Boxycharm Limited Edition Skincare Box Spoiler #2!

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Boxycharm Limited Edition Box

There’s a new Limited Edition Boxycharm Box launching soon and we have a new spoiler!

Here are the details we know so far:

  • All Skincare!
  • Launches in May
  • Available to Annual subscribers first
  • New items + brands that haven’t been featured in Boxycharm before

Each Limited Edition Boxycharm Skincare Box will include:

Kopari Coconut Cleansing Oil – $32

The antioxidant enriched formula dissolves impurities and makeup, all while keeping your skin extra hydrated.

This one-time special edition box features 8 items valued at over $250 that can be pre-ordered for $49.99 in April for delivery in May. Stay tuned for details on when pre-order will open and remember, annual subscribers will get early access. Check out our FAQ highlights for how to upgrade to an annual subscription.

In case you missed the previous spoiler:


This box with 8 prestige full size items has everything you need for the perfect skincare routine. Our first sneak peek is @glamglow SuperSerum valued at $65! This universal serum features activated charcoal that helps clarify pores and hydrates for healthy looking skin! Stay tuned for more info on this very special Boxy. Annual subscribers get first dibs on this box.

What do you think of the spoilers? 

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  1. The amount of crying about annual subscribers getting first dibs is outrageous. You can’t have it both ways. You don’t get to say oh I’ll just cancel and resubscribe whenever I want but then demand the same perks that annual subscribers get. I’m not an annual subscriber but I see no problem with giving them first dibs.

    • Far more comments about it being fair than unfair. Those few that think it’s unfair are entitled to their opinions. I think it’s perfectly fair, but don’t have a problem with people thinking it’s unfair (some people can’t afford to pay for an annual subscription). Whatever. There will be many more boxes for us all to waste our money on. 🤣😂

  2. I can’t were disagreeing about beauty subs , it’s luck of the drawer , sure a lot hope we get it , but we may not . There’s plenty I wish I got and some I was lucky to get. That’s the gamble when you sign up for subs, we have no control of the rules and their protocols . Let’s just hope we are able to obtain one 🤞🤞, if not hats off to those who do even the annual subscribers . And sorry I’m gonna have to agree “life in general is not fair “ but, we keep going and role with the good and bad times . In the scheme of everything going on in our lives and around the world , it’s a sub . Have a great day !

  3. In addition to my previous opinion, I actually agree they should reward seniority. I’ve only been with them since November and accidently signed up yearly in January. Longevity should be rewarded. Ipsy Glam plus stated they were going to consider seniority and never did. I’d been with them only a little over two years and was one that got right in thru this site though I felt strongly seniority still should have prevailed versus influencers.

  4. I’m an accidental yearly subscriber (don’t ask how, I’m still not quite sure how I managed to do it) and even if I wasn’t (which I’m not to every single other sub I do) I don’t find it unfair or wrong when other subs do it. What is wrong with a company using every tool to increase business? Nothing wrong with what he is doing. Kind of really strange to think other wise.
    Oh and, I have zero plans of ordering this. 1st.. I’m on serious product over load, 2nd, my post office is seriously screwing up my deliveries and doubt B.C. would go thru filing a claim and getting my money back or making it right, and 3rd.. I really don’t even like BC and wish I could cancel and get my money back. For that very reason is part of why I don’t like them.

  5. I think you have to look at it like this, the revenue that they earn from annual subscribers is how they purchase the product to place in our boxes, the monthly fees is how they keep it going. I just watched a new gym sell memberships before they were open and that is how they paid to build and equip their gym. If I were to pay $240 at once I would hope to get some kind of perks out of it, and no I am not an annual subscriber, I pay monthly.

  6. A lot of you may not like what I am posting but I will make my point. I personally don’t think it is fair that people who prepay for a year gets first priority over everyone else. Sorry, but not sorry. Thank you.

    • Life isn’t always fair. Sorry but not sorry. Thank you.

      • Maybe saying “it is not fair” is not the correct wording so let me rephrase that so it is more adult wording. I say “IT IS WRONG FOR HIM TO DO WHAT HE IS DOING”. So please, if you are going to respond to a forum, respond with substance and not with childish comments “life is not fair”, smh..

        • Can you explain why it’s not fair or right to reward customers who are guaranteed investments? I’m an annual, but I don’t plan on purchasing it. Other companies do the same thing. FFF gives their annual subscribers early access to their edit sales. It’s common practice.

          • I’m not a annual subscriber or a subscriber at all right now and I feel it’s fair. How many people do you think is gonna hurry up and sign up just to get this box? So I feel it’s fair to the loyal subscribers get first dibs. I know I’d be pretty heated if I paid for a year and someone just signed up to get this box got it before me.

      • *Slow clap*

    • I am not an annual subscriber nor do I have any interest in this box, but I think if you ask annual subscribers they would say it’s very fair. If you ask everyone else, they would say it’s not

    • Why wouldn’t they get an added perk? I’m definitely not one of them, but I can’t be salty for BC rewarding them for being extra loyal. (Same as any other company/brand having different loyalty tiers) If they can afford the yearly price in one go, then they should get something extra when it’s possible. Can’t be mad at that.

    • I’m not an annual subscriber and I don’t have an issue with annual subscribers getting first dibs. It’s a marketing strategy to encourage people to purchase an entire year of subs. FabFitFun has always given extra perks to annual subscribers such as being able to customize their entire box. Not to mention, doing this discourages people from subscribing just to get the skin care box with the intention of cancelling immediately afterwards.

      • I don’t think most people have an issue with annual subscribers getting priority, it’s the fact that Boxy marketed this box as sign up to be eligible and then delayed etc but there was no mention of annual subscribers then. It would annoy me if I’d signed up to be eligible for this and then they delayed and changed it.

        • Nothing has changed. They said from the beginning only subscribers could get the box. That is still the case. They are allowing annual subs first dibs. All subscribers are eligible but annuals get first crack. They will probably limit the number you can purchase. They cancelled orders with the limited box a couple years ago when people bought multiples. But not everyone who wants one will get one. Another marketing strategy to build hype and make limited boxes to ensure a sellout. Boxycharm is a business, not our friend. They serve their own interests first.

        • Anna, I feel the same as you. He first said it was for ALL subscribers then he threw this in to the mix. I see in a lot of forums people saying they are dropping BC due to the repetition of products. Me, I was excited to receive the Cover FX pallet, but I was one of the subs that received the wrong color. Sure he gave me xtra charms, but there is nothing in the room I want so far. I made no big deal about it. People who pay for a year already get their box at a discount plus they get 13 boxes a year where I pay for 12. I paid for the Christmas box last year, and also pay for Boxyluxe. I cannot pay for a yearly subscription due to budget restraints so those of you who can, have fun with your box,🍻.

          • I being a very fair skinned girl got the cover fx palette for a dark skinned black girl. Now don’t get me wrong, a good friend is a dark skinned black girl and I am happy I was able to give her something. However, I got zero charms for it, I threatened to cancel and all they did was tell me that my decision to cancel saddened them. So at this point I’m pretty much over BC. I understand wanting to give perks to annual members, but it’s bad business ethics IMO to say one thing only to end up changing your mind. Personally, I think they should limit the amount of boxes each person can buy even with opening it to annual members first. It was their mistake and that would do something to make it somewhat right. BC’s problem is thinking they’re too big to fail and no one has that luxury.

    • I agree I have been with them for years faithfully just cuz I’m not annual probably won’t be able to get one.

    • It is a perk of committing to them for a year. I’m a season ticket holder for a sports team and I get first access to tickets to events and games all the time. It’s an easy way for them to thank their loyal customers.

    • Just buy Beautyfix or Testtube Beauty! Those are both skincare subscriptions and I love them! Beautyfix is monthly, TT is bi-monthly.

    • It’s perfectly fair. Why *shouldnt* they reward those who have committed to them for a year. Those people have put their money into Boxy upfront- with no spoilers! Why shouldn’t Boxy extend a perk to them?

    • I definitely think it’s fair, so far it’s the only perk for prepaying for an entire year up front other than it being slightly cheaper. I’ve been an annual subscriber for 2 years now, although I’m undecided if I want the skincare box yet or not, leaning towards the not as I’m really stocked for skincare right now. May’s regular box looks like it’s going to have a nice skincare product as well.

    • Why should you get equal pick to those who have shown their commitment to Boxy. It’s perfectly fair. Why *shouldnt* they reward those who have committed to them for a year. Those people have put their money into Boxy upfront- with no spoilers! Why shouldn’t Boxy extend a perk to them? I’m not an annual sub- but if I was I would like to think my commitment afforded me some perks over those who pick and chose which months to sub.

    • With all due respect, Boxycharm isn’t the only sub that gives annual subscribers priority. Do you not use those subs either? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the biggest fan of Boxycharm, especially over the last couple of months. I’m just simply stating they aren’t the only one.

      • I belong to other boxes. In the past BC was my favorite. I will just shut up and forget about it.

  7. I think it’s crap that annual members get to purchase first. We all pay the same amount. It’s a special addition, not a limited edition box. So if we all pay the same amount to get our boxes, why do annuals get first dibs? I know what you’re thinking, but let me explain. If it was an actual limited edition: A box that is to be expected at a certain time period. So let’s say that Boxy puts out a special box yearly at XMAS; “limited edition”. We all know it happens, so we make a choice to become annual to be allowed early access. Right? This “special addition “‘, was just that, a surprise addition! So everyone should have the same chance in purchasing it. Yes or No? Thoughts?

    • As others have posted, it’s very common to reward “season” holders because annual subscribers are a guarantee way to know what their income will be for an extended period of time.

      It locks in subscribers and avoids those who come and go.

      I really don’t understand why people think this is unfair – in the end, Boxy is a company which needs to make a profit.

      Having the illusion of scarcity is something that is a marketing strategy anyway as it drives up interest so those who might not give AF then think I should want/covet/crave this item that is going to cost me $50.

    • Annual subs pay upfront WITHOUT spoilers. They have given their $$$ in advance. Boxy have their cash long before they send any product. It’s perfectly fair and reasonable they are rewarded. I am shocked that people are unwilling to pay upfront stating they want to see spoilers etc first… and then cry over others being rewarded for doing so. (And no im not annual)

    • It’s perfectly fair. You are completely wrong and frankly unreasonable. You can’t have it both ways. You don’t get to say oh I’ll just cancel and resubscribe whenever I want but demand the perks that annual subscribers get.

  8. Looks great ! I want one ( me , me please ) I want a umpa, Lumpa , now !! Lol 🤑🤑😍

    • Haha seriously that’s what I think when I read some of these comments

    • Haha yep lots of only I matter attitude and feet stomping going on!

  9. Do we know how much it will be?

    • $49.99. they keep updating on IG.

      • Thank you!

        • No problem. I’ve been keeping my eyes open to see what is coming. I seen them promote Dr brants pore reducing primer and waiting to see if it will go in any box, because I want it. So far boxycharm, boxyluxe and the skin care boxes all have a cleanser.

          • Ugh, I have so many cleansers!! I can only wash my face so much lol

  10. Does annual mean who’s with them all year or who had paid in full for year????🤔

    • It means who has paid a year in full, in advance.

  11. Ok, I have that cleanser, love Kopari, but that is one of the worst cleanser I’ve ever used lol I’ll skip this box!

    • Glad you posted that…why didn’t you like it?

      • Coconut oil is known to clog pores and cause acne. It’s super bad to use on your skin, any skin. Even if it doesn’t cause you acne it does prevent good ingredients in your skin care from sinking in. It’s all trendy right now but it’s just for people who don’t do their research.

  12. The full box contents were shown on several yt videos and it includes:

    Glamglow super serum $65 includes sample of the mask
    Caudalie grape water $10
    Farsali jelly beam highlighter $40
    Elemis superfood night cream $45
    Saturday skin rub a dub refining peel $26
    Kopari coconut cleansing oil $32
    Cosmedix Jade Roller $32
    Glow Recipe watermelon jelly mask $16 (2 masks)

  13. I’ll be checking swaps for the Kopari cleansing oil! I love the scent of the toner and will have to hope I don’t react to the oil like PudgeKat!

  14. I’m annual n I be checking my mail box every day couple times a day to get a email telling me I can get that box I can’t wait I’m so excited

  15. My knee jerk reaction is “I need this box!!” – but I need to remind myself that I already have WAY too much skincare, between the products in my routine that I’ve purchased directly from the brand, FFF edit sale + add-ons, ipsy, etc. If this ever became a quarterly box they’d provide, I’d subscribe – but with all the other products that I can easily get from other sources it’s not worth an annual subscription to boxy.

  16. I like kopari but the cleansing oil gives me acne even though I have very dry skin. Smells good though!

    • Coconut oil is comedogenic! Which means it can cause acne. It works wonders for some people and is a disaster for others. But coconut is such a trendy ingredient at the moment it’s hard to convince people it isn’t a miracle cure all for the masses!

      • Yep I run as soon as I hear or see coconut oil…with my acne prone skin.

    • Same here, I got it in a FabFitFun bundle and I too broke out 🙁

  17. I pay month to month and have been with boxy for a long time 3 years…. So I prob won’t be able to get it

    • Same with me and I can’t afford the annual and another 50 Really hope they don’t all go.

    • Me too. I wish they would have made their long time subscribers a first priority but they seem to have forgot about us. Every special launch they have had has been a complete disaster.

  18. I’m interested but not enough so to go annual.

  19. I would love to know when we can order! The anticipation is killing me.

  20. Looks good and promising. I am semiannual subscriber, hopefully I will get one.

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