Spring 2019 Beauty Report Box Available Now + Full Spoilers!

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The Spring Beauty Report Box is available pre-sale now! If you aren’t familiar, The Beauty Report is a part of the New Beauty Test Tube brand, which MSA readers voted one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes of 2019! (This is a single-purchase box and will not start a subscription.)

(Thank you Jessica, Barbara, Angela, Anna, Allison, and Svetlana for the heads up!)

The Box: Beauty Report Box

The Cost: $39.95

COUPON: New Beauty Test Tube subscribers can use coupon code TTBR5 to save $5!

The Products: $370+ value. Full size unless noted:

  • Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Solution
  • Derma E Vitamin C Concentrated Serum
  • GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper in HibisKiss
  • Hello Activated Charcoal + Natural Dragon Fruit Whitening Fluoride Free Toothpaste
  • Hask Biotin Boost Thickening 5-in-1 Leave-In Spray
  • Koh Gen Do Pure Cotton Pads – TRAVEL SIZE
  • Living Proof Perfect hair Day Triple Detox Shampoo
  • Lovely Skin LUXE Brightening Gel
  • NeoStrata Foaming Glycolic Wash
  • Ode Natural Skincare Olive Oil Body Balm in Citrus Oro
  • Purlisse Green Tea + Vitamin C Brightening Sheet Mask
  • SiO Beauty SiO Eye & Smile Lift
  • Tizo AM Replenish SPF 40 Non-Tinted

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This box sold out this afternoon!!!!

    It must’ve been available in very limited quantities!!!

  2. i got my box today! everything as described. the box was a lot smaller than the usual boxes, everything was packed tightly. no issues. can’t wait to start trying the products! 🙂

    • Yay! Mine should be arriving in a couple of days! Can’t wait!

    • MIne too! What a great box! I’m thrilled!

  3. Mine was at the USPS distribution center in my area in South Texas yesterday, I was so excited, today it is in Illinois… USPS always up to shenanigans.

    • Oh no, I’ve had funny USPS experiences too. Maybe the storms diverted a plane.. Here’s hoping we get our orders this week 👌😍

  4. After pondering and pondering 🤔 last night I ordered it! Happy I did!

  5. I just ordered mine. I was able to use the code today after making an account yesterday. HTH someone.

  6. Hi guys, I don’t usually comment that much, lol, but I very much love reading everyone else’s comments!! 😂😂😂 Seriously tho, I’m always thankful for the advice, product recommendations, and when to stear clear of a product or box, so big thanks to all of you for that!! 💞💞💞 Just thought I’d post quick to let y’all know that I was able to use the code last night and just got my shipping info a few minutes ago. I hadn’t been a current customer and I just created an account ,signed in and was able to use it right away. :)). Hope that helps if anyone is on the fence about buying it like I was. :)) I’m actually pretty excited for a few items in the box that I def needed anyway and looking forward to trying the new-to-me ones, so was real happy with the code, lol, I know it’s only 5 bux but give me a coupon code any day and for some reason it just makes me feel better about buying it!? 😂😂😂

    • Stephanie- I sure hope you love your box. I feel the same when I receive “extra” markdown codes and heartfelt recommendations and/or complaints.

  7. Hi guys, I don’t usually comment that much, lol, but I very much love reading everyone else’s comments!! 😂😂😂 Seriously tho, I’m always thankful for the advice, product recommendations, and when to stear clear of a product or box, so big thanks to all of you for that!! 💞💞💞 Just thought I’d post quick to let y’all know that I was able to use the code last night and just got my shipping info a few minutes ago. I hadn’t been a current customer and I just created an account ,signed in and was able to use it right away. :)). Hope that helps if anyone is on the fence about buying it like I was. :)) I’m actually pretty excited for a few items in the box that I def needed anyway and looking forward to trying the new-to-me ones, so was real happy with the code, lol, I know it’s only 5 bux but give me a coupon code any day and for some reason it just makes me feel better about buying it!? 😂😂😂

  8. Woot woot! Just ordered this for $34.95. Thank you for the coupon code!

  9. I recieved shipping notification on nine. Yay! That was fast!

  10. Purchased! The item of most interest to me was the NeoStrata glycolic wash. Good deal for everything, and I will use it all!

  11. So I got one because the value is there for the things I’ll use, but this is definitely not one of their more exciting boxes. I even took a day and a half to ponder it and wouldn’t have been disappointed if they had sold out like they usually do. The fact that they did not sellout would be a sign to the company to make the next one better or risk going the route of Allure’s seasonal boxes they haven’t sold in a while-the name escapes me it’s been so long! Lol

    • Me too! I have been thinking about it for a couple of days now and I finally sat down to order it. There are some things I will use and some I will give to friends and family 🙂

  12. i ordered yesterday and was able to use the five dollar code. i’m most excited for the living proof shampoo and the purlisse masks. oh, and another back up neostrata wash and sio eye patches. i still have a few from boxes past, but i like them so its always nice to have more! i’m not overwhelmed with this box, but it’s absolutely worth the value. and i appreciate that new beauty gave some love to its members with the five dollar code!!! can’t wait for the summer and fall boxes!

  13. This one is pretty disappointing, but l looked back at the past year of boxes and I also skipped Fall. It was last Summer 2018’s box that was AWESOME. It was $60, but had so many great products in it! I’m really hoping they offer a similar box this year. I’d be happy to cough up the $60!

    • Last summers box was amazing! I bought two for me, one for my mom, and one for my moms best friend.

    • The one in Aug/Sept is the ‘Beauty Awards’ box. This is the ‘Beauty Report’ box they release twice a year or so. It used to be $29ish.

  14. Here is value breakdown using MSRP (rounded to dollar) from manufacturer’s website:
    Bioderma $15
    Derma E $20 (Ulta $14)
    Grande Lips $27
    Hello $7
    Hask $7
    Koh Gen Do $5? (60 pads for $15)
    PhD $28
    Lovely Skin $99
    Neostrata $40
    Ode $20
    Purlisse $36 for 6
    SiO $30 (poor 2.5 star reviews)
    Tizo $49 (cheaper online)
    Total $383 MSRP ($300+ If on sale)

    • You forgot the shampoo, living proof $28 (Sephora)
      I was going to buy that shampoo anyway, this seems like a better deal.

    • Thanks for the info!

    • How much cheaper is the Tizo? That’s what I was mostly wanting!

      • On the Lovely Skin website and on the New Beauty site, it lists the price as $41.

        • Thanks! That’s not an enormous upcharge at least, so many box pull prices outa thin air!

    • The Koh Gen Do pads are like $2.50 of the RV

  15. The promo code box appeared for me a few moments ago.

    • Thank you! I was able to use the code!!

  16. Just want to point out that the Ode product is from McEvoy Ranch in Wine Country CA. They make incredible products with olive oil from the ranch. This natural balm is magical. Getting a box just gor that!

    • I’ve never been a fan of balms… always so sticky. But, from what I’ve read, this one seems more oily and less sticky. I’m intrigued! And the scent should be nice (looove citrus). This is exactly what i love about getting these boxes!!!

  17. This is weird…I can’t order the box because it says there’s no shipping methods available for my cart or address.

    • I had the same issue. I got around it by clicking the buy now with PayPal button directly on the product page and bypassing the cart altogether.

    • Never mind, I got it to work (stupid typo). Excited to try to the brightening gel and body balm, and really liked the foaming wash when we got in last spring’s beauty report. I’m still not sure what’s up with TT’s obsession with GrandeLips, but at least this color looks wearable. I couldn’t find a single person that looked good in that French Lilac color…

    • Me too. I tried on my phone and laptop. Customer support couldn’t figure it out so i placed my order over the phone.

  18. Is the discount code only applicable for new customers? I am trying to place an order after i created an account, but I don’t see anywhere where I can apply the discount code… 🙁

    • The discount code is not available to use today, it was only for yesterday I think.
      Certainly didn’t give people a lot of time to use it, I didn’t get the announcement email with the code until late yesterday.

      • I used the code today you have to have a New Beauty account with the same email address as your Test Tube account. The coupon was only meant for subscribers.

        • Yes. You need to have an account first. Then you can purchase with the coupon code.

          This only started working today, for me at least. Last night I created the account but the field to put the coupon code was no where to be found. This morning I logged on and it was there. So I entered the code. And shipping was free.

          • The same thing happened to me. I created my account yesterday, and it was there initially, then disappeared and was never seen again until this morning. I’m glad it came back 🙂

    • I believe the discount code was only good for the first day, yesterday.

    • Victoria and Michele, thank you so much for letting me know! What a bummer… It was too late when I saw this post this morning 🙁

  19. Not the best box they have done, but I’m still happy to buy 1.

  20. The only thing I really want is the shampoo. Would anyone who’s getting the box be interested in selling theirs for a reasonable price?

    • Hi Carla,
      I wouldn’t mind selling it to you! Where do you live (zip code so i can calculate shipping) and what’s a good price for you?

      • Tried responding to your comment a few times but it isn’t showing up. My zip is 97305 and I would like to work something out!

      • Not sure how to contact you since I am unable to post my email address…

        • You can post it if you spell it out. For example Carla dot smith @ gmail.

      • So I’ve tried putting in my email for contact info in a few different ways (as suggested by another user) but it must be monitored because I absolutely can’t. Any other ideas on how we can connect?

        • hey carla,
          email me at: houstonbfg @ gmail. ill be sipping from HoustonTX; and it looks like it’ll be $7 for shipping via usps. If you know of a cheaper shipping option, let me know 🙂

          • I did send you an email; did you receive it? Hadn’t heard back from you :).

      • Wanted to try reaching you one more time; I’ve actually emailed you twice but have you received either of them?

  21. Darn, the only things I’d want it for is the toothpaste and the Hask spray. I think I’ll just pick those up at Target.

  22. I was really looking forward to this box but there is nothing calling out to me. I got all the previous beauty report boxes but I guess I will skip that one 🙁

  23. The Fall Beauty Report was $10 less and had better products. I was so looking forward to this, and a major disappointment. Oh well – saved the money.

    • Yep, my thoughts exactly.

    • I guess they are raising the price now..? Last summer’s box was $60, but had a ton of great products. I hope this doesn’t mean they are raising the price by $20 on that one. I’d have to pass if that were the case.

  24. I don’t see any box or area to enter the code.

    • On my phone: when checking out, there is a page where the order summary has a pull down arrow to view the details. If you view the details, you will see a place to enter and apply your code. Hope you can find it!

  25. I just signed up on impulse when I got their email. But I am now going over all the items and I am even more stoked!

    This box was made for me. I am even running low on micelles water! I know I will use the living proof, purlisse sheet masks (it looks like it’s a whole box there!)

    I have actually not tried Grandelips before so even that is exciting. Not to mention the black toothpaste. How fun! I guess I am super easy to please!!!😊

    • Just ordered one love New beauty. I think it’s a great box.

  26. It’s not giving me an option to add a promo code, I’ve gone through 3 times, start to finish. There is no place to put it. I am a current subscriber, I go all the way to the complete order now screen.


    • Hi Wendy,
      I think they’re doing something to their site right now. I was in the midst of ordering not too long ago, and it took the promo code fine, but once I got to the payment screen I was getting messages that the code isn’t valid. When I tried a different browser the promo code box was no longer visible. I think I’m just going to try again tomorrow…. if I remember to.

      • Earlier tonight I used the code successfully. I tried to use it again and there was a place to put it still but it wouldn’t work again. Well now I go to the same place and there is no place for a code at all.

        They emailed that code to current subscribers to get it a day early (today) and save $5. I am wondering if maybe at midnight their time it changed to not accepting any code because the day to save $5 is over.

        • You’re probably right, as I still don’t see the promo code box (although, I was trying around 8pm PST). It’s all good. While there are products I’d like to try in the box, they’re not “must haves” for me, so solely based on principle for the code not working, I’m going to pass on the box. Lol!!

          • me too! Although I did email them to let them know a little more time would have been appreciated. I wouldn’t have hated trying out that shampoo or a couple more items but definitely not dying over anything.

          • Luna
            I just ordered via my phone and it allowed me to enter a promo code. (11 am on Tuesday)If you try what-so-ever on your desktop/computer it won’t work.there is not even an option to open the promo code box under summary etc. I tried like 10 times last night refreshing or changing browsers and nothing worked. I guess it’s a mobile only option so it might work on a tablet but I don’t have one to check- iPhone though ✅
            Hope that helps! I figuredfor $35 (free shipping) it’s a good deal and if there is anything I don’t want/like I can gift to my sisters or something etc.
            (And any othe r ladies having trouble with the code try it via your phone and open the summary link/and the promo box appears 😁)

          • Thanks Xtina! I’ll try on my tablet tonight. Can you believe I’ve never bought anything on my phone before??? I think it’s the limited amount of information I see on a phone screen that has always deterred me…. plus I always feel so lost & confused as to where I’m at on a retail site when I’m on my phone. Lol!

          • I’ve been using my phone for all of this so the promo code box doesn’t show up for me using my Android phone (But like I said it did yesterday).

            I totally get not wanting to buy it just out of principal.

          • Hey Luna, Hope you were able to place your order by using your coupon code provided in email, The Website has been fixed and should be available to use on either mobil or desktop.

    • I bought 1 box and was able to use the code… decided to order a 2nd box thinking I could save another 5 bucks and as stated the option to use the code was no longer there so maybe they only allowed so many codes and that was it?? Hmmmm either way it’s a GREAT deal… I love all the products and am excited to try the brightening gel worth $99.00..

      • Super excited you got that discount on your first order, Sadly, it would only be valid for a 1 (one) time use. But hey on the plus side FREE SHIPPING is available on all orders ❤

  27. That’s weird… I wonder if something is going on with their site right now… the code isn’t working for me, and I’m a current subscriber. When I initially entered the code it worked, but once I got to the screen to enter my payment info it switched to a message stating “TTBR5 discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart”. When I tried to re-enter the code I get the message “Unable to find a valid discount matching the code entered”. Did this happen to anyone else? I did try a different browser, but now the Promo Code box isn’t showing at all.

    I did see a few items in the box that I’d love to try, and while I know it’s only a $5 discount, just the fact that it’s not working is now making me not want it… at least not enough to email/call them to see what’s going on. If I remember to, I’ll try again sometime tomorrow.

    • Luna, it is so funny I was scrolling back and forth comments looking for your comments/opinion on the box.
      I ordered the moment I received email without even looking what is inside. I just excited to try new things and I love how TT put such variety of product.

      • I’m glad you’re excited for the box! 🙂 I’m most excited about trying the Living Proof shampoo (I love a good clarifying/detox shampoo), the NeoStrata cleanser, and as funny as this sounds the Koh Gen Do cotton pads (too bad they’re only a travel size pack). Of course everything else looks great too. The only items I’d gift is the SPF & Sio eye & smile lift masks. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get the box tomorrow with the promo code. Wish me luck! lol

        • Good luck!!
          I just bought on Amazon Korean cotton pads. They are very thin, like paper thin and they are perfect for eye make up removal and toners. Most of all they use so much less product. With regular pads I feel like 70% of product wasted by absorption.

          • I was finally able to get it with the discount code! Yay!

          • I’m not sure where you guys live but if you have a Daiso near you, you can snag the Japanese ones. They are the Asian version of a dollar store. My Daiso charges $1.50 for most items, it’s where I go to get the cotton pads, konjac sponges, cute stationary, pens and Asian snacks. www dot daisojapan dot com

  28. I’ve been waiting for this box to come out and usually love it so much, that I buy 2 or 3. This time.. I don’t want it at all. So many repeats that I have piled up. Nothing is calling my name and I’m so disappointed. Fingers crossed the next one else will be better.

    • It’s not calling me this time either. I was looking forward to this so much and stalking MSA in anticipation of it’s realease, but I’m gonna pass I think. I guess I’m saving some.money thing time around.

  29. I used the $5 off code and it was automatically free shipping to FL so with tax the total was $37.40
    Seems like a good deal!

  30. I grabbed one. I’ll like the Living Proof and Purlisse. I’ve been wanting to try the Derma E vit c. I liked the last grande lip and this looks like a soft pink perfect for summer. I’m excited for this!

  31. I was so excited when I got their email that I ordered without looking at the contents. Either way, the value is there and I’m gonna love a few things

  32. I’m bummed to be bummed but nothing in here I’m dying to try or using on a regular basis. I’m sad about this. I just needed one amazing product to make me pull the trigger but don’t see one. Boo!

  33. And they lost me at Grande Lip plumper.

    • Seriously this brand is in every box! Do they pay them to include?

  34. If you receive the email from them you get free shipping and the promo code worked for me making the total $34.95.. thanks MSA!!

    • Same total for me…anyone know a ship date??

  35. I had to cave when I saw the Whitening Gel is $99 and has great reviews.

  36. Passing

  37. Sadly, none of these products do anything for me. Oh well, money saved this time around!

  38. The timing is perfect!! I had a skin lightening product in another box that is closing out tonight. Now,for $10ish more, I am getting not only what I was ordering but also 12 additional products. Thanks so much Liz!

    • The brightening gel is $99 so it appears to be the star of the box. Looks like most of the other items are $20-40.

      • Thanks. I was wondering which item was pushing this box into the $370 value range.

    • Is this skin lighting really good?

  39. Not the best they’ve offered, but definitely worth $35!

    The code worked for me despite only being a past testtube subscriber!

  40. The Promo Code works even if you aren’t a Test Tube subscriber so with shipping it only came out to $38.05 for the pre-purchase price. Win!

    • My shipping was free for a total of $34.95

  41. was so excited…..then I found out they don’t ship to Alaska. I never realized how much exclusion happens from not living in the lower 48

    • Same here, went to see how much shipping would be to AK.. ugh 😣

    • I need to move to Alaska to cure my addiction to Beauty Boxes.

  42. I have been waiting for this box and ordered one right away. I am dumping all my products in the Fabfitfun edit sale as this NBTT box never ceases to amaze me with it’s quality and savings!

  43. Not excited… bummed bc I’ve been waiting and waiting for this box. The last BR box was a total hit… And this is a total miss for me. :'(

    • The summer one was the bomb! I made several amazing discoveries from that one!

  44. I was so ready to jump on this since I got one last year, but this one doesn’t seem as full and is more expensive … Sadly, I may have to skip this 😞

    • Same

    • This one is actually LESS expensive however I agree with you that it’s not as good.

      • No, both the Beauty Report boxes last year and the year before were only $30.

        You are referring to the Beauty *Awards* box which was $60.

        And yes, those $30 boxes were better.

  45. I got one because of the GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper. It is so rare if I actually finish a product, but I finished the last one that I had – even though the color was not the best for me.

    • I love the lip plumper but gave the previous ones away because they were to dark. Excited to get a color I can wear 🙂

  46. TTBR5 did not work for me. 🙁

    • The code only works for test tube subscribers!

      • Oh, thanks … heehee.

      • Worked for me as a past subscriber! Doesn’t hurt to try it!

  47. I signed up as soon as I got the email, then jumped on here to see if the word was out. Of course MSA is already spreading the word! I had just skipped the May Test tube. I’m glad I did, because both boxes would be too many products!!

  48. One of my favorites! Can’t wait to try out everything!

  49. I am going on vacation next week until the end of the month, and I was worried about missing out on this box – well, now I am not worried. 😊
    This is a pass for me.

  50. Yw hun glad everyone emailed u once we got the email lol thanks for posting dear 😘 imma prob grab one bc it looks amazing 😉

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