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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

BoxyCharm April 2021 Full Spoilers

BoxyCharm April 2019 Spoilers – More Box Variations!


We have more spoilers for the April 2019 BoxyCharm thanks to boxypreview!

First, here are the products all current subscribers will receive:

PUR Cosmetics Festival Pressed Pigment Palette – Retail Value $36

Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder – Retail Value $27

Luxie Summer Daze Brush Set – Retail Value $28

And here are two box versions:

Box 1:

Source: ariba_pervaiz

Box 2:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the April FOMO box will be your first box. Click here to see exactly what you’ll receive.

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got mine today, I got the 3 items everyone else got and my 2 other products were a bronze eye pencil from Bodyography and the Appeal Holographic Lip Gloss. My glow powder is in Purple Dream. I’ll probably never wear it, but I still love getting my boxycharm!!!! I’m happy. 🙂

    • That’s exactly what I got. Do you remember what box variation it was? I forgot to look before I threw the card away.

      • If it’s the number in the lower right of the card then it’s variation 6.

  2. I hot mine today. Variation 4. Had the mascara and the hank and Henry (which I didn’t recieve last time it was a variation) the lippie is the perfect color for me for a change!

  3. Box 15 is exactly what they list as box 2. The highlighter color is summer haze. The lipgloss color is champagne. The eyeliner color is jet black. Incidentally, the eyeliner does not come with a box, as shown; it is shrink wrapped.

  4. I got box no. 20. The variant items are Lashaholic Lashes in Instaglam and the Appeal Holographic Lip Gloss (clear gloss w/holo glitter). The Artist Couture is in Purple Dream (which can be viewed on their website). It’s a golden color with a pink/purple shift, which reads more pink on me. I actually love the variants and am pleasantly surprised that I like the highlighting powder, as well. Good box.

  5. I got the holographic lip gloss from APPEAL. If anyone received the Steve Laurant lip gloss and want to trade, then please let me know.

    • I should clarify in case of any variations. The champagne colored lip gloss as picture above. 🙂

  6. I’m getting the palette, the brushes , the artist couture diamond powder .. anyone know what variation that will be ? I want to know my two other surprises 😁

    • Well….I got a bronze colored lip pencil and holographic lip gloss. For me, the diamond powder was purple dream which when applied is holographic purple/pink and looks like your dead. I really wanted the Steve Laurant gloss but I got this teenager lip gloss instead. Not pleased.

      • Same here. It seems like only certain customers get the better stuff?? I’ll never use either of those.

  7. I love holographic lip gloss but could not find an ingredient list anywhere for the Appeal lip gloss, or for the Appeal gold liquid eyeshadow I got in last month’s box. Ingredients matter to me, because they are absorbed into your body when you put them on your skin. I hope I get the variation with the mascara. I already have an amazing holographic lip gloss that I love, from Milk makeup, with clean ingredients.

    • Mary, the ingredients are on the tube itself. Hard to see but it’s there.

  8. Completely agree!

  9. I am getting the purple diamond glow. Has anyone seen boxes revealed with that color?

    • Hi Vicky, I’m getting the same Purple Diamond and I tried looking for it and can’t find. On Sephora’s website they only have a Lavender one but no purple. 🤔 purple is actually my favorite color and I’m hoping for the box with the lip product and eyeliner. But I’m still and always excited for my Boxycharm box😍

    • Same here – my spoiler revelead purple highlighter.

      • How do you know by Just the email what you are getting????

    • There are at least 17 variations. Variation 17 has the purple highlighter. I don’t know about the rest of the variations. I saw an unboxing that was posted earlier today.

      • I got a purple highlighter and the appeal lipgloss, and the luscious angel eyes primer. I got variation 13

    • There are at least 17 variations for this box. The purple highlighter is in the 17th variation.

    • I got the purple diamond glow and it came with the clear appeal lip gloss as well as a bronze eye pencil.

  10. Boxy just sent me a spoiler. I’ll be getting the 3 spoilers everyone is getting and 2 other items I’m sure to love.

  11. I’m surprised by this decision (an admission) but I have had not been happy with Boxy for a number of months now and their Customer Service has been worse than abysmal. So, hate to say this, but I am moving on…

  12. I so want that lip gloss. *o*

  13. I already have a StarLooks eyeliner and I swear it came from Boxy just a couple of months ago.

    • Not sure if they do it anymore or not, but if they send you a repeat of something you just got you can get in touch with customer service and they are supposed to replace it with something else or give you charms.


    • thank you!!!!!!!!!

    • Right! Its $21! I have a 15 year old, if I dont like the stuff, I save it for her. I have girlfriends. Guess what? I give them goodies from the boxy charms I didnt care for. If you dont like it, give it away! I cant buy my girlfriends 25$ mascaras when I can give them makeup brushes and shadow pallets! Duh!

  15. I’ll always have a soft spot for BoxyCharm, but I finally broke up with them. I have too many warm toned palettes, matte lip products and fake lashes. I will miss the brushes though. I loved getting new brushes. I still think they are one of the best boxes out there, just not ideal for this subscription box addict! It’s time to use what I have or find a home for the rest. My hubby is rejoicing. Lol

    • Same exact words from me and same reaction from
      I have too many eyeliners in black that I don’t

  16. I finally cancelled after seeing the spoilers for April. I didn’t know about the skincare box. I might resubscribe if the skincare spoilers look good. This box just made me kind of mad. It’s more of the same stuff I will never use. I had been subbed for a couple years.

    • Yep, right there with you. Finally done with 1 sub box!!

  17. I love Boxy Charm. Beautiful products. Can never have enough palettes and I love shimmer powder

  18. April is my last box. I have so much skincare and honestly I don’t trust that the skincare box will include stuff I actually want to use. I have only been a subscriber since November but I’m fairly underwhelmed with it all; I only tried Luxe once and then downgraded. It seems like the best days are behind them – there are some older boxes I would love to have.

  19. I can hope for the lip gloss version, but my luck hasn’t been the best with boxy so I’m not holding my breath. This is my last box. Time to move on for me.

  20. This month we’re stuck subscribing for the Skincare box, next month we’re stuck subscribing to get the June BoxyLuxe. I don’t expect next month to be a good box either, unfortunately.

    I miss the old Boxycharm, the one before they took on so many subscribers, the one before BoxyLuxe.

    I’ve decided I’m breaking up with Boxycharm, just haven’t when to let them know. I can’t possibly keep pretending this relation ship is going anywhere, can I?

    • haven’t **decided** when to let them know.

    • You have to get the skin care box”? I do like the eyeshadow palette but, another Mascara that sucks. Eyeliner that I ain’t ever going to use. Kind of over boxy for real.

  21. Those brushes are beautiful! I have dozens of brushes and don’t need any more… but… pretty lol

    I could always use liquid eyeliner but nothing else sparks my interest. The Artist Couture powder is too dark for me and the palette is brown heavy. I don’t wear lip gloss but I do like Butter mascara, so maybe that one could work. Oddly, I rarely receive mascaras in my boxes.

    • There are two shades for the highlighter (powder)

  22. Overall, I have been pleased with BoxyCharm but I am not liking this month at all. BC has us like puppets with the alleged skincare box.

  23. Of course the second month I sign up for boxy charm is one of the worst boxes I’ve seen…daaaang it!!! I’m going to stick with it and pray next month is better.

  24. It’s nice to not even have a tinge if FOMO.

  25. If I wasn’t waiting for that skincare box I would cancel. I only subscribed in January and I have seen a vast downfall in just a few short months. Not to mention, when checking my reviews for last month, I noticed they CHANGED my ratings on items before posting. The company seems to be getting very dishonest. I’m new to subscription boxes, and enjoy getting them in the mail and I signed up for a lot, trying to determine which ones to make permanent. So far I’m getting Ipsy, Ipsy plus, glimzy, boxy, and test tube. Thinking of dumping boxy after then skin car unless they improve. Ipsy plus seems to have gone down hill in the last few months as well. My first test tube was awesome!

    • I really like Tribe Beauty box. You might want to try them out

  26. So glad I cancelled. No FOMO here.

  27. I’d love to have this variation 🙂 I opted out of mascaras and eyeliners so I hope I get the lip-gloss <3 , this box does look like a lot of fun 🙂

    • I didn’t know Boxycharm let you opt out of products.

      • They don’t. Heck they still haven’t even implemented the profiles yet.
        (Even though they said they were last month – for the face palette and we all know how great THAT worked) *sarcasm*

      • Right? I recieved the dark pallet. I am pale as heck and NEVER use highlighter…month before I got the broken highlighter…

      • I think she’s referring to her profile survey. On your account, there’s a an option to fill out your profile. I’m assuming she is saying she selected that she doesn’t prefer those items. So you’re correct 😊. There is no ‘opt out’ option at this time.

        Yosef did address the glitch that happened in their computer systems last month that affected a small group of Charmers (small in relation to the vast number of Charmers) causing that group to receive the wrong shade. When they caught the issue, they stopped, fixed it resulting in the majority of Charmers to get the right shade. Charmers that received the wrong shade were able to keep the palette and could sell or trade if they wished and also received $48 in charms (I THINK it was $48.. if not it was right around there.. whatever the retail value of the CoverFX palette..). The Charm Room reopens on April 5. The items sell out quick! So if you’re 1 of the ones affected, be quick 😊!!

        Also Boxycharm communicated that they are working towards using our profiles slowly at this time, working towards the goal of using our profiles fully. So for right now, it’s random products here and there while considering our profiles, not our entire profiles are considered for now. They don’t want another episode like last month… So, they are working towards the goal of using our profiles successfully. Personally, I respect that because with a million subscribers, I’m positive there’s technical issues to work through that most of us could never understand. I totally fall in that ‘most’ category 😂😂. Lol. They’re working through all their bugs 😁!

        I hope I helped answer some of the questions ❤🖤!

  28. I redid my Beauty Quiz and took mascara off altogether. Hopefully I get the variation with the lipgloss! I don’t know which loose powder I want more, it’s hard to tell with seeing the same swatch that’s probably computer generated lol. I am still excited for this box 🙂

    • They don’t really use the quiz to personalize boxes. The premise has been one say they will.

      • One day they will.

  29. I’ve been subscribed continuously for 5 years (since March 2014). They have sent the Artist Couture powder before, if I had to guess I would say in 2017?! I’ve been lucky enough not to receive a repeat, fingers crossed there’s a variation that doesn’t include the diamond glow 🤞🏾

    • It’s a different shade then the one in 2017.

    • Hi! I got that one before too. I love mixing it with lotion and putting it on my legs for a little shimmer. These two shades are supposed to be new!

      • Great idea! I’m going to try that. I still have the unopened pot from the last time they sent it out.

  30. So are they giving us Illuminati again? Or another color?

    • I’m getting “summer haze”

  31. I want that lip gloss!!

  32. I hope I get the second one without the mascara. I have mascara to last the rest of my life and the next life. The lip color is pretty.

  33. Fingers crossed for the second variation. Wasn’t crazy about the starlooks eye pencil and the mascara.

  34. Honestly I’m excited for this box! 😊❤

  35. Hoping I get the second variation and that I get the purple highlighter! I know a lot of people aren’t a fan of this box but I’m loving it!

    • Just an FYI you should be sure your email address isn’t in the name spot next time. Happy subscribing.

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