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Luxe Box Subscription Box Review – Spring 2019

Luxe Box March 2019

Luxe Box members will receive a seasonal subscription box with 7 to 8 trial-sized beauty and lifestyle items specifically selected by their beauty editors and enjoy complimentary shipping.


Based on reader comments (thank you for letting us know!), Luxe Box is no longer shipping to the US.

Luxe Box March 2019 open

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Luxe Box March 2019 all contents

About Luxe Box

The Subscription Box: Luxe Box

The Cost: $26.00 a quarter/season

The Products: 7-8 deluxe or full-sized beauty samples.

Ships to: US and Canada for free!

Luxe Box Spring 2019 Review

Luxe Box March 2019 mask purple Luxe Box March 2019 purple mask back

Masker Aide Beauty Rest’ore Sheetmask – Retail Value $7.00 (Currently sold out)

This was a really relaxing mask! You can really smell the lavender and it had a wonderfully cooling effect on my skin. The aloe and hyaluronic acids both gave my skin some much-needed hydration that lasted long after the mask was peeled off. I applied a favorite cream after using this mask then drifted off to sleep while reading a book in bed. Lavender always relaxes me and puts me right out!

Luxe Box March 2019 blue mask Luxe Box March 2019 blue mask back

Masker Aide Beauty I Don’t Wanna Grow Up Sheetmask – Retail Value $7.00

While this mask does have one of the most terrifying illustrations I have yet seen on a mask packet, I really loved the formula of the serum. It had a super subtle floral scent and felt great on my skin. The combo of the collagen, chamomile, and argan oil made my skin super plump and touched with a pretty glow. No stickiness and abundance of serum made this a real winner for me.

Luxe Box March 2019 chapstick in package Luxe Box March 2019 chapstick back of package Luxe Box March 2019 chapstick Luxe Box March 2019 chapstick open tip Luxe Box March 2019 chapstick card back Luxe Box March 2019 chapstick card

ChapStick Total Hydration Vitamin Enriched Lip Oil, 6.8 ml – Retail Value $4.99

Oooooh, guys. Chapstick took it up a notch with this formula. Feeling much more luxe than your typical stick, this silver squeezable tube is filled with some really nourishing oils blended to give your lips optimal hydration and a great shine. I was so surprisingly into this stuff. The formula has vitamin C and omegas 3, 6, and 9 and feels incredible against your lips with a decent staying power and great smell.

Luxe Box March 2019 lamcom mascara Luxe Box March 2019 mascara packaging Luxe Box March 2019 mascara open

Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara, 0.05 oz – Estimated Value $3.79 (Buy a full size 0.33 oz here for $25.00)

The name of this immediately made me think of Sex and the City and the pink and black packaging was super cute! The wand was a little too big for my liking, but what else would I expect from a mascara with this name? The formula itself was great! Super black, a little glossy, and packed with lengthening and volumizing power. It stays in place all day without flaking or running. I think for myself I might need a Monsieur Medium in terms of brush size, but if you love those big spoolie tips with tons of bristles, this formula is absolutely worth a try.

Luxe Box March 2019 lip gloss Luxe Box March 2019 lip gloss bottom Luxe Box March 2019 lip gloss open

Estate Lip Icing in ‘Extra’, 0.1 oz – FULL SIZE Retail Value $10.00

I was not super impressed with this gloss for two reasons. The first is that it was really hard to get much of any of it onto the wand with each dip, meaning it took a long time to really get enough on to my lips to test it out. The other reason is that it was a color that totally didn’t work for me. It was this very milky pink which made my lips look really pale in a very unflattering way. The formula itself smelled good and coverage was fine when I finally got enough out of the tube, but this odd shade was not a winner for me.

Luxe Box March 2019 manna balm Luxe Box March 2019 manna blam back

Manna Kadar Miracle Balm, 0.33 0.21 fl oz – FULL SIZE Retail Value $19.00

I liked this gloss! I was worried it would be a repeat of the one above, especially from the swatch (it actually looked more pale and milky) but it quickly disappeared on my lips and provided a shine rather than a color. The formula was silky smooth and just sticky enough to cling to my lips without being TOO tacky. My lips felt very hydrated and nourished. This gloss was also a great option for wearing over matte shades to quickly turn them into a creamy satin finish.

Luxe Box March 2019 swatches

Top: Estate Lip Icing in ‘Extra’, Bottom: Manna Kadar Miracle Balm

Luxe Box March 2019 peach balm with box Luxe Box March 2019 peach balm Luxe Box March 2019 peach balm open Luxe Box March 2019 peach balm bottom

Two Faced Peach Mega Moisture Lip Balm, 0.51 fl oz – FULL SIZE Retail Value $17.00

Dang, this is a lip product heavy box! ZERO complaints here. I hoard lip products. I love the Too Faced Peach products because they smell great and work well. I have a few of the lipsticks and a blush. This balm was my favorite of this box because it has the most delicious peach scent and it is a lightweight balm with no real shine, perfect for those makeup free days and beyond. Like all the other products in the box this month, it was good quality and super moisturizing.

Luxe Box March 2019 nail polish with box Luxe Box March 2019 nailpolish back Luxe Box March 2019 nail polish bottom

BRUNE Cosmetics Nail Polish in ’06’, 0.47 fl oz – FULL SIZE Retail Value $12.00 (Currently sold out)

This is my type of nail polish color. Neutral, a little boring, and shiny! I only wear nail colors that also can potentially match all of my clothes and in shades that aren’t super noticeable if they chip. This formula was good and I was able to get full coverage in two coats with little effort. It was very shiny and seemed to have pretty decent staying power, giving me 3 days without chipping (which for my oily nails is basically a lifetime).

Luxe Box March 2019 nail polish swatch

My nails are not the ideal models for swatching polish, but here we are.

Luxe Box March 2019 setting spray Luxe Box March 2019 setting spray back

Tarte 4-in-1 Setting Mist – Rainforest of the Sea Mini, 30 ml – Retail Value $12.00

So I was really excited about this setting spray, but the nozzle on mine was not working and I couldn’t actually test this out without swapping to a different spray head temporarily. I would expect the actual working nozzle to give much more of a fine mist than my substitute one, at least I would hope! I do love the Tarte brand and from what I could tell this setting spray worked really well and kept my makeup in place with a slightly dewy sheen. I am kind of bummed that it came without being in working order though.

Verdict: Luxe Box was super heavy on lip products this time (4 to be exact) but I love lip products, so I was cool with it. If you don’t… well.. I will admit that I did not like the Estate gloss, despite generally enjoying that brand. I was also disappointed that my Tarte spray was/is not really useable straight out of the box. Otherwise, I really loved this box! Both of the sheet masks were great formulas with noticeable benefits to my skin. I loved the Chapstick oil, peachy Too Faced Balm, and the Manna miracle balm. The nail polish is def. a ‘me’ color and the mascara was fun to test out in the super travel-friendly little sample. 

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? It’s a little hard to tell. They have an “Editor’s Box” option in which a special box ships to you immediately if you subscribe in between seasons and don’t want to wait it would be best to reach out to their customer care to find out when you’d receive your first. This box is no longer available for purchase in the US.

Value Breakdown: At $26.00 for this box, here’s what you’re paying for each item:

  • Lavender Sheet Mask $1.96
  • Chamomille Sheet Mask $1.96
  • Chapstick $1.40
  • Mascara $1.06
  • Lip Gloss $2.80
  • Miracle Balm $5.32
  • Peach Balm $4.76
  • Nail Polish $3.36
  • Setting Spray $3.36

Alternatively, each of the 9 items has an average cost of $2.89.

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Written by Megan


I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (28)

  1. I’m interested in this box , but contains too many lip products for me I like a variety of different products 😁 Megan can you keep us posted on next season summer box 2019 since it’s posted as seasonal. I’d like to see more if I’m going to sub to this box . Thanks a lot for the reviews 👍

  2. I also wonder at the size of the Two Faced Lip balm, mine says 0.51 fl oz/15 ml as well and the full size on Sephora and Two Faced sites all say 0.16 oz/4.5g. Is this a special value size for this box or just an error on the websites?

    • the only thing I can think of is that maybe there is a difference between fl oz and oz? The oz measures weight and a fl oz measures volume. Maybe they changed the method of measurement on newer/older packaging?

      • Thanks Megan for clearing that up. Did you get an option to add-on a beauty item for $10? They sent me an email and I bit. I did end up with a nice Fenty Lip Paint in Uncuffed.

  3. Per their site:
    Sorry! Luxe Box is no longer available in the USA.
    Thank you for your time.


  4. 2 things to help clear up some confusion:

    My Tarte Spray nozzle didn’t work either. This is pretty common. Run it under hot water. It’s probably just clogged. Mine worked fine after I did this and did a few test sprays to unclog. No problems since. They just go horizontal in shipping and get clogged.

    I have subbed to this box for almost 2 years. I did get an email saying that they were discontinuing their US program, and then another cancelling my sub. It is now only in Canada.

    • Thanks for the nozzle tip Bonnie!

  5. Woohoo. Finally a box for Canadians (sorry guys) !!

  6. OOps I take it back – it looks like they disabled the US one – sad.

  7. When you go to their site, there’s a choice of US or Canada for subscribing. Try the US one

    • WHAT! Ok guys, let me look into this one. Thanks for the heads up!

  8. This might be a new Sub I will sign up for since I put glossy on hold. Love quartley boxes and this seems like they have a variety of great stuff. Hope it’s just a glitch and they ship to US 🙁
    What would my first box be?

    Liz you said : They have an “Editor’s Box” option in which a special box ships to you immediately if you subscribe in between seasons and don’t want to wait it would be best to reach out to their customer care to find out when you’d receive your first.

    Do you know which one it is ?

    Thanks bunches 🙂

    • I sent an email about the editor’s box and their response is that it is only available in Canada.

    • Looks like it is truly not a US box anymore. Thanks for catching! We updated the review.

  9. My very first subscription box was the precursor to Luxe Box – Loose Button. It was only $12 Canadian a month with shipping included. Originally it came in a cute little cardboard box – flimsy, but cute. Then the price started going up and it became a quarterly box. Then it was redesigned as Luxe box. Then it came in these great fabric pouches and a beautiful box, then they nixed the beautiful fabric pouches and downgraded the box. I was a faithful subscriber for years, but stopped when they started sending these drugstore type beauty products. Good to see they’re going back to better brands, but they can’t compete with the other sub boxes IMO.

  10. Very strange they are no longer shipping to the US..hmmmmm

    • That must have just happened…!

      • It seems to be a very new development.

  11. Went to subscribe and it says it’s no longer available in the US. 🙁

    • That’s very strange, I live in the US and I got this box. It did ship fairly late though, they billed me in January and I did not get the box until a week ago.

    • Just noticed this on our end too Stephanie! We updated the review. What a bummer.

  12. I’ve had 3 of the tarts sprays. Two full size and one travel like this, and they all had issues with the nozzle not working.

    • Tarte*

    • Yikes. Sounds like this is a widespread issue. I just poured mine into an old MAC Fix spray bottle.

  13. Tried to order by using the link and it says no longer avail to/for US..bummer

    • I sympathize. As a Canadian, it really bites that like half these reviews are for boxes I can’t get.

    • Came here to say the same. This box looked great! I need a replacement for Boxy because they just make me irritable these days. Maybe they’ll reconsider or it was a bug or something.

    • We will keep our eye on it, but it caught us off guard too!

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