Bolzano Mother’s Day Subscription Gift Review

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Bolzano Mothers Day 2019 - package unopened Top

UPDATE 4/24: Link and retail value was added for The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter.

Bolzano is a monthly women’s accessory brand that prides itself on high-quality handcrafted Italian leather and vegan leather handbags. They offer a Purse only subscription as well as a Purse and Accessories subscription.

This is a review of the Mother’s Day Subscription Gift, which is available as a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription at $43.00 a month.

Bolzano Mothers Day 2019 - white bag Front

Once you sign up you are sent a style questionnaire, and Bolzano’s team of stylists picks the bag and accessories you with receive each month. The total value of each month’s box is up to a $300 value.

Bolzano Mothers Day 2019 - peek in side bag Top

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Bolzano Mothers Day 2019 - all items laid out Front

About This Box

The Subscription Box: Bolzano Mother’s Day Subscription Gift

The Cost: $129.00 + free shipping for a 3-month subscription

The Products: 1 purse monthly, matching accessories, and unique beauty products- up to $300 in value.

Ships to: The US for free, to Canada for $30

Good to Know: When you sign up, your card will be charged and your first box will ship soon after the day of purchase. Your next charge will occur on the 10th of the next month, and your bag will arrive after the 15th.

Bolzano Purse and Accessories Mother’s Day 2019 Review

After signing up I was sent a questionnaire that asked me about the colors and patterns I prefer, styles and purse shapes that I liked, and any other information I would like the Bolzano team to know.

Bolzano Mothers Day 2019 - purse FrontBolzano Mothers Day 2019 - purse back

Red Bolzano Crossbody Chain Purse

Look at this purse!! Red happens to be my favorite color, and I have been in the market for a red crossbody purse, so this was like destiny! The purse is about 8.5” X 5.5” making it the perfect size for carrying the essentials. I wish there was a label or a description of the material used to make this purse, but I was unable to locate any such info. The strap is a well made silver chain that is comfortable and not too heavy. This purse can be worn as a crossbody, off the shoulder, or after further investigation, you can double up the handle and carry it. I am also a fan of the closure mechanism; you have to squeeze the sides of the lock to open it, so all of your goodies won’t fall out.

Bolzano Mothers Day 2019 - purse in sideBozlano Mothers Day 2019 - purse inside with stuff Top

The inside of this purse is a great size. On one side is a small zipper pocket where you could store a couple of items that you want safe and secure. I was able to fit my wallet, checkbook, car keys, lip gloss, phone and of course a toy dinosaur in with ease.

Bozlano Mothers Day 2019 - purse holding purse up Front

And here is the purse in its full glory! For reference, I am 5’ 7”.

Bozlano Mothers Day 2019 - make up bag full Top

Coral Cosmetic Bag with Bow

The next item we have is a silky coral cosmetic bag! This bag is about 9” X 5” and features a lovely bow and large pocket on the front. Like the crossbody purse, this bag does not feature any sort of label. The zipper pull is rose gold and is slightly rectangular in shape. I love that they filled this up with extra goodies! (We will take a look at those in a minute.)

Bozlano Mothers Day 2019 - bag front with compact Front

The cosmetic bag also came with a good sized compact mirror. Honestly, it’s plastic and scratched, so there is no way I would try to apply any makeup using this. You maybe would be able to tell if you have food in your teeth with this, but that might not even be possible.

Bozlano Mothers Day 2019 - bag inside Top

The inside of the cosmetic bag is very roomy. I like that there is a pocket on each side, to keep everything organized. A girl can never have too many makeup bags!

Bozlano Mothers Day 2019 - silicone socks front TopBozlano Mothers Day 2019 - silicone socks back Top

Silicone Socks

Here we have an interesting item: silicone socks. I have super dry feet, and was really looking forward to trying these out! To use these you first soak your feet for 5-10 minutes, smear lotion or handguard cream on your feet and wear the socks for 30-40 minutes. These socks can be washed and are reusable. I found that you cannot easily walk around in them, and they are a little small for a size 10 foot. It’s a fun concept though, and maybe I’ll end up with softer feet while binge watching Netflix!

Bozlano Mothers Day 2019 - body butter Top

The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter, 50 ml – Retail Value $6.00

Another little treat I pulled out of the cosmetic bag was this body butter by The Body Shop. This seems to be a typical body butter with a sweet floral scent. I did want to note the label on the back of the container reads “2015 The Body Shop Int’L PLC.”

Bozlano Mothers Day 2019 - concealer FrontBozlano Mothers Day 2019 - Concealers watch Top

L’oreal Paris Nude Magique BB Concealer 10 mL

Here we have a 10 mL roller concealer from L’oreal Paris. Again, I had a hard time finding this exact item for sale online, leading me to believe it is old stock. That being said, it actually works really well! I love the roller ball applicator and it really did seem to help the dark circles under my eyes!

Bozlano Mothers Day 2019 - black bag TopBozlano mothers day 2019 - scarf coming out of bag TopBozlano Mothers day 2019 - scarf TopBozlano Mothers Day 2019 - scarf on Front

Multicolored scarf

Next, we have this beautiful scarf! I am in love with this piece! It coordinates perfectly with the red purse, and is so versatile! In the purse photos above I used it as a hair accessory, and with my off-white jacket, I wore it around my neck. I felt it was a little big to tie to my purse, but can definitely see it being tied to a larger purse for an added element of interest!

Bozlano Mothers Day 2019 - black Net bag TopBozlano Mothers Day 2019 - black bag all items Top

The last little bag of goodies contained the jewelry!

Bozlano Mothers Day 2019 - mom bracelet side TopBozlano Mothers Day 2019 - bracelet on Top

MOM Bracelet

The first item in the bag was this pretty “MOM” bracelet. It is a thick silver bracelet with 2 silver “M” charms, and a gold diamond ring charm to spell out “MOM.” The back has multiple holes to close and secure the bracelet to different sizes. It is comfortable to wear, and looks really nice on!

Bozlano Mothers Day 2019 - necklace on card TopBozlano Mothers DAy 2019 - necklace on card sideBozlano Mothers DAy 2019 - necklace on Front

Last, but not least, we have a “MOM” necklace. This necklace is 18.5” long, and features “MOM” engraved on the outside of the ring. The inside has “Love you mom” engraved in smaller letters. This is a very simple piece and I really like it!

Here is my complete look:

Bozlano Mothers Day 2019 - all items Front

The Verdict: This is my first time reviewing the Bolzano box and I am a fan! I love the idea of a Mother’s Day box (how sweet were the notes attached to each item), and as a mother I have to say, I loved receiving this! The purse was exactly what I have been looking for, and the scarf was something I definitely would have gotten for myself. While the beauty products were okay, I found myself really enjoying the jewelry. So basically everything was perfect for me! If you are looking for accessories on a budget, I suggest you try this subscription!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? You can definitely still sign up, but what bag and accessories you get depends on what you enter into your style profile and what the stylists pick for you. If you have your heart set on a particular piece, reach out to customer service and see if they can help!

Value Breakdown: A 3-month subscription costs $129.00 including free shipping, so this box costs $43. Each of the 8 items in the box has an average cost of $5.38I think this is an incredible buy, even if I don’t use the body butter.

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What do you think of my handbag from Bolzano?

Written by Becca Peterson

Becca Peterson

While I am taking a time-out from being a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, I am currently staying at home with my 2 sweet boys! My first subscription was Julep thanks to happening upon the MSA website, and it all went downhill from there! I have subscribed to Ipsy, Boxycharm, Degustabox, Julep, Graze, Bluum, Walmart, and more because I love a good surprise! I truly am a subscription addict!

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  1. You can go under Bolzano Handbags in the subscription list here on MSA and leave a review and rate it. I have done that as a heads up to others on here thinking about subbing. There is something off about this company. IMO!

  2. I love Bolzano thus far. I have the monthly bag and accessories subscription and have been pleasantly surprised. Each jewelry piece is unique and I love the surprise of what bag I will be receiving next; I also like the intricate way everything is packaged together, not just thrown around. I had to change my shipping address and customer service was very prompt. Now Im not saying the bags are 5 star bags that will survive several generations or running neck n neck with Chanel but I am satisfied with what I have received.

    And you look very good w that red bag and scarf Becca

    • Thank you so much for the comments Chanell! I’m glad you are enjoying this subscription as much as I am! I can’t wait to see what I get this month!

  3. I love Bolzano thus far. I have the monthly bag and accessories subscription and have been pleasantly surprised. Each jewelry piece is unique and I love the surprise of what bag I will be receiving next; I also like the intricate way everything is packaged together, not just thrown around. I had to change my shipping address and customer service was very prompt. Now Im not saying the bags are 5 star bags that will survive several generations or running neck n neck with Chanel but I am satisfied with what I have received.

  4. I’ve been receiving this sub since last July and it’s been ok. Last month the purse I was sent didn’t match anything on my profile but I kept it anyway. After carrying it maybe 10 times the chain linked strap broke. I contacted their costumer service via email and never heard back. I also had a bag strap break several months ago and Balzano offered to replace the bag but I had to pay shipping to return the broken bag, even after I supplied pics of the damage. Otherwise, I’ve been pleased with this sub. This month I received several extras, for mothers day I guess, but nothing similar to what was in the above review. But, I’m not complaining because I wasn’t charged extra and it was a nice little suprise.

    • Thanks for commenting Manda. That’s a bummer about the bag straps. So far my red purse is holding up well…. fingers crossed I don’t break a strap!

  5. Great review! Like the bag and how you styled the scarf.

    • Thank you for the kind words!! 😊

  6. Great review, Becca! That scarf is really pretty and I love how you did your hair. Those curls look perfectly done.

    • Thank you so much!!! 😊

  7. Thanks for all the great photos! Is it possible the mirror has a plastic cover on it? I’ve had that happen to me before with small mirrors like that and once I pulled the cover off it was fine.

    I’m also curious, did they send the “mom” things to all subscribers? I think this is a decent value for everything included – but I would be annoyed at some of the products that wouldn’t suit me.

    • It’s a Mother’s Day themed box.

    • Thank you for commenting!! I did check the mirror for a plastic sticker but nothing came off. And regarding the “mom” stuff, you have the option of the 3,6, or 12 month “Mother’s Day Gift Subscription” which sends the mom stuff the first month. If you do not want those items you can just sign up for the regular Bolzano box sub. Hope that helps! 😊

  8. Hope I can swap for the silicone socks. I keep wanting tho do the foot peel but it says you have to keep it on for hour or so and there is no way I can sit still for that long. Think these would take of the issue.

    • That’s a good idea! These were pretty fun! Thanks for commenting!

  9. If you visit The Body Shop website you will find the full Moringa line currently in stock. Based on the packaging it does not look like old stock. The 50ml size body butter retails for $6

    • Thanks for commenting and finding that! The only place I could find it earlier was amazon for $16. I’ll have it updated!

    • Thanks for catching that- it has been updated!

  10. Can this be done as a gift subscription? Where you aren’t charged after the 3 months? Or does it need to be cancelled?

    Really considering this but don’t want to be charged, after the 3 months are up.

    • I subscribed when this initially started. I got a purse in a style and color that I didn’t select in my profile, but was all leather. It was damaged. I got a replacement that was half leather, but not in a color or style in my profile. You have to email to cancel, which I did. They confirmed. Then I was charged again and sent another purse that wasn’t leather at all and not in a style or color in my profile. This happened one more time. I hope other people are happy and have great customer service. This was not my experience.

      • Same, terrible company to work with. I had a 3 month subscription and was supposed to get a black ceramic watch when I signed up. They told me I had to pre-pay the 3 months to get the watch which I didn’t realize but a cs rep I chatted with said they would adjust my billing so that I could get the watch. Well they screwed up and didn’t adjust my billing so I had to chat with them again and still no correction. Never got the watch, and then they tried to bill me AGAIN for a 4th month. Stay away from this company. Bags are horrible too and don’t match up to the profile you provide them.

        • Thanks ladies. I appreciate the feedback. I stay away from companies with known CS problems. (like Glossybox) I think I’ll skip it, rather than end up with a headache over trying to cancel or if something is wrong and hoping they will make it right.

        • I received the watch and was very happy. But you do have to pay three months ahead of time for sub. It had a value of $129 so I received my money’s worth.

    • Thanks for commenting! It looks like you are charged every 3 months, so you must cancel by emailing: [email protected]

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