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Slay Glam Box Beauty Review + Coupon – March 2019

Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Box1

Slay Glam Box is a monthly beauty subscription box containing 5-7 full-sized makeup products, each box retailing for at least $100.

Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Box2

How adorable is this little box with handles? I’ve never seen cuter packaging!

Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Open Box

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Contents

About Slay Glam Box

The Subscription Box: Slay Glam Box

The Cost: $24 a month + free US shipping. Discounts are available for longer commitments.

COUPON: Use code MSASLAY to save 10% off your first box!

The Products: 5-7 full-size items

Ships to: the US for free, Worldwide for $16

Slay Glam Box March 2019 Review

Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Info1 Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Info2

Slay Glam Box sends an info card each month with an itemized list of what’s in your box, including retail values.

Not included in the info, but I was able to choose two of the items I received this month (the shade of lipgloss or liquid lip, and a choice between loose or pressed powder). If you follow @slayglambox, the box curator enables subscribers to choose certain items each month by DMing, commenting or e-mailing their picks by a certain date.

Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Blush1 Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Blush2

JCat Beauty Blush Me Cheeky Palette – Retail Value $12.99

Now is not the time for indecisiveness with this palette! You get 8 choices of blush with this huge palette ranging from peachy neutrals to hot fuschias, and there is a shade for everyone here.

Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Blush3 Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Blush4

These powders are pigmented, which isn’t necessarily a good thing when it comes to blush, but I found that picking the powder up on my brush then tapping the excess product off worked perfectly on my pale complexion. This huge palette is more blush than anyone could ever use up in a lifetime, but I really like having color options and the big pans make it easy to dip your brush into.

Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Blush Swatch

Here are all the blushes swatched from left to right.

Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Shadow1 Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Shadow2 Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Shadow3

Mirabella Chroma Eyeshadow Palette – Retail Value $50

The price of this palette has me shook! It is an interesting color scheme that I don’t think I would have gravitated towards but will definitely be a handy palette this season.

Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Shadow4 Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Shadow5

These powders are soft with a mostly satin finish and one champagne shimmer shade. I applied these with a stiff packing brush to get a soft pastel look perfect for Spring that lasted all day. See swatches below!

Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Liner

Sorme Eyeliner in White 23 – Retail Value $13.66

White eyeliner applied to your inner rim is great for making your eyes look bigger, brighter and more awake. I also love to apply it mixed in with my eye primer to brighten my lid, making shadows pop. This liner was pretty rough on the lid, but it worked its magic on my inner rim. I prefer using a flesh-toned liner for this since white can look too doll-like and unnatural, but this white liner was subtle and didn’t show up too brightly.

Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Gloss1 Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Gloss2

Rasha B. Cosmetics Lipgloss in Skinny Dip – Retail Value $14

Recently I’ve been obsessed with a shimmery, sparkly lip, making this gloss the perfect pick for me this month. I love this as a topper to a berry lip, and it even looked great dabbed in the middle of a natural lip for a little shine and dimension. It applies without any stickiness to report, but when I rub my lips together, I can feel a little texture from the glitter (not a deal breaker for me). This gloss is also formulated with mineral oil, which is a controversial ingredient to some, so if that’s something you try to avoid, I’d opt out.

Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Swatch

Swatches Left to right: Rasha B Gloss, Sorme Eyeliner & Mirabella palette

Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Luna1 Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Luna2 Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Luna3

Luna by Luna Loose Translucent Powder – Retail Value $22

I always use a translucent powder to set my foundation and concealer, but for someone with dry skin, I am a pretty picky consumer. I love how this powder applied, so silky smooth with a hint of white to brighten, but this made my under eye so dry after a few hours of wear. I would use this in a pinch to set my t-zone since it was so soft and somewhat blurring, but there are so many hydrating options out there that I may pass this one on. I also wonder if this would work for deeper skin tones since this powder has a white cast.

Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Brush1 Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Brush2 Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Brush3

Being True Retractable Powder Brush – Retail Value $19.87

Brushes like this are so convenient for powdering on-the-go. I really like the sleek green packaging as well as the retractable metal sheath that protects the bristles of this brush, preventing them from getting pinched when you close the lid. This brush is really soft and is the perfect size for powder foundation or bronzer application.

Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Me Slay Glam Box March 2019 - Me2

Here is a look I came up with using all of the products this month. I like the Springy pastels paired with a vibrant flush and a sparkly lip!

Verdict: Slay Glam Box caught me by surprise! This new box delivered a total value of $132.52, including two palettes and various new-to-me products this month, all for under $25. I really like the colors they sent out this month as well as the array of brands being sampled. The only product that didn’t work for me would be the translucent powder, but I am excited about my lifetime supply of blush and Springy shadows. 

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? You will likely receive the April box first. From Slay Glam Box:

We will ship your box on or before the 7th of each month.

COUPON: Use code MSASLAY to save 10% off your first box!

Value Breakdown: At $24 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • JCat Blush Palette: $2.35
  • Mirabella Palette: $9.06
  • Sorme Eyeliner: $2.47
  • Rasha B Lipgloss: $2.54
  • Luna by Luna Powder: $3.98
  • Being True Brush: $3.60

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What do you think of the this month’s Slay Glam Box?

Slay Glam Box

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Written by Abby Holsinger

Abby Holsinger

Abby has been a box enthusiast since July 2011, finding her calling with Birchbox. That was the start of a new era for Abby, because she is now hooked on the subscription box life; she loves the idea of receiving (several) thoughtful treats from genius curators such as Lisa Sugar and Rachel Zoe. A few other loves of hers would be her dog named Bill Murray, Bill Murray and chocolate babka.

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Comments (39)

  1. I also find this box to be super sketchy and I received the Feb box with the horrible eyeliner, that didn’t have pigment, and the rest of the items seemed cheap. I’m not opposed to inexpensive makeup but it seemed like they were expired products of knock offs of the originals. I love supporting Indy companies but after I saw the way people were treated for their honest reviews of the box…. I want nothing to do with this company. I don’t care how good the products may get. I’m
    Staying far away.


    • I’m going to bet 1 million dollars the person that owns this box wrote this comment. She’s been known to do that. Also, they have been problematic from the beginning. A lot of their products are so old, like the liquid eyeliner I received that was completely dried out, that it’s disgusting. Then I saw they are starting drama with a small YouTuber about Boxycharm. I cannot. I will never buy from this company. It’s all so messy and absolutely sketchy.

  3. Thanks. I just subscribed! Looks like a great box.

    • Just found out I am not getting a March box. They were sold out. The March box looked really good. Not too excited with the spoiler I have seen for April.

  4. That box looks great! I just want to know where I can get a necklace like the once you’re wearing 😀💗

    • It came in the Neiman Marcus Popsugar Box, but I found one cheap on eBay! It is the Dannijo Lotus Necklace 😊

      • That necklace is GREAT!! 🤩

  5. I really liked my March bag with SLAYGLAM! I came across this subscription on YouTube. I cannot recall whose video I watched, cause l lets be honest here…I watch an insane amount of YouTube but it was an excellent review and I wanted it. I loved everything I got in this bag. The white liner is super pigmented and I used it for the first time this morning. I am shocked how white it is and that it actually applied nicely to my waterline. I did not have to go over it numerous times to get the pigmentation, it was literally too swipes and bam! Even my black gel liners i have to go over it a few times to get the pigmentation i want. I have had the white liner on for almost 5hrs now and its still going strong. That shocked me because i have black gel liner on my upper waterline. I loved the lippie that i got, it is smooth and not streaky. Loving the pigmentation. It sits comfortably on the lips. There was two options for the Lune by Luna powder, pressed or loose. I asked for the pressed since i already had the loose from another subscription. I have to say i like the pressed better then the loose powder. Y’all the Mirabella Chroma eyeshadow palette is beyond beautiful. I did an eye look yesterday and i fell in love with this palette. I have mature skin (40yrs) and i had NO issues with it showing texture on my eyes which i am so happy about. Ok now don’t get me started about the blush palette. Holy crap that thing is super pigmented and i have to use a light hand cuz i tend to get a little cray cray with the blush sometimes…It is so shocking how the company can charge $50 for that palette. Mind you it is not a $50 worthy palette in my opinion BUT it is still a good one. Maybe $25-30 sure but not $50. Sorry Mirabella but no. Yeah it sucked that i didnt get the extra gift of the blush brush but i understand it was a promotion for the first 24 subscribers and after that its for referrals. SlayGlam did state that on their Instagram page. i dont know if it is mentioned on their website about that but i honestly didn’t look. But alot of companies do promotions for the first number of orders blah blah. So i am not truly upset about it. HOWEVER, the fact that a prize is offered when someone signs up using your referral is great in my opinion! I am signed up for alot of subscriptions and not all of them offer a prize. Most just give you “credits or reward points” to use toward a select set of items and even those items aren’t great. I do hope that in the months to come that there is more variety in the referral prizes because i would not want to get the same brush numerous times.

    Also an added bones to this subscription is that the Owner extremely friendly and i absolutely LOVE the fact that she gives us options on some products. that we get to pick the one we want. I cannot tell you how many times i get something that i do not want and someone else got the item i wanted in their boxes. I HATE getting the color red lipstick which i get ALL the time. I really hope that she keeps giving us the option to pick certain items each month. And i really like the fact that she willing rectify any issues that may happen with a product and resend you the item and not just give you “credits/reward points” to use. Cuz that’s super annoying and i would be pissed because i want the item i was promised. As you can tell i really like this subscription so far and i hope that i continue to love it.

    • However I am still waiting on my February bag. There apparently was some kind of issue with the palette or something. Hopefully I receive it soon…

  6. The brush does not come with the box. I keep seeing youtubers and influencers get it but it’s only if you “refer a friend” or are the first 24 that originally signed up. It’s a bit misleading that you calculate that into the box value when new people won’t be receiving the extra item when they sign up. I had this box for two months but cancelled. I’m really loving Glimzy which is new!

    • Hi Nina, I got Glimzy’s first box too and i LOVED it! I cannot wait to see what April’s box has in it. My fingers are crossed that we get another Sigma brush in April so i can build up my Sigma brush collection. I mainly have Morphe brushes.

      • Yes I’m loving the Signa brush I got! I use it daily!!

  7. I have really enjoyed getting slayglambox! Mine had the same items as yours except for the lip color, I got a liquid matte in lychee, so pretty! I had similar concerns with the powder, as the ingredients can cause flashback, but that’s not always a concern. The colors in the palettes are so nice, I reach for the blush one all the time now. The eye one I was also shook by the price, but apparently that brand is just expensive, they sell a primer for $30! 😱 Anyway, I really like the colors for spring, very soft as well. Looking forward to seeing growth! I have a review & try on video up on youtube, if anyone wants to see it in action. /LenaeMfs

  8. This box does NOT come with the brush for most people. It’s a special “refer a friend” or for her first 24 subscribers. It’s misleading to include it in the review if people are not going to receive it. I had this box for two mo the but ultimately cancelled.

    • Darn it, my post did not show up the first time, sorry I posted about this twice.

  9. I’ve been using that Luna by Luna powder. I like it enough. I don’t notice any drying but it makes my face look pail which then doesn’t match my neck, arms, and hands. But other than that it works well.

    • Fenty makes a great setting powder that’s huge for $32 and the color range is amazing.
      I’m pale and it was easy to find my shade.

      • Thanks!

  10. I love this subscription company & the subscription boxes. I subscribed in January & have received two boxes & both were great!!! I love the fact that the owner gives us choices & has us comment or dm what we chose individually. Customer service is great!! I highly recommend this SlayGlamBox.

  11. I absolutely love SLAYGLAM!!! The pallette is amazing I love neautrals and the March pallet is beautiful. The owner is an amazing and real person she actually cares about her subscribers. If there is ever an issue with your box she wants you to private message her so she can personally handle it. What subscription can you say does that none that ive seen. Slayglam is all about women empowerment and more. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SLAYGLAM box. Shes talented and creative with her box and what she puts in it and plus she gives choices on things in the box. I am so thankful i found such a wonderful box and I am Slayglam 4 life.

    • What is Rasha’s personal email? I email the main website and rarely get emails back. Still waiting on a replacement box for June and have been promised it months on end. Also just finally got reimbursed for points I was missing months later as well. I unsubscribed because of these issues then resubscribed this month and it is saying I didn’t on my log in page. So frustrated rn and praying I don’t have to wait many more months for this to be resolved. Rasha seems nice but her employees don’t seem proactive at all. Sad. Hoping 2020 is a better year customer service wise and my issues get handled promptly so I can enjoy my subscription as I do LOVE the actual slay glam box beauty subscription, Rasha has EXCELLENT taste and there has yet to be a box I haven’t loved. Happy almost 1 year Anniversary Slay Glam!!!

  12. Looks like an interesting box. I just dropped five boxes, and am trying to be good, but I will keep my eyes on this one. I hope they release spoilers!

  13. I highly recommend people avoid this box I did see it on Y t u b e by several people and it is all China made products from their dollar stores … I am sorry to be the person to deliver bad news but this review is not what people actually get Kitty’s Boxes .JustAnne just to name a couple

    • They also gave YouTube’s Porcelain a really hard time for an unfavorable review she gave. She had valid reasons and they treated her horribly.

    • I have to add that I got Slay Glam box mixed-up with a different sub box as far as these products I have no clue it was a big mess up my part and I apologize for my mistake I should of kept my fingers off the keyboard til I made sure I had the correct sub … subs confused which I did confuse with another so sorry

  14. I highly recommend people avoid this box I did see it on Youtube by several people and it is all China made products from their dollar stores … I am sorry to be the person to deliver bad news but this review is not what people actually get Kitty’s Boxes .JustAnne just to name a couple

  15. I actually subscribed to this box after watching a YouTube unboxing boy yari g and justann. This month was the 2nd ever box for this new box. I loved it all. I’m able to use everything they sent. I can even customize colors. I hate getting colors I will never use in subscription boxes. Best box of my subscriptions.

  16. What a nice looking eye palette.

  17. I would not be happy with this box but it has got my attention. I noticed the eyeshadows really show the texture of your skin and I’m wondering if that means it wouldn’t look good on maturing skin or if eyeshadows always look like that swatches in wrists and I am just now noticing. 🤔

    • Looks great on my skin. Im 63.

  18. Interesting new box, and I agree that your makeup looks gorgeous! Also, I love your necklace!

    • Thank you, Joy J!

  19. Not bad. I’ll be watching this one

  20. That is a gorgeous look! I love how the pink makes your eyes pop!

    • Thank you! I’ve been using it as a base color a lot—it is so soft and easily to blend 😊

  21. Those colors look so pretty on you.

    • Thanks, Eileen! 😊

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