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BoxyCharm April 2021 Full Spoilers

BoxyCharm May 2019 Spoiler #6!


We have a new spoiler for the May 2019 BoxyCharm!

If you aren’t familiar, Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!

The theme for May is:

This month Make Waves with BoxyCharm 🌊😉#BoxyCharm #BoxyWaves

The new spoiler was released by Pur Cosmetics. This item will be featured in the May box, but no word whether or not all subscribers will receive it or just some:

PUR PRO Eyelash Curler – Retail Value $18

And in case you missed the previous spoilers, each May box will include:

Ciate London Eye Lustre Creme Eyeshadow in Ice OR Cupid

In case you missed the previous spoilers, the May box will also include:

Milk Makeup Luminous Blur Stick


Alamar Cosmetics Colorette Blush Trio – Retail Value $22

The Colorette Blush Trio is available in three shades:




The May box will also include:


GLAMGLOW GENTLEBUBBLE Daily Conditioning Cleanser – Retail Value $28


First Aid Beauty Hello Fab Coconut Water Cream – Retail Value $34

What do you think of the May spoilers? Which item do you want?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Ooh. I’ve been hanging on to my old Elf eyelash curler even though the pads are worn down to nothing and I run the risk of cutting off my eyelashes every time I use it, out of pure cheapness. This will be a very welcome upgrade!

  2. So this is my first box to boxycharm when will I know what is in my box?

    • In my experience of getting Boxy for a couple of months recently, you won’t know what box contents you’re getting until it shows up at your door unfortunately. And they seem to do a lot of variations each month, too. I think sometimes they sent an email spoiling a couple of the items in my specific box once it had shipped, but never a full reveal. The website also doesn’t have any box reveal – which means when it comes to reviews, you can usually review all the products that month, even those you didn’t actually receive, to earn charms.

  3. The blush will be great if I get it in the right shade for my skin tone.

  4. How is a blur stick comparable to a blush palette?? In my eyes they arent even close the the same. I’ll feel cheated if I get a blur stick. Pointless..

    • The blur stick is actually worth more than the palette. I am hoping I get the blur stick as I am already swimming in blush. You will probably have no trouble trading if you get the blur stick and want the blush.

    • I would happily trade blush for blue stick myself

      • I would gladly trade a blush, if I get it, for a blur stick also!! viking7779 @ yahoo dot com

  5. I’m so excited for this month! It’s been a minute since I was this excited about every product do that month.. I’m not a huge fan of Milk, but I’ve never tried their blur stick. Regardless of variations, I’m stoked either way!

  6. Any word if Boxy is trying to match profiles again?

    • I hope so! I am very fair skinned and not only Boxycharm but my other subscriptions send me the darkest selection and I can’t wear them, I have double checked all my profiles and I have fair/light checked on all of them. I wish we could customize 1 or 2 items, I would really like to get the Glamglow cleanser instead of the FAB coconut lotion and the MILK MAKEUP Luminous Blur Stick, I don’t care for the colors of the Alamar Colorette Blush Trio.

  7. New items in the charm room ladies !

  8. I thinl boxycharm is great the value is over 130 and the products are great what are u sugheating to spend 21 onba otwm and watch the spoilers each montj till u subscribe again i dont get it overone wants 10000 in products for 21

    • You might want to proof read before you submit. lol but I do know what you mean. It is 21 dollars people are very entitled. They like to complain

    • I agree! I can’t believe how many people complain when one thing isn’t exactly what they prefer. This is a great value for $21, even if you don’t get the variation you prefer. I have seen two people complain about the same variation, with both having an opposite view–so it proves you can’t always please everyone… One thought the blush was much better than the Milk primer, and the other was dissing the blush saying Milk was better! I love getting this box as a welcome surprise each month!

    • I don’t think thats it

    • You’re missing the point of the complaints. People aren’t complaining that they want more value for their money (I don’t think even one person has complained about that actually). What they are wanting is for Boxy to keep their words to subscribers (if they tell us they’re using our beauty quizzes to customize their boxes then actually do so) and they’re wanting less variations each month. You wanna know what the biggest complaint for last Boxyluxe was? They REPEATEDLY told us (almost pushed, really) to update our beauty quizzes, REPEATEDLY told us our beauty profiles would be used for the Coverfx Face Perfector Palette and then guess what they did? They sent white a** girls like myself a palette for someone who is dark skinned. I’m not dark complexioned, I’ve never even hinted at being dark complexioned enough to wear that palette but yet they sure sent me one for someone with a much darker skin tone than mine (they also sent dark skin-tone women a light shade palette) . And I’m not the only one who got the wrong palette after we WERE PROMISED that wouldn’t happen by Yosef himself on all of Boxy’s social media channels. The next complaints are about the never-ending variations. I signed up almost 2 years ago for Boxy and back when I signed up we’d all get the same 3 main items and the two variants were usually lip colors or eyeliner. Now there’s so many variants and it sucks because plenty of us would be happy to have just FAB or just GlamGlow or just Alamar. But instead we’re left hoping we get a box we like for the 3rd month in a row. $21 for 5 products is only good if you like the products. If you hate them or have no use for not even 1 of the products that $21 is money wasted. There’s also more complaints (people not recieving their boxes or charm room items despite paying the money). Hopefully you can learn to read the complaints instead of assuming but there is good reason for these complaints and it has NOTHING to do with the value of the products in the box.

      • I agree with you completely. I signed up for Boxy Luxe and was so excited and I received a box full of items I couldn’t use because so many of them depended on skin tone and they sent me, the palest person on the planet, a box full of items for a dark complexion.

      • This-I think the value is there but don’t tease one thing and make it seem like it’s something everyone is getting and then go back on that make it a variant. If something happened-maybe Alamar thought they would have enough and now they won’t-just be honest about that. Or say from the start that this is a variation or that you will be doing a lot more variations period like Ipsy. Also take customer feedback into consideration more and don’t use the same brand for several boxes in a row.

      • You are so so so exactly right Couldnt habe said it better myself.But im light neutral skintone /underton and they sent me the medium cover fx.and i looked amd thought that it would be too dark but its not at all.

    • First People aren’t complaining about the value of the box but actually it isn’t OVER $130 value, we don’t know the price of the Ciate luster eyeshadow but even guessing at $20 you’d have to get the most expensive item of each variant to get near the $130 mark meanwhile some people will get all the lower priced items that’s around $99. How is it fair for everyone to pay the same amount but there is a $30 difference in the value of the boxes. People are sick of the variations and the major price discrepancy in variant items. When I joined Boxy everyone got the same 3 main items and there were 2 variants but the main difference was colors. People are also sick of the bait n switch spoilers. Boxy needs to get it together.

    • Boxy subscribers are the worst complainers I’ve ever seen. People complain that it’s a day late, that they don’t like the colors, that they don’t like eyeshadow/blush/mascara/whatever, that they didn’t get the variation they wanted….it’s like- stop complaining, unsubscribe and spend your $21 at the store and get what you want. Byeeeee! But they don’t, they stay another month to complain yet again.

  9. This is a well rounded box!

  10. If I resign up this month, would I receive this box or some type of “welcome” box of past items? Thanks!

    • In their Instagram posts from today I seen a lot of people asking this and as of now they were replying saying you would get the current may box.

      • Awesome! Thank you very much!

  11. Not everyone is sick of Pur palettes. I’m enjoying the one I just got. Works great for me.

    • The festival one was better than some of their other ones from the past boxes, and I do try to keep the perspective that it’s only $20 a month or so, but it would be nice to not have the same brands repeat 5 times in a 6 month period in some form or another in the box. I’d rather have some items from Nyx or Revolution that have are more inexpensive brands but that generally have a good reputation for quality. Just my opinion though.

    • I no longer even open the Pür palettes they are such crap. They go straight to my 7yr old to play with.

  12. I hope this is a variant-it’s pretty but I don’t need it (I’m sure others might like it) but I’m sure it will be in everyone’s box. Why? It’s a PUR product and Boxy loves PUR because it’s cheap and they get a good bulk deal. I think they know we are all sick of PUR palettes so they are like, “hey uh.. if we are going to keep throwing your products in these boxes ya gotta give us something else…”

    • So I’m sure everyone is getting
      1. The curler
      2. One of the 2 ciate shadows
      3. The cleanser or FAB cream
      4. The Alamar or Milk
      5. Probably some variant lip product

  13. I checked out the Alamar website and I really hope I don’t get this palette. The models did not look good IMO, and you know if the models look bad…😫
    I don’t want to cancel Boxy until my skin care box ships, but I’m thinking I’m done with them.

    • I agree! Also thinking I’m done after this box😞

      • Count me in on this too! I keep thinking things will get better but it doesn’t happen.

      • What?!?Are yall serious.21 bucks thay we would spend on a nice tshirt is not worth nearly what we get in Boxy,ibe been with them 5 yr.sand they have been great to me.And they are just in a but of a slump .they will make it better if yall dont like it in a month or 2.but its 20 bucks yall for real.sell it on mercari if you dont like it.Its worth every penny.

      • I could barely read your reply. But yeah, some of us don’t want throw 22.37 into the wind and we’ve been “hanging on” and “sticking it out”. When is it okay to say “hey I’m not going to use one flipping thing in the box I’m canceling”? Never? We should have box loyalty? Keep throwing our money away monthly? Puh-leese.

      • For real! It’s not for everyone though. They obviously don’t like it so much that they would rather spend the $150 a month. That is their choice though. More for us!

      • Hope yall dont mean Me,I Love Boxycharm and Luxe.Im grayedul for all of it.although when he says to do your shade match etc.they do need to go by the i neverrrr wear red lipsticks,they know not to send them tl me so they neber habe till las tmonth and i gabe jt to my daughter.

      • It’s our $21. If we don’t care for the products then so be it. I cancelled last month. I am overloaded with product.

      • I agree I do not like not knowing which variations we will get but I think they are trying to go by our profile and make variations based on what we say we want. But then you get people that say they like the blush and then we say we already have too many blushes so then they don’t want it but get it because that’s what they put in the profile. I think for the price everything is good! I have a daughter and two daughter in laws and a grand daughter who will appreciate whatever I choose to pass on to them. Such a great value! I discontinued my glossybox because they are itty bitty samples for 17 a month and you get these for 21. So far I appreciate all and upcoming boxyluxe looks great! JMO

      • Except when everyone is selling the same stuff almost no one wants to buy it-and if they do it will only sell for barely more than the shipping cost. depending on shipping weight if you sell for less than $10-$12 after Mercari fee and shipping fees you make very little or nothing at all. And if you try to cash out your account with less than $10 it costs you $2. So if you sell the Alamar palette for $10, Mercari takes $1, costs $6 to ship, you made $3 and it will take $2 to put that into your bank account. You made a whole $1 for that time. That’s not the case for very high end like the IT cream from the March Lux but for a PUR palette or a no name lippie it usually is.

      • Me too😕

    • This brand has great pigmentation and blends really well. While all the models are wearing a more heavy handed blush than I typically would, I do not think they look bad. Applied with a lighter hand, I am sure you could achieve a more natural look. I think Gabi is doing a fantastic job on her line and I hope I get this palette.

      • I agree. For such a new brand Alamar has outstanding quality makeup for a reasonable price. That palette we received last June had some of the best mattes and shimmers I’ve ever tried. The brushes feel lux and they’re affordable. Gabby herself said that they went heavy on the blush for the promo pics because you Kinda have to when it’s blush. Kathleen Lights has worn the blush in a few of her more recent videos. They look great on her. Check the video out if you need to see what the blush will look like with a regular day-to-day, less editorial look.

      • What?!?Are yall serious.21 bucks thay we would spend on a nice tshirt is not worth nearly what we get in Boxy,ibe been with them 5 yr.sand they have been great to me.And they are just in a but of a slump .they will make it better if yall dont like it in a month or 2.but its 20 bucks yall for real.sell it on mercari if you dont like it.Its worth every penny.

      • Yes it looked beautiful on Kathleen the other day!

      • That Alamar palette we got a few months ago is outstanding. I get most compliments on looks I do with it.

      • So HARSH GIRLS. I’m older, I feel the box is a tool to take you out of routine!!!! Enjoy and play with the new products!! If you don’t care for it give it away ( little things will brighten someone’s day). Remember you will give that much money to Starbucks in couple of days!!!! And we all know those carbs aren’t doing us any favors. Have fun you are only YOUNG once

    • No……Gabi is great at What She does,She and Kathleen have been bffs for yrs.and kathleen reviews them the other day and it was beautiful!Ut truly was.And Gabi has worked her booty off for Boxycharm for years and deserves all the goodness.She only uses great ingredients!

    • Agreed so done… no concealers, no nice pallets, just a bunch of brushes highlighters and mascara. Not in gor hair products either give me good make up.😐

  14. This June Boxyluxe and FFF will be wonderful!!🤗

    • Do you have spoilers for The June box?

      • Yep they’ve been posted they look good

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