Boxycharm Limited Edition Skincare Box Available Now!

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Boxycharm Limited Edition Box

The Limited Edition Boxycharm Box is available now for all subscribers!

The Limited Edition Boxycharm Box is $49.99 and will include:

What do you think of the spoilers? Are you going to grab a box?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Mine arrived today! Check your mail! My email said it would come by Friday. I got caudalie, sat skin, gg super serum, kopari, Elemis and the farsali jelly beam came in rose goals.

    • I got mine today and it was same except my highlighter was in the color GLOW UP.

      • That looks like an awesome color!! Very pretty!

  2. Hopefully this ships soon, my Ipsy plus was kind of awful this month, and now I need this to ship to make up for it!

  3. OKAY!! Now that we’ve all paid; it time to talk about Shipping.
    I know its supposed to be in May, but anyone have any other info?

    • My confirmation email says “By May 8th 2019, You will receive a tracking email with your tracking number when your box is ready to ship.” Then goes on to say.. Within 7 days of tracking, “You will receive your very own BoxyLimited: skincare box!”

    • They shipped mine the 5th and it should be here Friday.

      • Me too! Excited!

  4. It was in my bag I went to check out and it’s Sold Out

  5. And I just purchased this…..My willpower is lacking. lol

    • LOL mine, too, Stacy! I have been holding back because I have soooo much skincare already, but these look like such great products and I’d love to try them all.

  6. It would be so nice if they had a mini box fof us poorer people. Lol

    • Agreed!! Or us that have many boxes of skincare to try already 😉

  7. I’ve purchased every single box for 4 years. I skipped this box. I feel like they are only trying to cater toward certain customers, by allowing early access for annual subscribers. Subscribers that have been with them for years have never received any special perks, but if you spend more money up front, you suddenly get special perks. I’m not okay with that. A brand new subscriber essentially could get first choice over an original subscriber, which is wrong, IMO. Boxy told me to reach out to them on FB, so I did. They sent a generic message back stating that exciting things are coming. They didn’t address any of my concerns. It’s like they don’t seem to care at all.

    • I completely agree. I’ve been with them over four years as well and have been incredibly frustrated (actually angry might be a better word) with them ever since they launched the Luxe box. Like you said, they care WAY more about new customers so lots of us folks who got them where they are today got cheated out of a box while many brand new people got one. It’s happened to me twice now. I was about to unsubscribe over a few issues I was having with them so I removed the Luxe portion of my subscription and planned to quit altogether as soon as I spent my charms. Much to my surprise, after always getting those impersonal, generic responses you mentioned that never actually clarified anything I sent a last lengthy, angry email and requested it be forwarded to a supervisor. I’m not sure that happened but someone did actually take the time to respond directly to my specific complaints. My faith was slightly restored so I re-added Luxe (I’d only gotten the December one before thanks to the 1st box fiasco). So when March charges went through I was shocked to see I had only been charged for the regular box. I reached out to customer service and was accused of not having the funds which was a lie and I had proof they’d never attempted to charge my card. Several days later I got a mass email sent to those of us unlucky few who were apparently on the bottom of the waitlist. I didn’t think there was a waitlist for their THIRD box, plus all over social media people were saying they’d canceled their Luxe boxes after seeing spoilers. I still don’t understand how they “ran out.” Especially after I was told by several sources that people that had just joined Boxycharm at the end of February were able to add Luxe for March with no wait. Once again I was fuming so I finally found something to buy in the charm shop with the last of my points so I could cancel since clearly they do not value long time customers at all.

      It’s been almost 2 months since I placed my charms order and still nothing. I got a response to my email saying they were forwarding the issue to the department that handles this situation. Really? Since when has their customer service been that organized? Then last week I got another email saying they were still researching why I didn’t get my order (considering there was never a shipping confirmation number could it be it was never mailed? 🙄) but were immediately sending a replacement and would send the tracking number. That was over a week ago. Still no email, no package, no charms refunded to my account.
      I’ve never had such horrible customer service in my life. Maybe I just have bad luck or something. If they treat too many others like this they will lose them to other subs like Ipsy Plus. Now they know how to run a subscription box business!

      • I honestly feel the same way. I’m really considering dropping them after the June Luxe box and switching to Ipsy’s similar program. I remember all of those promises that Joe made us, before the company grew overnight. 1. We would never get repeat items (they do this regularly now) 2. If they send out anything that isn’t full size, it will be a 6 item box (remember the box with 3 full size items recently?) 3. If anything arrives broken, it will be replaced. (Not only do they not replace items, they send useless charms. I have received many items that look used and have fingerprints on the actual product in recent months). 4. Luxe won’t change anything. (Biggest lie of all. This changed EVERYTHING.)

  8. question; if I join boxycharm, do I have to join boxyluxe too, or can I just get the boxycharm box every month?

    • You can just get regular boxy every month. You sign up for Luxe from your profile page, but it’s not required.

      • thanks wendy. for an answer, thinking about joining boxycharm, did not know how that worked..

    • You can choose to only get the regular monthly sub, without getting the Luxe boxes.

  9. Quick question, How is a highlighter categorized as skincare???

  10. Must not be that popular as I got an email this morning saying I could buy it if I resubscribed. I’m not.

    • Same here!

      • What did I do to Boxycharm…I did t get one!! Lol

  11. Any chance this is going to be available to non-subscribers?

  12. I tried to order from 1:00 on and every time I try to add it to my cart it tells me I have exceeded my limit but there is nothing in my cart to exceed. Email to help desk. Hopefully a fix before sold out 🙁

    • It did that to me also and then I realized I was not signed into my account. You have to be an active subscriber to order, so because I was not logged in it gave me that message. Hope this helps or that they were able to help!

    • It’s still available now.

    • Same here and I was signed in. Couldn’t get it even though keeps saying it’s still available

  13. Can you just purchase the skin are box, or do you also have to purchase a normal boxy box as well?

    • You have to be an active subscriber, so if you aren’t then you would have to buy both.

  14. I was able to pre-order. I am not sure if I’ll get it but if not I will be looking for swaps.

    • It’s “preorder” for everyone, I believe. Because they don’t ship immediately.

  15. I told myself I wasn’t going to buy it…and then I bought it. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Didn’t we all? 😂

      • Nope! I said I wasn’t and still don’t want it. lol

        • Yep – this is such an easy pass for me as is this year’s Glossy Box Mother’s Day box.

          While the theoretical value of the box might be more than the cost, the actual value of the products to me is minimal – there isn’t a single category that I don’t already own a better product for (and sometimes multiples). For $50 I want at least $100 (if not more) of products that I covet and lust for – not a bunch of products I have zero interest in owning – and yet another highlighter LOL.

          • THIS! YES!! Thank you for giving birth to my feelings so eloquently

    • Don’t feel bad. I did too. I thought I was strong enough but I couldn’t help myself. I justified it because there were 3 very highly rated products I REALLY wanted ever since they came out that would’ve cost me over $100 to buy separately or even with the Sephora VIB sale. I felt guilty but then the jade roller I already had started squeaking really badly so that added a 4th item. The only thing I absolutely know I won’t use is the watermelon mask. I got it in another sub and tried it last week. It smelled HORRIBLE. Much like vinegar…only slightly worse.
      I’m glad I was able to order a LE product from them with no problems for the very first time. Even if it was only because hardly anyone else wanted it. 😄

  16. I picked one up at 12:01. For some reason I decided to check at noon, and it was open. The site hadn’t crashed, it was available, and it didn’t take forever for my order to go through. I was actually pleasantly surprised how easy it was to get it. And I’m happy with the products in this box, I will be using most of them. I’m hoping for the Caudalie because I don’t use makeup wipes often, but that’s what I’ll probably get lol. 😆

  17. I dropped BC after Feb. Just received an email right now telling me to resub and purchase the skincare box now!

    After much overhyping of the skincare box, and further delaying the skincare box (I truly believe the delay was to hold onto subs 1 month longer :-P) BC has plenty of skincare boxes for sale. Its an ok-good box, not great and price isnt great either. Easy pass for me. Definitely not worth the monthly charge + skincare box charge.

    Im still waiting for BC to make some big moves or big brand changes in hopes it will convince me to resub…

    • Yes, this!^

  18. Zero issues getting one today!! Looks AMAZING!

  19. I ordered one this morning, about 30 minutes after it went live and shockingly had no problems. I had been checking on the hour every couple of hours since midnight. I checked at 9 and still nothing, so they released it a little after 9am pst. In honestly, I would have been so annoyed if i wouldn’t have been able to get one, but i seriously don’t need anything in this box, i shouldve passed on it. Didn’t want the fomo I had with last luxe and last two beauty reports.

  20. It just keeps telling me you have to be an annual subscriber

    • Someone else in one of my FB groups had this issue, she had to clear her internet cache and then it worked for her.

  21. ugh SO hard not to buy one but I know the swap site will be filled with all this stuff and I have 50 pages worth of products up for swapping .. seriously it’s an addiction.. I need a support group…

    • What are these swap sites? I’m interested plz. I get a lot of beauty subscriptions and could use something like that.

      • MSA has a swap site. I’m not on it, but I remember there was a link to the swap site toward the top of the homepage. I don’t see it right now, but I’m wondering if that’s because I’m on my tablet and not laptop or desktop.

    • Hahahahaha my feelings exactly! I need a support group, a rehab.

  22. Pleasantly surprised at what a smooth transaction that was. No crashes!!

  23. Excellent value!!!

  24. I bought it right when they opened it up to everyone. I actually like everything in this box, even the facial roller, and now I have one for a fraction of the cost. I think it’s pretty well curated, and I’m glad only 1 item is a variant, plus it’s only $10/$15 so if you want the other item, it won’t break the bank to buy it yourself 🙂
    I’ll tell my husband it’s my birthday/our 1st anniversary/Mother’s Day gift from him LOL. This is why I don’t ask for presents anymore. I know about all the new deals and pounce!

  25. Thanks Victoria !

  26. I got one, and I’m actually really excited! The three products that I wanted more than make up for the cost of the product, the rest are easy to gift.. I was afraid it would we catastrophic like the last LE box, but I had no issues this time, and I’m so glad!

  27. How do I get invited into swap room? It says I’m on waiting list ? How long does it take to get off swap waiting list? And who invites you? I have a lot I want to swap 🙁 please give me insight thanks 😁

    • I’ve been on the waiting list for several months…. this is my second time on it, the time before I was on for several months and never received a response.

    • If I remember correctly it took me about a month to get off the waiting list after I applied but that was sometime last year. I don’t remember it being too awful long though.

  28. I got one ☺️☺️

  29. Pass . Beauty Report blows this one out da water especially the price , if it ever goes on sale , which it won’t I’ll think about it (nah)

    • What’s beauty report a sub box?

      • Beauty Report is a special edition one time purchase box that New Beauty releases in the spring and fall. The spring box is sold out, but they also do an Awards box in the summer, so keep your eyes out for that. 🙂

        • Thanks for the info!

  30. I had planned to get this but I’m on overload as it is and only thing I want is the glamglow. If anyone wants to swap it hit me up haha.

  31. I would have been so mad if I upgraded to yearly just to snag this box as it’s easy enough right now. I’m glad there weren’t any site issues. I read some comments people were mad how secretive they were being but I think it’s a good move because this way no site crashing. They learned from the Boxyluxe launch it seems.

    • Exactly what I was thinking

  32. Just placed an order 🙂 I am in it for the Elemis, Kopari, GlamGlow and Caudelie. The rest are icing on the cake.

    • Is the Caudalie a variant with the Korres wipes? While I’d be fine getting either, I’d prefer the Caudalie item since I love mists more than wipes.

      • Yes, unfortunately the Caudalie is a variant, and I’m hoping for it too. 🤞🏻

  33. I ordered. Why? Not sure 🙁

    • 😂 I’m right there with you!

  34. Not working yet!

  35. No FOMO from this MOFO

    • 😂😂😂 best comment award goes to you

    • LMAO!! Yess, easy pass for me too. 😄

    • Lol 😂

    • Right! Passsssss lol

    • LOL!! Yes! THIS!

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