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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

BoxyCharm April 2021 Full Spoilers

BoxyCharm May 2019 Spoiler Update + Theme!


We have the theme for the May 2019 BoxyCharm!

If you aren’t familiar, Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!

The theme for May is:

This month Make Waves with BoxyCharm 🌊😉#BoxyCharm #BoxyWaves

We also have more information on the latest BoxyCharm spoilers!  We now know the Milk Makeup product that may be included!

The May box will include one of the following items:

Milk Makeup Luminous Blur Stick


Alamar Cosmetics Colorette Blush Trio – Retail Value $22

The Colorette Blush Trio is available in three shades:




The May box will also include:


GLAMGLOW GENTLEBUBBLE Daily Conditioning Cleanser – Retail Value $28


First Aid Beauty Hello Fab Coconut Water Cream – Retail Value $34

What do you think of the May spoilers? Which item do you want?

If you sign up now, I believe the April FOMO box will be your first box. Click here to see exactly what you’ll receive. (Also, it looks like Boxycharm is doing a FOMO box every month for new subscribers, so to get the regular May subscriber box, you would need to start a subscription in April if you don’t already have one.)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. **First, if I get the Milk product I am game to switch for the blush palette, I don’t know how that works because I am new to MSA as well** (IG name is nikkirgreenwald) I am fairly new to Boxy, and I have to admit I am not all that impressed. I am frustrated that the blush is a variant, along with some lip products, skin care, and you guessed it eyeliner. I saw their video on IG and it showed 4 of the items in one variant box. It was not that great. Also, I went to the site and looked under the May box products and there are quite a few different items that could possibly be coming. Also, way to go on flipping the script when it was to late to cancel or anything!!!! I find that to be very deceitful. Not to mention that it doesn’t seem like they even slightly go off the profiles. I understand it is impossible to cater to everyone’s profile but I am sure there is a way to create a few general categories that will somewhat relate to them. Oh well, no sense in getting all bent out of shape. There is a solution either keep the box or cancel right…

    • I’m fairly new too, I signed up at the end of feb this year because that had that amazing Tarte palette that I was actually going to buy for $36! And I ended up getting Luxe in March… BUT got a face palette in med/dark and I’m fair… booo. I did get 45000 charms… so I was able to score a tube of babe lash which I ended up wanting for than the face palette. And also… DOSE lip product for that Another one is not fair at all!! I’m so freaking mad with all these variations… like I said I’m sticking around for this June Luxe because so far I’m extremely pleased, but seriously, this month they are reaching for the bottom of the barrel… it’s unreal!

  2. I am crossing all my fingers and toes in hopes that I get the Milk blur stick!!! I have more than enough blushes and that blur stick has been on my wish list for so long!!!!

  3. And I was really hoping for the Alamar blush. If I get the milk, would be glAd to swap it for the blush palette. Anyone interested in swapping their blush palette, hit me up on my IG: bushrak_ali19

  4. I cancelled last month for that very reason. I always get the crappiest variations. I am trying Ipsy glam bag plus instead.

    • Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is so awesome. And so worth it. I’m never canceling it.

  5. If I don’t get the blush palette, I’m just going to buy it myself. It’s so beautiful.

  6. Hoping for the blush palette, I already have the Milk blur stick.

  7. Like everyone else I’m annoyed too. There was never any mention of the spoilers being variant items. I understand business and realize that they probably don’t have enough product to fill all the orders so they need to look for other items which results in variations. I think what I’m going to do is cancel and if the FOMO box looks good then I’ll resub (from what I remember after all spoilers are shown you can’t sub the original box. If I like the FOMO will move forward and if not then buh buyyy.

    • No, you get the regular box. You have to wait for the FOMO to go up. That means the original box is sold out.

    • I got an email last month about getting the regular box on the 29th, so you might still end up with it. I am waiting bc I want to avoid getting disappointed. I really wanted that blur stick but there’s no guarantee so 🙁

  8. I really hope I get the milk blur stick I’m not really into blush palettes but I do want both the Glam glow wash and the coconut oil

  9. Every time it seem like Boxy finally has things figured out they pull this kind of nonsense again. They finally put in shade and preference matching and it seems like they’re putting in a good line up of products and then it turns out everything is a variation again. I understood the two big name skincare items being a variant, but a big name primer vs an indie blush palette? Those two don’t even make sense to swap out for each other.

  10. I finally bit the bullet and canceled this month. I have been a charmer for years, so it was a hard choice, but they just have gone such a bad route lately with all the variations and not sharing any spoilers until the very last minute this month was not cool. I am just going to
    Stick with my IGBP for now. They have been so much more consistent with spoilers and better products.

    • I canceled a couple of months ago and am so much happier! IGPB is amazing 🙂

  11. I’m so disappointed that they revealed the alamar blush palette will be a variant! They totally made it seem like everyone was getting one, and only revealed otherwise after everyone already paid! I have NO interest in the Milk Makeup Luminous Blur Stick. It seems like I always get the variant I DON’T want! 😭

    • Hi! I am getting an Alamar palette, but I want the Blur Stick. Please take a look at the swaps, as I’ll be listing my palette as soon as it arrives (so I can inspect it and make sure that it is in perfect condition before I list it).

      • How did you find out what you are getting?

    • And I think that blush is unwearable for me. Never heard of the brand either

      • Alamar is Gabi Trujillo’s (their in house MUA) line. Both products we have received from previous boxes have been really good. The pigment in the eyeshadow palette was creamy and blendable, so I expect the blush to be the same.

    • Same here. I’m so sick of the variations. I was about to buy the blush palette when I saw that it would be in the box. I was so happy, but now this Milk nonsense. I’m tired of it. This will definitely be my last box. I’m signing up for the Ipsy bag instead.

    • I have no interest in the milk product either. Primers are bad for your pores, and anything you put all over your face that’s “illuminating” shows every freaking wrinkle and every imperfection… not freaking cool. I hate when they do this variation BS. I’m sticking around for my June Luxe box though… I think that’s why they feel they can get away with this crap. It IS going to be good…

  12. Thinking this will indeed be my last box with BC. I’m tired of the games . I’m tired of the variations . Before they get any more money in June…I’m about done .

  13. I always check to see if there’s anything that’s going to bring me back but the whole reason that I left is because every time I would see something that I liked, it became a variant item. Which was just was frustrating. I feel like they shouldn’t advertise something as being in the box if it’s only going to be in some boxes, then wait to tell us after we already paid that we probably won’t get it.

  14. I ADORE the two Alamar items I have – the first palette & blush trio – & as a non subscriber the first was actually the primary reason, along w/ everything being cruelty-free, that I purchased Boxy that month, but unless the photos are way off two-thirds of that fair/ light trio is going to be far too orange for a large percentage of folks with fair & even light skin 🍊 🤦🏻‍♀️
    On top of that Boxy seems to have enough trouble figuring out who should get what when there are just two skin color related options, so can’t say I’d have much faith in them being able to properly orchestrate three🤷🏻‍♀️

  15. Last months box was best ever. The mascara from butter London makes my lashes sooo long. The eyeliner is fantastic. Goes on in one smooth line. And the brushes- love them. Boxycharm is getting better and better. They’ve really upped their game lately. Love it. Can’t wait for my May Box!!!

  16. I thought we were all getting the palette. I was actually looking forward to it and now to find out its a variant. I am getting frustrated with BC and its million variant boxes. I am hoping they dont pull this stunt next month when it’s time for the June BoxyLuxe. If BoxyLuxe doesn’t impress me next month, I am dropping Boxy Charm. I rather use the 21.00 for another subscription box.

  17. The theme should be Orange is the New Blech…Us fair skinned girls cannot take another orangish blush. I am so full up on highlighters,black eyeliners, and blushes that I cannot wear. I’m not even sure why they had us fill out a pref. quiz. I know it’s only $21 bucks, but I would have passed on this box if I had of known it was so citrus-centric.

    • As a fair skinned woman I love orangish blush. It’s all personal preference.

      • HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA, That made me LOL

      • As a fair skinned woman who can wear orangeesque blush consider yourself truly lucky. However, I am incapable pulling it off, I have tried and failed repeatedly…My complexion is extremely pale and past attempts using anything orange-ish left me looking like I was Ronald McDonald’s “easy” cousin was *Orangina*…or suffering from scurvy.

        *actual inspiration for the phrase “Down to clown”…well probably.

      • The extra use of the word was should have been deleted.

  18. This will probably be my last box. 4 big ticket items and all are variant. I feel like All the variant spoilers should be in every box and variants should be like cheapo stuff (mascaras, lips or eyeliner)

  19. I think where they go wrong is that they have several products to pull from and suck at matching the products to the right subscribers. They need a better test or something.

  20. Something told me to cancel but I had so much on my plate I didn’t realize it was the first until of course after I was billed …I figured oh what the heck Im not opposed to the alamar blush set so I won’t complain..but then it happened …they inform us that instead of just the milk product being a variant item it turns out that you’ll either be getting the milk or the alamar!!! …wtf !!! That’s why they waited for all the spoilers until after the first because they knew that people have been unsubscribing and if people knew they would either get a blurring stick or a pallette they would cancel!! I mean that’s kind of like getting an eyeliner or a pallette…those two items aren’t even in the same ballpark!!! I was seriously boxy’s biggest advocate I can’t tell you how many people I’ve sold on this box but not only am i disappointed I’m kind of embarrassed because I feel like they’re slowly starting to get shady and I referred a bunch of people who probably are as unhappy as I am!!!

  21. I know I’m in the minority, but I’m hoping I don’t get the blush. They all look very orange, and that won’t look good on me at all. I never bought Milk because it’s so expensive, so now I finally get to try it and see if it’s worth the hype. I removed blush from my beauty quiz, so hopefully I get Milk and someone else can have my palette LOL. The skincare…. I want FAB, mainly because Glamglow is not cruelty free.

    • Not everything being cruelty free is the biggest reason I cancelled several years ago. Since then I’ve gotten several individual boxes – only if/ when all variants were CF & the box really appealed to me – & I’ve never had trouble doing so. Just thought I’d mention the idea in case it might appeal to you.
      Additionally there are more & more CF box options that you also might want to consider, & that I have overall had great experiences with. Most recently I’ve been loving the new Skyler fragrance subscription & Beauty Heroes (skincare) but in the past have really enjoyed Benevolent Beauty Box & Petit Voir. I’ve also been eyeing Boxwalla & am very tempted by the just announced spoiler for the next box!

  22. Sick of not knowing if it’s a variant until after they bill. 🙄

    Boxycharm is getting shady.

    If they want to be like Ipsy and have all variations they need to be more upfront about it.

    I’ve been subscribed for a loooooong time but maybe it’s time to let them go.

  23. Now here I thought the blush was in EVERY BOX… now its that or the Milk Blur Stick. Now I wonder what the little side products are this month. They should definitely let everybody know the spoilers before the 1st of the month in my opinion. Before last month I never mind their variations now I’m really starting to get tired of them bc its hit or miss, with now usually being a miss. I’m debating whether to cancel before next month or not.

    • Same. I could have sworn they said every charmer would be getting the blush

    • Blur stick sounds lame

  24. I haven’t been impressed with the Milk samples I have received in the past, so I hope I get the blush. It was shady to make it seem like everyone was getting blush.

    All of these variations are not cool. I wish they would go back to a basic box with MAYBE one variant.

    • Exactly… They sure did. I I could have swore I saw that every subscriber was getting a blush in their own shade, now it’s either-or. This is really getting ridiculous.

  25. Wow that’s just incredibly shady waiting until after everybody’s billed to announce suddenly that these are variants? I canceled a few months ago and decided to buy boxes on a one by one basis and now I’m glad that I’ve been doing that since you can still order the box after everything is finally spoiled and other people have started receiving them and you can see what’s actually going out . And knowing that employees of Boxee charm read these boards your guises business practices are getting shadier and shadier and just leaving a really bad taste in my mouth . It’s perfectly fine to tease your customers and to market in a way to try and keep your customers but be upfront about it …The bait and switch tactics are just getting worse and worse and I’d rather take a risk on getting something I don’t like in a box like ipsy where I have faith and trust in the company that what they are advertising is what I will actually get instead of continuously being lured in with false or misleading spoilers that rarely reflect the actual contents. I wouldn’t resubscribe just because of how I feel about what they’re doing no matter how much I might like either possible product.

    • ^^^^Agreed! SHADY!!!

      • Super agree!!!!

      • Yes. Cancelled and don’t regret it a bit. So obviously SHADY AF and tons of repeat brands, many of which aren’t good, like PUR.

      • Totally agree… PUR is BS!

  26. I hope I get the blush palette. The only Milk product I’ve ever liked was the kush Mascara. Everything else I’ve tried has always been very miss for me.

  27. I’ve really enjoyed the alamar cosmetics so far but these blush shades are not for me, so fingers crossed that I don’t get that variation. I suppose if I do it will make a nice gift but I’d really like to try the milk product.

  28. YES! So happy to hear that the blush is a variation item! I mean they use variation on everything else..haha. Hopefully I get the Milk product, provided they use the quiz and see I NEVER wear blush! And would be perfect box if I get the Coconut cream! Fingers crossed! Please Boxy fairies..sprinkle that pixie glitter everywhere!

    • 🤣😍 That made me giggle.

      • Wow , so sad I don’t ever wear Blush. So I am sure that is what I will get. I would really love the Milk makeup Blur stick so that is what I ain’t going to get so overboxycharm.

  29. There is probably a third variation of a product nobody wants that they won’t spoil until after people get their boxes. Glad I cancelled.

  30. Seems like they are headed for what IGBP is doing. They have so many items and they pull from any of those. I suggest if that is what Boxy is going to do, they should just do it without the drama. This is not fun for lots of people anymore.

  31. I’m not normally one to complain, but the blush pallet vs blurring stick variations… really… how disappointing. It’s my birthday this moth too so I was really hoping for a good box, I’m going to be super disappointed if I don’t get the Alamar blush palette 🙁

    I’m also really not liking that Boxy hasn’t released ALL the spoilers for the box before the 1st of the month, this is the first time in the 1.5 years that I’ve been sub’d that they have done this.. not impressed!! I’m an annual subscriber, so they’ve already got all my money for the year, not like I can cancel anyways!

  32. I would be happy with any of the options. I want to see more spoilers!

  33. So we might get one thing we want or a box of garbage we can’t even swap away. I’m sincerely disappointed

  34. So basically the whole box is nothing but variations. Really disappointed.

  35. Seriously disappointed. As usual I will get what I don’t want. Why can’t they just have one box without all this variation. I want the blush and have no interest in another blur stick…but shady that they don’t advertise as a variant until you get charged. BS

  36. I love both variations. That’s why I get two boxes they are always different. I am so excited for this month. I love Boxycharm.Where else can you get five full-size items for $21 including shipping. You can’t and if you don’t use an item give it to a friend. It’s such a great deal.

    • My gosh you are brilliant lol, seriously. I never thought to do that but that’s a great solution for all the complaints. I love my box every month. Yes occasionally I’m disappointed that I got one varient instead of another but it’s chance. It’s a mystery every month. People complain like boxycharm should cater to each individual. It doesn’t work that way and that takes the fun out of the surprise to me. However, you just solved all their problems with a simple but so smart solution and they would get everything they want…. But then what would people complain about then, dont worry they always find something haha. I never thought to do the two box and l am okay with my one but 42 dollars for the 2 boxes still is a great deal and you get way more stuff.

      • But what if you get the same in both boxes?!?

  37. CUTE!

  38. I never thought that the day would come when I wanted to cancel Boxycharm but I think the day has come 😕

    • Agreed

    • Same !!

  39. Great, didn’t buy the blush palette because it seemed that everyone was receiving one and now I’m probably going to get stuck with some awful Milk product that I can’t use on my oily skin. What is with Boxy lately with these terrible variations? I never get the one I can use! So very close to unsubbing….

  40. These variations always leave me disappointed with my box

    • I started a sub for my daughter last month for April box. Different invests, different complexions and shade and we got the same exact crappy box and I contacts Boxy and they had the nerve to tell me they go by the Beauty Quiz. So I explained, not nicely, that they are full of crap and they never responded lol
      I’m at the point where I about hate this box

  41. I just canceled my monthly membership. Haute tee they will send me the best box ever!

  42. Glad I cancelled before the 1st of May.

  43. It’s obvious they are not paying attention to their customers, I’ve heard everyone complaining about the variations for months now And all Boxycharm has done is come out with more variations.

  44. This will be my first charm box. Either of the first two items would be fine with me. I’m really hoping for the Milk blur stick. Medium would be what I should get if it is the blush. Hopefully they go by the skin tone in the beauty quiz. I am excited!!

  45. My guess would be that they would put the more expensive product from one variation with the less expensive product from the second variation. So, First Aid Beauty with the Alamar and Glam Glow with the Milk.

  46. And here we go with the variations again! *sigh
    I really hope I get the Milk make up luminous blur stick!! I really want to try that!

    • And I was really hoping for the Alamar blush. If I get the milk, would be glAd to swap it for the blush palette. Anyone interested in swapping their blush palette, hit me up on my IG: bushrak_ali19

  47. Of course the Alamar palette is a variant. I wanted the blush palette and decided not to buy it Bc boxy was giving it. It sounded very much like EVERYONE was getting the palette.

    I’m sure 17 people will get the blush palette. 150 will get the Milk and the other thousands will get a Bella Pierre primer, or Jonteblu primer lol

    • I need another blush palette about as much as I need more black eyeliner. Which is to say, not at all. If I get the blush palette (and with my luck, I will) it is going straight to the swap boards.

      • Swap boards??? You mean I could have been trading all this time instead of giving my stuff away. Please advise…

      • MSA has a swap site. There’s a link to their swap page at the top of their site (next to the search field). I’m on desktop right now, so I don’t know how it’ll appear on a mobile device. You can’t participate right away, so you’ll have to sign up to be put on a waitlist. I hear the wait times vary though from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

      • How do I get on the waitlist for this can you show me a link thank you

      • Thank you!

      • Swap with me! 🙋🏻‍♀️ I really need to get rid of that milk blur stick. IG: bushrak_ali19

    • And I think you’re spot on. Probably why they keep waiting u til after the first to reveal the spoilers.

    • Agreed..I always seem to get the items nobody else wants. Like last month holographic lip gloss, a cheap eyeliner pencil and the list goes on.

  48. WTH??? Milk OR Alamar? I want both those and Boxy, I’m so happy this is my last month with you!

  49. Stop with all the variations boxycharm not cool!

    • I Totally Agree!!!!

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