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Margot Elena Discovery Box Spring 2021 Full Spoilers

Margot Elena Discovery Box Spring 2019 – FULL SPOILERS!

We have the full spoilers for the Spring 2019 Margot Elena box thanks to SKD!

Each box will include:

  • Tokyomilk Rose Water Bon BonLip Balm – Retail Value $10
  • Lollia This Moment Perfumed Shower Gel – Retail Value $22
  • Orange Blossom & Honey Face Mask ($30)
  • Tokyomilk Honey & The Moon Travel Candle – Retail Value $12
  • Lollia This Moment Relaxing Eye Pillow
  • Lollia This Moment Fine Foot Soak
  • Library of Flowers Perfumed Shower Gel & Body Scrub
  • Margot Elena Hand-Lettered Print with Gold Foil
  • Margot Elena Hand-Lettered Greeting Card with Gold Foil
  • Library of Flowers Perfumed Bath Oil
  • The Cottage Greenhouse Carrot & Neroli Shea Butter Handcreme

What do you think of the spoilers? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: Margot Elena Discovery Box

The Cost: $49.99 a quarter

The Products: Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the Margot Elena Discovery Box filled with over $200 worth of full-sized products curated by our team

Ships to: US

Check out our Margot Elena Discover Box reviews to learn more about the subscription!

Margot Elena Discovery Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (90)

  1. Amazing box! I could not believe how much was included this quarter. I had a long day and came home to this box. What a special treat. I was thinking about canceling before this box came out and now I’m glad I didn’t

  2. I just love this box. It feels like a really nice friend. Margot Elena gets me she really does. Been a subscriber since day 1. 💞💖💕💗

  3. This is my last box from an annual subscription. I loved Summer and Fall, found Winter a tad disappointing (though beautiful, the kimono was odd for Winter and not of the best craftsmanship and the bell was not useable for me). I find this box a little disappointing too. I find the fine paper items a bit unattractive (subjective). And I thought a hero item was missing. We already received an eye mask in a previous box. I would have loved a cosmetics item or perfume. I still believe this is a gorgeous, high quality box and sub. But I will be canceling my annual sub.

  4. Just got my box at the end of a very rough day. It reminded me why I signed up. Every item feels like a special little gift. I always keep some for myself and set one or two aside for someone else. Typing this from the tub, complete with a slosh of the bath oil. I have a work call at 9:15p (don’t ask) and you’d better believe I’m taking it on speaker with that eye pillow on top of my face!

  5. I’ve been saving up to try this box and I’m so glad I did! This is the first sub box I’ve gotten where I can actually use every single thing. Everything in this one smells amazing 😃

  6. I feel like this box understands me on a spiritual level. An eye pillow with a motivational quote? Yes. Packaging with birds on it? Yes.

    That said, Does any have any creative uses for the bath oil or foot soak?

    • I plan to use my bath oil as a body wash. I think it’s should work fine as long as you have a bath sponge or washcloth (anything the oil won’t immediately drip through). I also keep a small Rubbermaid container so I can soak my feet while watching TV. If that sounds too indulgent, you can always plug up the bottom of your shower at the end and add the foot soak. 🙂

  7. $38 for a relaxing eye pillow…I wouldn’t be very relaxed if I paid full price for that, unless it came with a cabana boy that gave me unlimited scalp massages 😉

  8. Got my box today and it is lovely but I’m surprised the eye pillow wasn’t in a plastic bag.

  9. I absolutely love this box! All of the scents are so subtle and pretty, and the eye pillow is incredible! This was a home run in every way.

  10. I thought this was a nice box when I first saw the spoilers but wasn’t terribly excited. Well I received my box and it is so much nicer in person! I adore the eye pillow – the scent is amazing. What a wonderful combination of products …. Margot Elena will be hard to quit (I was going to reduce subs but now will at least go through summer).

  11. I’m excited for this box! This will be my 4th box and I still love the subscription! I use the shower gels and hand creams all the time. I had a sample of the carrot and neroli cream and it smells so good–I can’t wait for the full size!

    This is my favorite subscription box because I actually use all the products more than any other. Plus the ones that aren’t a good fit for me make such lovely gifts!

  12. I feel a little disappointed with this box and am hoping that its better in person!! Seems to be missing the overall “wow” factor from prior boxes. May take a break

    • Well I received my box.. and I love it!! Especially the eye pillow. The box is so much better in person… guess it is the presentation. They do such a nice job!

    • Well I got my box today. Initially seeing the spoilers I was a little underwhelmed I felt it was missing a hero item and was disappointed it didn’t have a perfume which is one of my favorite things to get. Winter was my first box and it was beautiful everything was wrapped in tissue paper so nicely. I opened my box today and it wasn’t wrapped like it was for the winter box it looked like every was kind of thrown in bouncing around in the box. I looked at the card and I don’t have a candle , lip balm and foot soak. Anyone else have this issue? I’m not going to cancel because I really like Margot Elena and have hope that it will be better next time.

      • Make sure u contact customer service & let them know so they can send u ur missing items.

  13. My box arrived — now THIS is why I signed up for Margot Elena! I think the Linden bath oil (a scent variant item) is my fave scent out of the 2 boxes I’ve gotten, and I’m into the new “This Moment” as well. Disappointment over winter’s box redeemed! 😁

    • I also received the Linden bath oil and I absolutely love it! 😍

  14. I would much rather receive anything else that the ugly letter print. Toss in another hand lotion or shower gel etc

    • I like the “ugly letter print”

    • I agree that the print is super ugly. Everything else is awesome though!

    • I agree about the print. Tacky to the extreme. Everything else is awesome though.

  15. This is be my last annual box and this subscription is not for me. I dont like candles, body lotions or bath things. I am not even sure why I signed up at the first place.

    • Maybe because of FOMO & the hype?
      Can relate to that…I did stupid things like signing up for boxes because of FOMO & the hypes, then realized that the items are actually not my things. 😀

    • I’ll swap with you!

  16. Whatever I don’t use from the ME boxes, I either give as a gift or bundle together for auction items at our daughter’s school – they are always a big hit!

  17. I love this subscription box! This is my second box and I haven’t received it yet to sample but Margot Elena is hands down, a fantastic box! So many products in one box is quite lovely and refreshing! Can’t wait for my box to get here ( it’s en route)!

  18. I LOVE this subscription and most of the scents are heavenly. Out of all the boxes I’ve ever subscribed to, I think this one has the best giftable items. I know not all their items have included packaging (such as the kimono and mug), but many do. Over the past year I’ve been collecting gifts for my bridesmaids and many are from this sub. Hope to see Margot Elena integrate more home items in the future!

  19. If they had put in something else in place of the card and sign I would be all over this. They just feel like fillers to me though and are items I won’t use or gift so sadly a pass.

    • Margot hand painted that piece of art specifically for the box

  20. These things are so nice! I love getting this subscription! Hoping for a perfume in the Summer Box! This is a beautiful box!!! Hurry and get here!!!

  21. We live, and we learn. I hope my experiences can help someone else. It’s very hard to speak out, because I have loved the products, and thought the personnel were helpful and very kind… until everything went absolutely downhill and it’s taken over 5 months to get one box charge refunded. I understand that there are those with similar situations, likely, who are being quiet here, and those who are very happy and don’t want to read this. I’m sorry.

    Before you make up your mind, please read the entire subscriber Spoiler round 2 responses. 😉

    How to cancel your box with Margot Elena:
    1) Email as soon as you receive the last box you want, or that’s in your subscription or they WILL charge you again ( like in a week) for another box or year.
    2) Put a ” non-working” but not expired card number in place of the one you use.
    3) KEEP a copy of your request to cancel as well as their acknowledgment of cancellation confirmation in a separate ” Important mail” folder under your regular Inbox. DO NOT DELETE IT for at least 1 year,
    4) Unsubscribe from all promotion emails, and keep a close watch on your card balance.

    I am speaking from recent experience of 2 seasonal overcharges when I had cancelled and had the notices which pre-dated their overcharges.

    Under no circumstances should any of your business transaction regarding cancellation, card number, or address changes be made over their toll free phone number for legal reasons. I made this mistake with a cancellation and they did not register or honor it.

    If what happened to me had been a one time thing, or confined to one customer, I never would have said a thing. I do love the products but not $118 worth.

    • Thank you! This is really helpful. MSA should do a better job of explaining how to unsubscribe from ALL boxes.

      • MSA can’t control the customer service experience with any box. My customer service experience with Margot Elena has been very good but that doesn’t change the negative experience that Lilly has had. Information on how to unsubscribe is available on each website. Lilly’s point it well taken; even if they accept cancellations by phone, we need to be sure to get a follow up email and hang onto it.

    • Thank you for this info as I intend to cancel. I enjoy the products and receiving the box but after a year, I’m on product overload and need to cut back on some boxes until I can get through my stash.

    • All I can say is I’m so very sorry this happened to you. I’ve been burned by subs going out of business, so I know it’s not pleasant losing money.
      Every one will make up their own mind about each subscription company, but you posted some good overall advice.
      Hope you have better experiences with other boxes in the future.

    • Thank you!!

      In addition, Emma & Chloe (they WILL NOT honor a refund if you forget to cancel) has very shady cancellation practices, FFF (upon signing up for annual, watch out for a charge for 5 boxes….and they won’t cancel; CS usually has a “dumb” act and they avoid the request), Yoga club (the worst!! Requests via email to cancel subscription only cancel the current upcoming charge. They charge again…upon next renewal) , Winc (you MUST call. No way to cancel online or via email).

      I have several subs of Margot Elena and plan on cancelling. The products are packaged beautifully, but I find the actual products drying; most contain harsh ingredients. I also don’t want to support the business because of their poor treatment of staff and hiring practices in warehouse/fulfillment.

      I won’t even open the 2 spring boxes I’m receiving; will just swap or sell

    • Currently, their phones and email are down. I went ahead and canceled my annual subscription, and thanks for sharing your experience. I will keep an eagle eye out.

    • I understand what you mean. Instead of waiting for a refund I told them I would take a spring box in exchange of a refund so I am currently waiting to see if that happens. What happened to me was that they sent me 2 winter boxes, I called to get a refund & was told I couldn’t get one until January. I wasn’t pleased about this as it was their fault not mine for sending me 2 boxes instead of one. I cancelled my order & they agreed to send me a free spring box. I received a email from them last week stating they were sending me a spring box & wanted to make sure I didn’t get charged for the spring box which I haven’t so far. I love their products but they could have refunded my money in the first place instead of making me wait until January. It was Christmas time & I could have used the money. So I am waiting to see if I get a spring box.

    • Unfortunately cancelling is a weak spot for many companies because it’s just not a priority.. You’re on your way out, right? But know your rights as a consumer. About 2 times a year I process a chargeback on my credit card, but about 10 times a year I have to threaten it to get reasonable responses from a company. If you chargeback, the company is charged a fee ($25 last I heard) just to research your complaint, so they are motivated to avoid chargebacks. I never do one without giving the company the opportunity to correct, but if they are giving me the run around then I tell them in writing what needs to happen or I will process a chargeback in X days/hours. Then I mark my calendar and process if they don’t resolve. When I file I let the credit card company know that I gave the company an opportunity to resolve and they didn’t. I’ve never had a chargeback denied because I only do this in cases like yours, Lily. Your time is also valuable and your card has a service like this to protect you from bs like this.

    • I canceled yesterday on their web-site and receive confirmation e-mail. I do not think you need to call or e-mail them any longer.

      • I had 2 annual subscriptions and easily cancelled one via email. Their CS even reached out to ensure I wanted to cancel only 1 of the 2.

      • The strange thing is- They called ME to make sure ” which” subscription I wanted cancelled, too. ( There was only ever supposed to be ONE).

        They can reach out all they want to and they have very sweet and kind- sounding CS people calling, but what they SAY they will do and what they ACTUALLY do can be opposite.
        It was extremely annoying and expensive to be overcharged for a box of soap and lotion and some fabric thing every season when I had written and very clearly asked for cancellation of an overcharge to begin with and they did not honor the request for 2 seasonal boxes, not just one.

        I’m glad you had a good experience. PLEASE go back and read the post LIz put up just before this one which is to list the 2nd spoiler. The problems people have reported are MULTIPLE. It’s not just me, but I’m trying to help others because I care.

    • Good info to hold onto for the future. Right now I am thrilled with each box. Between myself and my teen daughter, we use every bit. And, I often think I should double my sub since so much is perfect for gifting. Might not be for me one day, but so very OK now.

    • you get charged the first of the month the box ships
      there’s a cutoff email that gets sent out reminding us of deadlines for cancellations/info changes – it’s usually like two weeks prior to the first of the month.
      it’s honestly pretty simple..
      if we don’t cancel in time, it’s just like Netflix, we’re subject to one more month (or in this case, one more box) until cancellation is confirmed.
      We should all get confirmation emails – if we don’t, then it wasn’t cancelled.

      • I’ve subscribed to boxes since 2012. I know about ” cut off dates” and USUAL charging times before boxes ship. This is not what happened to me at all with this company. I have my emails and also my online card statement which shows exactly what happened and when. I called their CS department to find out why they charged and sent 2 Winter boxes. I never did find out, but they told me I had to pay for them, etc., so I did.
        I knew I wouldn’t stand for the same thing a second time, though.
        I also knew it was much better to wait until after the holiday season to communicate with them about cancelling both subscriptions they had been charging me for. ( I only signed up for ONE).

        I called to cancel the subscriptions around January 10th. I followed the call about both cancellations with written requests for confirmations of the 2 cancellations and did receive them, and still have them.

        After the written notice I gave to cancel both boxes, I was charged on January 11 for one Spring box and the second charge for a Spring box was made by them on Feb. 15 ( After I had written confirmation that they’d cancelled the account) for a second Spring box.)

        I got Fed Ex tracking numbers for ” both” accounts- and I hit the ground running.
        Because of my refusal to accept the same treatment a second time, I have received refunds for both boxes, and they said just to keep the boxes, which arrived today.

        I have put a non-useable debit card number into both accounts just in case they ever try to charge or overcharge me again for merchandise not ordered.
        If I hadn’t kept the 2 cancellation emails from them with the dates. I’d be out the cost of 2 boxes from a company I do not choose to do business with again, ever.

  22. I wish this box shipped to Canada.

  23. Looks beautiful as anyways! Can’t wait to get my box! A little disappointed there isn’t a perfume but still happy 😊

  24. This is one of my favorite subs. I feel like this season is missing a hero item tho…

    • Your right it does feel like it’s missing something 🤔 for winter they put in the robe which was nice.

    • Agreed…this is my last box in my annual subscription and I won’t be renewing. I am missing a “hero” item, too.

      • Everbody complained about the robe , the cup and the bell last season, and said there was not enough body products. I thought that the items were beautiful. I am missing something special and unique as well.

      • Ditto. I feel like they’ve gotten. A little too proud of themselves and dont try as hard as the first few boxes. Even the cards went from 5 in the first boxes to 3 in the last box and now to 1. Those were one of my favorite items to get and the bubble bath went from the full size to the smaller ones.

      • I’ve gotten each box since they started this sub. Winter and spring that just arrived were a little underwhelming. My face mask came with a broken lid and I used it but don’t even like it enough to ask for a replacement, I’m donating it. I do like the eye pillow and the bath oil. I’m going to wait until I use up my products and watch the next few boxes. If I end up deciding I have to have it I’ll hold out for a Black Friday deal.

    • So many people complained about the robe and mug and bell. I think they listened and tried to do the body and bath items she is known for.

  25. Margot Elena is the ULTIMATE!! Beautiful packaging,, heavenly fragrances and high quality! This is my favorite subscription box EVER!

  26. I can’t wait to try that bath oil. I would have loved a matching bubble bath.

  27. I don’t think this is sold out, which is the first time.

    • Yes! I noticed that too. Before I finally signed up I remember it would always be sold out every time I waited too long. I was so bummed. I was so happy I finally signed up for winter before it sold out. Seems like it’s not selling out now.

  28. I just love this! ME does a great job. Fantastic gifts and a few lovelies for myself. Thanks for the spoilers – I’m not due to receive mine until Wednesday. I see that they are having issues because of the storms.

  29. I am pleased with this curration. I am still going to cancel my annual. If there is no discount, early arrival, or selection options I’ll just go seasonal.

  30. Thanks Liz and SKD for the preview. Looks like a great box, I can’t wait

  31. This looks like a pretty darn good box! I’m thrilled to see that this is mostly bath and body products! My first box had been Winter and I was pretty disappointed in the lifestyle products in it. The print isn’t really my style, but that’s fine. This is definitely more what I expected from this subscription, so I’m glad I decided to stay on for the Spring box! Will definitely consider getting the Summer box if it’s in my budget at the time. I’d still love to get one of their awesome tote bags, especially the ones with octopuses or goldfish. Also, hoping they might include more TokyoMilk items in Summer!

  32. This is my first time and I have to tell the story of why I became a subscriber I have very severe migraines so I sent them a email asking to see if they could send me some samples of the sense because I’ve never smelled anything from any of her product lines before but the box is so beautiful I’ve always wanted it. They emailed me back and told me I could buy a package of six foil packets of handcream for $7.50. I emailed them back and said OK I’m game and I went ahead and ordered it. However upon receiving it I did not receive six packets of foil handcream . Oh no. What I received was 6/2 size roller balls of the Tokyo light and dark perfumes for the same price of $7.50. I can’t believe the amazing customer service that provided that for me at that amazing price. I signed up as a subscriber that day. The only thing I can say about those boxes that I was actually hoping to receive a perfume in the box but based on past reviews I’m sure if I continue to be a subscriber that will all come in time I’m looking forward to this box like no other

  33. Does this box ever have a coupon/deal/friend referral?

    • They did when I signed up. My first box was the fall box last year.

  34. Super Springy scents! Nicely curated! Would love a few non beauty items. They have such beautiful stuff.

  35. Looks like a wonderful box! I went to sign up and noticed shipping is $6.95. I don’t remember that from past reviews. Does anyone know if that’s a change? Thanks!

    • I can’t recall how much shipping has been, but I believe they’ve always charged for shipping in addition to the cost of the box.

    • It has always been $6.95 for shipping.

      • Thanks Luna and gwarstar! Of course, I went ahead and got a box. So excited! 🙂

    • It’s a fair price for shipping, in all actuality. I think a lot of us have become used to Prime and things like that.

  36. I’ve stalked this box ever since i subbed in january and waited and waited for spoilers for my first box. Now the full spoilers are here, and i regret looking at it lol! The box is great, but it’s no longer a surprise 🤣🤣

    • Oh my I am just like you !!! I feel better though this box looks like it’s full of so many products for bath time which I can’t wait to try!! I have a feeling it will be like a home spa! I think I’m going to have to cancel fab fit fun and stick with this! The packaging for everything just feels so lux 😍

    • My box was delivered today, according to tracking, and I still went ahead and opened this post to see what the items are while I’m at work…LOL.

  37. Hurry up and get here.

  38. The best part is the minute you open the box and smell the menagerie of scents from all the wonderful products, even before you see them. Then the letter gives a semblance of a personal touch! Then everything is curated thoughtfully! The best box ever!!!

  39. Bath and shower items are my favorite, so I’m delighted to see so many of them in this box. I also own (and love) the carrot and neroli hand cream. Can’t wait for my box to arrive!

  40. The Library of Flowers may be a variant and the print is 8 X 10 with black lettering and there is a matching card that is 4.5 X 6 with a plain white envelope.

  41. Hurry up and get here already!

  42. Looks like a great box overall!
    Not too excited about the gold lettered print – that is not my style but maybe someone I know will want it.

  43. This box is the ultimate treat! Even if I don’t like a product they make great gifts.

  44. This box is a solid win for me! I was just getting down to the last 1/4 of my Carrot & Neroli Shea Butter Handcreme and thinking I need to reorder some. Well, that issue is now solved. I am very excited to try out the “This Moment” scent. Can’t wait for it to get here 😃

  45. Funny – I was just on Instagram looking at the pictures. It’s a nice box, not my favorite but nice. I buy 3 of these (1 for me, 2 for sisters) but after this one I may reduce down to 1. Lovely packaging and items but I don’t love all the scents and the first 2 were the absolute best IMO.

    • I’m going to cut back too. This is my last box on an annual membership and I won’t renew. I have too many products. Margot Elena packaging is lovely. I like some of the scents, not all. I always swap away the skin care bc I prefer my favorite products. The quality of some of the “lifestyle” products is not the best.

      • It’s my last on an annual, too, and I’m hoping I can convince myself to let it go! I still have two untouched bottles of bubble bath, among other things.

        Also, I’ve heard that it’s difficult to get the cancellation through their system. It might take more than hitting “Cancel” in your membership detail page. I would also send notice through their infodesk.

      • I emailed them and had no issues cancelling. They got back to me in a couple days and set my account not to auto renew.

      • just email them – make sure you get a response back confirming your cancellation

  46. I am so excited! This is my favorite box hands down. It looks like a nice variety of items! 😁

  47. Best sub ever! Never disappointed!

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