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BeautyFIX May 2019 FULL SPOILERS + Available Now!

Finally! We have the full spoilers for the May 2019 BeautyFIX subscription box! (Thanks for the heads up, Monah!)

Each box will include:

  • Klairs: Rich Moist Soothing Tencel Sheet Mask
  • Dermstore: Spa Headband
  • SkinCeuticals: Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight – 4ml
  • SkinMedica: Total Defense + Repair SPF 34 – 0.25 oz.
  • Dermalogica: Sound Sleep Cocoon – 0.34 oz.
  • Oribe: Gold Lust Dry Shampoo – 1 oz.
  • Alterna: Caviar Anti-Aging Priming Leave-in Conditioner – 0.85 oz.
  • NeoStrata: Intensive Eye Therapy – 5g
  • AHAVA: Dead Sea Water Mineral Hand Cream – 10mL
  • skyn ICELAND: Deluxe Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels – 1 pair
  • Dermelect: Microfacial Exfoliating Masque – 0.5fl oz.
  • Smashbox: Photo Finish Primerizer – 4mL
  • Tocca: Giulietta – 1.5mL

What do you think of the May BeautyFIX spoilers?

BeautyFix is $24.95 a month. You can buy just the May box for $34.95 or start a monthly subscription for $24.95 here.

Check out our reviews of past BeautyFix boxes to learn more about this subscription.


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I would probably love this month’s box if I would actually receive it and if somebody would answer my email about why my tracking hasn’t updated since the 5th. Never had a bad experience until now, because I never had a reason to deal with customer service before. I’d sure love to get the caviar and the oribe. Some of my favorite hair products out there!

    • The same thing happened to mine this month. I used the chat feature on the website and they apologized and sent me a new one. No hassel or problems at all. Only took about three minutes, so I recommend doing that.

      • Thank you! I guess they just don’t like to answer emails. They responded on Facebook. We will see what happens.

    • I saw others post the same issue. They did a chat and found out the postal service lost some boxes. Contact through chat and they send you a new one.

  2. I decided to purchase this box even though there were a few negative comments comparing this box with previous boxes but I have to say I’m so glad I did this skyn eye gel is amazing I rarely repurchase items because I get so much through these subscriptions but I immediately bought the full size of these gels I didn’t even realize my under eyes were puffy until I removed these pads this was my first box from beauty fix and I am looking forward to receiving future shipments

  3. Just got back from vacation and was anticipating a great box…..but I was disappointed!! I feel like for the money, there really needs to be a full size product! Nothing in this box really hit me good!! I keep telling myself to cancel and save some money…but then I am always afraid I will miss that wonderful epic box!!!

  4. Hubby and I just did a Spa evening and I actually like the headband a lot. It saved my hair from the peel off mask that I used. I also do love Ahava hand cream. Miss having a full sized sample, but I will use all the items in this box. I did cancel for next month though. I anticipate Sunscreen next month and I still have half a tube of the Wonderful NIA 24 from last year.

  5. Just got my May box and yeah nothing exciting about it! Plus the perfume fell out and all I got was the cardboard but it was a freebie like sample you get at the dept stores! Might just drop this box and find a new one.

  6. For what it’s worth if you’re on the fence about this one- the samples are larger than I imagined, now that I have the box in-hand.

    It’s still not a hero-item box by any stretch, but you can get a good couple weeks out of all the samples save the two single use items.

  7. This is a skip month for me. Nothing excites me from the box, and there was nothing that screamed “innovative product” at me. Still good brands and amount of products for the price but I’ll be using the month off to work through some of my “backlogged” stash 😂

  8. I’ll have to wait for the review so I can see the overall value of this box, unless someone in here could pls help me out and do the math for us 😘

    • Math done (I think correctly- that Neostrata is throwing me off). Another one that nickel and dime’s its way to over $100 in retail… I’m not as impressed as I hoped I would be, but not the worst box I’ve ever received either.

      Mask 3
      Headband 10
      Skinceuticals 6.40
      Skinmedica $8.50
      Dermalogica $16
      Oribe $7.6
      Neostrata Eye $28
      Ahava $2.5
      Skyn Iceland 4.20
      Dermelect $7.5
      Snashbox $6
      Tocca $4
      Alterna $5.44

      • Thank u so much hun! I really appreciate it 😘

      • And I don’t think the headband is worth $10! It’s huge–whose head is it made for?

      • Omg me it fits my head perfectly 😂😂

      • LOL It fits me too, though I think I will add a piece of velcro to the end so it doesn’t stick up as I am on the end of the piece.

        I love that it isn’t cutsey or silly. Nothing against people that like those, my youngest loves headbands with ears, I just personally prefer plain functionality over cute. 🙂

  9. I happen to love getting lots of samples like this box has. I get excited every time I finish a tube of something and get to go through my stash for the next product to try. Small samples mean I get to do this more often. And I don’t feel as bad not using up a product that I don’t like when it’s a sample.

    While I understand wanting enough of a product to be able to see if you will get results before buying, I could never afford these expensive brands anyway. So I will just keep enjoying using up all my expensive samples and loving the skin they’re giving me since I do think they work better than drugstore brands from my experience. My skin is looking so much better since getting Beautyfix.

    I’m really happy with this box. God job, Beautyfix!

    • I love small samples too. If you love great high end skincare I suggest you try the Sisley Paris sub. For $10/mo or $100/yr you get 5 samples of amazing skincare! The samples are small but some last a week or more.

  10. Instead of the monthly box, I spent even more ($40) and ordered the Just Because box from Dermstore that features a full size Harry Josh brush RV $50 that I’ve had my eye on.

  11. Didn’t have a chance to cancel after the spoilers came out. I used to love beauty fix just re-signed up for last months box and now this months box has tiny samples but I am going on vacation so I guess I can take these with me. Hope next months box is better

  12. Love this box. Ahava lotion is one of my favorites love to carry it in my purse. Skinceuticals and Skin Medica are always high-end products I love to get. Always down for more sheet masks. It’s great to stack them up and have my girlfriends over for some pampering. They say it’s good to switch up your skincare routine. I’ve been doing Beautyfix for 4 months now and use all the skin care lotions. I get many compliments on my 45-year young skin.

    • I just got same Ahava lotion in the New Beauty box. It smells so good. Looking forward to receiving 2nd one. I’ve been using it every day.

  13. This seems like a Birchbox or Ipsy bag lol not buying it. Disappointing to say the least. I wish they had at least one full size simple skincare product but they seem like they mushed a bunch of old items from past boxes together, and then added a skinceuticals teeny sample like they do every month and voila they pick a couple new tiny items and there u have it ..beautyfix 😳

  14. I miss the full size items! That’s why I signed up in the first place. Last couple of boxes really haven’t been worth it.

    • I agree. I like to try new products, and it’s how I have found some really nice things that have worked for me. But those tiny samples make me feel like a test-rat!

    • Totally agree. This is the reason I cancelled. Not worth $24.95 anymore. Stuff is cute but it’s Birchbox size.

      • Yep…me too…

    • I agree as well. I get enough small samples from my cheaper boxes. The stuff I usually end up using is most often the fuller sized stuff I get. Boxwalla, New Beauty Test Tube and Boxyluxe have been my go to’s lately. I send my daughter my extra stash, but all she has needed lately was cleanser.

  15. I’m happy to have the month off to use up some of the enormous pile of Beautyfix products from prior boxes. I brought lots of products to work and sold them for $5 each to benefit Operation Feed, our local food pantry. I made >$450 for charity and didn’t make a dent in my stash. That’s almost 100 items and i have tubs more, as I’m sure most of us do. I love this group (MSA) but I’m also following a group on Facebook of minimalist purgers (Forty Bags in Forty Days), so this is very schizophrenic.

    • That’s amazing, and a great idea! I may do something like that as well.
      I am so feeling you on the schizo…I am here, obviously still looking at the spoilers, but I am also moving into a fifth wheel in a month and trying to figure out how to downsize my life and my giant hoard of beauty items…and everything else…. Ooff…..

      • I completely understand!! We just downsized from a 4 bedroom to a 2 bedroom, (literally half the size of our old home) for a year while we build our dream home. I had a good sized Beauty Closet at our former home and this house has 2 closets….in the entire house!!!
        So, I made bundles of similar items I don’t use, or had extras of, or brand bundles and sold them on Facebook and Craigslist and made enough to buy ALL of the shelving, drawer units for my “beauty room/ office” in our new home. ($1600)!!!

      • Wow! That’s amazing!!! We’ll be looking for land and building as well, so it’s tiny living in the meantime!

      • And I am the dummy who takes it into work and leaves the stuff in the ladies room for free. I should have put a donation jar for the Humane Society.

      • Do that next time! I think it is a great way to help others and declutter at the same time 🙂 If there was more than 1 other woman here where I work I would definitely do that!

    • This is such a wonderful thing to do. I’m feeling inspired to copy you! I have boxes and boxes of stuff I’d really like someone else to benefit from.

    • Wow, great idea! I did something similar. My son’s high school band did a silent auction fundraiser so I made up 4 “beauty boxes”. I got rid of hundreds of products and still have more than I could ever use.

  16. I love Beautyfix,and have stayed with them for years. The value is always there for me,even the months I swap more than I keep. The products have changed my complexion totally.I have far better skin now,then I did fifteen years ago.So much,that sometimes I stare at it in the morning…Wow.If you are new to serums,etc.This by far is the best box out there for skincare.

  17. I’m disappointed that they are back to doing all little samples. I liked getting at least one full sized item. This is very underwhelming.

  18. Well, this is…. underwhelming. $25 dollars for an assortment of small samples, and a unattractive head band? Yikes.

  19. Tocca Guileitta is one of my favorite fragrances but I have several full size bottles of it so don’t need a tiny spray sample. I understand why they didn’t release spoilers earlier. They knew tons of people would cancel.

    • Really? I just signed back up after skipping last month. Love this box

  20. Just canceled. Not impressed with this box at all. I resubbed to body charm

    • They are different – Boxycharm is mostly makeup, BeautyFix is mostly skincare.
      Although this particular box doesn’t impress me either.

      • I know that. Yet box charm has a good non makeup spoiler this month that is full size that is valued at more then the price of the box.

    • I think you needed to cancel by 4/30 to avoid the May box.

      • I was just able to cancel mine. The status said Pending, and I was able to successfully complete the Cancel action.

  21. #2, I’m passing on this box, but I did order one of the previous boxes that are up for sale…the planes and trains box that has that full size lancer oil!

  22. I have been with Beautyfix for over 4 years and I really liked the way they used to do the products.
    We would get a really good brand and it was full sized along with larger size products.
    Don’t get me wrong I like everything they put in our boxes, but like someone said earlier in the comments, “how can you tell if you like a product when all you get is 4ml or less”.
    Please, Beautyfix start putting at least one or more good fullsize products in our boxes again.
    Thank you

    • Exactly

    • Agreed! I’m getting better stuff in my Ipsy Plus!!! And that one’s not great either!

  23. Glad I’ve been canceling in between boxes lately… don’t think I’m gonna bite.

    The headband is so lame and looks like it belongs in a Marshalls for $2.99.

    Not into sheet masks. Or masks.

    Sleep cacoon is just ok, just another layer to add to your face at night and I’m more into oils.

    While I do enjoy some of those smaller samples… like skin medic/skin something, neostrata, and love oribe, this is just not adding up to me…

    I do want there to at least 1 FS item, even if its a facial water (<3) or something not super $$$ but something that I can use for a while…

    If anyone wants to sell a couple things to me lmk!

    • OMG 😮! I have way too many products of every type (sample, full size, makeup, skin care, haircare…) right now that I have no where to put them much less use them all! I’m pretty much constantly waking the line of getting into trouble with the hubby 😬. I’d love to sell you things you want, so, please lmk how to reach you! In fact, I was just thinking of how in the world I’m going to use all the cases of the Dr Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peels that I had bought last year, ugh. Admittedly, I’m a bad shopaholic 😔

      • Me too! Hubbys friend came over and asked how much money he was making by opening a Sephora store inside our house! 4 subs!! It’s everywhere!

      • I sold a ton of products recently that I had accumulated, I sold them in bundles on Facebook and Craigslist. I made enough to pay for all my shelving, cabinets/drawers in my beauty room/ office in the home we are building….and I de-cluttered a ton of stuff!

      • I’d be interested in the Alpha Beta peels.

      • Hi Jill, my numerous replies haven’t been showing up. I don’t know how to get in touch with you. You could search FB under my name possibly? I hope I’m not breaking any rules. I certainly don’t mean to!

      • I’m Jill cash Anderson on FB. There were a few with your name.

  24. Most of these are good products. I strongly dislike Ahava, have never heard of klairs, and the headband is kind of meh. But I agree with the majority here – what made BeautyFix special were full size items mixed in with samples. I skipped this one (I think? I don’t remember doing it but I went to cancel bc of the lack of spoilers and it said already cancelled) and I’m glad

  25. Love the idea of samples. That way I can try stuff without being wasteful in case it doesn’t work with my skin and hair. I admit last month I didn’t see anything that interested me so I canceled. But this box looks fantastic

    • I completely agree with you! I love samples. Even though they’re small you can get multiple uses. I can usually tell the FIRST time I use something if I’m going to like it. I didn’t like the Lancer oil even though I love their scrub. So, I’m left with an opened full size bottle to waste??

      • I’m using the Lancer oil on the backs of my hands (and my face). My hands are so soft.

  26. I really hope they step it up for June, items for heat, sun and and summer would be nice. Sunscreen, poolside essentials. I skipped this month and buying a repeat Beautyfix box.

  27. Skipping once again… Hope next month that they will get back to some full size items or much larger sizes then this. This is just ridiculous! See you in June!

    • Same. You can’t tell how a lot of products work. You may get 4 uses and directions say “Results noticable
      in 7-10 days”. A little sample does me no good unless it’s something I need a travel size of something.

    • I am pretty happy with my box . I like everything in my box. I didn’t get the Tocca . It was missing which I’m sad about. I wrote to them, but didn’t get a response back. I love trying all the new products. It’s fun coming across new favorites. The Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cacoon is definately one of my new favs!! Ahava Dead Sea Mineral hand cream is going in my work bag because it smells so good.

  28. This is the lamest BeautyFIX I have ever seen. Are they not doing hero items anymore? If that’s the case, I’m not buying their boxes anymore.

    • I know 😔 I don’t mind one bad month, but this is worse than last month and I was expecting better to keep me subbed

    • Amen, sista

  29. For those who don’t know about New Beauty/Beauty Report Boxes, they have 3 selections available on amazon for $25 each. Great value. I calculated the Stop the Clock box to be worth $180. 1 full size Priori eye serum and deluxe sample-sized high end products like Orlane, Emma Hardie, and Neostrata. Picking up a second now that I see this months BF.

  30. BEAUTY FIX has traditionally sourced summery products starting around May, like the hair salt sprays ( Sadly, I can’t get near it with thick long curly hair or I’d have to shear my head), and usually a great selection of self- tanning products and bottles of really good sunscreens with ample SPF for every one of us.
    One of my very faves they sent was a full size of the Colorscience SPF translucent facial powder in the brush applicator container.

    I cleaned out the self- tanner bottles and sprays last ” Spark Joy” sweat and toil organize everything weekend marathon, but have ended up with 2 of those branded velour application mitts, Dave’s and St. Tropez still in their packages.
    I don’t recall a thing about any brand called Dave’s self tanner products.
    Maybe the Dave’s product was in one of those huge Allure Thrills boxes they used to sell with the full sized shampoos and really nice practical things?

    What happened with those big boxes of cool products from Allure ( not wanting to start the shampoo/ non-poo debate, I promise) ??

    Some people may not do self- tanners, but when you get full sized bottles or cans of fresh, name brand mousse or spray and the mitt, I’d think they’d be easy to sell with a good BIN price on the evilBay. ;).

    During my ” Spark Joy” KonMari wannabe flurry of throwing everything I hadn’t used in 2-3 months out, I found a brand new, still sealed, full size bottle of that Nuxe Oil with bronzer in it for instant tan or just glimmer on some skin tones. Just looked and the tag over the bottle says ” I Am Prodigious”. I think it was in Beauty Fix as well. I just tried it for the first time now, and sprayed myself right in the eyes, ha.
    It’s a lovely scented and glimmery light to med. shade. Now I want a tan.
    Preferably from Bora Bora ( in my dreams) but likely from a tube or bottle until it’s warm and dry enough for the pool.

    Sorry. I’m tired of rain and looking forward to warmer drier weather now.
    I REALLY hope there will be some fun SPF and tinted oils like the Nuxe trending this summer. Powder color has pretty much run its course, IMO. Maybe because I live in such a dry summer blazing hot climate.

  31. This might not be a good box for everyone, but I’m happy with it. There are things I have not yet tried, and some that I have tried and love. My oldest is always happy to get dry shampoo from my subs 🙂

    Silly as the headband might seem, I needed one, so it came at a good time.

  32. From the description, most of these products are barely bigger than the perfume sample. I’m hoping the information is wrong. If it’s not, then this box is a bad joke on all of us who get it. If the products really are that small, then this will be my last Beautyfix.

    • Agreed… How ridiculous! Second month in a row! Actually last month was better but I didn’t need anymore face cleansers! Ughhh!

  33. Not their best but still good. Anything SkinCeuticals is great imo. It may be 4ml, but the 4ml sample of their CE product lasts me a couple weeks. I really like a lot of these brands and look forward to trying these products. I have full size of two of these but will gift the smaller ones to a friend. I make gift bags or boxes and give to my friends. They love them.

    • I know … I love love Skinceuticals … glad my collection is growing again. These vials make quite the impact on my skin! I am interested in the eye cream too.

  34. I’d rather get fewer products with a couple of full-sized products. And these 4 ml samples are so crazy tiny you hardly even get one use out of them before they’re gone — why bother? If a product is so expensive they can only give you that small a sample to try, it’s too expensive for me to buy anyway, especially when I don’t get enough to even see if it works in the microscopic sample! I like all these products, but I’m getting annoyed with so many and only small samples.

    • I agree. Some small samples with a couple of full size are fine, but not all small sized samples! Didn’t they used to do this?

  35. Wow I’ve never gotten a beautyfix with that many items. I’m in!

  36. I personally really like all of the products except for the primer (unfortunately it breaks me out). I would prefer a hero item, but I am still very excited regardless. Especially for the oribe.

  37. Only thing really calling my name is the primerizer. Might consider getting the box with a $10 off coupon. Too bad BF doesn’t have one to offer us this month. I’ve been spoiled I guess. 😂

  38. Welp, now we know why spoilers came out so late…

    • Hahahahaha….right!!!! Good thing I skipped last month && skipping again. Or should I say resigning up!!!

    • Exactly!! I knew it when not one had come out, and then 3 not great or sample size spoilers released at once 😕

  39. My wallet is safe. That’s not a bad thing. See you next month!

  40. Not at all tempted. Hope they get back to including decent full size products soon.

    • Agree. That Sisley box is looking pretty good.

  41. A nice box overall, although no real hero item, but quite a good selection. Love the Oribe dry shampoo!

  42. I like all of these products! I’m going on vacation soon so this will all be going with me

  43. Ooh I am excited! Only stuff I like!

  44. Lots of familiar sub box products, but all quality brands and products. Nice to see a few hair items, though I know a lot of people prefer more skincare, especially in this box. I’m happy, though! Even when Beautyfix is a little weak, the value is still there and they have a fantastic variety of high quality stuff. They’ve been one of my consistent faves for awhile now.

  45. It’s a great deal, but I have several of these in full size I need to use.

  46. I love most of these products, it’s not the best month but I’m going on vacation soon so all these I will be taking with me

  47. Woah, 13 products! Ok, I am back

    • 13 samples 😆 I’m running

      • Love samples. If it was 13 full size products, there will be lots of waste for me especially if the product doesn’t work on my skin

      • Samples is the best part of this box for me. This way I can discover what I like and not be wasteful if there is something that doesn’t work for my skin

      • To me samples are the best part of this box. Wouldn’t want full size items as that would be wasteful if it doesn’t work for my skin

  48. Love most of this box but it’s not the best, going on vacation soon so these will be good to take.

  49. I love Ahava hand cream! This turned out to be a pretty good box afterall. Not their best but I’m still looking forward to it!

  50. wow. and not in a good way.

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