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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus March 2019 FULL SPOILERS

We have what I believe to be full spoilers for March 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

F.A.R.A.H BRUSHES 5-Piece Eye Perfection Set

HUDA BEAUTY Obsessions Palette in Smokey, Coral, OR Mauve

MAËLLE BEAUTY Above & Beyond Mascara in Black

PURLISSE Blue Lotus Balancing Moisturizer

BENEFIT COSMETICS Sun Beam Golden Bronze Complexion Highlighter

BENEFIT COSMETICS Dandelion Shy Beam Liquid Highlighter

PIXI BY PETRA LashLift 188 in Beyond Black

REALHER I Am Adaptable Matte Liquid Lipstick

PURLISSE Butter Me Orange Creamsicle Body Butter

What do you think of the spoilers?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (102)

  1. My first plus box and I didn’t get a mascara. I got the red lip color! I wish I would have got the body butter. I guess I can’t get 100% of the spoilers I wanted. A fair box overall.

  2. Not sure why the spoilers keep showing up at 7:30am est. Luckily I saw a comment from someone else about that happening last month so I set my alarm 😂

    I got the mauve palette
    brush set
    Maelle mascara
    body butter

    Added on shy beam, the purple space case eye shadow, and the slmissglam brush.

    I’m SUPER happy with my box and add-ons 😁😍💖

  3. Wow for the first time in months I didn’t max out my add on selections. All I ended up getting was the bum bum. My bag is ho hum…got the Huda smoky pallette, benefit, brushes, Purlisse moisturizer and Pixie mascara. Back to sleep I go!

  4. Everything is live for me.

    I got the Huda in Coral (yay!)
    Pixi Mascara (hopes for Maelle)
    Purlisse Moisturizer (initially wonted this bit then the cream was spoiled, changed my mind. I’ll still take it and consider it a win)
    Benefit Shy Beam (another one i wanted)

    I added the Huda Smokey and Mauve and OFRA highlight as add ons.

  5. Link and spoilers are live for me. I got the red lippie, which I can not use and the Smokey palette, which is the one that I do not want. If anyone got the mauve and would like to trade, I’d love to have the Mauve. Likewise, if anyone wants to trade something for the lippie. I am on the swap site but also have no problems trading with people who aren’t.😊

    • hi can you link to the trade site?

    • Can you link down below your swap site.. or you can always IG me at “bushrak_ali19” cx that’s more convenient for me.

  6. Ipsy needs to fix it’s system for the live link add on’s. I’m waiting Ipsy, don’t ask me to get up at 6 am on a Saturday just to sit around waiting on YOUR link to go live!😒

    • Nevermind, I forgot I was in a different time zone. I could have slept another 3 hours.😂

    • I am in the right time zone and it’s 6:15 and it’s not working yet.

      • I thought it was Pacific Standard Time? If so PST right now is 4:26 a.m.

      • It doesn’t go live till 6am PST, so another hour and a half for the add ones, you should be able to see your regular bag items now though.

      • I just checked mine. It is live right now.

  7. I have the coral huda so I’m hoping to get the mauve. Otherwise, I really don’t want the liquid lip. I would be really happy with the brushes, purlisse moisturizer, and the dandelion benefit.

  8. So exited for my first ever plus bag.
    If this is a full spoiler, i hope to get the brush rather than the red liquid lipsticks. Please no mauve palate, because I have one already, it was beautiful. Hope go the Purlisse Moisturizer, so good, I almost buy a new one. Perfect time!

  9. Really want the Huda Smokey palette and Purlisse body cream.

  10. Hoping to not get a mascara or liquid lipstick, but I will be happy with anything if a get one of the Huda palettes and the Purlisse body cream.

  11. What are the chances that I’ll get a red lippie after getting a red lipstick last month? Sigh…I had liquid lip marked in an attempt to avoid the Pixi mascara. I have enough red to last a lifetime. I’ll be looking to trade it if I get it and I’m not going to be picky. 😂

  12. I love all of but the red lip. I got a red lipstick in February glambag plus and it’s red. I DON’T WEAR REDS. I put that in my profile so idk why they keep sending me reds.
    Also February GBP wasn’t very impressive. The best thing in it was the tart eyeshadow palette. The blush palette was pigmented and the red lipstick was a disappointment to me.
    I already had the IT brush I like the lip scrub.
    I’m really hoping that Marches GBP will be better. I know not all boxes will be a hit every time.

    • ***Sorry autocorrect change my words. The NYX Blush palette was NOT pigmented***

      • I thought the opposite, I thought it was almost too pigmented. There wasn’t a hand light enough to not make me look like a clown. I’m saving it for costume makeup.

  13. My ideal box would be the brushes, any of the Huda palettes, either highlighter, the body butter, and the lippie. We’ll see what tomorrow shows!

  14. I’d be happy with any of the Huda palettes, though the mauve one calls my name most. I am a brush hoarder so I’m always happy for more lol. Neither mascara interests me much but I’d prefer to try the Pixi. That cream seems like it’d smell amazing, but that lipstick doesn’t interest me at all (and I’m also a lip product hoarder). If I wound up with either Benefit product, I’m not sure I’d use it just because I am inept with liquid/cream products usually. I think Ipsy overall has been doing a great job with plus and I haven’t felt disappointed in one yet, even if I wasn’t completely in love with everything I got.

    • I love brushes too. I can never get enough. Thanks to Ipsy I will not have to buy brushes for a long time.

  15. I wish there was a substitution for brushes all the time honestly what I would love to see and I’ve never seen yet is a great sharpener for all the eyeliners they send me doesn’t that make sense.? Perhaps I’m just challenged when it comes to sharpening an eyeliner pencil I don’t know it doesn’t matter what kind of sharpen our use they all get ruined it’s weird

    • Tammy try putting your eyeliners in the freezer for a few minutes before sharpening and turn the sharpener not the eyeliner. Any type of eyeliner sharpener should work. Hope these tips help.

      • Thanks for the hint about how to sharpen an eyeliner. Mine always make the eyeliner actually break off and it’s so frustrating to lose so much of the actual product. I’m going to try freezing mine. I have an urban decay sharpener and also their eyeliners that are expensive to begin with!

  16. I just got off the waitlist and this is my first glam bag plus. I’m also starting boxyluxe this month so I’ll be curious to see how they compare, keeping in mind the price difference. Can’t wait!

    • Not only the price, but also the style. Feel like boxy want to keep it glowing, nide and mature look. While Ipsy, like it’s Color pink, want to keep it fresh, colorimetric and fun. I love Ipsy so far, my style.

  17. Okay ladies this is a place where we can make our comments and if we’re offended by each other’s disappointment we should keep it to ourselves if I want to complain that is a crap bag I don’t need to be criticized for saying it and I won’t criticize anybody

  18. Sigh…I already have all the Huda palettes, but I can’t blame Ipsy for that one. They ARE all beautiful. But Real Her lipstick…I hate this brand. Haven’t liked any of their products that I’ve tried, but I guess I’ll be trying another one. The rest is all good.

  19. These spoilers are pretty decent. I’m confused why they have 2 mascaras. I’m hoping for the orange cream body butter, the coral huda palette, and the purlisse moisturizer (I’ve never tried it but everyone on msa raves about how wonderful it is).

    • I’m sure you’ll get one of the two mascaras.

    • I’m thinking everyone will get one of each product or line. Like one mascara, one highlighter, one Purlisse, one palette, etc..

  20. While the body butter looks like it would be great as it got great reviews, I am a bit disappointed that the only way to get it is if you buy the collection for $20 which includes the body wash, scrub, and lotion. The size to be at least, seems more like a sample size than a full size.

    • I was wondering about that . I’ve been looking for the full size body butter and can only find the 3-piece collection.

    • If you zoom in it says 6 oz. That’s a huge sample, if it is one

      • Ahhhh, maybe it’s a bigger size than the collection. That body butter was their website said 3oz. So glad, it’s a bigger size 🙂 Thanks!

      • No problem! I am hoping for it but since I got the LXMI last month I’m not sure I will get it.

  21. Hoping for the Huda Coral, Purlisse lotion, brushes, dandelion dew and the Maelle mascara.

    • Same!!

    • Same, and I’m already “guaranteed ” to get the moisturizer.

      • By how? Have you email the ipsycare and specify your preference?

  22. Not sure it means anything, but the ipsy add-ons info page shows a picture of March products, including the Bum Bum Cream that they’ve already spoiled will be an add-on for sure.

    It also shows the Huda mauve palette, the Purlisse moisturizer, and Morphe bronzer & Ciate lipgloss that are from the regular bag.

  23. so glad I skipped this month. huda shadows looks nice and beautiful but I have too many palette already. let’s try different brands than purlisse please!

  24. I wonder if they’d send both Purlisse items in one box…. they’re the only items I’m really interested in besides the Huda shadow palette.

  25. Do they still have a waitlist for the Glam Bag Plus? Thanks

    • Yes

      • Appreciate that Lili 😊

  26. Smokey Palette and Purlisse items, please come my way!!!!

    • Ipsy glam plus is killing it!!!

  27. A little disappointed in these. There is no skincare and I already received the purlisse in a past gbp. I love huda but that’s it. They need to stop sending brushes every month and send more skincare.

    • I think the previous Purlisse item was a mask, I don’t believe this moisturizer has been in it before!

    • Speak for yourself, I love brushes! Lol.
      I do agree though, I’d like to see more skincare options. 😊

    • I totally agree with you! I run out if skincare product a lot faster than make up. I hope they offer more skin care in upcoming boxes

    • Beccah There’s a moisturizer, the Purlisse, that’s skincare. I love brushes so I hope they keep sending them. If you’re not interested in receiving them mark that in your beauty quiz. You can also email Ipsy care and opt out of certain items.

  28. The real her lipstick is in both boxes? Because it is definitely coming in regular bag. Although one in regular is sample size. .05 oz. I am actually hoping to get it I love their liquid lipsticks.

  29. The first thing I did this morning was check the articles in the Ipsy app to see if there were spoilers and came up with the same list. I’m pretty excited! I could do without the red lip but as long as I get a Huda palette and the brushes it will be a total win. I’m happy with my moisturizers but wouldn’t mind trying something new. And can always use mascara. The only strong opinion I have is wanting the dandelion over the sun beam only since I already have sunbeam. Tomorrow is so far away! Can’t wait to see my box!

  30. I woke up just now to see that I am finally off the waiting list! I’m already smiling and I haven’t had a cup of tea yet!

    I really hope for the coral palette, the brushes, and the orange creamsicle body butter. I haven’t tried either mascara so I can’t really say. If I get a highlighter or bronzer it will probably be gifted to my girl.

    This is exciting 🙂

    • I’m off the waitlist too! I just found out yesterday! So excited!

    • Watch out – that highlighter has really bad / toxic ingredients!

    • Congrats for getting off the waitlist. I’ve been getting the box since they started and I love it. One of my favorite discoveries was the Hey Honey Good Morning Serum. It makes my skin look amazing and it goes well under makeup. I absolutely love it. I think they’ve been doing an amazing job every single month and if there’s something that I didn’t want they still make up for it with the other items in the Box. So keep smiling because your going to love it 😁!

  31. Love this box and look forward to it all month!! Not extremely excited about the products this month but I may feel different once I get them in my hands. Dream box: both Purlisse, Huda in mauve or smoky, mascara, and shy beam.

  32. Love these spoilers. I love the different products they have been putting out. We can kind of figure out what’s gonna be in our boxes. I think most likely brush set, one of the Purlisse products, one of the benefit highlighters, a mascara, and one of the Huda Palettes. I don’t know how the lipstick is fits into this equation but I don’t think they will send us two products from each line so that’s where my theory came from.

    • It’s that last option for those of us who have blocked mascara or highlighter on our profile I figured

      • How do you block something on your profile? I don’t see that option

      • You have to contact their CS Dept and opt out of a certain kind of product. Hope that helps.

      • Ahhhhh ok that makes sense 😉

  33. Wow!… I’d love to receive the Purlisse Orange Creamsicle body butter. That sounds so nice. Also, the mauve shadow palette and the Benefit Dandelion highlight.

  34. I like the huda but don’t want the rest.

  35. Wow! I’m happy with it a huda palette that covers the price of the entire box!? Sign me up twice lol. Some people you just can’t please

    • I personally think everyone enjoys different types of products and not every month will be perfect for everyone and that’s absolutely fine. This is not my favorite set of products and that’s okay because I love this sub and I know I’ll love many more boxes to come❤️🌸⭐️

      • I completely agree! Not in love with any of these products, but have been loving this box, win some lose some I guess.

  36. I don’t mean to be negative but I’m a little disappointed in these spoilers😞😕 I have absolutely adored all my previous bags but this one is very underwhelming. I’m sure next month will be a lot better🤦🏼‍♀️🤞🏼

  37. Super excited… I got an email and I am off the waiting list!! Last month after inquiring about my place on the waitlist thru email I was advised on what I should do… and it worked!! I had paid for 1 full year when I signed up. I was advised to get a refund and just go month to month…I was already on the wait list… it litterally only took 1 month and I received my CONGRATULATIONS email today.. GBP starts March . And I love all of the products. Ty CS lady for great advice.. PS… This whole convo was via email. I hope this helps someone that’s been waiting xxoo

  38. Kind of wishing I skipped. I’m only excited for the Huda palette and the Farah brushes. Everything else isn’t exciting to me. But those 2 things alone aren’t bad for $25. Basically paying for the Huda palette and everything else is a bonus. I wouldn’t mind the shy beam, maybe Sunbeam too. Also the blue lotus moisturizer. Don’t care for anything else.

  39. That orange body butter! I want it sooo bad

    • Me too! I do hope I get it. Don’t care for the Huda nor the red lippie. I have yet to find a red that doesn’t make me look like a deranged clown. Please IPSY, stop it already with the bright reds! lol

  40. The only thing I’d be disappointed to get is the red lipstick. I don’t wear red lipstick ever and yet they always send it to me.
    Everything else id be happy to get, especially the brush set and the mauve palette!

    • Me too. I only have neutrals checked for my lip color in my profile and they keep sending me the most red or coral (which doesn’t go with my complexion) colors for my GBP. I never had a problem with my regular glam bag! My luck seems to have run out…lol.

  41. I love the variety of brands and items IGBP keeps bringing to the table. I’m very happy with their curations.

  42. As long as I don’t get the Coral Huda palette or the bright red liquid lip I’m pretty happy. I would’ve preferred to see more skincare though. That’s what makes this box so much more worth it to me than other subs. But maybe they’ll have some skincare repeats from last month because I’m fine with that as long as I haven’t already received it. I’m excited about the eye brush set. I’ve been browsing around for one lately.

    • I feel the same way! As long as I don’t get the red lippie and coral eyeshadow, I’m happy. I think the lack of skincare is strange, but maybe they will have some repeats like you said. There were some skincare items the last couple months I’d love to try! 🤞

  43. None of these are exciting. My last month. I can’t even sell much from the previous boxes.

  44. I’m almost sure everyone is getting a Huda palette. I’m curious to see which one I’ll get. All three are gorgeous. I would love the brushes. I opted out of mascaras so I shouldn’t get those. I’m pretty sure they’ll send me one of those liquid highlighters (meh) and the lipstick (meh). The moiturizer is suited for dry to normal skin, and I’m oily, so if they are customizing these boxes I shouldn’t get it but who knows. They might send me that body lotion (meh).
    Also, I have a feeling those Huda palettes are also going to be on the add on list, so it’s an opportunity to purchase them for 12$.

  45. I got off the waitlist today!!

    • Just in time! Yayy!!

    • Yup I did too! 😀

      • How do you get on the waitlist????

  46. I want the mauve Huda and the brushes. The Purlisse would be good too since I’m running low on moisturizer. Everything else is ho hum but I’ll be happy with at least two of the three things I want. The rest will make nice gifts.

  47. I full set of Farah brushes and a huda eye palette for $25 alone is amazing. I suspect I’ll get a mascara and the red lip, and fingers crossed for the purlisse items.

  48. Nice for $25 I wish I could get this but I’m on the waitlist this is a great bag 😥

    • I don’t like anything this month and didn’t skip so I’ll sell my bag!

  49. I hope I get that top huda palette with the pink, the moisturizer, or the orange body butter. Also the benefit shy beam and if I get a mascara I want the pixi one. That would be my perfect box.

  50. Not a fan.
    These just seem a bit cheap?
    Hoping I get the Purlisse Moisturizer and Huda palette as they are the only two things I can/would use.
    This has been the first month since launch I wish I hand skipped.

    • Girl you are paying $25 for 5 full size products!! I mean they aren’t all to my taste but what I don’t want makes for a great gift or a donation to a women’s shelter (which is also a tax write off!).

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