Boxycharm Limited Edition Skincare Box Confirmed Spoiler #1!

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Boxycharm Limited Edition Box

There’s a new Limited Edition Boxycharm Box launching soon and we now have our first confirmed spoiler!

Here are the details we know so far:

  • All Skincare!
  • Launches in May
  • Available to Annual subscribers first
  • New items + brands that haven’t been featured in Boxycharm before

Each Limited Edition Boxycharm Skincare Box will include:


This box with 8 prestige full size items has everything you need for the perfect skincare routine. Our first sneak peek is @glamglow SuperSerum valued at $65! This universal serum features activated charcoal that helps clarify pores and hydrates for healthy looking skin! Stay tuned for more info on this very special Boxy. Annual subscribers get first dibs on this box.

What do you think of the spoiler? 

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  1. I want the box , love skin care just wish they had a pre- order date like Mintd- box , that would be fair . But , I’m not paying for an annual sub learned my way the hard way with LF sub, I dislike half those boxes a waste of a year of paying upfront.

  2. I want this box since I love skincare. BUT I’m not jumping through hoops to get it. We all know how BC crashes

  3. I love skin care and I’m quite upset at the fact that you have to be an annual subscription member to get first dibs. I’m not going to upgrade for the extra benefit. I’m really interested in the box but by all the reviews and comments I’ve seen I won’t hold my breath that they have enough stock for their other subscribers. Pretty disappointing.

  4. I like this product and it’s definitely a good spoiler for me! If I get a chance to order this I probably will, but considering BC history with limited edition boxes I’m not holding out much hope that I’ll actually even get the chance to purchase!

  5. Not gonna jump through hoops to attempt to get a box when knowing Boxycharm’s track record, chances are even the annual subscribers will have issues getting their hands on this.

  6. I’m not doing the annual sub thing to get this box. If I get it great if not oh well.

  7. Desperate promo via BC. You have to be an annual subber to get early access to this box… Not worth it. And is there guaranteed availability for all the annual subbers???

  8. I sincerely wish they would put some of these items in their regular boxes instead of saving them all up for a special “skincare” box. My sister got me a six month subscription for Christmas, and I have been disappointed by all the no name filler items. It would be nice to see at least one mid-range to lux skincare product per month.

    • I ordered Test Tube Beauty and it is pretty great. I also really like Beautyfix for skincare.

    • Tatcha in january, Farmacy in February, and Wander beauty in March. I consider those all at least mid range.

      • I LOVE Wander mascaras! They are the best I’ve ever used.

        • I so agree!! Wander Mascara knocks all my others out of the park. I want to use it everyday but have it in rotation with other opened tubes so I can use them up. I already ordered a full size of the blue tube {can’t think of the name} and have been trying to swap for them too.

          • Wander has a mascara in a Blue tube? The one in the burgundy tube became my all time fave… going to try the one in the gold tube soon… Wander Beauty is SO underrated!!

      • Dang, Tatcha is a mid-range brand at $90 for essence or $120 for cream?

        They are deffo high end to me.

  9. Where do you order this at???

  10. I wonder how much this box will be. Hopefully more spoilers will come out soon.

  11. I’m interested but not that interested to do a annual sub with them there boxs have not been so great lately I get the Ipsy glam bag plus and they do a great job with the mixture of makeup and skincare so this box I can give or take.

  12. Love Boxy, but not interested in going annual. I have FFF as annual but I actually like those perks. A skin care box, I think is interesting but I have so much already that it just misses the mark. Plus I’m not big on glamglow, they’re not cruelty free so I try my best to avoid those types of brands! I haven’t perfected it yet but I’m trying! 🙂 also i have the Farmacy product…it was nice but nothing i would repurchase.

  13. I think it will be a great box but it’s a no-go for annual commitments that get paid all at once. I also officially subbed to Ipsy Glam Bag Plus with my first box in May so not gonna do it even if it doesn’t sell out. And as someone mentioned June is BoxyLuxe month. That’s just a whole lot of skincare and makeup at once especially coming off of Ulta 21 days of Beauty too!

    The love needs spread more! Like maybe some summer love instead.

  14. Darn, so I’m guessing that means no Farmacy Honeymoon Glow that was mentioned as a possible spoiler earlier. If that product were in the box, then it would have sold the whole box for me. Lol

    • Thanks for confirming that I’m not crazy, and indeed both the Pharmacy and second Glamglow product WERE in this post when it first went up.

    • This is only the first confirmed spoiler. With eight products in the box, there’s still a good chance Farmacy will be in there.

      • I know there are still more spoilers to come, but I just figured chances are that they wouldn’t put two serums in one box. Plus, all of the full spoilers I’ve seen for this box never list the Farmacy product as being included. Believe me though… I hope it is in the box! 🙂

        • I hope it is too. With it being all skincare though, maybe our odds should be fairly good. That is if I’m lucky enough to get one after they sell to the annual subscribers.

  15. Any word on how much this is going to cost?

  16. But, where is the release date and how

    much it’s going to be????

  17. You need to put that ANNUAL subscribers get first dibs. That is what they posted on their fb page.
    I’m kinda surprised they made this change to how they’re doing it. I wonder how many actually pay the whole year, upfront.

    • Probably an attempt to get people to upgrade and prepay for an annual since alot seem to be jumping ship. Interesting indeed.

    • I am interested in this box, but no way am I going to commit to an annual sub, just for this. It’s a shame they are doing us like this. Oh well, If I get it, I get it.

      • I feel the same way. I wouldn’t even commit to 3 months pre-paid at this point. I’m still going to try to get the box but if I don’t c’est la vie.

    • I would imagine there are quite a few annual subscribers. I am one of them.

    • I did annuals on every box i could just to get it out the way n u actually do save money that way but id ur the kinda person who bitches bout one or two items not being in your fancy then no i dnt think those ppl should do it but i luv everything i get from all my subs cuz i dont buy make up all like that and when my house caught fire n burned n i lost alot of stuff including make up that ive collected over the years and relized i rather just spend in the sub boxes and try whatever they give keeps the money in my pocket and a collection of things i didnt even have to tech pay for but i duno i. Excited bout the skin box cuz i dnt have alot of skin care so i wouldnt mind getting it but it does sux that theu guna sell that n the lux box is thw following month

    • I’m an annual sub, for 2 years now. I also have the Boxyluxe sub, I’m undecided if I want the skincare box yet though.

  18. Wish it wasn’t a boxylux month 🙄 that’s a lot of extra money to drop at one time

    • I didn’t think about that good point but still can’t wait for it!

    • It’s not a boxyluxe month. That’s not till June😊

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