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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus May 2019 SPOILERS!

We have some spoilers for the May 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus(These are some of the items that Ipsy is sending in May. There are different box versions every month, so you may not receive all of these in your Glam Bag Plus.)

Here are some of the items Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is sending in May:

GLAMGLOW Bubblesheet Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask (Set of 3)

IL MAKIAGE Icon High Volume & Intense Curl Mascara

WANDER BEAUTY Wanderess Seascape Eyeshadow Palette – Anyone familiar with this palette? I couldn’t find it anywhere!

What do you think of the spoilers?

This subscription is $25 a month. Sign up here! (Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.)

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

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Comments (87)

  1. really tired of all of the mascara

  2. iv’e just been invited to join ipsy glam plus, but I don’t like april’s what should I do, join now and cancel or wait..please help.

    • I just signed up and it said my first box will be May.

    • Hello I’ve read online if you join after April 1 you will be charged and will get the May bag

  3. Have you guys seen the Ipsy instagram post that says “3 days” and has a short video that flashes by at warp speed? It appears the Wandress Palette is shown, 6 colors: Champagne Something–a beige, Seasalt–a rosey pink, one that is shadowed by the cover but appears to be kinda brownish, sand dollar–a light beige, seafoam–a seafoam green and coastal–a bright royal blue. There also appears to be something by Face Hero and a pencil by Illamasqua. Looks interesting, wish I could slow the video down to actually SEE what’s there. And I wonder what the significance of 3 days is… any ideas?

    • your eyes are amazing lol it was flashing soooo fast! some have guessed that in 3 days GBP will open to everyone?

    • I have screen shots if you need it. 🙂

      Seascapes: champagne harbor, sea salt, golden reef, sand dollar, sea foam & coastal

      Go-to face hero face oil

      illamasqua coloring pencil lip crayon

  4. I found a picture of what the Wanderess palette looks like!! I dm’d you on instagram!! @silkyspace

    • omg can you send to me please? @haveyasena

  5. The Wander Seascape palette is not on their site. This might be a palette created exclusively for Ipsy. Their items are pretty good. Some items more pricey than others. I love getting some Wander products. I’m not big on sheet masks. I’m a rinse off & peel off kind of gal. Any mascara is better than fake lashes for me IMO. As far as price increases, it really isn’t a price increase for the box/bag, etc subscriptions. All orders (i.e. subscription boxes & many online purchases) are considered e-commerce & must charge tax. All of my sub boxes sent out emails advising of “price increases”. They must charge tax now. It’s a small price to pay but it must be charged.

    • i really think there are going to be price increases in the future unfortunately.. they sent me an email survey a couple months ago giving different price points and scenarios (e.g mix of luxury brands, influencer, etc. choice of a product, mix of full size and deluxe) asking what’s the most I would pay.

      • I actually saw something awhile back about it possibly going down in price a couple dollars. And I too got that survey

  6. I really like the 3 spoilers. The fact that Wander beauty is creating a palette especially for IPSY Glam Bag Plus is really cool. 😉

    From the greatly helpful descriptions posted here, these are totally my favorite summery eye shadow colors.

    I think it will be a great box again! I’ve loved ALL my GBP boxes since the full sized GBP program started, even when a few products weren’t shades I choose to use.

  7. I was able to grab a screenshot off their fb video from around the holidays. It’s got blues, pinks etc in it and it’s a GBP exclusive.

  8. I think the Seascape palette was one they were either doing exclusively for Ipsy or it is premiering the GBP. I saw it on one of their YouTube videos. So excited for this and the sheet mask!

    • omg do you remember what it looked like? blues?

      • I believe there was some blues in it, and I wanna say some pinky shell colors and a sand color.

      • thank you :)!

  9. I’m so confused. I’m on Ipsy’s website looking at GBP products for this month (all available, not just the ones being sent to me) and NONE of these items are on there.

    • These are May spoilers.

      • Ahhh wow I saw the title and forgot April just started! Lol long week

  10. I’m tickled. I’m in love with what ipsy is doing. These look good to me.

  11. I wouldn’t mind the masks, but it’d have to be at least 3 of them. I’m opted out of mascara so hopefully I don’t have to worry about that. The eyeshadow palette sounds promising! I’ve like everything I’ve tried from Wander, and ocean tones are fun.

  12. I am liking everything so far! I got two of those masks in Fab Fit Fun a couple boxes ago and I enjoyed them very much. They did a great job at cleansing and they are kind of funny too. It would be nice if Ipsy would send two of them also, but I doubt they will. I am excited for this palette, bc I have been wanting some cool tones for the summer. They always look amazing on me as soon as I get a tan going. I was a little upset at first about the products I’m getting in this months box, but then after I calmed down lol I realized that it’s only $25 and even if there’s one thing I like then it’s worth it and I’m sure I will love something. I didn’t get the brush, but went onto eBay and got the same brush (#704,) as well as the #702 for CC Cream. I have the Confindence in a compact that goes with 704 and just ordered CC cream a few days ago. Paid $20 total for both brushes, so that’s a win in my book. 😁

    • Exactly! Ebay has great deals on these items. That’s where I go looking too.

      • They sure do! I’m actually happy I didn’t get the brush in my GBP (I was originally fuming lol,) because now I’m getting other products to try in place of it and hopefully I will love them, and I was able to get that awesome deal on the both brushes on eBay instead.

    • I have no problem getting deals on ebay, but with very recent events I question whether maybe I shouldn’t. There is a huge black market in the make-up industry and it’s in the spotlight currently with the Jeffree Star burglary, where millions in his make-up was stolen and is being sold on sites like eBay and in make-up sales FB pages. I don’t know, it just makes me question now more than ever if the product I’m getting a great deal on was procured by legal means. I don’t want it if it’s hurting someone else. I’m not saying that’s the case with these brushes at all, or that there’s anything wrong with buying them because I don’t know that. I only mention it so people do think about it in the future, because I never did up until a couple days ago.

      • far more likely that they’re knockoffs.

      • Far more likely they’re from sub boxes 😉

      • I sell my unwanted/unswapped items on Ebay, but yes, there is a risk involved in purchasing. I’ve unknowingly purchased fake MAC products before and had to report the seller. I try to stick to sellers in the US and products that I know have recently come out of sub boxes now.

  13. Looks great to me! I’m giddy!

  14. About the opt out option. I don’t think it works for Glam Bag Plus, even if we email IPSY. I’m opted out of bronzer and I asked to be opted out of red lipsticks, because at my age, it’s usually not a great color for someone like me who wears minimal makeup.

    They told me I could opt out of bronzers but that if I didn’t want red lipstick in my GBP, I’d have to opt out of ALL lipsticks.. I was a bit shocked.

    I sent the same email for my other IPSY reg. GB bags, and last month I got 3 Ciate’ lip GLOSSES and this month, I got a colored lip oil and 2 lip stains.

    IOW, it’s not working really well, but at least they’re not fire engine red. 😉
    Thus far, the bronzer opt out is going better, but with summer upcoming, who knows? LOL.

    • I’m with Plus and I have opted out of blush and bronzer through email with no problems. I haven’t recieved a blush or bronzer in the 4 months since I opted out. I was told the same thing about red lipstick.

    • I opted out of lipsticks and lipglosses and haven’t received any since.

    • I emailed my ipsy lady about opting out of bronzers and highlighters and she said it was fine, this is for GBP. But Now the beauty quiz allows u to tell them what shades of what products u want in matters of frequencies. Such as rarely,sometimes and often. Maybe go back and just choose rarely fornthat soecific shade range

  15. I’ve been getting the glam bag plus since October, and I’ve never been disappointed! In fact, the fact that we get such a amazing items that are full size makes me soo happy! The brands keep changing, and if the brand is the same,
    It’s at least a different product, and seriously, even if you only find one product you like from the whole box, it’s still a high quality, moderately priced item that usually pays for the whole box itself.. I don’t always like everything get, but what I do like, makes up for the rest..

  16. Wow I didn’t want to skip again I just skipped April but so far these will just be wasted on me. I love Ipsy though so I’ll just look at it as saving some money:)

    • April Fools Maybe?? I do love Ipsy!! I haven’t even thought of skipping a bag yet!!

  17. Unless better spoilers are on their I’ll be skipping again. I loved March (my first box) but skipped April

  18. All three are duds for me. I want to try glam glow, but a sheet mask? One sheet mask? No.

    • Same

      • If they’re giving me 4 that would be different. I personally love oxygenating skincare. But sheet masks are such cheap one time use items 😭

    • It says a set of 3 for the glam glow masks

      • 3 would be acceptable IMO.

  19. ugh, another BORING bag. I skipped March and April. Really really want to have a good May bag so I don’t have to skip again! hopfully the spoiler at end of month is more interesting.

  20. Ouch, I might actually have to skip.😢 The Wander palette sounds blue, which I can’t use, I don’t need mascara and I don’t like GlamGlow. I hope there’s something that makes me want to stay in for May in later spoilers.

  21. I skipped April, and it’s May still looks worse !! I find it very poor can be a month of 6 products ?? I’ll wait at the end of the month to get more spoilers, but a lot has to improve 😭

    • I skipped April too and it’s my birthday month! I’m not thrilled with these early spoilers but I’ll wait to see more before skipping again.

      • Me too.

  22. Dang I just got Glam Bag Plus in March and already skipped April probably skipping May too. That happens to every sub box I sign up to, start out great, so much hype, can’t get the box, have to be waitlisted. Then once I start getting it, it goes downhill.

    • Does it get better again once you cancel? Maybe we can all chip in and just send you one but you won’t be technically subscribed?

      • I was thinking the same thing!! Lol

    • Sara: Sounds like Ricky’s NYC, eh? That box was impossible to get, but once I finally was able to sign up…they fell apart (quite literally).

  23. I deffinately wont skip May. Glamglow and wander are welcome for my bucks

  24. The shadow palette is potentially interesting to me, especially with that name!

    The sheet mask & mascara, not so much (those were 2 things I had opted out of, as well as blush, back when Ipsy allowed 3 opt-out categories).

    • OMG 3 opt out categories sounds so amazing!!

    • Are you grandfathered in on 3 opt-out categories? I wish I got in on that but I didn’t know about the opt-outs until this year.

      • I don’t think they grandfathered people in…and least that was my guess at how my opt outs got messed up and I just realized it. I thought years ago I was opted out of nail polish, highlighter and bronzer. Ipsy just confirmed a few weeks ago I was only opted out of nail polish and bronzer, not highlighter (which is why I kept getting them in my Plus when I never did in my regular). So my assumption is that at least when I changed over to Plus they automatically cut me down to 2 opt outs and guessed wrong at one I wanted to keep. LOL.

      • That’s a bummer. They should go back to allowing more opt-outs, especially since these are full size.

      • Interesting! Thanks for sharing this!

      • I’ve been afraid to ask! XD If I do still have all 3 in my account, I don’t want to draw attention to it.

        I did recently confirm that I am opted out of mascara, BUT I also got a mascara in the first ever GBP. I have not received a blush yet from GBP, & there have been 3 different blush palettes.

  25. I’ve opted out of mascaras anyway, and Il Makiage is a brand I boycott.
    GlamGlow is terrible as a skincare brand and it’s not cruelty free. So no.
    The Wander Beauty palette have been boring and muted so far, so no high expectations here for this item.

    • how to you opt out? do you have to email customer service?

      • Yes.

  26. No mask please Although I’m fairly certain that glam bag plus would give more than one sheet mask to everybody who’s worried about that. So far I’ve loved everything I’ve gotten from wander and that mascara looks like something I would definitely want to try

  27. Their website says the GBP is an ‘introductory price’. Huh? Have they said anything about the possibility of raising the price?

    • Perhaps “introductory” because after add ons it costs more?

    • It has said that since day one. Not sure if they plan on raising the price but I sure hope not.

    • I feel like they did mention it will go up based on the states they have to start charging tax too. So still $25 but plus tax.

    • i have a feeling they will…they sent me a survey a while back with different price points for plus and regular and asked my opinion on how much i’d pay UGH..

  28. Um I better not get a single sheet mask as a full size item in my bag!!

    • They put two in Ipsy normal so should be at least 4? Imagine if there is 6!

  29. Looks like I might skip again.

  30. Do they really think it is ok to send a single sheet mask as a full size product? I get it is high end but you use it once! I will be so angry if I get that, that is ridiculous.

    • To be fair, it isn’t stated that subscribers will receive only one mask. And technically, it is a full-size product. Have you ever seen the fails of people who ordered sheet masks online and got the tiny ones that fit cat faces? LOL

    • They’ve always sent 2 in the regular Ipsy so it should be at least 2,

      • Depends how expensive mask is. I got a 111skin rose gold mask that retailed for $30 you better bet they only sent 1 lol

  31. I’m excited to see anything Il Makiege since I’ve never seen that brand in sub boxes before, and it’s pretty pricey — although I certainly don’t need more mascara, I’ll take it lmao. (They do have it in brown and blue so maybe they won’t send black?) I’m not huge on Glamglow stuff for some reason, and Wander Beauty is hit or miss for me too, so I’ll withhold judgment until I see it. Overall I’m already feeling more excited about May than April at this point (which I ultimately skipped).

  32. Seascape Palette has me intrigued! Does this mean teals and blues in that palette?? I’m excited!!!

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking 😁 I would love to have a very true cool tone palette with blues, greens, and maybe some silvers in there too!!!

  33. 🥰 no mascara please – hope glam bag plus is better next month 😁👍

  34. The palette looks like it will be brand new. I could only find Bill of Lading info for this item from China, received late Feb or late March. Interested to see what the colors will be.

    Not interested in mascara. Sheet mask maybe, but I have a bubble mask I enjoy that isn’t a sheet.

  35. I’m all for glamglow and bubbles double win lol and plz plz plz no mascara for me lol

    • How do you opt out of certain products?

      • You have to email Ipsy.

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