Allure Beauty Box June 2019 Spoiler #2 + 3!

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We have more spoilers for the June Allure Beauty Box thanks to Courtney!

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least one or two full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

Here are three of the products that will be featured in the June box:

What do you think of the June spoilers?

Use this link to save $5 off your first box and new subscribers will also receive a full-size Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer (Retail Value $42)! 

FYI – this moisturizer will ship separately from your first Allure Beauty Box and may take weeks to arrive. Supplies are limited, so make sure to scroll down this page and verify that you see the Juice Beauty moisturizer before you check out!

And check out the full May box spoilers, too!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. 😣😖🙄🤨

    • Lol my sentiments exactly!

      • Same here! 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄🙅🏻‍♀️

  2. I started with Allure in December. None of the spoilers for May or June appealed to me so I cancelled since I get IpsyGlamBag Plus and BoxyCharm. There’s just no point to collect stuff I’ll never use. I was offered a 4 for $12/month deal or free box to stay.

    I have loved every single box I received. I have loved the NikkieTutorials box (the HIGHLIGHTER), the Sunday Riley box in January, the Natasha Denona box with purple Laura Geller eyeliner, the February box with PINK eyeshadow after a year of neutrals through Boxy, The Acure Tansy Oil from March… I am using multiple products from Allure everyday. I don’t hate them.

    I would prefer this box become what it was. Guaranteed items from great companies. Not a bunch of variations, unless those variations are equally as awesome. Get rid of the stupid bag. WE DON’T NEED TO KILL THE EARTH WITH PLASTIC.

    Anyway. That’s my hot take. I’ll probably resubscribed after tanning season.

  3. Has anybody noticed that nobody seems to want stuff from the Allure Beauty Box on the MSA swap page? 😂 There are some items that have zero followers. 😳🤣

    • Yes! Lol! I got into major swap mode a couple weeks ago and just kept requesting swaps till most of my stuff was gone. Of the 4 item’s I had left, 3 were from Allure. The one that wasn’t was the Real Her red lippie from GBP a few months ago. That poor thing has zero interest as well, I actually listed mine for free because I felt bad for it.😂 Next person I trade with that I think it will look good on is going to end up getting it as an extra. Now I have had to add even more Allure items because they have taken to sending me repeats of crap I already got in December, instead of what was supposed to be in my box.😣 My Allure stuff just sits most of the time, my GBP on the other hand…I am able to trade most of those before I even receive them.💁

  4. This box seems like it is on it’s way out, unfortunately. I cancelled a few months ago after subscribing for years, and so far I have no regrets. I miss some of the wonderful boxes they had last year, when I looked forward to each month. This year, the items seem smaller, the variations drive me crazy, and a lot of repeat/old items keep reappearing. Also, many people are complaining that they don’t receive boxes for months, so shipping seems to have gone downhill.

    I’ve switched over to Beauty Fix, which is a little more expensive, but so much more exciting to me, and it’s much easier to cancel since you can do it from your account. That is very important to me. I hate having to call or email to cancel a box.

  5. Amazon has Allure box as currently unavailable are they no longer going to sell box or is this month just sold out?

    • Oh that is interesting, I have had the Allure sub through Amazon on the past, and when i look now it says it’s unavailable, as well.

      • It shows available for me through Amazon.

    • Maybe Allure couldn’t fulfill Amazon shipping requirements anymore?
      Amazon has kinda strict rules for their sellers.

      • I think Amazon isn’t taking on any new subscribers for the Allure beauty box. I think that those who have subscriptions still have them, as my allure subscription says that my next box is coming in May

        • Well it is May 1st and still shows not available so guess they were not just sold out of April. I canceled end of March so I have subscribed to the box sucks once you cancel your locked out. At least I don’t want May either and so far June does not look good. More money to spend on Ipsy add ons!

      • I am sure Amazon got bombarded with complaint calls after the April debacle. My daughters Amazon box had 3 hair products, an orange shadow, black eyeliner and a repeat item from an old box… plus tan towels she will never use. And her box was a gift subscription from her grandparents… the fifth consecutive month. I had my parents cancel. She won’t miss it. After seeing these three items, I am canceling June after pausing May. I believe that Allure just got overwhelmed. Especially after that January box. The problem is the lack of control they have over their subscriptions. I read a post from a woman on another site who received TWELVE of that January Sunday Riley box. One for herself, one for each of her two children, one for her hubby and one for each of her six cats. Gotta love it. No wonder I did not receive mine until mid February. Oh well, this will at least save me a little money.

        • Wow! Just wow! After 2 years, I finally decided to skip May’s box. I never even got February’s box and I actually had to get nasty about getting a refund because they showed it as being delivered. No. No it was not. I even asked our mail carrier to check on it and she never saw it. She even showed me that she had the same tracking history that I showed. Item in warehouse, post office awaiting item. One item from January was missing & the serum was empty. I finally got those 4 weeks ago. I see loyal subscribers post about receiving gifts such as earrings and necklaces as a gift while the rest of us get gift cards in which we would still have to fork out more money to use + shipping. No thanks. But what really got to me was new subscribers getting stuff like that and I’ve never gotten anything. According to Allure CS, I should have gotten something around my one year with them…but she also didn’t offer to send me anything either, just made a note in my account that I’m not getting the perks? Smh. I need to see spoilers for June asap. On a side note, I highly recommend Ipsy.

  6. Will you guys ever review the March box? Or April box? You guys are really far behind the allure reviews and that’s the main reason I subscribe to the daily msa emails lol. Do you guys need like more reporters or reviewers or something? I personally wouldn’t want to review it but I bet other people would if you guys need help to get the allure reviews up quicker. Being two months behind in allure reviews is really far behind that it’s hard for the reviews to be helpful when they go up months late you know.

  7. I’m withholding my opinion on this box until I actually get it in the mail. I am a very long time subscriber and have lived through high’s and lows…but this year has been abysmal. PLUS, this past month, they didn’t send me the ABH lippie…I had to call them to get them to send it to me 3-6 weeks they said. Hmmm…we will see.

    • Exactly! My January box arrived minus the Amika and with an empty serum. Somehow, those got sent to someone in NYC & I got their eyeko eyeliner. 🙄 The Amika finally arrived 3 weeks ago, no serum. I give up on the serum. Never got my February box and was not offered anything regarding that except a refund. Not once have I ever been sent anything for being a loyal customer/subscriber as I see others posting about here. Nothing in 2 years. I did notice that some new subscribers got a necklace in their very 1st box recently though. So I really don’t have a problem skipping May. When I called to do so, I mentioned the above because of the BS box I got for April. No lippy. I don’t really want that nasty thing, it’s just the principle of it at this point. I got a can of texturizing spray, a Briogeo cream(not the original Briogeo item) & a John Frieda cream that is basically the same thing as the Briogeo cream but can be purchased at Walmart for $0.99. I would not put that stuff on this color job… nope. But the best thing is, the card that came in my box about the two substitute items. Full color pictures of the products on one side & the details on the other along with something about I’m getting these products instead because I’m such a valued long time subscriber?! 😲 Huh? Seriously Allure?! Y’all had this sly hand off planned out!

    • Same story for me. They told me 4 weeks for the ABH lipstick, and there won’t be any tracking for it. We’ll see if it ever arrives. So if they have enough stock of the lippies to send them out now, why didn’t we get it in the first place when it was supposed to be a definite item, and not a variant, in this supposedly fabulous collaboration box? I have no idea who fills these boxes, but I wonder if Allure has changed their process for that, bc so many old and new subscribers are complaining that they didn’t get the products they were supposed to.

      Oh, and I just got an email from Allure announcing another collaboration box for July that they can’t wait to reveal, “but trust us, it’s worth the wait.” I have my doubts. 😬

  8. Question: Water in a can? What is SO special about this product that I have been seeing in other subscription boxes for a long time now? Yes, I have looked it up and I find it completely insulting to my intelligence. Paleez! I’m so sure that at this rate, every drop of this holy water has really taken 50some years of traveling through caves and such. 😂 I’ll put it up for swap or give it away. Between the water filters I have, I can basically turn tap water into a special water and put it in a travel size spray bottle. The only thing I can think of to really use this for is to help keep myself cool out in the heat of summer along with a little fan I can wear around my neck. Honestly Allure?! What is going on???

    • I am excited to try it! I have been curious for awhile… but, I live in Texas where it’s like 1k outside😂.

    • Agree! I do not want or need water in a can. If I’m thirsty, I’ll go buy a bottle. I don’t understand the benefit of misting your face with water, especially if you’re wearing makeup. Corporate America, always taking some garbage idea and finding a way to profit off it.💁

      • As a woman in my 40’s who lives in the Midwest, it’s not like I don’t have a water bottle that actually has a mister on it and a battery operated fan a can wear around my neck. Lol! Yes! It’s true! You can even buy little travel size spray bottles and fill them! I just do not understand paying that kind of money on it. 🙄 Did you look that stuff up online? 🤣 I’m not sorry at all. Allure is packaging old news products for this box.

    • It’s actually really nice and aerosol or whatever you call it, not a pump. It’s great to throw in your bag when heading out during dry and/or hot weather.

    • That was what I think before I try it myself.
      I have a fancy mist spray called “nano spray” which claimed it can spray water in super small particles to hydrate, soothe or something like that (forgot the details), & also have small spray bottle which sprays mists that wouldn’t make my face extra wet.
      I had some peelings & post procedure, my face was red & burnt (it hurts T_T). Those 2 sprays I mentioned did cool my face for a while but didn’t help with the burnt feeling, but the thermal spring water spray helps soothing my face.
      Some of my friends also use it for skin problems that cause redness & itch.
      But if you don’t have any skin problem, it might not be useful

    • I got a massively big size of that Avene spray water in my January BeautyFix box.. it’s just sat collecting dust in my bathroom cupboard 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • Are you on the MSA swap page? You could swap it! I “get it”, but I just don’t “buy it”. Lol! That water took 50 yrs my ars! As a woman in my mid 40’s, I DO get hot for no reason!!! So, I actually have a water bottle with a mister. I also have a small travel size spray bottle and a little fan I can wear like a necklace. Lmao! My hubby is awesome! In the hotter months of the sweltering Midwest, I will carry items like that with me. I just don’t understand paying that much $ for water in a can. I need more spoilers for June… Idk… Maybe I’ll go ahead and get June’s box and put that up for swap…

  9. I did not get the ABH lip. I got the Juvia eyeshadow instead.
    I called to cancel because I don’t like it when someone says one thing and does another.
    No one offered to send an ABH lip or 4 boxes for $10.
    They just said “ok”

  10. I wonder what Allure is going to bring to the table for July??? Noxema, Sea Breeze, maybe even some Ponds cold cream like Ipsy pulled? 🤣 Maybe they’ll drag some Sunin out of a cave. Who knows?!

    • Freakin’ hilarious!!! 😂

      • Thank you! Lol!

    • LOL…. 😀
      Maybe they’re trying to make ‘beauty trend’ like a ‘fashion trend’, repeat the stuffs from old times 😀
      After consecutive disappointing boxes, I finally pull the trigger & unsubscribe.

      • Omg! No kidding! I braved Walmart today. 😳 I swear they have my green short shorts with white trim from 1980! Mini jean skirts too! Saw some worse crap at Target a few weeks back… 🥴 I don’t see any new clothes in my near future. 😂

  11. Last month was a disappointment, but I kind of love these May spoilers!

    Love the Avene spray and Moroccan Oil. Had samples of both and was running out. Now I’ll be replenished. And brow products are one of those rarities I actually hit pan (?) on.

    As long as they don’t send out tanning strips, I’m happy. Please, no more oompa loompa strips.

    • These are for June.

    • These are JUNE spoilers. Just an FYI

  12. People will complain no matter what is in these boxes.

    • And they have a right to, if it is not to their liking.

      • Amen

    • I don’t complain “no matter what”. But yeah, these products are far from exciting, new or innovative for this being “Allure”. Truths are truths

      • “But” lol

    • The majority do not complain when the boxes are decent. The problem is that the curation of this box has completely changed. It’s a joke compaired to what it was last year and if you’re like me, wanting to discover the latest and greatest in beauty products, it’s falling short. There is rarely anything great in Allure anymore. People do have a right to complain about a box that has gone downhill so fast and that has customer service that just doesn’t care.

      • Right? There’s nothing new so far in this box. Maybe they’re trying to remind us these still exist??? I like the Moroccan oil but a sample size of that isn’t going to make this box worth it for me. Water in a can? 🙄 C’mon!

  13. Just canceled my Allure subscription. Just not impressed and not worth the money at the moment. Maybe I’ll resubscribe later…

  14. As long as they don’t repeat the tan wipes, I’m pretty happy. I usually don’t use any tanning products but thought I’d give those a go. I waited until I had a lot of time on my hands, did the entire shave and exfoliation thing, wore gloves, wiped the tan wipes on just my legs and then quickly used a white rag to get any additional product off my heals, toes and knees. I waited 20 minutes for it to dry and then went to bed. I woke up with striped legs. Ugh. I’ve been wearing pants for the last 3 days, in Southern FL, where it has been sunny and gorgeous. I’m so thankful I stuck to only my legs.

    • That happens to me no matter how careful I am or what type/brand of self tanner I use. Even the super high rated products that are supposed to be streak proof. I finally just accepted I will never be able to do it right so I’m done trying. I’ve had some success with self tanning my face when it was a combination product a few times but never any other part of my body, especially my legs.

    • Mellissa: that is so odd. I am not a big self tanner either, but I really needed color this season (and a lift to my spirits)…so I tried the wipes. I didn’t do the exfoliation before as I usually always keep my skin fairly exfoliated, so that step was skipped. I then wiped it on my face, neck arms and finally on my legs but by that time the towel was pretty dry so I’m not sure how much actually got on. I waited a few hours and found that I had a nice glow on my upper body with no streaks. I’m not sure, but i makes me wonder if our skin type might have something to do with how this tanner develops…? Don’t know, but I actually liked this product (and now my spirits are better too).😉

      • That’s so cool that they worked for you & that you’re happy with the results!!! Always nice to hear a good comment! I haven’t tried mine yet but I’m near the ocean in Florida & we have plenty of sun but now that I read your comment I’m actually excited!!!!

  15. meh. these are not exciting at all. The last couple of boxes have been duds and those plastic pouches they send are terrible – always cracked. I’m gonna suspend or cancel for a while.

  16. I cancelled allure yesterday after receiving tanning products in the last box. I’m black and have no use for that. I didn’t know there was an option to suspend or skip. It was offered as an option and I was not offered the $10 a box deal either. I’m not complaining… just stating.

  17. I’ve already skipped May. If the spoilers don’t get better for June??? Idk… I love that monacan hair oil but a tiny bottle of it isn’t worth $15 + tax for me and without “personal profiles”, how are they going to send anybody the right shade of eyebrow pencil?

  18. Can I ask why are people ordering through amazon? Seriously I’m curious ? Is it cheaper or something ? Why not just order through allure – inquiring minds lie mine would love to know 😊

    • Amazon ships much faster and Allure’s customer service can be horrible. Lately though, the Amazon boxes have had some different variants to the spoilers, so I can’t say that I would recommend Amazon anymore because you might not get what you expect.💁

    • I order through Amazon because I get my box in a week every time. It is easy to cancel and resubscribe you just go on Amazon website cancel the months that look meh then resubscribe boxes you like. You can also sign up later in month so you won’t be billed until later every month so you can see unboxings first just incase they pull a,switcheroo like they did this month with ABH lipstick. I have cancer 3 hair products are a no go.
      Allure you have to call to cancel and go through their sales pitch first. I have phone anxiety I pretty much only text I don’t want to go through that I cancel pretty much every other month. Plus with Allure if you cancel and resubscribe they started sending repeats Amazon sends same variant to everyone new or old.

    • From what I’ve read, I think people were subscribing through Amazon for a couple reasons. Amazon was sending out boxes earlier in the month than the regular Allure subscription. Also, many were saying that it was easier to cancel through Amazon, so then people were setting up new multiple accounts so they could pretend to be “new subscribers” and receive every new member gift. I think Allure caught on to that, so now if you cancel and try to pretend you’re a “new” subscriber, you risk getting repeats.

    • You don’t have to wait until the end of the month to get your box. And you can cancel and resubscribe easily…..

    • I live in Canada and Allure doesn’t take international credit cards. Amazon will take a donkey as a trade :))

      • 😂😂😂😂😊

      • 😜😜😜😂😂😂😆😆😆🤔🤣You are so right, LMFAO!!!!!!!!

    • it is actually “Currently unavailable to new subscribers” on Amazon …can’t even re-subscribe thru there now

    • I heard the Amazon Allure boxes were delayed in shipment over the past couple of months, as well.

  19. I love the spoilers but I loved the spoilers released for April too. Instead of the spoilers I received a liquid liner, and 2 repeats. To say the least I was disappointed.

  20. Has anyone noticed you cant sign up through amazon anymore?! I wonder if allure beauty box isnt doing so well, or is it normal for them to close off thr amazon link sign up?!

    • This option is currently unavailable to new subscribers? I don’t know why- is Amazon just going to keep charging subscribers automatically and not let you quit because you can’t sign back up through Amazon?

      This Amazon option probably got Allure more subscribers. I cancelled and I am not sure that I will go back if I have to go through Allure itself (too many issues).

    • Omg you’re right unless maybe they sold out of April? They send same variant to everyone so it is not like they would fill orders with Juvia palette like Allure did and they already were sending stuff Allure did not advertise. So maybe May it will come back up? If not no worries for me as gives me excuse to spend my money elsewhere as I gift most items from box. Not skin or hair care fan.

    • wow, it is “Currently unavailable to new subscribers”….wth

      • I have not looked on Amazon or subscribed through Amazon. My personal guess would be because they have always had an issue with people having more than one subscription from Allure. It also seems as though Allure has played favorites with new subscribers and left their loyal subscribers to get the scraps. When I called to skip the May box, I asked if they know about MSA, and they do. They are starting to pay attention to what is said here and in phone calls, not so much in emails. That was pretty clear. The comment about having SO many new subscribers for certain months and not having enough supply ticked me off. Same as the comment about those receiving multiple boxes. They can’t keep it all straight when they have 2 distributors. Well, that’s not our fault, it’s Allures.

        • They have know about msa for a long while though. Since the old curator editot left about a year and a half ago the box will put out a good box maybe once a year…im wondering if allure is getting so bad, that they wont be doing sub boxes much longer. Something is going on with this sadly. Ive been woth them 4 years now, and the last year and a half i think there has only been 2 good boxes in the past year.

    • Mellissa: that is so odd. I am not a big self tanner either, but I really needed color this season (and a lift to my spirits)…so I tried the wipes. I didn’t do the exfoliation before as I usually always keep my skin fairly exfoliated, so that step was skipped. I then wiped it on my face, neck arms and finally on my legs but by that time the towel was pretty dry so I’m not sure how much actually got on. I waited a few hours and found that I had a nice glow on my upper body with no streaks. I’m not sure, but i makes me wonder if our skin type might have something to do with how this tanner develops…? Don’t know, but I actually liked this product (and now my spirits are better too).😉

  21. I cancelled a couple months ago….but I keep watching….hoping Allure will get better!! I do love the hair oil…especially in the summer, if I swim alot! Otherwise, I lost trust in Allure….you just never know what you truly will get!

  22. I have not been impressed with the Allure bags since January and need another eyebrow pencil, Moroccan Oil or. Avene like a hole in the head. I wish I could skip boxes.

    • You can. Just call them. I’m skipping May.

  23. What is with all the eyebrow stuff?

    It seems like I almost can’t not get one regardless of which box it is.

  24. As much as I love Allure I finally had to put my account on suspend. I couldn’t get myself to outright cancel so I opted to just suspend. I was not feeling May and June was looking kind of meh for me because I had 2 of the products already. It broke my heart but sometimes you have to make that hard choice and save some money because deep down you know that all you are going to do is give away the products in the May and June Boxes. Now I will pray to the Subscription Box gods that July will be an awesome box so I can unsuspend my account before I start having Subscription Box withdrawals lol…May you all enjoy your day/evening and hopefully the May boxes contain no old repeat products

  25. Canceled after not receiving lippie promised for April and getting 2 repeats. I do like the water. Got it in one of the previous BeautyFix boxes. Not signing back up for this. Give me Sunday Riley.

    • Did you subscribe through Allure or Amazon?

      • Allure

  26. Man, Allure used to be my favorite beauty sub, but I’ve SO been disappointed lately. I tried to cancel last month and was offered the 4 boxes for $10, so I decided to give them another shot. Well I finally got my April box and it was a joke! I got a shadow brush, liquid liner, Briogeo hair treatment, and a repeat of the Juvia shadow palette from a prior box (but other variations got Sunday Riley products, according to the booklet?). Disappointed is an understatement! I’m definitely going through with my cancellation until Allure makes some changes.

    • Same. Tried to cancel last month but stayed for 4 for $10 deal. I did cancel after getting April crap box. I haven’t heard of anyone getting Sunday Riley even though they did put it in the booklet

    • We didn’t get S.R. in the box. It was ABH skin toned liquid lip, Natasha Denona single eyeshadow, luxie brush, briogeo and Laura Gellar Inkcredible eye liner. There were a few other variations, but not with S.R. in them.

  27. I actually like the spoilers for June so far. I loved the Brow Gal product from February and I’m interested in the thermal spring water. Every time I think I’m unhappy, I end up liking and using almost every product. Sadly the tanning products go to a coworker. But that’s one loss out of many wins.

  28. Oh great, another brow product in a color that will look ridiculous on me. It’s one of those products that you can’t send a full size of unless you’re going to let the subscriber pick it.

    I got 3 hair products in my April Allure. I have never been so thoroughly disappointed.

    • Same. So disappointing.

      • Same here. No ABH lippie and three hair samples. One was John Frieda. Seriously, John Frieda.

        • I KNOW RIGHT! I cancelled…they immediately emailed that they were sending the ABH lippie and tried to hook me with 4 more months for $10. NO THANK YOU. If they had the lippie why didn’t they just send it the first time as promised.

          • Exactly! I asked that question when I called to skip May. I was told they ran out, made substitutions and sent the boxes out. I called BS on it because mine came with a little full color card explaining that as a Loyal Subscriber, these 2 items were being sent instead of…. what?! The lippy or the Briogeo? And if I’m valued at all as a Loyal Subscriber, I would be getting free gifts, not bottom of the barrel scraps. The CSR told me they we back in stock and that I’m being sent 1, I should expect it in 3-6 weeks. 🙄 The missing items from my January box just showed up out of the blue 3 weeks ago. Come on Allure, it’s 2019, get it together.

  29. I canceled after March and so far none of these spoilers look good to me. I’ll save my money for Beauty Fix!

  30. Shoot, I hate getting eyebrow products in sub boxes. I’m a redhead and don’t use brown brow products, and all the “universal” shades never look right on me.

    I still have a big can of that water from BF, but at least it will eventually get used.

    So far the hair oil is the biggest winner for me, crossing my fingers the next spoilers are better!

    • I’m a ginger too and was like “awwe man, really?!” When I saw that was a black brow pencil and not eyeliner.. I love BrowGal too and use the clear brow gel daily. Would have much preferred to see something more universally flattering than this…

      • Have you ladies looked into the subscription box How To Be a Redhead? My niece is a ginger and so is her daughter. They get that one & Ipsy.

        • I love H2BAR! I wish they gave spoilers sometimes, but then again, it is a box that is truly a surprise each month, which makes it fun. 🙂 I recommend that one to all the gingers I know that are addicted to subbing.

  31. Glad I canceled 2 months ago. I’ll keep watching though, something might appeal to me eventually.

  32. I’m still butt hurt that I haven’t gotten my Sunday Riley serum from the Nov 29 offer.. and their dismal customer service and failure to even respond to my eleventy hundred emails. That in these really boring horrible last few boxes I think I’ll be clicking the cancel button so sorry Allure but you’re just not that alluring anymore.

  33. I got the same miss you email. July box is referred to as Allure X and mentions a collaboration

  34. Meh. I have already got the hair oil 3 times from sephora and still have 2 unused bottles, the brow gal is a brand ive alredy tried in powder form from boxy and this exact one from a old glossy box perhaps?!,! And the Avene ive tried from beautyfix and dont care for it.

    The whole idea for sub boxes for me is to yet and try NEW brands and products, so i can see what works for me and buy. So sick of all the boxes using the same brands and the same products and recycle them through the box world and we neber get to try anything different.

    I also seen an email they sent for up until july amd one is a luxe or lue whatever powder to wash your face with…ive already got this in a glosey box YEARS ago….like 4 YEARS perhaps?!?!

    Allure samples and products has really, really went downhill since they lost their last beauty crueator…this one is just not cutting it for allure and the value and tryong out new GOOD items or tried and true thats amazing iconic products arent happening here anymore sadly. I pay like 16 a month and this box is only worth around 10, if that…and you get the same recycled brands and products.

  35. Hmm how are they going to get the brow color right for everyone? And wheres my loyal subscriber gift? I’ve been a continuous member for over a year!

    I agree the boxes are getting a little boring lately and I’m finding myself putting half up for swap, which no one even seems to want.

  36. I will use the hair oil, and the thermal spray is at least something different – but if I could go the rest of eternity without more brow products I would be happy. I feel like they show up every other month.

    • That thermal spray has been appearing in Ipsy since 2015, I recall.

    • I agree, the Browgal gel they had in February was really a dud for me, so dry and didn’t add any volume. And it figures, I just got my eyebrows microbladed/ombre tattoo’d. The universe is laughing at me.

  37. What’s with all of the TINY sizes lately? I’ve been a subscriber for two years, and I don’t recall getting so many trial sizes in boxes last year or in 2017.

  38. This really makes up for April. I have never been disappointed with Allure until last month.

  39. Allure had like 3-4 months where they were killing it…… last few months have been awful. I am about ready to cxl

    • I canceled after the April box (really should have canceled after March since the only thing I wanted from April was the Natasha Denona eyeshadow single). No regrets yet!

    • I agree! I finally resubscribe and they fell right off again. Hated April and nothing in May or June is the least bit tempting. If June doesn’t have at least one great thing I will have to take another break from them.

  40. I got the the juice beauty offer too, but I will wait to sign up in June. I love the June spoilers!

  41. Thank you for the spoilers! I think i’m skipping this month as well.

  42. Quite possibly the most boring Allure box ever. IMHO of course. 🙂

    • Agreed. Except for this month’s maybe. Where are the serious products like Sunday Riley that they got me friggin addicted to?!?

      • In June Ipsy Plus lol.

  43. I just got my 1st Allure Beauty Box today and I’m calling tomorrow to cancel. I have no use for everything that I got except for the eyeshadow brush. I signed up thinking I was getting what they said I’d get, but most of the items aren’t what was shown…luckily it was only $10 wasted.

    • $10 for a brush is a little pricey but not too bad, depending on the brush.

    • Another thing they don’t tell you is if you order your box through amazon you won’t get necessarily the same products as what’s on the site. That’s false advertising if they don’t say it. Instead of the abh lippie I ended up with two more haircare items. Who wants three in one box and then one of my single eyeshadows were broken. They need to get it together as I cancelled everything due to this.

      • Stacey- a number of us who subscribe through Allure also didn’t get the abh lipstick, so it wasn’t just Amazon subscribers. I got the same two crummy drugstore hair samples instead. I called customer service, and they said they would send the lipstick. We’ll see. Not holding my breath. She said it would take 4 weeks, and there wouldn’t be any tracking info. This box has just totally nosedived IMO. And I’ve been with them over 4 years.

  44. Meh. I don’t hate these, but def repeats. Allure, what’s happening to you? 🙁

    • Ditto, even the 🙁

  45. Oooh I love Avene, good going Allure!

  46. Canceled May and none of these appeal to me either. That’s OK! $15 saved for another purchase. I’ll wait for the July spoilers.

  47. Already have these things.. hopefully the last spoilers are amazing otherwise might have to cancel both my Allure subs. 🙁

    • I have all those items too!

  48. Great ❤️👍

  49. Liz the new gift if u sign up now at least for me is you would get a full size juice beauty nutrient moisturizer Worth $42 . Saying that they miss me and if I sign up now that’s what I would get. Just letting everyone know . Almost got me too but I don’t think so I’ll wait 😊

    • It’s a bribery gift LOL I received one today too and at first I was like oh yeah I got to get this but then I calm down and said nope. I know I’ll be back at some point but after two years I needed a break I canceled two months ago

      • Me too! I felt the same exact way. Lmao. I was like oh yeah signing up now ! Then I looked at the spoilers and hated that lue stuff bc it’s stunk and I hate consistency’s like that so I just knew I’m good on these . I’m the same I canceled 2 months ago and won’t consider being back til June when I know what’s up. Glad I wasn’t the only one thinking of pulling that trigger just on the juice beauty 🤣

  50. LMAO; poor Allure, they’ve literally only had one bag this year that was a hit (January)

    • Agree 100%!!! What happened to you, Allure??

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