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BoxyCharm June 2019 Spoilers Round #2!

ByMSAMay 14, 2019 | 82 comments


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We have spoilers for the June 2019 BoxyCharm thanks to Boxy Baddies!

(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

The June 2019 BoxyCharm will include:

In the video, Yosef also mentions that the July box will include an Elemis product.

In case you missed the previous spoilers:


  • For the regular $21 a month box, subscribers will receive either the tarte tarteist Pro Glow Palette or the tarte Rainforest of the Sea Palette (Exclusive to Boxycharm)
  • For the upgraded June BoxyLuxe box, subscribers will receive either the tarte tarteist Pro Glow Palette OR the tarte tarteist Pro Glow & Blush Palette (Exclusive to Boxycharm)

What do you think of the first June spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Click here to sign up. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

BoxyCharm ($25 per month) is one of the most popular beauty subscription boxes that we review, with lots of loyal customers. They promise 4-5 full-size beauty products each month from a variety of both indie and established brands, with a total retail value of over $100 in every box. The beauty item... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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It’s now June 26th and I still have no received my box, I’m pissed. All boxycharm says it’s there been a slight delay. They created a label for my box on June 13th and that’s it!

mertsi mamulashvili

hello guys, i am new here, If I order today will I get June box??

Cris Blanton

Boxycharm Instagram has one variation posted right now of the charm (not luxe) box! 🎉🎉


This is the worst box I’ve seen so far. I don’t want anything in it. It very well be my last. Any suggestions on a box I can switch over to other than IGP?


May was mothers day month,and that box really disappointed me but it looks like boxy is redeeming itself this month super excited!


So if I am getting the Luxe, (I made it off the waitlist..yayyyy) I won’t be getting the regular box right?


Correct , you won’t receive both boxes . You’ll get the luxe quarterly, and then in between those months the regular Boxy hope that helped .

Andrea Toth

Does anyone know how many products soo far for the regular box!? All I’m seeing is 3 spoilers for the regular boxycharm box for June!


I’m confused. Didn’t we just receive the tarts rain forest if the sea eye shadow Pallete? What the heck?

Kenetrice Nichole Jones

Boxycharm has already stated this rainforest of the sea palette is actually a boxycharm exclusive palette that has never been given before. So, no one will have to worry about getting a palette they’ve received in the past because this one is a brand new shade selection. This palette has more mattes than the rainforest palettes usually have.


Yep your right about that I have the tarte rainforest eyeshadow palette we got like 3 months ago :/ hope I don’t get a repeat 🙁 I don’t even use the first one I have 🤞


First one was really rubbish. Pigment was awful, didn’t show up at all


rehashing much, also, the pore problem primer stuff was in a box a few months back too, im unsubbing, these beauty boxes are good value, but i dont pay for shoddy amtching and recirculation of palettes they cannot get rid of

Sandi dream

I feel the same and I also cnx them in April due to sending the same items. I have told them many times to stop sending items that are in a warehouse that need to be sold its just gross.


Are they sending the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Pallette again? I just got that in my April box.


i got the same palette this year too, when they start sending out the same stuff is when i cancel….


No, that palette is boxy exclusive. They don’t sell it in stores.


Eyeshadow palette please!!!


Just got an email saying if I reactivate they will send me a full size It Confidence in a Creme. No thanks Boxy, I don’t miss you.


They got me with that. I loved my May box though. 4 out of 5 of the products – I am very happy with.. (got the GlamGlow cleanser, Pur eyelash curler–which I wanted bad, Milk Makeup primer and Ciate eye topper.. only thing I didn’t care for was the lipgloss, but it’s only because I don’t wear gloss).. June doesn’t look that great – I already have the Tartiest palette (LOVE it but I don’t need another one).. and I already got the Rainforest of the Sea palette in a previous box).. Hopefully the other three items will be better.. But I am not regretting signing back up – the Confidence in a Creme is a great product..and worth $48..


Nobody has the rainforest of the sea palette….its exclusive to boxycharm. Tarte & Boxycharm collaborated together.

Im not a fan of boxycharm though. I also got the email and decided may was definitely not worth signing back up for, especially considering how much they say you can get products for signing back up and then people never get them. Nah


I got the same email☺ But I won’t be re-subbing. Maybe if they would’ve offered me something different. Like from the line of Sunday Riley, Elemis or Cover FX.


You should take a look at the Allure beauty box just for the month of June! It’s $10 for your first box and they have a Sunday Riley serum this month.


Very true !

Tina Shepard

I love receiving new face primers, I feel like you can never have enough of them.

Catherine Hill

Your right me too. I found a really good one though so I stick to it mostly now. But I love variety and trying new products. It’s the only way to learn.


If I ordered something from the charm room a week or two ago and I decide to cancel June’s box, will I still get my item?


no. I ordered mine april 5th, canceled april 29th and they emailed me may 19th to say that there was a problem, I would not be receiving my item and I was refunded my charm points.

Patty Bledsoe

I Did I ordered A set of Brush’s From The Charm Room Received Them a Couple Of Days Ago. I Canceled A few days after I ordered Something.

Misty Weaver

Yes I ordered some stuff 2 weeks ago & cancelled last week, I received my charm room items yesterday!


why am i getting charged 23$ a month for boxycharm?


Because that’s the price? $21 a month plus whatever your state charges in taxes. They just started doing the tax thing around the beginning of the year I think and sent out emails notifying all the customers.


How much are your state taxes? Mine are 6% so I’m charged $22.26 a month.


I’m trying to figure out a way to just get Luxe and dip out again LOL They switched up their box to appeal to a much “younger” crowd I feel – imo- don’t come for me LOL I’m almost 40 and the monthly sub just doesn’t appeal TO ME anymore.. I know, I know, there are people over 40 who live for it.. but I don’t LOL I just notice the brands and “trend” makeup my 18 yr old daughter and 22 yr old sister get excited for and I’m like SKIP and pick up a Skinfix box from Dermstore instead LOL I buy that Honeymoon from Farmacy for $50 and my daughter just told me she wants her own mini dryer (so she doesn’t have to come in my room to use mine) so this Luxe box would be a win for both of us to share and that is worth it to me 🙂 BUT NOW, HOW TO GET IT without resubbing in May .. heeeemmmmmm

Catherine Hill

Is the dryer a definite for every Boxyluxe? I just want that and I picked the Rainforest of the Sea eyeshadow palette but they subbed another Tarte palette instead! I don’t think that’s fair after telling me I could choose that eyeshadow palette or the Tarte cheek palette. I hope they don’t sub the dryer for some crappy item since we’re only getting 4-5 items instead of the usual ,8-10.

Jill M

Ummmmm regular Boxycharm is 4-5 and the dryer is not in that. Boxyluxe is 8-9 and yes the dryer is in there.


It’s more then 5 items..what are you talking about?


I decided to cancel after talking myself out of boxyluxe and I’m glad I did!

Kathleen LaFratta

I’m going to create my own sub box with things people actually want, like TanTowels, really good hairspray, body shimmer oil, and foundation you can pick your self!! Maybe then I can get stuff I will use instead of 100 tubes of lipgloss that sucks and more cheek palettes in the wrong shade. And no more highlighters. I must have 1,000 of them.

L Martinez

There in lies the problem because I would NOT want TanTowels, hairspray or body shimmer oil!


I would personally rather have 100 tubes of lipgloss than any of that other stuff 🤣


Didn’t they JUST send us Touch in Sol No Poreblem Prime Essence recently….? I have a bottle of it sitting on my vanity that I never use. It’s a different bottle, but the same product and I feel like I just got it out of a Boxy within the past few months…so disappointing. I didn’t like it in the first place and now I get it again.


Are you talking about the pore minimizing primer in the little round glass bottle with the black cap? That’s a completely different item from the one pictured (hence why they’re also in different packaging!) and it might even be an exclusive for boxy because I googled the primer essence and nothing comes up except Touch in Sol Priming Water but the packaging and product name to both are completely different.


Mi nombre es Juliana Rodriguez el producto de mayo no me gusto para nada pero ya lo tengo y tendré que usarlo

kathleen LaFratta

All I really want from the Boxyluxe is the hairdryer and the Rainforest of the Sea eyeshadow palette! I swear if I get any more cheek palettes or lip glosses I will scream. Every single sub box sends out these crummy lip glosses. And all anyone needs is one cheek palette. And don’t get me started on the highlighters we were overloaded with at Xmas. Why can’t we have some variety? Like body shimmers or hairspray? Maybe some TanTowels??? I’m gonna invent my own box.

Maria F Bailey

I got some tan stuff in my last 2 Allure beauty boxes. Something to think about. Contact me to get more info.


BoxyCHARM has the eyeshadow palette or a pro glo palette, BoxyLUXE has the two pro glo palettes and no eyeshadow palette option.


I am getting the eye pallet and I am luxe, they had the option to customize earlier in the month.

donna varsik



Probably a Dumb q – but where can we find Yosef’s Video you mention above? Trying to decide between my Ipsy glam bag plus and boxy charm!

Cris Blanton

I was the same trying to choose. I went with ipsy glam plus for a few months and it was just disappointing. I love Ipsy glam bag and have had it for years but the plus box was a let down. I think Boxycharm is much better between the 2 and I kept my $10 ipsy bag as well.


I just got an email from boxycharm the other day getting to pick one item for my boxyluxe and I had a choice between three items, the two tarte palettes above and a tarte eyeshadow palette. I picked eye shadow palette so I won’t be getting the cheek palette I assume so idk that everyone will get that if they didn’t pick it for their boxyluxe


Does anyone know if the Dominique Cosmetics lippie will be in the luxe box?? I’m dying to try them!!


They are so good! I love her stuff.


Very tempting to get this sub! Love the spoilers


I can’t find the Touch in SoL product on their website, is it new?


It’s on ulta!

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.