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Macy’s Beauty Box May 2021 Full Spoilers

Macy’s Beauty Box April 2019 FULL SPOILERS!

We have FULL SPOILERS for the April Macy’s Beauty Box!

April’s theme is The Editor’s Box:

Feel like a beauty editor this month by testing Macy’s newest skin care, makeup & fragrance arrivals from the buzziest beauty brands.

The April box will include:

  • Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream
  • Givenchy L’Interdit Eau de Parfum
  • Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus+ Neck & Chest
  • Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water
  • Grande Cosmetics GrandeMASCARA Lash Boosting Formula
  • RealHER Moisturizing Lipstick
  • Makeup Bag

What do you think of the spoilers for the April 2019 Macy’s Beauty Box?

Macy’s Beauty Box is $15 a month. Each month you will receive five deluxe beauty samples, one bonus item, a collectible cosmetics bag and a $5 beauty coupon exclusively for Beauty Box subscribers, available for use online and in-store.

Check out our Macy’s Beauty Box reviews to learn more about this beauty subscription box!

Macy's Beauty Box

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Comments (71)

  1. Ok, even though I can’t find any spoilers for the May box, I decided to go ahead and sign up. I have skipped my Allure box for the first time ever. So, I really have nothing to lose. Just not 100% sure if my first one will be April or May??? Don’t really want the April. Kinda want a surprise.

    • Your first box will be June, actually. You needed to subscribe by April 10th to get May.

      • Thanks JuJu! Dang it though! Was hoping to replace the Allure May box with Macy’s but I’ve been wanting to try the Macy’s box anyway. No biggie. Thanks again for answering. Not sure why I’m not finding that in their FAQS… probably reading right over it… lol

  2. I have been with the Macy’s box since they started. I received the August box today! So angry haven’t called yet. Last month I spent over an hour with 4 different reps who didn’t have a clue. It charges my Macy’s card each month. Last month it didn’t go through cause they sent me a new card and I didn’t update my account info assuming same card number. After getting no where I let it go accepting blame for not realizing new card new number. Even though I called the same day. They wouldn’t send a box. This is not my fault it’s fraud!

    • Definitely fraud.

  3. I got the August box, spent 45 minutes on chat and 25 minutes on the phone with customer service. They are worthless, do not care at all about their customers. They have a policy they do not reship items? They only refunded me, and think that is perfectly acceptable. This is a manager mind you. I told him I wanted to cancel, he said fine, but he will not help me with that. What a horrible experience! I will never give them another penny of my money. What a scam!!!

    They KNEW they were sending old boxes and hoped we would not figure it out. You just lost a year long client who bought $100 a month worth of makeup and skincare from you. Hope it was worth it!

    • They clearly did this on purpose this month. I’m on the fence about whether to cancel the sub or not. If this happens again, I’ll for sure cancel but I wonder if there’s a way to communicate that we are onto them and make them be better instead. I feel as though a company like Macy’s is better equipped to send higher-end samples and I like their bags so much better than the Ipsy bags. At the same time, Ipsy has amazing customer service and they would never ever ever do what Macy’s is doing to us – could anyone even imagine a bunch of people getting the wrong month’s bag from other subscription services.

      I’m still so angry about this whole thing and the fact that it’s happening to a lot of people with the SAME August box makes me feel like it wasn’t a warehouse mistake but a conscious decision made by the company itself. How unethical!

    • I believe they don’t reship because they don’t have any more boxes left. That’s why if you were to sign up now as a new customer, your first box would be May not April. It looks like they definitely didn’t get enough boxes to fulfill all April orders. Not to say this is acceptable, but that’s how it is. I went through this when my January box was lost in the mail and they could only refund me. I just wanted my box. I ended up ordering from ebay. Eventually my box was found 2 weeks after it was supposed to be delivered. I ended up with 2 boxes for Jan and paid for just one

  4. Mine came today. My card says Winkylux gloss (blue??!!) but they sent the Koh Gen Spa Water as a substitution. Yay!! So happy!

    • My card said that too and I would have prefered the lip gloss! I was quite bummed lol.

  5. Mine shipped April 4 with est delivery 4/11. I’m not a new subscriber. My order shows the box above. Naturally, that’s what I expect to receive.

    Several of you have asked about free shipping. Currently, beauty items have free shipping with $49 purchase. I spend $500+ a year on my Macy’s card and receive free shipping on all orders. The rewards program is changing soon, but I believe the free shipping benefit will remain the same.

  6. Just got mine and mine is this months box including Koh Gen Go.

    • I’m so jealous! Glad you got the correct box with the Koh Gen Do.

    • I received mine today. I got the April box with a note about a substitute, and the card shows the lip gloss, however i did in fact receive the Koh Gen Do. Yay! I think they had a few problems this month 🤓

      Hope next month they have enough for all their subscribers. 🤞🏻☺

      • Mine was the same way. Got the cleanse water but the gloss was on my card and the apology note for the substitute.

  7. I received the August box also!! They gave me a refund and no apology! I am canceling this box NOW!

    • Gosh, that’s so ridiculous. Why on earth would they think that it’s all right to just replace one with the other??

      I’ve always defended the Macy’s box, but honestly, I’ve never seen any other company do that!

      • The customer service on this box is the worst. I requested a refund back to my card when the Feb box didn’t come. Apparently sent back by post office as damaged. They sent a gift card instead of refunding my credit card. I got the card and attempted to use it and it had a zero balance!

      • Oh my god, that’s just horrible.

  8. They are sending different shades of the lipstick. 😉
    Mine is ” Deep Mauve” and I really like it a lot more than the one pictured for my use, personally speaking.

    This is a really nice bag. I remember my grandmother using the Givenchy fragrance when I was very young. It smells feminine and light and is a classic but updated.

    The Koh Gen Do cleansing spa water is very gentle. All in all a good bag, and the makeup bag is cute. One of the eyes should be winking, ha.

    • So you received Koh Gen Do? I thought they were out of that and were substituting a lipstick

  9. I’m super disappointed by this months sample sizes. the products are good but there is hardly any product to see actual results. Unsubscribing.

  10. I’m LIVID. I received the wrong bag and products from Macy’s. It looks like the August 2018 box – the one with the clear bag that said lipstick, face spray, and eye cream. It has the expired $5 coupon and everything.

    I contacted Macy’s customer service with pictures and they keep repeating, “Since you received incorrect item, what we can do only is to process a refund,” and are refusing to provide me with the correct bag. I’ve been subscribed since early last year and have spent tons of money with Macy’s using their coupons to get discounts on beauty products. What a terrible way to treat your customers? I would have been willing to pay again to get this month’s bag.

    I probably won’t unsubscribe because I like their bags too much and I would get major FOMO because I’m addicted to MSA but I thought why not vent my frustration and warn others here.

    • They sent me August’s box as well. I’m sending it back for a refund but can’t get April’s box either. Totally bummed.

    • I received the same August 2018 box, and was told the same thing, the April box was sold out. They did give me a refund, and I made sure they knew I was very disappointed by their lack of customer service to get the correct boxes to all subscribers.

      • I feel like they did this on purpose! Like the warehouse ran out of april bags and thought “well same thing…it’s a beauty bag?”

        I feel cheated.

        But the customer service agent definitely thought I was crazy for being so upset about it. He was probably thinking #firstWorldProblems.

      • I am supposed to get mine tomorrow. A bit worried.

    • They probably don’t have any more correct bags. That’s the reason they are offering you refund only. That’s why if you were to sign up as a new subscriber, your first bag would be May. My bag was lost in the mail in Jan, and all they could do is offer a refund. I went to ebay to get correct bag

    • I received the August box Also!!! They gave me a Refund! I am canceling this Box Now!

      • So we can’t be the only ones that this has happened to. I wonder how many others got August’s box.

        Strangely enough, I feel simultaneously more angry and less upset because this happened to more people than just me. I’m more angry because they clearly were trying to get away with giving the wrong box when they ran out of April 2019 bags and screwing over a percentage of their subscribers without an apology or an explanation, but I’m less upset because I feel vindicated that my outrage wasn’t unreasonable and perfectly normal for someone addicted to beauty subscriptions. I’m glad there’s more of me out there.

        I wonder if MSA can get any traction by reaching out to Macy’s for an explanation and letting them know we are ONTO them! Clearly they didn’t care to give a real explanation to any of us.

      • Unfortunately, I have had zero luck getting in touch with anyone who represents Macy’s Beauty Box. I’ve only been able to speak to general Macy’s customer care, and they haven’t had any specific info on the box. I’ll try again, but it doesn’t seem likely. Sorry!

  11. The video on the Macys website shows a second lip product (a color-changing gloss) instead of the Koh Gen Do cleansing water. I will be really disappointed if we get the gloss. I’ve always wanted to try the Koh Gen Do product.

    • I got the winky lux gloss instead of the Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water.
      There’s a paper saying that they are substituting the product.
      Not very happy but I can still use it.

      • That really stinks, I was looking forward to trying the cleansing water! What color is the gloss?

      • It’s the blue one.
        Like the sample choice in birchbox Sep/Oct 2018

      • LOL I was afraid you would say that! Thank you!

  12. Just a note, shipping is free if you’re a certain tier of their star rewards program. I believe they opened it up to everyone this year, so you do not have to be a cardholder anymore.

  13. I want this box!

    I saw a post that said it too late to order this? And what’s up with shipping?

    • Yes, it’s too late to order. That’s how Macy’s spoilers work every month. It’s a risk you take by staying signed up that you might not like what you will get. They don’t have to release spoilers at all.

  14. I would love to swap for this. Too late to order 🙁

  15. Macys has some of their past Beauty Boxes available to purchase for $10 with a $40 Beauty Purchase.

    I have the link but I don’t think I can post it. Search “Skincare Beauty Box, Only $10 with any $40 Beauty Purchase! ” on their site.

    • I am not seeing any actual boxes, only a few full-size items from those boxes when you click on “shop collection”. Do you see actual past boxes for sale anywhere?

      • Once you spend $40 the $10 beauty bags will appear in the shopping bag as an option to add to bag. From there you can decide which bag you’d like. Just ordered one on Monday.

      • Interesting, I saw the option to add a bag when I was ordering the other day, but didn’t know that we could choose which bag we get. I just thought it would be whatever they decide to add on. That’s why I didn’t order it

    • I placed an order early last week while they had the 15% off beauty and added the all about eyes box, for only $8.50!

  16. I might be in the minority, but I love red lipsticks ☺ a travel sized mascara comes in handy as well. Love trying new skin care, so all in all, a great month for me personally. The Elemis is nice, I have a full size I am using already.

  17. Loving everything but that lipstick.

  18. Wow! So excited for this because of the brands/products pictured. Mascara is always welcomed in my box since it has to be replaced so often; the new skincare to try is nice ; fragrance sample works for me to see if compliments my body chemistry… the red lipstick is the only downer. Any color but red would be nice.

  19. the video Macys posted shows a different product.

    • Macy’s CS told me they are sold out of the Koh and are subbing the lip gloss…I cancelled. Second month they advertised something and “sell out” before boxes are shipped and billed.

    • in the video they are advertising Winky Lux, a blue lip product which turns into different pink tones depending on your skin warmth. But instead of this product, Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water is listed in the box.

      • Huh, well personally I prefer the Koh Gen Do to mood lipsticks. I got over those in the 80s, but that’s just me!! 🙂 I’m sure my youngest daughter would have fun with it if it were in my bag.

  20. Oh, wait, have they changed it? I just looked at the Macy’s site, and for all beauty items it says “free shipping at $0”!

  21. This doesn’t look bad! The only thing I’m not interested in is another red lipstick, which I don’t wear (but I know some of you will love it!).

  22. More black mascara red lipstick. Yay.

    • My sentiments exactly XD

  23. I am not subscribed anymore because the $50 free shipping minimum just doesn’t work for me, but I think beauty box-wise Macy’s has been killing it lately. Especially with the coupon this is a tremendous value.

  24. Ughhh want this so bad. I signed up yesterday but it said my sub wouldn’t start until May 🙁

    • @Jenn
      I’d be willing to swap this entire bag. I am so backlogged on makeup my husband would kill me if he knew how large my stash is. let me know. Swap id is attached to my name. start a swap for anything and we can talk.

    • @Jenn
      I would be willing to swap this entire bag. My stash is so large I am out of hiding places. Swap ID attached to my name. Start a swap for anything and we can talk.

      • sorry for the duplicate comment. Mine did not initially show up

  25. Love the Elemis in this month. Also Macy has free shipping on beauty today. So you can use the 5.00 off coupon on one item and not have to pay shipping.

    • Oh, that’s only today? 🙁

      • I don’t think it is only today. I placed a beauty order last week that arrives today that had free shipping and it was only $24 before they took off the $10 coupon so I definitely didn’t hit the $49 threshold that used to be required. I think they may have changed back to free shipping on beauty purchases.

      • I bought something a few days ago and shipping was only free if you spent over $49

      • Shipping isn’t usually free, it’s only today.

      • It used to be free for beauty items, and then they changed it to $50 minimum. So I wonder if this change back to $0 is permanent because it drastically affected their sales, or just a temporary promotion.

      • Yes, I know it used to be free. I doubt it’s permanent though since shipping expenses are a lot, and that’s probably why they took it away altogether.. would be nice but I’m doubtful!

    • I just went in to order sheet masks and it charged me 9.00 in shipping. 🤔

      • Not True! They are still charging for beauty items! You have to Spend $49 to get Free Shipping! And I tried Yesterday.

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