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BoxyCharm May 2019 Spoiler #3!


We have a new May 2019 BoxyCharm spoiler! (If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

The May box will include:

Alamar Cosmetics Colorette Blush Trio – Retail Value $22

The Colorette Blush Trio is available in three shades:




In case you missed the previous spoiler:

GLAMGLOW GENTLEBUBBLE Daily Conditioning Cleanser – Retail Value $28


First Aid Beauty Hello Fab Coconut Water Cream – Retail Value $34

What do you think of the May spoilers? Which item do you want?

If you sign up now, I believe the April FOMO box will be your first box. Click here to see exactly what you’ll receive. (Also, it looks like Boxycharm is doing a FOMO box every month for new subscribers, so to get the regular May subscriber box, you would need to start a subscription in April if you don’t already have one.)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Comments (67)

  1. question please: I just joined boxycharm, can you please tell me when I will know what will be in my box…is it like ipsy, it will show up on my site. or do I have to wait till I get my box?

    • You’ll be sent an email within a week or so of billing that will show you what you’re getting, except for the last item; it’s always a “surprise”, aka a variant. It never shows your box contents on the website, which is unfortunate.

      • Amber W. thank you so much for the information, I don’t know what there policy was..first time to join boxycharm…thanks so much..

  2. I cancelled Boxy the day after Christmas and haven’t missed it but I really hope I can swap for the deep/dark blush. It is gorgeous!!

  3. I’m excited to get blush, especially these that look like they will give you a sunkissed look just in time for summer! The peachy shades tend to look very natural on me, and I like the little bit of shimmer. The models on their website look like they are wearing the color higher on their cheekbones, where the sun would hit, and no highlight needed! I really like this look.

  4. I guess they can be alittle orangey.. I’ve read the reviews. People really like it. If you want that beachy glow for summer.

  5. Maybe some of our colors and things that we’re getting is because we’re sharing that with the men they’re advertising for our beauty products I’m not trying to be prejudicial I’m just saying maybe they’re trying to include men in Beauty and makeup as well which is fine but men have a different type of everything than women generally so maybe men should have their Beauty Box and maybe women should have our Beauty Box I don’t know

    • I don’t see why men should have their own Beauty box? Usually how good makeup looks on someone relies on skintone and undertones, not gender.

  6. I dont understand why we would get blush 2 months in a row…. I have so many and barely use them. We need eyeshadow palettes!!! I love ofra and pur. I would be so thrilled to get a new violet voss palette. Ipsy gbp is starting to make boxy look bad except on boxyluxe months. Too bad we cant just get the boxyluxe every 3 months and kick the monthly box.

    • Not everyone got blush last month. If you don’t need it maybe you should cancel.

    • A lot of people were actually complaining about getting too many eyeshadow palettes so to each their own.

  7. I was hoping For the new Alamar pallet

  8. I was hoping it would be the new Alamar pallet

  9. I realllly hope they use the skin tone profiles for May because I’ve been dying for that blush palette in fair/light. Please do right by us boxy!

  10. But why are the fair/light shades so orange?
    The dark/deep shades are gorgeous!

    • Good lord those are orange! The medium would work better on me even though I’m pale as milk. No orange thank you very much lol

    • Ladies, please just bear in mind that the colors shown here are dependant on your own individual computer settings and very often aren’t even close to what you may see on screen. Just trust (I know, it’s hard sometimes)…the colors they cite will be more apropos than what you my think right now.

    • Allie Glines did a review of the light palette on her YT channel and it didn’t look too orangey. It was very pretty and glowy!

  11. Yeah, nope. I’m out. None of those shades would look good on me and I’m not impressed with the other spoiler. Cancelled for now. This month totally sucks IMO.

    • I agree with you, last month sucked too…everything I get has glitter in it and is for someone with yellow undertones. I am cancelling too.

  12. If I subscribe today will I
    Get this box?

    • Tomorrow 🙂

    • May 1

  13. I was hoping for the new Alamar eyeshadow palette. Hopefully we will get it 8n the next few months.

  14. If I get FAB I’ll be very happy. Otherwise I won’t. I’m hoping for happy 😊

  15. These are bronzers and not blushes. The lightest doesn’t really work on a really fair cool complexion as a blush. All of the models on their site demoing the fair palette have what I would call medium tan complexions. They would work on my friend who is a light Latina complexion.

    Another debacle like the last highlighters and I can add these to the pile for my friend who really loves visiting me and taking home her goodies.

    • Amarante: Actually, these are blushes, but I suppose depending on your coloring, they could be used as a bronzer. You really need to keep in mind that these colors may not be an accurate representation of the colors in the palettes. Our computers all have different color profiles, so just remember what you see may not be what you get (be that good or bad).

  16. I cancelled and now I want to return for May box. What are my chances or am I getting the May FOMO box ? Any help is appreciated.

    • You will receive your regular May box. The FOMO one is for first time subscribers

      • thanks! I appreciate.

  17. Oops! Saw a typo in email address right when I hit send.
    I love this! I agree can be used for eyeshadow as well. Anybody could make this work with some imagination. 💗
    Hurry and give the other spoilers. Pleeeeeeeeeease…

  18. I love this! And, yeah cute for eyeshadow too. Sometimes you gotta use your imagination. I can’t wait to see the next spoilers. 💗

  19. Wait so if I subscribe on May 1 I won’t receive the normal box? I’ll get a FOMO box? That’s so sad.

  20. They better get my color right this time unlike the last time when they screwed up.

  21. Not a fan of the fair but like the other 2. I love the shades and where she’s going with her line, it looks unique!

    • Same! I have very fair skin but there’s no way I’d use those colors. The med/tan on the other hand I would love to get!

      • Thought the exact same thing the minute I looked at the shades. I have light/med complextion and hope I get the med/tan blush trio. The fair/light trio looks very orange.

  22. So far this month I’m very pleased with the spoilers! I love Alamar

  23. Well I can say that I am happy to get a blush kit… Its something different! I just hope that I get the correct shade! But Boxy needs to start getting new brands instead of the same ones like other ppl are saying! But this month actually looks really good to me!!!

  24. I reactivated my acct on the first day of the month and got the april box, not the fomo box. the april fomo box has the It Cream, so that’s pretty cool & it doesn’t have a palette, which I already have WAAAY to many of anyway!!

  25. I hate to say it…but I’m really not excited about this.

    I received an amazing blush palette from Lovecraft (from Ipsy Plus) that has Much better colors than this.

    Not to mention the 8-color one I had from the same by Nyx. (Not as nice of brand, but still better than these…)

    At least we’ll get one of the 1st two!

    • I got both of those blushes from ipsy and LOOOOOVE them! My last Boxy was March and I’m still waiting for something to make me want to resub.

    • Plus, aren’t we supposed to get a Tarte blush pallet with June’s Boxyluxe? Seems like blush overkill to me.

  26. I find Boxycharm repeats the same name brands, over and over again. Pur Cosmetics, Alamar, Ofra and a few others. They really should branch out and introduce some newer / less known / indie brands, to their repertoire. These palettes are pretty, though.

    • Alamar and Ofra I will take any day!! LOOOVE this blush palette. Great spoilers.

    • Alamar is a new indie brand. They started out almost a year ago and it’s really good quality.

  27. I’m not crazy about the palette. They all look very warm toned, regardless of the shades. It’s okay, I am overloaded as it is so I’m going to gift whatever I don’t like to my aunts. We’re all makeup junkies and they have a more olive/warm skintone so it should work for one of us!!

  28. Make sure your profile has the right skin tone ladies!!! I get to boxycharm each month due to variations. I’m constantly changing my profile. Currently I have one set for the glamglow and the other for the fab. Hoping it works again this month because I want both products lol. Looking forward to trying out a new blush. If it doesn’t work I know my daughter will love it❤️❤️❤️

    • Thank you So much for rementioning this! Ihad totally forgotten this was an option! Hopefully I’ll get the Glam Glow, with your help. 😊

    • I just went in to my profile and changed my skin tone to one shade lighter to make sure I get the fair/light palette. Thanks for the post!

  29. Is this the newbee of the Boxy Babes model’s???

  30. I was actually going to pick one of these up, so this spoiler has me stoked!! Really hoping for the medium palette!

  31. Shew they’re literally all orange if it wasn’t for the June boxyluxe I would cancel

  32. I really wish it was the new alamar eyeshadow palette.

  33. Are we able to pick the blush shades?

    • make sure to update yr profile!!

  34. Watch I will get the wrong shade I’m very fair and will end up with the dark just like the cover fx pallet.

    • make sure to update yr profile!!

    • If I get the light one and u get the dark wanna trade?

    • Lol. They sent me the wrong color on both palettes. I’ve had my beauty quiz filled out for ages. I keep checking to see if somehow it was altered because it’s happened twice, at least. Both blush palettes, and I’m willing to bet the palette in boxyluxe will also be the wrong color. If it is, I’m Done and I am cancelling. Lol.

  35. I am so jazzed!!! I hope they get their shades right this time, I would be so bummed if I got the wrong palette! I’m ADDICTED to blush, and this is GORGEOUS! And after last month (I was so bummed about last month) this month looks likes it’s already KILLING IT! ♥️♥️

    • make sure to update yr profile on the BC homepage!!

  36. It’s so cute but I don’t use blush. So easy pass for me. Plus I’m on product overload. Will cancel today.

  37. Yay! I love the Alamar palette and brushes we received. Not sure how this is going to work for me because two of the three colors look a lot orange for me, but happy to try.

    • You can always use them as eyeshadow! That’s what I do with bronzers/blushes that dont work on my face.

      • Great suggestion!

      • Yep, that’s the great thing makeup is so versatile you can use products for more than what their titled as. Just use your imagination 🙂 makeup is an art

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