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BoxyCharm June 2019 Spoilers!


We have spoilers for the June 2019 BoxyCharm! (Thanks for the heads up, Jen!)

(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

The June 2019 BoxyCharm will include:


  • For the regular $21 a month box, subscribers will receive either the tarte tarteist Pro Glow Palette or the tarte Rainforest of the Sea Palette (Exclusive to Boxycharm)
  • For the upgraded June BoxyLuxe box, subscribers will receive either the tarte tarteist Pro Glow Palette OR the tarte tarteist Pro Glow & Blush Palette (Exclusive to Boxycharm)

What do you think of the first June spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Click here to sign up. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (70)

  1. Why get Boxyluxe if the good stuff is in Boxycharm too?

    • I swear I hope I don’t get the rainforest palette I already received it in one of my past box’s smh

  2. So I’m confused sorry but if I’m getting boxyluxe I don’t get this June box ?

    • you do not receive both on the Luxe months, you will only receive Luxe those months and the other months you will receive the regular box

  3. I have a picture of the boxycharm exclusive rainforest palette because when they sent out the luxe email to customize for the palettes, I took a screen shot of it… bug I don’t know how I would post it here…

  4. I just checked my email and the email telling me I have the option was in my junk folder, now I’m too late 😩

  5. I subscribe the first of May and upgraded to BoxyLuxe few days latter.

    I got the option of customization between 2 different set of colors of the sea palette, but no where did it ask for the proGlow which is of way higher value.

    If I go by this article I should receive a proGlow but just received an email stating I will be getting Tarte by you. naturally (Rainforest of the Sea Palette).

    I am sure that palette is as amazing but just rectifying not all #BoxyLuxe will be getting proGlow palettes as stated here.

  6. I got an email yesterday and I was able to pick either the eyeshadow palette or the pro glow blush palette. J went with the eyeshadow ❤️

    • Same here! They say it’s exclusive to boxycharm. So I’m interested in seeing some swatches soon online.

  7. Boxycharm never disappoints I pray and hope I get the pro glow sns blush or rainforest of sea I have the reg pro glow and although I love it I would have to sale I like to keep my boxy items they are one sub that I can’t let go of hardly 🤣

    • Do BoxyCharmer’s get one of each and the Luxe box got choice of only one?

  8. So excited to be receiving any of these items either in my Charm box or the Luxe box which ever I may be getting I’m not sure of just yet.I upgraded this evening for the Luxe box,I pray I’m off the waitlist so I receive my first BoxyLuxe for my bday month. Anyone have a general idea how long it may take for me to get off waitlist??

  9. They emailed me June customization if I reactivate before noon May 9th. So they must have been stalking this thread. Lmao.

    • Me too…the same .I guess they need more to join..

  10. I just canceled this month after 4 years of being a charmer, and now they reel me back in with this exclusive palette. Ugh…

  11. FYI Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Oil is in the charm shop right now for $79 .

  12. Hey guys, unless I misunderstood, Yoseph said last night on his Instagram that due to everyone’s response, he was going to try to give Luxe subscribers the option of the limited edition eyeshadow palette OR the pro glow/blush item. He wasn’t sure I’d they had time to implement it though since it’s already May. Stay tuned!

    • I just got an email that said that if I upgraded to Luxe I’ll be able to customize my June box.

    • Does anyone else pay 22.84 as ive asked boxycharm for the last 5 months and no one respond to me…
      Thank you

      • Gerri Lynn, they are required tax in certain states.

      • I pay $22.89, which is $21.00 plus 9% sales tax. I’m pretty sure everyone pays sales tax unless your state doesn’t have sales tax.

      • yes different states have different taxes now

      • I pay like $22.47, I’m sure that is tax.

      • Girl they’ve rolled out State Taxes now that HAVE to be collected…. The IRS is going after online sales big time

      • My state (NC) has been charging taxes for internet purchase since the 2nd resident in NC made a purchase. Really have not figured out yet what they do with the money.

  13. I’m confused. Don’t they sell that exact pro glow and blush palette at Sephora?

    • It’s the Rainforest of the Sea Pallete that’s the exclusive item 🙂

      • But he said in his video the blush palette was “exclusive to charmers”

      • So maybe the tarte rainforest palette is blushes. Who knows.

      • The Rainforest pallete is eyeshadows. It will be an exclusive pallete, available only to BoxyCharm members, and will have 3 matte shades and 5 shimmers. The other two palletes are not exclusive to Boxy subscribers. Yosef made a follow up video to clear up the confusion. What he meant when he said the blush was exclusive was that it’s exclusive to BoxyLuxe members and regular Boxy members won’t get it.

      • My bad….it’s 3 shimmers and 5 mattes in the Rainforest pallete. Not the other way around.

  14. If I sign up for Boxy this month, does anyone think I’ll be able to get off the waiting list for the June Boxyluxe?

    • I think you will. I signed up about around mid-February, and I was able to get the March Boxy Luxe with no issues. 🙂

    • I have been on the waiting list for 3 months now

    • I just signed back up for boxy a few minutes ago and I was able to sign up for luxe. There was no waitlist so you should be good!

  15. I’m stalking Mercari/EBay for a great deal on some unloved items (especially that blush palette!) after this box goes out for sure! I adore the fact that sub boxes kind of create an awesome little secondary market for good deals. 🙂

    • If I get both of the Tarte Palettes in my boxyluxe box I will sell one to you, I got my email today to choose an item and I choose the Tartlette Glow Palette because I didnt know it is already in the boxyluxe.

      Also in todays customization email they included a few different items, they will be including lifestyle items now if you would like them, since im moving this month I am really excited about that opportunity and that they are customizing these boxes a little more now!!

  16. Luxe so I hope to get the regular Tarte pro glow palette and not the blush one bc I bought the pro Glo blush during 21 days of beauty at half off. It is an awesome palette though for anyone that’s wondering.

    • SAME. I loved it, and when it showed up at Ulta’s 21 Days, I snapped it up so fast… I guess if I get it again, it’ll make a great gift!

    • Same.

    • Same here. It’s a gorgeous palette. But I also got the pro glow in last summer’s (I think?) FFF. So I’m hoping for the rainforest palette, I have 2 others and they are great eyeshadows.

    • Same here. Seems as this is the case with alot of people. I really hope they’ll give the 2 as a choice. It is a great palette, I just don’t want another one.

  17. I know everyone else is tired of Tarte eyeshadow palettes, but I really want it… except I won’t get it because I’m Luxe. I just can’t win… LOL! Hopefully I’ll be able to find one from someone else.

    • Keep an eye on this, I think you may end up getting a chance to choose the exclusive Tarte eyeshadow pallet in the Luxe Box…….Yosef posted an Instagram post last night indicating this.

      • That video was so confusing… Then again, I was falling asleep as I watched it. From what I understood, it’s only going to be in the normal box, right?

    • Sign up and get the regular box in addition to the luxe that’s what I do

    • you will be able to choose this month.either the rainforest pallete or the pro glow

  18. I don’t know…I’m just kinda over all of this.

  19. His whole post was confusing to me. I’m thinking of canceling my luxe box and just going the standard route for June…

  20. I’d personally rather have more eyeshadow than another blush palette, so I hope the Rainforest of the Sea palette ends up being a variant for Luxe also. We just got the Cover FX palette in March, so I’m good on blush for a bit.

  21. Omg enough with the Tarte palettes!

    • I don’t have a tarte palette! So I’m excited

    • Some people love tart pallets, I have 5, 3 of which I purchased 2 were from subs

  22. Hey Liz! I am pretty sure only the Rainforest of the Sea is the exclusive for this round based on Yosef’s wording.

    For those asking- The Rainforest is not the same palettes that were included in a previous box. It’s new for Boxycharm with 5 mattes and 3 shimmers

  23. Definitely re subbing for this box! I love my pro palette (FFF Summer 2018) and I must be the only person who doesn’t own the tarte rainforest eyeshadow palette. Lol. So I’ll be happy with one of any of the three. Just have to wait so I don’t receive the May box.

  24. How is the tartiest pro glow and blush palette exclusive to Boxycharm when they sell it at Ulta and on Tarte’s website?

    • I think he meant the pro glow blush palette is exclusive to the Boxyluxe box and not the regular Boxycharm

    • It’s not the blush palette that is exclusive, it’s the rainforest of the sea eyeshadow palette that is exclusive.

  25. Rainforest of the sea was already sent in a previous box. I got it so I hope they don’t send it again. I also have the pro glow one, but I’m not sure what box that came in. Maybe FFF or Popsugar a while back but I do like and use it regularly so a new one of those wouldn’t be bad.

    • Yosef actually said the eye palette is a new limited edition version with 5 matte shades and 3 shimmers. Exclusive to boxycharm.

      • That sounds interesting and I do love blush. So I’ll get the third one 😭

    • This eyeshadow palette is new and exclusive to boxyCHARM only. Thus meaning charmers get it before its released for everyone else to buy

  26. Another Rainforest of the Sea? Wasn’t this in a box less than 6 months ago?

    • This is a newer , different one.

    • In less than 3 months

    • Yes it was! I hope it’s a diff colored one.

    • I got a rainforest 2 months in a row same exact palette I also got the same lippie 2 months in a row from OFRA

  27. I am hoping this means there are more
    Pro glow palettes. I bought the blush one during ulta 21 days of beauty. I really like it but I do recommend you gently rub off the very top with a Kleenex to get the random glitter off. If I get the glow and blush it will be a present for someone.

    • I did the exact same thing! Already bought it during the sale so if I get another it’s a gift. Hopefully we get the other palette!

  28. I’m happy they’re including one of the better luxe items for regular subscribers. However I will be cancelling my luxe if the farmacy is in the regular box.

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