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Lola Beauty Box April 2019 FULL Spoilers!

Lola Beauty box

We have the full spoilers for the April 2018 Lola Beauty Box! If you sign up now, this will be your first box.

Each April box will include:

Lola Beauty Box is a monthly personalized box that helps you discover haircare, skincare, and makeup products from emerging to established brands.

The Subscription Box: Lola Beauty Box

The Cost: $21 monthly + free shipping. Discounts are available for longer commitments. 

The Products: 4-5 full sized haircare, skincare, and makeup products personalized to you.

Good to know: Lola Beauty Box offers a loyalty program where you reviews the item you receive each month in exchange for points. You can use these points toward free beauty products or a free beauty box.

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

Check out our reviews of Lola Beauty Box to see what you can expect from this subscription!

Lola Beauty Box

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Comments (28)

  1. I wonder who owns the boxes. Like you dont really think about it much, until something like this happens.

    I was looking because I was going to subscribe again after a year or so if the spoilers looked good. I had one box and a billing issue with them a year and a half or so ago. I got one box and it was after almost 2 months, they claimed that’s how long it took to start up and getting a box as a new subscription….so I cancelled, and then my debit card got lost , and I got a new one and somehow they managed for the next two months to charge me, but didnt send a box and I caught it. I got like one response from them, and luckily caught it and they said it was them updating their system and a glitch of sorts, and they were working on things, and I got my money back and didnt think anything about it, until I looked them up a couple times and was unsure because of my experience before, but you never know, so I choose to check and am reading these comments.

    They were able to charge me without having my new debit card numbers , after my bank said no transactions would go through (pain for sub boxes) but somehow they managed to keep on charging me….

  2. Buyer beware! I was just charged TWICE on 6/1/19 for Lola Subscription Box account that I canceled back in October 2018. Reported their fraudulent activity to my bank who filed a claim on my behalf for reimbursement! This is a very bad company. Don’t subscribe to them when there are so many good companies to choose from.

    • I cancelled January 2018 and was just charged for June. I filed a complaint with my bank as well

    • The same thing happened to me!!!! I had to contact Chase in file a fraud claim. I canceled it box over a year ago. I’m so angry. I reported it to their customer service and I received no response.

    • That’s terrible! I would also look into filing a police report as this is fraud/unauthorized use of your cc!

  3. Lola just billed me for a may box and I am not even subscribed to them??? I had only subscribed to them one time last year for one month, then cancelled and after that I Never received anymore boxes. But now months later I see a charge in my bank account from lola… WTF?? they just stole money from my bank account? Anyone else get billed months after cancelling?

    • This happened to me today!! I was so confused and came here to see if it happened to anyone else. I am furious. I actually saw a random $21 charge on my bank account last month and was confused bc I couldn’t think of anything it could be (I thought for a minute it might be Boxycharm but I had already been charged for the month and my boxy has tax added so it ends up being $22 something) I just hadn’t gotten around to calling my bank to see what it was because I figured it was probably a legit charge from something I just forgot about. And now the one today says Lola Beauty Box so that’s $42 at this point! I went on the website and logged in to my account, thankfully I still remembered the info. I’m concerned because it showed my account as “active”’when it’s been cancelled for over a year now. And I can’t figure out how to remove my card info from their site.

      • Did the random one from last month just say Amazon Ship?? That is what mine said. I went into my Lola and it had reactivated an old account and charged me under that Amazon Ship. Then it charged me again under a second account as Lola Beauty. I don’t see how it can be considered anything other than blantant fraud personally.

        I have filed disputes with my CC, hopefully I get my funds back and won’t have to actually cancel my card and get a new one.

        I tried to remove my card number from the Lola account, but it doesn’t actually go through, just prompts as if it will remove your information.

      • Omg! I had a charge under amazonship that I had no clue what it was for about a week ago. And last night lola beauty charged for a box. This was after i had cancelled last year. Is this amazonship charge from them? If so then i feel that is super shady. First charging me twice for a horrible subscription i don’t want and secondly for doing one of the other charges under a false name.

      • OMG SAME!!! Last month Amazon Ship, I meant to check amazon and see what it was and forgot, then this month clearly Lola Beauty Box! I’d only subbed one month sometime last year and cancelled immediately. So if they charged me last month too, where is that box? They didn’t send one! So they are legit just billing our accounts and not even bothering to send the product!!!!

      • Yes! That is exactly what happened to me as well. The charge from last month said amazon ship and they reactivated my old account. I already filed a dispute with my bank for the first one but the one on May 31st was still pending when I went to talk to them about it and they said they couldn’t dispute it until it goes through because it could fall off. So I checked today and it actually didn’t go through! SO weird

      • At least yours didn’t go through! Both of the charges went through on my CC. I am disputing the charges, hopefully I get the funds back at some point. Unfortunately it sounds like they did this to quite a few people. I hope everyone gets their money back!

      • Nevermind, it looks like the second one went through for me as well. It was pending on May 31st and went through on June 3rd. I do hope everyone is able to get their money back. My bank was also uninterested in my story of how this is happening to so many people and the company is obviously committing fraud.

    • Buyer beware! I was just charged TWICE on 6/1/19 for Lola Subscription Box account that I canceled back in October 2018. Reported their fraudulent activity to my bank who filed a claim on my behalf for reimbursement! This is a very bad company. Don’t subscribe to them when there are so many good companies to choose from.

    • They just did this to me as well. Call your bank immediately! I was like WTF!

      • This happened to me. I contacted them in April because I never received a box for April. I cancelled in April when I got no response. Then I was billed in May again. I have written them several emails. No response. If you look at their Instagram page you will see where no one can make any comments as they have been turned off. On Twitter their page is closed. My bank contacted them and is waiting for a response before they issue a credit it’s bs. I’m so ticked off. They just stole a lot of people’s money.

      • I realized their Facebook no longer exists either

  4. I signed up for 1 month on April 11th last week I woke up to 3 emails from them ,one thanking me for my purchase, the next congratulating me on my purchase and the 3rd saying my subscription that I just purchased is canceled??? Then I noticed they charged me for 2 more months of boxes, my original subscription was not a renewing account so they should not have taken even 1 month out let alone 2, I have been emailing and messaging through the site for almost a week with no response, funny though how I hadn’t even received a shipping notice for my first box but on Friday I got an email saying my order was shipping, I do not want 2 more boxes from them I want my money back, I’m in Canada and it came to over $70 they withdrew from my account, I’m pissed because they won’t even reply to me and I want my money refunded

    • I haven’t had Lola since last year and they reactivated my account and charged me. Guess I have to go to my bank and dispute the charges and the BBB.

  5. As of 5/1/19, I (as well as countless other subscribers) have NOT received our April Lola Beauty Boxes. No one has received tracking numbers. I’ve written inquiring about my order twice! No response. I tried to cancel on my account portal. They’ve tried to bill me for May twice in 2 days. I as well as many others aired our concerns on their Facebook page & now the post many of us wrote on has been deleted. They’ve shut down all comments on Instagram & have not provided any updates on Twitter. I’ve been with them since September 2018 & I have to agree with many former subscribers, DO NOT do business with them. I have to get my bank involved now & file disputes for both months.

    • Thank you for posting this! They lured me back this month, just to NOT get the April box despite being charged for it, and now I am being charged for May as well. I have sent emails to their CS which go unanswered. Now that I know it is happening to countless others I will stop wasting my time trying to contact them and will simply dispute the charges and cancel my account. They certainly won’t tempt me back ever again!

      If they are having shipping issues ignoring the problem doesn’t help, an admission of error and honest communication go a long way with me. A company with horrid CS will lose my business every time, and not get it back.

    • I cancelled in April after I didn’t receive my box and I was billed for May as well. I’ve also written them and haven’t heard back at all. My comments were deleted as well. I am wondering if they didn’t shut down and steal everyone’s money.

      • They double billed me in May, haven’t responded to emails, and I have yet to receive one box, much less two.

        I will now file a dispute for the charges with my CC company as Lola doesn’t seem to want to respond.

        It is so frustrating!

      • I am going thru the same thing! Got my April box in May and they charged me for May but I haven’t received anything or answers to my emails! I am going to my bank!

      • Good luck Audra, i hope we both get our money back!

  6. Well, they got me back with this one. I love the colors in the palette, and I have been exploring more K Beauty products, so the cleanser definitely piqued my interest.

    I haven’t tried IBY brushes, but I have had good luck with their shadows, not sure about the pink lip/cheek stain, but it will be fun to play with it.

  7. I have an Iby brush duo ans love them! I bet that one is good too!

  8. I really love the colors in the palette but I know nothing about that brand…”Beauty Creations”???Not terribly excited about the rest but I suppose I could always use (or gift) another brush and black eyeliner! Never subbed this box before. Ugh…decisions, decisions?!?! 🤪

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