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MINTD Box May 2019 Sunday Riley Box Spoiler #1!

We have a spoiler for the Sunday Riley MINTD Box!

This box will be their May box. If you want to guarantee you get the box, “you must be an active subscriber in the Month of April 2019 with an automatic renewal due 1st May 2019.” There will also be boxes available for one-time purchases, but they aren’t guaranteed.

If you aren’t familiar, MINTD is a luxury beauty box from the UK that ships worldwide! You can get the box monthly or bimonthly, and each box includes 4-5 full size or deluxe size beauty products.

The May Sunday Riley MINTD Box will feature 5 Full / Super Deluxe Sized Sunday Riley favorites, including:

Sunday Riley Good Genes Glycolic Acid Treatment

Smooth, revive and brighten your complexion with the Sunday Riley Good Genes Glycolic Acid Treatment, a multi-tasking moisturiser and mask that works to refine, clarify and rejuvenate without drying the skin.

This innovative lightweight formula contains clean and formaldehyde-free glycolic acid molecules as well as lactic acid, prickly pear extract and purifying lemongrass. These active ingredients sink into the skin and help to remove debris while minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and unblocking pores.

More on this subscription box:

The Subscription Box: MINTD Box

The Cost:

  • Monthly or Bi-Monthly – £70.00 (about $93 USD)
  • 3-Month – £205.50 (about $275 USD)
  • 6-Month – £411 (about $550 USD)
  • 12-Month – £822 (about $1100 USD)

The Products: MINTD Box is a luxury monthly/bi-monthly beauty box which offers 4-5 full/deluxe sized beauty products from the most innovative and respected premium brands.

Ships to: Worldwide!

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Comments (42)

  1. I just got a sneak peek at next months box and it states it will include Su Man Velvet Brightening Serum – Full Size valued at €90…

  2. Does anyone know if this box will include all SR products?? I’ve never subbed to this box so I’m not sure if it will be all SR items or just items curated by Sunday. Any help is greatly appreciated!! 🙂

  3. I’ve tried so many Sunday Riley products, through samples and my own purchases at Sephora. I’m from Texas and work in the chemical industry so I just really want to support a Texas based female led company, especially since I know how cutthroat the market is. However, there just aren’t any Sunday Riley products I’ve tried and loved or even really seen a difference with. Has anyone gotten good results from anything she makes?

    • I use the Luna oil and the A+ retinol and I can tell you those two products have completely transformed my face. I have severe sun damage and hyperpigmentation from years of being a dummy and tanning all summer long. After about 3 months of continued use my face looks like I’ve barely stepped into the sun. My skin is EXTREMELY sensitive and I’ve not had any bad reactions to the products. Good Gene’s is absolutely incredible but it’s too pricey for me to afford without a deal or coupon from a sub box. I can honestly say the hype is real, but the trick is using it every single day. I hope this helps!

    • Absolutely. Good Genes is one of the very few products I’ve tried that has truly made a difference in my skin. Pores are reduced, oil is reduced, BB cream stays on longer, and most of all my skin just looks so much brighter!

    • Hi, not sure of you age, but the products are all too drying for me. I also live in a hot, dry climate most of the year, and maybe it’s also age related.
      I’m over 60, but there has never ever been a brand I’ve wanted more which has done such bad things to my skin consistently. Every single product is a disaster.

      My skin feels like sandpaper, and this is the only brand which produces that sort of drying. I’m talking about the oils, too, the CEO and Luna oils.

      When something just doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean we failed or the company failed, it just means that skin care products are not all formulated to be lipophilic.
      For me, at least, Sunday Riley definitely doesn’t hold any moisture or good lipid layer in my skin.

      SO many brands do great things to keep my skin soft, hydrated, wrinkle free though, that I’m not going to stress over how many SR products I’ve bought which are still almost full or completely full.
      I’m glad SR works so well for a lot of people, but I’ll never use anything which is currently sold by the brand again. JMO, as a person of mature adult age with really great skin 99% of the time.

    • Have you ever tried anything from the Colleen Rothschild Beauty line? It’s based in Dallas and female owned. I actually used her products before ultimately switching to Sunday Riley and they were great. SR ultimately worked better for me but I would recommend CR to anyone. Similar to SR though, CR products aren’t cheap. But they’re effective and luxurious.

  4. I’ve tried the SR products for more than a month and honestly I don’t see any difference. In fact, it’s very drying to my skin so I am staying with Tatcha. It probably works for other people just not my skin.

  5. yehey im so excited for this!!!

  6. Another box I’m gonna have to sub for…yikes lol. I’m gonna have to have a tag sale pretty soon due to this addiction of mine. 😂

  7. So if we sign up in April so we can also get this box, is it an additional box or the May box?

    • This box is Mintd’s May box 🙂
      But, you can buy it in their Shop as well as a once time purchase. It will be marked up 30%, but it’s still cheaper than subbing to two Mintd boxes if all you want is the SR box 😉

      • hi Luna, i replied to you on the previous post but my reply was not posted. i cant remember what i said but i think thanking you for the information you have shared. x

      • You’re welcome! It’s my pleasure 🙂

      • thanks for being so informative! I think I’m going to hold off and hope that we can make a one time purchase… unless April’s box proves to be unresistable!

  8. Woo-hoo! Isn’t this the different version than the U.S.’s version (which is more centered on Lactic acid, right?).

    • Yes. I wonder if it’s better or worse than US version. I love Lactic acid version

      • Cool! I’m glad I’ll have the chance to try it. I just really hope they also include at least a .25oz size of the Auto Correct eye cream.

      • My skin loves glycolic acid, it’s stronger than lactic. Lactic doesn’t do much for me.

      • I recently tried glycolic acid via the Pixi Glow Tonic and both my bf and I broke out immediately! I broke out in places I never do and we both broke out way worse in our usual places. I’m wondering if it’s the GA or the particular product. I did read about the “purge” phase, but this didn’t seem to be that. Either way, who has time to break out for a month before seeing results?

      • @Lori – both me and my friend both break out from *some* glycolic acids too. I didn’t realize it was stronger than lactic acid so that’s interesting (I’m just getting into really paying attention to skincare). For some reason the SR Good Genes Lactic Acid version really broke me out too. I stuck with it for almost 2 months thinking it was just purging but it continued. And as soon as I stopped using it the “extra” bumps went away, breakouts lessened but I’m still trying to get rid of the scarring. But I’ve been using the Drunk Elephant Night serum instead and have no problems with that…so initially I thought I was OK with glycolic acid. But I recently tried out a glycolic toner and broke out within 2 days! If anyone can shed some light or let me know if there is something “special” about DE or if it’s just strength and me layering too many irritants I’d really appreciate it! And my skin would be grateful too. LOL.

      • Lori, it might have been the product. I’ve never tried pixi glow, but it seems to have a lot of people saying it caused an initial breakout while others seem to like it. I tend to prefer lotion type products for acids. The liquids tend to have drying ingredients that I don’t like to use on my skin.

      • My skin loves glycolic acid too(!), so I’m really excited to try this. I can’t think off the top of my head how my skin has responded to lactic acid though. I don’t doubt I’ve tried something with it before, and since it seems a bit unmemorable I’m guessing it did nothing for my skin too(?). lol

      • Lori, that’s how I feel with retinol products. I hear there’s an adjustment phase of redness and peeling that most people need to go through, but I guess I just don’t care enough about my skin to suffer through that. lol!! Actually, I will use retinol serums and oils nightly since my skin has never negatively reacted to those, but if it’s a “concentrated” retinol (for lack of a better word) like SR’s A+ serum, then I’ll just use it once per week. The last thing I want to do is freak my skin out… low & slow works best for my skin 🙂

      • Wow, thanks everyone for your respsonses! I love hearing about people’s experiences. Just as a follow up, my skin LOVES the lactic acid version of Good Genes, so maybe I’ll just stick with that for awhile, haha. Box looks intriguing so far, though…

      • @LB Drunk Elephant’s Glycolic Serum actually has a higher percentage of AHA than Sunday Riley’s Good Genes – 12% to 5% respectively. But the AHA in the DE serum is actually a combination glycolic, lactic, and citric acid despite the fact that it’s labeled glycolic serum (I have no idea what the breakdown of those three acids are though). So layering that with another exfoliant may be overkill for your skin.

      • @Sammee thanks for the info. Have you ever heard of anyone breaking out from lactic and not glycolic? That seems unusual from my brief research since glycolic is “stronger.” I was only using the lactic Good Gene’s and it seems to be what was breaking me out. But now the DE glycolic night serum and the babyfacial once a week seems to be ok. I was wondering if I can try Good Gene’s and use it more like a mask like the babyfacial or if I should just stay away. I just hate to see my big (expensive) bottle go to waste and don’t want to give it away since I used some.

      • @LB Sorry, I don’t. Drunk Elephant and Sunday Riley are always being compared to each other though, so I’m guessing that there are forums somewhere where people have said the DE serum worked better for them than Good Genes. I’ve been using Good Genes for a couple of years and it’s worked great, but I can’t help but be curious about DE too, so I’ve been gradually taking up their products. I use the Gelee cleanser and Protini (which is freakin’ awesome!). I’ll try out the glycolic serum after my current bottle of Good Genes runs out. Maybe I’ll be able to share my personal experience in the future.

      • Off topic a bit Luna, but have you tried the Autocorrect? I’m still on the hunt for the HG eye cream. The Twelve eye cream/Belif eye bomb is not bad but my left eye needs extra help. Not sure why it has a different crinkle set … its going to be this or DE. Thanks in advance.

      • I’ve been using the Auto Correct nightly for a couple weeks now and haven’t noticed a difference. I love SR products and have seen results with most of them. Auto Correct has been an exception for me.

      • Benton Fermentation Eye Cream has helped me greatly, on top of The Ordinary’s caffeine eye serum

      • Hi Tanya, in line with what Lori said, I have tried a sample of Auto Correct that Sephora made for me which lasted almost two weeks (I used 1x/day in the morning), and I honestly didn’t see or feel anything from it which is why I’m hoping to get a larger sample to try since it can take a while to see results with skincare. I don’t really have any eye area concerns, but I have tried eye creams that make my eye area appear brighter, smoother, and/or very moisturized, and with my limited use of the SR eye cream, I didn’t experience any of that.

      • Oooh Amber, that sounds like a good combo! I’ve only heard great things about both of those products 🙂

      • Yes, I’ve been wanting to try the ordinary caffeine serum too!

      • Thanks Luna, Lori and Amber for your comments. This box is intriguing because her Luna oil and Good Genes are good on my skin. If this version is anything like the DE Sukari baby facial, I am in. Amber, I just ordered the Neogen Essence and a few other things from Soko Glam. Next time. TY for the recommendation.

      • I was also on the hunt for a holy grill I cream for about the last three years and I picked up the Immunicologie Intense eye cream on the fab fit fun at on sale and in my eyes lost five years in the first week it is so expensive but I will never give it up

      • I am mortified at all the typos in that comment I hope y’all can decipher it

      • But you should know I also use curology which I discovered thanks To MSA and that has done more for my skin in the last nine months than I ever believe it was possible So I would strongly recommend checking that out

      • I think it just depends on your skin type. From what I understand, glycolic acid is stronger and absorbs deeper into the skin. Lactic acid is more hydrating and is better for people with sensitive skin.

      • Wow – I didn’t know that both versions were available in the U.S. That’s pretty cool.

      • And there’s a third captain marvel edition! haha!

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