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Allure Beauty Box Review – April 2019 + $5 Coupon

Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription from Allure Magazine. Each month they send out a mix of deluxe and full-size samples from mostly high-end brands. (It was named one of the best beauty subscription boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards.)

The box comes with a reusable vinyl bag:

This is not a high-quality bag, but it is reusable, and I’ve found them to be helpful for travel. (They snap shut.)

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Subscription Box: Allure Beauty Box

The Cost: $15 a month

DEAL UPDATE –  Use this link to save $5 off your first box!

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty and makeup samples.

Ships to: the US

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Each box comes with a booklet detailing the items included and why the Allure Beauty Editors selected them.

Now, on to the items!

Anastasia Liquid Lip in Pure Hollywood – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $20

This liquid lipstick formula is impressive. It seriously stays put, and the pigment is amazing, too. I read some reviews on Sephora that people found it to be drying, but I apply lip balm throughout the day no matter what type of lipstick I’m wearing, so I didn’t have any issues there.

The color is very close to my natural lip color, which is good for a no-makeup look, but I think I need a little more contrast with my lips + the rest of my face, so I applied a pink tinted lip balm over it to get a natural looking (but still darker than my normal color) lip look. And I like this formula so much that I’ve already added the Dusty Rose shade (it’s slightly darker) to my Sephora cart.

(Swatched in lower photo.)

Natasha Denona Eye Shadow in Aubade – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $29

(Subscribers will receive this shade OR Bronzafe OR Morgana.)

I have heard wonderful things about the Natasha Denona brand, but since it’s so pricey I never took the plunge to buy it. (It’s $129 for a palette!)

So, this inclusion was definitely the highlight of the box for me. (I believe this is the only time I’ve seen Natasha Denona in a subscription box, too.)

The formula definitely lives up to the hype. The eyeshadow is super-pigmented, buttery, and so easy to blend. Plus I had minimal fallout when applying. Now I really want to splurge and try the matte eyeshadows.

(Swatched in lower photo.)

Laura Gellar INKcredible Gel Liner in Into the Lavender – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $22

(FYI – shades will vary.)

This eyeliner is waterproof and doesn’t budge once it sets. (You have a few seconds to smudge it before that happens, though, if you want.) I love that I received a lavender shade, too. (I have a lot of black eyeliners!) And this is one that you can apply lightly if you don’t want too much color.

Here it is swatched beneath the lipstick and the eyeshadow:

Moda Triad Eye Brush – FULL SIZE Retail Value $4.99

(Subscribers will receive an eyeshadow brush, but the brands will vary.)

This is a densely packed eyeshadow brush with a triangle shape that makes it easy to apply a lot of pigment and also blend out – it’s a smart design.

Vita Liberata Phenomenal Tan Infused Towels (2 pack) Value $6.25

For the past decade or so, I’ve been on the search for the perfect self-tanning product. Way back in the day, I used to use TanTowels (which were fine, but I think also made me look a bit orange), and these remind me of TanTowels because of the application method. I’m always up for trying a new self-tanner, and I love that this brand is ingredient-conscious, so I immediately gave these a go!

Each packet includes a folded towelette soaked in self-tanner solution. This makes it super easy to apply a light layer without worrying about streaking, and you just have to be sure to wash your hands after to make sure you don’t get self-tanner palms. (The formula goes on invisible and color should appear in 4-8 hours.)

The good news? My fake tan looked very natural. The bad news (for me)? I could barely notice a difference. (Maybe I should have been more heavy-handed in applying?) If you are a self-tan newbie and want a product you can’t mess up, I’d start here.

(One thing to note – since this is not a product for all skin tones, I would have loved to see Allure offer an alternative option for subscribers like they once allowed for subscribers to pick foundation shades.)

Briogeo Farewell Frizz Rosarco Milk Leave-In Conditioning Spray – .75 oz Value $3

(This is a variant item)

I’ve had mixed results with the Briogeo line of products, but this one is a winner!

I love the scent, and I found giving my damp hair a light spray left it feeling softer, too. (Plus I love that they are ingredient conscious!)

Verdict: This box has a value of about $85! I think that’s a great value for a $15 beauty box! The eyeshadow alone made this box worth it for me, and I’m using everything so I’d consider that a win, too!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes, but items will vary. Scroll down this page to see what items you will get when you first sign up.

COUPON: Get a Free Mega Bundle when you sign up for a 12-month subscription! No coupon needed - just use this link.

What do you think of the April Allure Beauty Box? What was your favorite product in the box?

Allure Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (91)

  1. My debit card number got stolen so I had to get a new one. I got a notification from Allure to update my card and updated it right away. They still didn’t ship my box so I called to make sure they had the right card number. They said they did. They still don’t ship. I call again. They said they have no record of my previous call. So I update them again.

    I finally got my April box yesterday and there is no Anastasia lipstick. They must’ve ran out by the time they got around to shipping my box. I have been a member for a long time now and I am pissed that I didn’t get that lipstick because their customer service sucks.

    • A lot of people didn’t get the lipstick. It’s not just you. Mine actually showed up in the mail today after I called and complained. I was shocked as didn’t expect for them to send it

  2. I got pretty much the same box as Liz, bronze color eye shadow, black eyeliner and the other frizz hair product. I wish the lip color was usable for me. It washes me out and it is a difficult color to gift. So my stories with Allure… I had two cancelled accounts before November last year and I called CS a few times to reactivate, and it didn’t work… So I was buying from Amazon here and there. I created third account when they offered Sunday Riley full-size product and it worked. I got the mini Versace perfume and $10 for the first 4 months. I contacted customer service about SR product and they said that they have “no record” of such promo in my account. Ah well, at least I tried. And I agree about the plastic pouch… they should focus on sourcing better products than making/paying those plastic pouches that are easy to tear and cannot be recycled. Mine has been in tact so far, but I haven’t used them. Good news is that Project Beauty Share accepts new makeup pouches (not on their list of donations, so I asked and they confirmed yes!). I subscribed to Allure because I think it is a great mix of skincare, makeup and hair care, but I haven’t been crazy about bloggers boxes. I wasn’t excited about this month, but there are new to me items that I am happy to try. As to variations…. I don’t think Allure knows what they are doing because I read here that long-time customers are getting the repeats! That’s not right. They need to put their acts together along with improving customer service!

  3. I got the Anastasia lip color, which on me is my lips but deader, the Natasha Denona shadow in Aubade (gold), the LG eyeliner in Blackbird, the Luxie brush and the Bye-Bye Frizz hair product and the tan towels.

    Not terribly happy,

    The eyeliner is Just Another Black Eyeliner.

    My hair is straight and does not frizz.

    I don’t use self-tanner at all, and I already have more than one of the brush.

    If Allure is going to offer color variants, they need to create AND USE customer preferences.

    • “My lips but deader” 😂😂😂

  4. TJ Maxx (at least the ones in my area) have tons of Anastasia Liquid Lip in various colors. Probably not this color, but if you like the formula or you want to try the product in another color or try it cheaply, check there. I got Sugar Plum, and I love it!

  5. The only reason I sub Allure is because they don’t do variants and I cancelled play because of that. I was sick of getting red lipstick, primer and junk mascara in every box and watching other people get skincare that would have matched perfectly with my profile. I am cancelling Allure if they continue this. As well I thinks it’s BS that people get to sub like 5 boxes and the customers subbing 1 that have been subbing for over 2 years get the variant with hair product. Any variation should go to the people who get more than one box after the first wave gets sent out to allure subs or it should be ONE BOX PER HOUSEHOLD! So they stop overselling. I can’t believe the people on here complaining that sub like 5 boxes! If everyone got one box there would be enough to go around. Either way allure needs to get ot together or they won’t need to worry about running out of product but what to do with the leftovers.

  6. I was so excited for April’s box. Until I received it. I got two items from the December box, the JP mini palette, and the LA Splash Art-ki-tekt liquid eyeliner. No idea why anyone would need two of either of those products. The ONLY other thing in my (ripped) plastic pouch was the gold Moda brush. No ND, no ABH, no tan towels or briogio. It’s not as if I am a new subscriber, I’ve been getting Allure for almost a year. EVERY SINGLE month I have to call them, either because an item is broken, missing, or my box, that they said they were shipping out 3 times, never actually arrived. It took several months to get my new member gift and a gift I was supposed to get for signing up through a friends link (which, when they finally sent, was not even the correct item). This month was the month that broke me. When I called yesterday, after finally getting my box, the customer service lady did not seem to see what my problem was. I only got 3 items!!!!, none of which were initially listed on here or their own webpage as the box for April!!!!!. If you can’t supply enough of the items you promise, start doing what every other sub box does, CREATE A WAITLIST! stop promising not only new customers, but loyal, long term customers (especially us) products that you know you have no hope of delivering on. After finally speaking to a supervisor last night, she said she would re-send an April box, but couldn’t promise it would be the one that I was expecting to get. I would have happily paused this month if I knew that the reasons I wanted the box, were never an option. I swear if I end up with a THIRD JP mini palette and LA Splash liquid liner (which was horrible when I tried it in December), I’m not going to have to call them to yell at them, they will hear me from across the country. Ugh. I so wanted this sub to work out, but like any other bad, abusive relationship, I have to walk away.

    • I got that same box with repeats and called and they said they were out of the other box but could send me the individual eyeliner and lipgloss but with no tracking and could take 3 weeks. At least they helped and tried to fix the problem. It’s been 2 weeks now and still waiting

  7. It seems that Allure has been unable to handle the influx of subs that probably came with the Sunday Riley oil in January. But I realize that not every $15 box is going to have that kind of product. They need to stop releasing spoilers if they can’t fulfill non-variant items for subscribers at the time of the spoiler release. New subs get in at the back of the line. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if people who have canceled and resubbed get treated like newer subscribers. I expect that the rate of this type of churn makes it difficult to plan. I didn’t hate my box but didn’t love it. The way I evaluate my subs is how many products I will actually use and over time, if I have fewer than half that I want to use, I cancel. (bye Boxycharm). So far, over time, Allure has been good enough for me. A couple more months will tell the tale.

  8. I only have 2 items that match this box. I did get eyeshadow and eyeliner in different shades.
    After getting my April box and seeing the spoilers for May, I have no problem skipping May’s box.
    Allure needs to go back to being consistent.

  9. So I feel I’m in the minority where I would have preferred to get the 2 hair products instead of the Anastasia lippie. I tried the lippie out and the color is so close to my skin tone that it makes me look like I have no lips/I am sick. I love the Allure boxes and know that the products won’t always work for me. It looks like this lippie and the one next month in a similar color will be given to my niece.

    • I got the two hair products and wouldn’t mind swapping for the lippie if you’re interested!

      • Hey Sadiebenz,

        I’m on the waitlist for the swapsite so I can’t list it. It looks like I can’t put my email in the comments here as well. Do you know how we can contact each other to do this because I’d love to swap it for the 2 hair products.

      • Hmm let me think. Do you use Instagram or Facebook? I can connect with you on one of those platforms! Or you can try to email me here (no spaces)- sadiebenz921 at g mail

    • I feel the same! I received the Anastasia lip and will see if one my daughters wants it. Colors that pale simply wash me out, so while yes, I can try mixing with other shades to make it more wearable, the chances of me actually reaching for it and doing so are pretty much nil. 🙂 On the other hand I have long, curly hair that requires a great amount of hydration, frizz control and oils daily to keep it under control, so I always welcome hair products in sub boxes.

      There is no way to please everyone with a sub box, for me, as long as I personally consider it worth what I paid, it’s a win! I loved the ND eye shadow, the LG eye liner (Black Gold), the Briogeo, and I always welcome brushes. I kept 4 out of the 6 items sent, so that was a definite win in my book. 🙂

  10. I got Morgana which is stunning and just received the Bronzeage in a swap. They are simply amazing shadows and although I would never pay for a palette I understand, kind of, why they are so pricey. I want to trade for the other color out there as well. I promptly dropped my swap one but I don’t care. I love them. They made the whole box for me, the other stuff was gravy.

  11. I got a luxie brush which I love and I had already received the mods brush in a previous box. I got the eyeliner in black. DO NOT use to tightline the upper waterline as it bleed super bad. I also loved the tan wipes but I must be super bad at it because it streaked on me but the color was very natural where it did develop

  12. I didn’t get the Anastasia lippie. Instead, they sent 2 extra hair products (a Rene Furterer texture spray and John Frieda secret weapon cream) along with the .75oz of the Briogeo farewell frizz cream. I got the Laura Geller liner in a gold color, which I’ll use as an eyeshadow wash instead and Morgana in the Natasha Denona shadow. The brush and tan towels are ok.

    I look at it this way, if I saw this kit at Sephora being sold with a Natasha Denona eyeshadow, brush, full size LG liner etc, for $15 I would buy it.

    Atleast that’s how I am trying to convince myself to see it, lol.😂……

    • Same here, I didn’t get the ABH lipgloss. Same hair stuff too.

      • I didn’t get the $5 gift card or the new subscriber gift. I’m also fairly certain there wasn’t any sort of self tanner in there. I cancelled. The plastic bag is a waste in my opinion. I liked the eyeshadow and eyeliner.

    • I got the same items like you, 2 extra hair product, same color of eyeliner and same color of shadow, no ABH lippie. I was so disappointed about it as that was the item I was looking for. I don’t use too much hair products.

      • I received a card in my box that said; “HEY gorgeous! WE HOPE YOU’RE LOVING OUR EDITORS’ product picks, and know how much we value having you as a loyal member! Just to let you know, due to an unforeseen supplier shortage, instead of receiving a Briogeo product in your box this month, you’ll find our favorite items from both John Frieda and Rene Furterer.

        Odd—Since I received Briogeo Farewell Frizz AND the John Frieda Frizz ease and Rene Furterer Vegetal Texture Spray

      • Me too. And no mention of the ABH lipstick, of course, which initially was supposed be a definite item this month, and not a variant. I note though, that in the last posted full spoilers for April and now the full spoilers for May, Allure states, this month’s box features, then they list the products, but end with the following sentence underlined: “Additional products may vary.” Well, what does that mean? Which products are definite, and which are variants? Or are they all now variants? Poorly written, to say the least, and basically meaningless. I’ve been with Allure for over 4 years with no breaks, in part because of their non-variant format, but if this is their new normal, then this loyal customer is done. I’ve canceled other subs with variant formats. I want to know what I’m getting, not a mystery box every month. What do the spoilers even mean, if you can’t count on them?

        I remember an article by Liz discussing the curation of beauty boxes, which said they’re planned a year in advance. If that’s true for Allure, I’d say we’re now seeing the work of the new deputy beauty editor, and it’s underwhelming. Get it together Allure.

      • Agreed. I’ve been with Allure for two years now and I called to skip May. I have yet to receive any “gift” for being a loyal subscriber. Not ever. But I did get that little card with my substituted items saying I’m a valued loyal customer. 🙄

      • I think we were supposed to receive both Briogeo products not just 1. That’s why they threw in the other 2. I was confused too until I opened the booklet and it had both pics of the cream and spray without the disclaimer that we’d be getting 1 or the other. Which makes sense cause we didn’t get the ABH lippie at the higher value :/

      • That’s not what MSA, and many others, got. They got the ABH lippie, and the Briogeo conditioning spray, the latter which was a variant item. Members were supposed to get either the Briogeo conditioning spray, or the creme, according to the original spoilers – not both – originally. But I guess when Allure ran out of the lipstick, that suddenly became a variant item. I personally don’t appreciate Allure’s dishonesty.

  13. I love this month’s box. Allure is quickly becoming one of my favorite subscription boxes. I just signed up for Ipsy Plus, so I can’t compare it to that yet but out of the other subs I receive, I think this one is my favorite atm.

  14. Same here. I got the same box you did and felt totally ripped off. How goes a hair product even compare with Subay Riley Glow Oil or Retin A. The Sunday Riley products are 2 to 3 times more expensive. Very disappointed this month.

  15. I cancelled after getting this box. I got two repeat items (the Nuvia palette and the arkitect eyeliner), and it just tipped the scale for me. Customer service was kind and offered to send me other items, but the next couple boxes just don’t seem worth staying for. I think I’m going to switch to Ipsy.

    • Same here! I definitely didn’t get the items in this review. My box was a joke. I promptly cancelled and will be watching to see if Allure steps up their game again.

      • Me too! To top it off, I received an email just now showing whatLiz receive and I got the same box as both of you. I canceled, I was loving allure ( I did sign back up for Jan for the SR )—-but all I feel now is——meh.

  16. I received three items from the April box and the other three were left over items from previous boxes. I assume since I am receiving my boxes for $10 I am not getting as good of items.

  17. I recieved the same box you reviewed but without the little spray bottle.

    My eyeliner was ultra violet and is absolutely gorgeous! I have light green eyes and I love it so much that I’ll be ordering another when it runs out. The eyeshadow was pretty but nothing out of the ordinary IMO. The brush is okay.

    I have a light olive skintone thanks to my Greek-Italian heritage and I tan easily in the FL sunshine, despite my using sunscreen daily. So I’m sure this was user error as I don’t use tan towels normally. I took the time to exfoliate my legs and really try to apply it evenly. My tan was a streaky mess and I had patches that didn’t take to the tan at all. I wore pants until today and it was 91 degrees out yesterday. 😂 That will teach me. No more fake tan for me.

    The lip product was a disaster as it was so light that it makes my lips look dead. I tried to use it twice and it went in the garbage. It looked light I put foundation on my lips that went matte and cracked.

    It was absolutely worth the $15 for me to find the eye pencil. The glitter in the eye pencil is stunning!

    • Hi Mellisa,
      I read you have light olive skinned tone , Greek & Italian too, I always have a hard time finding foundation. Would you mind sharing some of the ones you use? With the color numbers.
      Thank you

      • Hi Paula,

        I’m not Melissa, but I can tell you that Fenty has a line of foundation that includes olive tones. I can’t give you a number because that’s not a match for me, but you can swatch them at Sephora if you’re interested.

        I will note that I have had issues with Fenty due to dry skin (they have a very matte formula), so if that’s a problem maybe it wouldn’t work for you.

        Good Luck!

    • That tan towel was awful! My skin still looks a mess days later, it’s so embarrassing. I use the tarte tan cream with mitt and I’ve never even noticed a streak. The other towel went straight to the trash.

      The lip color was real bad too. Totally look like a corpse. I like their formula which is a shame.

  18. I get my box through Amazon well I did I should say I luckily canceled end of March to see if I would like April varient I didn’t so luckily I dodged that bullet. I lost hair to chemo last month can you imagine slap in face 3 hair products would be?! Instead of $20 lipstick ugly sure but at least I could have made THAT work. Now Amazon says boxes are currently unavailable. I am hoping they are just out of stock seeing as Allure could not even fill all their orders with promised items. If not it will be bye bye to Allure for me. I did email Amazon but they could only tell me they were out of stock this month and don’t know if April box will come back in stock.

  19. I got a not- great March box ( WHICH HASN’T BEEN REVIEWED ON MSA) and a really dismal April box with extra boxes sent from either Amazon or Allure, I really cannot tell.

    All I know is that I have 10 self- tan towels, 4 Morgana eye shadows and one in the bronze shade, 0 ABH lip gloss, 4 Laura Geller eyeliners- 2 blue and 2 green when I need lavender.

    5 Brigeo samples of some spray bottles and a tube of something I won’t use because blow drying my hair would ruin the curls, The John Frieda No-Frizz product travel size item and the Rene somebody travel sized product ( 4 of each of these.)

    Then the box from Allure which had a Nubian eye palette of which I already have 3, at least, but I like it.
    The gold metal eyeliner container with some not- great black eyeliner,
    the bronze eye shadow, some sort of hair scalp scrub..

    I called Allure CS about the box they sent me. I explained that 3 products are repeats and this is not what I paid for regarding the April box.
    They are supposed to be sending me lip glosses ( I said ” NO LaRitzy please”) and the Laura Geller lavender shade and the gold one.
    Also, some other things which they didn’t specify but once I sent photos of all those palettes and so forth, they were extremely nice, polite and helpful.

    Also, I threatened to do a chargeback and cancel my memberships ( all 4 or 5 of them, depending on what it is that is doing with my charges now) and they sent an email stating some specifics of what they are replacing my ” disappointing selection” with.

    This was a first for me with their CS. I hope they are improving, because 3 months ago, they couldn’t find my subscription and they were charging and shipping out 2 per month.

    I’m being patient because I KNOW how great they can be and USUALLY ARE.

    I told them, and I feel this way ” When the box sells out, start putting those customers at the top of the list for the next month’s box and don’t assume they don’t have the ” replacement surplus you dig out of storage, please”.

    They’ve started staggering the shipping dates, so if they are short on the primo products advertised month after month, it’s possible those with the late in the month dates are almost always going to get the remnants or the substitutes and that’s just not equitable in price or philosophy.

    If you are unhappy with a substitute group of items, please let them know. Their customers by and large pay full price. I know I do, always. I don’t want last winter’s left overs and neither do you.

    None of this is a reflection on MSA, of course, but if we don’t talk to each other, we don’t get things improved by working together. 😉

    I care about YOUR box and getting a nice selection you’re happy with like I am with MY box.
    One last thing- The CS person was SUPER DUPER NICE!!!

    • I’m surprised they allow you to have all those subscriptions! And that they’re willing to basically send you customized replacements for non-defective products! I wish I had the skills to get that kind of above and beyond customer service! They wouldn’t even let me have a second account. They confirmed my new account and order then never sent the box. When I emailed I was told they don’t allow multiple accounts with the same name and mailing address (I’d used a different email address of course). In fact, instead of just canceling the new account they took the new email and credit card info and replaced them on my old/original account. All without permission or any notification. It was such a ridiculously unethical and idiotic situation and they weren’t apologetic at all. They didn’t even acknowledge or explain changing my account info without my consent or even offer to change it back! They made such a mess I felt I had no choice but to unsubscribe on principle alone.

      Of course thanks to my serious subscription addiction and a great promo offer, I eventually got sucked back in 2 months ago. March was good but I got the worst box ever this month (I had my original account for years off and on—but mostly on.)
      I got two repeats: the eyeshadow palette and spray in hair treatment that’s too heavy for my hair, a ND eyeshadow in the one color I didn’t want, a Luxie brush I already own more than one of, tan towels that I never use and a RealHer black liquid eyeliner to add to my collection of 50 other black liners from sub boxes. I’d have been happy if all I got other than those products was a colorful eyeliner. ANY color besides black. That one difference would’ve made up for the rest of the box.

      I’m not sure what to do now. I’m not liking the May and June spoilers much but even if I did I might get totally different random products I have no use for anyway. I’m so disappointed Allure is going down the Boxycharm road.
      I know Allure is only $15 but there are several other subs around that price that send some full sizes as well. Heck I might just get a second Ipsy bag (well 3rd I guess since I also get Ipsy Plus) and end up much happier. At least with them I’m prepared for any number of variations but I know at least some will be customized.

  20. I received 126k Aubade and really wanted Morgana, in case anyone wants to swap eyeshadows? I tried to sign in to swap but I see it’s invitation only and I’m wanting to get in.

  21. I think some of these companies are in a no win situation. If they start doing variations due to mass amounts of new subscribers people get mad. If they stop accepting new subscribers to prevent variations or over selling people get mad. Not defending them at all just saying that they are really in a tough situation. I understand why so many companies are just stopping their sub boxes.

    • Allison- I fully agree with you and it drives me nuts with all the negative comments. People should be thankful and not demanding all perfect products that suit them only.

      • That’s fine to say, but it’s not true. If you read the comments variants aren’t the problem and it’s not about the products. It’s about the fact that Allure is sending long time subscribers items that we already recieved back in December, and that only hits the surface of all that’s wrong with this box. Sorry, but I am not “thankful” to recieve the same items twice within a 4 month period all because this company can’t keep it straight.

      • I agree. Why should I be thankful to get repeats of products- repeats that were received the first time months ago? People are paying to test out new products. Surely Allure has a list somewhere of who received what item in a box,

        Allure is a big enough company to get enough products for all its’ subscribers. If not, they need to stop doing all these ‘special’ promotions with great products to get people to sign up. Of course hundreds of people will sign up to get a free Sunday Riley product- apparently that was evident to everyone but Allure. If you can’t handle getting different products to the customers that you have now, don’t take on new customers until you fix the problem.

        Everybody’s experience will be different with each company. Just because my experience with a beauty subscription is wonderful doesn’t mean that yours will be. Yes, the subscription box maybe relatively inexpensive but you are still paying for it. If you have legitimate complaints about a service they should be heard (other people may have experienced the same thing and resolved it or the matter may need to be brought to the attention of the company so that they can rectify the problem).

      • My reply was not to the long term subscribers receiving the same product. It’s with all the other negative comments where people are constantly saying things such as ‘omg tan towelettes, I’m unsubscribing Allure is trash’ or ‘there’s one product I don’t like, I’m unsubscribing’ or ‘I’m unsubscribing because the value is only 80 and if it’s not over a hundred then I don’t want it’.

  22. I have been a consistent subscriber since this box was called Sample Society and run by a totally different company. Never cancelled or skipped and I got the 2 extra hair products instead of the lipstick. However I was actually hoping that I wouldn’t get the lipstick because I already have that color along with many others. I don’t know how they decided who got what. Everything else was the same in my box as Liz got except for I got the Briego blow dry cream and my eyeliner and eyeshadow are different colors.

    • Allison, that was the case with me as well. I don’t know how Allure can justify what they did to a small group of loyal subscribers. The first wave got the box above, the last wave (mostly new subscribers) got totally different items but still an equivalent value and somehow, a group of us landed in the middle with Walmart hair samples. It would seem to me that longterm subs should be the first to receive their boxes. Allure ended up overselling the box and we were left holding the proverbial empty bag. To make matters worse, some subscribers in the middle wave contacted Allure and they were then sent the Anastatia lippie. Did they happen to find a few stashed around the office? 🤔It does me absolutely no good to attempt contacting customer service as no one can locate my account. How is that even possible when I pay $15 and they send me a monthly box? *sigh* I’m thinking I should just start working the system by signing up for new accounts and trying to get the deal for four at $10 and a newbie gift. Perhaps three small hair samples wouldn’t sting as much at $10 a pop.

      • *Anastasia*

      • Funny you said that because my account doesn’t exist online but they have it in their system. I didn’t call because as I said I was probably the only one hoping for the hair products instead of the lipstick. I’m sorry so many people were disappointed.

      • They have it in their system when I call I mean but not online.

      • Same here. It drives me nuts. I even tried canceling for a while and resubscribing with a whole new email/account and STILL I can’t locate it online. Another time I created a second account so I could get two boxes. Everything looked fine but I never got the second box or any emails in that account with an explanation. But when I logged into my original account I’ve had forever starting with just Allure magazine, I noticed that they changed my email to the 2nd account’s address and replaced my original account’s payment method with the card I used for the new account. All of this without my permission. I emailed them asking if I didn’t get my other box because a second account is forbidden and they confirmed that to be true. But as far as if that was the case, why did they combine the accounts by changing my info on the original account to the other email and credit card, they offered absolutely no explanation or apology. All they had a right (and an obligation really) to do was let me know they were canceling the 2nd account since it was against policy. A simple email or snail mail letter if need be. But to not do that and take it upon themselves to change my email and financial information without permission or even notification? Their level of incompetence and lack of ethics and even manners is baffling considering Allure and it’s parent company, Conde Nast, are huge. How is it that they have such terrible computer systems and customer service? Are they just too big and rich to care? I’m ashamed to say while I immediately unsubscribed when that incident happened, several months later I got sucked back in with one of their great promotions. Fast forward a few months to April and I’m just about ready to leave again. My box was terrible. I got none of these items or the other spoilers except the ND eyeshadow and the leave-in hair stuff I’ve tried before from several different boxes and doesn’t work for me. I got yet another black liquid eyeliner (RealHer) instead of a colored LG one. I didn’t get the lip gloss either. It was just very disappointing. I’m not trying to be a picky spoiled brat. I understand the value is always there. I just don’t think it’s right that they release certain spoilers all over social media and in the magazine but don’t mention you may also get variations that aren’t even mentioned or shown anywhere. It’s a monthly subscription, not a mystery box. If they keep treating it as more of a grab bag type of thing they need to disclose that for example, all contents other than products A and B may vary entirely or not at all from any product advertised or posted or from other subscribers.

  23. I resubbed to try the Natasha Denona, so the box was worth it to me, but I feel Allure is deliberately deceptive about variant items. I’m not sure I’d resubscribe (via Amazon, definitely not through the Allure website) even if there is another really good spoiler.

    Plus, many people are still not receiving the subscriber’s bonus items that MSA keeps promoting. I wish I could opt out of receiving emails specifically about Allure from MSA.

  24. My bag was cracked again (I haven’t received a single intact bag since they had introduced them), the eyeshadow shattered, no ABH lipstick, and 2 hair products instead of it. Was it a variation item?
    Total disappointment.

    • Sounds like you got the Amazon box.

      • Yes. That’s not just, that there is difference.

      • I subscribed through Allure directly and got this box.

      • There was a lot of people who got that box and were also subbed through Allure.

      • *there were*

        Sorry for the spelling and grammar errors and corrections. I didn’t proof before hitting send. ☺️ I had to have oral surgery this morning….I think the pain med is just a bit too strong! 😸

    • Same. My bags is split on the side every time. It seems so wasteful. I wish they wouldn’t include it.

  25. I’m curious to know what the Amazon subbers got. Can someone please let us know which eye color was in the box?

    • I got Morgana, the hair products and a dark green eye pencil

      • I got same as you.

    • All Amazon people got hair products including Briogeo in creme not spray instead of ABH and Morgana eyeshadow only varient was color of eyeliner. Luckily I skipped and now box is currently unavailable but I am hoping they just sold out. This was a strange month Amazon usually gets same box as Allure they don’t go by how long you have been a member. I cancel every other month.

      • From Amazon I got 124k bronzage, luxie brush, Nubian palette, art-ki-tekt, tan cloths and briogeo creme.

  26. I loved this box! Glad I was able to try Natasha Denona this way — I’ve heard that the mini palettes they sell in Sephora aren’t the same quality as the full-sized palettes but this single shadow was AM-AZING. I got it in the shade ‘Bronzage’.

    • The only mini palette that is her same lovely formula is the mini nude palette

    • Agree on the small palettes being of lesser quality. I got the mini star palette as a travel companion to the full size. Matte shades were fine but the shimmers were so hard to work with that I ended up giving it to a friend.

  27. This box is hit or miss for me, but for $15 it’s fun and there’s usually at least one item I am excited to try.

    I will say though that their new plastic pouches are pretty useless to me as every one I have received so far has arrived split at the seam. I’m thinking they should either source a different pouch, bring back the red box, or skip it entirely and just fill the box with shredded colored paper. It just seems like a total waste to me, but maybe I’m in the minority. It sounds like Liz has had better luck with hers.

    • This probably won’t post but I’m totally with you. I was excited for the clear pouch but it came ripped on the side. Useless and horrible for the environment.

  28. Anybody else receive a completely different box?!! I got the Natasha Denona and the tan towels and the rest repeats!!! Soooo not happy! I got a repeat Moda mythical crease brush, repeat Briogeo farewell frizz cream, repeat art-ki-tekt eyeliner and repeat Juvias place eye palette. And the worst is the variation was the eye palette or Sunday Riley glow oil or Sunday Riley A+. How are those even comparable?!! And i know it is an inexpensive box but 4 out of 6 repeats is not ok!

    • Yep, I would have loved this box. I got repeats of the Juvia’s Place palette and artkitekt eyeliner from the December box instead of the Anastasia lipstick and Laura Gellar eyeliner and I was not happy about it at all.

    • I haven’t heard of anyone getting Sunday Riley, even though it was in the booklet as a variant. No lipstick for me either. And another Juvia’s pallet and the eyeliner from December. If anything good that came out of this, I tried Juvia’s pallet since I got two of them now. I must say I was really impressed with the pigment and how buttery these eyeshadows are. But don’t want the same pallet. I canceled. Supposedly they are sending me lipstick after I complained. Not sure if that will happen

    • Same here. Exact same. Not getting the August box again, but many repeats. Wish I had received this box since I also got a repeat of the Moda brush, Briogeo, Nubian eyeshadow and black liquid eyeliner (last two from December) . It seems like every item was a variant this month with no consistency. I expect that from Play!, but I was used to consistency from Allure across boxes.
      I understand they may have oversold it, but maybe they should start being like Play! where they give all the variations so people know that there is now no longer any guarantee that they will get anything in the original spoilers. Or at least say that everything is a variant item if they are having so many issues with their suppliers and overselling.

      • The only reason I sub Allure is because they don’t do variants and I cancelled play because of that. I was sick of getting red lipstick, primer and junk mascara in every box and watching other people get skincare that would have matched perfectly with my profile. I am cancelling Allure if they continue this. As well I thinks it’s BS that people get to sub like 5 boxes and the customers subbing 1 that have been subbing for over 2 years get the variant with hair product. Any variation should go to the people who get more than one box after the first wave gets sent out to allure subs or it should be ONE BOX PER HOUSEHOLD! So they stop overselling. I can’t believe the people on here complaining that sub like 5 boxes! If everyone got one box there would be enough to go around. Either way allure needs to get ot together or they won’t need to worry about running out of product but what to do with the leftovers.

    • Same here. I got the same box you did and felt totally ripped off. How goes a hair product even compare with Subay Riley Glow Oil or Retin A. The Sunday Riley products are 2 to 3 times more expensive. Very disappointed this month.

    • I also got the same box as you with all the repeats. I had called to cancel on March because I didn’t like the spoilers. CS gave me the option of 4months for $10 each so I decided to stay on thinking i might like the eyeliner and lipstick but received neither. I don’t fake tan, don’t wear eyeshadow, and already received the rest. I mainly subscribe for skin care. I have been a member for years. I called to cancel again and was told the reason I received the old crap was because my account was restarted with the ten dollar deal as a newbie. I was also told they only do skin care in fall and winter and spring summer are makeup heavy. This makes no sense to me as we all have skin care routines year round. One of two items of skin care per month would suffice. They often include six items so that would leave four or five items to fill with black eyeliners, hair goop, brown lipsticks and fake tans and eyeshadows. Now I am afraid to renew in the fall when they restart skin care because I will be a newbie again and probably receive a bunch of makeup from the summer anyway. You just can’t win.

  29. I got a couple extra hair products instead of the lipstick but I actually already have several of that brand including this color so I was really happy with my box. I got the bronze eyeshadow and love it! My eyeliner is navy blue with shimmer and it’s awesome! I love this box. I’m sorry that some people were disappointed. I was actually crossing my fingers hoping not to get the lipstick. My substitute items were a John Freda smoothing balm and a Renee Furter styling cream. I got the Briego blow dry cream which I won’t use because I air dry my hair but my mom loves it so I gave it to her.

  30. Was it just me or did the March review never get posted for Allure?

    • I don’t think it did. Or it was removed for some reason.

    • Oh you are totally right! I have it drafted and meant to come back after I had tried the products but completely forgot. If it’s helpful to still finish the review and publish let me know. Sorry about that!

      • Please do! I like to look back in time during my lunch break.

      • I would still love to see it also if you are willing to post it!

      • Of course, I’ll get on it! 🙂

      • Thank you Liz!

      • Please publish the March review! I have been waiting for it.

      • Hi Liz

        This is only somewhat Allure box related but I would LOVE to see a post about how you organize your makeup and beauty stash from all the sub boxes you review! Reading this reminded me that I haven’t tried my Laura Geller eye pencil and I’m excited to try it now. I have at least three sub boxes arriving per month and sometimes I forget what I have or never even use it. How do you keep new and favorite items organized?

  31. I wasn’t excited about this box, but I actually liked it for the most part. I got the same shade of shadow as Liz, I love it. So pretty. I got the eyeliner in rose gold, love it. I like luxie brushes and briogeo products. I too liked the lipstick formula, but hated the color. It’s like I spread medium concealer on my lips. I don’t use self tanning products. I’m scared of streaks or looking orange. Overall, I’m satisfied with what I got for $15.

  32. That’s the box I should have gotten. I didn’t get the lipstick, which stinks.

    • I’m sorry. I was actually crossing my fingers hoping not to get the lipstick because I already have it. I got extra hair products.

  33. Although this seemed quite low-value, at least some of the cheap items were ones I am using…I think that’s a win.

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