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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

BeautyFIX April 2021 Available Now + Full Spoilers

BeautyFIX April 2019 FULL Spoilers!

We have the FULL spoilers for the April 2019 BeautyFIX subscription box! This box is not available yet. 

Each box will include:

HUM Nutrition Flatter Me – 3 Day Supply

Rahua Classic Conditioner – 22mL

Rahua Classic Shampoo – 22mL

jane iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener – 0.24fl oz

LashFOOD Collagen Lash Primer – 4mL

REN Clean Skincare Clean Screen Mineral SPF – 10mL

Boscia Matcha Magic Super-Antioxidant Mask – 0.44fl oz.

Elemis Peptide4 Thousand Flower Mask – 15 ml Value $12


Naturopathica – Oat Cleansing Facial Polish – 2 oz Value $28


Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser – 2 oz


DHC Q10 Mask – Retail Value $5.50


Caudalie Grape Water – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $10

What do you think of the April BeautyFIX spoilers?

BeautyFix is $24.95 a month. The March box is currently sold out, but April will be available soon.

Check out our reviews of past BeautyFix boxes to learn more about this subscription.


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Comments (91)

  1. Come on spoilers for May!

  2. Already wondering where the May spoilers are. I feel spoiled from the months where we got 5+ spoilers.

    • Me toooooo

    • Same here, by now we would’ve gotten at least one spoiler. 🙁

  3. What is the point of a three day supply of a vitamin? Seriously! Starting to wonder why I bother with this box.

  4. You guys are all great!! 😁❤️👍 thanks for all your help on my previous questions about sunscreens 😁 much appreciated ! This beauty forums rocks 🙂 you guys are all super stars 🥰

  5. I wasn’t going to get this box, but today is Vitamin C Day or something (lol ok) and Dermstore is giving away a Skinceuticals C E Ferulic sample with every purchase. It was added to my cart with the sub. Since I know I’ll use that and it’s a $22 value, that made it worth it to me to try some of these other items!

  6. The box is available for sale now but are there any coupons for it? Fingers crossed 😋

    • Code MBFIX was working earlier today for $10 off only for this sub box. I have a feeling it won’t last long, so hurry.

  7. I love you Beautyfix and I really am excited to try the new products this month, Thank you.

    Could you please start putting in sunscreen in the boxes, like Color Science and Ulta MD.
    Everyone needs sunscreen more than anything else to keep our skin from Cancer, aging, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, and all of this has been proven. So please put some sunscreen in the future boxes.
    Thank you very much

    • This box has a sunscreen: REN Clean Skincare Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30.

    • You realize you aren’t writing this to Dermstore, right? 🤨

      • Sometimes the companies of these boxes check these forums. So it doesn’t hurt to make suggestions here. Also other members might know of a box that suits the posters needs and suggest that to them.

    • They had almost an entire box of sunscreen last year including a full size colorscience powder and samples of Skinceuticals, Elemis and Athelios as well as a different full size a month prior so maybe they will do another one this summer.

  8. There’s nothing that is making me jumping up and down with excitement but, with the except of the Juice Beauty product which just no, I’ll definitely give all of the other products a chance.

  9. Something feels off to me. This box has nickle and dime’d it’s way to $104 (apx) with no full size item. The products labeled as “full size” are actually travel sized. I broke down the box value for my swap sisters below 🙂

    $6 – Hum x6 ct
    $6 – Rahua Set of Shampoo and Conditioner
    $7 – Jane Primer (FS is $50 for 1.7 oz)
    $10 – LashFood primer (FS is $20 for 8ml)
    $7 – REN SPF 30 (FS is $36 for 1.7)
    $6 – Boscia (FS is $38 for 2.7 oz)
    $12 – Elemis travel size (FS is $45 for 2.5 oz)
    $28 – Naturopathica travel size (FS is $56 for 5 oz)
    $7 – Juice Travel (FS is $24 for 6.7 oz)
    $5 – DHC Mask
    $10 – Caudalie Travel size (FS is $18 for 6.7 oz)

    • jen..i’ll tell you what the nickel and dime is about this box..if you go to dermstore and click on specials you will see gifts free with purchase, well some of these items are given to them free and they put these in the beautyfix boxes…this is why sometimes they give a coupon for 10.00 off, because they know this is not worth 100.00..

  10. I need a travel size mist for a trip, so this is perfect!

  11. I am skipping. I guess people really like masks but I just don’t need more, I have a huge backlog that I haven’t even opened. The sunscreen and grape water look interesting to me but not enough to buy the box.

  12. This box is packed! I can’t wait to try all the goodies 😊

  13. What is the point of a 3-day supply of a vitamin?

    • I think this whole box is a miss.

      I suppose they can’t have a good month every month.

  14. If you watch the spoiler on, you will find that the lady, after using the sunscreen, has a serious white cast! Such a shame, as I am African American.

  15. I have canceled this box, I just have so much! My daughter’s are grown up and receive their own boxes and generally mostly stick with tried and true brands. These beauty boxes are great for people who have children and siblings to share with, but does not take long before your overloaded. I have this thing about completely wanting to use one thing before moving on to the next. How do you guys use up so much product? Eye Pallets last me about 3 years before I hit pan. A lip-gloss about 3 months. Lipsticks 6 months. Mascara about 4 months. Foundation about 3 months and a full size jar of skin moisturizer about 3 months.

    • Boy do I know this problem! I have 3 son’s so they can’t use much of what I get. Although, my oldest son loves high end hair products. I just want to “try” everything in hopes it will be the product I’ve been searching for. But if it’s not…what to do with something that’s been “tried”?

      • I bundle all my new or lightly used (as long as its sanitary, no used jars) samples from boxes and sell them on mercari for cheap. They usually sell pretty fast and at least I get some money back and the stuff will actually get used! You can also look into donating to Project Beauty Share, they take lightly used products

    • I have multiple things open, especially for skincare. Certain times I’ll like a particular scent of a product or the result of a product so I switch up the products in my routine almost daily. That way I’m using a little bit of everything and trying them all

  16. I love Beautyfix however I skipped this month, nothing really stood out that I wanted or needed . Can anyone recommend a good face sunscreen for sensitive skin? That’s one product I’m lacking. I don’t know much about, but I realize it’s important to help with anti-aging. I mean if I invest this much in my skin regimen I mine as well protect my skin 🙂 thanks

    • The Colorescience
      Sunforgettable® Total Protection™ Face Shield SPF 50 has made it’s way around a few beauty boxes and its HG for me. I’m ghost pale with sensitive skin and I made it through an all day festival thanks to this sunscreen without burning

    • I like the Suntegrity face sunscreen

    • I like the Maelove mineral sunscreen, if you can actually get your hands on it (they have a restock email you can signup for). I prefer mineral sunscreens in general, I find the chemical ones more irritating.

    • Cetaphil spf 50 for face. no stinging, sinks right in, no greasy feel, no scent and RIGHT NOW BOGO 1/2 at Walgreens!

      • Thanks!! Awesome find

      • My number 1 too

    • If you are looking for something cost effective you might try Neutrogena Age Shield Face, Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 110. It’s about $8 on Amazon. My best friend’s skin is so senstive that it breaks out in giant welts over everything – one moisturizer actually gave her a black eye! I recommended this to her and she’s able to use it with no problems. She’s an avid gardener so she’s out in the sun all the time.

      I also used to own a clothing store and the models we used this for outdoor photoshoots used this religiously. All those beautiful super pale girls loved it. They couldn’t get any color to their skin and had to have something that didn’t interfere with make up or photography (flashback) or cause break outs. That’s how I disovered it.

    • I love La Roche Posay’s sunscreen milk SPF 60. It’s been great for my sensitive face, and suitable for allover body. Sinks right in, no white cast.

    • I’m loving Australian Gold Tinted mineral sunscreen! On Amazon for $12 with free prime shipping. Great for sentive skin (other chemical sunscreens give me a rash!) Reef safe, no animal testing, no parabens, etc etc. Just a great brand.

      It’s for the face but it’s a big enough tube I use it on my neck, chest , hands etc. Amdworks fine for under make up!

    • Drugstore: I’d go with Neutrogena, Aveeno, or Differin if oil control is a concern.

      Below rec for dry skin.
      **Umbra tinte (sp?)** By Drunk Elephant, with or without color is fantastic. Not so amazing If you wear many day serums, foundation, etc.

      **Murad city defense** has a slight tint. Love this formula.
      I’m 95% sure these are both UVA/UVB PA+++
      Shiseido has a great formula but the smell of chemicals may be strong for some.
      My #1 all-time favorite sunscreen formula to wear alone & especially under makeup is **Benefit Dream Screen** I’m so sad I can’t find it anywhere!!! I’m not positive on the exact coverage, i.e. UVA UVB p a + + + but it’s killer.

    • My Derm likes Neutrogena baby, try the baby stuff first. If it’s good for them…

  17. skipped this month. Not seeing anything I need.

  18. Ok I could roll with the small samples because I haven’t tried any of them but I definitely prefer a really nice hero item. And the shampoo & conditioner are only .74oz and that definitely is not enough for me to do my hair because I have a lot of long hair! That’s what aggravates me is why don’t they just include a full size shampoo & conditioner for once!now that I could actually use!!! I am looking forward to the grape water even though I don’t know the benefits it’s supposed to offer. I kindof wish I would’ve got one of the past boxes they were offering

    • They have sent full size a number of times- especially Klorane

  19. Really undecided. I have so much product right now. I am on mask overload (both sheet and other), don’t use physical exfoliants, and don’t like to switch up my shampoo and conditioner.

    But, I love fancy water in a can, am on a quest for my HG primer, and need all the SPF in the world.

    I think I’ll wait a bit and see if any coupons pop up.

  20. I actually really like when they send more deluxe sample size products like they did this month and in January rather than 1 hero item and then a few smaller things. It’s great if I love the full sized, but often I don’t and then I can’t gift it after it’s been opened. Most of these items are big enough to try them multiple times and see how I like them.

  21. This looks like a great box. I like a lot of the brands. I wish I wasn’t product overloaded. How does everyone use up their products?!

    • I share with my sister and niece, and the women in my office. I also donate a lot of it to a charity in my neighbourhood.

    • I try them once. If I don’t love it – I throw it out. (ie. mascara overload from last year and lipsticks!)

      I give high quality skin care to my boys to help cut down acne.

      I stopped subscribing to this box – but the REN sunscreen, Jane iredale primer and boscia look great!)

      I stopped using HUM based on their click-bait emails. Unless there is a link to bubble water – soda stream and cancer that I don’t know about. Why do you need to resort to praying on people’s fears to sell a good product?

  22. Yippee hopefully this means more Rahua on the swap side!

  23. I really miss the old formatting of this site (a month or so ago) it is too hard on my eyes now. I will not be visiting it as often. I like the old font and not double spacing on the home page. Just my opinion. I still LOVE this site and will visit daily. I have for many years. Thank you!

    • I don’t like the formatting at all on this blog now. Hope it improves or I get used to it.

  24. I absolutely detest the smell of that shampoo and conditioner. It reminds me of walking into a heavily incensed gas station. Is that bad? Idk. It lingers too. Smells up the whole house.

  25. I love this box. Good one Beautyfix. I’m looking forward to the REN sunscreen and the Elemis mask. I’m not always happy with Bosnia but the mask looks interesting. I’ve done a lot of grousing about some of the boxes the last year or so but this one makes me happy!

  26. I am skipping this month’s box and trying the Causebox and Singleswag boxes instead. I want to explore other subs to find one I would truly love, but I’ll resubscribe next month.

    • If you want to try a really great box that has several full-sized items in it, try PinkSeoul. They have amazing Korean skincare, the box is really affordable, and if you love something so much you want to keep using it, they sell it on their website. It’s my new favorite skincare box — if for no other reason than if I do love something and want to get a full version of it, Dermstore is usually a lot more expensive, and there aren’t too many places to buy Korean skincare other than SokoGlam and Peach & Lilly. It’s usually at least a couple of steps ahead of American products, which makes it great fun to try!

  27. In LOVE with this box! Was fine with the spoilers until now, but the last few items are the most exciting for me! Always love my Beautyfix!

  28. I love the box but man beautyfix, enough with the hum!

    • I really like HUM vitamins, and I like trying out new ones, I’m always excited to see these in boxes.

      • Same here. They’re yummy!

    • completely agreed. i’m not even sure the point. it’s not enough to really know if it helps. I hate getting supplements.

  29. Great box for me. I love trying new hair products. I’m probably in the minority but I prefer trial sizes over full size items. If I don’t like something, I feel it’s so wasteful to toss a full size item. I use this box as a “discovery” box and I always find something I really like.

    • I agree. Love the smaller sizes to have the chance to try things before possibly purchasing a full size product.

  30. It’s always interesting to me to read people‘s comments and see the variations in opinion. I thought the spoiler started off horribly slow but in the end I think they put together a great box! Elemis, boscia, cuadalie, and ren all In one box? YES PLEASE! The sunscreen is what finally did it for me That and including a conditioner with the shampoo

  31. I want it…especially the masks and the sunscreen but i don’t NEED it and have so many products. Darn.

  32. Greate box! Start was slow but what a result close to finish

  33. No hero item 😞 normally when they start letting out spoilers that are travel size then we know the rest of the box will more than likely be the same. I’d like to try that face cleanser and that grap spray. But gosh huh

    Is it really too late to skip?

    • I think Kinder is doing the grape spray. I know I saw it in some box today.

    • Not sure, I skipped last night && it worked. But if your not billed yet then you should be good.

  34. What a strange, strange box

    • My exact thoughts!!!! Very odd! Really hope Mays box makes up for this month’s. They should do a full size sunscreen as one of the main items for next month.

  35. Skipping two months in a roll. I want this box but don’t NEED it.

    Come on May.

  36. Wow. I wasn’t optimistic based off the spoilers, but this month looks amazing 🙂 so excited!

  37. That primer was in my first box, like- 2-3 YEARS ago. so was that shampoo and conditioner. A Lot of repeats and no hero item. A sad box. Maybe next month.

  38. Skipped this month , glad I did. Beautyfix used to wow me , now it’s just blah ! Hope next month is better if love to resin when they have a box like March again ! Please include more Sunday Riley products ( I love that line ) ❤️

  39. I hate when they include supplements sample and you can really see results from using the sample. I am already a bit apprehensive about taking pills and supplements. No thank you. But I am definitely getting that grape water either from Amazon or Sephora.

    • * can’t really see results not can really see results

    • so over Hum. What do they think they are a medical professional? Um no thank you. I don’t put things into my body that don’t grow on trees, or that aren’t chocolate.

      • I agree so much. It’s like getting a few gummy bears. The only supplement we’ve received a sample size of that I could actually experience was the melatonin that supplied a few days. The rest are just little snacks.

    • To Nat (and everyone who wants to BUY grape water): Check MSA swap before spending money at Sephora or Amazon! I will be listing mine. Along with the primer & smelly Rahua. While it is a bummer I didn’t cancel as soon as saw first lame spoilers, being a redhead who lives in Texas (=I’m either white or red, there is no tan) I’m actually looking forward to trying this new Ren sunscreen. Over the past 40+ years (yes, I’m waaay over the hill & the older I get the easier I burn) I’ve tried every brand under the sun (pun intended) and haven’t found one that doesn’t irritate me. Maybe everyone’s “trash” turns out to be my “treasure” & I’ll get a bucket load of rejected sunscreen and get to enjoy the great outdoors. In my dream. Lol

  40. I’m Happy

  41. I love Beautyfix but canceled for April due to product overload but will definitely be back! Would love to have the Caudelie Grape Water but need to save some dollars. Thank you for the spoilers Liz!

  42. I’m glad I skipped this month. I’m sure I will be back, but this month is kind of meh for me. I’m trying to stay away from sample size products, because I have soooooo many of them that are sitting there and I hate waste and I want to get products that I can really see a difference with. It takes more than a sample size to show results for skincare in my opinion. I do have a big box of samples and other full size stuff I’m donating, so hopefully other women can get some use out of them.

  43. Time to resubscribe!

    • They are sold out for this box.

      • No they aren’t sold out, just not yet available. Should be within a couple of days.

  44. Oh my … Seems like this month’s box is packed with good stuff again! I was determined to stay unsubscribed for now (I have more than I can use in my lifetime), but it’s VERY tempting.

  45. Hmmm. They used to include a tool or a full size with each month’s sub – now it’s becoming more like an overpriced Birchbox sub with just small samples. Not sure it’s worth the price for these small samples. I will maybe give it one more month to see if this is an anamoly but they have been heading this way for awhile now.

    • Well, it does say the grape water is full size, so I guess they count that. Doesn’t excite me, though.

      • That is the travel size, not full.

  46. Wow, I think this is the first time I have not been thrilled with a Beautyfix box! Dietary supplements, shampoo and conditioner, sunscreen, a face mask I’ve tried and know I don’t like… Really missing the mark for me this month. Hopefully this is a fluke and it will go back to being awesome next month!

    • Me too! I love Beautyfix but this month didn’t do it for me. I’m sure they’ll redeem themselves soon.

    • Yeah, I canceled on the 31st, and don’t regret that decision. I’m sure I’ll sign back up on May 1st. This is usually my favorite subscription! There are a few good items in there, but nothing that is more amazing than my already excessive inventory. Gives me a month to use up some stuff. :o)

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