POPSUGAR Must Have Spring 2019 Box Spoiler #3!

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We have the third spoiler for the Spring POPSUGAR Must Have box!

Each box will include:

T3 Smooth Paddle Brush – Retail Value $35

And in case you missed it, here’s the previous spoilers:

Kris Nations Opalescent Moon Necklace in Silver or Gold – Retail Value $68

This delicate necklace is the perfect layering piece with a touch of personality. Opalescence is a huge trend right now, so we incorporated it into this Kris Nations necklace as a stylish accent. We love what the moon represents; it’s a feminine symbol representing gentleness, sensitivity, compassion and connection with others. Whether you opt for gold or silver, this lovely little necklace will be your new go-to.

More pictures from POPSUGAR:

Vooray Burner Gym Duffel in Snow Hex Camo – Suggested Retail Value $49.99

POPSUGAR sent me this item early so I can answer any questions you have about it!

The duffel is the multitasker of bags— it’s great for workouts, commuting, or weekend trips. The design includes a separate, ventilated shoe pocket as well as a padded front pocket for your smartphone. Magnetic handles keep all your belongings safely together. The adjustable shoulder strap also allows you to customize how to wear the bag. It doesn’t get any better than this.

This bag features a large zippered inside pocket, 3 open mesh pockets, a lined pocket on the outside perfect for your phone, and a mesh pocket on the outside for a water bottle:

The top handles are magnetic so they connect + make it easier to carry. And there’s a ventilated shoe pocket:

Personally, I love it as a weekender bag. I can fit 2 outfits, plus all my beauty + sleep essentials:

(FYI – items pictured here are to help show scale – they are what I pack for overnight trips, not items that will be in the Spring box!)

And there’s an adjustable strap for wearing it on your shoulder or as a crossbody bag.

More info on the Spring box from POPSUGAR: The total retail value is $314. There will be 8 items plus special extras!

What do you think of the spoilers? 

New subscribers can use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of their first POPSUGAR Must Have box, too! (Regularly $75 a box.) FYI – this box is in waitlist mode.

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoilers to see what you can expect from this women’s lifestyle subscription box!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Hmmm I’m interested… any ideas as to long the waiting list is lady’s?

    • per PSMH, if they have SPRING available they will send email to waitlist in next 2 weeks

      if already paid and do not get spring, they said they would refund (this may be on case by case)


  2. I am glad I am going to get a good brush! Cheaper brush can do more harm than good in the long run. I really need a gym bag though..

  3. I have short hair or I’d dig this spoiler. But I’ve also got 2 crescent moon necklaces from other subs and bags a-plenty from Proozy mystery boxes and Bespoke Post. It’s hard to put together anything fresh or original anymore!

  4. I for one, love this box so far. I’ve been a popsugar subscriber since the very beginning and while there have been some misses over the years, I have overall loved this subscription more than any other. I love that people state that they want more luxurious items, but I would NEVER spend $35 on a hairbrush, so for me, that IS a lux item. I always view the actual box as an extra item and hope they are still as good with them “going green”

    • Totally agreed with you. That is luxury.

    • I’m wondering about the going green thing too. I understand not wanting to use two boxes, but am afraid this means they will do away with the fancy interior box. Maybe they will make the shipping box nicer and reusable (like Target or Allure before their recent change)

  5. Still miss the old monthly box – this model is too expensive if the box is a total miss. So far I only like the brush and not enough to cover the cost!! Glad I was able to get out of this one. For those wanting it, my guess is that they are letting people off the hook who thought they were cancelled since there is a wait list.

  6. Shaping up nicely…… 🙂

  7. Well, they must have had one item go out of stock, because I asked when my box would be charged and ship, and the CS person responded yesterday that I will be charged with the ‘ next round” for the Spring box.

    I thought maybe this info might help some who thought it really, absolutely did sell out forever. No, they are still charging AND shipping out orders. 🙂

    I think it’s going to be a nice box, as PSMH always is for me. If anyone still wants one, I believe from what CS told me that they are still charging for orders and shipping out boxes.

    Only thing- I didn’t get to pick between the gold tone and silver necklaces, but that’s fine as I doubt I will wear it anyway. The GOLD one is the one available. Silver sold out, apparently.

    • When did you sign up for this box? I did yesterday and it shows in my account my first box will be summer. I really wanted this box.

      • C.S. just emailed me back and told me that the waitlist is the first come first serve basis so the people that are on the waitlist first may get a spring box so if I were to sign up now I would for sure get a spot and Summer if there wasn’t any more spring boxes available

        • Ok so there’s hope! Thanks

    • Also they charged my right away!

    • I was billed two weeks ago, and PS is not providing any info on when boxes will ship, except to say “soon” which I find supremely unhelpful.

  8. Bahhh. It’s really cool but I have curly hair and haven’t used a brush in years. Is there anyone with curly hair who uses this type of brush on wet hair with good results? I so want to find a way to make this useful!

    • I can as long as my hair is wet or damp and I have long curly hair.

  9. These 3 spoilers are all a bit if a shrug for me. The brush is the most exciting one so far. I think Fab Fit Fun had a killer Sping box and it’s cheaoer than PS now, so hopefully there are some awesome surprises in store for the rest of the box. I wish PS was monthly still. When it was monthly it wasnt as disappointing when a single box wasn’t a good fit.

    In any case, it’ll be a fun treat. And the brush will be used.

  10. This feels like how the sub boxes used to be before they started giving you 100 options for low quality items you didn’t know you needed. I like it!

  11. A hair brush!? Not a fun item! I love the look of the gym bag, but I think a hair brush is a crappy sub box item. The necklace is ok. Im sorry for the cost of this box the items should be more luxury.

    • Read the comments… a lot of people are looking forward to a high-quality practical item. Even people who already own one are excited to get another. Broaden your horizons

      • Just because other people have a different opinion doesn’t mean she can’t have her own. No need to put her down. I agree a hair brush in a lifestyle sub box is boring af.

        • Where did she “get put down”? Dont be over dramatic.

          • Well whether you put her down or not is debateable. However, I don’t want the brush either, I have one that’s similar only more expensive. Therefore, there’s no broadening of my horizons needed. So far this box isn’t even on par with Causebox.

          • “Read the comments”, “broaden your horizons” – what are we, in a military school?

          • Funny how some people here can’t read comments in anything other than a negative tone, looking for a reason to get offended. Optimism is lacking

      • Get back in your lane and stop dictating what opinions people can have. This is the point of comment sections- for people to voice their opinions.

      • AC why does it matter what other people think? She doesn’t like it period. Why should she be scolded to read the comments? You seem personally offended that some people don’t like the brush. Not sure why.

    • I agree Rachel. A hairbrush should be in a beauty box not a 75.00 lifestyle box. I don’t care what brand it is no hairbrush is worth this much.

    • I know. I can’t get excited over a hair brush and a duffel bag. The bag is kinda cool, but I’d use it so rarely. I’m also concerned that my shoes wouldn’t fit in the compartment anyway. I have such huge feet. The necklace is cute, but too delicate a design for my rather large frame. It would look lost on me.

    • I’m pumped about the brush! The bag is ugly, the necklace is fine but the brush is great. It’s well reviewed, nice quality and I need another brush (I always need another brush!) I love WetBrushes brand but the wear out quicker than I’d like. I’m super excited to try a wet style brush that’s a little higher quality. And paddle brushes are the best!

  12. I have to vouch for this Amazing BRUSH. I purchased it last year with my hair dryer and I have never had more shiny and splitend free hair in my life. I use it everyday. And I’m in love. You’ll love this brush if you want shiny, healthy and gorgeous looking Hair. No joke

    • let’s be real, hard to ever resist a PSMH box, all others can do no problem but PSMH gets me even with a brush! have a mason pierson (not even kidding 20+ years + love it) which i use in bag – is this more for blow drying? thx!

      • My mom and sister bought me a Mason Pierson this past Christmas. It is amazing for my hair. I had no idea my hair could be so shiny.

      • I think it is actually! The description in my email said use wet or dry. I am very excited about this spoiler actually…I too use a Mason Pearson and love it so much but need one for drying too!

      • I know a lot of people are complaining about the hair brush. But once you start using it and seeing a difference in how shiny and beautiful your hair starts turning out. You’ll thank popsugar. I’m a believer. I wish I could show you guys before and after pictures. I’m not kidding. Hands down this brush will change your hair for the better. I don’t know how or what’s different. But it’s totally LUXURY.
        I also have Masons brush and this blows it out of the water. And it’s cheaper.

        • It’s amazing what a quality brush along with a little knowledge can do!

        • Thanks for the info! Mine should arrive tomorrow. Yay.

  13. I’m very happy for this box as far as well. All will be happily used…especially that brush! Great brand and I’m abnormally happy to get a new brush…. ha. The bag is a little small looking for me (I drag so much to the gym with me it’s kinda redic) but it may force me to down size. But I love the pattern. Total win thus far. Now just ship it so we can have it already!!!!!

  14. I got excited when I saw the picture of the vans lol… to bad🤣

    • HaHaha…..I did too

  15. I love my T3 blow dryer & that brush looks nice, hopefully I can swap for it!

  16. $35 for a hairbrush?! Is it magical?

    • I feel the same way. I usually just get them at Target or Walmart whenever I need to replace mine. $35 seems excessive to me for a hairbrush. I’m not looking forward to this box so far, honestly. I hope whatever else is in this season’s box is great.

    • Agree. Ridiculous no matter what brand it is.

      • Really? I pay $10/$12 dollars normally for my wet brush that last a few months if I’m lucky before loosing tips or going soft. Other brushes also lift or snap. So if this last a year or more it would work out to be cheaper per use than the ones I normally buy. (I buy them because they work in my difficult hair, not because they are cheap)
        People use Mason Pearson brushes which are between $100 and $200 depending. And they have them for years, for lifetimes. So they cost more up front but are cheaper over your life.
        Quality counts.
        Cost per use matters and cheap is rarely actually cheaper.
        I think $35 for a brush is fine. I’m excited to try it!

  17. I bought this exact hairbrush to put in my son’s Christmas stocking, only he wasn’t into it so I inherited it. It’s pretty awesome. In addition to being very gentle on my hair, it’s fabulous for those rare occasions when I actually blow dry my hair.
    My only issue is my own fault- it’s that I forgot to cancel a second PSMH subscription I have & will now receive two of these boxes, both with a silver necklace. Hoping I can trade one for gold one or sell/ gift the second box.

  18. This looks like a perfect spring box! The hair brush is a great brand, I’m really excited for this spoiler. The duffle bag and necklace are great items, as well. I’m very happy I’m signed up!

  19. Wonder if there’s a reason the sneakers are shown in the photo. Are we getting sneakers?

    • I couldn’t imagine they’d ever do something with so many sizes. The sneakers were shown because the bag has a special bottom section in which you can put shoes.

    • Maybe a coupon for sneakers from kohl’s?

      • Oh, that would be awesome!

  20. So when do they usually have their boutique sale where things are 75% off? Does anyone know? I’m waiting for that!

    • Thanksgiving. And all these items will be available then!

      • thank you!!

  21. This seems similar to a nexxus brush I have which I really like for brushing my curly hair when it is wet, so I am pleased. I may gift the necklace. The bag looks cute but very small. I am not sure it would hold everything I need and a pair of sneakers, but we will see.

  22. I love receiving high quality practical items like this. I find that I end up with so much junk with some of these boxes.

  23. Oh, I want this box! I LOVE all 3 spoilers, too bad it’s sold out and I am not falling for the waitlist deal.

    • There is always the swap board I’ll be swapping the bag.

      • I’d love to swap with you for the bag! It’s the one thing I want from this box!

      • Kristin– I really want the bag!

  24. This isn’t a treat but it’s something I buy every year so I am happy with it. The gym bag was the treat for me. Already swapped the necklace! The Spring box is a win for me!

  25. Previously when I found out they had sold out a while back, I contacted them and asked them if they would be making more Spring boxes. They said NO.

    Today I contacted because the whole “wait-list” for the Spring box thing, I asked if they weren’t making any more of the boxes, how would it be available if at all:

    “As stated we are at this time sold out for the Spring box, however if customers who have a box are unable to pay for their box due to billing holds then this would be how more boxes would become available.”

    Sooooo, I doubt that anybody signing up now for the wait-list will get a Spring box. Essentially you are pre-paying months in advance for a Summer box without a single spoiler.

    • Thanks for posting that Jen. I looked through the policies and saw that I was probably going to get the summer box if I signed up now and not the spring box. I almost checked out to be on the wait list and am glad I stopped before going through with it. They need to make that more clear on their website. I think a lot of people got on the wait list and will now get summer boxes that they may not want.

      • Yeah, I should have emailed them before I signed up lol. Saved $20 though and in all honesty I’d probably end up buying the Summer box anyways. Just wish I would have signed up before they sold out, my daughter would have loved this box and the silver necklace. There’s always eBay though.

        • i will swap you the necklace if you like?

  26. I am so glad I signed up after the first spoiler!

    • So did I! I’ve never done that before with any box but I got $20 off so I knew it was worth it for me just for the bag! Very happy I did!

  27. I’m so glad I canx this box

  28. I bet they stocked a lot fewer boxes this time around after having to discount them heavily to get rid of previous stock. I’m skipping this season since I rarely like spring and summer boxes.

  29. Saved my money. Was not thrilled with the pattern on the bag but I liked it, necklace is so similar to so many I already have that I like better than the pics and I have a brush I really like. I can even go get the same brand bag for less than the cost of the sub and pick a color I would like so win for me.

    • I feel the same way.

  30. No need to worry. All of these items will miraculously be available at 75% when PopSugar does their annual warehouse clearance sale on Thanksgiving. If I still want the necklace then, it’s mine.

  31. Glad I held off on this one. I can easily see how it might appeal to some, but this just isn’t my cup of tea. Not shocked though, spring boxes usually don’t appeal to me. Fall and winter I’ll buy them all though. lol

    • Me too!

  32. Very surprised this box is already sold out, based on the early spoilers. Darn, they’ll have no incentive to release more spoilers for future boxes. Oh well, money saved!

    • These spoilers are horrid! I’m so glad I didn’t continual my sub with them. I can’t believe they’re sold out with a gym bag and a hair brush!

      • Horrid?!?! I think these are great practical items that I most definitely will get a lot of use out of. I’m excited for this box.

      • I wouldn’t call it horrid, but it’s definitely practical. Not what I am looking for in a quarterly box but I can honestly make use of it still.

  33. I so wanted this box and the site says that it’s not guaranteed to get this one if you’re on the waitlist. They may send summer instead and I don’t want to risk that. So bummed!

  34. Thank heavens! A spoiler and a great one! I have been wanting a T3 brush!

    I hope the boxes ship soon! 🙂

  35. Definitely loving the items!!! Just anxious for the box to finally ship! Fingers crossed it will happen soon.

  36. Feels strange. I’ve not seen Popsugar ‘sell out’ with only 2 spoilers before.
    If I refer do need members get on the Spring Wait-list or is their first box Summer?

  37. I’m very confused… just ordered this using the link on this site, thinking I’m on the prewait list for the spring box. My account says my first box will be summer? Does anyone knows what this means? ☹️

    • The Spring box sold out. Your 1st box will be summer.

    • I was going to sign up but then saw that it said they can’t guarantee that you’ll get the box in the season you signed up for so they put you on for the next box. They will send the spring if it becomes available but if not, you’ll get the summer box. I really wanted this one and may not want the summer so I passed. I’m pretty bummed because this third spoiler sealed it for me and I wanted this box.

  38. I could use an new hairbrush. None seem to compare to a nylon/plastic bristled Avon brush I had as a child. Hope I like this one. I’ve been less than pleased with the ones I’ve recently bought for myself.

  39. So, is this box sold out? The 1 time I decided I really want a Pop Sugar box and it’s gone already???
    Let me know because if it’s not I really wanna grab one!!

    • There’s a waitlist so Idk if they have more boxes or not.

  40. Loving this just ordered 🥰

  41. Wow! Great spoilers, makes me tempted to subscribed again.

  42. Any idea when the box will be shipping?

    • I emailed them to ask and they told me they would start shipping this week.

  43. Third spoiler I don’t care about. I am surprised the box is already sold out.

  44. I may have to get this box! That bag and brush I really want!

  45. I got this brush for christmas and absolutely love it… now I have a back – up…..

  46. Cool item. Throw it in the gym bag.
    I really thought it was going to be the white corkcicle bottle in the picture with the model & bag.

    • The Corkcicle came in a summer LE a while back.

    • I think that “model” you’re talking about is Liz! 🙂

      • This made me smile! She does look like a model!

        • She does! 🙂

      • No. I’m talking about the picture on Popsugar’s site. Liz has a bkr bottle in her pic.

        • Awww, got it 🙂

  47. I really want this box! I waited because the last two went on sale, and now I have MO.

  48. I’m in love! My hairbrushes are sooo old, and I just haven’t replaced them because I haven’t found anything that works as well. This looks awesome!

  49. Finally a spoiler! Now to find out a ship date…
    I bought my daughters some $4 paddle brushes at TJMaxx and had a coworker add vinyl to the back to stop morning fights. I guess I’ll have one for me now.

  50. I love a good brush. And especially one I don’t have to pay full price for. I’m really happy with this box so far!

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