair, but I hope the light/medium shade can work for me in the summer when I am a little warmer. Thanks Lydia!

  36. In response to asking about BB or CC creams…. I love it cosmetics CC cream…Your skin but better. If I want to go even lighter in coverage I use bareminerals complexion rescue…. I have the cream and the stick. I honestly rarely use fondation. These two CC creams are all I have used for years. Just got the stick, I wet a beauty blender with warm water and blend the stick in. I hope this helps a little.

    • Excellent! It totally helps Michele! I have a running list of creams to get samples for from both Sephora and Ulta and I am totally adding both of these. Thank you!

  37. I received glamglow, dose of colors in berry me-really excited, eye luster in cupid, and mellow brow definer- again super happy! While I’m not in love with glamglow this turned out to be an amazing month!!

  38. Ughhh I wanted that FAB cream so badly! And I got the lightest blush trio when I definitely should have had the medium one. 😕 Might have to splurge for the cream myself

    • OMG… I got the medium and I need the lightest

    • Hi Nina,

      I received the medium/tan if you want to trade?

  39. Ok i did not get that at all. So your lucky. For some reason i got green eyeliner, which i will never wear. I truly think they just put what they have available and dont go but the beauty profile. This is the second month i got items i dont use. Its extremely frustrating

    • I got blue eyeliner which I never wear but decided to try it underneath on my bottom lashes and it ended up looking really awesome, I’m going to try it with other colors it’s something I never thought I’d pull off but it adds a fun new angle!

  40. The eyelash curler “color” is multichrome. Once you go multichrome on your nail polish, you’ll never go back! 🙂 There is an entire facebook group devoted to multichrome polishes. If I used an eyelash curler, I would try to swap for this one.

    • I always get the same sort of minimal pinkish nude shade on my nails EVERY SINGLE TIME! I need to branch out. Maybe I will go crazy and get a multichrome color next time!

      • If you normally like a minimal pink/nude nail polish, the absolute best one is Oribe Blush. I’ve tried hundreds and it’s now the only one I use. I love this post about BB/CC cream favorites. I’m always looking for true reviews and recommendations. It would be great for MSA to do a monthly post about favorites(blush, mascara, lipstick, hair products, etc.). I like online reviews but never know how true they are.

  41. Ugh. I got this exact same box. Love the blush and I’m excited for the coconut water. But that Oryza lipgloss is junk. I’m giving it to my three year old who loves to play in mommy’s makeup. I’m really underwhelmed with this box. I’m not one to complain but after next month’s Boxyluxe I will likely cancel my BoxyCharm and regular Ipsy bag and just stick with Ipsy GBP. I just had a baby and need to cancel extra stuff while I’m on maternity leave. I have a drawer full of highlighters, mascaras, and eyeshadow palettes and won’t be heading out much in the near future 😉

  42. I’m super bummed with Boxy this month , 3 of the things I won’t use , it seems like every month there is more that I won’t use. To me it doesn’t seem like they follow your profile.

    • Sorry, but apparently its a little known fact that unlike other sub boxes, Boxy doesnt.

    • They sort of followed the profile for face palette shades but plenty of people got ones that didn’t work. They don’t use the profile for anything else. I got so tired of receiving more than half products I wouldn’t use that I gave up. I don’t have the time to swap 50% of my boxes.

  43. This box is weak. I wish they’d balance their boxes out better, so the regular box didn’t feel like the ugly stepchild of BoxyLuxe or the LE Skincare box. Also, I feel like an eyelash curler shouldn’t count as a full item, even though I would consider a make up brush a full item. Go figure.

  44. My current favorite is Ipkn. It’s a satiny finish with excellent coverage and lasts the whole day, even on my oily skin. For a stronger matte finish, I love Purlisse (I know you have dry skin, but for anyone else wondering).

    • Another Ipkm recommendation! I am unfamiliar with this brand so I am pretty excited to get a sample. The purlisse might be a great option for me in the summer, as I do get a little less dry. Either way, never hurts to sample, especially if you give me a rec! Thanks Lori 🙂

  45. Ugh! I was soooo hoping I would get that fab beauty cream! I got the cleanser instead. I have an overload of cleaners right now and I’ve always wanted a full size of that cream but haven’t been able to make the splurge yet so I was super excited when I saw it was an option. But it seems I always miss out on the item I truly want. It’s always a gamble with subscription boxes I know, but it’s still hard not to be bummed.

    • Me too Anna! I saw some of the boxes and Box #1 was my least favorite but I ALWAYS get box #1. I hate red lipstick, I don’t wear pink and got the pink eyeshadow…..Obviously it’s nothing personal but my box was a COMPLETE miss on all 5 products. Soooo disappointing. Even if I get one thing I like it’s a great deal but not this time.

    • If I get the cream I will swap you!

    • I got the cream! I will swap you for the Glamglow!

  46. Thanks for such a great review. I recently started using the Lancome Mineral CC cream with SPF 50 and I absolutely love it. It is a bit greasy but I set mine with bareMinerals mineral Veil and it lasted all day during a Spring Festival that I went to where the temperature was in the 80s. My skin looked flawless and it did not cause any breakouts either like sunscreens sometimes do. The only downside is they only have five shades.

    • Love Lancome! Totally adding this to my sample list. Pretty impressed with that hot heat staying power, especially since I go home to Tennessee a few times in the summer and makeup basically melts off my face down there! Thank you 🙂

      • Megan, I live in Tennessee and I recently discovered the new Shiseido Sports BB cream. It is SPF 50, waterproof for 80 minutes and needless to say, sweatproof. I really like it so far. The only downside is that it only comes in three shades, but they seem forgiving. Anyway, it might be worth a shot even if just for your trips home.

  47. What is the difference between a BB and CC cream? And is there an AA cream?

    • AA cream has no alcohol. :}

      • Ha! OMG, it took me a minute but then I busted out laughing!

      • This 😀 😀 😀

      • buwahahahaha

      • LOL! Thanks for the day brightener!

    • It’s all about marketing, BB stands for Beauty Balm and meant to be a “better” cream. Despite K-beauty being credited as inventing it, they only popularized/mainstreamed it since it was actually a German derm that created it in 1950’s. BB was touted as the new formula, mainly a lighter foundation with skincare benefits such as SPF thrown in. Next, along comes CC creams which is a BB cream with color correcting (cc) ingredients as well. Usually to address issues such as redness or sallowness. Marketing tried again to add DD (Dynamic Do all/Daily Defense) as the next step but it never really stuck. Although, I remember having a DD cream a few years ago. Now, there are so many products that are multi-taskers so the terms aren’t used as much or they just say 3-in-1, etc.

      • That was really informative. I wondered, as well. Thank you.

      • This was very helpful. I was just about to google it.

      • Wow, thanks! I really appreciate it!

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