Ipsy Glam Bag Plus May 2019 SPOILERS Round #3!

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UPDATE: ipsy has opened the waitlist for their Glam Bag Plus subscription to everyone in the US! Click here to sign up for ipsy Glam Bag Plus and skip the waitlist! Your first box will be the May box.

We have some spoilers for the May 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus(These are some of the items that Ipsy is sending in May. There are different box versions every month, so you may not receive all of these in your Glam Bag Plus.)

Here are some of the items Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is sending in May:

GLAMGLOW Bubblesheet Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask (UPDATE: Set of 3)

IL MAKIAGE Icon High Volume & Intense Curl Mascara

WANDER BEAUTY Wanderess Seascape Eyeshadow Palette

ILLAMSQUA Colouring Lip Pencil

Nudestix Nudies Tinted Blur Stick

Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum

Yensa Tone Up Primer Essential Glow

Go-To Face Hero

Margot Elena TokyoMilk Lip Gloss

Kandee Johnson X Purlisse Butter Me Orange Creamsicle Body Butter

What do you think of the spoilers?

This subscription is $25 a month. Sign up here! (Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.)

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I really love murad but I’m breastfeeding & Retinol is a no no!!! Are we all getting the murad in may box? I me I’d think so seeing as it is the most expensive item here… this was going to be my first plus. I never complain about any of my subscriptions but this makes me sad…

    • Just like the regular bag, the items we get is based on our beauty profiles. So unless ipsy clearly states everyone will get an item, like that Violet Voss pallet a couple of months ago, no one is guaranteed a particular item.

    • Most of these products have long shelf lives if unopened. You could always throw it in your fridge until you are ready to use.

      • That’s what I’m doing. Just found I’m pregnant so I’m going to have a great stash of products to look forward to in a couple years!

        • Awwwww, congratulations to you & your family!!!!!!! I’m definetly a baby person-mine is almost 21 months & she WONT STOP GROWING FOR MUMMAH😢Bitter sweet though! Anyways, just wanted to send you a congrats 👏🐣👣💗🤗

          • You are so sweet, thank you! I know what you mean, I have a 17mo who I swear is bigger and smarter every single day. It is totally bittersweet! 💕

    • If you receive this just stick it in the fridge, and use it after the baby is born. It keeps well, and you will need it for those sleepless nights!

      • Yeah I have a Sunday Riley Retinol I’ve been waiting to use from my allure box. But I’ve never used Retinol and dont plan on starting anytime soon. Not only because I’m breastfeeding and plan to have more children. But simply because I’m 29, I look like I’m 12, “if it ain’t broken leave it alone” honestly have been beating myself up about using any creams or serums.

        • Honestly I thought the same thing at your age but I am 39 now and wish I had started using a beauty routine in my mid 20’s or early 30’s that had retionol, collagen and Vitiman C ect. You may look like you are a kid still but it seemed like overnight that I noticed my aging skin. If you start early then it is not as hard to treat when you get older. It is just my opinion and what I know from personal experience. You just need to do what is best for you and your babies so I do understand what you are saying, I just thought I would offer some friendly advice!

          • A lot of these products with the newer ingredients weren’t even available 10 or twenty years go so stop beating yourself up, I wish I had started using products for my neck back then but who knew. My situation is pretty good for my age since I’ve used the basics since I was in my late teens / early twenties but I never considered extra care for the neck area, not so bad now either but probably would have been better if I’d started there sooner too! Plus there are way too many products to choose from now which makes it even more defeating especially when you see claims from all the so called “miracle products”. Make sure to eat clean, get some exercise for your circulation and buy products in your budget since more money doesn’t necessarily mean better results either! FYI I’ve used mostly Clinique 3 Step forever and I pretty much stick to that since I have sensitive skin and it works for me but once you find your brand just stick to it, I think your skin gets used to it after a while and once you start switching around it can cause problems. I’ve added a few extra products (masks, pore refiner, lip exfoliator, and some K Care which I enjoy experimenting with and enjoy). Good luck!

          • Thank you for making me feel better!😊 My skin really don’t look to bad for being 40. I really try to take care of my skin and body. I also use Clinique products and I love them! Good luck with you also!

        • Why are you beating yourself up over using creams and serums?

          • I completely agree. It makes me feel good to be doing great things for my skin, especially when people compliments my skin.

          • Dont get me wrong I love pampering myself and am really enjoying having a skin routine. But being honest with myself I know I dont need it. My skin is not dry or oil, patchy or red I dont have fine lines or blemishes, not a single forehead crease. So when ipsy asks me my skin and hair concerns there is nothing to select for me. I’ve been a self employed model for ten years now and the only makeup I wore before this year as my usual routine was a cover girl cover up and bronzer, mascara and Revlon lip gloss…

        • If you don’t need/wear makeup, why subscribe to a makeup box?

          • Obviously because I love it and need it for my job! I was the model of Glamlab nyny and have plenty of pallets too. Doesn’t mean I want to be drastic and use Retinol! Which is what started this conversation. If it’s not safe for a baby it’s not safe for you! We are talking about strong acids. Not good. The body wants to be alkaline!

    • Adjust your profile to say that you don’t want eye serums. That might prevent you from getting it.

    • You could try emailing them to opt out of the item, worth a try!

  2. Everything looks great to me except the eye palette. I was really disappointed with the one sent in the April box. Would love the eye cream, nudestix, and Face Hero.

    • I am hoping for the best re the eye shadow palette, because I love Wander Beauty

      • I got the wander beauty palette this month as a add on but it is in Smokey. I have not gotten my bag yet but I am super excited about getting it! I hope you receive the wander beauty palette next month! I love Wander beauty also! Good luck!

        • Smokey sounds like it was a Huda palette, not Wander’s.

  3. Not sure if it will be an issue but it says that the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus has an “introductory” price of $25. To me that implies it will change – higher of course. Thoughts anyone?

    • I am hoping that the price don’t go up on the Ipsy Glam bag plus. I was wondering the same thing! Especially since the add on products are what they are recieving in there bags.

    • It has said that since they launched it. Not sure if they will be raising to price, at some point. I hope not.

    • I paid $27.22 for the May bag. it may change

      • I don’t understand why they made you pay that much for the GBP bag for next month. I keep getting emails about getting the GBP but it says that I would only have to pay the $25.00. Unless it is because of taxes but we don’t pay taxes on the regular bags so I am not sure why you had to pay $27. I would email them and ask.

        • It is taxes. I’ve been paying sales tax on my regular bag for months now. Have you checked your billing statement lately?

          • I feel stupid! I don’t know why I was thinking wander beauty? Your right! It is Huda! Sorry about that! I do love Huda and Wander beauty though! And as far as the taxes my card has only been charged for 10.00 ever since I joined. I get the Play box from Sephora also and I do have to pay taxes on that subscription! I don’t know why they are not charging me for taxes but I just called and listened to my transactions for this month and it was just $10.00

        • I’m joining the convo to say I’ve been paying taxes on both of my Ipsys since i joined a few months ago. I believe the sales tax will kick in for everyone eventually. Im in NY.. All e-commerce brands have to comply, and depending on where you live will determine your end price.

          • Yeah, it states in the frequently asked questions that ipsters have to pay taxes on there bags and purchases, but, like you said it varies from state. I am not having to pay taxes on my Glam bag or purchases due to my location. If it ever changes and I do start getting charged than that will be fine with me because it will still be worth purchasing my Glam bag and other products from Ipsy.

          • Sales tax depends on your state. If ipsy does less than $10,000,000 with your state per year, you will not be charged sales tax on out of state online purchases.

          • Thank you Dia!, I think a lot of people probably think that I am not telling the truth about not paying taxes on Ipsy but I have not had to pay any type of taxes since I joined a year ago. It explains it in the frequently asked questions when you email Ipsy support.

        • Sales tax is mandatory in the majority of states starting in 2019. There are 4 states that don’t have sales tax and do not have to comply. Californians have been paying sales tax for quite a long time on the vast majority of online purchases. I was floored the first time I found out that most people weren’t paying sales tax on online purchases until recently.

          • Apparently I am in one of those states. I do have to pay taxes on a lot of purchases that I make online depending who I am purchasing my orders from. I don’t have to pay any taxes through Ipsy, whether it be my Glam Bag or the daily offers. Like I said before if I do end up having to pay taxes on any thing involving Ipsy than it will be well worth it!

          • Sales tax on online purchases is mandatory if the out of state company you are buying from does in excess of $10 million worth of sales in your state in a fiscal year. Therefore, states with low populations like WY and MT would have a hard time reaching that $10 million mark, and would not pay sales tax on most out-of-state online purchases wow densely populated states like CA and NY have no trouble meeting that threshold. There is pending legislation that may change that, and apply sales tax to all online purchases.

  4. Super stoked about the Nudestix Nudies Tinted Blur Stick!!! I will have my fingers crossed for 2 weeks hoping I get one <3

    • Same!

  5. I want one of those nude stickers in color
    #3 or # 4 or it won’t match and that’s the worst as we saw in the angry mob reaction in BL over the color FX palette being the wrong color and I really want that face hero oil 👀 I want Murad too !!

    • I was part of the customers that got the wrong palette in my BL. The problem was that they sent the light colored palettes to dark skinned people and dark colored palettes to light skinned people. I tried swatching the lightest color on my skin to see how it looked and it was wayyy too dark 😔

  6. Getting my first ipsy plus in may yay!!! Happy one year anniversary on ipsy to me!

  7. You can customize it? How many items can you swap out?

    • Not swap out, they’re doing add-ons for an extra charge of either $3 or $12 per item, depending on what you choose.

  8. Sooo has anyone else had complaints about the moods eyeshadows? Cause I put it on and it lasted maybe an hour then it was completely gone… I also had a hard time blending the colors.

    • They also have parabens in them. I plan on giving mine away because I suspect there will be hundreds of these on the swap site.

    • My mirror was broken. Anyone else? Not sure I’ll even bother calling. It’s not something I’m likely to use.

    • Yes, it was like play makeup a child could use. No real pigment, very dry and not easy to blend. The staying power was horrible. I was very disappointed.

      • I agree with you completely! Only I think kids makeup would have been better than this eye shadow! Lol😂 I actually have noticed that a lot of my eye shadow that I get in my Ipsy bags are either super light to the point you cannot even tell I put it on or colors that are off the wall that I will never wear and I get the same brand shadows just different colors. There are so many makeup brands out there! I don’t know why they just stick to the same brands with me!

    • Mine was also gone after a couple of hours.. I wasn’t happy with it to begin with because of the colors, but I gave it a chance and tried it out. I didn’t have a blending problem, it was just too light and didn’t stay.

      • This eye shadow is a joke! I completely agree with you! Hopefully we won’t get no more from this brand!

    • I’m actually surprised to hear that, Ive been using mine since I received it and with or without primer, I think it has preformed beautifully. Mine had huge color payoff but was still super buildable (Which i like) and blendable and mine lasted just as well as any other shadow I own. One night i fell asleep with my makeup on ( I know it’s horrible) But the next morning i still had shadow left on my eyes, so not sure how others just disappeared. Very strange maybe it has something to do with your primer or foundation. I didn’t find anything wrong with mine. Let alone to the point of being child’s makeup.

      • Same. I’ve been loving it. Bold colors I normall wouldn’t wear but I like that it’s getting me to step outside my comfort zone. I have found it helps to use a setting spray but when I do that it lasts all day.

      • Definitely not the issue. I have tried different primers, concealers, foundation and even nothing at all. This eyeshadow pallet is a joke. I have to do a ridiculous amount of building it up for the colors to even look nice, but it doesn’t last.. maybe like 2 hours.. 3 if I’m lucky. And with eveyone else (except you) having the same issues.. the pallet is obviously trash.

        • Have you tried it without primer? I a
          Have a morphe primer and a venis line crime pallet, if I use the pallet with the primer it looks weird, and without I can sleep in it and it looks flawless. I know it’s different shadows but maybe worth a shot!

      • I love mine too with no problems. Its the perfect grab and go palette with the two browns and all those pops of colors to choose from. I have dry skin so I wonder if that’s why its working for me.

  9. interesting they are doing so many spoilers early in the month. I am glad they are not making us wait until the 28th of the month to find out.

  10. If you go to Ipsy’s facebook page they had a live stream showing the May spoilers for the Glam Bag Plus. You get a better view of the eye shadow.

  11. Thinking of cancelling Boxycharm and getting a second IGBP. May is so much better thanApril’s box !!

    • My experience with having 2 IGBP subs is that I received duplicate boxes and still had to add on the one main thing I wanted to begin with (the eye cream). So, for that reason I decided it was better to have 1 IGBP sub and 2 regular bag subs. That allows me for all of the add-on options I need and I get exactly what I want each month 🙂 Something to think about!

      • Yup I do the same! 1gbp and 2 regular gbs

        • that’s what I have too…I also have 2 allure’s so I can get the same..and I have beautyfix.

  12. Hmmmm I’m torn after seeing these spoilers, right now I only sub to GBP on one of my ipsy accounts but now I’m wondering if I want two?? I NEED the nude stix!

  13. Would love to try the TokyoMilk Lip Gloss. Got the body butter and it is awesome (and larger than what is in the travel trio).

  14. On the website I push the big pink button write Reserve your spot for the Glam bag plus. How I can know it work ? Are they suppose to send me a email or I have to wait until de begin of may or something else. Thank you in advance for your response.

    • Once you complete the purchase, the confirmation page tells you your first box will be the May box. Hope that helps!

    • Go check your account they take the money instantly.

  15. Can anyone explain to me how I opt out of a kind of product?

    • You can email them and request it. You can find their email on your account page under more. Click “contact ipsyCare.”

  16. Sorry if this is off topic. How do you skip a month? How often am I allowed to skip a month? Thanks!

    • Just go to your account and billing, and change the frequency. It’s super easy on the app.

      • Thank you!

  17. The body butter was in the March bag so I hope I don’t receive it again.

    • I didn’t receive it, so I’m kind of hoping for it. Does it smell good?

      • If you like creamsicles, you will love the scent as it is very true.

        • I DO like creamsicles 🙂 Ty, if I don’t get it, I will definitely add it on!

  18. I am excited about everything except maybe the palette. I don’t think those colors would look that great on me. I really want the eye cream.

  19. Does anyone know if there is a separate profile for the GBP? I can’t locate on the Ipsy website. Thanks.

    • No, you have the same profile for Ipsy plus & regular Ipsy.

      • Thanks for answering. May all your beauty dreams come true.

    • If you used one account to sign up for both then it’ll use the same profile… When ipsy first started GBP in October I had to start a second account to so I could still get the basic ipsy subscription with the cute little bags. I set them up with slightly different profiles so I could get a better range of products.

  20. I just don’t want the mascara or blur stick! Be fine w everything else!

  21. ammmmmazing! I can’t wait to see my variation, so sad that I need to wait 3 weeks more) Ipsy you’ve done greate job, I appreciate your boxes especially comparing to boxy, even to boxy luxe

  22. I would LOVE to get the palette, the face oil, and the nude stix and then I would be happy with the other two being either the lip gloss, face masks, or the mascara! I got the body butter in a recent ipsy plus box, and it is amazing! These spoilers are amazing!

  23. I wish they’d put another Tokyomilk perfume in the box.

    • Me too. I had to skip January so I missed out on the perfume. Haven’t tried tokyomilk perfumes yet but would love to.

      • Just buy one on Morphe.com. They even have afterpay if you spend more than $35 so you can pay every 2 weeks over 4 payments.

        BTW…it WAS a really nice full size perfume. I used mine up already. It was called Dead Sexy. Honey and the Moon is also really nice from Tokyo Milk.

    • Me too! 🤞I was hoping I’d get the perfume in my January box but no luck. Wasn’t in add-ons either.

      • Good luck getting perfume, I have been receiving the Ipsy bag for a year now and still have not received a perfume. I get the same products every month no matter if I change my profile and review my products that I get. I have tried everything!

        • Have you changed your age? That worked for me.

          • I am 39 and that is what I put on my profile. What did you put for the age on your profile? Thank you!

    • Yes!

  24. I’m torn I skipped April and not really impressed with May, but I would love the face oil, primer and lip gloss. I could pass on everything else. I got that body cream in my first GBP and it smells heavenly.

  25. Ipsy plus I love you!

    Def interested in the face oil and blur stick!

  26. Oh yeah… I just signed in to ipsy glam bag plus…I can’t wait for my first box…yeah..yeah.sorry I’m so excited…this may box looks good..

  27. I just adjusted my beauty profile. Hoping for: lip gloss, eye cream, and face oil. I’m fine trying the other items but won’t use the pallet. Can’t wait for Mays reveals!

    • I am with you on this box..this is what I want too..

    • Pretty sure everyone will get the palette unless you opt out of eyeshadow!

      • How can you opt out of eyeshadow??

    • I went in to my profile and it seems like everything I had marked to receive “rarely” had gone back to “sometimes”, and things I marked “often” were on “sometimes” as well. Except for my hair/eye color, skin type and brands, my profile was all whackadoo. I wonder if it all reset when I upgraded to GBP.

      So everybody check your profile after you upgrade, because I definitely feel like this will help, though they’ve done a pretty good job picking the items that would work for me based on my skin/hair type. But I’d rather receive moisturizer than mascara, kwim?

  28. I think I’d most like the palette, face oil, nudestix, Tokyo milk, and the body butter! Eye cream looks cool too!! Ipsy is killlllllllin’ it!

  29. I don’t know how they continue to pull this off I really would love to know the business model they’re using for this because it is awesome and amazing spectacular stupendous fabulous and out of this world GGGRRRRRREEEAATTTTT!!!!🐯

  30. skipped April and very happy with the May options! I’ll be happy with any of it minus the mascara…. been getting mascara in both my plus and regular bags for the past few months.

  31. Wow- this is 10 items which I think is more than gbp usually offers total, right? Love these spoilers. And I reached out to ipsy because I almost always have an allergic reaction to sheet masks, so they told me that I wouldn’t receive them in any of my boxes from now on. Their CS is great.

    • You won’t get them all…you’ll get 5 from among these.

    • It’s usually between 9-12 products. I have a feeling that they will have more this month though. With them opening it up to everyone, I think they are going to need more variations.

    • No there’s been a couple months where there was 12 items ! Marchs box only had 8 or 9 options because there were three variations of the eyeshadow palette. I hope this isn’t all of them. I’m hoping for st least 2 more makeup items in the variation. I absolutely love skincare too though. I really wanted the eye cream in the April box but didn’t get it so I’d be soo stoked to get the Murad one in May! I Love Murad

  32. Wow mats spoilers are early this month but I ain’t complaining these look great

  33. I just want the body butter but no guarantees right?

  34. Oh I’m dying for that Purlisse!! I wanted it last time but didn’t get it, and it wasn’t available in add ons!! Hoping for Purlisse, tokyomilk, eye cream, and blur stick!! Love gbp! Also hoping we see the tokyomilk perfume again soon?!?!

  35. This looks like a great box! This will be my first so I’m looking forward to it.

  36. I want nothing to with that body butter! Everything else is great.

    • What’s wrong with the body butter?

      • I love my ipsy I’ve been receiving it for 3years I just recently switched to the plus and I love it….I agree if you don’t review every month it doesn’t help pick out what you want, 6and what’s awesome you get points with your reviews and you can order stuff…great job ipsy employees!

    • Is it Kandee Johnson?

    • Me either I don’t like strong scents and a creamsicle may be the last thing I want to smell like. I also don’t want to have to avoid using it if I’m wearing perfume, all the hair products are scented now too just too much stuff going on if I’m not careful 🙂

      • I got it in my last box and I actually love it. And I doesn’t smell like orange creamsicle to me, more like those orange cinnamon roll things. Which could be better or worse for you lol idk. I love it though. It makes my skin feel good.. especially my dry elbows and knees

    • It’s the only thing I want!!! Reviews are great! Sure beats getting ANOTHER palette, ANOTHER mascara, ANOTHER primer…..

      • I completely agree!, I had received the Cake beauty body balm in my bag and felt the same way at first and then when I started using it, I feel in love! I had to purchase the big size. It was at least something different that I had not had before. It seems like I get the same products just different brands every month!

    • I agree I’m 38 I don’t need to smell like popsicles they tend to forget not everyone Subscribing is 19 lol

    • I am terrified of that eyeshadow pallet that’s getting sold online immediately! They seriously don’t even pay attention to your profile at all I swear

      • Hiii! I’ve been with Ipsy for a few yrs. Throughout, I noticed that reviewing each bag as you get them helps narrow down what you are most into and get more of what you love. It took the first 6 months to perfect my bag. I’ve been with them for almost four. Trust me. I get everything I want in every bag. Good luck.

        • I do too! I review and update my profile every month. To better my chances of getting exactly what I’m hoping for, I update my profile and brands once I see the spoilers on here for the next month. I’m thrilled with the boxes I’m getting now and the reg. bag as well. Both are filled with products I can use. The key is to keep up with your profile and review everything they send. Like you, it took a few months of doing this to get the products I prefer, but it does work. 🙂

          • Well, I have been receiving the regular Ipsy Glam bag for a year now and I update my profile every month, review my products and I still get the same type of products every month with shades that does not fit my profile at all. The only way I receive products that I want is to contact customer service over and over again or add-ons!

      • I completely agree with you! The colors they pick for me are awful!, I never receive colors that are on my profile!

  37. I am soooooooo excited for May! Like that is for real the only complaint with Ipsy, they make me soooooooo impatient!

    • Ikr, my April box hasn’t even shipped yet but I’m already ready to see our May reveals + add-ons. I have a problem 😂

  38. I love the skincare items items and the TokyoMilk lip gloss. Mascara is always great to receive. I hope I do not receive another palette with goofy colors in it (blues, greens, etc). That’s so not my taste… and my profile represents that, too. I love mauves, plums, golds, silvers, neutrals. Next month has some interesting products.

  39. I was able to sign up for the Glam Bag Plus with no need to have the regular bag first (it did remember my old account from over a year ago – including a card without me signing in – just clicked on the link in the last post – so that’s a lil scary to me).
    It said there was currently no waitlist and that my first one would be May.
    Just wanted to let you all know!
    Also getting a free Huda Beauty lip strobe as a bonus gift.

    • How did you get the free gift if you don’t mind me asking? I received an email stating that if I signed up, I would get a free item. I signed up for the plus glam bag and inquired about the free item but was told that I did not qualify for it because that offer was only for the regular ipsy bag. 😔

  40. Omg!!!!! So happy after this months not so great box ( for me at least) they came back!!! Please Ipsy Gods give me the Nudies Blur stick
    To try!!!

  41. I just signed up ! Looks great.

  42. I just swapped for that body butter, I hope it is good enough to have a back up lol!

  43. Oh Ipsy, you are so worth it! Love these, and I think it’s safe to say we all appreciate the early spoilers!

  44. I really hope I get the Pur-lisse body cream. I really don’t need any more pink lip gloss. 😉

    • Yesssss!!!!

  45. I can’t decide if I’m terrified or drunk with desire for that lipgloss …. I got my first Margot Elena box And it came with a lip balm that tasted like roses I just don’t like rose on my lips So I’m kind of afraid and wondering with this lipgloss taste like

    • Terrified or drunk with desire, I laughed out loud 😂 I just got my first Margot Elena box too, so seeing the brand in this has me intrigued.

      • It sounded better than drunk on orange juice and vodka before noon on a Sunday

        • 😂

  46. I really want that eye cream! It’s an amazing eye cream I have already some of and can’t get enough 😁 this is going to be my first glambag plus for May so whatever I get anything is better than nothing 😉

    • Awesome if you’re not pregnant or breastfeeding! Which I am. Putting an item a lot of women can’t use and having that be the biggest value in the box I’m so sad this was going to be my first box…

      • Congratulations on the baby!🎉 I am so sorry you can’t use the eye cream! I purchased it as a add on for my Ipsy bag because I am not subscribed to the GBP. Yes, I agree that they should have products that are high end brands that everybody can use!

        • Oh that’s cool was it a $12 add on? I don’t remember seeing that as an option! I emailed them, guess we will see what they say! And thank you shes 16 months now! 29 years old tomorrow mother of four and still modeling!

          • I give you props! That is a lot of babies to keep your body to where you can still model! Good for you! Happy early birthday! Yes, the eye cream was a $12 add on. But if you are recieving it in your bag it won’t be offered as a add on to you. I think! Every time I have emailed them about products they tell me that they can only opted me out of a certain product but can’t do nothing about the shade i receive in any product. To my understanding they won’t do nothing about people having allergic reactions to products either! So basically you get what they want you to have regardless if you have allergies! They may make a exception with you since your breastfeeding and take in consideration that certain products will be bad for your child! I hope they can offer you products that you can use! Good luck and let me know what they say!

          • Thank you so much & will do, hopefully hear from them tomorrow. It’s my first so I can’t skip it. But I really do want this pallet and I’m not really an eyeshadow person so that’s saying something. Maybe I can exchange it for murad Revitalixir Recovery serum at sephora or something. I mean if it’s full size and unopened someone should be able to help me!

  47. Hmmm, I really want that lip gloss!

  48. Be glad you all can’t see me bad happy dancing 🙂 Ipsy is amazing!

    • They are so amazing! Don’t know how they do it!

  49. ❤️🥰 looks great !

  50. Awesome box oh my gosh or bag totally looking forward to this

    • Plus is a box!

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